*AHA MessagesX
1There is a power greater than ourselves (e.g., God,
Mother Nature, the universe, etc.) that wants you to
do good things and to be a better person and leader.
Are you opening yourself up for this power to help you
achieve #BusinessSuccess? #InviteGoodIn
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2When you fill your soul with more goodness and
positivity, you can become a better leader and a better
person. #InviteGoodIn
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3#Spiritual intelligence is key to achieving a consistently
growing, evolving, successful, and vibrant business. Are
you creating spiritual intelligence within your business
and life? #InviteGoodIn #BusinessSuccess
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4Edging good out is self-serving vs. inviting good in is
all about serving people other than yourself. Who are
you serving more in your business and communities?
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5Edging good out and being self-serving can sometimes
be a necessary component of success, but doing that too
often can have negative results for you. Remember to
still #InviteGoodIn to maintain balance in your life and
business. #BusinessSuccess
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6Businesses that are only focused on making money:
1) won't keep employees for long and 2) won't attract longterm
customers despite having good products/services.
#InviteGoodIn #BusinessSuccess
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7Many successful businesses operate to serve and help
other businesses, other people, and communities
instead of operating only to make money. How does your
business operate? #InviteGoodIn #BusinessSuccess
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8The decisions you make in your businesses should
aid everyone in it whenever possible. These decisions
often bring greater positive results. #InviteGoodIn
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9Employees and customers want a business that is:
1) socially conscious and 2) true to its good mission
statement. Is your business a place people want to work in
and do business with? #InviteGoodIn #BusinessSuccess
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10Your good core values, vision statements, and
mission statements should not just be plaques on
the walls. Make sure you incorporate these acts in
everything your business is doing at all levels to achieve
#BusinessSuccess. #InviteGoodIn
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11Successful businesses are often composed of happy
employees, and successful leaders create and maintain
a positive culture in order to achieve #BusinessSuccess.
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12#InvitingGoodIn your business can produce tangible results
that will not only last short term but also help change
people and businesses to be better for the long term.
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13Are you setting up your business to allow your managers
and employees to invite good in or to edge good out?
If you want #BusinessSuccess, set your business up to
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14There is a greater meaning and purpose for everything
that is happening in your business. #FindGratitude
and stay positive in order to drive more happiness and
success in your life and in your business.
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15There are two ways to look at life and the world. You can
see the good or the bad. What we focus on and choose
to see is what can bring us feelings of joy or feelings of
despair. —Lloyd Newell via
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16There are negative things that can happen within
businesses: 1) unmet sales goals, 2) products fail, and
3) unhappy customers. Are you letting negative situations
keep you from #FindingGratitude and fixing them?
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17Great learning, healing, and growth are some of the
results of #FindingGratitude for even the most tragic
things that happened in your life and business.
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18It takes no more time to see the good side of life
than to see the bad. — Jimmy Buffett via #FindGratitude
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19Helping your managers and employees #FindGratitude
when they're not grateful can bring about positivity in the
workplace. Positive managers and employees are more
effective, efficient, and successful.
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20Showing #Gratitude toward managers and employees
creates an energy of giving and collaboration that can
help the business succeed. Are you spreading gratitude in
your business?
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21Open meetings by asking everyone what they are grateful
for. Talking about gratitude opens up interesting dialogues
within businesses that create more happiness, awareness,
and success. #FindGratitude
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22Businesses that do good things, in addition to their initial
product or service, give their managers and employees
something to be grateful for. Initiate a movement that
they will want to be a part of and grateful for. #Gratitude
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23Motivation for managers and employees often comes
from being part of a business that allows them to
contribute to something higher than themselves.
#Gratitude #BusinessSuccess
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24Track and measure how much your business is giving
back and serving others. This allows everyone in your
business to come together in #Gratitude and will drive
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25The quicker you can be grateful for the negative things
happening in your business, the lesser your fear is of
not succeeding. Find the "good" in every situation.
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26To speak of gratitude is courteous and pleasant.
To enact gratitude is generous and noble. But to live
gratitude is to touch God. —Johannes Gaertner via #FindGratitude
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27Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace
for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.
—Melody Beattie via
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28Train your mind to see the good in everything. Your
happiness and success in life and in business depends on
how you perceive the situations you're in. #FindGratitude
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29Having a culture of #Forgiveness in the business opens
up a path of energy for everyone that will increase their
effectivity and efficiency.
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30Successful businesses are those who have united
managers and employees. A culture of #Forgiveness
reduces friction within the business.
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31Create a culture that allows #Forgiveness to enter
into your business because it will reduce any tensions
managers and employees have built that can cause
friction within business.
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32In many businesses, politics and backbiting happen just
as much as teamwork and cooperation. What do you
want more of in your business? If you want teamwork and
cooperation, create a culture of #Forgiveness.
