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4/18:00 AM9:00 AMAll Attendees102Beginning The Organizational Change Management And Digital Journey
Carol Tyler, Infor

Every journey begins with the first step, and that includes all implementations and digital transformation programs. This session provides practical and insightful methods for starting to engage organizational change management in both a digital journey, as well as any relevant project.
4/18:00 AM9:00 AMAll Attendees106Moving your System i Applications to the Infor Cloud
Chris Hillock, Infor

A big question on everyone's mind is what does it take to migrate to the Cloud and how its architected. Come to this session to hear what it takes and to get your questions answered.
4/18:00 AM9:00 AMAll Attendees107Infor OS and IBMi—An Introduction
David Foster , Infor

Infor OS provides exciting new functionality for all Infor applications. But what does it mean for an IBMi customer in detail? This session is aimed at users and IT people who want a more detailed understanding of new functions like Infor Document Management and Coleman AI.
4/18:00 AM9:00 AMAll Attendees112Next Generation Analytics Using Birst
Miriam Graf, Infor

Birst provides a modern, easy-to-use platform for data access, data preparation and data presentation. Based on TriMin Systems knowledge of Infor systems, join this session to see examples of prebuilt content for gaining insights quickly against your iSeries data. Attendees will see a short Birst overview, connectivity to iSeries, TriMin’s Interactive Birst Dashboards in action, an introduction to the self-service visualizations and dashboard building capabilities of Birst, and Birst’s powerful Networked Analytics. TriMin brings to life an environment where manufacturing, sales, procurement, and finance can all be analyzed together from a single Enterprise BI platform.
4/18:00 AM9:00 AMAll Attendees118What’s New with F9 - An Introduction to the Brand New F9 v6
David Fisher & Dave Collins, Infor

Come get a look at the latest version of F9, Infor's solution for financial reporting. Topics to be covered include:

• Scheduling Hub – evolution of Task Scheduler; enhanced automation, report trees/hierarchies, and report distribution
• Insert Functions – Replaces Account Enquire + GL Paste
• Report Refresh – run reports by selected cell range, worksheet or workbooks
• Insert Lists and Dropdowns
• Streamlined software updates from within Excel
4/18:00 AM9:00 AMAll Attendees127Advanced Warehouse Management (Infor SCE)
Mark Schaible , Infor

Get an overview of Infor’s flagship warehouse management system, Infor SCE and see how it can help your operations.
4/18:00 AM9:00 AMAll Attendees148You're new here? How to get the most from attending inPower 2019
XA Board Members

A basic understanding of the various topics of the conference and how they apply to the big picture in the XA world. We will also discuss the freqently used acronyms, what they mean, and how they relate to your use of XA.
4/18:00 AM9:00 AMAll Attendees152Lexel Case Study
Presented by Lexel
4/18:00 AM9:00 AMAll Attendees153Casco Case Study
Presented by Casco Development
4/18:00 AM9:00 AMLX301Roadmap: LX roadmap and strategy and Product Lifecycle Update
Dave Rapacz, Infor

What's ahead for LX? Learn about major user experience improvements, new integrations, technology, and core product enhancements in this session led by LX product management. We'll discuss the LX development roadmap and overall product investment strategy. Darci Snyder will also join and update you on Infor's Product Lifecycle Policy and how it applies to LX.
1-Apr8:00 AM9:00 AMSystem21401Roadmap: System21—2019, 2020, and Beyond
Alastair Middleton & Adrian Masters, Infor

Following the successful release of System21 version 3.1 in 2017, the development team is already at work on the next chapter in the story of System21. Alastair Middleton, Product Manager for System21, will discuss Infor's plans for the future, our findings from customer discussions, and above all inputs from the enhancement request system, plus our adoption of Infor's latest technologies.
4/18:00 AM9:00 AMXA201.1XA Roadmap
Ross Freeman, Infor

From enterprise financials and Infor OS to the upcoming 9.3 release, XA development has been delivering more functionality than ever before. We will unveil the plans for the final 9.3 release, XA Cloud, and the long-awaited release 10. Join us for this milestone in the history of XA.
4/18:00 AM9:00 AMXA208Running XA Outside of North America
Chuck Mick, Chassix

