2016-2017 Club List
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AcapellaA new group of singers that come together and do acapellaFrankClaudiaClaudia_R_Frank@mcpsmd.org
Rose Corcoran
Shelby Fountain
Maya Broadwater
Nia FrazierMondayLunchWeekly
Mrs Frank's Room A30- something
American Medical Womens Association ClubEncouraging girls to pursue a career in medicinePondToby Toby_L_Pond@mcpsmd.orgAlana Dixon
Tess PowellLizi Arabidze Talia Sulla WednesdayLunchMonthlyC210
Animal Shelter FundraisingA club dedicated to have various kinds of fundraisers to be able to donate to animal shelters.LeLienLien_K_Le@mcpsmd.org
Maria Villegas & Patrick Wright
sisivillegas@gmail.comSarah Mayhew
Matthew McQuaid
Anastasia Pinkus
Anime Club Watch Anime and other Anime related activitiesPaglianoMichael
Sami Najed snajed5@gmail.comMarcus VaughtFelix Marchler
Natalie Edmonds
Ocationaly Both also day may change
Depends on interest
Art ClubEach month there will be a theme that students can participate in. Art Club is a fun and creative place to spend Monday lunches.GroveKathieKathie_A_Grove@mcpsmd.org
Josephine Froelich
josephine@reagan.comNatalie NantaisNicki AghayevaAlden HegwoodMondayLunchWeekly
B121 Ceramics Room
Astronomy ClubPromotes and encourages interest in space, in a relaxing and friendly environment. Each week, we will discuss upcoming celestial events and focus on a specific topic of interest. About once every month, the club will organize a star party in a nearby park, which is a great way to learn about amateur stargazing and basic astrophotography. We will also be hosting a variety of guests and speakers, such as NASA Solar System Ambassadors and other knowledgeable space enthusiasts. No previous knowledge in astronomy is needed!HallJacobJacob_Hall@mcpsmd.orgDavid Cantillo
Nathan CarterJason Beal
Maria Sutherland
B-CC Animal SocietyThe B-CC Animal Society is dedicated to helping animals living in shelters or with rescues in the D.C. area. We have relationships with the Washington Animal Rescue League and other local organizations committed to helping animals. We will be helping to walk and feed dogs, assist at events, and whatever else these organizations might need!KoplowitzMarcella
Téa Lorsch & Meg Gray
tealorsch@gmail.comLauren Hirst
Camille Devincenti
Emma PatchFridayLunchMonthlyA307
B-CC Cooking ClubWe aim to bring students together through food. Students bring a dish or baked good monthly and share their recipe with the club.ZehnerJohnjohn_k_zehner@mcpsmd.org
Cate Paterson and Katie Zehner
catekp@gmail.comOlivia Siegel
Maureen Bacon
Olivia DulanyThursdayLunchMonthlyA402
B-CC Young DemocratsThis club will educate students about the issues, platforms and activities of the Democratic party. We will discuss policy and listen to speakers! Get involved in the 2016 election!HogewoodHunter
Grace Wagner
Sara ApelbaumSally Egan Alex FineMondayLunchBiweeklyA408
Barons Care ClubThe Barons Care Club is dedicated to helping the homeless in the BCC community!! We meet once a month and collect needed items through drives or fundraisers and would love new members!GordonRichardrichard_n_gordon@mcpsmd.org
Annabelle Kim
Anna O'KeefeMadeline MayMadeline MayThursdayLunchMonthlyB315
BCC Animal ActivistsWe will meet on Thursdays during lunch in A307 and learn about certain animal welfare issues. Then, we will lobby congress about these various issues. Our goal to to educate and make change to alleviate the suffering of animals.KoplowitzMarcella
Laura Koyelaurakoye1@gmail.comSylvie Yang
Aaron Bergman
Maria Sutherland
BCC CANCure Apathy Now Club. We organize fundraisers with our most important being the powderpuff football game in the Spring for junior vs. senior girls. All proceeds go to causes in need.IngallsRyanRyan_E_Ingalls@mcpsmd.org
Natalie Cady and Olivia Siegel
nkcady@gmail.comSophia WallachAllison RuffMary JohnsonTuesdayLunchBiweeklyB313
BCC Cares for Children
BCC Cares for Children is a club focused on helping children in hospitals. BCC Cares for Children will organize fundraisers, start toy drives, and come up with creative ways to get what hospital's need to them in order to make children's lives better.
