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NameEmailDeptBackground/SkillsInterested Problems see: StatusLinkedIn / Other Info
Johnny Dangerjohn_danger@stanford.eduIPSI am in my first year of the IPS program. I have a special interest in Human Rights issues, and in a past life I was a paralegal at a non-profit law firm that specializes in assylum cases for LGBT refugees. I am an avid follower of Steve Blank and his methods, and I am excited for the opportunity to utilize startup business principals to address endemic human rights issues. I enjoy working on teams and strive to create fun / productive working environments. I am interested in:
– Preventing Security Force Abuses (DRL / SHR)
– Refugee fatalaties (PRM / ECA)
– Human Trafficing (J / TIP)
– Refugee Integration (Rome Embassy)
Looking for a team/ Creating a
Jourdan Husseinjhussein@stanford.eduGSBI am a 2nd year MBA student with a professional background in the government , nonprofit, impact investing, and corporate development. During my stint in the government, I was particularly involved in a global movement (Open Government Partnership - OGP) to open up and innovate governments around the world (and in Indonesia) using technology.

I also did independent project last quarter with Google [X] "Project Loon" in exploring and evaluating the market potentials for Loon in the M2M (machine-to-machine) remote / partial and intermittent connectivity across various industries. Loon is a global mesh network of balloons in the stratosphere, designed to connect billions of people in the world who do not yet have access to the internet by filling coverage gaps.

I am also currently helping the Estonian Government scaling up their (world's first) digital identity initiative (e-Residency) as part of my Independent project. I'm currently focusing on their product roadmap and marketing strategy for the first Global Identity Platform in the world, covering topics such as platform economics, cross-border entrepreneurship, digital governance, virtual / location-independent business environment, blockchain services, political economy of digital citizenship, and global immigration.

Some of my key transferrable skills include global strategy formulation, value-chain mapping, marketing, sales and operations, strategic partnership, negotiation, business development, high-level strategic advisory and network mapping, performance management, project management, policy design and analysis, social entrepreneurship, strategic communications, and public sector consulting.
Looking to join a team or form a team that wants to focus on these following problems:


- Leveraging Blockchain for Anti-Corruption: Practical and Policy Implications (number one priority) --> leveraging my experiences in open government movement

and in no chronological preferences:

-Illegal, Unregulated, and Unreported (IUU) Fishing --> have first degree connection with the Indonesian government team fighting for this.

-Steer Clear: Avoiding Space Collisions by Tracking Objects in Orbit --> leveraging preexising knowledge from Project Loon

- Fruits of Labor: Bringing Sunlight to the "Labor Recruitment" Market --> have first degree connection with the Indonesian team who's fighting on the front, and regional network in Hong Kong and ASEAN which has been a lot of work on this.
Looking for a team/ Creating a team
Jianyang Lum (Lumpy)jylum@stanford.eduIR/StatsA senior in International Relations/coterm in Statistics who intends to use machine learning, statistical analysis and data science/AI tools to focus on problems related to terrorism and international security. Technical skillset in regression, data science, natural language processing as well as data munging. Specific programming languages include Python, R, SQL, C++, Hadoop (though I cannot imagine using it here). Currently a Data Science intern parsing meaning out of text (unsupervised learning/clustering), as well as setting up experiments and doing ANOVA studies (along with typical regression techniques including SVM). Some foreign policy experience; worked in Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Middle East Desk) handling policy briefs. IR skillset focusing on terrorism and international security (esp in Middle East), having taken multiple IPS classes with strong policy memo emphasis (MSE 193/IPS 244/249/241). Specific natural languages include Turkish, Japanese and Mandarin. Was involved in CS+Social Good's project on leveraging technology for efforts to support anti-ISIS front. Working on a thesis in mining large datasets for insurgency in the Philippines (Mindanao conflict). Able to be domain expert for terrorism/conflict-related issues, and/or team's resident data scientist1) Hacking Violent Extremism Online 2) All Source Global Violence DatabaseLooking for 1/2 people
Nathanael Romanonaromano@stanford.eduMS&EI am a second year master student in MS&E, interested in artificial intelligence, with a very stong background in applied mathematics (which was my major in undergraduate, in France) and computer science (in which I got a previous master's degree). I am strongly focused on artificial intelligence, that I wish to apply to meaningful problems. My work experience is mostly in technical positions in startup companies, designing and implementing AI algorithms (in a self-driving car startup, then in a company reverse-engineering the brain and building software on those principles). My course experience at Stanford is a mix between CS AI-related courses, and MS&E applied mathematics classes. I have worked on various technical projects in my studies, ranging from designing and prototyping a platform for automated and crowdsourced early earthquake detection, to a mobile application to teach children to code using algorithmic blocks, or prototyping a voice-recognition watch for the ederly.
Skills: knowledge and mastery of artificial intelligence and statistical learning techniques, software design, and very good coding skills (both for back-end and front-end). My specialty is very quickly designing and prototyping scientific software.