This session will discuss considerations and concerns encountered when using XA in China, Czech Republic, Spain, and France. Topics will include localization/financial reporting, language, currency, EDI, and working with consultants.
4/18:00 AM9:00 AMXA211Extending Your Solution — Configuring the Customer Order
Erik Tavenner , Infor

Infor solutions, such as XA, have provided configuration capabilities for many years, but Infor's CPQ solution takes this functionality to an entirely new level. When combined with your ERP's enterprise quoting applications, it extends your solution into the full quotation and configuration lifecycle, supporting much more efficient configuration modeling with simple, customer-facing configuration ordering dialogues. If you wish you could configure your products to order, then this session is for you.
4/18:00 AM9:00 AMXA225The Lean/Powerlink Partnership
Lisa Thomas, BW Design Group

Utilizing lean concepts for XA allows us to streamline our work in XA to reduce wastes. This session will cover the basics of lean with a discussion of 8 wastes and our 7S process. It will then show how these concepts are can be applied to XA specifically for Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Customer Service/Sales, Engineering and Finance
1-Apr9:00 AM10:30 AMNetworkingMarketplace Open
1-Apr9:30 AM10:00 AMNetworkingRefreshment Break in Marketplace
1-Apr10:30 AM12:00 PMAll AttendeesGSGeneral Session
Keynote presentation from Peg Rodarmel, Infor
1-Apr12:00 PM1:00 PMNetworkingLunch
4/11:00 PM1:30 PMSponsor Demo501Cashbook Demo
Presented by Cashbook
4/11:00 PM1:30 PMSponsor Demo503ISE Demo
Presented by ISE
4/11:00 PM1:30 PMSponsor Demo505Design Group SMPlus, ImportPlus, ReceivePlus and ECPlus
Lisa Thomas, BW Design Group

See our suite of add-on XA products in action. Our Security management (SMPlus) application helps ease your security administration while also providing roles and separation of duties. Our ImportPlus product replaces offline loads with a simple tool for importing data into your XA environment.
4/11:00 PM1:30 PMSponsor Demo507eShop – Mobile Shop Floor Execution
Rick Worley, TriMin Systemse

Shop is a TriMin solution designed to deliver simplification and flexibility for shop floor execution. Leveraging a robust hybrid cloud solution infrastructure, eShop allows tailoring for each user to match the specific activities and transactions that need to be performed on the floor. The wide variety of hardware available to run the application offers a lower cost solution that adapts to your specific shop floor needs. These needs can include requirements such as scanning, taking photographs, sharing documentation, capturing electronic signature, and can integrate easily with labeling. eShop allows point of execution for your transactions and allows for virtually any information in your ERP to be viewed and transacted anywhere. This state-of-the art architecture is great for remote warehouses as well and can leverage any application you have developed with Enterprise Integrator.
4/11:00 PM1:30 PMSponsor Demo508System-Link Toolkit using Excel Spreadsheets
Randy Kenney, Guide Technologies

Guide’s System-Link Toolkit (STLK) is a highly-functional and easy to implement solution designed to simplify the user & IT experience with System-Link. We will demonstrate how you can use our System-Link Toolkit to map columns & rows in any Excel spreadsheet to XA business object data attributes for easy processing to create and maintain XA data from Excel. No knowledge of programming or XML is required to upload the spreadsheets via our toolkit.
4/11:00 PM1:30 PMSponsor Demo510Cistech's Birst Solution for XA - OUT OF THE BOX Dashboards and KPI's for XA
Sue Gilbert, Cistech

Come see how CISTECH's BIRST for XA package can jump start your Business Intelligence and managerial reporting capabilities. The CISTECH team has done all the hard work for you by mapping hundreds of XA files into Birst. Sales and Production Dashboards are available right out of the box! Use our mappings to create your own dashboards and reports.
4/11:00 PM1:30 PMSponsor Demo512Transportation Management: Export Documentation and Reporting Dashboard Tools
Nicholas Fisher, AR Traffic

