Project 5778: Changing the World One Hour at a Time
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Justin OrloffFeed My Starving Children487/5/2017We packed 17, 928 meals for hungry kids in Haiti. That means we worked together for two hours (my family and friends), and were able to pack meals to feed 49 kids for a year! It was fun and we felt really good doing it.
Hillary SimonIllinois State Best Buddies159/19/2017I volunteer a couple times a month with my Best Buddy. We go around the Bloomington-Normal community and try out new pizza places and go to the mall to shop. We also have socials at our school like Bingo night and a carnival.
AnonymousProject Nourish19/24/2017Pack for a church in the city and PADS
Dale and Ted BuschBags of Hope69/24/2017Packed bags and delivered to homes of fellow members who had lost a loved one during the last year. A very meaningful experience.
AnonymousCaring Community, High Holiday Calls109/26/2017Wonderful to wish all members a Happy New Year and chair this event.
Andee and Ryan WilkovSoup at 669/26/2017Served meals to homeless individuals
Lee GuggenhiemHabitat for Humanity 49/27/2017Loading up appliances and other items donated by Lake Forest Place in Lake forest to the H4H Restore in Waukegan
Lee GuggenheimHabitat for Humanity610/4/2017Assisted hanging drywall at the H4H Restore's new office in Waukegan
Marilyn D. GlazerDemocrat Party410/10/2017Circulated petitions to get liberal candidates’ names on the ballot.
Susi GoldsteinHebrew School4010/2/2017It was wonderful working with the children as they began their study of Hebrew and the excellent staff who made learning a beautiful experience .
Lee GuggenheimHabitat for Humanity610/11/2017Hanging and taping drywall in the new offices for H4H Restore in Waukagan
Andee and Ryan WilkovSoup at 6610/17/2017Ryan and I served dinner for the homeless
Lee GuggenheimHabitat for Humanity410/18/2017Dismantling kitchens and bathrooms and then loading up appliances, cabinets, and other items donated by Covenant Village in Northbrook to the H4H Restore in Waukegan
AnonymousProject Nourish110/22/2017Made bologna sandwiches
Alan MartinBJBE - PADS project with Ruth Miller3.510/22/2017I assisted homeless shelter participants to set up for the evening and with their dinner.
Lee GuggenheimHabitat for Humanity510/25/2017Dismantling kitchens and bathrooms and then loading up appliances, cabinets, and other items donated by Covenant Village in Northbrook to the H4H Restore in Waukegan
Lee GuggenheimBJBE Pre School Program310/27/2017Assisted the teacher with their class of pre-school students
AnonymousWRJ Midwest leadership2410/27/2017Helped train sisterhood leaders and collected bras for women in need
Ryan HertzbergAll Star Abilities - JCC710/29/2017This was a 6 week program - Ryan was paired with a teen with special needs to workout together in the fitness center at the JCC and in the gym.
Lee GuggenheimHabitat for Humanity311/1/2017Dismantling kitchens and bathrooms and then loading up appliances, cabinets, and other items donated by Covenant Village in Northbrook to the H4H Restore in Waukegan
Joshua Ostach Blanket making111/10/2017Made blankets with friends!
Abby and Lindsay BerkowitzGlenbrook North High School Canned Food Drive1011/11/2017Abby and Lindsay spent a very COLD Saturday outside of Sunset Foods working to "Pack the Truck" full of donated food. They identified items inside Sunset that would be particularly useful for families who could not afford Thanksgiving dinner.
Lee GuggenheimHabitat for Humanity611/15/2017Sanding and painting drywall at the new offices of the H4H Restore in Waukegan
Lee GuggenheimBJBE Pre School311/17/2017Helping in the pre-school classroom
Alan Martin BJBE participation in Bethlehem Healing Temple's annual Thanksgiving Event 211/18/2017I helped with BJBE and other temple volunteers to assist in the food line for this event.
