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Payment CashedNOA Letter Received DateBio Letter Received DateBio Scheduled DateBio Walk-In DateAcceptance - Bio Received (Days)Interview Notice ReceivedInterview DateInterview Notice Received - Interview Date (Days)Interview Date - Bio Date (Days)CPOWelcome Letter Received DateGC Received DateForum Link to Interview ExperiencePost #Comments/RemarksEAD/AP Received DateDS - 260 Submission Date2NL received (email from KCC)
littleTraveler2019AS1XXH1bOctoberLos AngelesLos Angeles9/22/2018FedEx10/4/201810/2/201810/10/201810/19/201810/29/201810/25/20181512/03/20181/4/201932671/9/20191/11/20181/14/2018#1027
pt2019ASXXF1OctoberChicagoChicago10/2/2018USPS10/9/201810/10/201810/11/201810/19/201810/29/201810/23/2018101/11/201903/13/2019611356/5/20196/10/20196/14/2019Reschedule for interview due to the life threatening cold weather in Chicago area.NA5/16/20187/27/2018
damo10892019OCXE3OctoberChicagoChicago10/1/2018Fedex10/9/201810/10/201810/11/201810/20/201811/2/201810/22/2018111/11/20191/30/201919894/16/20194/22/20194/24/20191160The interview was rather uneventful. Cold weather forced a closure on the office when I was scheduled to interview. They attempted to reschedule me to March 19 but I managaed to convince them to let me go in that day, so my interview was actually 1/29/19. No obivious reason why the CPO date took so long. more details in the post. 03/18/2019
Dago192019AF2XXXF1OctoberSalt lake city, UTSalt lake city10/5/2018UPS10/14/201810/12/201810/18/201810/22/201810/31/2018N/A81/31/20193/8/201936128Forum Link5/26/20188/23/2018
nnniii2019ASXXXF1OctoberBoston MABoston10/17/2018UPS10/27/201810/26/201811/1/201811/2/201811/15/2018N/A611/21/201812/13/2018222812/13/201812/15/201812/21/2018Forum Link#933The interview itself was actually very nice. We came with all of our kids and the IO officer kept joking with them.She asked for our passports, SNN cards and Driver's Licenses.We had a small correction we wanted to make in our I-485 form and she was very helpful with it.On our way back home we got a text our case has been updated and when we got home I checked the USCIS status update and got the "New card is being produced" msg. so all is good :) A big thank you to all on this forum for their advice, we are very grateful to all of you who gave up their time and knowledge, especially @Sm1smom Good luck to all who are still waiting to be processed.N/A10/1/1810/2/18
nj292019OCXXE3DOctoberLos AngelesLos Angeles10/24/2018UPS11/1/201810/30/201811/6/201811/09/201811/21/201811/13/2018812/31/201802/04/2019357502/04/201902/26/201902/28/2019Turned up for our appointment at 6:30am. Waited a little while as their systems were down. Interview was pretty standard. IO officer took me through the I-485 questions. Then did the same for my husband. Asked when we were married, each other's birthdate's etc. Didn't look or ask for any supporting material except for originals of our birth certificate's, our marriage certificate as well as my high school records. My husband's full file hadn't made it to the office yet so the IO officer has requested it and therefor couldn't approve the application until it's received. The IO officer said to expect our green cards within 30 - 60days. I will update when we get them. Good luck everyone! 02/28/2019 Greencards received. Thank you everyone for your help and support! Good luck! N/A
celticsfan2019EU4XXJ2OctoberBoston, MABoston10/1/2018USPS10/9/201810/12/201810/19/201810/29/201810/22/20181011/7/201811/29/2018223111/29/201812/3/201812/6/2018--Turned up for our appointment at 6:30am. Waited a little while as their systems were down. Interview was pretty standard. IO officer took me through the I-485 questions. Then did the same for my husband. Asked when we were married, each other's birthdate's etc. Didn't look or ask for any supporting material except for originals of our birth certificate's, our marriage certificate as well as my high school records. My husband's full file hadn't made it to the office yet so the IO officer has requested it and therefor couldn't approve the application until it's received. The IO officer said to expect our green cards within 30 - 60days. I will update when we get them. Good luck everyone! 02/28/2019 Greencards received. Thank you everyone for your help and support! Good luck! never08/26/201808/28/2018
Bobbyy19702019 AS6XXJ2OctoberRevere MABoston10/1/2018USPS10/4/201810/8/201810/15/201810/18/201811/26/2018N/A1412/3/201812/17/2018142112/17/201812/22/201812/24/2018Interview was quick. Officer asked Yes/No question from I-485 form and our passport and DL. I got approved on the spot, my hasband had to wait two more days because of another pending case he had that the officer wanted to look at. 6/1/20187/1/2018
sofiamau2019SA00xxG4OctoberBaltimore, MDBaltimore, MD10/01/2018USPS10/26/201810/25/201811/2/201811/19/201811/28/2018N/A2406/10/20197/16/2019362308/8/2019We´ve made 2 mistakes so far: 1st, we submitted only one check for both the I-485 and the biometrics, so we had to resend the package.