PondToby toby_l_pond@mcpsmd.net
Kylie Rowan, Claudia Smith
Ellie Macnamara
Bea Houston Ana Curic Yes3013122026MondayLunchWeeklyC212
BCC DreamCatchersDreamCatchers is an organization dedicated to fulfilling the final wishes of hospice patients who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and have 6 months or less to live. Patients have often stopped medical treatments and procedures and hospice aims to keep them as comfortable as possible in their remaining months, weeks, or days. DreamCatchers works with family members and caregivers to fulfill wishes or dreams of these hospice patients, using donated funds and/or donated goods and services. Our first wish was for Sarah Rosenbaum, a six year old who suffered from DIPG, a fast-moving terminal brain cancer that affects her breathing, balance, and heart rate. Her last wish was to have a party with her friends, get a pedi/manicure, and have her favorite meal. Members of B-CC DreamCatchers decorated her home and brought games and food and streamers to make her party as special as possible. We spent the afternoon with Sarah and her parents, Sam and Kathy, and tried to make their little girl as happy as possible in her final stage of life. We have also granted the wish of a young boy named Erick, whose favorite player is Neymar, Jr.. His favorite team is the Brazilian National team—in which Neymar wears #10 and Erick wanted to have one of his jerseys. With a generous donation from Rockville Soccer Supplies, we were able to make his wish come true. We are so excited to make other dreams come true in the future.LeLienLien_K_Le@mcpsmd.org
Katherine Vangaever
Meghan Gaffney
Laura KoyeKatherine Ellis ThursdayLunchMonthlyB315
BCC FIDM Fashion Club: HemistryIn this club we will be designing and making clothes and learning fashion illustration and about the industry. If your interested in modeling or designing or just want to learn how to so or anywhere in between this is the club for you! Everyone is welcome and we will have a fashion show in May to showcase all of our work!VoorheesMegan
Kiara Coleman
Gussie Franc
Charlotte Visconti
We will meet at lunch and after school somedays!
Art room
BCC Green ClubThis club organizes and participates in various environmentally-friendly activities, such as stream and park clean-ups, fundraisers, and composting. Members will experience firsthand the importance of living an eco-friendly life, and spread environmentally-freindly practices throughout the school and community.SacksJosephJoseph_M_Sacks@mcpsmd.org
Nicole Chapman
Sylvie YangAsha Lang
Kate Schumacher
BCC Literature clubThe bcc literature club will be a place where book lovers can meet up every Monday to discuss books together. We select books by recommendations and important topic that the members want to learn more about. This year we will also be offering help with literature from bcc English classes.LoganCathrineCatherine_Logan@mcpsmd.orgCorinna Scala
Asha Lang
Diana Lozanova
Olivia Mozdzierz
BCC Relay for Life
To raise awareness and fundraise for the American Cancer Society. The proceeds from fundraisers will go towards support groups for cancer patients, research, and travel/accommodation costs for those seeking treatment away from home.
Onjoli Das and Ashley Cho
onjolidas@gmail.comWill Satloff
Sadie Bagdasian
Cami Devincenti
BCC Rocketry ClubB-CC Rocketry Club. We meet every Thursday during lunch in room A222. In this club we build and launch model rockets competitively and also just for fun! Come talk to Mr. Nateghi-Asli if you are interested in participating.Nateghi-AsliJonathan
Cooper Batchelder
Nicholas Abi-Mershed
Griffith RuckMariana VillarThursdayLunchWeeklyA-222
Best BuddiesB-CC's Best Buddies chapter offers the chance for Barons to be paired up in a one to one friendship with another student with disabilities. Our mission is to create an inclusive culture at B-CC where everyone is loved and appreciated for who they are. We have monthly meetings, activities and leadership development opportunities.RoweStephanie
Matthew Floyd
Katie ZehnerArjun ChettyElijah NottWednesdayLunchMonthlyB304
Bilingual BuddiesThis tutoring club seeks to help Spanish speaking students with their math and English homework. Here, they can get one-on-one help in Spanish and better understand what they are being taught. More tutors, who are able to explain these subjects in Spanish and will receive one SSL hour for every day they work, would also be welcome.MelendezGuillermo
Elizabeth Liston
Florence Quintanilla Preza
Olivia Pineda
Emer Diaz Amaya
Billiards Club
In Billiards club, students may come to play pool, meet friends, learn about pool, and more. We will meet at lunch occasionally and the actual portion of the club where we play pool occurs on Tuesdays and Fridays after school. We meet in room C108, and during pool days, we go from there to Jane E Lawton Recreation Center which is about a 10 minute walk from BCC.
Jack Spillane, Graham Gusterson, Freddy Duch Clerici, Joey Ciazza Blum
Graham Gusterson
Freddy Duch Clerici
Joey Ciazza Blum
bmx club
bicycle club where we go out and do tricks and teach members new tricks helmet required meetings on Tuesdays in mr.herners room at lunch
hunter soderlund
hector lopezneicer sanchezjosh townesTuesdayLunchWeeklyE034
Body PositiveOur main goal is to address the issue of eating disorders at B-CC and elsewhere by promoting positive body images.LizarazoJennyJ_J_Lizarazo@mcpsmd.org
Zoe Nuechterlein
Mian Osumi Karina Smegal
Elizabeth Mulvihill
Bridging Political Divide
Using political discourse to mend the relationship between members of political parties, as well as practicing open-mindedness in order to become more well-rounded students and citizens of the global community.
