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LattitudeGreat for meeting up with friends, but kinda bad considering you have to use your email, so if someone were to find who you were they could stalk you with easeCool visualization tool to see where friends are. My wife and I now know where each other are in town and it makes it easier to figure out who should do what errands, pick up kids, etc. Sometimes we are super close and didn't even know it so we can meet up!Very helpful to know where your friends are, and where you are!Very great app if you like knowing where people are. Im going to have to agree with the others though because it is a little creepy and dont know why you need this in school.I bit inprivate..Good for a social person, and stalkers but in general this app is not what i find convienient because i really wouldnt want ANYONE to no where i am at.Nice app. But seems a little creepy that you can track your friends. But could be useful in many situations. On another note, you must first install Google maps also. 3.5/5it appears like this would be a helpful app if it worked properly but i cannot figure out how to do anything and not get an errorLatitude is very cool because you are able to search for places of interest that are close by, and you are able to see your friends location if they are close enough to be pictured on screen. 4/5Great for meeting someone somewhere without having to call or text them very much.Useful to do things such as Mr. Morehouse said. Also good to met up with friends somewhere without actually saying where...Usefull app for those of us who are lost in space and need some guidenceVery useful and fun app to have, I have used it to track down friends and see what they are up toThis is a pretty cool app but Zach Do work Graveson is right, it is a little creepy to know that your friends and stuff can track you wheneverThis app is really cool I think it would be fun to know where your friends are because you could go mess with them. It would also be nice in bigger cities to find people.To me this app seems creepy because I dont want someone to know my location 24/7. I like the guidance feature but overall I dont like itcool app its pretty useful but i would like to keep my personal life from other peoples view, but if you where trying to find your friend and they where trying to find you it could come in handyThis app could definitely be useful! Although it is weird that you can be tracked..Great if your lost, need directions, or need to find out what stores are close to youThis app is really cool yet creepy at the same time. It is cool to be able to see where your friends are at any time, but remember they can always see where you are as well i think overall it is a good appDont like that some one could know were I am at at all times. Dont like Android.dont need it
Note everythingGreat for taking notes easy to do !!!EvaluatingVery helpful to take quick notes or just jot things down, but I would rather use Evernote.  very great app to help keep you organized with your note taking and a another huge advantage is that you can draw for those problems in math class.A good map to take notes, especially having a variety of options such as picture notes that you could use for a math class if you prefer writing. Only problem i would see is that you cant sync the notes to anywhere else.would rather use evernote, just because evernote is a nicer note taking app in my opinion.Nice app. I would rather just use evernote instead. It has some cool functionality's but no where near the caliber of Evernote. 2/5this appears to be another version of evernote, but with better reviews. there is definately more to do in evernote like take pictures and voice recording and even simply closing a noteVery cool to be able to take notes, but does not have near as much functionality as Evernote. Evernote does this and more! 1/5Useful app but might not be necessary if you have Evernote and Skitch. Very use full if you have a busy schedule because it can set alarms and calender appointments. But besides that, it is just like Evernote and its illustration software is pointless thanks to Skitchgood alternative for evernote and other note appsUseful App but may just stick with Evernote and SkitchUseful but I would rather just stick with evernote.Good for taking notes but I still like ever note better because i have it all set up and know how to use it.Seems to be a bit more glitchy than evernotereally helpful for taking notes but i already use evernoteUseful but you could always just use evernote.This app is great for easy note taking, and lots of options are given to you to use. Much more than ever note to me. this app is OK but it seems to be too close resemblance to evrnoteNotes Plus is better has a long more function to choose from. Dont like Android.already have evernote
Battery monitor great app so you know how much power and time you have left on the battery Seems redundant to me and takes up spaceHelps to have a quick-glance at an app to tell how full your battery is, good when you are busy and just checking it to make sure you can keep typing.  Already have a battery monitor but it is useful Good app to check battery level and the consumption of batterynice app to see battery life and consumptionHelps save battery which is useful for a tablet that consumes a lot of power. But you could also just use the built in battery monitor... 3/5it is nice to have a battery that big but there is a battery in the bottom right corner of your tablet any good as a battery monitor if you don't have good enough eyesight or the intelligence to look to the lower right of the tablet for the battery life... If selected, it will even display the percentage for you. 1/5Nice app definitely help you plan out what you can and cant do based on the amount of power you have. Useful to see amount of battery being used but I see it as pointless.Usefull app for battery controlUseful for battery power, could be useful when your out in the woods and need to conserve batteryQuite useless because there is already a battery monitor but it is much more intuitive.I don't really care what I use my batter on although it is kind of cool. The standard monitor worksd just fine for me.Good app because the battery monitor always seems to be wronggreat to keep track of your battery precent but most tablet and smart phones have this feature already on themGood to see how much battery power you have leftThis is not very helpful because there are at least two ways to check your battery and what is using it up in the settings.this app is very helpful. not only can you see how much battery you have you can see the overall performance of the tablet.Why would you use this if it is already displayed on the screen already. Dont like Android.redundent
CalculatorMaking pre-cal easier, Simple but kinda mandatory to have a calc on a compGood for all math-related classes, especially physics.I just use the calculator that my teacher gives me so dont really find this app useful eitherGood for almost all math classes.good for calculations and a good calculator app in generalGood calculator. Could be a more interesting app though. Pretty basic. I prefer the app called RealCalc. 2.5/5there is already a calculator on your tablet but it is only a standard calculator. also a little slow to reactVery simple, a graphing calculator would be a bit more useful. It does not have graphing capabilities or anything special to offer for higher level math courses 1/5Awesome app for quick on the spot calculations without having to dig out a real calculator.Very needed because tablets don't have pre-installed calculatorLooks good on the big screenAlthough simple it is useful to have this app, everyone needs to make calculations in their life.Simple yet it works well. Good if you have your tablet all the timeI like this app it is useful but very basic. It's an obvious app and comes standard with all things. Not as good as the calculators teacher supply, but handy if you do'nt have one.I use it at home so I dont have to lug around a calculator all the timei already have a calculator so its not thet helpfulCould be useful if you dont have a calculator or one on your phone It depends on which calculator you get. I have a graphing calculator and so far I like it.Basic, but always a necessityThis app is just the same as a 10 dollar calcutor at the store that you dont have to worie about it getting stolen. Dont like'll always need a calc.