Demonstration of Infor Solution Partner Transportation Management suite. This session will focus on two of the components: carrier documentation (international and domestic) and web-based dashboard freight costing reporting.
4/11:00 PM1:30 PMSponsor Demo513Agility Demo
Presented by Agility
4/11:00 PM1:30 PMSponsor Demo514Modernizing IBMi Documents with TLAForms
Keith Suedkamp, TL Ashford

Are you nervous about the ending support for AFP on IBM 7.3? Learn how to modernize your forms process and turn your traditional IBM i spool files into full-color, fully-automated forms. TLAForms utilizes a powerful, yet simple designer, that allows anyone in your organization to quickly and effectively create high-quality, professional forms with barcodes, images, boxes, lines, and a wide array of fonts including MICR, with no programming knowledge required. See how these forms are output as PDF documents for automatic emailing, printing, or archiving. Start saving your company thousands of dollars today!
4/11:00 PM1:30 PMSponsor Demo515Connectria Demo
Presented by Connectria
4/11:00 PM1:30 PMSponsor Demo517Sequence Software Demo
Presented by Sequence Software
4/11:00 PM1:30 PMSponsor Demo519Virtutem Demo
Presented by Virtutem
4/11:00 PM1:30 PMSponsor Demo
Presented by
4/11:00 PM1:30 PMSponsor Demo522Touchpath Demo
Presented by Touchpath
4/11:00 PM1:30 PMSponsor Demo524Lexel Demo
Presented by Lexel
4/11:00 PM1:30 PMSponsor Demo527Getting the Visibility You Need From Your Infor XA & LX Data
Adam Kurtz, Silvon

Since 1987, Silvon Software has been putting its business intelligence solutions to work globally for Infor XA & LX customers across numerous manufacturing and distribution industries. We look forward to having you join us during this inPOWER session as we demonstrate the simple-to-use nature of our Stratum™ solution suite for analyzing and reporting on sales, inventory, manufacturing, purchasing and other data derived from Infor XA, LX and other business systems.
1-Apr1:30 PM1:45 PMNetworkingBreak
4/11:45 PM2:45 PMAll Attendees116CRM - Improving Key Data Visibility to Better Serve Your Customers
Erik Tavenner, Infor

Come learn how Infor CRM Integrated with your ERP platform can blend the Transactional data from ERP into the Interaction Data collected in CRM. This session will also present how this confluence of key information and data points enables your teams & departments to better collaborate and serve your customers across all touchpoints in the enterprise. Infor CRM is delivered through a Browser, on Mobile devices and Inside of Outlook.
4/11:45 PM2:45 PMAll Attendees119
XA AM to eFinancials/eGL - Real Success Stories from Real XA Customers
Jim Boyer, Cistech

Accounting Management customers - don't be afraid! There is a clear path for AM to eFinancials. Your success has everything to do with the implementation process! Kimray and Franklin Sports will review and discuss their upgrade processes and discuss the significant gains seen in their financial operations.
4/11:45 PM2:45 PMAll Attendees122Using Excel as a Report Writer
Julie Kienast, MK & Associates

Users love Excel and its capabilities. Come find out how can this common tool be leveraged to allow users access to data in XA and legacy databases. Tips, tricks, examples and round table discussion. If you use XA and want to learn how to access information and use it in a tool you know and love, this session is for you.
1-Apr1:45 PM2:45 PMAll Attendees125Inventory Best Practices
Rick Worley, TriMin Systems & Jeff Eaton, Exotic Metals

How do you treat inventory control? Highly skilled and trained or entry level? Who is allowed to perform transactions? Anyone? Who fixes transactions? How is it done? What does your warehouse look like (think broken window)? What systems do you have in place to KISS the process? Do you Cycle Count? Label? How timely are the transactions? Do you backflush? How do you handle "floor stock"? How standard is your process (all 3's and 4's are Inspected on receipt)?

