Burning Man )'( Packing List - Radical Self Reliance
Compiled by Stitch - updated on 8/1/17
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Please see the end for Pre Departure tasks, Resources, Post Playa Advice, and Best Practices/Lesson's Learned
**NOTE: I AM NOT ANY KIND OF OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVE OF BURNING MAN. I am merely a Participant with a passion for the event, people, and principles of Burning Man. Recomendations, ideas & views expressed are independent of those of the Burning Man organization.**
CategoryMust, Nice, Optional, N/ACamp HasHaveNeedPackedCost Item Location Buy? NotesAdded/ Updated
#1 PriorityMustBurning Man ticket
(To buy a ticket or enter STEP program see link in next cell) you don't get one during the initial sale's don't worry! There are a lot of people who can't go for some reason and need to sell theirs. In 2012 there were so many available people were taking a loss on the cost just to move them. Usually the month right before is the best time.
#1 PriorityInfoTransfer your Will Call ticket? Ticketfly system now offers the ability to transfer items (tickets and vehicle passes) within your Will Call order directly to other people. 8/20/2015
#1 PriorityMustCar Pass motor vehicle driving into the event must have a Vehicle Pass. Motorcycles are exempt from this requirem...8/18/2015
#1 PriorityMustContact info labels - Name, Nickname & address for both playa and default worldPut one on your camera, Camelbak, and anything that you love and might get separated from! A lot of people want to give stuff back but don't know how!
#1 PriorityMustGifts - Get a clear idea of what you want to do or give acts of gift giving (keep in mind the Decommodification principle & food gifts require permits) be something you made or something you do for another, no $ needs to be spent to show you care and are grateful for this amazing adventure! Be creative. Please keep in mind the Decommodification principle - gifts with "branding" including for your camp is counter to this principle. Food Gifting requires permits now (see resources at the end of doc).
#1 PriorityMustBartering - Stop right there & go read the Ten Principles of Burning Man Man is devoted to acts of gift giving. The value of a gift is unconditional. Gifting does not include a return or an exchange for something of equal value (to give with NO expectation of getting anything in return). Its a Huge difference.
#1 PriorityMustMoney (ice or coffee on playa)For the last few years ice has been $3 per bag/block
Note: as of 2016 the $15 for a Six pack of bags deal seems to be a thing of the past.
May 2017
#1 PriorityMustRoad map (directions) for traveling to/from the eventOnce you get off HWY 80 KEEP TO THE SPEED LIMIT! The cops are ready to take your $ or anything else if you give them any reason!
#1 PriorityMustYour Identification Card (ID)Yes most bar's on the playa are now asking to verify you are of drinking age. There have been crackdown's with big fine's. - leave a photo copy at home and in your travel vehical just in case
#1 PriorityMustPrint out any passes (early arrival, ticket confirmation, etc)WIFI & Cell phones Connetiveity is getting better on the playa but don't count on it and don't expect others to have theirs on... go old school!8/1/2017
#1 PriorityNiceMedical insurance card & Credit CardsGood to have incase anyting happens off or on playa. (make a photo copy to have in a safe place just in case)
#1 PriorityOptionalBurner Express Bus - Getting to and from )'( for you and all your stuff to and from Black Rock City from SF or Reno7/15/2015
#1 PriorityN/AConneting with people, as of 2016 Cellphones work most of the time (sadly) you decide to use your cellphone, please be respectful of the people who do want to disconnect!May 2017
Accessories - cooling/warmingNiceHand Warmers - rechargeable or chemicalAmazon, REI or similarI personaly have never needed these, but I like wearing gloves
Accessories - cooling/warmingNiceChinese parasols / Umbrellait has rained, but it also works nicely for personal shade
Accessories - cooling/warmingNicegel eye mask, gel Neckerchief or head band you can chill in cooler$8 at REI - neckerchiefthis can really help when you get over heated!
Accessories - cooling/warmingNicespray bottle/mister for mistingDRUG/TARGET very nice to mist yourself and others (add a little lemon juice or viniger to help with the alkalinity)
Body - First AidMustmedical supply kit with the basics DRUG STORE
Body - First AidNicebonus supplies: burn gel, liquid banage, super glue, and hydrocolloid adhesive padsDRUG STOREopen woonds have a really hard time healing on the playa. Some of the best solutions I have seen use one of the three options: liquid banage, super glue, and hydrocolloid adhesive pads
Body - First AidNice5HTP & Five-Flower FormulaDRUG STORE5-HTP works in the brain and central nervous system by increasing the production of the chemical serotonin.
Five-Flower Formula essences promoting calm and balance in diverse situations of stress, emergency, and trauma.