Google GogglesAwesome for finding out what some logos mean !!!Neat concept but I just have not really found any practical use for it yet, esp with our tablet's WIFI only hardware. Maybe at the grocery store???Great for scanning all kinds of things! Works on Dragos, computers, books, QR codes and more!
Didnt recognize one thing i pointed at but if it did work it would be a fun appHardly any bugs with it, but what app doesn't have bugs?.. Besides that, works great. I think it works better than QR.Good concept, but it has a few bugs. in general a nice interesting app.Works Great, Interesting. Doesn't work on pets or furniture. Works with: Landmarks, logos,businesses, text,signs, contact info, business cards, books, DVDs, bar codes, QR codes, artwork, and products. NOT AT ALL LIKE QR DROID 4/5this is pretty entertaining and very simple and convienient. i like it better than QR because it works on anything.Has some bugs, but it works a lot better than anything else of the same type of app. 4.5/5Useful if your really not sure whats in a picture or your lost!Fun to use and useful to look cool when searching the internet for commonly know brands and labels.Its interesting, need more interest points to become usefullFun and creative app, still looking for a practical use though, but it remains fun to burn time with for nowUseful when your completely lost and your an amateur at finding your waySo far it has been accurate in my searches and helps a lot. I don't think I will use it unless I have no idea what I'm searching for and only have a picture, even then, a standard Google search usually does fine. Really fun to try.Havent found any practical use for it. I dont really use impractical apps that arent good for a whole idea but i wouldnt really need to use thisUseful for some things, but I don't think I would use it very often. Great app that is relatively accurate with the searches. This app can be very useful but it may also not help at all, depends on who you are. I like it however.this app is good for a good laugh, but it lacks in performance and overall efficiancyThis app is destroys the meaning of a picture says a 1000 word. Dont like Android.useful for unknown logos
FlashlightGreat for flashing people, but not very useful in school....Small but useful app. Im gonna use the cop light to scare someone some day!!!Very helpful for the few times you need to see in the dark.
Dont really need it for anything school related.I guess it would be good for the dark.Is Bright, but using a tablet for a flashlight is only useful on some occasions.Very Bright, and useful at night. Drains battery though. I like that you can keep the flash light on while you continue to use your tablet 4/5the brightest flashlight free is awesome for midnight trips for the bathroom on a phone or something but not on a tabletI liked flashlight because it is never a bad idea to be able to see what you are doing, and if you have it on your tablet, it just makes it that much more versatile. 4/5Awesome app! Never be scared of the dark again!Useful for some occasions...Flashlight is good if you need light but you dont want to use the camera appVery useful App, you never know when you will be stuck in a situation with only your phone as a flashlight Useful and functional. Great for those times where you lost something in the dark and you can't find it.Useless I am not going to carry around a $500 flashlight when the 20 I have at home will be fine.I have flash lights at home. I dont need to waste the battery on something that has multiple usespretty useful but why would you be in the dark where there are no lights using a tablet? so its pointless on hereUseful sometimes but i have one on my phone so it would be a waste, there is nothing special about itI dont see how this app is helpful in anyway shape or form. If your scared of the dark then get an actual flashlight. The only thing I see this app doing is draining my battery.Very plain and unexciting. the screen alone can be bright enough for a flashlight you don't need an app.This is very helpful when you are laying in bed and there are monsters under your bed and you cant reach the light. Dont like Android.unpractical ill use my phone
Team ViewerGreat for solving problems on a computer you cant get on or get info...Cant get it to work on school network. Will try at homeVery helpful to be able to monitor other computers, like my home computer. Love this app. I already had it on my ipod before this class. Its very helpful if maybe you saved a paper on your computer but forgot it at home; but you can just open this app up and easily get it without your computer.Guess it could work to help others with computer problems, don't see any real issues with it. It also could be used to check on your computer from a different location every now and then. well designed app, but i dont need to view my computer at home.Nice remote desktop viewer. Could help solve computer issues while not actually there. I did not like the interface, it is a little confusing. 3.5/4i have seen this app at work and it is pretty slick and easy to work withThis app is awesome in the sense that you are able to view your home desktop from anywhere. 4/5Great app can help others with computer problems and add things to your own computer virtually anywhere that you have internet access. Awesome way to troubleshot and help a person do what they need help doing. Also you can do things with a home computer from a remote location. Abit slow but very useful.Good app, you can control your home computer from anywhere using a simple acces, both devices need internet accesNice app, could help solve problems with computers when you are not aroundIt's very cool that you can view other computer and phones that you add to it.Sounds cool and useful but I dont have a smart phone so its useless to me.I dont do serious work on my PC so this is a pointless app for mePretty useful if you are having problems pretty accurately i have never had any big problems i have needed help with though.Pretty cool app and useful when you have a problemI dont see how this app would be used in any sort of good way. There is no reason for having this app. I will not be using this app nor does anyone have a reason for using this app.this app is very creative in the sense that you can access you home computer from anywhere you wish. also can be helpful to computer technicians and students alike. Why would you need to go on your computer to get on the internet or download a file just walk over and do it on the pc. Dont like Android.always forgetting my flashdrive this should help
