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Contract DateStandalone Vs. R&D-Based CoPromotionR&D CoClient CoDeal Size ($M)Upfront Cash ($M)Upfront Share (%)Dev Share (%)Sales Share (%)Contract TypeDeal SubjectStageDiseaseIndicationTechnologySub-TechnologyTerritorySub-TerritoryDocument Source
8/2015R&D + CoProJuno TherapeuticsCelgene 1,100.00 150.20 90.93 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, RestatedCAR-T and TCR technologies for cancer and autoimmune diseasesPhase IIAutoimmune/Inflammatory, CancerBroad Focus Autoimmune/Inflammatory, Broad Focus CancerCell Therapy - Stem Cells/FactorsWorldwideSEC Redacted
8/2015StandaloneRelypsaSanofiCo-PromotionPatiromer for oral suspension to treat hyperkalemia in the USFiledEndocrinological & Metabolic, RenalOther Endocrinological & Metabolic, Other RenalSyntheticsPolymersNAFTAUSSEC Redacted
7/2015R&D + CoProApplied Genetic TechnologiesBiogen 1,189.00 94.00 10.43 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, Option, ResearchXLRS and XLRP gene therapy programs for genetic eye diseases plus option to discovery programsPhase I, Preclinical, DiscoveryOphthalmic, Other/MiscellaneousGenetic Disorders, Other OphthalmicOligonucleotidesGene TherapyWorldwideSEC Redacted
7/2015R&D + CoProRegeneron PharmaceuticalsSanofi 1,840.00 375.00 20.38 20.38 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, LicenseImmuno-oncology monoclonal and bi-specific antibodies including REGN2810 PD-1 inhibitorPhase I, DiscoveryCancerBroad Focus CancerMonoclonalsBispecific, Human AbsWorldwideSEC Redacted
4/2015R&D + CoProAgios PharmaceuticalsCelgene 80.00 10.00 12.50 87.50 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, LicenseAG-881 IDH mutant inhibitor for cancerPreclinicalCancerBroad Focus CancerSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
1/2015R&D + CoProAgenusIncyte 410.00 25.00 14.63 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, Option, ResearchRetrocyte Display platform to develop immuno-oncology antibodies targeting GITR, OX40, LAG-3 & TIM-3DiscoveryCancerBroad Focus CancerMonoclonalsHuman Abs, Humanized AbsWorldwideSEC Redacted
1/2015R&D + CoProTheravance BiopharmaMylan 265.00 15.00 16.98 Co-Promotion, Development, LicenseTD-4208 (nebulized long-acting muscarinic antagonist) compound for COPD ex-ChinaPhase IIRespiratoryAsthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Other RespiratoryDrug Delivery, SyntheticsOther, Small MoleculeAfrica, Asia, Europe, Middle East, NAFTA, South AmericaAll African Countries, All European Countries, All Middle East Countries, All NAFTA Countries, All South American Countries, Australia, India, Japan, New Zealand, Other Asian, Southeast AsiaSEC Redacted
12/2014R&D + CoProARIAD PharmaceuticalsOtsuka Pharmaceutical 157.50 77.50 49.21 50.79 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, SupplyIclusig (ponatinib) BCR-ABL inhibitor for leukemia in Japan and nine other Asian countriesPhase IICancerLeukemiaSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChina, Japan, Other Asian, Southeast AsiaSEC Redacted
12/2014R&D + CoProMacroGenicsJohnson & Johnson, Janssen 700.00 50.00 17.86 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, OptionMGD011 humanized CD19 x CD3 bispecific DART protein for multiple B-cell malignanciesPreclinicalCancerLeukemia, LymphomaMonoclonalsBispecificWorldwideSEC Redacted
11/2014R&D + CoProGeronJohnson & Johnson, Janssen 955.00 35.00 3.66 59.69 36.65 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, OptionImetelstat telomerase inhibitor oligonucleotide for hematologic myeloid malignanciesPhase IICancerLeukemia, Other CancerOligonucleotidesAntisense/Triple helixWorldwideSEC Redacted
11/2014R&D + CoProProteostasis TherapeuticsAstellas Pharma 408.50 1.22 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, Option, ResearchDisease Relevant Translation platform to discover products that modulate unfolded protein responseDiscoveryOther/MiscellaneousGenetic DisordersCell Therapy - Stem Cells/Factors, ScreeningWorldwideSEC Redacted
