Energy Hackathon participants (updated 14 May)
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Name:Profession / Role:Group:Team:Ideas for applications or projects? Personal interests?Organisation:Short bio:Website:Twitter:
Aleksi RossiSoftware developer / Data wrangler3Something regarding global climate change estimates perhapsMe & Myself Panama Inc
Andriy TymchenkoEnergy expert / enthusiast, Open knowledge expert / enthusiast4project / idea area for hackathon - to try modelling impact of local production (fuel cells, bio-reactors, etc) on grid & energy industry, in particular where is "safe fly for small startups" zone ("niche" in business language) is without getting into competition with incumbent utilities *** interests: meeting alike interested people; distributed/localized energy supply & waste / waste-water treatment; renewable and sustainable energy supply; resilience & other (not price-caused) aspects in energy consumption; consumerism vs citizenship; ongoing/forthcoming peak oil squeeze and its impact on energy industry and society in general; positive towards anything p2p, non-hierarchical, distributed, grassroots-level, open etc; open source software and open data, in particular *** skills: sw industry from 1980/84, open source sw systems; military education with minors in energy, electrics, resilience; some SQL & data processing experience circa 80-90s; hands on approach; analytical skills both macro- and micro- levels. Ask for more keywords and opinions, or just ask.First 3o years of my life had been in USSR. Then change has moved my family and me to Finland.
Since then I have managed to make my effort in GPRS/3G networks - you don't see it, but it works for you. Then was a tiny startup. And then I had done Maemo software for Nokia 770, N800, N810, N900, N9 and N950 and now... I'm trying to switch into energy and distributed/local production.The future is open.
Antti RousiEnergy expert / enthusiast3Espoon kaupunkisuunnittelukeskus
Cathrine EinarssonStudent6We have developed a concept for building companies to save on communal energy consumption (water, heating, electricity) by simple actions and then put the savings into a common fund, ear marked energy saving innovations in the building. We would like to present the concept briefly and see if it can be developed further in the hackathon. Team: Julia Bushueva, Elina Tarkkonen, Ulpu Kojo, Values in Design Course 2013, Aalto University ARTS, by Sampsa Hyysalo & Risto Sarvas.Aalto Universityhttp://www.cathrineeinarsson.noCEinarsson
Chris DavisEnergy expert / enthusiast, Open knowledge expert / enthusiast, Software developer / Data wrangler, Information designer / visualizer4TU DelftChris is a Postdoc in the Energy and Industry Section at the Faculty of Technology, Policy, and Management at TU Delft. Much of his work revolves around the use of tools to enable better understanding of complex systems. One of these tools is agent based modeling, where we try to study emergent behavior in systems that occurs as a result of actors in the system interacting with each other. With these types of tools, people study how flocks of birds emerge, and how economic systems self-organize. Currently Chris is investigating the use of other tools, such as the Semantic Web, to facilitate both the modeling process and the collection of knowledge from different sources. This involves exploring the implications of the Linking Open Data project, where people are trying to create a web of data than can be useful for trying to understand complex systems from multiple perspectives. My Master's thesis in Industrial Ecology examined the combination of Agent Based Modeling and Life Cycle Assessment as a means to evaluate the environmental impacts of an evolving socio-technical system.http://enipedia.tudelft.nlcbdvs
Denise RecheisEnergy expert / enthusiast5A focus for us at REEEP/reegle is open energy data and for me especially open vocabularies to overcome some of the issues inherent in clean energy and climate (online) resources.
A newer area of activity for us is sustainable transport and how to use open data to optimize public transport - particularly in developing country cities where data is still harder to come by.
At the hackerthon I will talk about our efforts and experience with open data, semantic web and clean energy, like for example our Tagging API based on a Linked Open Data thesaurus.
For the hackerthon, I hope to use some open data (from Finland/European city) to try and show how such data (demographic, workplaces, public transport ...) could be used to improve and optimize the transport network and in turn get more people to leave the car behind. This could be very useful to showcase this use-case and get some traction for similar projects in developing/emerging countries.