Peter Dartpdart00@gmail.comNicolas GagarinZebulon GroveAlex NeilsenWednesdayLunch
Once every three weeks
Chemistry Experiments ClubThe Chemistry Experiments Club explores the concepts of chemistry through labs designed to expand on concepts learned in class.BalimtasNurgul
Edith Stone
Miles Greenblatt
Melanie WinickSeanna MonroeFridayLunchWeeklyB217
Chess Club
Play casual games of chess with other students during lunch. Learn new chess strategies and techniques to improve at chess upon request.
Douglas Malcolm
Alejandro Cubillan
Max SzostakAndrew Spiro
Monday, Wednesday
Circuitry Engineering
Have you ever wondered how submarines, displays, or even UAVs work? Find out by making you own! In this club, students explore hacking devices and developing their own, with the Arduino micro-controller, an open source prototyping platform. Any experience level, from none to expert, is welcome.
Nicholas Steele
nichlock@gmail.comKildee Scott
Rodrigo Ferreira
Owen WalshWednesdayLunchWeeklyA222
Chinese Calligraphy ClubThis club is a gathering place for students interested in Chinese calligraphy to learn. As well as the added benefit of meeting new people and creating friendships, students will be able to better understand Chinese culture every Wednesday.HeHongHongKaren_He@mcpsmd.org
Ling O'Donoghue
Katie JarvisAlyssa Craig
Elizabeth Stephens
Chinese Honor SocietyThis club represents the hard working students currently taking Chinese for a minimum of two years. We focus on facilitating free peer tutoring and organized celebrations of Chinese holidays especially Chinese New Year.HeHongHongKaren_He@mcpsmd.org
Ling O'Donoghue
Thomas GerardCate Paterson
Isabella Faccone
Literary Magazine- Submit art, writing, photography, poetry, sculpture, music, plays, essays, short stories, and more by the last day of first semester to be published in the 2017 edition.
Maya Chessen
Natalie Cady
Elizabeth Mulvihill
Sarah Bellinger
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Coalition for the HomelessOur club will be meeting to discuss about what we can do to raise money for Coalition for the homeless. After thoroughly discussing how we will create an event to raise money then we will actually act on our plans. Coalition for the Homeless is non-profit organization in the District of Columbia that provides shelter and supportive services to more than 500 homeless individuals and families who are residents in the District of Columbia. The Coalition is always working on activities and solutions in the community to help eliminate homelessness. We will be having the fundraisers outside of school and/or inside of school.SchmidtJohnJohn_B_Schmidt@mcpsmd.orgAndrea Ardon
Falon NdeSonia JRenee SwinksMondayLunchWeeklyC204
Creative Writing ClubThis club is so that interested parties may come together to create and critique writing in the hopes of becoming better writers.MahoneySarah
John-Paul Cornell
alikania@gmail.comLily HsuLeah FleischerSeanna MonroeWednesdayLunchWeeklyE032
Dance CrewAll about having fun and meeting new people . If you loved to dance feel free joinSchmidtJohnJohn_B_Schmidt@mcpsmd.orgFalon Ndefalonndeh@yahoo.comAndrea ArdonSonia Renee SwinksMondayAfter SchoolWeeklyC204
Dance For a CauseDance For a Cause is a club that fundraises throughout the year for Children's Hospital. Our club is expanding tremendously and we hope everyone can find a way to participate!McDonald
Robert (Chris)
Abby Hopkins
Lindsay McNavage
William Satloff Kate Slabaugh WednesdayLunchweeklyB220
Debate TeamThe debate team at BCC is a fun way to work on debate skills such as public speaking, research, and building an argument. We participate in monthly competitions where we debate interesting, current topics. Debate is a great experience for any students who enjoy discussing hot-topic issues or want to improve their public speaking skills.GallagherDanielDaniel_J_Gallagher@mcpsmd.orgRachel Cohen
Caitlin BowersMaddie BrownFiona SelmiTuesdayLunchWeeklyA411
Dog Lovers ClubThe Dog Lovers Club is more than a club, it's a way of life. A place where like minded individuals can come together to share videos, poems, and pictures of their dogs with one another. No other club can make flipgrams of their dogs like we can, no one. So if you love dogs and want to cool it with some fellow dog lovers, join this club.LeLienlien_k_le@mcpsmd.net
Owen Hopkins
Avery Butterfield
Zeb Grove Lily CraverWednesdayLunchBiweeklyB315
Equality NowWelcome everyone! Equality Now is an activist club, where every week we will be discussing different inequality issues and trying to understand these issues better. This club is focused on informing BCC students on new issues through discussion, presentations and guest speakers. No activist experience required.Lopilato DavidDavid_Lopilato@mcpsmd.orgCorinna Scala
Olivia Mozdzierz
Dassy Smolianski
Julia FrischFridayLunchWeeklyA308
Expression Dance Club
The purpose of the Expression Dance Club is to welcome everyone and anyone who enjoys dancing,and for people to feel confident in a safe environment, where feelings can be expressed through out movement. Different choreographies are taught each week, and there are a few performances during the school year.
