Note that this is a snapshot in time as of 5/18/20; state agencies are scrambling to update their sites and systems as new federal guidance is released--it is worth checking the provided links for any updates before concluding that applications are not yet being accepted. has the most up-to-date links and additional detailed info on federal benefits
Updates and corrections welcome--use the "comment" function or send to
Please also see our FAQ on federal support available to music workers during the coronavirus pandemic at
AKYesApplications AcceptedMay deny initial application
ALYesApplications AcceptedMay deny initial application
Claimants who already filed for PUA may have received a notice stating that they are monetarily ineligible for benefits at this time. However, they may still be eligible for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). A document labeled the PUA-D4503-MI, will be mailed to all PUA claimants. Claimants should complete the form with the required documentation as soon as possible in order to complete the processing of the PUA claim. Claimants will not be required to file another claim as ADOL will determine eligibility for PUA based on the information provided to the agency as outlined in the document that will be mailed to claimants.

Further instructions for the self-employed: The self-employed should enter their name as the employer, and use either their address or their business address. Claimants should continue to certify weekly, and once these claims are processed, all eligible weeks will be paid retroactively.
ARYesApplications Accepted, Updating Systems

Even if you resume working or start another job, you will still be able to file weekly claims backdated to the date that you became unable to work because of a COVID-19 related reason.
Based on income from the prior tax year, payments for the Arkansas PUA program will range from a minimum of $133 weekly to a maximum of $451 weekly.

To qualify for more than the minimum PUA weekly benefit amount of $133, you will need to provide proof of wages and earning information for 2019, which may include: 2019 Federal Tax Return, 1099 Forms - Miscellaneous Income, W-2 Form, Pay Stubs, Bank Statements.

AZ YesApplications Accepted
CAYesApplications Accepted
COYesUpdating Systems
CTYesAccepting Applications, updating systems
DCYesAccepting ApplicationsFull instructions here
DEYesAccepting Applications
FLYesApplications acceptedMay deny initial application before granting PUAQ:If I am self-employed, do I need to file a claim online for Reemployment Assistance?
A:Yes, you will first need to file a claim online to see if you are eligible for a regular claim. After you have submitted your claim, continue to check your CONNECTaccount for updates on what additional information is needed.
GAYesAccepting ApplicationsMay deny initial application before granting PUAStep 1: Individual files a regular state unemployment claim. A claimant will receive 2 emails - one stating that the claim was received and another stating the claim was processed.
Step 2: Individual receives a Benefits Determination letter, which shows if a claimant has enough wages to determine a valid regular state unemployment claim. If so, an individual receives a second determination letter (Claims Examiner’s Determination) informing the claimant if state benefits are approved or denied. 
Step 3: Starting April 22, 2020, individuals not eligible to receive state unemployment benefits will receive notification by email with a link to the application or mail containing information regarding the PUA application process.
Step 4: Individual will complete the PUA application and submit for processing. After this, the claimant will await determination of benefits based on verified wages. Once wages are verified, a weekly determination will be decided and the claimant will receive a PUA Benefits Determination letter in the mail stating the weekly benefit amount. An individual will also receive a PUA Claims Examiner’s Determination letter informing the claimant if benefits are approved or denied.
HIYesApplications accepted
IAYesApplications AcceptedHow self-employed can file for unemployment insurance benefits (video)

If you are self-employed and denied regular UI benefits, you will be required to submit proof of earnings online for Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) to determine your eligibility for PUA. Acceptable forms of proof are listed further down this page in the section titled “What Do I Need to Provide.”
The link to submit proof of earnings online is:
IDYesApplications AcceptedMust apply for regular UI first
ILYesAccepting Applications, Updating SystemsMay deny intial application before granting PUA
INYesApplications AcceptedMay deny intial application before granting PUAQ15: What if I don’t work for a company and am part of the “gig” economy?

A15: Self-employed individuals and gig economy workers—such as contractors and delivery drivers, whose income has been cut or eliminated by the pandemic—will be eligible under the federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program. The Department of Workforce Development will work to roll out this new program as soon as possible, but it is likely to take a few weeks for the Department to receive instructions from the federal government, and prepare the program. For now, an individual can file a regular claim for benefits, as it is necessary to file a state claim, even if you know you will be denied, before you can be considered eligible for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. Instructions on how to add you as the employer to your claim can be found here
KSYesApplications Accepted, Updating SystemsMay deny initial Application before granting PUA
KYYesApplications AcceptedMay Deny Initial Application before granting PUAIf you are an individual that typically did not qualify for traditional
Unemployment Insurance and applied prior to March 31, 2020, you may
receive a denial notice by mail. You may disregard that notice. Within a
day or two you will also receive a follow-up approval letter for
Pandemic Unemployment Assistance with instructions on benefit payments.
LAYesAccepting Applications
MAYesApplications Accepted
MDYesApplications accepted
MEYesApplications Available
MIYesApplications AcceptedNewly eligible workers who have yet to apply for unemployment benefits can now apply online at eligible workers who have already applied and been previously denied benefits can login to their MiWAM account at to complete the next steps for federal benefits. They should not file a new claim, it may delay the time it takes to get their benefits.
MNYesApplications AcceptedSelf-Employed and Contract Workers Step-by-step guide to completing the UI Application during COVID-19 [a 32 page step-by-step guide!]
MOYesApplications Accepted, Updating SystemsMay deny initial application 6: If I’m self-employed, can I receive unemployment benefits?  I’ve exhausted my benefits; am I eligible for unemployment assistance?
 Missouri is processing PUA claims
beginning with the week of April 19, 2020
Question 7: When can self-employed individuals apply for
Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)?  When I filed, I was denied; it
said I was “not an insured worker.”  I don’t have enough work history,
can I apply for PUA?  I was about to begin a new job but couldn’t
because of the coronavirus, can I file for PUA?