ReeepDenise has always had an interest in environmental and social issues. After a short stint in the media industry and extensive traveling in Asia she studied to become an engineer with a focus on sustainable systems and renewable energy. Denise currently works in Knowledge Management for the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership in Vienna. REEEP is a global public-private partnership creating the right market conditions for clean energy in developing countries. Her primary area of work is the organization's Linked Open Data portal Her daily work includes clearing clean energy data and developing controlled vocabularies. Her background in renewable energy technology as well as her commitment to increase the share of clean energy solutions has been useful in shaping her current work. Denise sees great potential in (Linked) Open Energy Data as an accelerator for low-carbon development. @reeep_knowledge
Esa MäkinenJournalist6Esa Mäkinen / HS
Jarmo Lundgren / HS
Charlotta Haglund / HS
Vesa Lindqvist / HS
Helsingin SanomatData journalism producer at HS data
Esa TurtiainenEnergy expert / enthusiast, Open knowledge expert / enthusiast, Software developer / Data wrangler, Information designer / visualizer4TkL tietotekniikka, DI sähkö (TKK)
Flynn LewerStudent3
Hanna Niemi-HugaertsEnergy expert / enthusiast, Open knowledge expert / enthusiast, Information designer / visualizer3
Heikki RaunioEnergy expert / enthusiast, Student6Renewables and energy efficiency in general.
Ilya BaraevDesign and Technology Strategist1Joining for the morining part only@baraev
Jaakko KorhonenOpen knowledge expert / enthusiast, Information designer / visualizer, Artist, Project / Product Manager3Mobility. Service Design. Information architecture. Multi-channel web applications. Real-time use cases. Benefit analysis. HTML5, ESB, linked data. Crowdsourcing.Ministry of Justice in Finland15 yrs in corporate IT:
5 yrs innovation coaching, program mgmt and saas solution architecture.
5 yrs product / project mgmt, training, facilitating.
5 yrs technical security specialist., lausuntopalvelu.fijaakkokorhonen
Janne EskelinenEnergy expert / enthusiast6Helen Sähköverkko
Janne KäpylehtoEnergy expert / enthusiast, Open knowledge expert / enthusiast, Information designer / visualizer, Journalist4Areas of interest: grid and off-grid PV systems, visualization and competitive elements of consumption data, automotive biogas.SeveralSerial entrepreneur on ICT, energy, energy efficiency and applied mathematics industries. Speaker&lecturer. Journalist. Member on several ministerial committees.
Jarkko LehtonenEnergy expert / enthusiast, Software developer / Data wrangler4We have developed an open API of energy data for developers together with Energiateollisuus. It was partly funded by Sähkötutkimuspooli. The API and related document will be public in few weeks. The API has already been tested in real world but is still open for modifications and we are anxious to hear developers feedback.Jatiko OyM.Sc. (Tech, software engineering), M.Sc (Economics)
CEO Jatiko Oy, Comissioner of Sähköenergialiitto (
Developer of the first hourly data consumption reporting system
on the net in 1997 ( and since then developed many solutions for energy companies.
Jarmo LundgrenInformation designer / visualizer, Artist6Esa Mäkinen / HS
Jarmo Lundgren / HS
Charlotta Haglund / HS
Vesa Lindqvist / HS
Helsingin SanomatGraphic designer and coder at HS data desk
Jemina LehmuskoskiStudent2SitraM.Sc. student of International Design Business Management in Aalto University, writing my thesis on the impact of Strategic Design in solving big systemic challenges.