Aranza Lara, Jenna Kirsh
Alison MillsThea HegwoodStefanie CruzWednesdayAfter schoolWeekly
dance room
Forensics TeamWe compete in the Montgomery County Forensics League.GallagherDanieldaniel_j_gallagher@mcpsmd.orgIsaac Springe
Aliza BroderCarly SturmAnna AltermanWednesdayLunchWeeklyA411
Friends of CABA
Friends of CABA is a non-profit organization that helps children affected by HIV/AIDs in Nagaland, India by raising money and awareness.
GallagherDanielDaniel_J_Gallagher@mcpsmd.orgTara Mullentaradmullen@gmail.comRebbekha MelinRoland KahnAlex LeichterThursdayLunchWeeklyA411
Fund a DreamThis year, the Fund a Dream club will be raising money to send to Nelson Joaquin, a high school student in the poor mountain village of Comayagua, Honduras. Nelson's dream is to go to bioengineering school, however he lacks the funds to do so. Help us make Nelson's dream come true!MelendezGuillermo
Morgane Dallaire
mdallaire22@gmail.comKatherine Albus
Avery Butterfield
Clare EdelsteinMondayLunchMonthlyC213
Gamer Symphonic OrchestraA group to play and arrange our favorite pieces of music from video games. All instrument players are welcome.WhiteMarshallMarshall_J_White@mcpsmd.orgOwen Baniak
Samuel LissGranger Martin
Andrew Malangyaon
Girl Up
Girl Up is a campaign of the United Nations Foundation dedicated to helping the hardest to reach girls where it is hardest to be a girl. Girls (especially) in developing countries are at a disadvantage, but we believe these underrepresented girls are an untapped potential, and by giving them the step up and opportunities they need, they can change the world.

In this club, we are empowering those in the club and girls in developing countries to rise up. All of our meetings and activities will be aligned with Girl Up's mission, assigning roles for all of our members, things like planning fundraising events, educating and including people in our community- to things like a book club and watching movies and reading articles as a jumping point for discussion.
Building networks with the other 1000+ clubs around the world and working within the Girl Up community is a fun and important benefit too, and contributing to the Girl Up cause.
Lee Schwartz
Emily Schrader
Ardyn Kesterman
Jamie MurrayFridayLunchWeekly
Portable 7
Girl's LeadershipA club to empower the girls at BCC and teach them how to stand up for themselves so they can help empower others. A safe place for girls to express and find their own voices.FrankClaudiaClaudia_R_Frank@mcpsmd.org
Jessica Kapoor, Kai Alexis, Keyana Alexis
Dora Castellon
Mackenzy Woodyard
Asia PerezThursdayLunchBiweekly
Girls Against Bullying (GAB)The Girls against bullying club's mission is to unite all B-CC girls to end bullying. Activities will include: 1. Interactive panel discussions 2. How to end bullying 3. Affiliation with girls in other schools 4. Teambuilding/ bonding opportunitiesKingSuzanne Suzanne_H_King@mcpsmd.org
Charlotte Visconti
Samara Fair
Seanna Monroe
Marie Claire Franc
Girls Rising In Technology (GRIT)Girls Rising In Technology is a community that works to inspire the next generation of women in STEM. We host guest speakers and skills workshops to introduce high school girls to science and technology.PascaleRitarita_r_pascale@mcpsmd.orgRachel Cohen
Julia Chertkof
Isabella Faccone
Lily DufourFridayLunchWeeklyC114
Girls Who CodeWork on a Computer Science Impact Project, learn to use Core4 computer science concepts that form the basis for all computer programming languages, whether you want to build a mobile app, a website, or program a robot to solve a problem relevant to your Club and communityTretickKristaKrista_W_Tretick@mcpsmd.org
Isabella Faccone & Asha Meagher
Asha MeagherRachel Cohen
Analise Schmidt
High Fashion ClubThe High Fashion Club focuses on bring the street wear culture to Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School. Club members will meet bi-weekly, and will discuss fashion news and pop culture.SofarelliNicoleNicole_M_Sofarelli@mcpsmd.orgElijah Kumielijah8512@yahoo.comNate Stroy Mikey MooreRyan HughesThursdayLunchBiweeklyC102
History Club
We discuss progressions through history, and how they affect the world around us today.