2nd, we filed form I-360, which was not necessary and were told to withdraw from that process in order to continue processing our DV adjustment of status. We think that this delayed or process, and made our case go to another center. Did inquiries, contacted congressman and also de Ombudman, and these processes got our case going. Strongly recommend doing this as soon as the "normal processing period" (which I believe is 6 months) ends and you can start with that, it makes officers "remember" your case and keeps it going
KK20192019OCXXE3DOctoberBrooklyn, NYNY4/9/2019UPS4/16/20194/15/20194/22/20195/4/20195/14/20195/6/2019188/1/20198/20/201919988/26/2019
Abhijit2019ASXXXF1NovemberSan AntonioSan Antonio11/7/2018UPS11/14/201811/15/201811/19/201811/24/201812/05/201812/06/20181012/26/20182/11/201947682/14/20192/22/20192/22/2019very smooth interview. it took 5 minutes and officer just repeated I-485 questions. she just asked to see visa and driving license. good luck everyone!10/1/201810/3/2018
Mila052019EU39XXF1NovemberAlexandria, VAFairfax, VA11/5/2018USPS11/15/201811/13/201811/19/201811/25/201812/5/201812/4/2018103/28/20194/24/2019271405/9/20195/16/20195/16/2019
The following questions being asked:
-my name, dob, all addresses i lived in the US
-ssn number
-parents names
-if i am married and why husband is not applying with me (asked for marriage certi)
-who provides me financially (gave him husbands updated employment letter and our tax transcript)
-about my previous visa refusal to the US and why
- when i entered green card lottery if i included my husband (replied yes)
-when my baby was born (asked for birth certificate)
- all yes/no questions from the form
- i work as a student staff at school ( asked what my duties are and how many hours per week)
-where i worked during OPT
Ghol2019AS1XXXF1November????????11/1/2018USPSdidn't get one11/10/201811/16/201811/26/201812/4/2018N/AN/A2/2/20192/26/201924843/29/20194/4/20194/4/2019
NovemberChatsworth, CALos Angeles11/2/2018UPS11/8/201811/9/201811/13/201811/18/201811/28/2018N/A1012/31/20182/4/201936682/4/2019Hey Everyone! I hope everyone is well and that all your AOS packages are coming along nicely. I just had my interview today, and low and behold, it was approved in the room at the end of the interview. YAY! It was a fairly low key interview (even though I was shockingly nervous) at the Los Angeles Office, and the interviewer was a very nice guy. After providing my original documents - Birth Cert, Passport (Expired and Current), and the KCC payment print out, and my original Bachelors and Masters Degree - All went very quickly. Do note that - He made a small issue out of the KCC payment receipt, because KCC emailed the documents back to me, not mailed, so it was not the original. But if you are in the same boat as me, just politely advise your interviewer that this has become pretty standard practice now. He seemed to understand that this was the case. Also - I was so glad that I had my parents international mail me both my Actual (A3 paper) original Degrees. I almost did not do it, for fear of damaging the important documents, but he said it was good that I did. I had them in a smallish poster roll, and it was fine. (just make sure you advise security what it is before they ask, so they don't think it is something other than a poster package with paperwork in it. :) The interviewer asked a few questions about my current employment, and made sure I was at the same address, then he just went through all the yes/no questions on the I-485. After that, we had a little chat and laugh about how his office was full of paper work, stack upon stack, and then he said he would just do some quick work on his PC. After that, he came back with a print out of the congratulations letter and advised me I was approved and I should receive my GC in the mail soon. In the end it was a very nice interview. All I can say is be polite, respectful, sincere, humble, pay attention and make eye contact, and your interviewer will likely give you the same respect and care (oh, and of course, have all your original documents and a full copy of your submitted package on hand). Ultimately, the interviewers are simply people like everyone, and are hard-working government officials, and they tend to do this work because they truly care about what they are doing, and making a difference for people. So as long as you give them no reason to question your application through silly mistakes, arrogance, or insincerity, they will meet you half way. :) ******* I wanna send out a massive shout out and thank your to Sm1smom and the rest of the awesome team that contribute and moderate this group and the connecting AOS Website & Spreadsheet. I could not have done this with out you guys, and I deeply thank you. This is an incredible resource and it is so selfless of you all to provide your knowledge and time. Please let me/us know if there is anything we can do to support your efforts in the future. ******* ...some of my interviewer's final comments were - "Did you put this whole package together yourself?"I said "Yes, but with the help of a wonderful online forum and community."He followed with "Well you did a great job. This is the best prepared DV Adjustment of Status application I have seen." I cannot think of better praise for all this combined hard work - So Kudos to you guys and thanks again. :) Tim 6/12/20189/27/2018
F1NovemberJackonville, FLJacksonville, FL4/3/20194/8/20194/12/20194/12/20194/15/20194/19/20195/3/20194/22/201975/24/196/6/1913346/10/20196/10/20196/12/2019
se922019AS13XXH1BNovemberLIC, Queens, NYNewark, NJ9/14/2018UPS9/23/20189/18/20189/27/20189/28/201810/14/201810/1/201852/2/20192/7/201951162/23/20192/28/20193/2/2019
doubleluck2019EU49XXF1DecemberCleveland,OHCleveland,OH11/5/2018FEDEX11/14/201811/14/201811/17/201811/28/201812/7/201811/30/20181412/24/20181/9/201916331/9/20191/11/20191/15/2019Our interview was on January 9, 8 am in Cleveland fied office and it went very smoothly. We were called by the officer and taken an oath. He asked our passports and EAD cards. Then first I was asked my name and DOB then few questions from AOS form, later my husband was also asked some questions from the form. and then we both got same security questions from the I 485 form. he looked at our documents. He asked how we met. We had one part unfilled by our doctor in the medical exam and the IO told that he cannot approve it unless it is checked. Then he said he will contact with the doctor and make the correction. We completed our interview and by tihe time we reached to our home he called by saying that he made the correction and approved the case. At night we have seen the change in the website!
Sergik84 L1DecemberPleasant Hill, CASan Francisco11/14/2018FEDEX11/20/201811/21/201811/27/201811/30/201812/13/2018N/A101/9/20192/5/20192754N/A5/29/20188/28/2018
Mars20452019AS2XXXF1DecemberDallas, TXDallas11/13/2018Fedex11/20/201811/21/201811/26/201811/30/201812/14/201812/04/2018101/7/20191/17/201910341/23/20191/22/20191/24/2019Forum LinkI complete the interview today. The interview process goes smoothly. The interview officer asks me to show ID, passport, and I-20, then goes through I-485 questions. It is a nice experience. In the end, the interview says that I will receive the GC in 10 days and the status will be changed the same day night.6/9/20189/5/2018
Winner192019AS1xxxF2DecemberDallas,TXDallas, TX12/3/2018USPS12/12/201812/13/201812/17/201812/22/201812/31/2018N/A106/19/20197/2/2019131837/2/20197/6/20197/11/2019
Sean W2019AS1XXXF1DecemberLos AngelesLos Angeles12/4/2018Fedex12/7/201812/10/201812/17/20181/4/2019N/AN/A2/5/20193/4/201927595/21/20195/28/195/28/2019Interview went well, but was told that background check was not cleared. Therefore the IO didn't grant us the GC right away. Called the customer service line three times to ask for the update during March and April but didn't help until the 4th time. Ask for the service request on 4/27 and was told the case are still under review. On 5/21 the status changed to "card is being produced". Good luck guys, hang in there and you will get it.