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33Are you holding everyone in your business to very high standards and not accepting anything less than their best? Remember, they're human too. #Forgive them if they don't meet your expectations all the time. on X
34Allow people in your business the space to fail, to be human, and to be vulnerable. This often brings more happiness into the business, and that can drive success. #Forgiveness on X
35Humans are not perfect. Why would a business be
perfect? #Forgiveness
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36Allowing #Forgiveness within the business doesn't only
mean forgiving people for not achieving their goals. It
also means encouraging them to try again.
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37Forgiveness is not a feeling; it is a commitment.
It is a choice to show mercy and not hold offense.
Forgiveness is an expression of love.
—Gary Chapman via
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38#Forgiveness gives you the power to break through
unknown or unexpected walls that keep you from doing
something good and creating more empowerment for
your people.
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39If you made a decision and a manager or employee
felt bad because of it, ask for #Forgiveness
—not because of the decision you made, but
because it hurt someone's feelings or morale.
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40Just because you made a decision that hurt someone:
1) it doesn't mean that your decision wasn't the right
thing to do, and 2) it doesn't mean that you can't
apologize for how it affected someone and
still stay the decided course. #Forgiveness
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41Asking for #Forgiveness doesn't mean you're apologizing
for a decision you made. It means you're acknowledging
that the people who were affected by the decision are
human and felt differently than you did.
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42Asking for #Forgiveness, being forgiven, and forgiving
others can give you more fulfillment and satisfaction as
you strive toward success without feeling like a victim.
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43Asking for #Forgiveness opens up a path for you to create
a business that has managers and employees who do
the right thing. Do you want to inspire everyone in your
business to do the right thing?
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44Are you vulnerable enough to ask for forgiveness or
forgive someone else? Business owners and leaders who
show vulnerability inspire everyone in the business to
have #Forgiveness in their lives and be at peace.
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45How much energy does it take when you try not to think
of a person by not communicating? #Forgiveness allows
you to free yourself from things that are keeping you from
being productive and more empowered.
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46What is success? It is being able to go to
bed each night with your soul at peace.
—Paulo Coelho via
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47The quicker you can get to #Forgiveness, the quicker you
can be more empowered to do good things. Try getting to
#Forgiveness in days versus weeks, months, or years.
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48Are you feeling stuck and you can't get to the next
level you want your business to be on? A culture of
#Forgiveness in a business allows creativity and better
performance to enter to get you to the next level.
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49#Forgiveness is a hidden treasure.
When you open it up, it unleashes great performance
and power in your life and here in your business,
and that can help drive success.
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50All humans have the freedom to choose what happens
in their lives. Living up to your moral fiber and
choosing to #DoTheRightThing can help you achieve
#BusinessSuccess and happiness.
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51Your happiness level in your life and business is based
on: 1) how much you choose to take responsibility for
everything that is happening, and 2) how much you
choose to #DoTheRightThing.
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52Understanding that you are responsible for everything
that happens in your life and in your business creates:
1) more happiness and fulfillment and
2) less stress and fear. #DoTheRightThing
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53How we look at any situation and how we view the world
is always our own choice. We have the power to choose
what we can do to make a difference in each moment, in
each situation, and in each day. #DoTheRightThing
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54Moral fiber is the quality of being determined to
do what one thinks is good. Success in life and in
business often comes to those who are determined to
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55Define your moral fiber and live it on a daily, weekly, and
monthly basis. When you live up to your moral fiber and
#DoTheRightThing, you invite goodness into your life and
into your business.
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56Responsibility is accepting that you are the cause and
the solution of a matter. It's up to you to determine what
your next step is. #DoTheRightThing
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57Successful business owners and leaders know that they
are responsible for speaking up and taking action when
things such as racism, sexism, or bullying happen within
the business. #DoTheRightThing
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58Take a stance when things are happening in your
business that are not part of your moral fiber.
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59When placed in command, take charge. Always take the
high road, always, and #DoTheRightThing to achieve
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60Your decisions are significant. They don't only affect you.
They affect others and ripple out to the rest of the world.
Are you deciding for the greater good? #DoTheRightThing
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61Before making a decision, think about how it can affect
others in the business. Doing so allows you to make
better decisions that can help the business succeed.
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62Communicating the choices you're making and your
intentions with others in the business can inspire them to
do the same and support you. #DoTheRightThing
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63Successful business owners and leaders who make
decisions that live up to their moral fiber set an example
for their managers and employees to do the same in their
own space within the business. #DoTheRightThing
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64Collective consciousness is when everyone in your
business is aware that they have the right to speak up
about their situations, whether good or bad. Allow them
to be whole individuals within the business vs.
being in an isolated bubble.
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65Are you creating collective consciousness in your
business? Collective consciousness helps drive business
owners, leaders, and their managers and employees
to do good for each other and to others outside the
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66Managers and employees who are aware that their
choices affect others besides themselves often become
more engaged and motivated to better the business.