Wesley Sawyer and Griffith Ruck
Jonathan GeyerJoel LissSamuel DoranWednesdayLunchWeeklyC209
History Honors SocietyHistory Honors Society will provide tutoring and hold meetings during which we listen to speakers and discuss history.HogewoodHunter
Grace Wagner
Sara ApelbaumWilliam SatloffSally EganThursdayLunchMonthly408
International Art ClubA club for art enthusiasts and international culture alike, the International Art Club explores culturally diverse art forms over the course of the year through independent and group projects. Last year's group project was a large-scale mandala inspired mosaic on a wall of the school, where it will remain permanently. Everyone is welcome! We love to hear new ideas for projects and are always open to learn more about a particular art style.TretickKristaKrista_W_Tretick@mcpsmd.org
Isabella Faccone & Asha Meagher
Asha MeagherRachel Cohen
Analise Schmidt
International ClubInternational Club's aim is to provide an interactive platform for BCC students to learn and explore about other cultures. We will be planning many hands on activities such as presentations, demonstrations about traditions, holidays, and current events. Meetings are guaranteed to be a lot of fun, while learning and meeting new people.Jappe LauraLaura_M_Jappe@mcpsmd.orgCamilla Jamrocmj.camilla@gmail.comSarah AbdullahJennifer NoyesNandita KohliWednesdayLunchWeeklyC314
IntersectOur club discusses intersectional feminism: feminism that caters to all people regardless of class, race, gender, sexuality, etc. We spread the word about and raise money for causes through art and donate it to support abuse victims and counter sexual violence.LizaroJennyJ_J_Lizarazo@mcpsmd.orgSophia Navratilsmnav18@gmail.comParis ButlerEmma UrofskyMarisa ArsenaultWednesdayLunchWeeklyE030
It's AcademicThis club participates on the NBC televised trivia competition It's Academic and holds weekly practices.Jacobs Matthew
Michael Lerner
Theo Benzmiller
John Wilkins Maia Eskin WednesdayLunchWeekly
Mr. Jacob's Room
Kathryn Kirk English Honors SocietyThe Kathryn Kirk Chapter of the National English Honor Society is for B-CC students who excel in English. Its goal is to recognize high student achievement at B-CC, and help all students improve their writing through tutoring/review sessions conducted by its members. B-CC's EHS will bring more awareness to the outstanding writers at B-CC and promote literature and other English works in the B-CC community.LloydJenniferJennifer_M_Lloyd@mcpsmd.orgGrace Tepper
Brigit CannSasha Bouvier
Ryan McCarragher
Kpop ClubKpop club is an accepting and open community for those who share in the appreciation of Korean artistic exports, from music to dramas, as we take part in the building of this cultural bridge to understand a world of different values and backgrounds.HeHong KarenHongKaren_He@mcpsmd.orgMian Osumi
Ling O'Donoghue
Elizabeth Stephens
Emily IsaacFridayLunchWeeklyC307
Latin Dance Club
The purpose of Latin Dance Club is to be able to express yourself through dance and competing.
Dora Castellon
idoranicole@gmail.comKeyana AlexisKai AlexisJoel Beltran
Tuesday, Thursday
After schoolBiweekly
New club does not have a meeting place yet
League of Legends Club
Watch Pro League of Legends, discuss League related topics, and take part in League related activities.