Mainly interested in projects related to security and work, that involve a strong and exciting technical components. Examples include:
- Hacking Violent Extremism Online
- Design an Informal Leader Dataset
- Immigrant and Refugee Integration (matching skills and work)
- Leveraging Blockchain for Anti-corruption
- Improving Measurements of Urban Security
Looking for a team/ Creating a team
Vincent Sheuvsheu@stanford.eduLaw, CSI am a third year joint law/MSCS student. I also have previous background in Statistics/Molecular & Cell Biology and Bioengineering (Bachelors, Masters). My relevant work experience ranges from time in the National Security Agency's Office of General Counsel (this summer; focuses in Intelligence Law and Information Awareness & Cybersecurity), to summer associating in law firms in technology spaces. On the policy side, my last major project was policy research on comparing state economies for Gov. Jennifer Granholm on the American Jobs Project; on the technical side, my last major projects were the CS 107 Heap Allocator. I am very comfortable with writing and presenting, but have some coding experience (C, Java, Python) and statistical background (R) as well.

tl;dr: Law student with the requisite writing skills for policy, but with the technical background and comfort level to deal with numbers and look at code.
I have strong interests in how technology (and the general "cyber"-arena, though "cyber" seems to only have come into vogue as a word this year) intersects with law, policy, and national security interests. In addition to the following projects, I find just about all of the other ones on the list very interest. In no particular order: - Hacking Violent Extremism Online - Leveraging Blockchain for Anti-Corruption: Practical and Policy Implications - Steer Clear: Avoiding Space Collisions by Tracking Objects in Orbit - Design an Informal Leader Dataset - Tracking Killers: Anticipating Mosquito Vector Threats - Assessing the Effectiveness of Peacekeeping Forces - ​Illegal, Unregulated, and Unreported FishingLooking for a team/ Creating a team
Emily Alsentzerema2016@stanford.eduCS, biomedical informaticsI am a coterm student in biomedical informatics with an undergrad degree in CS. I have taken a number of courses in NLP (CS124,CS224N), Machine Learning (229), Databases (CS145), Web Dev (CS142) etc. I know Java, Python, R, Matlab, C, C++, SQL, Javascript, HTML/CSS. I am particularly interested in applying computer science to solve global health problems. My summer work has focused on work surrounding disease surveillance. I have worked with the Military Division of Tropical Medicine at NAMRU-6 in Peru to detect outbreaks of acute diarrheal disease, modeled the spread of schistosomiasis using network theory to determine the best locations to administer drugs, and I am currently working with HealthMap, a Harvard research group that uses digitial sources for disease surveillance (google search, news outlets, yelp, twitter, etc.) and is known for helping to track the Ebola outbreak. I have also taken a month long course in tropical medicine at the Uniformed Health Services University.1. Tracking Killers: Anticipating Mosquito Vector Threats 2. Improving Measurement of Urban Food SecurityLooking for a team/ Creating a team
Christina Schicianoecschici@stanford.eduPolitical ScienceI am a rising senior majoring in Political Science with minors in Arabic and Human Rights. This summer, I was working as an intern at the State Department, where I played a support role for both the Office of Global Women's Issues (S/GWI) and the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (J/TIP). I contributed to a number of projects relating to women's rights, human trafficking, and gender-based violence. My research on human trafficking focused on online recruitment strategies for both labor and sex trafficking, identifying industries whose supply chains are most vulnerable to forced labor practices, and the role of corruption in trafficking activities.
Previously, I participated in a Stanford Law School policy practicum focusing on mass atrocity prevention; my team project focused on redesigning international commissions of inquiry to better address accountability for perpetrators of international crimes. My previous academic work includes courses on human trafficking, genocide, humanitarian intervention, and transitional justice. This fall, I will start my third quarter of participation in Stanford's service-learning course on human trafficking, where I will continue my work on a project to improve investigative and prosecutorial strategies to combat sex trafficking in California.
1. Fruits of Labor: Bringing Sunlight to the "Labor Recruitment" Market 2. Mapping, Analyzing and Preventing Security Force Abuses 3. Illegal, Unregulated, and Unreported Fishing Looking for a
Kian Katanforooshkiank@stanford.eduMS&EHi everybody, I am a second-year french-iranian MS&E master student coming from a Maths/CS background. I have interests in tackling worldwide problems related to inequalities (access to education, poverty, starvation, security) with technical means. I have launched, led and sold a start-up building educational softwares for french universities, focused on the improvement of pedagogy. Even if the class is learning oriented, I am looking for friendly people willing or thinking about starting their own project by the end of the school year. Skills : CS (coding in several languages), AI/Machine Learning, Bitcoin Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, working with people in a friendly, cool and fun environment- Leveraging Blockchain for Anti-Corruption: Policy and Practical Implications, Platform for a Coordinated Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis, Immigrant and Refugee Integration (mobile solutions for mobile populations)Looking for a team/ Creating a team
Eli Bildnerebildner@stanford.eduGSB- 2nd-year MBA student at GSB
- International background: Fulbright economics research in rural western China + led APAC BD for Coursera (online education)
- Additional background in local- and state-level politics and policy (managed political campaign in Alaska, consultant to Chan Zuckerberg Initiative on Bay Area policy) and entrepreneurship (co-founded online education company focused on coding education)
- Skills: General business (writing, presenting, project mgt), design, some background in data and programming (though rusty!)