Mindy, Holby, Morgan, Parker, and Ryder AbernVernon Township Thanksgiving and holiday programs311/18/2017We sponsored three local families to provide Thanksgiving dinner (along with friends). We shopped for food and made baskets for each family. We also sponsored a local family for Christmas - we created a sign-up for their wish list and hosted a party for our family to wrap all the gifts. The Vernon Township (where we live) delivers the items to them.
Marilyn D. GlazerNiles Township Givernment2411/20/2017Also 11/21 and 12/18 and 12/18 Helped distribute holiday food for Thanksgiving and Christmas to over 900 families
Logan FlaterShare Our Spare1611/21/2017Share Our Spare offered us the opportunity to sort through clothing and pack age appropriate packages for kids in need. Each bag required specific amounts of clothes, underwear, shoes, etc. We also counted their supplies and separated them in bins to see what they were in need of. It was very rewarding.
Melanie and Abby BerkowitzProject Nourish411/24/2017Abby and I baked and packed dozens of cookies at home and then helped pack lunches to be distributed to homeless individuals downtown and at the PADS shelter (the hours represent two different packing and baking dates). Thanks to the generosity of BJBE members, every lunch recipient gets a sandwich, fruit, chips, homemade cookies, and a freshly cooked chicken drumstick - often the best meal they will have that day. What a great way to make a difference in a short amount of time - and this is a great opportunity for young children to bake at home, on their own time, and bring the cookies they make to temple for use in future packing days.
AnonymousProject nourish111/26/2017Bagged food
Alan MartinBJBE - PADS project with Ruth Miller3.511/26/2017I assisted homeless shelter participants to set up for the evening and with their dinner.
Lee GuggenheimHabitat for Humanity611/29/2017Assisted with the hanging of exterior siding on new construction for one of H4H new houses in North Chicago
Lee GuggenheimHabitat for Humanity511/29/2017Loading up appliances and other items donated by Lake Forest Place in Lake Forest to the H4H Restore in Waukegan
Lee GuggenheimHabitat for Humanity412/6/2017Loading up appliances and other items donated by Lake Forest Place in Lake Forest to the H4H Restore in Waukegan
Lee GuggenheimBJBE Pre School312/7/2017Assisted the pre school teachers with their students
Lee GuggenheimBJBE Pre School Program312/8/2017Assisting the pre school teachers with their students
The Horwich FamilyCradles to Crayons812/10/2017We sorted through donated clothes, dividing the clothes by size so that it can be packaged for kids in need throughout Chicagoland
The Abern FamilyFill a Heart 4 Kids212/10/2017We made holiday cards for homeless and foster children
Lee GuggenheimBJBE Pre School312/12/2017Assisting the pre-school teachers with their students
Lee GuggenheimHabitat for Humanity612/12/2017Collecting and loading out appliances for resale at H4H ReStore in Waukegan.
Lee GuggenheimHabitat for Humanity612/13/2017Drywall sanding and painting the new offices of H4H at their ReStore.
Jack & Jordan PinskyARK Cafe2012/13/2017Was very rewarding and we ate volunteering again in the next few weeks
Lee GuggenheimBJBE 312/14/2017Assisting the preschool teachers with their students.
Susan Moss, Phil MossIsraeli Sports Center for the Disabled National Meeting512/19/2017Listened to war veterans and disabled others who have benefited from the programs supported by this nonprofit organization; made several donations.
Lee GuggenheimHabitat for Humanity612/20/2017Assisting installing forms for new concrete pour of garage and installing aluminum siding on new house.
The Abern FamilyPADS through BJBE312/24/2017We baked Christmas desserts for the PADS attendees
Melanie and Abby BerkowitzPADS - Providing Advocacy, Dignity, Shelter812/24/2017We prepared and then served Christmas dinner to individuals spending the night at the PADS shelter in Deerfield. The experience was truly humbling - to be able to serve and help people who had nowhere else to go on Christmas Eve besides an emergency shelter, right here in our community - really hit home how widespread the need is. I talked to a woman who had spent the entire week working long hours at a fast food restaurant, and was still barely getting by on her minimum wage salary. The meal we served meant that she did not have spend extra money to eat.