Grug 2019EU6XXXF1DecemberFrederick, MD10/12/2018USPS10/22/201810/23/201810/29/201810/31/201811/16/201811/2/20189N/AN/A5/16/20189/12/2018
???2019AS2xxxH1BDecemberNew York, NYNew York, NY11/20/2018UPS11/24/20187/12/201812/7/201812/17/201812/10/2018132/13/20193/18/20193391
natsu882019AS19xxF1DecemberTampa, FLTampa, FL12/2/2018USPS12/11/201812/11/201812/15/201812/23/20181/2/2019N/A124/5/20194/10/20195984/10/20194/14/20194/15/20196/2/20188/23/2018
dabit2019EU9xxE2JanuaryHouston, TXHouston, TX10/8/2018Fedex10/9/201810/10/2018????10/12/201811/2/2018N/A31/13/20193/11/201957129Yesterday we had the interview, it tooks around 3 hours because I have 5 children, frindly, and very active, officer very eficient just asking all the time, questions just to confirm the personal information printed on the I-485 and security questions. At night we received an email with the case updated, and aproved.
PhilR2019OC3XXE3JanuaryLa Brea, CALos Angeles11/27/2018FedEx12/3/201812/4/1812/10/201812/14/201812/28/201812/19/2018114/18/20195/7/2019191305/14/2019232907/04/201808/28/2018
Amandaa2019EU86XXL1/L2JanuaryChatsworth, CALos Angeles1/7/2019USPS1/12/20191/14/20191/17/20191/27/20192/4/2019N/A153/18/20193/26/20198505/20/20195/23/20195/25/2019post 1 743update: 05/20/19 - status changed for "your case was approved", 05/22/2019 - status changed for "your card was mailed to you"07/15/2018
end of October
KYeboah2019AF10xxxG4JanuaryFairfax, VAFairfax, VA01/24/2019UPS4/5/20194/5/20194/8/201904/12/20194/24/2019N/A75/21/20195/28/20197346/4/20196/5/2019We included a form that was not required for us (I-360) that resulted in our application being rejected the first time. We re-submitted on March 4 and got acceptance a month later
Nichk2019AS37xxF1JanuaryRaleigh-Durham, NCRaleigh-Durham, NC1/31/2019USPS2/6/20192/4/20192/9/20192/15/20192/28/20192/25/201993/18/20194/16/201929475/7/20195/11/20195/14/2019N/ADidn't submit1/24/2019
Toma2019AS3XXXF1JanuaryFairfax, VAFairfax, VA1/7/2019USPS1/8/20191/9/20191/15/20191/20/20192/8/20191/31/2019124/1/20195/29/2019581106/2/20196/6/20196/7/2019The interview went very well and lasted about 40min. The ISO was friendly but straightforward. Be prepared for the interview! My husband and I went over every single question before the interview day and double checked if we knew our important dates (port of entry date, our marriage date, child's DOB, dates of employment, etc.), which was very helpful. The ISO went through every single question on our I-485 forms and worked on both of our applications at the same time. We weren't approved on spot, the ISO told us that he needed our files from KCC and within 30 days we would get a response. On 6/2 my husband's and on 6/3 my case status changed to"New card is being produced." If you are F-1 student, I'd recommend to bring all of your previous and current I-20s to prove that you've been maintaining your status.
Mshindi20182019AF12XXXG4JanuaryAlexandria, VAFairfax, VA11/19/201811/22/201811/28/201811/27/201812/3/201812/7/201812/20/201812/18/201892/9/20193/25/201944954/10/20194/13/2019About the interview…the FO was very professional and friendly, honestly struck me as someone very objective and straightforward. The interview itself was very detailed – so be prepared as it lasted approx. 1 hr! The FO went through all the questions on the 485 form for both adults - my wife and I. Kids were excused, and he explained that since they were under 13 (or 14 can’t remember exactly) they will not be interviewed. At the end we made a few corrections on both forms relating to traffic citations that we had answered no. Again, the FO was very good and explained that this question now requires you to include even traffic citations. At the end he explained that he had requested for our file from the State Dept and once he receives it, he will make his decision or send an RFE. He also mentioned that if he approves our applications, we should receive our GC in 10-15 days and lo and behold…just as promised we all (my wife and 2 kids+me) received four approval notices in the mail after 5 days! So finally, we received the CPO message but only for 3 cards instead of 4 and the 3 GCs arrived 2 days later. My wife’s GC has not arrived yet, despite having received the approval notice. I am hoping we will receive this soon so we can all move to enjoying life as PRs! Good luck to all still waiting for their GCs and hope you will be able to share your experience soon!6/8/20189/27/2018
Rialitto2019EU7XXXPending AsylumJanuaryHatboro,PAPhiladelphia 1/2/201901/03/20191/7/201901/07/20191/12/20191/29/20192/28/201902/21/201922N/AN/A
2019OC4xxE3FebruaryLos Angeles, CALos Angeles, CA2/13/2019FedEx2/25/20192/26/20193/1/20193/8/20193/19/20193/14/2019113/30/20195/15/201946575/15/20195/15/20195/24/2019Forum Link#2335Please see link in 'Forum Link to Interview' column for a detailed description of the Interview.N/A12/31/20181/7/2019
Dreamer112019EU9XXXTNFebruaryModesto, CASacramento, CA4/8/2019USPS4/18/20194/19/20194/22/20195/3/20195/15/2019N/A156/1/20196/18/201917346/20/20196/24/20196/26/2019#2749We had our interview on June 18 at 7:30am. We arrived at 7:00am, there was a bit of a line up at security but it was moving pretty fast. We got upstairs at 7:15am and sat down not realizing that we had to check in. After 10 minutes of sitting down I walked out of the room and on one wall I noticed that we had to check in first. We all went to the check in counter and there were only 2 families in front of us. By the time we checked in it was 7:55am. We went back to the interview waiting room and waited for our names to be called.