Jouni K. JuntunenEnergy expert / enthusiast51. Visualization of energy production (fossil+renewable+nuclear+import) and possibly consumption ( industry+consumers+export)
2. Compare your own electricity bill to "real market price" i.e. spot price
-upload hourly consumption data
-nordpool spot price used
-compare to current provider kwh price
(Helen has something like this for energy users who buy more than distribution from Helen, but available not all utilities)
Aalto University School of Business
Juha HuuskonenOpen knowledge expert / enthusiast, Software developer / Data wrangler(coordinator)Open Knowledge Finland / Aalto Media Factory / Otavan OpistoOrganiser / curator / software designer / artist. A board member of Open Knowledge Finland association. One of the Energy Hackathon 2013 organisers.http://www.juhahuuskonen.fijuhuutweet
Juha HytönenSoftware developer / Data wrangler, Information designer / visualizer3No clear ideas, but I´m interested in explaining the big pictures of environmental issues, so designing and implementing something to help that would be my aimHitlantis
Jukka HelinEnergy expert / enthusiast1Helsingin EnergiaWorking with energy related web services since 2010. Main skills are consepting and business development.@yuccis
Julia KloiberOpen knowledge expert / enthusiast3OKFN
Jussi LaitinenEnergy expert / enthusiast2Consumer energy data: visualization, understanding consumption, boosting motivation, comparing consumption w/ friends, efficiency issues... Environmental writer, speaker and consultant. Have worked with several energy companies in Finland. BtoC communication etc. Eager to see where all this data will take us – if anywhere.
Jussi LehtinenOpen knowledge expert / enthusiast2City of Espoo
Juuso LindgrenEnergy expert / enthusiast2Juuso Lindgren, Jyri SalpakariSmart-phone & web applications to
1) provide connection and services between energy producer and end user
2) aggregate individuals for energy storage & production investments and bulk demand response
Aalto University School of Science, Dept. Applied PhysicsMSc (Tech.) since Feb 2012, major: Energy Sciences
PhD student in sustainability of transportation & integration of renewable energy
Jyri SalpakariEnergy expert / enthusiast, Student, Doctoral student in energy systems2Juuso Lindgren, Jyri SalpakariIdea together with Juuso LindgrenAalto UniversityI graduated as M. Sc. (Tech.) in engineering physics from Aalto in 2012 with studies in physics, energy science and applied mathematics. I started my PhD studies in energy systems at Aalto in 2013, focusing on demand side management as a means for integration of intermittent renewables. I've worked previously in solar cell device research (DSC, crystalline and thin-film Si). Recently, I participated to NASA's space technology/sustainability hackathon International Space Apps Challenge, where our team's design for a greenhouse on Mars (see won the Finnish competition and is now competing in the international final (please vote for us if you like what we did! :)). For the Energy Hackathon, I have relevant skills in energy systems, solar cells, applied mathematics, physics and programming.
Kai KuikkaniemiOpen knowledge expert / enthusiast, Researcher, concept developer2HIITwww.hiit.fikaikuikkaniemi
Karoliina AuvinenEnergy expert / enthusiast4home energy production & use management applicationsSitrakaroliinauvinen
Laura UusitaloInformation designer / visualizer, Student3Aalto medialab
Lauri AnttilaEnergy expert / enthusiast, Energy company IT development specialist5Energy usage data, power failure data, "energy wars" to find out who can save most energy around specific regions / fight your neighbors - gamification of energy use. "How to build your own consumption tracker using Raspberry Pi"Elenia OyLong IT background. Working for energy company for 3,5 years (Vattenfall, then Elenia after business was sold). Working with web, intranet, extranet, mobile applications and corporate ERP. Major focus on B2B integrations between ERP and external contractorswww.laurianttila.comParoniAnttila
Lilli LinkolaEnergy expert / enthusiast, Open knowledge expert / enthusiast1SitraIndustrial ecologist. Systems designer. One of the Energy Hackathon organisers.llinkola
Lotta HaglundInformation designer / visualizer6Esa Mäkinen / HS
Jarmo Lundgren / HS
Charlotta Haglund / HS
Vesa Lindqvist / HS
Helsingin SanomatThis is my first time doing anything in this area - total beginner!
I have worked with 2D newsgraphics for 15 years employed by Hufvudstadsbladet and now Helsingin Sanomat.