10/2014R&D + CoProFibroGenAstraZeneca 376.70 28.20 7.49 42.74 44.47 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, Joint Venture, License, RestatedRoxadustat (HIF-PH inhib FG-2216) partnership for anemia in ChinaPhase IIIHematologicAnemiaSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChinaSEC Redacted
10/2014R&D + CoProNewLink GeneticsRoche, Genentech 1,150.00 150.00 13.04 Co-Promotion, Development, License, Option, ResearchNLG919 (IDO inhibitor) for cancer plus discovery of next generation IDO/TDO compoundsPhase I, DiscoveryCancerSolid TumorsSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
9/2014R&D + CoProInfinity PharmaceuticalsAbbVie 805.00 275.00 34.16 50.31 15.53 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, Cross-License, SupplyDuvelisib (IPI-145) PI3k-delta/gamma inhibitor for blood cancersPhase IIICancerLeukemia, LymphomaSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
8/2014R&D + CoProMyoKardiaSanofi 129.00 35.00 27.13 54.26Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, ResearchTargeted therapeutics for hypertrophic (HCM) and dilated cardiomyopathies (DCM) HCM ex-USDiscoveryCardiovascular, Other/MiscellaneousGenetic Disorders, Other CardiovascularWorldwideSEC Redacted
5/2014R&D + CoProMacroGenicsTakeda 501.50 15.00 2.99 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, OptionMGD010 (anti-CD32B and CD79B humanized DART bi-specific Ab) for autoimmune diseasesPreclinicalAutoimmune/InflammatoryBroad Focus Autoimmune/InflammatoryMonoclonalsBispecificWorldwideSEC Redacted
3/2014StandaloneAmarinKowa, Kowa Pharmaceuticals AmericaCo-PromotionVascepa (icosapent ethyl) as adjunct to diet and exercise for hypertriglyceridemia in USApprovedCardiovascularOther CardiovascularNatural ProductNAFTAUSSEC Redacted
2/2014R&D + CoProArdelyxSanofi 198.00 1.25 0.63 Co-Promotion, License, Option, ResearchNaP2b phosphate transport inhibitor program for kidney diseasePreclinicalRenalKidney Stones, Other RenalSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
1/2014R&D + CoProAlnylamSanofi, Genzyme 1,050.00 66.67 5.71 13.33 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, Option, ResearchsiRNAi therapeutics worldwide, plus program for genetic disorders ex-NA & EUPhase III, DiscoveryCentral Nervous System, Hematologic, Other/MiscellaneousBroad Focus Central Nervous System, Genetic Disorders, HemophiliaOligonucleotidesRNAiAfrica, Asia, Europe, Middle East, NAFTA, South America, WorldwideAll African Countries, All Asian Countries, All Middle East Countries, All South American Countries, Eastern Europe, Mexico, Other European, Russia, ScandinaviaSEC Redacted
1/2014R&D + CoProSangamo BioSciencesBiogen 313.80 20.00 6.37 40.25 53.38 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, Option, Research, RestatedZinc finger nuclease genome-editing technology for sickle cell disease and beta-thalassemiaDiscoveryHematologic, Other/MiscellaneousGenetic Disorders, Other Hematologic, Sickle Cell DiseaseOligonucleotidesGene TherapyWorldwideSEC Redacted
1/2014R&D + CoProSunesis PharmaceuticalsTakeda, Millennium 69.95 4.00 5.72 45.75 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, Option, RestatedSmall molecules to Raf Target and the PDK TargetPhase II, Lead MoleculeCancerBroad Focus CancerSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
12/2013R&D + CoProOncoMed PharmaceuticalsCelgene 3,332.25 155.00 5.32 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, OptionDemcizumab (anti-DLL4 Ab), DLL4/VEGF bispecific Ab and four other cancer stem cell compoundsPhase I, Preclinical, DiscoveryCancerBroad Focus CancerMonoclonals, SyntheticsBispecific, Humanized Abs, Small MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
12/2013R&D + CoProProteostasis TherapeuticsBiogen 203.00 2.50 3.69 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, Option, ResearchUsp14 inhibitors for neurodegenerative diseasesDiscoveryCentral Nervous SystemAlzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's DiseaseSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