Alex Gonzalez
Lorenzo ParkinsDavid BeckJulian FischerFridayLunchWeeklyC108
Math TeamB-CC's famous Math Team competes against other schools in the county with both individual and team problems. We also work with the B-CC Math Department on Math celebrations like Pi Day!OrlandoChristopher
Thomas Gerard
Neil Himwich
Theo Gonzales-Tapley
Sean CodyMonday
Practice Mondays at Lunch/Meets Every Other Wednesday Afterschool
Practice Mondays at Lunch/Meets Every Other Wednesday Afterschool
Mindfulness clubMindfulnes is a great opportunity to help recenter yourself during the school year. We will hold as many meetings outside as possible and enjoy medetation, art, yoga, food, conversation, and support. We occasionally will plan trips to interesting and significant locations to help ground / connect with nature during the busy school year.VoorheesMegan
Hadassah Smolianski
Emma Stewart
Makenzie Glenn
Jose Hannan TuesdayLunchBiweeklyB313
Minority Scholars Program
Mock TrialDo you like shows like Law and Order and How to Get Away With Murder?Are you interested in becoming a lawyer or learning about litigation? Come try out for the 2016-2017 Mock Trial Team! Mock Trial is a competitive BCC team that goes up against other schools in Montgomery County. In the past the BCC team has been involved with both criminal and civil lawsuits. Tryout's aren't until early November.NahraMargitMargit_H_Nahra@mcpsmd.org
William Satloff
Grace WagnerSally EganAlex FineThursdayLunch
During the season (December through February), we meet from once to twice a week
Model United NationsOur club, modeled after the United Nations, tackles real world issues both in present and historical context, improving not only understanding of politics, but interpersonal and speaking skills as well. We will meet throughout the year to help prepare for the exciting conferences where you will be able to meet other enthusiastic students and gain a better understanding of international relations.HernerPhilipPhilip_G_Herner@mcpsmd.orgMian Osumi
Ryley Holdridge
Nicholas Berlinski
Liam WalkWednesdayLunch
throughout the year in preparation for conferences held on weekends
Movie Making ClubThis club involves a passion for moving making. That includes, acting, editing, directing, crew, writing and camera. Each play a part in many small production. The name tells us that we have; a low budget, yet as a group we can create films that others can enjoy and learn from. Join if you love any of the following things. Also join if you feel you can contribute in a different way. For example someone to help us figure out where to shoot how to get props and deal with the producer side of the film. This will be a fun and creative club that will be productive.BoswellMathew
Lilinaz Hakimililinazhak@gmail.comFelicia MelinChloe Kirk
Emma Corcoran
Mr.Boswell PRT02
National Honor SocietyThe National Honor Society is an organization which stands to recognize stellar high school students. This organization not only recognizes students who show excellence in academics, but also in service and leadership. Students are encouraged to grow and become active members of society through service and community projects. Students are a part of any of the three committees that meet throughout the year to discuss the activities of the organization, which include tutoring, fundraising, service events, and recycling initiatives.LeLienLien_K_Le@mcpsmd.orgArjun Shettyarjun1099@gmail.com
Ryan McCarragher
Maureen Bacon
Ian Rosenblum MondayLunchWeeklyB315
Once Upon A PromOnce Upon a Prom is a club that collects new or gently used prom dresses throughout the year. In previous years, we have held one dress drive in the B-CC dance studio about a month before prom and invited all girls in the area to come in search for their perfect prom dress, with no charge. This club allows less privileged girls to find the dream dress for prom, without having to spend any money.YoungChadChad_E_Young@mcpsmd.org
Rebecca Leggtt, Madison Silver
Ellie Lo ReTory SilverLola EpsteinWednesdayLunchMonthlyC105
Operation Smile BCCOperation Smile BCC is a club that raises donations and awareness for Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a Non-Profit Organization that raises money to perform Cleft Lip corrective surgeries on children around the world who cannot afford them.MelendezGuillermo
Diba Ghaed
Hanna ShineJulie OlsenSiobhan BrindleMondayLunchWeeklyC211
Operation Stars and StripesOperation Stars and Stripes is a club that was created to make a positive influence on the Wounded Warriors at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda. We do things such as create holiday cards to send to the soldiers and their families, have candy drives, and at the end of the year we will have an awesome obstacle course!IngallsRyanRyan_E_Ingalls@mcpsmd.org
Maureen Bacon Olivia Dulany
Cate PatersonOlivia SiegelKatie ZehnerTuesdayLunchBiweeklyB313
BCC Origami Club
we will be making origami and learning how to do it as a group with the goal to make BCC more of a community through the art we will be making. step 1: learn origami step 2: change the world
Rebecca Letsinger
Mitchell CostelloLiam CornwellJenna AdlerWednesdayLunchWeeklyA402
Outdoors club
Our club is designed to get people outside and experience nature, focusing mainly on skiing, hiking and fishing.
Nadav Soltes and Peter Menzi
Morgane Dallaire
Owen Hopkins Matt Melmed WednesdayLunchBiweeklyPRT2
Parkour Analysis ClubThe Parkour Analysis Club is meant to study and analyze the complicated sport of parkour. The clubs main focus during meetings is to watch a video made by the parkour community and examine the purpose of why it was made, and the impact it may have on the community.BoswellMatt
Keith Lairdklaird14@gmail.comEli MacherMatt GreenConor KelleyTuesdayLunchWeekly
Portable 2
Pen Pals
In this club, members will be assisted in finding a pen pal through online resources. We will be writing back and forth between our pen pals and getting to learn more about them and their cultures.