- Took Steve's "Lean Launchpad" last year (and excited by prospect of applying to policy/public-sector!)
Message Campaigns to Counteract ExtremismLooking for a team
Jackie Wibowojwibowo@stanford.eduPublic PolicyHi everyone! My name is Jackie and I am a rising junior studying Public Policy with a concentration in Science and Technology. My background has included nonprofits, startups as well as corporate. Last summer, I worked at TradeGecko, a software startup in Singapore as a product manager. The startup heavily drew from Steve Blank's lean startup methodologies. I've also worked as a market analyst at Andressen Horowitz, and spent this last summer working in the Investment Management Division at Goldman Sachs. I've taken a project based class in Social Entrepreneurship before with Kathleen Janus, where I worked with Katie Albright, the director of the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center. As such, I'm very interested in human rights issues. I can code in a few languages but should probably not be the lead on the tech front. My skills include project management as well as qualitative and quantitative data analysis due to a background in marketing. I work very well in teams and please reach out if you'd be interested in working together!Messaging Campaigns to Counter Violent Extremism, Improving Data on Missing Refugees, Design an Informal Leader Set, Immigrant and Refugee Immigration; However, I am also flexible - if you think we could be a good team, please reach out anyway Looking for a
Josh Grinbergjgrinber@stanford.eduComputer Science* Computer science master's student focusing in artificial intelligence.
* Interned at Google for a few summers working on AI-related projects.
* Dream job is developing software for defense or disease control.
* Hoping to find a project with abundant, high-quality data provided by the sponsor, and use machine learning or other data anlysis approaches to see what we can learn from the data to help people in the future.
Anticipating Mosquito Vector Threats
Improving Measurement of Urban Food Security
Any new projects that pop up involving defense or combatting terrorists
Looking for a team
Jose Torresjftorres@stanford.eduLaw SchoolHi everyone, I'm a fellow at the Legal Design Lab of Stanford Law School. My background is in international law and diplomacy. I've worked at the World Trade Organization in Geneva and doing international disputes in a law firm in London. I'm strong in diplomacy, public policy analysis and international law. I also have design thinking skills, the business model canvas, the value proposition canvas and creativity. I'm from Colombia.Leveraging blockchain for Anti-Corruption: Practical and Policy Implications< Platform for a Coordinated Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis, Immigrant and Refugee Integration (mobile solutions for mobile populations)< Hacking violent extremism online; Assessing the effectiveness of peacekeeping units; Fruits of Labor, Immigrant and Refugee Immigration; However, I am also flexible - if you think we could be a good team, please reach out anyway. I'm flexible Looking for a team
Nathan Leenlee2020@stanford.edun/aHi, I'm an incoming freshman intending to major in Symbolic Systems. Much of my interest in the course stems from my experience in international debate, where I traveled to the Czech Republic, China, and Mexico and got to meet other students from over 50 countries. I've also created two startups before, one of which received several investment offers and focused on creating secure file transfers for businesses. I've also interned with the engineering team for a company that builds circuit boards for the Mars Rovers, so Steer Clear is of particular interest to me. Please reach out, especially with any advice for someone about to start college!- Leveraging Blockchain for Anti-Corruption -Steer Clear: Avoiding Space Collisions by Tracking Objects in Orbit Looking for a team
Shireacmakridi@stanford.eduEcon/MS&E PHDI am a rising fifth year PhD candidate earning doctorates in economics and management science. While my primary research area is in labor and public economics, my passion is applying economic techniques to important problems, whether they have to do with public policy or national security issues. My methodological approach generally involves a mix of building models (and solving them with optimization techniques) and using data to estimate statistical relationships (software = matlab, stata, R, python). Some of my research papers are uploaded on my website: and simple, my objective is to help solve important problems. I am not tied to a particular topic, more tied to simply an important problem and others with similar enthusiasm and skills so that we can learn together and shed light on a solution to a pressing security issue! See "All Source Global Violence Datasets" as one interest, the "designing an informal leader" is another interest.
Nathan Hausmannate.hausman@stanford.eduWorld Affairs and Global History/ ArabicHello, I am an incoming junior transfer student having previously attended the Air Force Academy in Colorado for two years. I am passionate about history, international/domestic public policy and Arabic. My area of expertise is studying how organizations, leaders and nations mold and create different narratives of history to justify their policies. As a third-year Arabic student, I will be a great asset for any team to navigate and connect with Arabic speaking organizations and services to broadcast our message in the Middle East.
I am a skilled and efficient writer, while also having experience in several statistics/engineering courses. I have also completed numerous leadership/management training modules at the Air Force Academy- I know how to work hard and get projects done. Additionally, I have legal internship experience as well as a background in speech and rhetoric. I can craft and defend compelling arguments in oral and written formats and I am excited to put my skills into this project. Let's get going!