Are you creating this awareness in your business?
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67Managers and employees who have the mindset that:
1) they are the CEO of their surrounding environment
and 2) their choices affect everyone, often choose to
#DoTheRightThing. Inspire your managers and employees
to do the right thing!
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68Leadership is all about people—not organizations,
not plans, and not strategies. It is about people
motivating people to do good things. —Colin Powell via #DoTheRightThing
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69Allow your managers and employees to take action
and #DoTheRightThing when they see that there's
something happening in the business that's not aligned
with their moral compass.
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70Everything that happens in the business happens for
a reason. Conscious business owners and leaders
understand that they get to choose what happens next.
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71In difficult situations, do you let negatives persist and
cause problems, or do you take action and fix them?
#DoTheRightThing #BusinessSuccess
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72When you feel stuck, realize that you may be staying stuck
for a reason. Is it because you weren't ready to take the
next step? You have a choice: Do you stay stuck or do you
take action? #DoTheRightThing
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73Successful business owners, leaders, and employees
don't wait for someone to decide what their paths look
like. They confidently choose to #DoTheRightThing and
take action. #BusinessSuccess
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74The time is always right to do what is right.
—Martin Luther King Jr.
via #DoTheRightThing
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75You have a choice to #DoTheRightThing. Follow your
instinct, follow your gut, and be the person you really
want and need to be. #BusinessSuccess
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76We shape the results of our efforts according to our
choices along the way. #DoTheRightThing
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77Whatever your dream is, it is out there and it is possible
if you choose to do what it takes to make it real.
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78All positive and negative things that happen to you in the
present allow you to see positive things in the future.
Choose to #DoTheRightThing today to see a positive
future tomorrow. #BusinessSuccess
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79Being of service and paying it forward magnifies God or
goodness in your business. The more your business is
serving others, the more people are driven to help the
business succeed.
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80There's not much fulfilment in just making more money
or getting more titles. If you want fulfilment plus the
money and the titles, #BeOfService. #BusinessSuccess
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81Do you want to achieve truly fulfilling #BusinessSuccess?
#BeingOfService can provide you with unlimited and
sustainable fulfillment while just obtaining profits
and a cool title won't.
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82The way you view serving customers matters. Businesses
that believe that #BeingOfService is one of the most
important jobs in the world are often those that achieve
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83Many successful businesses:
1) anticipate what their managers, employees, and
customers need before they know they need it, and
2) help them satisfy those needs. #BeOfService
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84Businesses can achieve lucrative opportunities and
money by #BeingOfService and creating value that
people are willing to pay for. #BusinessSuccess
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85When you create value by #BeingOfService to your
customers, they understand why they should do business
with you instead of someone else. #BusinessSuccess
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86Businesses that are serving others accomplish two things:
1) they create better relationships and 2) they achieve
higher profits. Do you want to create fruitful relationships
with your managers, employees, and customers?
#BeOfService #BusinessSuccess
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87Having a servant leadership mindset creates joy, peace,
and fulfilment in one's role in the business. Do you
want a business that has happy and fulfilled managers
and employees? Inspire them to #BeOfService and
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88When you do a good deed, show what that good deed
did for others and the business. Sharing goodness often
motivates someone else in the business to do good too
and then it spreads to others. #PayItForward
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89IGI-oriented business owners and leaders inspire
their employees to #BeOfService to others. This drives
managers and employees to work because they want to,
not because they have to.
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90Getting other people to #PayItForward and do good
things can help ignite more goodness in the world. What
can you or your business do to help someone else have
the same mindset?
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91Don't wait until you get to a level of abundance and
prosperity and for a long stretch of time before giving
back and #PayingItForward. You can make a difference in
someone else's life now!
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92When you #PayItForward, you just do it without expecting
anything in return. You have already gotten all that
you were supposed to receive because someone else
probably paid it forward to you.
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93Life is good! How do you #PayItForward?
—Marshall Goldsmith via
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94Businesses who are #BeingOfService and
#PayingItForward create miracles for those they touch,
and inspire others to want to do business with them.
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95God (or a higher power) communicates in different
ways (e.g., premonitions or instincts). Open yourself up
and #Trust that a higher power will guide you toward
happiness and #BusinessSuccess. v
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96Many business owners and leaders are used to having
control, even though they’re not always in control. There
will be times when we can relax and #Trust that God (or
a higher power) is taking control for the better.
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97Follow your instincts. Instincts can be signs given by a
higher power that urge you to let go and #Trust that
what's happening in your life or in your business is how it
should be.
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98If you want to achieve greater and lasting
#BusinessSuccess, start conversations that allow space
for God (or goodness) to enter and be revealed,
and then pursued and expanded. #Trust
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99Ask questions of everyone in your business that will allow
#Trust conversations to be held in the boardroom. That
allows people to have freedom of expression, creativity,
and responsibility.
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