Anne-Marie Mitchell
annievip2@gmail.comJeri JallerHonor WhiteJulie KlonerThursdayLunchWeeklyA307
Philosophy ClubWe will read and discuss philosophical texts.Haupt Peter Peter_Haupt@mcpsmd.orgMisha Lerner mtbmnyf@gmail.comTheo BenzmillerCharlie Macel Harambe RIP FridayAfter SchoolWeekly
Portable 4
Playing for ChangeThis club will focus on raising money for organizations that provide athletic programs for disadvantaged youth. We hope to organize many fundraisers throughout the year as well as volunteer at some of the local organizations who have these programs.MelendezGuillermo
Sophia Wallach
Avery Butterfield
Morgane Dallaire
Caroline WardThursdayLunchMonthlyC211
Pre-Med ClubThe Pre-Med club explores careers in medicine through various activities such as hearing from speakers in various medical fields, exploring opportunities for high school students interested in medicine, exploring important medical skills, watching videos, and discussing relevant issues in the world of medicine today.LeLienLien_K_Le@mcpsmd.orgJenna Lucashjennalucash@gmail.comLena AuerbachMariana Villar
Natalie Labinger
Project Turquoise
Our mission is to raise awareness around the plight of Syrian refugees and empower and support Syrian youth and their families.
Lilly Behbehani
lbehbehani8@gmail.comAnna Roberson
Yasmin Behbehani
Iman Khosrodad
Red Cross ClubStudents participate in volunteer activities sponsored by the American Red Cross.IngallsRyan Ryan_E_Ingalls@mcpsmd.orgGrace Feitel gracef211@gmail.comIana SahadzicAnna JepsenKate Slabaugh TuesdayLunchBiweekly
Room B318
Robotics Club
The Robo-barons team is at the forefront of innovation. Currently, the robotics club has reconfigured its political structure to achieve optimal efficiency rates. Robo-barons will actively contribute to the engineers maker movement. Through the FIRST FTC competition, we will forge a path of greatness and ambition.
Samuel Hartman
Allison Shu
Ahmed Mohamad
Jamari O'NealThursdayAfter SchoolWeeklyB305
Rotary interact clubInteract club is a clue dedicated to engaging with the community. We volunteer at various events per year including the turkey chase, strut your mutt, a shopping event where we get grants from our sponsor and take underprivileged kids shopping and plan our own community service event.Melendez Guillermo
Annette O'Keefe, Owen Hopkins, Victoria Silver, Nathaniel Alton
keelyokeefe@yahoo.comBen FriedmanPeter DartMeg DoranTuesdayLunchMonthlyC207
School Gilrs UniteWe are a chapter of the organization School Girls Unite (schoolgirlsunite.org). Our purpose is to discuss and bring awareness to feminist issues with a focus on gender inequity in education. We work with a sister organization in Mali to give scholarships and support to girls in Mali who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to receive an education.MahoneySarah
Eliane Nieder, Julia Kagan, Ananya Bernardo
Sabra Sisler
Emily Schrader
Jamie MurrayTuesdayLunchWeeklyE032
Sources of StrengthSources of Strength is an evidence-based program for prevention of suicide, violence, bullying and substance abuse. The program empowers peer leaders along with adult support to impact their world through the power of connection, hope, help and strength. There will be trips and special projects that are tied into this.KhaniMelaniemelanie_a_khani@mcpsmd.org
Kwame Amankwah-Ayeh
Katherine Vangaever
Eleanor Grove
Danielle Rockman
Counseling Suite
Special Olympics ClubThe Special Olympics Club works with people of all ages who have intellectual disabilities. The Club also participates in the Polar Bear Plunge each year, where students plunge into the Chesapeake Bay in January to raise money and awareness for Special Olympics of Maryland.Newman Deborah
Lily DuFour lilydufour1@gmail.comArjun Shetty
Ryan McCarragher
Caitlin BowersTuesdayLunchBiweeklyC204
SPECTRUMWe are the LGBT+ club for the school . We meet once a week, Thursday's at lunch, to talk about new topics . We are always a safe place , and you don't have to know how you identify to stop by !LizarazoJenny J_J_Lizarazo@mcpsmc.org
Camern Pinkus
Jose Hannan Marxe O. Miles GreenblatThursdayLunchWeeklyE030
Spoken Word PoetryA safe space to perform and discuss poetry. MahoneySarah
Ally Peek324636@mcpsmd.netPascal LeeNina LaneCamern PinkusFridayLunchWeeklyE032
Sports Journalism ClubA forum for devoted fans of all sports to write about and discuss the games that we love.HernerPhilipPhilip_G_Herner@mcpsmd.orgLiam Walkwalkwb@gmail.comMax CohenNoah SultanNick BerlinskiTuesdayLunchBiweeklyE034
Students for a Free TibetStudents for a Free Tibet (SFT) works in solidarity with the Tibetan people in their struggle for freedom and independence. We are a chapter-based network of young people and activists around the world. Through education, grassroots organizing, and non-violent direct action, we campaign for Tibetans’ fundamental right to political freedom. Our role is to empower and train youth as leaders in the worldwide movement for social justice.GrahamAdamAdam_J_Graham@mcpsmd.orgFiona Selmi
Rebecca Schrader
Eliane Nieder
(Lauren) Ryley Holdridge
Support the Refugees clubWe will volunteer with the International Rescue Committee, which helps refugees in Montgomery County, and prepare for this by going over some of the culture of Arabic speaking countries. We will also hold a supplies drive for this organization.HalaHabashHala_Y_Habash@mcpsmd.org
Sally Egan and Alex Fine
egansj18@gmail.comGrace WagnerWilliam SatloffOlivia McCarrenTuesdayLunchBiweeklyC312
TED-ed Club
Club where students will come together to discuss and share creative ideas! Also have the opportunity to create their own TED talk!