Rick Worley will present on inventory best practices followed by Jeff Eaton sharing how Exotic Metals has been close to six sigma accurate (in dollars and quantity) for years. The key components are people and processes.
4/11:45 PM2:45 PMAll Attendees135The Power of Powerlink I
Jim Simunek, Cistech

This session will cover preferences at the global level as well as objects, basic object navigation, basic navigation, views, subsets, adhoc subsets, sorts, templates, exports & preferences. Also covered will be shortcut keys and best practices.
4/11:45 PM2:45 PMAll Attendees144IBM i and Power Systems Roadmap
Mike Breitbach, IBM
4/11:45 PM2:45 PMAll Attendees151Extending the Boundaries of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) by Making Smarter Product Costing Decisions Early in the Lifecycle
Scott Cargill & Nitesh Single, BW Design Group

Many companies are still using isolated databases and spreadsheets for cost calculations in the early stages of product development. ERP costing is robust but it is typically too rigid and too late to be used in the product development process. This session will demo how Infor’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technology can integrate with your ERP and provide rapid cost roll up for your products as they are being developed.
4/11:45 PM2:45 PMAll Attendees155Transportation Management and Freight Automation
Nicholas Fisher, AR Traffic

Benefits of implementing an in-house solution to manage your transportation operation. The tools are used to route and pre-rate orders with freight charges being passed to invoicing and accounts payable and used for audit, payment and accrual/dashboard reporting functions. Additional features: optimize truck routes, manifest/label parcel shipments, manage claims, track packages, inbound vendor routing portal and produce related International and Domestic documentation.
4/11:45 PM2:45 PMLX302What’s new with Infor LX 8.4
Dave Rapacz, Infor

Learn about our latest release of LX and the value it can provide your business. This release includes further support for IDF, new application features, and an expanded database.
4/11:45 PM2:45 PMLX304LX 8.4 Planning - Part 1 - Do I Upgrade to LX 8.3.5 or 8.4?
Vicky Kuntz, Virtutem

Are you looking to upgrade your version of LX? Will it be best to upgrade directly to LX 8.4 or are there considerations that might indicate an upgrade to LX 8.3.5 would be better at the present time? We will highlight the challenges of each upgrade approach.
4/11:45 PM2:45 PMLX323IDF – Personalization
Phillip McWhinney, Infor

What is the best practice for personalizing your IDF display screens with Enterprise Integrator to make them more efficient for your users?
4/11:45 PM2:45 PMSystem21402Detailed System21 3.2 Enhancement Review
Alastair Middleton, Infor

Core product session on 3.2
4/11:45 PM2:45 PMXA202Planning for Your 9.2 Upgrade
John Merges, TriMin Systems
4/11:45 PM2:45 PMXA213Using XA to Match Purchase Orders, Receiving Documents, and Invoices
Rick Altenau, Guide Technologies

Three-way match is a great business practice that provides benefits by reducing accounts payable errors, preventing misappropriation of assets, and providing internal controls. However, performing it manually is labor intensive and time consuming. If you aren’t currently processing your invoices using three-way match in XA attend this session to learn the steps required to implement it. If you are utilizing three-way match, attend to ensure you are doing so correctly.
4/11:45 PM2:45 PMXA215Enterprise Financials, (GL/AR/AP/Cash) - It's Come a Long Way Baby!
Jim Payne, ISE

Get a look at Infor's Enterprise Financial package. This will be an overview of eAR, eAP, eCASH and eGL.
4/11:45 PM2:45 PMXA2305 Ways Net-Link Can Transform the Way You Use XA
John Simon, PCMC

Take a walk through a deep dive of Net-Link from a customer’s perspective and see how their findings can change the way you look at and use XA for the better! The Integration of XA with your non-XA applications will amaze you!
1-Apr2:45 PM3:15 PMNetworkingRefreshment Break in Marketplace
4/13:15 PM4:15 PMAll Attendees115Birst – Analytics When, Where, and How You Need It
Owen Collette & Pat Collette, TriMin