We got called at 8:15am, the FO asked us to divide into 2 groups, we have 4 kids. My husband went in first with the boys as as he's the winner. He just asked my husband to see our marriage certificate, a bill showing both our names on it and his and the boys passports. He went over a few of the yes/no questions and asked if he still works for the same company. After 20 minutes my husband came out and the FO called me in with the girls. He asked me for our passports, if I had a SSN and a few of the yes/no questions. At the end he told me that visa's are still available and that he needs to contact KCC for our file and that in 2 weeks we should receive our green card.

When we left about 2 hours later our case was updated to "MY INTERVIEW WAS COMPLETED AND MY CASE MUST BE REVIEWED" it got me really nervous but I searched on this forum and found out that it was normal. This morning we got another text "MY NEW CARD IS BEING PRODUCED".
San Francisco, CA
San Francisco, CA06/07/2019FedEx06/13/201906/14/2019N/A7/30/20198/2/20197/30/2019478/9/20199/13/201935459/17/20199/23/20199/23/2019Had a one month delay between the case acceptance and the reception of the biometrics letter.
It was due to their system converting my submitted address to an invalid one.
F1Student2019AS34xxF1MarchOmaha, NEOmaha, NE1/18/2019UPS2/3/20192/4/20192/8/20192/15/20192/26/2019N/A123/4/20193/28/201924303/29/20194/4/20194/6/2019The interview went really smooth. The officer just asked me my passport and drive license and went through i485 questions. That's it!
Alyz2019EU10xxxF1MarchBrooklyn, NYBrooklyn, NY3/3/2019FedexN/A3/7/20193/13/20193/19/20195/4/2019N/AN/A8/2/20198/21/2019191089/4/2019
5500lbs2019EU12XXXF1MarchIndianapolis, INIndianapolis, IN3/5/2019FedEx3/28/20193/26/20194/19/20194/5/20194/16/20194/9/201985/21/20195/23/20192375/23/20195/28/20195/30/2019Forum Link#2455My interview was 15 minutes later than scheduled. It was VERY casual. We joked a little in the process, went over all the questions in the form. It took about 15-20 minutes total. I didn't have to show him the letters I prepared from the employers. At the end he said that he intends to approve my case in the afternoon. Then he mentioned a local business that he is fond of in the Art scene of our city and asked if I am familiar with it, and I was, so we had a lil chat and he let me go!! In 45 minutes I got a text about the card being produced!5/15/201810/31/2018
Stephmelb2019OC4xxE3MarchNew York, NYNew York, NY03/05/2019FedEx03/12/201903/13/20193/18/201903/22/201904/01/2019N/A106/10/20197/1/201921917/2/20197/5/20197/9/2019N/A9/17/20189/26/2019
dosje2019EU13XXXF1MarchPhiladelphia, PAPhiladelphia, PA3/3/2019FedEx3/15/20193/17/20193/15/20193/22/20194/5/2019N/A76/18/2019N/A746/24/2019
Kasia2019AS4xxxxJ1MarchNew York, NYNew York, NY3/1/2019USPS3/10/20193/11/20193/15/20193/22/20194/4/2019N/A124/19/20194/29/201910254/30/20195/3/20195/4/2019
SA_7XX2019SA7XXF2MarchOklahoma City, OKOklahoma City, OK2/19/2019FedEx2/26/20192/26/20193/2/20193/8/20193/18/2019N/A105/11/20196/10/201930846/10/20196/15/20196/15/2019Very friendly field officer. He said the last time he processed a DV case was long time ago. He requested the following: EAD (spouse), passports and visas, marriage certificate, DOS fee proof (which we received by email - he confirmed with someone else whether it was ok or not), letter from University showing current enrollment of F1. Asked for current address and DOBs several times during the interview. Asked for copy of our current lease (which we did not have with us), and also pictures of us (like this were a marriage based case), but I believed the officer realized these were not necessary for our case. He basically went through all I-485 questions. It took around 70-min overall. It was approved on the spot. Thanks to all who make this forum such a valuable open resource!!!N/A2/3/20192/6/2019
potatoe2019OC4XXF1-OPTMarchSacramento, CASacramento, CA3/7/2019FedEx3/13/20193/14/20193/17/20193/27/20194/5/2019N/A145/18/20195/28/201910236/3/2019The interview was short and straighforward. The Field Officer was very nice. He called me in and said you won the DV lottery. Thats like winning the actual lottery. He asked if I was comfortable speaking English and I told him I was. Asked for my College Degree copy and he made copies of my EAD card and Passport. Went through the questions on form i485 and asked me when was my last entry to the US. In the end he said that everything I told him was accurate and I would get a decision in the mail within 2-3 weeks. Received approval email/text 4 days later. My suggestion is to know what you wrote on youre i485 including dates and take all required documents. All the best everyone !!N/A
H1BMarchColumbus, OH3/5/2019FedEx3/26/20193/27/20193/30/20194/10/20194/17/2019N/A156/19/20197/3/201914777/3/20197/8/20197/12/2019
Moham2019AF18XXXF1AprilAtlanta, GAAtlanta, GA4/1/2019USPS4/4/20194/4/20194/6/20194/12/20194/24/2019N/A465/9/20195/21/201912275/21/20195/24/20195/25/2019My interview went pretty smooth. I waited only 5 minutes after my arrival at the FO. The officer asked for my passports (the older and the new one), driver's license, I-94, I-20, my graduate degrees, my transcript and my student enrollment verification form, employment letter, the number of time I played dv lottery before my selection.He also checked my SSN card. After that, he went through the yes/no questions on the I-485 form and that was it. My pettiton was approved the same day.N/A5/21/201810/30/2018
XYZ2019AS3XXXF1April???Des Moines2/20/2019USPSDidn't get2/27/20193/1/20193/8/20193/20/2019N/AN/A4/10/20195/14/201934555/14/2019Interviewing officer didn't give any decision during interview. Mentioned need some days for further review. But the uscis status was changed to card production order after four hours on same day. Therefore don't worry if officer dont give you decision.