FrankClaudiaclaudia.r.frank@mcpsmd.netEmma Lopusemmalopus@gmail.comOlivia JulianoSophia WallachAnna JepsenThursdayLunchWeeklyA302
Teenage Republicans
Teenage Republicans allows students who identify with conservative viewpoints to meet and collectively give a voice for the right wing students. Along with discussing the ideologies of the Republican party, Teenage Republicans also aims to be welcoming and helping others understand who Republicans really are by people who are Republican. We will meet every Wednesday from 2:40-4:00 PM in Mrs. Lyddane's room (portable 8).
Robert Tate Peterson
Waived by Mr. Gilmore
Waved by Mr. Gilmore
Waved by Mr. Gilmore
WednesdayAfter schoolWeekly
Portable 8
TertuliaTertulia is a space to learn from and share with other cultures. We offer homework help in Spanish and other languages. If you are bilingual, welcome! If you need help with homework or with your English skills, welcome! If you want to meet people from other countries who speak different languages, welcome! Tertulia es un espacio para aprender y compartir con otras culturas. Ofrecemos ayuda con las tareas en Español y otros idiomas. Si eres bilingüe, ¡bienvenido! Si necesitas ayuda con las tareas o con el Inglés, ¡bienvenido! Si quieres conocer personas de otros países que hablan otros idiomas, ¡bienvenido!MolyneauxRitaRita_E_Molyneaux@mcpsmd.org
Maria Valderrama
maemva@gmail.comTomas BascoloMiguel ChavezJosue OrellanaWednesdayLunchWeekly
B127 / in the courtyard
The Period Project
The goal of The Period Project is to shine light on the lack of accessibility homeless women have to feminine hygiene products, and to have a drive for these materials, which will all be donated to the Greentree shelter for women and families.
Lara McMurray
Laraerenler@gmail.comDiana Lozanova
Vicky Archvazde
Maire VolzThursdayLunchOtherA307
The Young Republicans ClubThe Young Republicans Club will provide its members with a better political understanding and knowledge of the issues of today. As a club we will also hold debates in meetings and advocate for causes that are to be determined.OrlandoChristopher
Leah Skalka Olivia Piercy
lskalk11@gmail.comClare edelsteinEmma lopusBryce HartiganThursdayLunch
Every other week
Portable 5
Theater For Social ChangeStudents create Boal inspired theater pieces in order to promote and inspire social change.GrahamAdamAdam_J_Graham@mcpsmd.org
Maddy Heyman
Jennie HanTalia Sulla
Sam Swinnerton
Triathlon Club
Swim your buns off, bike your legs off, and run for dear life. The standard distance for high school triathlons is a 750 Meter Swim, 12.4 mile bike (20k), and a 3.1 Mile run (5k). Challenge yourself. Strive to the finish.
Matt Coleman
Chase Batchelder
Ian Macel
Rueben Rochkind
UNICEF ClubRaise money for children around the world that are in need through different activities; such as bake sales, the water project, halloween project and much more.GordonRichard
Abigael Gebremariam
Seohwa KimEphrata Zeleke
Bemenete Teferi
Chorus Room
Unite For Sight-Global Health SocietyThis club is for the next generation of leaders in global health. We will learn about today's innovations and actions towards improving global health while raising money for Unite for Sight's clinic in Honduras. 100% of money raised goes to providing eye care to those who need it the most.WalkerDonaldDonald_J_Walker@mcpsmd.orgGrace Eddygceddy123@gmail.comNicholas Blake
Katherine Vangaever
Cecile MichonWednesdayLunchWeeklyB222
Visitor's Club
We will be visiting nursing homes in hopes of benefiting the residents' lives and getting to know them.
Jeri Jaller, Ella Goldblum
Danielle Rockman
Maja WrightJulie KlonerThursdayLunchMonthlyA411
Yarn Club
A place where BCC students can learn to knit and crochet. Come explore all there is to know about yarn at the BCC Yarn Club!
Frederick Lane
Maya Abo Dominguez
Douglas BellIsabel BirneyWednesdayLunchWeeklyC210
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