The Weather ChannelWeather is awesome. I use the Forecast widget to know what the next few days will be like. THe feed is not as accurate as NWS though.Really nice, easy to use design, helps to plan ahead in the week.Kind of confusing. Dont like how its set up but i guess its alright if you really like the weather.Good to check future weather, and possibly to check the weather some where else if you need to travel.App is useful for the future weather broadcast and usually is accurateNice app! Useful for displaying local weather accurately. It also has nice graphics. I would prefer GO Weather. 3.5/5great to know weather any where but the accuracy is not the best especially comparing it to wunderground.comworks great if you have time to view it, but there are simple widgets that do the same thing and reside on the homescreen 1/5Useful app can help you plan out your day.Useful for planning outdoor events, for example, walking to a coffee shop.Easier than looking out the window to see how the weather isIt's always nice to have the forecast in your hands.Simple and effective app. Nice to see the driving conditions ahead.I don't like the weather channel. I like to wing it not plan. If i need to know the weather for something I will watch the TV to get it, or the app on my phone works to.The weather on this app always seems to be off. I think that the forecasts are weird. Typically if I really want the weather I look at the thermometer at my houseUseful and handy to see what the weather will be like, its nice to always know what the weather is going to be like that day. its pretty accurate . Its nice that you can add other cities easily and it gives a 10 day forecast. pretty user friendlyUseful app to use when you want to know what the weather will be like for a day or the whole week. Weather is always nice to have on the go or where ever you are. However, is it really necessary to have for this kind of class?weather can change the outcome of your whole day so its nice to have it in the palm of your hand whenever you need it.The weather app never give you accurate weather so it would be better to go out side to see if its cold or sunny or if is going to rain. Dont like Android.i use the weather app on my ipod
QR DroidWould rather use google gogglesFairly robust QR scanner. Has the ability to create, modify, analyze and share QRs. For pure scanning though, it take more clicks than BarCodeScanner. Goggles is also robust but does take longer that QR Scanner. Ill probably use it plus BarcodeScanner to perform infrequent but more sophisticated operationsI thought that this was a good app, until I tried Google Goggles, which has much more functionality.
Google goggles is a more efficient app. Prefer Google Goggles, since it works better.Google Goggles all the waySame as Google Goggles, but I guess if your only scanning the occasional QR code, this will do. I thought graphics were unatractive. 1/5awesome but it is just as easy to google the name of the place or thing you are scanning the QR code off. Google goggles works 10 times better. Go with the sure thing: Google 0.5/5Useful app but about the same a Google GogglesWas about to download, but then i read some reviews.Has problems, not fit for the xoom camera, does not focus corectly, it does its job and reads QR codes correctlyGoogle Goggles seems to be the better go, the reviews scared me away from downloading itGoogle Goggles no doubt. I mean this doesn't recongize as much things like goggles and not intuitiveGoogle Goggles is better, but if i didn't know about goggles this would be fun.I think Google Goggles has a better network behind it cause it seems to be quicker and with better goggles is better, this app doesnt recognize everything it is also alot slower. Useful but i dont think i would use itThis could be useful if your just walking around, being bored. But other than that I dont see any use of this anywhere, school or home.good app, but Google goggles has the same output with more optionsDoes not work all the time always craches i tried reinstalling it but still not working. Dont like Android.rather use goggles
Pandora RadioAlways something to detract you from school work but awesome if you want to listen to music! Who doesn't like Pandora? Obviously it is a little limited with a WIFI only tablet. Great with BT headphones!Helps when a class (not this one) is moving at a slow pace or you're ahead.Love this app. Always has great music and helps me concentrateGreat app for listening music to, possibly the best in its kind. Supplies a lot music.Great for listening to music! Also for discovering new songs and artists.Uses lots of data on 3g network, but overall an amazing app. Easy to use, streams music cleanly, and has almost any music that you could want. 4.5/5awesome. any type of music any time of day from any device, only problem is the slowness on mobile devices.I'd rather use something like an Ipod to play music, but a successful app that works well! 4/5Perfect for listening to music without buying it!Very awesome. Can be distracting though.Nice alternative to buying music from itunes for amazon, provides all the controls and features a music player needs, requires