Amnito2019AF1XXXXF1AprilSan Francisco, CASan Francisco, CA4/19/2019FedExDidn't get4/26/20194/29/20195/3/20195/17/20195/6/2019N/A6/8/20197/9/201931537/9/20197/13/20197/17/2019Forum Link2972Please click on the post link for my interview experienceN/A5/30/201810/2/2018
Tina2019AS4***F1/Asylum GrantedAprilDetroitDetroit2/15/19Fedex2/26/192/27/193/1/201903/08/193/20/193/11/19336/16/197/26/19401288/8/20198/11/20198/15/2019
Applied/Never recieved
Elz2019EU16XXXPending AsylumAprilAlexandria, VAFairfax, VA04/15/2019FedEx04/23/2019N/A (money order)4/27/201905/03/201905/15/2019N/A7205/20/201906/27/20193843https://forums.immigration.com/threads/dv-2019-aos-only.337772/post-2499204
mnk2019AS5XXXF1AprilSt. Paul, MNMinneapolis, MN03/11/2019FedEx3/20/20193/21/20193/25/20194/9/20194/18/20194/9/2019206/11/20197/2/201921757/10/20197/14/2019The officer just ran through i-485 questions. It took about 10-15mins. Wasn't approved on the spot since the officer needed something from the Chicago center before making a decision. However, he also noted that he didn't forsee any problem with the application and said that I should receive a notice in a couple of weeks.11/27/201912/7/2018
yyxy2019AF23XXXG4MayAlexandria, VAFairfax, VA4/9/2019USPS4/16/20194/16/20194/20/20194/26/20195/7/20194/29/2019105/16/20195/28/201912216/4/20196/7/20196/7/2019Forum Link2496832I received a phone call directly from the IO assigned to my case to notify me of my interview date and the official notice came a week later. I was not approved on the spot after my interview, which seems to be the practice at the Fairfax FO. My case status was updated to Case Was Approved on 05/30 and to Card Was Mailed on 06/04.N/A07/01/201811/28/2018
Tim2019OCXXXL1MayNorridge, ILChicago4/11/2019UPSNot received4/19/20194/22/20195/4/20195/17/20195/9/2019N/A7/12/20197/31/2019197508/01/201908/05/201908/08/2019#3,2363236The workbook provided by sm1smon is invaluable --- I recommend to read and reread it, you'll spot different things each time as you learn more. It was very helpful in putting together the application and support materials. Similarly, these timeline sheets are useful for seeing how other candidates are flowing through the process (such as the same visa class, region, and field office) so please do share your progress, it helps people. Many thanks to those in the online forum (Tommas, Vladrouille, etc.) for being great "compatriates" with the support you gave. Finally, many thanks to sm1smom, SuzieQQQ, and BritSimon --- your help and guidance makes the difference.Not applied05/22/201808/28/2018
DVERIC2019EU20XXXE2MayOakland, CASan Francisco, CA5/3/2019USPS5/8/20195/7/20195/13/20195/24/20196/6/20195/24/2019168/2/20199/9/201938959/9/2019- Oakland ASC was super efficient and accepted we walked in 2 weeks in advance of our appointment.
- SFO FO requested I clarified situation with KCC as one of my children will do CP (https://forums.immigration.com/threads/dv-2019-aos-only.337772/post-2498169)
- Sent email to KCC on 06/13, confirmation email on 06/14 that "The information you provided will be forwarded to the appropriate department.". Sent documents for CP applicant on 06/16 by email, called KCC on 06/18 and KCC confirmed that files were sent to FO on 06/16 and confirmed also that documents sent for CP were received and ok.
stc2019AS7XXXF1MayWashington DCFairfax, VA04/18/2019USPS4/22/20194/23/20194/27/201905/04/20195/15/201905/06/2019125/18/20195/28/201910135/29/20196/3/20196/4/2019
Leonie2019AS7XXXJ1MaySanta Clara, CA San Jose, CAUSPS05/02/20195/15/20195/10/20195/21/20195/15/201986/3/20197/2/201929427/13/20197/18/2019
jwendyr2019AS6XXXF1MayKansas City, MOKansas City, MO5/21/2019USPS5/23/20195/24/20195/30/20195/31/20196/17/2019N/A87/1/20198/5/2019354908/05/201908/09/201908/10/2019Interview was on time. Only State ID card was shown. Interview letter contain list of documents but none of them was asked. Question comes from I-485. Approved on the spot.N/A05/21/201905/28/2019
mechanici232019AS67XXF1MayKansas city03/18/2019FedEX3/24/20193/25/20193/28/20194/5/20194/19/201904/08/20191204/11/201905/13/20193224---CASE GOT DENIED DUE TO EARLY FILING!!!! I REFILED THE WHOLE PACKAGE AND THIS TIME I GOT MY GC. NEXT ROW IS THE TIMELINE REGARDING TO MY SECOND PETITION.
mechanici232019AS67XXF1MayKansas city5/28/2019FedEX6/5/20196/6/20196/10/20196/14/20196/25/20196/17/201996/28/20198/5/201938418/9/20198/10/2019
Andrew2019OCxxxE3JuneLOS ANGELESLA BREA4/14/2019UPS4/22/20194/18/20194/25/20195/3/20195/13/201905/06/2019116/7/20197/10/2019335807/10/201907/10/201907/16/2019The interview went very smoothly, we waited around 1 hour. The IO was friendly and proffessional, he went through the I-485 and asked a few questions about it. Asked when we last arrived in the US and our DOB and marriage date. At the end of the interview he advised us we were approved and handed the "Welcome Letter"05/15/201808/18/2018
Tommasi802019EU22XXXF1JuneQueens, NYNew York, NY4/13/2019UPS4/22/20194/18/20194/25/20195/4/20195/15/201905/06/2019127/20/20198/5/201916828/15/20198/17/20198/22/20193348I had a home interview due to my medical condition.
Original interview date 08/05, new date at my home was on 08/12
vladoo2019EU22XXXL1JuneNew York, NYNew York, NY4/18/2019USPS4/24/20194/23/20195/1/20195/6/20195/15/20195/14/2019126/21/20197/1/201910477/1/20197/5/197/10/19#29022902- interview morning in Federal Plaza NY: the officer was nice, polite and casual - a pleasant experience.