Flexible, but I am most interested in Design an Informal Leader Dataset. I think the Bureau of CSO, the department running the program, does amazing work around the world. I have been working on a solution and am looking to form a team of those who are interested in in data mining, statistics and international
peacebuilding operations. Contact me ASAP!

Looking for a
Amanda Harrisaaharris@stanford.eduInternational RelationsI am a rising sophomore with two+ years of experience working in the fields of law and public policy. I spent this summer researching the local, state, and federal impact of minimum wage policy and creating an event in conjunction with former Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis. As such, I am a strong researcher, writer and communicator. I have excelled in several courses regarding civil wars in the Middle East and International Security in today's world. Additionally, I am fluent in Armenian and have been immersed in Lebanese and Middle Eastern culture my entire life. Flexible! I am particularly interested in labor and refugee issues.Looking for a team
Kathy Burkeksburke@stanford.eduGlobal Health, School of MedicineI am the deputy director of the Center for Innovation in Global Health. I've worked on the development of research and training capacity in low-resource settings and serve on boards related to global health education. I currently help lead Stanford's global health initiatives, at the medical school and across the university. My current strong interest is in the health implications of climate change.(I'm presenting on this at a Stanford Policy Forum in Washington September 15.) I am also interested in response to emerging diseases and refugee health. I would like to work ona project around health security and climate change. I don't have great tech skills, though I'm mildly capable. looking for a team
Carolyn Olivercroliver@stanford.eduHuman BiologyI will be a senior in the Human Biology department with a focus on Health and Security. Most recently, I worked at management consulting firm advising a tech start-up on product development and corporate strategy. In 2015, I worked with the Central Tibetan Administration in northern India for 3 months, developing an HIV educational product for their school system (the final product will reach over 12k Tibetan school children in India and many more thousands in Tibet). Other past projects include: researching and mapping violent separatist claims within the Political Science and IR departments at Stanford, working with a small non-profit in Uganda to facilitate rehabilitation for children diagnosed with Nodding Syndrome (rare disease in Central Africa). I have also spent many years working and volunteering for a non-profit that innovates and promotes peaceful solutions to violent conflict in Central Africa (sp Uganda, CAR, DRC).

Skills: Strong background in biology and public health, particularly global health and infectious disease. Solid proficiency in Stata, GIS, MS Office, Adobe CS. Minimal coding experience (java). Strong presentation skills. Working proficiency in Spanish and beginner level French. Field experience working with populations exposed to infectious disease and academic experience in African and human rights history. I’m resourceful and a quick learner, looking for a couple people with various technical backgrounds (preferably with health data experience) to form a team. Feel free to email me if you’re interested in working together.
Primary priority: - Tracking Killers: Anticipating Mosquito Vector Threats - Mapping, Analyzing, and Preventing Security Force Abuses Secondary: - Platform for a Coordinated Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis - Fatal Journeys: Improving Data on Missing or Perished Refugees Tertiary: - Assessing the Effectiveness of Peacekeeping Units - Fruits of Labor: Bringing Sunlight to the "Labor Recruitment" MarketLooking for a team / Creating a team
Duncan Turnbullduncant@stanford.eduGSBWenhong XiePlatform for a coordinated response to the Syrian refugee crisisLooking for a team / creating a team - please get in touch!!
Beenish Pervaizbeenishp@stanford.eduInternational Policy StudiesI am a second year International Policy student from Pakistan and I am concentrating in international security and development. I have spent almost a year working with the United Nations in various capacities. Most recently, I have been working with the executive office of the Under Secretary General of the Department of Field Support for UN Peacekeeping Operations. I have also been an advisor for the Pakistan Mission to the UN responsible for the 4th committee and the Security Council proceedings. Before joining Stanford I was also a regional organizer for South Asia with Global Zero, doing grassroots and high-level activism for nuclear disarmament in Pakistan & India. I just spent the summer working on a project developing ways to integrate refugees economically in European societies for which I received a grant from Stanford. I am also currently working with Professor Francis Fukuyama as a case writer for his leadership academy looking specifically at development projects all over the world. My background is in Economics and Political Science and my research interests include counter terrorism and conflict resolution. -Assesing the effectiveness of Peacekeeping Missions -Hacking Violent Extremism Online -Leveragging Blockchain for Anti-corruptionLooking for a team
Henry Ulmerhulmer@stanford.eduInternational Policy StudiesI am a second year International Policy Studies from Germany and am currently working as an advisor to the Mission of Liechtenstein to the United Naitons where I am focusing upon the large movement of refugees and migrants. In New York I've had the chance to meet actors involved from all sectors and take part in negotiations for the New York Declaration on Refugees and Migrants. This summer, I confucted a research trip sponsored by Stanford to find means of achieving the economic integration of refugees in Germany & Austria. My team has partnered with an Austrian NGO to build an online platform connecting refugees with Austrian employers. Lastly, I am a case writer for Professor Fukuyama's Leadership Academy for Development, assessing post-war infrastructure projects in the Balkans. Previously, at the Department of State, I dealt with barriers to private sector growth, namely corruption, and am therefore seriously interested in the blockchain project related to anti-corruption. Working for Hansa Shipping, a shipping company based in Germany, my team strived to reduce risks of piracy through diverse measures including hiring private security teams, increasing speed of freights at the expensve of fuel costs, etc. Lastly, I helped an NGO based in Rome promote freedom of expression in North Africa and the Middle East at the admidst increasing censorship and crackdowns by states and non-state actors.Leveraging Blockchain for Anti-corruption, Assesing the effectiveness of Peacekeeping Missions, Hacking Violent Extremism Online Looking for a team
Christian Valadezcvaladez@stanford.eduB.S. Computer Science, minor EconomicsI am a third year Computer Science student, with a minor in economics. I’m particularly interested in the economics of developing countries, and I wish to leverage my computer science skills to create something that will have a positive impact for people. I’m experienced in frontend and backend web development and mobile app development. I’ve used React, Redux, MeteorJS, & NodeJS libraries for my past projects, and am knowledgeable in Javascript (ES6), Python, HTML/CSS, and SQL. This summer, I went to 2 Hackathons; the 1st one, I worked with my team to create a job recommendation iPhone app using HPE’s machine learning API’s; for the 2nd one, we participated in the social good competition to create Good Karma, an app that matches people with volunteer opportunities and rewards them with “Karma” points for their good deeds. They can then redeem these points for deals and rewards from corporate sponsors. On both of these apps, I developed the front-end and used Firebase for the back ends.