12/2013R&D + CoProProthenaRoche 585.00 30.00 5.13 64.96 29.91 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, LicensePRX002 (mAb targeting alpha-synuclein) for Parkinson's diseasePreclinicalCentral Nervous SystemParkinson's DiseaseMonoclonalsHumanized AbsWorldwideSEC Redacted
11/2013R&D + CoProCTI BioPharmaBaxter, Baxalta 362.00 30.00 16.57 30.94 52.49 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, LicensePacritinib JAK2/FLT3 inhibitor for myelofibrosis and hematologic cancersPhase IIICancerLeukemia, Lymphoma, Other CancerSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
9/2013R&D + CoProGalapagos NVAbbVie 405.00 45.00 11.11 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, ResearchOral potentiator and combination therapies for cystic fibrosis ex-China & S KoreaDiscoveryRespiratoryCystic FibrosisSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAfrica, Asia, Europe, Middle East, NAFTA, South AmericaAll African Countries, All European Countries, All Middle East Countries, All NAFTA Countries, All South American Countries, Australia, India, Japan, New Zealand, Other Asian, Southeast AsiaSEC Redacted
7/2013R&D + CoProAstraZeneca, MedImmuneKolltan Pharmaceuticals 300.50 4.00 1.33 4.99 89.85 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, OptionMAb to e Her3 receptor tyrosine kinase for solid tumorsPreclinicalCancerSolid TumorsMonoclonalsHuman AbsWorldwideSEC Redacted
6/2013R&D + CoProCytokineticsAstellas Pharma 592.00 46.00 7.77 18.92 33.78 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, ResearchCK-2127107 (skeletal troponin activator) for muscle weakness conditionsPhase I, DiscoveryCentral Nervous SystemOther Central Nervous SystemSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
6/2013StandaloneValeant PharmaceuticalsZogenixCo-PromotionMigranal (dihydroergotamine mesylate Nasal Spray) for migraine in USApprovedCentral Nervous SystemMigraneDrug DeliveryNasalNAFTAUSSEC Redacted
5/2013R&D + CoProArray BioPharmaOncothyreon 310.00 30.00 9.68 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, LicenseONT-380 (ARRY-380) HER2 inhibitor for breast cancerPhase ICancerBreastSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
3/2013R&D + CoProbluebird bioCelgene 300.00 75.00 25.00 49.00 26.00 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, Option, ResearchChimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell gene therapy for cancerDiscoveryCancerBroad Focus CancerCell Therapy - Stem Cells/Factors, OligonucleotidesGene TherapyWorldwideSEC Redacted
12/2012R&D + CoProXenon PharmaceuticalsTeva, IVAX 396.00 41.00 10.35 77.02 7.58 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, Development, Equity, License, OptionTV-45070 (XEN402 Nav1.7 and Nav1.8 sodium channel blocker) for pain and OAPhase IIAutoimmune/Inflammatory, Central Nervous SystemOsteoarthritis, PainSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
10/2012R&D + CoProAbbVieCelgene, ReceptosCo-Development, Co-Promotion, License, OptionRPC4046 (humanized IL-13 antibody) for Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) immune disorderPhase IIAutoimmune/InflammatoryOther Autoimmune/InflammatoryMonoclonalsHumanized AbsWorldwideSEC Redacted
10/2012R&D + CoProArdelyxAstraZeneca 905.00 35.00 3.87 30.11 66.02 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, OptionNHE3 inhibitor program, including RDX5791 for IBS-C, ESRD and CKDPhase IIGastrointestinal, RenalBowel Movement Disorders, Other Gastrointestinal, Other RenalSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
10/2012R&D + CoProIronwood PharmaceuticalsAstraZeneca 150.00 25.00 16.67 83.33 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, LicenseLinaclotide for IBS with constipation in ChinaPhase IIIGastrointestinalOther GastrointestinalPeptidesAsiaChinaSEC Redacted
7/2012R&D + CoProRegulus TherapeuticsSanofi, Aventis 700.00 25.00 5.00 Co-Promotion, Development, License, Option, Research, RestatedmicroRNA therapeutics for fibrosis including lead program targeting microRNA-21DiscoveryCancer, RenalBroad Focus Cancer, Other RenalOligonucleotidesAntisense/Triple helixWorldwideSEC Redacted