Maria RitolaSust lifestyles enthusiast5Demos Helsinki www.demoshelsinki.fimariaritola
Markku TahkokorpiEnergy expert / enthusiast, Open knowledge expert / enthusiast, Promoter of Renewable Energy5Visualization of solar energy production in Finland.Utuapu Oy/Aurinkoteknillinen yhdistys Ry/Suomen Lähienergialiitto rySolar energy expert, especially solar district heating and seasonal thermal storage. Long background in ICT research.
Markus Petteri LaineOpen knowledge expert / enthusiast, Journalist2I would like to record short videos of the projects that can be used by the participants in exchange for open further use later on online and maybe in TV and on screen. Aaltomo Osk.
Mikael JohnsonEnergy expert / enthusiast, Software developer / Data wrangler, Information designer / visualizer1I guess I share an interest in visualization, open data, and energy consumption with everyone else here. I'm open for ideas, have extended background in user involvement and user data, familiar with both psychological and sociological theories and what goes on inside computers and web services. First hackathon for me, nice to participate. Sadly I couldn't avoid a meeting in Otaniemi btw. 13-15 on this day, so I have to be away for a few hours, sorry for that.Aalto / HIITI've been involved in energy research projects since 2007, working with Eva Heiskanen and Raimo Lovio. In the Changing Behaviour EU-project, I created based on Drupal. I have also some knowledge of the javascript visualization framework d3.js, but I don't code or design in my everyday work at the moment, even though I have worked as a software engineer, user interface developer, and usability specialist. My research concerns strategic user involvement, social media, and changing patterns of energy use. I am Postdoctoral Researcher at Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, a joint research institution of Aalto University and the University of Helsinki, Finland. My doctoral thesis focused on how social media changes user-centred design. Currently involved in research projects related to user innovations in renewable energy, so far my focus on solar panels. Is working or have previously worked with workshop participants Kai Kuikkaniemi and Jouni
Mikko KantolaStudent5Aalto University
Mikko RuokojokiEnergy expert / enthusiast, Software developer / Data wrangler6Energy usage data, hour usage data, readings handling and new ways to show usage comparison.HiQ FinlandDeveloper, Architect, Energy expert. Programming for 17 years. Servers, frontend, backend. Also everything else than visual graphics.http://mikkoruokojoki.fimikruo
miska knapekOpen knowledge expert / enthusiast, Software developer / Data wrangler, Information designer / visualizer(not present on location)1. General visualisation of consumption habits over longer periods of time. Allow people to compare particular weekdays/weekends over a longer period of time.

2. Ambient energy consumption display - eg. a light display of some sort, which can act as a decorative item, but also enlighten people about their energy consumption habits.
infoillusionists unlmtdInformation+interaction designer/visualiser, from Denmark, now based in Helsinki. Occasional media artist. Sustainable design and open knowledge enthusiast.
Niko StåhlbergEnergy expert / enthusiast4-collecting energy data from different buildings
-Analyzing trends on the grid
Okko RäsänenSoftware developer / Data wrangler1Ojala Pasi, Okko RäsänenWe are looking for application areas for modeling and prediction of time-varying signals such as energy consumption using technological solutions developed in our research group at Aalto University. Aalto UniversityData analysis and signal processing researcher since 2007. Focus on bulding systems that can automatically learn and predict complex time-variant processes (e.g., in this context: energy consumption) and find hidden patterns (structure) in the data
Pasi OjalaEnergy expert / enthusiast, Open knowledge expert / enthusiast, Software developer / Data wrangler1Ojala Pasi, Okko RäsänenEnergy consumption data analytics, load predictionAalto
Pauliina JalonenEnergy expert / enthusiast4
Pekka JärvilehtoEnergy expert / enthusiast5Decentralised small-scale renewable power systems. Guidelines and installation handbooks and support systems for PV systems, including energy storage.European Commission (on personal leave)M.Sc. in electrical engineering.
23 years work exprience in the field of climate change, renewable energy, energy storage and nuclear power, including radioactive waste. Scientific project administration/financing and policy development.
IT experience and mobile communications.