internet connection so you cant listen to music if you go on a camping trip or anywhere outside internet coverageA must have app! Great for when your ipod is out of charge and you have your phone handy with pandoraGreat app but if you already have a bunch of music it's not a necessity but still nice for finding new music.Great App very famous, but I don't really listen to music while I work and if I do I use my iTunes musicA must have app. It has great music selection and is a great systemlove it, it elimintes the need to buy new songs and it also gives you a chance to discover new music, its very personalizedPandora is the best, especially if you get tired of your own music because then you can listen to songs you dont have and discover new ones.Pure amazingness! This app is awesome, it broadens your range of music and you may even find something that you like that you didnt know about.good app for quick music on the go. has a great variety in genre, artist, and overall style.You can only skip so many times and doesnt always play the artist you like. Dont like Android.gotta work while listing to music
News RepublicGreat news feed !!! very updatedGood app for watching the current world news. Hate the news so no use for me but if i liked the news it would seem like an alright app.Havnt used any other news app, but this one seems to keep up to date. Includes videos you can watch, and you can see past news, so i think its good.Dont pay attention to news so not a app for me, but for a avid news reader this app would be goodNice News feed app. Not bad but it doesn't seem as nice as other news apps out there. I would prefer Google Currents and New Feed. 3.5/5 good app that has a wide range of data, loads fast and is easy to navigateworks well for keeping up with current world events, specifically the ones that you are interested in. great app! 5/5Nice app keeps you posted on current events going on in the world.Good way to keep information fresh. But practically destroys the points RSS feeds.Good news app, i like the interface, its easy to useNews is something we all always need to know about it. Although there are many news apps out there this is one of my favorites because it is customizable and you can filter what you see. I added this app because it is a great app for news and I was tired of going on the internet to search for news.Great news app. Good for getting world news and intresting when your really board.I don't like news. If it is big and will effect me I will find out from friends.I dont really use any other news apps other than the NYT. To me it seems like a waste when the information on other apps is bettergreat to keep up on the news. it has pretty nice featuresUseful if you want to stay up to date with the news. Another great way to check the news and stay up to date with all the events going on around the world.a good basic news app. nothing really fancy but nicesee whats up with the world
Gas Buddyhelps compare gas prices since i fill up every week................. lolIm wondering, who actually tested this app? I can see very big issues esp in our location. Also, what about this capability with regards to our tablet's hardware?
Users report different gas prices so it is very easy to be led astray from this app. Do not trust this app if you are preparing for a road trip because someone may have just entered false gas prices to be funny. This would also help if we didn't live in Pagosa and knew the prices because there is only like 5 stations.
I would really like this app if it actually showed what the prices are? The only one with an actual price is shell. Good if you live anywhere out of Pagosa(What, theres like only like 3 gas stations?), or if you go somewhere else to travel. Dont need gas, but if you are worried about it could be useful. For a small town like pagosa this app is pointless.Very useful if you live in a city and have a car. Its cool that it helps you find the cheapest gas but I don't know how well it works in Pagosa. 3/5this would be nice if i could drive and needed to get gas. only problem is it doesnt show discounts you may apply for or in a small town like this there are only a couple prices already listed.I did not know this existed! I will be using this every time I fuel up from now on! 5/5Seems very useful, handy and could save you alot of money. Although you may have to go out of your way to go to the cheapest gas station.Useful to know where to get the cheap gasUseful for people with cars or for people that are concerned by the price they pay for gas, provides good comparacing between gas prices.Very useful for city areas and finding the cheapest gas prices around, i didn't even know about thus app before but I am going to use it now!Everyday is cheapest, here. But when your on a trip of some sort or just want to know the prices in a new town you can see which is cheapest instead of driving around town, thus wasting gas. Also it is very cool that it has a gas calculator so you can plan your trip and it tells how much it will cost. Great App for bigger cities or cities I don't know, but in Pagosa Everyday is always cheapest.This app isnt useful for me because I rarely go on trips and when I do I dont have 3G to use for apps like this.its a great idea for an app. can for sure help save money on gas. It More useful if you live in a bigger town than Pagosa. Great app to have if your tight on money or you want to use your money wisely.a very very helpful app. although we live in a small town it has the potential to be great in bigger cities. everybody's gotta love an app that saves them money.Never use it because in pagosa all gas prices are about the same and there is always one cheap then all the others unpractical for pagosa
MapQuestwould rather use google maps but great for finding quick routes to destinationsVery, very helpful when traveling somewhere and you need directions!