6/2012StandaloneHorizon PharmaCovidien, MallinckrodtCo-PromotionDuexis (ibuprofen and famotidine) for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis in the USApproved, FormulationAutoimmune/InflammatoryOsteoarthritis, Rheumatoid ArthritisSyntheticsSmall MoleculeNAFTAUSSEC Redacted
6/2012StandaloneZogenixCovidien, MallinckrodtCo-PromotionSUMAVEL DosePro (sumatriptan injection) for acute migraine & headaches in USApproved, FormulationCentral Nervous SystemMigraneDrug DeliveryOtherNAFTAUSFOIA
5/2012StandaloneEndo International, AuxiliumGlaxoSmithKlineCo-PromotionTestim 1% (testosterone gel) for testosterone replacement therapy in adult males in USApprovedEndocrinological & MetabolicHypogonadismDrug DeliveryTransdermalNAFTAUSFOIA
4/2012StandaloneAstraZenecaThe Medicines Company 82.50 24.00 Co-Promotion, LicenseBrilinta (ticagrelor) copromotion to acute interventional cardiologists in USApprovedCardiovascularAtherosclerosis/Coronary Artery DiseaseSyntheticsSmall MoleculeNAFTAUSSEC Redacted
4/2012R&D + CoProEndocyteMerck 1,000.00 120.00 12.00 38.00 50.00 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, LicenseVintafolide (EC145) folate conjugate for cancer worldwidePhase IIICancerLung, OvarianSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
3/2012R&D + CoProAmgenAstraZeneca 50.00 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, LicenseAMG827 (brodalumab) and other compounds for inflammation & respiratory ex-AsiaPhase II, Phase IAutoimmune/Inflammatory, Dermatologic, Gastrointestinal, RespiratoryAsthma, IBD - Crohn's Disease, IBD - Ulcerative Colitis, Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Rheumatoid ArthritisMonoclonalsHuman AbsAfrica, Europe, Middle East, NAFTA, South AmericaAll African Countries, All European Countries, All Middle East Countries, All NAFTA Countries, All South American CountriesSEC Redacted
2/2012R&D + CoProEnanta PharmaceuticalsNovartis 440.00 34.00 7.73 55.91 36.36 Co-Promotion, Development, License, ResearchEDP-239 (NS5A inhibitor) for HCVPhase IInfectious-ViralHepatitis CSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
2/2012R&D + CoProGalapagos NVAbbott, AbbVie 1,400.00 150.00 10.71 14.29 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, OptionFibgotinib (JAK1 oral inhibitor) for RA and autoimmune diseasesPhase IIAutoimmune/InflammatoryBroad Focus Autoimmune/Inflammatory, Rheumatoid ArthritisSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
2/2012R&D + CoProThreshold PharmaceuticalsMerck KGaA 550.00 25.00 4.55 50.91 44.55 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, OptionTH-302 small molecule hypoxia-targeted drug for cancerPhase IIICancerLeukemia, Lymphoma, Pancreatic, Solid TumorsSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
12/2011R&D + CoProAbbVie, PharmacyclicsJohnson & Johnson, Janssen 975.00 150.00 15.38 84.62 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, LicenseImbruvica (Ibrutinib PCI-32765 Btk inhibitor) for hematologic cancersPhase IICancerLeukemia, Lymphoma, Multiple MyelomaSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
12/2011R&D + CoProReata PharmaceuticalsAbbott, AbbVie 400.00 400.00 100.00 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, OptionSecond-generation oral antioxidant inflammation modulatorsPreclinicalAutoimmune/Inflammatory, Central Nervous System, RespiratoryBroad Focus Autoimmune/Inflammatory, Broad Focus Central Nervous System, Broad Focus RespiratoryDrug Delivery, SyntheticsOral, Small MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
10/2011R&D + CoProPortola PharmaceuticalsBiogen 553.50 36.00 8.13 91.87 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, Equity, LicensePRT062607 (oral Syk inhibitor), for rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and allergic asthmaPhase I, DiscoveryAutoimmune/Inflammatory, RespiratoryAsthma, Other Autoimmune/Inflammatory, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus ErythematosusSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