AnonymousProject nourish112/24/2017Packed over 300 lunches
Joshua OstachChristmas at pads1612/24/2017We served food to people, performed songs, and took care of children. It was an inspiring evening.
Lee GuggenheimHabitat for Humanity612/27/2017Installing aluminum siding on new house
Lee GuggenheimHabitat for Humanity612/27/2017Installing ceramic flooring in new house.
The Horwich FamilyBernie's Book Bank812/28/2017We prepared books to be distributed to kids in need throughout Chicagoland
The Berkowitz Family (Melanie, Doug, Abby, Lindsay, and Emmy)Feed My Starving Children1012/30/2017We worked with a group of friends, making nutritious meal packs to send to mal-nourished children all over the globe. The food we packed might be the only meal they get in a day. This is a great program because the organization does a good job of using videos and social media to show volunteers exactly how their work is making a positive impact. The packing environment is dynamic and fun, with music, cheers, and high energy. Kids as young as 6 or 7 can participate fully.
AnonymousBernie's Book Bank61/3/2018Helping sort, load, and package books for children and students in the Chicagoland area who don't have access to books, or get to own them, feels productive and gratifying. I love to read and love reading to others. I am a regular volunteer there so I will continue to add hours.
Lee GuggenheimHabitat for Humanity41/3/2018Loading our appliances for resale at the H4H ReStore
Eve Samson Bernie’s Book Bank61/4/2018We stickered books to donate to children in grades k-6
AnonymousCared for a needy person, 81/4/2018It felt good
Elaine KupferGiving a meal to the sick.11/5/2018Brought food to someone who was ill.
Sharon Silver Village treasure house3.51/5/2018Sales in consignment shop run by volunteers that donates all profits
Lee GuggenheimHabitat for Humanity61/10/2018Carpentry trim work on interior windows at new house
Lee GuggenheimBJBE31/12/2018Assisting preschool teachers with their classroom
Logan Zinman GerberNFTY Winter Kallah - Social Justice Themed601/12/201860 NFTY teens had 1 hour of racial justice programming on the school to prison pipeline, 1 hour of inclusion programming that focused on economic disparity and special learning needs, and 1 hour of volunteering at BJBE on Mitzvah Day.
The Horwich FamilyThe Birthday Party Project at Cornerstone celebrating the birthdays of children who are homeless81/14/2018The Birthday Party Project strives to bring joy to children who are homeless by celebrating their birthdays with a party, cake and presents. We decorated for the wild animal theme party and helped run activity stations, spending time with the birthday children and their siblings and friends.
Susan MossVolunteer at New Trier Democrats endorsement meeting41/14/2018Registered participants and issued voting ballots; encouraged voting in midterm elections; attended the meeting to become more educated about the candidates
Eve Samson BJBE MLK Day61/15/2018We baked cookies for Project Nourish bagged lunches
Lee & Eileen GuggenheimBJBE Martin L King Day Pillows for Breast Cancer41/15/2018We sewed and stuffed pillow for breast cancer patients.
Hafner Family (Abby, Molly, Ethan, Melissa)MLK Day- Project Nourish81/15/2018We decided to make our MLK day off a day on and participated in the day of service through BJBE- it was so nice to meet other BJBE members and help others!
Joried dicocco, avery dicocco, sloane dicocco, Harper dicocco Bernies book bank 81/15/2018It was perfect for all ages
AnonymousMoraine Township Food Pantry21/15/2018So great to join other BJBE families in sorting foods so that they could be distributed to families in need of them.
The Abern FamilyLake County Cares81/15/20184 of us attended the Lake County Cares MLK day "on" event - playing with homeless animals, creating valentines cards for veterans, creating English language flashcards for the YMCA in Gurnee to help Spanish Speakers learn), made valentines bags of goodies (and cards) for homeless and foster children, contributed to a peace flag and more ...
Sheinfeld FamilyMLK Day of Service project - making pillows for cancer patients 7.51/15/2018My family greatly enjoyed stuffing and sewing pillows for cancer patients. Good for a group of all ages, including my sons (ages 10 and 14) and my mother-in-law! The entire group completed 100 pillows.