Would rather use google maps. Faster and way easier.Good for finding a place that your not sure where it is. Such as a family members house that lives far away from you that you haven't seen in a while.Good for mapping out routes and getting directions anywhere!Nice mapping app. I like how it gives you turn by turn instructions. But overall it works like Google maps. 3/5i think they got their maps from google earth because they are inaccurate in many places. the roads that they show are clear and easy to see thoughGoogle maps and MapQuest are virtually the same, and I have no preference. I usually just reference both to make sure about something! 5/5Good for giving or finding directions but you have to internet access. Gives turn-by-turn directions.I like google maps better even if it doesnt have turn by turn intructions, it takes time to get use to the controlsSimilar to Google Maps but a nice alternativeI would rather use the navigation app already installed or google maps. "Google maps is the best, True that, DOUBLE TRUE!", Andy Sandburg quote from Chronicles of Narnia song on the Lonely Island Album.Good for on the road when you need directions. That way you don't end up in downtown Denver for an hour. It also helps to do a print out before you leave for a trip just in case you tablet or smart phone dies.I think MapQuest is a very useful app because i tend to get lost a lot. And MapQuest always helps me find my way again. I added this app over other apps because it is my most useful app. I use it a lot when I am using back roads or going to somebodies house.pretty helpful, i like google maps better, it isnt as fastCould be useful if you dont already have Google MapsAmazing app to have when going on trips and such. This is better than Google maps and latitude.useful for directions except this is very similar to Google maps which is already installed on the tablet.If you get lost in pagosa then you should not live here. It good for cities. Dont like rather use the map provided
Wikipediaawesome for finding random facts, but not always the best resource...Great for getting quick info, except when Wikipedia is mad at SOPA...
Who cant use this app? Its always helpful and you may need it more often then you think.Not always legit. Good for getting quick info on any subject.Good for finding random info and facts. But I don't like the fact that you could look up things just as easily on your tablets browser. 3/5it is too easy to change so you ca never be certain of your information. also very good for finding stuff on any topicWikipedia is usually correct, but you cannot trust it for everything. 2/5Always helps to find usually accurate facts, and it has ALOT of data on it!Useful to look things. Might not be correct.i always go on web for access, i never use the app, it doesnt change languageIt seems easier to just go on the web.Wikipedia does work and if you need to view it quickly without going onto the actual browser then it does work.Love Wikipedia I use it for all research related homework assignments, never been wrong using it.Wikipedia is very useful. It is the most informative free online encyclopedia. I use it on all school projects unless I'm not allowed togives pretty accurate answers but the questions arent always answerd Useful when you need to look things up fast This is a big joke because anyone can easily change any information on wikipedia.Good for quick info on the go. unfortunately it may not be entirely accurate.It is all writen by people that have no life and think they know what they are talking about. You can change it if you dont agree with what another person has writen. Dont like Android.great info source
StumbleUponalmost useless but fun !!! great for find websites you may like.I have no time to waste with SU in any capacity. It remains a useless concept for people who use the web to get stuff done vice waste timeGreat for finding cool, random things to look at... that's about it. Great website when your bored or just looking to find something new to do. This has all the best underground websites that you'll love because its specified for you.Good for finding websites that you never knew about and may like. I find it fun to waste time on when i don't have anything better to do.Great app for showing new web pages . Very Interesting.Shows you the most awesome parts of the web. I could spend hours on this app. Could be very useful in airports or on bus rides. 4/5great way to find things you like but also brings up alot of inappropriate things up even if you try to avoid them.StumbleUpon is great for finding things to entertain, and, occasionally, something worth trying. 5/5Fun to go on look around, waste time and entertain yourselfAn advanced tool used to waste time on the internet. I apporve.stumble upon is a very good app, works better than the browser, has different buttons than the web based one but it doesnt have a search option to find something in favouritesA great way to burn time! A faster way to find random things then on a web browserGreat app. Actually my favorite app on my tablet right now. Use it a lot when I'm board or looking for something specific.Stumble is so cool. I waste hours on it. There is always something interesting and it is costumed to your interests so you will find things others don't; Unless your Evan and have seen it all.I dont really surf the web much. So this app serves me no purpose.a great way to discover new information. very fun.StumbleUpon is a fun and great way to find interesting things on the internet under categories that you are interested in. Wonderful app to have in a boring situation. However, it does bring about a distraction.a cool way to learn on the go. a good time killerseems like a pointless time killer
password safe probad idea since people maybe can use your information against you if they were to be able to get ahold of it.I can remember my passwords, and do not need a program to do it for me.  