Answer: To be eligible for a PUA claim, individuals must first
file a regular unemployment claim and be found ineligible. Most
self-employed individuals who file a claim will receive a notice that
they are not an insured worker. This is because they are not covered
under the regular unemployment insurance system. 

Individuals in these groups who have been negatively impacted by the
coronavirus, and have not already filed a claim, are encouraged to file
online at When filing, individuals should:

Indicate “none” when asked for states in which they have worked,
unless they have worked for an employer in the last 18 months. This is
important because those that were self-employed and impacted by
coronavirus may have worked for an employer in the last 18 months and
could be eligible for the state’s regular unemployment insurance
program. Receive a notification from DES with further instructions on what
information will be needed and how to complete the filing process for
the PUA. If those unemployed selected to be notified electronically, an
email will be sent the following day after the claim is filed stating to
check their correspondence tab in UInteract. All others will be mailed
the instructions and should receive within the time it takes to be
delivered by the US Postal Service.Individuals who have filed an unemployment claim and have
received a notification that they are not an insured worker will also be
contacted by the DES mid to late week with further instructions on what
information will be needed and how to complete the filing process for
the PUA. The same notification by DES as stated above will apply.

The DES notification will require those self-employed, gig workers,
independent contractors, and those who otherwise do not qualify for
regular unemployment benefits to provide proof of employment and they
may also choose to provide proof of earnings to potentially increase the
amount of benefits received each week. Examples of acceptable forms
which provide proof of employment include business cards,
advertisements, telephone listings, business licenses, etc. Examples of
acceptable forms of proof of earnings will include copies of income tax
returns with related Schedules C, E, F and SE, Form K-1 and/or Form
1099-Misc. Individuals will receive instructions from the DES on how to
securely submit proof through the UInteract system.

The PUA benefits will be retroactive to when an individual was
negatively affected by the coronavirus, however, the individual will
need to provide proof. PUA payments are estimated to be issued within 10
days of eligibility determination. Claimants should log into for the most up to date status of eligibility and

Individuals who do not have enough work history or who were unable to
begin their new job because of the pandemic are also encouraged to apply
for unemployment. If they receive a notice that they are not an insured
worker, they will also receive notification from the DES on how to
complete their application for the PUA program.
MSYesAccepting Applications
MTYesApplications AcceptedMay recieve initial denialGo to and create an account to start the claims process.You will know you have successfully completed Step 1 when you reach the CLAIMANT SUMMARY page.You will receive a mailed letter saying you are ineligible and
offering options for how you might become eligible. Please ignore this letter: It is not relevant to your current situation during this COVID crisis.
Step 2

Gather proof of income documents; recent tax returns, 1099’s, etc.Wait for DLI IT system updates.
Step 3

Continue to check the STATUS OF SYSTEM UPDATES tracker at the top of this page. When the new, full functionality to file, process and pay these expanded benefits is available, we will post that notice here.When it is, there will be direction posted guiding you on how to complete the expanded claims filing process.
Last updated 04/16/20
NCYes,Applications Accepted
NDYesApplications AcceptedThere are 2 PUA application forms everyone filing for PUA must submit:

If you are a self-employed Farmer, Business Owner or Independent Contractor you must also fill out this form (this form is in addition to the 2
forms listed above):
NEYesApplications AcceptedMay deny initial application before granting PUAI am self employed, do I qualify for benefits? Do I file as an employer or employee?

If you are self employed or a gig employer you will need to file an unemployment claim for benefits. If you are denied regular unemployment benefits a judgment will be made to determine eligibility for new federal unemployment programs.
NHYesApplications AcceptedMost Helpful, May deny initial application before granting PUA***ATTENTION SELF-EMPLOYED CLAIMANTS***

If you are Self-employed and have filed for unemployment benefits:

1. In order to process your claim for unemployment we need your wage information to process and complete your unemployment claim.
2. You will receive a Denial Message that you may ignore. Your unemployment claim requires time to process as a result of you being Self-employed.
3. You will receive a second decision once your wages have been entered.

