Piotr and Ed's Training Diary
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DateDistance (km)Time (mins)Speed (kmph)The Plan:Motto / Quote
5/21/200964.20Day 1: Wołosate - Cisna (click here for a map)
5/22/200984.00Day 2: Cisna - Iwonicz Zdrój (click here for a map)
5/23/2009100.80Day 3: Iwonicz Zdrój - Krynica (click here for a map)
5/24/200958.00Day 4: Krynica - Kroscienko (click here for a map)
5/25/200978.70Day 5: Kroscienko - Hala Krupowa (click here for a map)
5/26/200974.50Day 6: Hala Krupowa - Węgierska Górka (click here for a map)
5/27/200958.80Day 7: Węgierska Górka - Ustroń (click here for a map)
The Run519.0000.00The Ambition: Wołosate - Ustroń i.e. The Main Beskidzki Trail (519 km) in less than 168 hours (7 days)"Moderation is the feebleness and sloth of the soul, whereas ambition is the warmth and activity of it." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld
Our Training Log:
DatePiotr Distance (km)Time (mins)Speed (kmph)CommentsEd Distance (km)Time (mins)Speed (kmph)CommentsMotto / Quote
2/14/200912.29908.19Valentine's Day000.00Ed was just busy coming up with this wonderful training schedule, hence no running.What we do in life, echoes in eternity.
2/15/20096.183510.59Still trying to overcome the shock for my body to be forced into these runs. Gearing up for a half-marathon next Saturday.12.766711.43Route 1: Quite hilly (Click on the arrow to the left of this cell to view)Sometimes you have to run before you can walk
2/16/2009000.00Break. Still managed to do 300 sit-ups.3.6915.4314.35 Run, Forrest, Run!
2/17/200910.186110.01After yesterday's break, a great run. Started at half past midnight, with an inch of snow and more falling as I ran, -5 degrees Centigrade and finally a relatively modest hill.000.00Did 30 mins swimming to let my legs recover a little bit.A lot of people run a race to see who's the fastest. I run to see who has the most guts.
2/18/20095.15368.58The snow-mud should be a good simulation of the mud-mud if it rains in the mountains when we run.000.00I was just like Lola today, only I was like her in the bit after she's *SPOILER* shot by the policeman...Run, Lola, Run!
2/19/20094.372013.11First run together with Pączek - as always, it was a pleasure: short but fast.4.9723.6212.62Route 3: Running at night after doing the stock. Head torch quite a useful aid for posture.It's rude to count people as you pass them. Out loud.
2/20/2009000.00Break.000.00Off to see Natasha in Latvia. She's so beautiful it takes my breath away & its thus inadvisable for me to attempt serious cardio-vascular training. Might do this though (Click the link....)“I’m prepared to do what’s best for the country, but I don’t know what that is.” - Speaker of Latvian parliament, Saeima, Indulis Emsis
2/21/200923.2713010.74More than a half-marathon. My knees are more than half-dead. 'Brilliant effort, Piotr!' (Ed)000.00Walking around Riga."I don't think jogging is healthy, especially morning jogging. If morning joggers knew how tempting they looked to morning motorists, they would stay home and do sit-ups." - Rita Rudner
Week 161.443729.9111.84%21.42106.0512.124.12%
2/22/2009000.00Diagnosed by Sue as suffering from ITBS. Yay for a Wikipedia M.D.!!! 'Bugger' (Ed)000.00Watched My Bloody Valentine in 3D. This increased heart rate significantly."Nothing says date movie like a 3D ride to hell..." Err... Really?
2/23/2009000.00ITBS excercises.000.00Did the Bobsleigh track at Sigulda. Over 100km/h! That would boost my stats...Our Father, who art in Calgary, Bobsled be thy name. Thy kingdom come, gold medals won, on Earth as it is in Turn Seven. With Liberty and Justice for Jamaica and Haile Selassie. Amen.