Way to risky if people know the password of the app. If you have your credit cards and everything else that might be important then you can be in danger. Not safe and very usless in my opinion.Too many problems with it. Why not just save your password in notepad and there, lock your Ipad and your good. Plus, what if you forget your password? Don't you need the password to see your password?...Would'nt enter all passwords into one location. Thats what your mind is for.Not bad. I don't trust entering all my passwords into this though. If I was sure that it was safe, I would definitely use it. 2/5i am a little too untrusting to give my password to apps like this but if you have a bad memory and millions of different passwords it would be helpfulI'm pretty sure writing a password down on a piece of paper and storing it in a safe is safer than entering passwords on the web. 1/5I don't really have that many passwords to remember and if i ever do need to remember them i just right them down and put them somewhere, so don't know how useful this app would be.What if you forget the password to get your other passwords?I dont feel good giving my passwords to an app, i dont find it safe to keep such importang information in one place, even if it is organizedNot bad, Not sure if I like entering all my passwords, and I can remembe them on my ownMeh. I can remember all my passwords. I can see it being useful for people who have a ton of passwords and a ton of accounts then it might be usefulThis was a cool app But I'm not sure about the idea. It was nice to have all my passwords words in one place, but what if some one hacks it, and i pretty much only use one password for things so I don't really need it. I dont find this app useful because I can remember all my stuff without an app monitoring itit helps keep track of all your accounts on the web and for banking. Helps alot! i have debit account numbers and passwords, website passwords and i cant remember all of them. It is really safe, people cant hack it easily and even if they could it would be pretty hard to access it without other information.Useful when you have a lot of accounts with passwords/usernames to keep track of. This app is useless if you don't have a lot of passwords and what happens if you forget the password to your passwords or someone figures out the one password to your passwords? Not good...this app is convenient if you use more than one password for different sites if you do not its a waste of timeIf you loose this people can get all your information then your screwed. Dont like're an idiot if u cant remember your own password
NetflixAwesome for watching videos but not very good for schoolHandy if you ahve a netflix acct. WIFI only is a little limiting but the resolution on a xoom is great.I don't have Netflix... Great if you have netflixGood for any Netflix account owner.Good app if you have a Netflix accountGreat app for watching movies and entertainment. Costs 8 dollars per month but has thousands of movies to choose from. Does not have many new titles though. 4/5Yes, the first month may be free but not the best app for schoolNetflix is great to use on a road trip or something of the sort, but it is not very useful on a productivity machine. 3/5Dont have an account but im sure it would be great if i did..I do not own a Netflix Account, so it's kind of uselessRequires a paid Netflix account in order to workGreat app if you have an account, always nice to have movies on the go!I just don't have netflix so I just can't say.I don't have a netflix accountMy 2nd favorite movie app. Only being behind HBO Go. It is useful for down time at home and anywhere else that has internet. Most of the time I use it on my xbox, but sometimes I cant so I use it on my iPod.loveeeee it! its great if your bored or anywhere without a tvGreat as long as you have a netflix accountVery nice for long trips, but if you don't have an account this app is uselessDont have new movies they are all older movies most of them are ones i have on my self so for $5 a month i will let you have which ever movies. Dont like Android.gotta watch my soaps
SportMateIm not that into soccer, but great app if you want to be kept up to date on recent scores and stats in soccer.While this app is good for telling you the times of games, that is about all it is good for. Oh, it does also show past scores.
Hate soccer with a passion so definitely don't like this app but if i was a soccer freak then i would live for this app. Seems like a very good app if your into soccer.Well, although i like soccer, i can't really find a use for this unless your a huge fan! As in huge fan i mean like watch every single game. I would get this is i missed a game i wanted to see. This app is a good app for a soccer fan, but for me who is not a soccer fan this app is pretty much useless.I'm not really a traditional sports fan at all, and this app doesn't really cater to extreme sports. But overall nice app for the people who would use it. 3/5i am not a fan of soccer so this app is useless to meI don't pay much attention to sports, but the app works well and has an easy to use interface. 4/5Awesome app for keeping track of your favorite soccer teams, tournaments they are competing in, league tables and stats. Also features 175 global and international leagues, completions and cups. Not that big of a sports fan myself. But useful when trying to keep up with scores and wins.Doesn't provide live footage from games, only shows the scores, usefull for game bets but i think thats illegal in ColoradoI don't pay too much attention to soccer but I am a huge sports fan so the app interests me. It has a good interface. I would probably use it during the world cup Great app if your a real sports fan but I'm just not that into it. If I ever do get into soccer then I will defiantly look into thisI like how this app has many more effects then the standard app. I don't like how you have to render all the time, but if i have to make another video I will use this app to do it unless I just need basic footage. Great for effects and editing.I like sports, but i dont pay attention to them. And it doesnt show live footage... major downside to the appIf your into sports its great, its nice if you want ot keep up on the scores but other than that there isn't any other great featuresI wouldn't really use this app considering I dont keep up with sports at all, but if you are a sports fan and wanted to stay up to date then you could definitely make use of this app. this app is good for sports fans. if you do not like sports this app is a waste of spacei play sports i dont watch them
Fox NewsDecent interface but does not Just like most news stations, gives news that no one really cares about. There is a few good stories like the results of the Republican Primaries, but that is about it. The interface is simple and easy to use. The tabs on top make it easy to navigate between articles, videos, and shows. I would prefer news republic over any thing else. I don't like fox news because it seems like there more focused on looking good than the actual news itselfWish you could search for thing (I didnt see anything to search) or you could be a but more personal and ask it to only show specific topics that you are interested at the time moment.Good app for viewing news, but like i said about News republic i dont pay attention to the news.Seems bias compared to other news apps. Graphics are okay. 2/5there is no way to seach specific topics but otherwise has a good viriety of informationGood for news, but may often display material that is not true or is offensive to some people. I prefer something like News Republic that is a bit more customizable. 