Guidance for Self-Employed Individuals
NJYesApplications AcceptedMay deny initial application before granting PUAI’m a gig worker/freelancer/independent contractor and I have no work or I lost hours due to the coronavirus emergency.  Am I eligible for Unemployment under the CARES Act?

You may be eligible for Unemployment Insurance benefits, and should apply online at See our FAQ in the next section on this page about applying and certifying for UI benefits for helpful tips. If your claim is denied, you can always file an appeal, which takes time. If denied, you are also likely eligible for benefits under Pandemic UnemploymentAssistance (PUA), since ineligibility for regular unemployment is a prerequisite for receiving these expanded benefits due to COVID-19. In this case, you will need to gather the last two years of your tax returns, or other evidence of income history, which will be necessary for processing your claim once the federal rules are established. The PUA benefits can be paid retroactively for periods of unemployment beginning or after January 27, 2020. Additional details will be posted online as they become available.
NMYesUpdating SystemsANNOUNCEMENT: The application for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) is now available. The
link "Apply for PUA Benefits" will appear in the left navigation on
your Unemployment Insurance claim homepage only if you have completed
step 1 (applying for regular state Unemployment Insurance) and were
deemed ineligible on your “Monetary Determination.” More info in FAQs at

NVNoUpdating Systems, expected mid-mayFederal Legislation has passed that provides unemployment support for otherwise ineligible workers; including self-employed and 1099 workers. Nevada is currently working with the Federal Government to implement these programs. If you are self-employed, 1099, or a gig worker, we ask that you DO NOT attempt to file for unemployment insurance benefits at this time. We ask that you monitor updated information at the DETR COVID-19 Information for Claimants and Employerspage for future instructions on filingfor benefits under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistanceprogram.
NYYesApplications Accepted
OHYesAccepting ApplicationsWe are creating a new system that people can use to apply for benefits. We expect it to be operational in mid-May. Please be assured that your benefits will be retroactive to the date that you became eligible. For additional updates, please visit this website and follow our official accounts on Twitter and Facebook.
OKYesAcceptiong applications
ORYesUpdating SystemsMay reject initial application
Under the new federal CARES Act, Self-employed individuals are now eligible for benefits. The Employment Department will provide more
information once we receive the required U.S. Department of Labor guidance. The Employment Department is currently reviewing all the new federal legislation and will provide more information once we receive
the required U.S. Department of Labor guidance so that we can carry out these changes as quickly as possible.
See also which advises to file weekly and ignore any error messages
PAYesApplications AcceptedYou can now apply for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), expanded eligibility for individuals who have traditionally been ineligible for unemployment benefits (e.g. self-employed workers, independent contractors, gig workers).
RIYesApplications AcceptedThis site permits a Rhode Island gig economy worker, contract worker, small business owner, worker for hire, self-employed, or other individual ineligible for regular unemployment insurance, who is out of work because of COVID-19, to apply via the Internet for COVID-19 Emergency Unemployment Insurance benefits.
SCYesApplications AcceptedMay reject initial applicationSubject to guidance from U.S. DOLfor PUA, benefits may be paid retroactively from the time the employee separated from his or her job or otherwise became eligible under the federal CARES Act, not from the time the application was submitted or approved. If you are one of these individuals, have applied for unemployment insurance benefits,and were not found eligible, you maybe eligiblefor weekly benefitsprovided forunderthe CARES Act. We anticipate the system will recognize the date of your filingand determine your eligibility and whetheradditional information will be needed from youprior to retroactive payments being made.
Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)provides compensation for individuals who weren’t previously found eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. We anticipate being able to accept claims for PUA no laterthan theclaimweek ending April 25.
SDYesApplications AcceptedPUA claims are now being taken
TNYesApplications AcceptedMost HelpfulIf you are self-employed please answer the questions like this.
TXYesAccepting ApplicationsHow do you apply?
If you applied for unemployment benefits but lacked the necessary wages to qualify, no action is needed. We will
determine if you qualify under the new stimulus bill and notify you by mail or electronic correspondence of your eligibility.
UTYesAccepting Applications
VAYesAccepting ApplicationsYou will need a rejection from state unemployment first
VTYesApplications Accepted
WAYesApplications Accepted
WIYesApplications Accepted
WVYesApplications Accepted
WYYesUpdating SystemsPUA claims may be filed now. We are working diligently to implement the PEUC system for those who need the 13-week extension of benefits. Please check this website frequently for updates.

If you have filed a claim for PUA benefits, please note you will first be declined for regular Unemployment Insurance. You will receive a "B9N" form saying your claim has been denied. Please note that your claim is still in the system, and is now being processed as a PUA claim. Within a few days, you should receive a PUA-25 form, which will inform you of your PUA claim status.