2/24/20097.24210.29Warm-up. Pączek bravely keeps up the pace.000.00Training. But on an actual train from London to Devon."No pleasure is pleasure" - Radar
2/25/20093.942011.82Breaking my body into some morning runs.000.00Lazy.
2/26/2009000.00Packing for a weekend trip to Wisła.4.9723.4312.73Route 3: The hills are quite large and I wasn't feeling too great. Went for a swim afterwards.
2/27/200910.525511.48Bought some shin protectors for the snow and a headlight just in case for Saturday.000.00
2/28/200946.694206.67Comments will come later. Right now I can only feel the pain. (To clarify, there was a 2h break in the middle to eat and dry my clothing in the mountain shelter)000.00I'm ashamed at how huge that run is. My runs look tiny in comparison.
Week 268.355377.6413.17%4.9723.4312.730.96%
3/1/2009000.00Apparently my colleagues have talked for most of the breakfast about how miserably I am going to fail trying to do this run. I am flattered.9.17589.49Route 4: At night, on Dartmoor with some absolutely killer hills and a backpack. PH: Great to have company again!Marcin Sobczak: "Piotr, you won't be able to run faster than 3 km/h", Piotr: "Marcin, I crawl, faster than 3 km/h."
3/2/2009000.00Enjoying to watch these numbers appear to my right.11.2754.512.41Route 5: Some pretty tough hills again. It wasn't at night which made it easier but even with a sprint finish I wasn't really out of breath. Must push harder and catch you up!'I never save anything for the swim back' From Gattaca one of the best movies ever
3/3/20095.15358.83First run with Adam, I am afraid I returned him half-dead.4.9722.3813.32Route 3: In daytime. Good pace, ran it almost a minute quicker than my previous best time.
3/4/20095.653110.94Another run with Pączek - this time short and painful. Good speed though.000.00Resting before the big one tomorrow.
3/5/2009000.0036.682379.29The Anniversary Run... Check the link. Had some problems with dark, flooding and knees but made it in the end. It is in fact the second longest run I've ever done.Not actually in that much pain, probably because I walked alot afterwards to warm down and then had a swim. The walking I think is a necessity if we're going to avoid killing ourselves....
3/6/2009000.00000.00On the way to Finland
3/7/200910.385511.32Had some tea with my friends. Ran to get it though.000.00Lots of skiing in beautiful Messila.
Week 321.1812110.504.08%62.09371.8810.0211.94%
3/8/20096.753212.66One weekend, 47 UWC interviews and 17km.000.00More skiing in Messila. Risked a broken leg going over some massive jumps. Avoided broken leg.
3/9/200910.945511.93000.00Went back to Helsinki then flew home to England.
3/10/2009000.00Evening rain.000.00Three chefs from Lords staying
3/11/200911.266011.26Second run with Adam - better shape, better run.8.5338.8513.17Ran to the post office to drop off some application letters for Natasha.“A minister asked a little boy how to get to the Post Office. After the little boy told him, the minister said, Why don't you come to church tonight? I'm giving instructions on how to get to heaven. After thinking a minute, the boy replied, I don't think so. You don't even know how to get to the Post Office.”
3/12/20095.18456.91First run with Jacek. Slowly but surely I am making the entire office and their mothers run with me.000.00Swim. Did 36 lengths at an average of 30 secs per length (But the pool is only 17.5m). Would have done more but Aquafit class got in the way again.We have to get sponsorship for this. I'm doing the London Triathlon for Cancer Research UK and it'd be great to make part of that effort. However you'll prob want to raise for a more relevant charity. We can set up two justgiving pages with links to each other.
3/13/2009000.00Going home for the weekend.000.00Too much work
3/14/200920.611011.24Gave my father nearly a heart-attack for having run that distance... If only he knew what I am up to...000.00Getting there
Week 454.7330210.8710.55%8.5338.8513.171.64%
3/15/2009000.00Back to Warsaw.000.00Nearly done
3/16/2009000.00Drowning with work :-(.000.00Drowning with work too :-(.