8/2011R&D + CoProAcceleronCelgene 687.50 25.00 3.64 31.64 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, OptionACE-536 (luspatercept TGF-Beta inhibitor) for treatment of anemiaPhase IHematologicAnemiaPeptides, Recombinant DNAWorldwideSEC Redacted
8/2011R&D + CoProAcceleronCelgene 1,489.00 45.00 3.36 24.18 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, OptionACE-011 ( sotatercept activin receptor type 2a antagonist) for cancer and cancer-related bone lossPhase ICancerBroad Focus CancerRecombinant DNAWorldwideSEC Redacted
7/2011R&D + CoProVicalAstellas Pharma 130.00 25.00 19.23 80.77 Co-Promotion, Development, License, OptionTransVax vaccine to control cytomegalovirus reactivation in transplant recipientsPhase IIInfectious-ViralCytomegalovirus/CMVVaccinesWorldwideSEC Redacted
4/2011R&D + CoProEpizymeEisai 211.00 3.00 1.42 54.50 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, Option, ResearchSmall molecule histone methyltransferase inhibitors targeting EZH2 for lymphomaDiscoveryCancerLymphomaSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
4/2011R&D + CoProExelixisBristol-Myers Squibb 1,105.00 195.00 17.65 27.15 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, RestatedXL184 (MET, VEGFR2, RET inhib) and XL281 (RAF kinase inhib) for thyroid cancer and solid tumorsPhase III, Phase ICancerOther Cancer, Solid TumorsSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
4/2011StandaloneOptimerMerck, Cubist 47.50 100.00 Co-PromotionDIFICID (fidaxomicin) for diarrhea in USFiledInfectious-BacterialBroad Focus Infectious-BacterialSyntheticsSmall MoleculeNAFTAUSFOIA
3/2011R&D + CoProFive PrimeGlaxoSmithKline, Human Genome Sciences 495.00 Co-Promotion, Development, License, OptionFP-1039 fibroblast growth factor receptor 1 antagonist for cancerPhase ICancerBroad Focus CancerRecombinant DNAEurope, NAFTACanada, European Union, USSEC Redacted
2/2011R&D + CoProAVEO PharmaceuticalsAstellas Pharma 1,480.00 75.00 5.07 6.08 52.70 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, SupplyTivozanib VEGF inhibitor for cancer worldwide ex-AsiaPhase IIICancerBroad Focus CancerSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAfrica, Europe, Middle East, NAFTA, South AmericaAll African Countries, All European Countries, All Middle East Countries, All NAFTA Countries, All South American CountriesSEC Redacted
2/2011R&D + CoProIntra-Cellular TherapiesTakeda 750.00 33.33 Co-Promotion, Development, LicenseITI-214 (PDE1 inhibitor) for schizophreniaPreclinicalPsychiatricSchizophreniaSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
10/2010R&D + CoProMacroGenicsBoehringer Ingelheim 238.00 15.00 6.30 54.62 34.87 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, Development, License, Option, ResearchDual-Affinity Re-Targeting (DART) bi-specific antibody therapeutics against up to 10 targetsDiscoveryAutoimmune/Inflammatory, Cancer, Cardiovascular, Infectious-Bacterial, Infectious-Viral, RespiratoryBroad Focus Autoimmune/Inflammatory, Broad Focus Cancer, Broad Focus Cardiovascular, Broad Focus Infectious-Bacterial, Broad Focus Infectious-Viral, Broad Focus RespiratoryMonoclonals, Recombinant DNABispecificWorldwideSEC Redacted
9/2010R&D + CoProOrexigen TherapeuticsTakeda 1,078.50 50.00 4.64 9.60 81.59 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, SupplyContrave (naltrexone SR/bupropion SR) for obesity in NAFTAFiledEndocrinological & MetabolicObesitySyntheticsSmall MoleculeNAFTAAll NAFTA CountriesFOIA
8/2010StandaloneSomaxonProcter & Gamble 12.50 Co-PromotionSilenor (oral doxepin) for insomnia in USApprovedCentral Nervous SystemSleep DisordersSyntheticsSmall MoleculeNAFTAUSFOIA
7/2010R&D + CoProTakeda, IntellikineInfinity Pharmaceuticals 488.50 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, Option, ResearchDuvelisib (INK1197) targeting PI3K/mTOR pathwayPreclinicalAutoimmune/Inflammatory, CancerBroad Focus Autoimmune/Inflammatory, Broad Focus CancerSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
5/2010R&D + CoProAmgen, MicrometBoehringer Ingelheim 77.60 6.60 8.51 85.05 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, LicenseBiTE antibody for multiple myelomaPreclinicalCancerMultiple MyelomaWorldwideSEC Redacted