I’m applying to Hacking4Diplomacy because I love working in teams on cool projects that will have a positive impact on people, so please reach out if you’re interested on collaborating on something!
Fruits of Labor: Bringing Sunlight to the "Labor Recruitment" Market, Platform for Coordinated Response to Syrian Refugee Crisis, Immigrant and Refugee Integration, Mapping, Analyzing, & Preventing Security Forces AbusesLooking for a team!
Katie Joseffkjoseff@stanford.eduB.A. Human Biology (conc. social neuroscience), minor International Relations (focus: international security)Hello! I am a fourth year student. I have spent the past 9 months researching atrocity prevention and accountability technologies (such as mobile phone applications, satellite imagining, drones, mesh networks, data analysis, and policies from platforms such as Facebook and Google), which has involved interviewing organizations and experts and writing an extensive report for Prof. Van Schaack. Additionaly, I have participated in service learning courses on migrant worker health and human trafficking. I have also been researching the psychological and physiological impacts of solitary confinement for the Human Rights in Trauma Mental Health lab. As far as social neuroscience, I am interested in the neural basis of decision making. I am really looking forward to working with a team and meeting other people who are passionate about the application of technology to human rights issues! Flexible! Mapping, Analyzing, and Preventing Security Force Abuses, Hacking Violent Extremism Online, Platform for a Coordinated Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis, Assessing the Effectiveness of Peacekeeping Forces, Orchestrating Message Campaigns to Counter Violent Extremism, Leveraging Blockchain for Anti-Corruption: Practical and Policy Implications, Fatal Journeys: Improving Data on Missing or Perished Refugees, Immigrant and Refugee Integration (mobile solutions for mobile populations), Fruits of Labor: Bringing Sunshine to the "Labor Recruitment" MarketLooking for a team!
Shutong Zhangzhangst@cs.stanford.eduSecond year Master in CS DepartmentHi everyone, I'm a second year master student in Computer Science Department. Coming from a CS background, I am very interested in applying my knowledge to tackle humanity related problem and also putting my hands on real-world problems. I have a very solid programming background, and I am familiar with ios developing, web developing as well as AI, machine learning, and computer vision related research and problems. I interned in Facebook this summer, and worked on several research problems before in the field of computer vision (edge detection, video analysis) and Natural Language Processing (image and text co-classification). Looking forward to find teammates who have the same interests and together we can build something really helpful!Flexible! But I am really insterested in Humanity, thus prefer immigrant and refugee related projects, e.g.:Fatal Journeys: Improving Data on Missing or Perished Refugees, Immigrant and Refugee Integration and etc.Looking for a team!
Michael Szewczykmszewczy@stanford.eduMS in Management, Science & EngineeringI am starting an MS in MS&E this Fall. I previously worked in industry developing Mass Spectrometers at Thermo Fisher Scientific, and worked with Stanford grads to design, build and fly a fully 3D-Printed 9ft wingspan drone (backwards compatible with military sensor payloads). Because of this project, I am interested in the digitization of products and manufacturing, and how that affects providing US supplies and foreign aid, and how it causes more potential threats.This Drone project also allowed me to attend and present at multiple military events like JIFX (Joint Interagency Field Experiments) and the Warfare Innovation Workshop at the Naval Postgraduate School. I have experience & understanding in crowdsourcing related to design and manufacturing, and am interested in the system behind how it is used for collecting real world data. Crowdsourcing Radiation Detection with New or Improved Methods. I would be interested in other projects, as long as I can make contributions to the team. Looking for a team!
