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Hale EdTech Consulting Course Catalog
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Course TitleCourse DescriptionSuggested Number of HoursSuggested AudiencePrograms / Devices
Google for Education Certification Bootcamp, Level 1 This course is designed to prepare those that want to complete the Google for Education Certification, Level 1.12Any educators with basic knowledge and experience with the core Google apps.G Suite
Google for Education Certification Bootcamp, Level 2This course is designed to prepare those that want to complete the Google for Education Certification, Level 2.12Any educators that have successfully completed Google for Education Certification, Level 1G Suite
G Suite for the BeginnerThis course covers all the basic features offerered in G Suite for Education. Participants will be provided a general overview of Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Classroom6-12AllG Suite (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Classroom)
Introduction to CrisisGo for TeachersIn this course participants will learn the basic features of CrisisGo along with practices a few emergency alert situations1TeachersSmartphones, Laptops, CrisisGo app
Introduction to CrisisGo for AdministratorsIn this course participants will learn the basic features of CrisisGo along with practices a few emergency alert situations1District and Campus AdministratorsSmartphones, Laptops, CrisisGo app
CrisisGo SimulationsIn this course participants will practice 3 most common emergency alerts including checklists, checkins, and rosters1AllSmartphones, CrisisGo app
Custom WebinarsThis course will be designed based on the needs of the client and will be conducted via live webinar. 1AllSmartphones, Laptops, CrisisGo app
Making the Most of Google Docs, Sheets, and SlidesThis course will provide participants an opportunity to dive deeper into more advanced features of Docs, Sheets, and Slides. We will also examine how these programs can help build soft skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.6TeachersGoogle Docs, Sheets, Slides
Making the Most of Google FormsThis course will cover all the features of Google Forms and a few addons that can be used to automate workflows.3-6AllGoogle Forms, Sheets, Autocrat, etc
Making the Most of Google ClassroomThis course will provide participants an opportunity to learn all the features of Google Classroom including giving assignments, collecting work, managing calendars, etc6TeachersGoogle Classroom, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, various other apps
Tech Tools for Supporting T-TESSThe Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) requires the use of technology tools. This session share how technology tools can support all 4 domains. Tools will include program such as Google Apps, Pear Deck, Canva, Smore, etc6Teachers evaluated by T-TESSG Suite, Pear Deck, Canva, Smore, etc
Lesson Planning with Eduphoria ForethoughtThis course is designed to provide teachers a full overview of all that is offered in Eduphoria Forethought including lesson planning, curriculum management, online testing, etc (Requires access to district's system.)3Teachers from the same district with Eduphoria Forethought.Forethought
Curriculum Managing with Eduphoria ForethoughtThis course is designed to provide a general overview of how to setup curriculum in Forethought including a course tree, learning standards, activities, scope and sequence, etc (Requires access to district's system.)6Curriculum Personnel from the same district with Eduphoria Forethought.Forethought
Build a Student-Centered Classroom with Pear DeckThis course will highlight all the features available in the premium version of Pear Deck and how it can be used to aid in making your class more student-centered.3TeachersPear Deck
Tech Tools and the 4CsIn this session we will explore powerful tech tools that can be used to support the soft skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity (4Cs)6Teachers, Librarians, Instructional Specialists, Instructional Technology SpecialistsCanva, Pear Deck, Smore, Google Slides, Google Docs, Mentimeter
Automate Workflows with Google AppsAre you using technology to completely redefine how you conduct workflows? Google Apps such as Docs, Sheets, Forms, and various add-ons can help you automate processes that used to take much longer to process. In this session you will learn how to use a variety of Google Apps to automate processes for mail merges, email notifications, form submissions, etc.3Human Resources, Principals, Office Staff, clerical, TeachersGoogle Docs, Sheets, Forms, Autocrat
Making Your Class Interactive with NearpodThis course will highlight all the features available in the premium version of Nearpod. This includes a variety of questions types. Participants will also explore powerful techniques for presenting. (Note: Premium version required of participants.)3TeachersNearpod
Google Sites for BeginnersThis course will provide a general overview of how Google Sites can be use for a classroom teacher.6TeachersGoogle Sites, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Calendar
Transitioning to Eduphoria StriveLearn how to move from Eduphoria Appraise and Workshop to using Strive3AllEduphoria Strive
Coding with littleBitsMove the focus to real-world problem solving and critical thinking while learning to code and build circuits with littleBits.63rd-8th Grade TeacherslittleBits Code Kit app, littleBits Code Kit, Google Docs, Chromebook or other laptop
Powerful Learning with HyperdocsIn this session, we'll explore the pedagogy behind HyperDocs and learn how to create powerful and effective HyperDocs lessons using Google Docs, Slides, Drawings, and Sheets.3All teachersGSuite
Extending ChromeThis course will explore several Chrome extensions to help maximize productivity in the classroom. Participants will learn the difference between an app and an extension. 3TeachersShare to Classroom, Boomerang, Save to GoogleDrive, VoiceNote, GoogleTone, Mercury Reader, Screencastify, etc
Amplify Student Voice with Flipgrid!Flipgrid is a video response platform used by thousands of teachers and students. In this session, participants will learn how to supercharge student voice, encourage meaningful discussion, and inspire creativity through this exciting new tool!