Birst capabilities flexibly support strategic analysis of data when, where, and how you need it. Join us for a demonstration specifically focused on Birst mobile and adhoc analytic functions. The review of mobile capabilities will include collaboration examples, while the adhoc examples will include how end-users can seamlessly blend their data with company-governed data for extended analysis.
4/13:15 PM4:15 PMAll Attendees129Getting the Most out of Visual Planner
Rick Worley, TriMin Systems

No one should be running MPSP/ MRP / CRP any more. This session will provide compelling reasons companies should move to VP.
4/13:15 PM4:15 PMAll Attendees130We've Acquired a New Company; Now What? Data Merges and System Consolidations
Julie Shoemaker, Guide Technologies
4/13:15 PM4:15 PMAll Attendees136The Power of Powerlink II
Jim Simunek, Cistech

Take a look at some of the more advanced functions of Powerlink, including presentation schemes, cards (attribute, list, text, graph cards), card files, and local print focusing using sorts explaining how subtotals and totals work.
4/13:15 PM4:15 PMAll Attendees138Introduction to Enterprise Integrator
Wayne Quigley, MK & Associates

Targeted for technical individuals that would benefit from a "Quick Start" session that will help you get started using Integrator. We will cover where to locate Integrator objects, the general concept of Integrator, and describe functionality that can be applied with or without programming.
4/13:15 PM4:15 PMAll Attendees145IBM i Application Development (RDI and Open Source)
Mike Breitbach, IBM

Having difficulty finding RPG Programmers? Maybe it's the tools and methods you use. Just like green screen is no longer the interface for the users of the system, SEU is not the interace for programming. Come see the power of RDI! Learn about the modern programming methods and langauges available including RPG free, embedded SQL etc.
4/13:15 PM4:15 PMAll Attendees154ISE Case Study
Presented by ISE
4/13:15 PM4:15 PMLX305LX 8.4 - Planning - Part 2 - Implementation Considerations
Vicky Kuntz, Virtutem

What does an upgrade project plan look like? How do you determine what to include in the upgrade?
4/13:15 PM4:15 PMLX311LX Customer Cloud Success Stories
Chris Hillock, Infor

Share customer stories of successful LX cloud implementations and the selection process of moving to the cloud.
4/13:15 PM4:15 PMLX325ION Process – Performance Part I
Tim Baker, MCFA & Jerry Gillmore, Infor

Best practices to tune your ION system, which includes reviewing of the OS Grid and how to monitor all of the nodes and applications. Have the ability to adjust Heap memory usage and monitor performance using the ION tools.
4/13:15 PM4:15 PMSystem21404System21 Customer Session
Presented by Infor
4/13:15 PM4:15 PMXA203Release 9.3 -- Detailed Look
Ross Freeman, Infor
4/13:15 PM4:15 PMXA216Integrating Operations With General Ledger (CO's, MO's, PO's)
Jim Boyer, Cistech
4/13:15 PM4:15 PMXA223XA Security Refresher
Vic Belebcvuk, Guide Technologies
4/13:15 PM4:15 PMXA224Applying Updates to IDF using Link Manager
Irma Zamot, Infor
1-Apr4:15 PM4:30 PMNetworkingBreak
4/14:30 PM5:30 PMAll Attendees101Organizational and Digital Change – A Perspective on Strategic Planning and Implementation Success
Carol Tyler, Infor

Anyone who has ever gone into an organization and tried to change “the way things are” understands the resistance employees can have against any kind of change effort. In this webinar you will get the viewpoint from a CIO and customer perspective on how the Infor Transformation Services model helped them achieve implementation success.

During the presentation, the topics of how digital transformation goes far beyond technology updates and solutions and how employees have the power to dictate your organization’s success will be discussed and presented.
4/14:30 PM5:30 PMAll Attendees108The Future for Infor OS
Mike Bradshaw & John Grier, Infor

Infor OS continues to evolve with the latest technology available. This session is dedicated to preparing Infor customers with strategies for the future of:

- Infor Ming.le Chat
- Infor Ming.le Homepages
- Infor Document Management
- Infor Ming.le Search
- Infor App Builder - Live Ming.le demo on concepts presented above
4/14:30 PM5:30 PMAll Attendees113Extending XA / LX / System 21 with Birst BI and Analytics
Miriam Graf, Infor