Kayla Bonstromkaylab@stanford.eduB.A. International relations; M.A candidate CommunicationI am a coterm Communication student focusing my Master's studies on media censorship in the Asia-Pacific. I have a strong background in international security and comparative governance. Primarily, I have focused on the Middle East and Latin America. Last year, I wrote an honors thesis through the Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) Honors Program that was focused on ISIL and governance in Iraq and Syria. I am currently conducting research on Myanmar. Additionally, I interned in the Pentagon this summer with the Air Force in their International Affairs directorate.
I'm really interested in working on: Platform for a Coordinated
Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis, Fatal Journeys: Improving Data on
Missing or Perished Refugees, or Immigrant and Refugee Integration (mobile
solutions for mobile populations. But I am flexible and would be interested to work on projects like: Design and Informal
Leader Dataset, Hacking Violent Extremism, Orchestrating Message
Campaigns to Counter Violent Extremism, or Assessing the Effectiveness of Peacekeeping Units
Looking for team
Andrea Garza Erdmannagarzaer@stanford.eduB.S. Marketing Comms. M.A. candidate Latin American StudiesStrong background on: marketing communications, immigrant and refugee integration through educational programs. Social media as a discourse ground for politics and social change.Interested in the topic of hacking for political purposes, and the influence hackers have on politics, and social development. As a native of a dangerous part of Mexico I am also intrigued by the lack of information leaked from drug cartelts in Mexico. Looking for team
Berk Cokerbcoker@stanford.eduB.S. Computer Science (AI track), History MinorI am a rising senior with a strong background in Natural Language Processing. I'm applying to the coterm program this quarter. Last summer, I worked at a startup called Kanjoya as a Data Science intern and built topic detection models for their platform. This summer, I worked at Salesforce also as a Data Science intern and developed prioritization models to rank unit and functionality tests. I’m fluent in English, Turkish and French, and I'm in my second year of Arabic. As for my history minor, I'm focusing on modern Middle Eastern History. (In order) Platform for a Coordinated Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis, Fatal Journeys: Improving Data on Missing or Perished Refugees, Immigrant and Refugee Integration (mobile solutions for mobile populations, Hacking Violent Extremism, Design and Informal Leader Dataset, Orchestrating Message Campaigns to Counter Violent Extremism, Assessing the Effectiveness of Peacekeeping UnitsLooking for a team!
Jackie Huddle jhuddle@stanford.eduB.A. International Relations Hello! I am a rising senior studying International Relations with specializations in Human Well-Being/ Social Development and Africa. I am passionate about corporate supply chain responsibility/transparency, and am looking for a team to work with on the "Fruits of Our Labor" project. This summer I interned with Intel's Corporate Responsibility Office and learned through my projects and CSR conferences on business & human rights about the challenges corporations face throughout their supply chains. I have previously worked on Human Trafficking research with a professor at Stanford prior to the 2016 Super Bowl, and hope to pursue a career dedicated to supply chain responsibility. Fruits of Labor: Bringing Sunlight to the "Labor Recruitment" MarketLooking for a team https://www.linkedincom/in/jackie-huddle
Shira McKinlayshiram@stanford.eduInternational Policy StudiesI am at Stanford through an exchange program between the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and Stanford's International Policy Studies (IPS) program. After receiving my undergraduate degree from Stanford, I graduated from the University of Chicago Law School and practiced law for 18 years. I have broad legal experience, including practice in general corporate law, employment/employee benefits and 5 years as general counsel of an international hedge fund manager. I have a strong background in research and writing, as well as experience spotting and analyzing legal issues that may arise in the implementation of policy solutions.Primary Interest:
Crowdsourcing Radiation Detection with New or Improved Methods

Secondary Interest:
Illegal, Unregulated, and Unreported Fishing
Looking for a team
Christina Hungcjh@cs.stanford.eduB.S. in Computer Science (Systems Track)I'm a fourth-year Computer Science student, studying the systems track. I have taken courses in computer networking, web development, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and computer security. This summer, I interned on an infra team at Facebook, working on optimizing the storage system for ads payments invoices to reduce backend traffic when users performed invoice searches in Facebook Ads Manager and various other internal tools. Last summer, I was at Symantec, developing a data collector service that requested then stored millions of logged certificate data from trusted log servers for the purposes of large-scale data analysis. I am very interested in the applications of tools developed via computer science/programming in a government/political setting in ways that could help solve pressing global issues at hand. Interested in–Leveraging Blockchain for Anti-Corruption: Policy and Practical Implications; Platform for a Coordinated Response to the Syrian Refugee CrisisLooking for a
Brooke Masters in Design: Joint program in Art and Engineering Previously lived and worked in Bangladesh for three years on a recycling initiative inside of a large scale textile factory. World record of largest massprodcued upcycled clothing to date. Also started a grass roots company focused on creating transparent supply chains that can easily be traced back, which benefit the workers/makers and environment. Currently at Stanford I am working on Social Impact throught design and innovation. I am trained in the PRL, have been on a teams that create programs an/or app ex: app refugeeing entering the US, This summer was the lead of Research and Strategy Design for a MIT Media Emerging Worlds Lab and Facebook collboration on Tech solutions for current global grand challenges. Expirenced in conducting research and analysis, and have a large set of design skills.​1. Fruits of Labor: Bringing Sunshine to the "Labor Recruitment" Market 2. Illegal, Unregulated, and Unreported Fishing; Tracking Killers: Anticipating Mosquito Vector Threats; Design an Informal Leader Dataset; Leveraging Blockchain for Anti-Corruption: Practical and Policy Implications; Improving Measurement of Urban Food Security; Immigrant and Refugee Integration (mobile solutions for mobile populations)looking for a team
Wenhong Xiewenhong@stanford.eduMA in International Policy StudiesHi everyone! I am a first-year MA student in the International Policy Studies.