4/2010R&D + CoProAgios PharmaceuticalsCelgene 442.75 121.20 29.36 35.01 11.29 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, Option, ResearchAG-221 (IDH2 mutant inhibitor) & AG-120 (IDH1 inhib) and PKM2 programs for cancerLead Molecule, DiscoveryCancerBroad Focus CancerTranscription FactorsWorldwideSEC Redacted
4/2010R&D + CoProArray BioPharmaNovartis 467.00 40.00 8.57 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, LicenseBinimetinib (ARRY-162) MEK inhibitor for cancerPhase ICancerBroad Focus Cancer, MelanomaSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
1/2010R&D + CoProKaloBios PharmaceuticalsSanofi, Sanofi Pasteur 290.00 40.00 13.79 Co-Promotion, Development, License, OptionKB001 humanized pegylated antibody fragment for Pseudomonas aeruginosaPhase IInfectious-BacterialOther Infectious-BacterialMonoclonalsHumanized AbsWorldwideSEC Redacted
12/2009R&D + CoProArray BioPharmaAmgen 726.00 Co-Promotion, Development, License, OptionARRY-403 (AMG-151) glucokinase activator for Type 2 diabetesPhase IEndocrinological & MetabolicDiabetesSyntheticsCombinatorialWorldwideSEC Redacted
12/2009R&D + CoProBristol-Myers Squibb, ZymoGeneticsNovo Nordisk 181.50 24.00 13.22 49.59 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, Development, License, Option, RestatedInterleukin 21 (IL-21) gene therpy and anatagonist products for cancerPreclinicalAutoimmune/Inflammatory, CancerBroad Focus Autoimmune/Inflammatory, Broad Focus CancerMonoclonals, Oligonucleotides, Recombinant DNAGene TherapyAfrica, Asia, Europe, Middle East, NAFTA, South AmericaAll African Countries, All Asian Countries, All European Countries, All Middle East Countries, All South American Countries, MexicoFOIA
12/2009R&D + CoProCatalyst Biosciences, TargaceptAstraZeneca 1,240.00 200.00 16.13 22.98 40.32 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, OptionAmplixa (TC-5214 nicotinic channel blocker) for major depressive disorderPhase IIPsychiatricDepression & ManiaSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideFOIA
12/2009R&D + CoProDaiichi Sankyo, Ambit BiosciencesAstellas Pharma 390.00 40.00 10.26 89.74 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, LicenseAC220 (quizartinib FLT3 kinase inhibitor) for acute myeloid leukemiaPhase IICancerLeukemiaSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
12/2009R&D + CoProDicerna PharmaceuticalsKirin, Kyowa Hakko Kirin 237.50 4.00 1.68 Co-Promotion, Development, License, OptionDicer substrate siRNA therapeutics for cancerDiscoveryAutoimmune/Inflammatory, CancerBroad Focus Autoimmune/Inflammatory, Broad Focus CancerOligonucleotidesRNAiWorldwideSEC Redacted
12/2009R&D + CoProOncoGenex PharmaceuticalsTeva 397.50 20.00 7.55 20.13 37.11 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, OptionOGX-011 (antisense clusterin modulator) for Prostate and lung cancerPhase IIICancerLung, ProstateOligonucleotidesAntisense/Triple helixWorldwideFOIA
11/2009R&D + CoProIncyteNovartis 1,319.00 150.00 11.37 50.72 37.91 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, Option, SupplyJakafi (ruxolitinib JAK1/JAK2 inhib) & cMET inhibitor for hematology & oncology ex-USPhase III, PreclinicalCancer, HematologicBroad Focus Cancer, Other HematologicSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAfrica, Asia, Europe, Middle East, NAFTA, South AmericaAll African Countries, All Asian Countries, All European Countries, All Middle East Countries, All South American Countries, Canada, MexicoSEC Redacted
10/2009R&D + CoProAlnylamRoche 416.00 273.50 65.75 19.23 4.81 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, OptionCo-commercialization of RNAi therapeuticsLead MoleculeUnlimitedOligonucleotidesRNAiWorldwideSEC Redacted
10/2009R&D + CoProBristol-Myers Squibb, AmylinTakeda 1,320.00 75.00 5.68 8.71 60.61 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, SupplyPramlintide/metreleptin and davalintide for treatment of obesityPhase II, DiscoveryEndocrinological & MetabolicObesityPeptidesWorldwideFOIA