Body - First AidNiceParty Recovery Vitamins blend of encapsulated physician-quality vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids that help to restore and rebalance the body after big nights out or repeated days of partying7/10/2015
BodyMustbaby wipesuse as a quick bath - you will use a lot of them!
BodyMustbasic toiletries - toothbrush, tooth paste, soap, deodorant, etc.try to bring biodegradable products
BodyMustShampoo, Conditioner, hair brush, comb
BodyMustDust masks/Nose Filter:
NOSK Personal Air Filtration, First Defense Nasal Screens, WoodyKnows Ultra Thin Nasal Filters
Amazonrated “N-95” (4x)
I personally like using NOSK Personal Air Filtration System.
If you go for a nose filter then you need to be sure to keep your mouth closed. The First Defense Really keeps stuff out and your nose moist in a good way, but looks kind of funny.
BodyMustcheap eye shadesdoesn't matter how deep you sleep you will need these!
BodyMustear plugs / heardrops your hearing - for sound camps and help sleeping, Burning man is loud/noisy almost everywhereJune 2015
BodyMustGogglesone for day and one for night.
Night duststorms/white-out's happen!
BodyMustLip balm / Chapstick - SPF 15+ Bring a few - by bed, with you in bag, etc.
BodyMustprescription medication All prescription medication you are carring must be in its prescription bottle with your name on it (otherwise if caught, it could be a problem with the cops)
BodyMustmoisturizerDRUG STOREBring a few - by bed, with you in bag, etc.
BodyMustrefill any prescriptions you might needDRUG STORE
BodyMustSunglasses at least two pairs
BodyMustsunscreen (body and face)
BodyMustextra contact lenses/glasses (if use)
BodyMustKleenex - Small packsfor when the port-o-potty is out of TP. (happens a lot)
*NOTE, only 1-ply TP should go in porto's
BodyMustLadies: Tampons or Divacup/Moon Cup/ Lunette Menstrual Cup - If Tampon go non applicator for less trash if it's not your time of the month, it may still surprise you! DO NOT PUT TAMPONS IN PORT-O-POTTIES!!!! (Carry a personal trash bag)
BodyNiceBug ProtectionDRUG STORE, online, etc2015 started with a lot of biting bugs:
BodyNiceLadies: Yest infection cream, pill etc. DRUG STORE
BodyNiceMen: Talcum/Jock itch powderDRUG STOREAug 2014
BodyNicealoe & burn lotionDRUG STORE
BodyNiceArnica or any other kind of muscle rub DRUG STORE, online, etcHelps a lot after all the set up and muscle strains
BodyNiceBag BalmDRUG STORE, online, etcUsed before hitting the playa on Hands and Feet to insure good hidration then apply once a day on playa. Helps prevent dehidration of the skin and swelling numbness that some experience8/18/2015
BodyNiceBoogie WipesDRUG STOREBasically baby wipes for the nose! made with natural saline to dissolve boogies
BodyNicecondoms & lubricantDRUG STOREmany people never have sex on the playa but if you do, be safe
BodyNiceEssentials Oil's - Peppermint, Rosemary, bergamot , Lemon & Eucalyptus (put a 2-3 drops in dust mask, voila you can breathe again)
Note: Lemon Eucalyptus is great on the skin for helping with the bugs of 2015 available on Amazon (link provided) or you can just get each individual one's at any heath food store. Apply to a clean moist cloth and inhale, or put a few drops into your dust mask. Also good to put some in your spray bottle for a more refreshing misting. Makes for a nice easy way to "gift" to those around you, just offer your flavors and let them smell them first.
BodyNiceeye drops - moisturizing/saline solutioneven if you don't wear contacts
BodyNiceHair (anyone) - color die, corn rows, dreads, braids, extentionshave fun with your hair, use fun colors, etc. If you get Corn rows or Extentions try to get them 1 week before departure, they are done really tight and your scalp may hurt initaly, better to have it relaxed before the added stress of BM7/10/2015
BodyNiceHand sanitizerKeep a small one with you (on your bike, etc)
BodyNiceMassage oilnice to give/receive
BodyNiceMoleskinDRUG STORE, online, etcas adhesive pads stuck to the skin to prevent blisters8/18/2015
BodyNicenail polishI like to get the gel polish put on before going to the playa, stays on great all week!
BodyNiceSaline Nasal Spray, Moisturizer & Sinus Rinse nasal sinus helping product
BodyNiceNeti pot & saline (not table salt)Cleanses, refreshes, and protects the nasal passages
BodyNiceNeosporin for dry cracked noses (prevent nosebleeds)After blowing your nose place some neosporin right on the inside edge of your nose, not up your nose and let the capillary action pull it up. This was recomended to me by my ENT after I had sergery to help heal any cracks thus cutting down nosebleeds. Note: Putting neosporin, vicks vapor rubs or even just vaseline in your nose reportedly can cause lipoid pneumonia.