- Only person who takes care of diversity visa cases: he mentioned that he got a lot more submissions recently and showed me a pile of folders on his desk - there is probably a bunch of you there.

It was over in 15min:
- Oath; you have to do that standing up! Don't get comfortable too quickly ;)
- Asked for my passport and driver's license - he made copies on the way out
- Only requested the docs pointed out in the G-56 Notice: Employment verification letter + new pay stubs + original birth certificate
- Went through the I-485 to confirm address, full name, birth date, a few of the Yes/No questions
And that was it.

At the end, he hand delivered me a notice to say that my case was under review but mentioned said that's normal procedure before he puts the approval in the system and I should expect status updates in the afternoon.
I talked about my next travel and told me I should call the USCIS 800 number to get a stamp once I get approved but said I might not need it since GC would arrive fairly quickly in the mail.
Vadrouille2019EU22xxxL1JuneBrooklyn, NYNew York, NY4/23/2019Fedex4/29/20194/29/20195/3/20195/10/20195/21/20195/13/2019118/1/20198/20/201919918/20/20198/24/20198/26/2019Post 3428Full Report- Process was straightforward but had to involve the Congresswoman's office two months after bio for not receiving my IL
- Interview was rather uneventful although the officer tested a few of my answers
Evelina2019EU24XXXPending AsylumJuneLauderdale Lakes, FLHialeah, FL4/26/20194/30/20195/3/20195/13/20195/17/20195/31/2019N/A175/31/20196/19/201919196/19/20196/24/20196/27/2019The IL was sent by FO 05/30 prior to date of BIO 05/31. 06/17 got call from USCIS - reminder about our inteview. Very smoth interview. The officer asked about: name, DOB. address. I-94 info and if other info in the our application is correct - answer no, bc we found some mistakes before interview. Officer allow to make changes. Yes/no questions. Documents: only ID and EAD. And than: you'll receive your cards in 30 days. I asked if our background check was complete, answer: Yes. No questions about previous asylum case. An hour later I received a notification that the cards being produced. Many thanks to forum!!! Good luck to everyone! Didn’t applyDidn’t apply3/6/2019
tryc142019EU25xxxF1JuneElizabeth, NJNewark, NJ5/4/2019USPS5/13/20195/14/20195/18/20195/24/20196/6/2019N/A116/15/20196/20/2019514N/A5/17/20183/22/2019
Lani1232019AS9xxxF1JuneTucsonArizona, AZ4/22/2019Fedex4/29/20194/29/20195/3/20195/10/20195/23/2019N/A115/28/20196/27/201930356/27/201907/01/20197/10/2019Interview was about 45 minutes. Asked about marriage and where I met my spouse. After that went throught all the questions in 485. Straight forward
Hotaru2019EU26XXXH1BJuneEast Hartford, CTLawrence, MA5/4/2019USPS5/13/20195/13/20195/21/20195/25/20196/6/20195/31/2019126/14/20196/19/20195136/19/20196/22/20196/27/2019Forum Link2721The interview itself was really smooth. I was paired specifically with an officer who had had previous experience doing DV cases. The interview took roughly 15 minutes from when I entered her office to when I left. She only needed to see my current passport and proof that I had paid the $330 fee to the Department of State. After that, we went through my I-485 together, and she added an international trip that I had taken after the original submission (I was on an H-1B at the time, and so there was no risk of abandoning my application). Didn't get a letter or anything when the interview concluded, but she said that I would see a case update by the end of the day (and I did – the online status updated to card production by late afternoon).N/A3/1/20193/28/2019
lesia2019EU24XXXPending AsylumJuneChicago,ILChicago,IL5/3/2019USPS5/6/20195/10/20195/10/20195/24/20196/5/20195/31/2019187/12/20197/31/20191956Denied
Joshua12019AF26XXXL1JuneManhattan, NYNew York, NY06/19/2019FedEx06/27/201906/26/20197/1/20197/4/20197/16/2019N/A77/22/20198/5/201914208/5/20198/9/2019Forum Link#3323See link04/23/201904/26/2019
DaDipps2019AF28XXXL1JuneSeattle, WASeattle, WA4/26/2019Fedex5/6/20195/3/20195/10/20195/17/20195/30/20195/21/2019116/15/20197/18/201933497/18/20197/23/20197/25/2019Forum Link#3077BIO: Walk-in for Biometrics was uneventful - in and out in under 30min (Spouse, Child and I): Seattle Field Office. INTERVIEW: Please see Forum Link - Post #3077
Didn't Receive
Didn't Submit1/10/2019
aliem2019SA9xxG4JuneAlexandria, VAVirginia6/3/2019UPS6/12/20196/6/20196/14/20196/21/201907/05/20196/24/2019907/12/20198/28/201947548/30/20199/3/20199/6/2019N/A
Phellos072019EU29XXXF1-OPTJulyDallas, TXDallas, TX5/20/2019USPS5/27/201905/27/20196/3/20197/21/20197/30/2019N/A558/21/20198/30/20199319/3/2019Interview went very smoothly. The IO only asked for IDs and went over the questions in the I-485 form. We did not get approved on site, because USCIS lost some of my and my wife's fingerprints. After the interview, the IO told us to expect a letter from them within two weeks (acceptance or rejection letter). We had our fingerprints taken again on the same day... We are still expecting something from the USCIS.
D3zi2019AS10XXXPending AsylumJulyArlington,VAFairfax,VA6/3/2019FedExdidn’t get it6/11/20196/14/20196/21/20197/3/20196/25/19N/A7/12/20198/27/20194655Denied6/11/183/20/2019
guit2019AS12XXXPending AsylumJulyDetroit, MIDetroit, MI6/6/2019USPS7/2/20197/2/20197/6/20197/12/20197/24/2019N/A108/2/20198/28/201926359/24/20199/24/2019I have attended my first interview on 8/28, it was very stressful and very long, it took about 3 hours and officer asked about everything included in my package , at the end she said she will need to do further review,.
One week later I received another letter requesting me to attend another interview on 9/18 and they have requested me to provide further evidences and documentation that is specific to my case – so nothing generic that I can share in here.