2/5Good app for providing news feed but it is biased and doesn't always provide accurate information. I prefer World Newspapers or News Republic. Useful to keep up in the now...that's about it.Good app, i like that it shows the weather in the corner and it provides videos along with text and images, updates regulary and requires a good internet connection in order to work properlyGood for news but it displays things I don't want to see at times, wish it was more customizableThis is a very fair and balanced news report. It has nice controls for u.s. news and world news or specific types of news like health. overall I like it and I think I will keep it.Still not a fan of news, but i really like this layout. It is very easy to navigate and search for your stories. If i need to look something up on the news and I can't just Google it this is definitely the app I will use.I dont use other news apps because i fine NYT to be a far superior appGood app to keep up on news, pretty much the same as news republic. It just depends on what beliefs you have, fox news is bias so it might disagree with your viewsGood app if you want to keep up on the news. Great news app over all. Great layout and has text as well as videos. this news app stands above all others in performance, layout, and information.Good for old people who think they are giving you facts by mainly opinions. Dont like Android.rather use cbs
World NewspapersTerrible stretched interface. It is more of a "look at this super short version of a newspaper with little to no details" app. This would be a good app to use if you were out of town for a long period of time and wanted to know what was going on, or you are too cheap to buy the $1 newspaper and support the local economy. I guess its convenient if you don't get the news paper or if your to lazy to walk outside and get it. But other than that its kind of useless unless your that heavily into the newspaper. This app provides thousands of local and international newspapers, magazines and websites. Good to keep up to date with news in the US, or even news from another Country you may be curious about. Could be used if your about to travel and want to make sure its safe or could be used to check up on place where a family member is.The interface of this app is whacked out and in my opinion, it is not designed well at all.I like the range of news papers this provides. It doesn't just provide news from a news site like FOX or CNN, it gives you news from actual newspapers around the country and world. 3.5/5the graphics are a little screwy and there is no where search for things but they are easy to find. the setup of all the links needs some CSS workVery useful to find news stories according to location. If you want to know what is going on in Bolivia, then it is as simple as selecting Bolivia on the countries list and then choosing a newspaper to read from! 5/5Great app awesome for selecting a location and viewing events happening that same day! Completely unbiased and really gives details on events.Better than most news apps becasue it lets you see world news not just the country.I like that you can acces all newspapers in one place without having to go to different websites, also a RSS reader, not a good alternative to Google readerIts nice to have access to loads of newspapers all on one small app, I like this app more than Fox News becuase you can actually access newspapers and really get some info if you need to see whats going on in a certain place or cityI really don't like the layout. It's kinda hard to navigate and the starting screen looks horribly unprofessional. I think I'm going to stick with fox new app for the latest updates.I really don't like how it is distorted. And again not a fan of news. The local option is nice but I will probably never use this app. Good app for people who like news and don't mind the distortion.I cant read individual articles from different news papers... it just annoys meits pretty cluttered, there is so much info it is kinda overwhelming, if you are a news paper person this app is the thing for you, tons of readingGood app to use if you want to stay up to date with news in other countries around the world. layout is Horrible and has nothing to offer when compared to the more popular news appsIt uses other news papers to write there news and add there twist to the stories.Dont like Android.not into newspapers
ConvertPadA very helpful app, especially when you have no idea to the conversion of units in physics. This would also help a foreigner understand our measurements, or vice versa. Great for math class! If your teacher lets you use it.Seems like a very useful tool to convert things you may not be sure about. It does cover all of the measure of units i know plus more. I see this tool as very helpful, probably best used in a math class or if you work with numbers such as construciton.Very useful app if you need to know some info about some types of math.Very useful app. I have it on both my phone and the schools tablet. Converts between almost all mediums and shows you various conversions at once which is nice. Easy to use and has a nice interface. 4/5Great app for conversions from anything you could possibly imagine of the same type(length, temp, volume, etc...) Reduces the time it takes you to convert such things, and allows you to be more productive with your time. 4/5Very useful if you are in need to convert currency or units of measure. Would help alot if you were in another country and need to buy something. Very useful app when, if you're a normal human, you don't know most conversions off the top of your head so this is a very handy tool.Useful when you are in a foreign country and you have no idea how much a mile, a pound or a foot is in normal measure units, i use a similar one on my phoneA simple and powerful unit converter. Could be useful when taking an over seas trip or working on chemistry or physics homework!This is an awesome app when trying to figure out those stupid math problems and you have to convert the entire thing. Also I see it being useful when your in a dirfferant contry or have a recipe from another country that uses grams instead of cupsGreat app. I like all the options and conversions it can make. Way more then I will need, but for math or science conversions extremely helpful. Like how it calculates from meters to fee and other measurements.I dont find this app useful because I never need to convert units. If i did i think it wouold be extremely usefula great converter has tons of information and converts it into everything. Great if you need to convert. But i never need to convert things but it could be useful. very easy to use.Great app and easy to use if you need to convert measurement units. Very useful when you dont know how to convert certain things. this app is incredibly helpful for those who need assistance in math or science. also this app is very easy to use. over all a good app to haveThis is a good app if you are lazy. Most of the things that you can convert like mesaurments you should know from physical science.