10/2009R&D + CoProMedivationAstellas Pharma 765.00 110.00 14.38 43.79 41.83 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, LicenseXtandi (MDV3100 enzalutamide androgen receptor antag) for prostate cancerPhase IIICancerProstateSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
9/2009R&D + CoProMerrimack PharmaceuticalsSanofi, Sanofi-Aventis 530.00 60.00 11.32 77.36 11.32 Co-Promotion, Development, License, Manufacturing, SupplyMM-121 anti-ErbB3 human antibody for cancerPhase ICancerBroad Focus CancerMonoclonalsHuman AbsWorldwideSEC Redacted
8/2009R&D + CoProCardiomeMerck 800.00 60.00 7.50 25.00 42.50 Co-Promotion, Development, License, LoanBrinavess (vernakalant IV & oral) for atrial fibrillationPhase III, Phase IICardiovascularArrhythmia, Other CardiovascularSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
7/2009R&D + CoProAmgenGlaxoSmithKline 198.00 45.00 22.73 37.88 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, LicenseDenosumab for osteoporosis in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and MexicoFiledBone DiseaseOsteoporosisMonoclonalsHuman AbsAsia, Europe, NAFTAAll European Countries, Australia, Mexico, New ZealandSEC Full
7/2009StandaloneParatek Pharmaceuticals, Transcept PharmaceuticalsPurdue Pharma 145.00 25.00 17.24 20.69 Co-Promotion, LicenseIntermezzo (zolpidem tartrate sublingual tablet) as sleep aid in USFiledCentral Nervous SystemSleep DisordersSyntheticsSmall MoleculeNAFTAUSSEC Redacted
7/2009StandaloneZogenixAstellas Pharma 30.00 8.00 26.67 40.00 Co-PromotionSumavel DosePro (sumatriptan injection) needle­-free delivery for migraines in USApproved, FormulationCentral Nervous SystemMigraneDrug DeliveryOtherNAFTAUSFOIA
5/2009R&D + CoProAcadia PharmaceuticalsValeant Pharmaceuticals, Biovail 395.25 30.25 7.65 13.92 40.48 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, LicensePimavanserin (5-HT2A inverse agonist) for Parkinson's & Alzheimer's psychosis in NAPhase IIICentral Nervous System, PsychiatricAlzheimer's Disease, Other Psychiatric, Parkinson's DiseaseSyntheticsSmall MoleculeNAFTACanada, USFOIA
3/2009R&D + CoProAeterna ZentarisSanofi 165.00 30.00 18.18 Co-Promotion, Development, License, SupplyCetrorelix pamoate (LHRH antag) for treatment of BPH & urinary tract symptoms in USPhase IIIEndocrinological & Metabolic, Infectious-BacterialBenign Prostatic Hyperplasia, Urinary Tract InfectionsSyntheticsSmall MoleculeNAFTAUSSEC Redacted
1/2009R&D + CoProLa Jolla PharmaceuticalBioMarin 296.00 7.50 5.07 48.99 42.57 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, LicenseRiquent (abetimus sodium) for Lupus ex-AsiaPhase IIIAutoimmune/InflammatorySystemic Lupus ErythematosusOligonucleotidesLigandsAfrica, Europe, Middle East, NAFTA, South AmericaAll African Countries, All European Countries, All Middle East Countries, All NAFTA Countries, All South American CountriesFOIA
1/2009R&D + CoProZymoGeneticsBristol-Myers Squibb 1,106.50 105.00 9.49 38.86 25.76 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, LicensePEG-IFN Lambda for HCVPhase IInfectious-ViralHepatitis CDrug Delivery, Peptides, Recombinant DNAPEG ProductsWorldwideFOIA
12/2008R&D + CoProAllergan, Actavis, MAP PharmaceuticalsAstraZeneca 900.00 40.00 4.44 32.22 57.22 Co-Promotion, Development, LicenseUnit Dose Budesonide for pediatric asthmaPhase III, FormulationRespiratoryAsthmaDrug DeliveryNasalWorldwideFOIA
12/2008R&D + CoProArQuleDaiichi Sankyo 620.00 60.00 9.68 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, LicenseARQ 197 cMet inhibitor for cancer WW ex-Japan, China, South Korea and TaiwanPhase ICancerBroad Focus CancerSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAfrica, Asia, Europe, Middle East, NAFTA, South AmericaAll African Countries, All European Countries, All Middle East Countries, All NAFTA Countries, All South American Countries, Australia, India, New Zealand, Other Asian, Southeast AsiaSEC Redacted