BodyNicemedical tape - Plastic, Cloth, or SilkDRUG STORE, online, etcBandages don't stay on that well and this works really great for wripping up fingers if you get bad playa hands (as I do).
BodyNicesuperglue - apply to cuticlesapply superglue to your cuticles before you leave. will dramatically cut down on how distorted you fingers will be and will naturally shed off once you get back. Note if you tend to pick at nail polish etc.. this won't really work. I tyred it and it didn't work for me but it has for others.
BodyNicethroat lozengesDRUG STOREyou are breathing in a lot of dust and these help a lot!
BodyNiceGumnice have and to share
BodyNiceTP (single ply septic tank safe only) - a couple of extra rolesPort-o's run out all the time & that kind is better for the service people!
BodyNiceVinegar or Witch Hazel + container your feet & hands fit into, also add a little to each package of baby wipes & spray bottlethe Alkaline of the desert will tear up your skin, vinegar/witch hazel neutralizes it and moisturizes. Witch hazel - cuts the playa dust like vinegar only it smells WAY better.
BodyNicevitamins/multivitaminsDRUG STORE
BodyOptionalBurt’s Bees cuticle creamWorks really nice!
BodyOptionalfoot - peppermint foot lotion (body shop), fresh lemons, wine skin, etc.BODY SHOP
BodyOptionalprep-H to help that transitionDRUG STOREgood for the first days of' dehydration
Body - BathingMustTowel: they dry quickly.if you can bring two they dry quickly
Body - BathingMustsolar shower: 3 G. heats water up to 120+ degrees in a few hours.need if camp doesn't have one.
Body - BathingMustWater catch bin for under shower (I like to use one of my bin's that I bring stuff out to the playa in for my "home" that I don't need to keep binned during the week.
Body - BathingNiceSpare shower nozzle
Body - BathingNiceteva's/Flip flops/water shoesfor in the shower or just after getting out
Body - BathingNiceNail brush
Body - BathingOptionalplatform to put under sun shower in your catch bin to avoid walking in a mud pile.
Body - FaceMustmakeup, make up remover, etc. (No Glitter)Glitter is little bits of plasic and it makes a mess of the Playa
Body - FaceOptionalEye Liner Water Transfer Tattoo for adding flare to any costume or outfit
Body - FaceOptionalFalse eyelashesDRUG STORE, online, etc
ClothesMustcostumes, fun, party outfits - Day (light weight) and Night (warm layers)Look up Burning Man Fashion in Google images to get ideas.You can be anything on the playa, Radical Self Expression!!! Get creative, lots of different pieces put together. Think of dress-up/superheroes as a kid... super sized (stay away from sequins, feathers, and glittery clothing, it's moopy)
ClothesMustunderwear (natural fibers ie: cotton)potentially multiple pares per day for the ladies
ClothesMustsocks natural fibers ie: cotton)Buy a new pack of socks and wear a new pair every day.
ClothesMustaccessoriesscarfs, belts, wigs, chains, etc... anything you might want to play dress up in :)
ClothesMustCamp tear-down outfit sealed in Ziploc bag until the very end.
ClothesMustcool comfy PJ'syou may be sleeping a lot in the day time
ClothesMustDrive home outfit sealed in Ziploc bag until getting in car.
ClothesMustShoes regular - work shoes, light weight hot day sandles/fipflops, & tennies any of favorite shoes to put on tiered feet!
ClothesMustShoes party - platforms, boots, flat boots, cowboy boots, etc. What you like ot get dressed up in (stelleto's not recomenteded)
ClothesMustUtility belt, Small backpack, messenger bag, fanny pack, CamelBak, etc.Something to put a few key items into (your ID, a couple $ for the coffee bar, a bit of tissue, etc.)
ClothesNiceWhite outfitFor the white party
ClothesNiceBandannas or similar wrapsgreat impromptu dust mask and if your get to hot, soak in water and put on neck/head/etc.
ClothesNicehat - day shadeCowboy, black hat, etc.
ClothesNiceSarongs, skirts, shorts, kilts, pants, bikinis, utilikilts, nothing; folks wear them
ClothesNiceTutu - yes men and ladiestutu Tuesday's
ClothesNiceVolunteer Work shift clothing--ie: ranger shirt, hat, coat, etc (others might have a med shift or something). 8/5/2014
Clothes - cold weather MustWarm coat - Down or synthetic down Jacket, vest or similarIt can get really cold at night
Clothes - cold weather Mustlots of warm layers / polypro / fleece
Clothes - cold weather Mustmittens or gloves
Clothes - cold weather Nicelong underwear, a few pairs if possible