3All teachersFlipgrid
Google DrawingsDrawings lets you create word art, comics, diagrams, and brainstorming and more. Using shapes, images, text, tables and more, you can create, collaborate and share.1TeachersGoogle Drive
Google FormsAllows you to create surveys, quizzes and order forms and share them with others online. All responses are entered online and are collected within the form or in an online spreadsheet for you. In addition to seeing the responses, you can view summaries of the collected data in chart and graph form. 2TeachersGoogle Forms, Sheets, Docs
Google QuizzesCreate standardized assessments with multiple choice and checkbox questions which are automatically graded and the results can be directly sent to students. incorporate supplemental materials such as videos or worksheets for students who need to review the key concepts they missed in the assessment. Teachers quickly see which students excelled, struggled and where to refocus. 2TeachersGoogle Drive
Google SlidesLearn how to create dynamic presentations for use in the classroom including the new add-ons.3AllGSuite (Drive, Slides)
Become a Google Chrome Power UserLearn how to search safely, to conduct focused, effective research, to use filters for narrowing down a search, to use and manipulate tabs and to search Incognito.2AllGoogle Chrome Browser
Making the Most of Gmail and CalendarCovering more than the basics of using Gmail and Calendar2AllGmail and Calendar
Let's Create a Website with Google SitesSo you want to create a website and think “I can never do that”. Come join us as we explore how simple it is to create a site with Google using the new sites format. 3AllSites, Drive, Calendar, Forms
Google SheetsAttendees will work through many of the basics of sorting, filtering, and manipulating data in Google Sheets. 3AllSheets
Google Calendar to the Rescue!This course is designed to demonstrate how Google Calendar can be used in an educational setting to help with efficacy and productivity. Topics such as appointment scheduling, event merging, attachments, video calls, and more will be discussed, as well as some of the most popular features of Google Calendar. 2AllGoogle Calendar
Google My Maps for the ClassroomExplore using My Maps to create authentic learning experiences. Have students use My Maps to trace the route of the great explorations around the world. Use my maps for PBL's ranging from climate issues to economic issues. 2AllGoogle My Maps
Differentiation for every student with Google FormsGoogle Forms allows for immediate differentiation, be it remediation or enrichment. Participants will learn how to create content rich, engaging Google Forms that will reach every student at his/her level. 2-4ALLGoogle Forms
Formative Assessment in the ClassroomParticipants will learn several different formative assessment tools that provide immediate feedback, differentiation on the fly and so much more! 3AllPeardeck, GoFormative, Plickers, Socrative, Kahoot, Mentimeter, Google Forms, etc.
Flip that Class!Flipping the Classroom is not just recording a video and having your students watch it before the next class. Make it meaningful, authentic, and have the students showcase their understanding of the flipped lesson in an authentic way. Screencastify and Screencastomatic are two great resources that are simple to use and will change the way you teach and deliver content.3AllScreencastify, Screencastomatic, Google Chrome, Google Drive
Screencasting and Screenshot Annotatiion with Snag-it and CamtasiaWant a more robust screencast and scrrenshot experinece? Would you like to do more involved editing of your screencasts? Want to create detailed, custom screenshots? Tech Smith's Snag-It and Camtasia are the gold standard in screencasting and image annotation. Learn how to use these programs and create your own titles, add music and use Tech Smith's Resource Library.6Intermediate/Advanced (For those who have mastered Screencastify and Screencastomatic)Google Slides, Google Drawings, Snag-It (PC, Mac), Camtasia (PC, Mac)