I attended the second interview on 9/18 and that was even more stressful then the first one. It took about 3.5 hours, I have been asked all the questions that is related to my pending status with USCIS and also about my military service, about my previous trips to the U.S and other countries, and many many other questions. The officer was straight forward somehow very serious, but professional at the same time. At the end she said she still need to do further review and that will let me know the decision by mail and assured to me that they are aware of the DV timeline, so I could do nothing at this point other than wait and see!
Today the miracle happened, everything changed in the USCIS rapidly. From case approved, to new card produced and mailed. I just can’t believe that it happened at the end.
Unlocked and resubmited on 2/24/19
lak082019AS14XXXF1JulyDetroit, MIDetroit, MI06/07/2019USPS06/17/201906/17/20196/19/201906/28/201907/10/2019N/A118/1/20198/28/201927498/29/20199/3/20199/5/2019
psue2019AS12XXXH1BJulyElizabeth, NJNewark, NJ6/11/2019UPS6/19/20196/18/20196/24/20196/28/20197/11/2019N/A97/22/20198/6/201915268/13/20198/21/20198/21/2019NA5/20/20183/20/2019
Asi2019AS10XXXH1BJulyDetroit, MIDetroit, MI6/7/2019USPS6/17/20196/17/20196/19/20196/28/20197/12/2019N/A117/31/20198/28/201928479/3/20199/3/20199/5/2019
Leo2019AS13XXXH1BJulyCharlotte, NCCharlotte, NC5/22/2019USPS6/7/20196/7/20196/12/20196/20/20197/2/2019N/A137/19/20198/22/201934518/22/20198/28/20198/28/2019My interview process is quite similar to those that have been shared here. It lasted about 15 minutes. Took an oath at the beginning. The officer asked for my current and previous passports and ID (driver's license in my case), as well as interview letter. She then began going through the entire application form I-485, ending with a series of yes/no questions. I made sure that I maintained eye contact with her and not constantly looking at the form while she was asking the questions. She had me sign the form at the end, and handed me a paper in which she checked the box "your case is being held for review", meanwhile she kindly informed me that she is going to approve my case, she just needed to do some paperwork etc. She looked quite strict during the Q&A process, however in the end, she was very friendly and smiley, she commented that they don't have a lot of Diversity applicants in their office, and that I am very lucky to get it. I am just glad that my officer is familiar with the diveristy program, and really grateful that the whole procesure went smoothly. Came back home in the evening and checked my case status, it said "card is being produced". Thanks everyone who contributed info to this spreadsheet and on the forum, all these are immensely helpful!! 5/20/20193/28/2019
TZA972019AS13XXXF1-OPTJulySt Paul, MNMinneapolis, MN06/11/2019FedEx06/18/201906/19/20196/21/201907/01/201907/09/2019N/A137/30/20198/13/201914358/14/20198/15/20198/18/2019My interview experience went quiet smoothly. It was about 15-20 minutes total. I was asked to provide my passport, SSN, EAD Card, driver's license and the interview letter of course. Officer was extremely friendly, and high-fived me for winning the lottery. I was made to take an oath and then we began. Essentially he went over my ENTIRE original submission including all of the supporting documents with me. He scanned through everything quickly (only stopped at my birth certificate, job offer letter, and college degree). He confirmed my job start dates again, and took my paystubs from the last 3 months. (PLEASE bring your last 3 paystubs considering all this recent public charge drama going on.) We then proceeded to go over my i-485 application and he just confirmed my name, DOB, address, and other stuff as we went along. We went through all the yes/no questions, where when he got to the 'citation' question - I disclosed my recent speeding ticket and provided him with a copy. He took the copy of the ticket and wrote detailed notes, however he assured me it won't be an issue.) That was about it! At the end of the day - he was happy that I had a thorough application, and said that there will not be an issue from his side at all. He just needed to "follow some policies and interface w/ other government agencies". I asked him if he had requested my case from KCC, to which he replied that he will as soon as I leave. I did not inquire about the status of my background check. He repeatedly assured me that he is very aware of the September 30th deadline, and informed me that the USCIS is also conscious of the deadline as a whole and is working fast to get the applications processed. I also asked about how to contact him (local FO doesn't allow infopass or anything) - to which he told me to relax and that if there's anything he needs - he will send it to me in the mail!. That was that! Important to note my lawyer also attended the interview, which personally was a peace of mind factor for me. She really didn't do anything other than take notes, but she joked around the IO which contributed to the light atmosphere.