3/17/200912.34759.87Third run with Adam. Drizzle, cold, dark.000.00Not good. But I'm skiing next week so I'll run every morning then.
3/18/2009000.00000.00Missing an awards ceremony for... work.
3/19/2009000.00000.00Running up 920 steps for charity. Please donate if you can!
3/20/2009000.00000.00Off skiing. Cleaned a drain on a London farm as a favour though.
3/21/2009000.00000.00First day's skiing. Quite tired as only 3 hrs sleep on the train.
Week 512.34759.872.38%000.000.00%
3/22/200917.681109.64After a weak last week, I wanted to give this one a strong start.2.631510.52Just a short run around the pistes but at 2100m so not as much oxygen. In shorts it was pretty nippy but good fun. Will go much further tomorrow. Met some people from the Czech Republic. They thought the run sounded mad.Some innocent skiing...
3/23/2009000.00Heavy rain in Warsaw holds me up. It seems like the skies are clearing up for tomorrow though.4.34406.51OK so this seems slow but I was running through deep powder, which is not easy, and up the pistes which is really not easy. Still in just the skimpy shorts. Today I had my photo taken.Its hard but its fun
3/24/200912.79809.59Light snow and lots of fun running :-)000.00Heavy snow in Tignes holds ME up!Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.
3/25/20099.01559.83Winter's return to Warsaw. Please disregard the shape that the routes this week have accidentally taken...4.1825.169.97More snow running, across the lake...Across the lake! I have got to see this route :-)
3/26/200917.121258.22First run with Ola and Jacek. It was fantastic! Ola loved it except for complaining that it was too dark, too cold and too muddy :-P3209.00Not quite sure of the distance but ran to the lift then ran down from the top of the mountain. Still in shorts. It was awesome and I've become something of a local celebrity. Reason for this route was to take a picture of a special message on the lake...
3/27/20094.442510.66Last run in Warsaw for a while.2.631510.52Another short morning run
3/28/2009000.00Travelling to the U.S.000.00Last day's skiing. Needed to pack.
Week 661.043959.2711.76%16.78115.168.743.23%
3/29/2009000.00000.00Travelling home.
3/30/20096.71458.95Mixing running with some shopping and other tasks - hence the slow pace22.1110512.63Before breakfast. Pretty happy with that. Want to do a half marathon every morning this week.
3/31/20096.97656.43Same as above. Different route.22.11126.510.49Same route as yesterday. Quite a bit slower though.Result of experiment into back to back long distance runs: Pain. 520km is going to hurt a lot.
4/1/2009000.00Theoretically I am on vaccation. Practically I will be working today.22.1111111.95Same route again but in reverse this time. More hills at the end and today it was dark so the uneven roads were a real challenge.Did it without my mobile which I think was a big help. No distractions.
4/2/20098.58707.35Another errand running run :-)22.111389.61Same route again, normal direction so the big hills come earlier. Dark all the way through, and I had to feed the cows when I got home
4/3/2009000.00Very impressed with all the half-marathons Ed. Waiting for a better moment to start mine. 22.1112011.06Final one of the week! Right knee was killing me up the first hill and I considered giving up but decided to press on running on the right side of the road. Was rewarded with the sight of a couple commiting adultery in the woods.
Week 722.261807.424.29%110.55600.511.0521.26%
4/5/2009000.00Sleeping through the days, awake at nights - what was a good time to run in Warsaw is simply too dangerous in St. Louis - the most dangerous Amercian city in 2006.000.00Still Recovering. Lots of work til 2.30AM
4/6/2009000.00000.00Up to London to meet Guinness Head of Marketing and to go to Lords for a delivery
4/7/2009000.00000.00Stopped at Heston Blumenthal's Little Chef on the way home
4/8/200910.896010.89Forest Park Reconnaissance - in preparation for a string of half-marathons, hopefully.000.00
4/9/200921.8813010.10First half-marathon in the series. Not quite as dramatic as Ed's last one although I witnessed a public urination act and was close to committing one myself. The rain was pouring and I was soaking wet from the first minute onwards but it was still quite a rewarding run.000.00Booked Flights! This thing has gone from might happen to probably will happen! P.S. I actually did have to do a Paula Radcliffe on one of the days... There's no... Well there's very little shame in it.