good for converting units of measurement
graphing calc.Not bad but handyCalc has had 5 times as many downloads, has almost flawless feedback from many thousands of more users, and seems the better choice to me.A good app to use if you didn't check out a calculator from a math teacher, which is much easier to use. A good app, but not an easy-use one. Great app if you forget your calc at the school but its easier on a regular calc.Haven't used any other graphing calculator apps, but have used a real one. I personally find this graphing calculator a but confusing. Just the way they labeled everything, plus the background gives a kind of bad contrast to the color of the lines shown. Besides that, the normal functions are the same as others and works very well.Good app, if you dont want to buy an actual calculator.I liked this calculator better than the one previously mentioned. It has a function to graph which would be very useful in math. Works well and easy to use. 3/5This is about as good as it gets for a free graphing calculator. Without buying a real graphing calc. or purchasing one from the appstore this is great. 3/5Awesome app that can really help you with homework with you not having to worry about checking out a calculator and returning it. Has all the functions of an actually graphing calculator and you dont have to spend 500$ on it!Useful when you must graph and solve mathematical questions.A good alternative to a T1 calculator, compared to a calculator with a phisical keyboard, i like that you can see the graph fullscreen and edit the ratioThis could be very useful when you can't take a calculator home from math class. You can draw functions and do everything a graphing calculator does on this app.Wow. definitely one upped my calculator. Great for upper level math classes, but still prefer basic calculator for most my needs, The graphing option should be easier to use considering that is the name of the app. If teachers didn't give out calculators or if I have a tablet in college I will definitely use this. I use it at home so I dont have to lug around a calculator all the timewhen i forget my calc at school and i am doing my homework this is a pretty good app. it has all the features a normal graphing calculator should have. sometimes my life saver This app is great for math. It works pretty well for being free. Can definitely come in handy if you dont have a graphing calculator or forget to check out one from the school. should be on the tablet of every math student in the school great basic app The graphing calculator has more functions on it then this app does so you wont be able to calculate things for higher level classes. Dont like Android.
you'll never have signout your class calculator again
google translator I have used this app before and i would have to say it is very useful and for the most time very accurate. It has helped me when i got stuck with my Spanish homework and i asked the teacher if it was correct.Works well with a simple interface, but you hardly ever have to translate things unless you're traveling to other countries. Not worth installing, unless you have Spanish class.
Useful if you ever need to translate something. Its very easy to use and very accurate.Well i speak Spanish and English and i tested the app myself to see if it was accurate, and it was. I would only use for this if you go out traveling to another Country, if you want to sort of learn a language, or if your talking to a foreigner that does not know your language.I actually like this app because it allowed me too basically know everything in Spanish class.Very useful in Spanish class. Works well but doesn't always translate correctly. 3/5useful because you can translate almost any language to almost any language. has all major languages. few bugs.Great to translate text to different languages, but not always correct. Better than the competition though! 3.5/5Quick, easy access with accurate translations, useful enough to help you figure out the key words in a sentence allowing you to figure out the rest of the sentence.Useful when you are trying to communicate with someone that you don't have a common language with. Some of the translations are grammatically incorrect.Does the same thing as the web based one, the only pro to it would be the fact that you can access it from the home screenGreat app for translating languages, although I may not use it that oftenCool app. No use to me I am done with foreign language classes but if I ever travel I will be sure to bring it along if I have a smart phone. wonder about its conjuration and tense accuracy when translating whole sentences or paragraphs.I use this to copy and paste things onto the internet in different languagesreally useful for foreign language classes or if you are traveling and need help with the language, really easy to use and it translates super fast.Google Translator is useful when you want to translate something from one language to another. It is also super useful when you dont know what something says in a language so you translate it to English. this app ranges from helping tourist in foreign countries to helping students in class, a good basic appVery helpful if you go to a Mexican or Chinese restaurant and they cant speak Englishwebsite is easier + faster
opera miniJust like the built in browser, has almost all of the same functions, but is much slower. It works good, but you may as well use the factory installed browser. Personally i think Firefox or Safari is better than this type of browser.Nice looking mini browser but in my opinion it does not work as well as the default. Also, not as good as dolphin browser for tablet. 2/5 Great browser that loads things quickly and is easy to understandGreat browser, but unless you have problem with the default browser already on the tablets its unnecessary. Opera Seems pretty cool because it compresses web pages so they load faster, and it also uses a tenth of the data that a normal browser uses. This could be good for data plans!Terrible browser, there's a reason I don't use it at home. It is not as fast and its basic searches are terrible. Stick with Google chrome for the fastest and best results.It is the best browser that can be put on android. It has more functions then the browser on the tablet.