November 2019
I have enjoyed using the chrome books I have also found that I have found that I have made progress with the prepositions.
In French this term I have enjoyed the active games where we get out our chairs. I have also enjoyed the activities on the board. Overall French has been great and my favourite lesson this term.
Playing games to increase my vocabulary and knowing that I can put together a good sentence in French and use the words in other sentences
I have particularly enjoyed learning about how to describe what there is and isn't where you live. I have made lots of progress as when I was at my old school I had learned french since Y1. However, I feel that I have learnt more in the weeks that I have been here than all my time at my old school. I really enjoy being able to speak French as it is another language.
I have enjoyed everything I have learned. I have found everything fun and interesting. I feel I've made a lot of progress since I joined the school. I know how to speak and write more fluently. Everything I've learned is very useful.
I have made a lot of progress and i have really enjoyed learning about my village.
I have enjoyed the games we do in lessons
I feel I have made a lot of progress as I have learnt several words that will not only be a helpful on this subject, ‘Ma Ville’, but others too. I have enjoyed learning words to describe my town.
I enjoy all of the games we play in french and find it a good way to learn.I have made a lot of progress in french since September.
the way of how we get taught ( the funny way )
Describing the town where I live and using prepositions
I particularly enjoyed describing the town and giving adjectives.
I think I have made lots of progress in french already this year even though I hadn’t done much of it before. I have learnt lots of new adjectives and simple as well as complicated phrases too. Also I know how to ask important questions in french.
I think I have made a lot of progress
I have enjoyed the booklet and the games and I think I have made progress as I have learnt a lot of new words
I have enjoyed the games at the end and the booklet I think I have made progress as I have learnt a lot of new words
i have enjoyed the topic ma ville because it is intresing and it has a lot of important french words like is the shop near here e.t.c.
I have enjoyed the games we play in class - it makes learning French more fun.
I have enjoyed the way of how monsieur elliot has teached in a way of making languages fun and interesting instead of monotonous.
I really how we learn with games and each week we build on a sentence e.g the first week we did dans ma ville il y a un cafe then we added bit by bit to the sentence like what is not in my town . I especially enjoyed leaning thing in the town and how to pronounce them. I also like jotting down words so that i understand it and use is in a sentences
I have peculiarly enjoyed learning prepositions as they are useful and fun to learn. I have made lost of progress because I came into the classroom knowing nothing and now I can describe my town.
French has been a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the topic of my town. I have definitely learnt a lot about my town.
I have particularly enjoyed the bingo game, the '12' game, the 'Y7 French booklet 1' crossword and learning prepositions.
I have enjoyed playing the interactive games such as 'voleurs', where you steal other peoples cards by guessing the phrase they've picked.
i have made a lot of progress e.g before I started dcgs I didn't know what the word for my town was.
I have enjoyed doing group activities and speaking tasks.
i have enjoyed the games we do in french
I have enjoyed the games at the end of the lesson and the booklet
bingo and learning about ma ville
I have enjoyed playing French games to learn more French
I have made progress and in class I am really enjoying all of the activities.
I have enjoyed how you are capable to put the learning into the fun exercises and that has made it interesting and we learn at the same time as doing crosswords. I think I have made a lot of progress after just doing 15 minutes a day with no homework at my old school. This is a vast improvement and I am progressing really well. Thank You!
i have made a lot of progress as i did not know any of it i have enjoyed the small games
Learning about all of the work we have done , I think I have made alot of progress
I have enjoyed all of French topics of 'Ma Ville' for instance, the adjectives of describing the towns, villages, regions or neighbourhoods in French and what is there in these places.
all of it
March 2020
I have enjoyed using the chrome books to help with my learning and have also enjoyed playing games which are entertaining but also help me to learn
i have enjoyed mainly when we used how long we did something for or when we do it
Learning about saying how long you have played sports for.
I particularly enjoyed the variety of activities in the lesson and in the booklet
I have enjoyed learning different sports and being able to make a whole paragraph on whether you like or how long you’ve done a sport and give a reason. Also learning weather has helped my understanding of French as it is very is it very useful thing to know. Having reasons for liking sports will also help me with describing other things in different topics. Furthermore took the time phrases we learnt will also help me with all the topics too. Overall I would like this topic and I hope what I learned to be used for othe overall I was like this topic and I hope what I learnt will be able to applied to my other work I do this term.
Enjoyed giving explanations so you can give a bigger answer
Learning about sports and I feel I have made quite a lot of progress during this term.
I have enjoyed french so far this year, and think I have made great progress in languages.
Yes but I would like to know body parts better and more of them
I have enjoyed that we do lots of talking and not just taking down notes
i liked learning the sport topic because we used other things with it like in my town there is a swimming pool so i go swimming.
i've enjoyed learning about how long we have been doing something and linking what we learnt to our town.
I have enjoyed everything we have covered and I feel as if i have improved massively in pronunciation of french words i am or am not familiar with.
I like talking expressively in long sentences
I have enjoyed this topic as it branched to many subtopic, for example, adjectives or parts of the body.
learning about sports
I have particularly enjoyed on writing down points in French about my favourite sports that I like and why and also giving lots of specific reasons in great detail. Also I studied happily on body parts and talking about aches or pains. I am happy about writing down about aches or pains on my body parts like on my legs, hands, back and my teeth, which is why I didn't go any sports like tennis, badminton or mountain biking. Also I am stimulated on word and sentence translations (either French to English or English to French). I have made progress by writing down in great detail, the reasons about why your sport is your favourite and explaining about what happened to some of your body parts from why you didn't go to any of the sports. Also I made progress by remembering to use accents.
I have made progress on sports and parts of the body
learning all of or most of the sport topic this term
I have particularly enjoyed being able to talk about where you can do it- the sports- for example you can say that in your town there is a pool where you can go swimming. I think I have made lots of progress however I am not sure about the parts of the body and describing what hurts.
i have enjoyed the teaching of Mr Elliot and i like seeing the others improve.
I have paticularly enjoy the fun vocab learning games in class. Monsieur Elliott teaches us well and makes it fun. I think I have made quite a bit of progress on sports because I am passionate about the subject and enjoy learning it in French.
I have particularly enjoyed describing the weather and talking about what I do, indicating how long I have been doing it for.
i particularly enjoyed doing sport as you felt like it could be useful for small talk
I liked learning about the town in French over again and learning about sports.
I have enjoyed the fun ways to learn like; doing a wordearch as well as the explanations on how it goes instead of telling you what is what but not explaining, this explains it really well.
I have particularly enjoyed doing the parts of the body because it means that now if I want to explain that i have hurt my arm or another part of my body I can do so without really thinking about it.
I feel i have made lots of progress and am learning at a very fast rate picking up lots of information on the way.