For the past four and half years, I have worked as a researcher and practitioner in international development, human rights and the environment in Southeast Asia (Burma, Cambodia, Thailand), China and East Africa. I had extensive experiences in developing grassroots and high-level advocacy that addresses environmental and human rights abuses, transforming violent conflicts, as well as improving accountability of transnational investment projects through promoting legal standards and incentives for responsible business practices. Part of my previous work in Burma (2014-2016) was directly related to documenting and analyzing abuses conducted by government-affiliated security force and seeking grievances for the local communities. A large piece of my work with a leading environmental NGO in China (2012-2014) was about coming up with innovative strategies (incl. use of technology and big data) to document, analyze and prevent environmental degradation in China caused by agrichemical companies. My various ensuing research projects have also touched on the theme of informality, accountability (corruption), development conflict, and governance. My core skills include research, field documentation, policy analysis as well as knowledge in transnational dimension of pressing global issues and the real-life application of scientific forensics.
Mapping, Analyzing, and Preventing Security Force Abuses
Leveraging Blockchain for Anti-Corruption: Practical and Policy Implications​Illegal, Unregulated, and Unreported Fishing Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis
Looking for a team
David Floresdjflore@stanford.eduMechanical Engineering: Applied MechanicsI am a master's student in Mechanical Engineering, entering my final quarter here at Stanford. Prior to Stanford, I worked at a national laboratory (6 years), and was involved with a high school program to get students interested in Homeland Security and Foreign Policy (2 years). It was largely based on exercising intergovernmental relations during catastrophic events. These scenarios ranged from working with local governments (domestic) to deal with weather related emergencies to a biological terrorist attack. I am interested in this class because I have an interest in continuing this work into foreign/domestic policies and crisis management. I feel like the class and group work would greatly hone my skills to make that a reality.Mapping, Analyzing, and Preventing Security Force Abuses;;;;;;​Illegal, Unregulated, and Unreported Fishing;;;;;;Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis;;;;;;;;;Tracking Killers: Anticipating Mosquito Vector Threats;;;;;;;; Improving Measurement of Urban Food Security;Looking for a team
Kaya TilevKaya1@stanford.eduGSB:MSxI am an MSx student with 9 years experience in investment management and global investing, venture investing and software engineering. I have a background in mathematics. I am interested in this class because diplomacy is a fairly slow process and any incremental improvements will have profound implications.Steer clear: avoiding space collision by tracking objects in orbitlooking for a team
Elizabeth Bernalebernal@stanford.eduBA Political Science, Economics Minor; MA Public PolicyI am a coterm student in the public policy program. Previously, I was a political science major with a concentration in international relations. My areas of focus and expertise in this field include security issues and the middle east region. During my time at Stanford, I worked as an intern in the Office of Senator Dianne Feinstien in DC, gaining hands on experience for policy making in a variety of different areas, including most relevantly foreign policy and intelligence. In addition, as an undergrad I minored in economics. Before declaring as a political science student, I was an bioengineering major and took many technogical engineering, math, and science courses so I also have a basic understanding and familiarity with the STEM fields. I am interested in taking this course as it will allow me to use my skillset and experiences to work on a project in foreign policy areas I am passionate about and that I believe will truly make a difference. As I am planning to work in foreign policy after graduation this year, I'm hoping that this class will give allow me to look at policy problems in the future through the unique lens this class will teach.Platform for a Coordinated Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis, Immigrant and Refugee Integration (mobile solutions for mobile populations), All Source Global Violence Database, Hacking Violent Extremism Online, Orchestrating Message Campaigns to Counter Violent Extremism,looking for a team
Matthew Kasemankaseman@stanford.eduUndeclared FreshmanI am in incoming freshman with interest in Engineering and Computer Science disciplines. My experience is ground-level US Army work, including imagery, intellegence, civil relief, and training of foriegn security forces. In addition, I have some experience working for international military contractors. I am passionate about digging into complex problems and planning out possible solutions. Tracking Objects in OrbitPart of group
Dave GablerDsgabler@stanford.eduBusiness/Public PolicyMy background is in consulting, entrepreneurship, and flying fighters in the US Air Force. I've been on the front lines and have lived in locations around the world while interacting with representatives of foreign governments. I'm passionate about innovation and I bring great problem definition and problem solving skills to the team as well as a keen eye for root causes and ways to overcome obstacles. I am fluent in both military-speak and aviation-speak.