Next morning, I got up and habitually checked my case status --> and it said card is being produced! That's it! :)
May 2018March 2019
sm192019AS10XXXF1-OPTJulyDetroit, MIDetroit, MI6/14/2019USPS6/21/20196/21/20196/25/20196/28/20197/9/2019N/A79/9/20199/25/201916789/25/20199/30/201910/1/2019#3,689
F1JulyNorridge, ILChicago, IL5/30/2019Fedex6/6/20196/7/20196/10/20196/14/20196/28/20196/21/1987/17/20197/31/201914407/31/20198/5/20198/7/2019#3,328My interview lasted about 15-20 minutes. Officer asked me to provide original passport, birth certificate (with translation) ID. I took an oath. Before interview started he asked me to show him interview invitation letter.He then asked me some basic questions from i-485 (name, DOB, date of last entry to country, what kind of visa i had then, confirmed SSN and wanted to see original, he also asked me to see reciept for payment to state department. Then he confirmed my marital status and started to ask some yes/no questions from the form (about 7-8). After that he checked some documents in his file, and asked me if i want to add something. I added my most recent I20, payment reciept for the next quarter, enrollment letter from school, also i showed him my original high school diploma, previous passport with US visas. At the end  of interview,he printed the letter saying that case is under review and since he is aware that all DV cases should be processed by the end of September, he will try to expedite the case. I was leaving the building a little bit upset, since i wanted to be approved on a spot. I imagined to wait the next couple weeks or months for a final decision. However, i checked my status online in the evening and saw the line: "Card was produced". Exactly in one week, i recieved my Green Card.didnot applydidnt submit5/1/2019
Nizi2019AS12XXXF1JulyHartford Hartford, CT05/31/2019UPS06/21/201907/02/201906/25/2019N/A07/05/201907/24/2019192207/25/201907/26/2019
Nk.Necrosis2019AS12XXXF1JulyBurbank, ILChicago, IL05/29/2019USPS06/05/201906/06/20196/7/201906/15/201906/27/201906/17/20191007/17/201907/31/2019143407/31/2019The interview was similar to most of the interview experiences posted on the forum. The interviewer asked me for my original birth certificate and then went through my entire application form I485 line by line ending with the series of yes/no questions. He asked me why my passport is of a different country than my place of birth, I had to explain to him that my country of birth doesnt offer citizenship by birth. He asked me why I came to the US and what is my current status. Then asked me if I had any new documents to submit which I did. the course I was enrolled in ended after i submitted my AOS package and after that I had gotten a new admission in a new program. I showed him my new I20 and a newly made enrollment verification letter i asked my DSO to prepare. He was going to keep the original I-20 but I told him that I may need it in the future and provided him with the copies I had prepared before the interview. At the end he told me that he has not gone through my application papers yet so he wont be able to approve just yet. At 8:30 pm of the same day as the interview, after about 12 hours after my interview I received an email and a text notification saying that there has been a decision made and new card is being produced. 04/10/201904/19/2019
Cheatha2019EU28XXXH1BJulyOxnard, CAChatsworth, CA6/24/2019USPS7/2/20197/3/20197/11/20197/12/20197/26/2019N/A108/15/20199/5/201921419/10/20199/18/20199/18/2019Although our green card process was quite a journey, the interview went smoothly as others. FO was very kind, perlite and professional. We felt that we are so blessed to have her. She concentrated on her job. We have to provide our marriage certificates, tax documents, pay stubs etc. Then went through usual yes no questions. At the end FO said that we fullfilled everything what they are looking for but she need do a background check, which we were not sure and we kept silance. She walked us to the exit door and she realized we are worried a bit, then she told you will get a letter within next week and you are going to get your green cards and she said take care! Then after 5 days we got email notification saying that our case was approved.
soshi2019AS12XXXH1BJulyEl Monte, CALos Angeles7/25/19USPS7/30/20197/30/20198/5/20198/9/20198/22/2019N/A10N/A9/16/2019N/A259/19/20199/21/20199/23/2019
Never received
anman2019AS12XXXF-1JulyBoston, MABoston, MA8/7/2019UPS8/15/20198/16/20198/21/20198/23/20199/3/2019N/A89/6/20199/9/2019369/9/20199/14/20199/16/2019
Ali2019eu15xxx????MiamiKendall 03/18/2019Usps03/22/20193/30/201904/07/201904/17/2019N/A-67////N/AN/A06/14/201906/20/201906/20/2019Uscis didn’t make interview. They just sent me directly cpo. Than I’m waiting hic. Probably i will get the gc in 2 weeks.Didn’t apply
Klesek2019EU12xxxH1BMarchSan Francisco, CASan Francisco, CA2/13/2019USPS2/20/20192/19/2019N/AN/AN/A
BB2019AF35XXXF1JuneSan Francisco, CASan Francisco, CA09/20/20196109/25/201909/27/201909/27/2019
Interview started at 10am. On arrival, the front desk inside the SAN FRANCISCO Office, i was told that my appointment was no where to be found on record. it was finally sorted out. Interview was very simple and straigtforward. The lady who interviewed me told that it was be simple and short, bse she has many other DV Cases. she had to finish all the DV CASES that day (September 20). She went thru my form 485, verified all my addresses and work places and asked me all the YES/NO questions. She quickly went through my file and then ask me if i had any question. She told me that bse of the time sensitive nature of the DV Cases, she was going to update my profile by the end of the day. At abt 8pm, i saw - NEW CARD IS BEING PRODUCED AS OF SEPTEMBER 20. On sep. 25th, i say Card was mailed. received card in mail on September 27, together with welcome letter. I waited for more than 70days to get an appointment after my biometric. i even contacted the congress man who wrote to USCIS. I made multiple calls and got transfered to Level 2, on many, many occasions.
Interview started at 10am. On arrival, the front desk inside the SAN FRANCISCO Office, i was told that my appointment was no where to be found on record. it was finally sorted out. Interview was very simple and straigtforward. The lady who interviewed me told that it was be simple and short, bse she has many other DV Cases. she had to finish all the DV CASES that day (September 20). She went thru my form 485, verified all my addresses and work places and asked me all the YES/NO questions. She quickly went through my file and then ask me if i had any question. She told me that bse of the time sensitive nature of the DV Cases, she was going to update my profile by the end of the day. At abt 8pm, i saw - NEW CARD IS BEING PRODUCED AS OF SEPTEMBER 20. On sep. 25th, i say Card was mailed. received card in mail on September 27, together with welcome letter. I waited for more than 70days to get an appointment after my biometric. i even contacted the congress man who wrote to USCIS. I made multiple calls and got transfered to Level 2, on many, many occasions.
Interview started at 10am. On arrival, the front desk inside the SAN FRANCISCO Office, i was told that my appointment was no where to be found on record. it was finally sorted out. Interview was very simple and straigtforward. The lady who interviewed me told that it was be simple and short, bse she has many other DV Cases. she had to finish all the DV CASES that day (September 20). She went thru my form 485, verified all my addresses and work places and asked me all the YES/NO questions. She quickly went through my file and then ask me if i had any question. She told me that bse of the time sensitive nature of the DV Cases, she was going to update my profile by the end of the day. At abt 8pm, i saw - NEW CARD IS BEING PRODUCED AS OF SEPTEMBER 20. On sep. 25th, i say Card was mailed. received card in mail on September 27, together with welcome letter. I waited for more than 70days to get an appointment after my biometric. i even contacted the congress man who wrote to USCIS. I made multiple calls and got transfered to Level 2, on many, many occasions.
DV2019AS2019AS10XXXF1JulySouth El Monte, CALos Angeles, CA07/01/2019FedEx07/10/201907/11/201907/15/201907/19/201907/31/2019N/A908/29/2019
09/11/2019 (10/29/2019)
13 (60)42 (90)09/18/201909/23/201909/26/2019N/A05/15/201905/30/2019