Phyllis steiner andBob SteinerMaking mats from plastic bags41/15/2018We met people and enjoyed working together
The Blume Family Bernie’s Book Bank81/15/2018Wonderful cause and great way to get involved with BJBE
Melanie and Emmy BerkowitzMLK Day of Service81/15/2018Emmy and I spent the day at temple, organizing, setting up, planning, and then participating in a variety of mitzvah projects. We loved seeing all the energy and action BJBE members brought to all of the different projects!
Betsy HaraBJBE MLK Day61/15/2018It was a very positive and fulfilling way for my children and I to spend MLK day.
The Rivkin Family MLK Day of Service, Bingo at Gidwitz 31/15/2018It was great! Such a fun and meaningful way to spend a day off of school.
Lee GuggenheimBJBE41/15/2018BJBE Martin Luther King volunteering making pillows for breast cancer patients
Susie selbstMLK day of service 61/15/2018We went to play bingo with the residents at Leiberman, I took my husband and daughter. We loved it.
Jackie BerkMLK service day 61/15/2018Worked with children ages 5 and under doing 4 different service projects. The projects were Gratitude rocks, decorating bags for project nourish, making get well cards, drawing pictures for soldiers.
Elaine KupferMLK Day--Make pillows for Breast patients21/15/2018Mitzvot always feel good when helping someone.
Ava PearlmanMLK day of service 21/15/2018Ava baked cookies for a homeless shelter
Alan Martin2018 MLK Day of Service - Bingo at Lieberman11/15/2018I worked with other BJBE volunteers at Lieberman to assist the seniors with playing their Bingo game and awarding of prizes, as well as engaging in conversation.
Sharon silverMLK Day31/15/2018Make breast cancer pillows
Molly GhorbaniMLK Day of Service4.51/15/2018We cooked lasagna for SNAP, designed kindness rocks and wrote messages on lunch bags for PADS
Susie, Asher, and Miles Newman MLK Day of Service 31/15/2018Beautiful community day
Leah and Sami KiefferPlaying Bingo at Lieberman41/15/2018We had such a fun time playing Bingo with the residents at Lieberman. Loved seeing smiles on their faces when someone shouted out Bingo!! Two of the residents were celebrating their Birthdays so we sang to them. One of the ladies was 99 years young!!
Sandy RobbinsMLK Day of Service41/15/2018My 5 year old granddaughter and I shared a meaningful afternoon at temple by participating in gimilut chasadim projects for those in need in our community.
AnonymousSisterhood,breast cancer pillow project31/15/2018Wonderful multi generational project
AnonymousMLK day of service41/15/2018We went to help at Bernies Book Bank and it was enriching
Molli & Amy HertzbergMLK Day at BJBE41/15/2018Molli & 1 enjoyed helping the preschool students decorate kindness rocks, lunch bags for project nourish, get well cards & letters to soldiers
Passmore familyMLK/BJBE pillows for breast cancer survivors 81/16/2018☺️
Lee GuggenheimHabitat for Humanity61/17/2018Painting doors and trim in new house for H4H
AnonymousBernie’s Book Bank21/17/2018Packed over 100 bags, each containing 6 books, for 2nd and 3rd graders
Michael FrazinOlive Tree Network Board Meeting21/19/2018Discussed future events and fundraising for getting Muslims, Christians and Jews together.
Michael Frazin Americann Friends of the Israel Sports for the Disabled 41/19/2018Contacting donors to this organization
Susan MossWomen’s 2018 March6.51/20/2018With other BJBE’ers, took a bus downtown, attended a 1.5-hour rally attended by about 300,000 people of all colors and ethnic origins, and marched for justice for all of earth’s inhabitants.
AnonymousWomen's March41/20/2018It was wonderful to be a part of this experience!
Melanie BerkowitzWomen's March to the Polls41/20/2018This was my second year participating in the amazing women's march downtown. While last year there was a lot of anger and feelings of hopelessness, this year, I saw hope and determination, and signs that a lot more women were running for local office.
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