Birst's BI and Analytics platform provides a world-class user experience with tools that make understanding data fast and effortless. Proven to deliver fast time to value, Birst gives business users powerful analytics capabilities wrapped in a consumer-grade user experience, with visual data discovery, rich interactive dashboards, one-click advanced analytics, mobile, and more. Join this session to learn how these powerful tools can be put to work in your organization.
4/14:30 PM5:30 PMAll Attendees123Avalara Case Study
Presented by Avalara
4/14:30 PM5:30 PMAll Attendees133Deploying Net-Link What Do You Have to Consider?
Julie Kienast, MK & Associates

Explore Net-Link and the differences between it and Power-Link. How do you support two interfaces from the IT help desk. Work with users to set up new views and subsets to better utilize the Net-Link technology. Discuss how Net-Link should be launched.
4/14:30 PM5:30 PMAll Attendees137The Power of Powerlink III
Lisa Thomas, BW Design Group

See more advanced features of Powerlink. This presentation will cover overview cards, compound cards, workbenches, workspaces, using presentation schemes and workspaces to select card files.
4/14:30 PM5:30 PMAll Attendees156Agility Case Study
Presented by Agility
4/14:30 PM5:30 PMLX306LX 8.4 - Planning - Part 3 - EcoSystem Considerations
Maurice Hastings, Virtutem

Todays upgrades are not just an iseries process but involve a much bigger EcoSystem and it needs to be done in the correct logical order. Come and find out what that means to your upgrade project and how to do it to be successful.
4/14:30 PM5:30 PMLX312Infor OS for LX
Barry Hartman, Infor

Discover how your business can benefit with the Infor OS platform. Infor OS allows you to modernize your user experience and gain efficiency through technology designed to improve business processes and effectiveness.
4/14:30 PM5:30 PMLX315EGLi - Is it Time to Transition from CEA to EGLi?
Dave Rapacz & Dave Collins, Infor

EGL vs LX General Ledger - EGL is Infor's go-forward product for the LX General Ledger. See an overview of the new features, such as BTP process and analysis fields and the general implementation plan to replace your current setup.
4/14:30 PM5:30 PMSystem21403System21 Customer Cloud Projects
Chris Hillock, Infor

Share customer stories of successful System21 cloud implementations.
4/14:30 PM5:30 PMXA214Migrating to eFinancials
Jim Payne, ISE

This presentation covers the key considerations as your organization begins to plan and budget for your move to XA Enterprise Financials (GL/AP/AR/Cash). An important topic for Finance, IT, and General Management functional areas and executives. Topics to be covered include:

• Enterprise Financials entitlement
• Required XA release level
• Current customizations and tools (impact analysis
• File structure changes, elimination or modification)
• Company structure
• Currency complexity
• Sales tax logic
• Testing set-up and execution
• GL Chart of Accounts re-design.
4/14:30 PM5:30 PMXA219Case Study Implementing Material Logistics
Rick Worley, TriMin Systems
4/14:30 PM5:30 PMXA220XA 9.3 - The new Scheduled Issues Object
Ross Freeman, Infor

This session will take a detailed look at the new scheduled issues process: picklist and other inventory transactions, the future of TRDATA and more.
1-Apr5:30 PM6:45 PMNetworkingHappy Hour Reception in Marketplace
4/27:00 AM8:00 AMLX300LX User Group Meeting
LX Board Members

Join your fellow LX customers to listen and share information with your LX Board about what's going on in the LX Community and what you'd like for the LX Community to do.
2-Apr7:00 AM8:00 AMNetworkingBreakfast
4/27:00 AM8:00 AMXA218Linking the Material Plan with Shop Floor Execution
Rick Altenau, Guide Technologies
4/28:00 AM9:00 AMAll Attendees104Infor Concierge and the Enhancement Request System
Yvonne Cheslog, Infor