4/10/200921.881508.75Second in a row. Much slower pace this time due to very sore muscles. I hope you are a very good masseur Ed.000.00
4/11/200921.881359.72Raining again. At this stage this is the only thing I really fear that could make us fail.
Week 876.534759.6714.75%000.000.00%
4/13/200921.881459.05Strained ligaments in the right foot will have to make me stop with five in a row this time around."I like a man who grins when he fights." - Winston Churchill
4/14/2009000.00Pain. Recovery.
4/15/2009000.00More pain... I may need a few days off from running.Set off for Thailand.
4/16/2009000.00Nursing back to health Day 1.Arrived in Thailand. Went to Koh Lanta.
4/17/2009000.00Nursing back to health Day 2.First day learning to dive. Videos and swimming pool. Probably doesn't qualify as running exercise.SCUBA divers have more fun - hilariously American PADI Instructional Video
4/18/2009000.00Nursing back to health Day 3.First two dives. Informed by others there that the conditions were perfect and it doesn't get any better than this. Sure this is good exercise but can't rally put a distance in. Dived to 12m though.
Week 943.762719.698.43%000.000.00%
4/19/2009000.00Rainy St. Louis. I am hungry to go out running though.Day two of videos and pool. Passed our exams.
4/20/2009000.00Waves too big for second day diving. Lay on beach. Ironically got sun burned building a house on the beach to shelter us from the sun.
4/21/20093.141810.47Re-launch attempt #1.Second day diving. Much more difficult, conditions not as good but we're now qualified divers!
4/22/2009000.00Travelling to the jungle. Walked for a few hours there.
4/23/2009000.00Travelled to Cheo Larn lake. Swam and canoed strenuously. Met some Russians. V. beautiful.
4/24/2009000.00Saw a python while walking in the jungle in the morning. Paddled a canoe for 3 hours straight. Cut hand quite badly but soldiered on. Then rode elephants.
4/25/2009000.00Went to Takua Pa for more canoeing lots of snakes and a deserted beach. I am trying to give exercise updates here. Its not just a holiday diary.
Week 103.141810.470.61%000.000.00%
4/26/2009000.00Trip to Ranong. Lots of rain. Forgot passport and surprisingly wasn't allowed into Burma. (Usually a bribe would suffice but they've toughened up) Went to a hot spring spa instead. V. hot. Saw lovely waterfall but had to walk through jungle to get there = sort of exercise.
4/27/2009000.00Back from St. LouisLong day walking and climbing in the jungle. Started before seven and walking for about 4 hours. V. humid but climbed about to about 200m on cliffs above the camp and saw langurs and gibbons. Paddled canoe again in the afternoon.
4/28/2009000.00Relaxing last day. Visted a couple of temples and the market. Left for Bangkok in the evening. Natasha became bete noire of the bus driver, nearly getting left behind twice and almost causing the conductor to be left too. V. funny.
4/29/20094.922611.35Re-launch attempt #2.Hot day visting temples and palaces in BKK then flower market and high rise cocktails in the evening.
4/30/2009000.00Natasha left this morning. We were bete noires of immigration official who did not like our goodbye kiss and threatened arrest. Gutting. Soothed myself with some time in the pool and a free shopping trip with a tuk tuk driver. He even bought me a beer in the evening. That is good bartering...
5/1/2009000.00Arrived Chiang Mai. Found a couple of orphanages/children's projects to work with. New mob no. is +66828969284