12/2008R&D + CoProDynavax TechnologiesGlaxoSmithKline 195.00 10.00 5.13 64.10 30.77 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, Option, ResearchToll-like Receptor (TLR 7/9) inhibitors to treat inflammationPreclinical, DiscoveryAutoimmune/Inflammatory, DermatologicOther Autoimmune/Inflammatory, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid ArthritisOligonucleotidesLigandsWorldwideSEC Redacted
12/2008R&D + CoProSynta PharmaceuticalsRoche 442.20 16.00 3.62 28.27 38.44 Co-Promotion, Development, License, ResearchCalcium release-activated calcium modulator (CRACM) inhibitors for rheumatoid arthritisPreclinical, DiscoveryAutoimmune/InflammatoryRheumatoid ArthritisSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideFOIA
11/2008R&D + CoProDepomedAbbott, Solvay Pharmaceuticals 395.00 25.00 6.33 17.72 75.95 Co-Promotion, Development, License, OptionGRALISE (gabapentin ER) for pain in NAFTAPhase III, FormulationCentral Nervous SystemPainDrug DeliverySustained ReleaseNAFTAAll NAFTA CountriesSEC Redacted
10/2008R&D + CoProMedivationPfizer 725.00 225.00 31.03 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, RestatedDimebon for Alzheimer's and Huntington's diseasesPhase IIICentral Nervous SystemAlzheimer's Disease, Other Central Nervous SystemSyntheticsSmall MoleculeWorldwideSEC Redacted
10/2008R&D + CoProSpectrum PharmaceuticalsActavis, Allergan 344.00 41.50 12.06 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, SupplyApaziquone (EOquin(R) for treatment of bladder cancer ex-AsiaPhase IIICancerBladderSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAfrica, Europe, Middle East, NAFTA, South AmericaAll African Countries, All European Countries, All Middle East Countries, All NAFTA Countries, All South American CountriesSEC Redacted
9/2008R&D + CoProMaxygenAstellas Pharma 125.00 10.00 8.00 92.00 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, SupplyMAXY-4 (CTLA4-Ig protein) for RA, transplant rejection and other autoimmuneLead MoleculeAutoimmune/Inflammatory, TransplantationBroad Focus Autoimmune/Inflammatory, Organ/Tissue Transplants, Rheumatoid ArthritisRecombinant DNAWorldwideFOIA
07/2008StandaloneAstraZenecaMerck, Cubist 90.00 Co-PromotionMERREM (meropenem) antibiotic to infectious, critical care and pediatric prescribers in USApprovedInfectious-BacterialBroad Focus Infectious-BacterialSyntheticsSmall MoleculeNAFTAUSFOIA
7/2008StandaloneDepomedSalix Pharmaceuticals, Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Santarus 28.00 12.00 42.86 57.14 Co-Promotion, LicenseGLUMETZA (metformin hydrochloride ER) for diabetes in USApproved, FormulationEndocrinological & MetabolicDiabetesDrug DeliverySustained ReleaseNAFTAUSFOIA
7/2008R&D + CoProImmunomedicsTakeda, Nycomed Pharma 620.00 40.00 6.45 Co-Promotion, Development, License, OptionSubcutaneous veltuzumab (humanized anti-CD20 antibody) for non-cancer indicationsPhase II, FormulationAutoimmune/InflammatoryOther Autoimmune/Inflammatory, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus ErythematosusDrug Delivery, MonoclonalsHumanized Abs, OtherWorldwideSEC Redacted
7/2008StandalonePfizer, WyethImpax LaboratoriesCo-PromotionPristiq (deslenvafaxine tablets) anti-depressant promotion to neurologists in USApprovedPsychiatricDepression & ManiaSyntheticsSmall MoleculeNAFTAUSFOIA
5/2008R&D + CoProAlnylamTakeda 321.00 150.00 46.73 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, Option, ResearchRNAi therapeutics in the fields of oncology and metabolic diseaseDiscoveryCancer, Endocrinological & MetabolicBroad Focus Cancer, Broad Focus Endocrinological & MetabolicOligonucleotidesRNAiWorldwideSEC Redacted
4/2008R&D + CoProShire, DyaxMerck, Cubist 231.25 15.00 6.49 33.51 43.24 Co-Development, Co-Promotion, License, SupplyDX-88 ( ecallantide) kallikrein inhibitor to prevent CABG surgery blood loss in NAFTA and EuropePhase IICardiovascularAtherosclerosis/Coronary Artery DiseasePeptidesEurope, NAFTAAll European Countries, All NAFTA CountriesFOIA
3/2008R&D + CoProBioSante Pharmaceuticals, Cell GenesysTakeda 320.00 50.00 15.63 Co-Promotion, Development, License, SupplyGVAX immunotherapy for prostate cancerPhase IIICancerProstateOligonucleotides, VaccinesGene TherapyWorldwideSEC Redacted