Pekka KoponenOpen knowledge expert / enthusiast4Forum Virium Helsinkiwww.forumvirium.fivikla
Pekka PietiläEnergy expert / enthusiast, Software developer / Data wrangler6Energy data analysis, methods and reporting. Smart Grids and active customers, information flows between customers and energy companiesEmpower IM OySoftware development team leader, energy sector IT systems. 16+ years of experience in sw development and project
Petri KolaOpen knowledge expert / enthusiast, Software developer / Data wrangler, Information designer / visualizer1OKFFIpe3
Ranjit MenonStudent, Energy and Behaviour Change enthusiast1A) Creating prototype for 'boundary objects' that have 'energy narrative 'embodied'
B) Create an 'ecosystem' around energy using internet data and visualization to compress and make it meaningful as a narrative
C) Create a zero carbon prototype of a housing complex, using miniature pieces of wood.
Aalto University school of arts and design, Sound in New Media MA programme, medialabDiploma in Design, National Institute of Design India, IDBM and Magazine Publications minors. Has worked in sustainable mobility projects for Volkswagen. UI Human Factors specialist. Currently doing thesis on information culture in organizations. Deeply interested in narratives around ecology integrated with location based information. For me ecological narrative is > APIs and apps is > just energy statistics. I am a storyteller that can complement with proficient coders.menonizer
Reko MäenpääSoftware developer / Data wrangler1Household energy consumption monitoring and remote management?IBM
Robert ErikssonEnergy expert / enthusiast, Open knowledge expert / enthusiast, urbanist5
Ryan ZizzoGreen Building Consultant2Existing and new green building designs. Linking this data to LEED and BREEAM rating systems.ZED ConsultingProfessional Engineer. Relocated from Toronto to Helsinki last year. Working as a sustainable building and neighbourhood consultant. Specialize in LEED.www.zedconsulting.fiZED_Consulting
Saara-Maria KauppiInformation designer / visualizer, Student6I would like to concentrate on one of the top three regarding to carbon emissions: housing, eating or transportation if possible. Aalto University, Creative Sustainability
Sami NiemeläInformation designer / visualizer, Artist3- Generating energy via wearable, communicating consumption via ambient visualisation. Whatever comes after measuring + quantifying energy use. Combining digital & physical.NordkappDesigner, optimist and entrepreneur. Have been fiddling with infographics, visualisation, iot & all sorts of UI magic since the last century.
Sampsa HyysaloResearcherAalto ARTS & BIZ
Satu Lähteenojasustainable lifestyles expert/enthusiast1Demos Helsinkiwww.demoshelsinki.fisatulahteenoja
Sirpa FourastieEnergy expert / enthusiastWill visit the hackathon in the afternoon
Sjoerd HandgraafEnergy expert / enthusiast2I work for, where we make something that addresses some of the problems/ideas proposed. (Don't worry, I won't be spamming any further) I'm interested in anything that will make people more aware, and motivate them to save energy. I'm pretty aware of the state of this particular industry, so should be able to give feedback on ideas/designs.Asema ElectronicsCurrently Operations Manager at Asema Electronics, where we make a home energy management system. General interest in clean technology and energy sustainability.
Especially in applications of already existing technologies from other fields in these fields.
Teemu NurminenSoftware developer / Data wrangler2
Jatiko OyIn-house software developer in energy company for 8 years, now developing open energy API.
Tommi LuostarinenEnergy expert / enthusiast3Newergy OY
Vesa LindqvistBusiness developer6Esa Mäkinen / HS
Jarmo Lundgren / HS
Charlotta Haglund / HS
Vesa Lindqvist / HS
Totally new to energy issues, but interested in personal electricity production and resale models.Helsingin SanomatBusiness development for telecom & media companies for 13 years.@vesalindqvist
Ville InkinenEnergy expert / enthusiast, Student4Personal interests: Small scale energy production; bioeconomy; the implications of varying availability and accuracy of data in tackling sustainability issuesUniversity of HelsinkiLL.M. summer 2013; Researcher in environmental law, specializing in climate change and renewable energy issues
Ville Terämä Open knowledge expert / enthusiast, Information designer / visualizer6