1st: Space collision avoidance
2nd: radiation detection crowd-sourcing
Looking for a team
Julie Makinenmakinenj@stanford.eduJSK (Knight) Journalism FellowHello everyone! My name is Julie Makinen, I'm a JSK (Knight) Journalism Fellow in the Department of Communication. Until last month I was Beijing bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times, where my responsibilities including covering China, Japan and North Korea. The problem I am interested in is radiation detection. I have substantial experience interviewing stakeholders around this topic (including government officials, citizens, academics and nuclear plant operators) and in 2015 and 2016, I traveled to Fukushima, Japan, where I wrote articles about the efforts to clean up radiation from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant 2011 meltdown. I also wrote about citizen-science efforts to teach people how to build and deploy low-cost Geiger counters and dsitribute them not only in Japan but around the world and crowd-source data and display it on maps online. In July 2016 I drove through the contamination zone and viewed first-hand such monitoring equpiment installed on private homes and churches as well as mobile equipment installed on cars (plus stationary roadside monitors operated by the government). My contacts include experts with knowledge of radiation sensors, citizen science, and data visualization as well as government and policy experts. Outside of Japan, I have written about North Korea's nuclear proliferation and have traveled in a professional capacity twice to North Korea as well as Iraq, Afghanistan and other places where weapons of mass destruction and terrorism are key concerns. I am an experienced interviewer and writer. Please contact me if you want to put together a team on radiation monitoring. Thank you!Radiation detection Looking for a team, forming a team213-572-7117
Amanda Parkeralparker2@stanford.eduAfrican StudiesI am an Army officer and graduate student in African Studies. I have experience in the inter-agency environment within the US government and have worked in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. This class interests me because of it's fresh approach to problem solving and project-based learning. Assessing the Effectiveness of Peacekeeping ForcesLooking for a team/ Creating a team
Hyeryung Chloe Chunghrchung@stanford.eduInternational Policy StudiesI am a first year IPS student, international security and cooperation concentration, and I majored in International Relations. I worked as a Foreign Service Officer in South Korea for three years, and for the past year and half I was in the North Korean Nuclear Affairs Negotiation Division. I am mostly interested in international conflicts and how to solve them. Tracking Killers, Hacking Violent Extremism, Radiation Detection, and open to othersLooking
Caleb Smithcaleb17@stanford.eduPublic PolicyI am a Senior in Public Policy concentrating in the design of public institutions. I have considerable experience conducting interviews from my time in the Stanford Daily and elsewhere that enables me to really pull out important info. I have some previous experience with Stata from public policy courses and I have experience with economic impact estimates while working at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. I also have political communications experience from working on political campaigns and for elected officials.Primarily the Vector Control issue, but I am open to suggestionsLooking for a team, forming a team
Yan Michalevskyyanm2@stanford.eduEE/CS PhD in Security and PrivacyI am a fifth year PhD student working on computer security and privacy. I'm experienced in data analysis and machine learning, and have years of industry experience in software development in various languages and platforms. Formerly served in the Israeli Intelligence Corps and had been a technical team leader, managing a team of eight people. I have experience in project management and early stages of product prototyping from start-ups I've been involved with. Fluent in three languages including Russian and Hebrew.Leveraging Blockchain for Anti-Corruption: Practical and Policy Implications (I have taken the CS 251 class on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies and would like to apply that knowledge. I have a good understanding of Bitcoin and Ethereum which could be applied to this problem).Looking for a team/ Creating a team
Kate Boudreaukb2018@stanford.eduBS in Biomedical Computation Paired with Tyler Dammann and looking for another pair!
Tyler Dammanntdammann@stanford.eduB.S. Computer ScienceI'm a current undergraduate junior studying computer science, with a probable concentration in AI. I've worked two years in a business intelligence company doing backend work.With Kate Boudreau, looking for rest of team
Eric Ehizokhaleeokhale@stanford.eduBS Computer ScienceI am an undergraduate senior in Computer Science concentrating in Artificial Intelligence. Most of my experience is with machine learning, efficient algorithms for big datasets, social information and network theory, and complex data structures. I additionally have experience in backend web-development. I've interned at Google twice, once as a software engineer, and most recently as a product manager on the Civics team creating products for the upcoming national election. I'm highly interested in U.S. foreign policy and global affairs as well as formally learning the lean start-up methodology, as I have experience this past summer iterating on a minimum viable product and incorporated frequent user research and user studies.
Immigrant and refugee integration (mobile solutions for mobile populations). Mapping, analyzing, and preventing security force abuses. Assessing the effectiveness of peacekeeping units. Very interested in multiple projects in this class.
Yuan Cao
BA Political Science, Economics. MA East Asian Studies
I am a MA in East Asian Studies with focus on East Asia Political Economy. I was doing a lot of Middle East Classes when I was at UCLA and then after studying abroad in Japan, I switched my focus to East Aisa, but still im pretty much very interested in middle east issues refugee issues etc. I also studied abroad in Sciences Po, Paris and thus I am also interested in topics of Middle East refugees in Europe
Devin Krok
BA Political Science Senior with a focus on American Politics and International Relations. Interested in national security and how US government agencies function.
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