The all-new Infor Concierge Portal is individually tailored for each customer, proactively delivering everything you need to know about your Infor services and solutions. You'll have access to updates on support incidents, quick view and voting on product enhancements, dates for recommended classes, information on product-specific education classes and webinars, details on upgrades needed for the products you own, and much more. Come learn how to enter a good ER and find out what becomes of it. We are changing the process so come find out what is changing and how to promote your enhancement request to get reviewed.
4/28:00 AM9:00 AMAll Attendees110IBM i Access Client Solutions
Tom Bell, ISE

IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS) is IBM's newest, supported client platform for access to IBM i. This product is essentially IBM's replacement for IBM i Access for Windows. ACS is a platform independent solution that offers most of the same functions as IBM i Access for Windows, but with many new capabilities as well. XA customers should know how to leverage IBM i ACS features and functions to maximize efficient and productive client connections.
4/28:00 AM9:00 AMAll Attendees114Birst Customer Success Story
Pat Collette, TriMin Systems

TriMin Systems is an Infor partner with a specific focus on Birst BI. This session will present a streamlined approach to sourcing data from Infor XA, and show how it is being used today in a customer case study.
4/28:00 AM9:00 AMAll Attendees120Enterprise General Ledger - Customer Success Story
Jim Payne, ISE
4/28:00 AM9:00 AMAll Attendees121How to Find the Right Financial Reporting Tool for Your Organization
Kevin Gibson, Insight Software

How accurately a company can measure its performance and how effectively it can communicate those results is a key indicator of their financial health. However, communicating that data to the necessary people can often be time-consuming, awkward, and difficult. Additionally, due to a lack of knowledge on what is available, many companies stick to their status quo and avoid changing their financial reporting processes. Join Kevin Gibson, a Senior Solutions Engineer from insightsoftware, as he takes you through the imperative steps needed to find the financial reporting solution that is not only right for you, but will also help you create more effective reports.
4/28:00 AM9:00 AMAll Attendees128Using ION – Simple Examples of Publishing Alerts and Workflows
Stephanie Wickstrom, ISE

You have ION, now what? Often a company starts with ION as a part of an integration between two applications or is wanting to automate their business processes via alerts and workflow. In this session we will review common application integrations with XA and the data that can be exchanged between them as well as how to get started with workflows through the sole integration of XA to ION.

Takeaways from this session:

• Practical applications (methods) of using ION to connect to various business applications.
• Basic understanding of BODs and how they are used.
• Examples of document flows and the types of connection points associated with them.
• Distinguish the difference between a workflow and a document flow.
• Methods for triggering a workflow.
• Fundamentals of building a simple workflow to get you started.
4/28:00 AM9:00 AMAll Attendees134All the Things you can do with a PowerLink Workspace
Julie Kienast, MK & Associates

What is a workspace and why would you set one up? Workspaces combine many of the powerful features of Power-Link into one function that can be set up and used over and over. It can restrict subsets, set templates and control how data is accessed. Attend this session to take your power-link to the next level.
4/28:00 AM9:00 AMAll Attendees139EI Development - Tips Tricks and Lessons Learned
Jeff Eaton, Exotic Metals LLC

This session is a summary of lessons learned from 15 years of EI development and over 1500 custom user objects developed, and using EI to integrate XA with 5 other SQL based third party packages. This presentation pertains to all EI users regardless of their ERP (XA, 21, LX).
4/28:00 AM9:00 AMAll Attendees146IBM i High Availability, DR and Backup
Mike Breitbach, IBM
4/28:00 AM9:00 AMLX307LX 8.4 - Planning - Part 4 - What to Do in LX 8.3 to Prepare for LX 8.4
Vicky Kuntz, Virtutem

Tips on things you can start doing now that will make the transition to 8.4 easier including:

- Implementing IDF
- Transitioning from customized files to the extension files
- Analyzing your modifications and utilize exit points and other available tools to eliminate them
4/28:00 AM9:00 AMLX316Customer Roundtable - Manufacturing
Barry Hartman, Infor (with LX Board members)

Do you have hot points or cool tricks with DRP, MRP, Capacity planning, or forecasting? Come share your experiences and expertise in this area with your peers
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