WFDSS Known Issues
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Use this spreadsheet to review current known WFDSS Issues. Current Issues are moved to the Archive tab once the workaround is no longer neededHINT: Seeing buggy behavior? Many issues are resolved by: 1) Refreshing the current page. 2) Logging out of browser and back in. 3) Restarting computer.
Reported IssueTemporary WorkaroundCause and status of "fix"
WFDSS Fire Behavior models are operating under the 2014 version. There are computational differences between the current models in WFDSS and the most recent model versions as found in FlamMap 6.0Ensure that the arrival time grid is used when viewing results for Short Term Analsysis. (You can use FLAMMAP 6.0 to get the most current MTT model, including flow path bug fix - These FLAMMAP runs can be uploaded as images into the WFDSS decision) Business Leads and Developers are working to get the new model versions into WFDSS as soon as possible
Users receive failure message when drawing a shape following a shape upload.Following the failure message, log out and back in and try it again. The failure message is only generated when a user tries drawing a shape immediately following a shape upload. Logging out and back in 'resets' the issue.Unsure the cause, still under investigation. Scheduled for fix for release
Some users report they cannot create (close) a polygon shape in Chrome or I.E. with the standard double click.Alternatively hold shift with a single mouse click to finish a line or polygon.Some browser sessions are not recognizing the double click.
When trying to move incident objectives/strategic requirements using the 'move up' and 'move down' buttons, the desired buttons are either greyed out or do not complete the requested action.This issue can be usually be shaken loose by doing some refreshes of the objectives page and/or ajdusting the filters to reset the objectives list. Leaving that incident and returning or logging out and back into WFDSS are more difficult but also seem to help.There is a defect in the code and/or a page settings that seems appear the longer a user is on the page. The problem has proven difficult to fix and is compounded by using filters (active vs deactivated, included vs excluded) and incident objectives or requirements created from within the Default Decision Editor. Scheduled for fix for release
Landscape masks do not display on the View Landscape or Results maps.Landscape masks display on the Analysis map, and can be used to apply edits correctly.Developers working on code fix, Scheduled for fix for release
Inidividual RAWS occasionally not available in the dropdown "picklist" when creating a Fire Behavior AnalysisConfirm that the hourly station data has been recorded in WIMS and the 1300 Obs has been adjusted from Type R to Type O at least once in the last 3 days. On-call Decision Support staff may be able to assist with this. IF the user/support staff can confirm that hourly weather is current in WIMS but the station is not in WFDSS, then submit Feedback through WFDSS to request help from software developers to retrieve the station. If there is not current weather data in WIMS users should reach out to the station owner/local dispatch office to report and analysts will need to select an alternate RAWS. If you don't have access to WIMS, you can do the following: 1)Turn on the RAWS STATION layer beneath the Fire Weather and Danger in the left hand menu of any map

2)Click on the Station that is missing from the pick list

3)Click on the Station Name Link from the Pop-up

4)In the MesoWest Pop-up, click on the Change Date/Time in the left menu

5)On this screen, the range of observations is displayed.

a. If the observations for the station has not been updated recently, a new station will need to be selected.
Potentially two separate causes. Either the station data is not feeding correctly into WIMS or the WIMS data is not getting into WFDSS. Short term workaround has been successful in cases where the data is in WIMS, long term fix is being investigated. Note: Station weather data may appear in WFMI, Mesowest, National Weather Service, etc. but still not be in WIMS for various reasons.
For an Incident Group, the View Incidents > Download Planning Area link is not functional and gives a 500 errorDownload each planning area individually OR use the Generate KMZ link, include the planning areas, and use preferred GIS tools to convert to shapefiles as needed.Link was included in a recent release of WFDSS in error before the functionallity was worked out. Scheduled for fix for release
For an Incident Group, the View Incidents > Download Decisions options are not working as expected.There are two options for downloading all decisions for an Incident Group. 1) The Incident Groups > Download Decisions button will create and download a zipped folder of all published decisions for incidents in the selected group both past and current. 2) The Incident Groups > View Incidents > Download Decisions button will download a zipped file of all Current Decisions for checked boxes, but this file cannot be opened with the WinZip utility. 3rd party unzipping tools available for download e.g. 7zip have been successful at opening the zipped files.Scheduled for fix for release
Users on some mobile devices (reported on iOS) unable to access the left side menu, because menu will not expand. Occasionally a long tap will display the menu.On a computer or other device capable of accessing the left side menu, enable the "Enhanced Accesibility" option on the "My Home > System Preferences" tab to make the menu static and accessible on all devices.The menu behavior, of collapsing when not in use and expanding on either a mouse-hover or press-and-drag, is not compatible with some interfaces.
DOI users unable to view maps and situation/assessment tab issues in IE11. Use Chrome or another browser. In IE can also go to Compatibility View settings in the Tools Menu, uncheck the box "Display intranet sites in compatibility view." (unknown if this will cause problems with other intranet sites)IE's default setting on DOI computers is "Display intranet sites in compatibility view mode." WFDSS is a DOI intranet site. WFDSS maps do not work in compatibility mode. The DOI will re-set "Display intranet site in compatibility view mode". DOI users may have to continuously uncheck this setting
RAWS data is offset by one hour during DST in locations that do not observe DSTThe application does not differentiate between areas that do or do not observe DST.
Live fuel moisture values in the ERC classes page are sometimes inverted (high to low, low to high) and not consistent between users. Additionally live moisture values appear to not be calculating correctly. Always look at the values and edit as needed before running analysis.Always check weather and fuel moisture data before running models to ensure it reflects current and expected conditions. Values can be edited as needed.Unknown
The Incident Content tree in the Advanced Decision or Report Editors may appear empty if there are special characters in the names of Analyses or imagesRemove special characters, especially apostrophes and quotation marks if possible. Even WFDSS generated ERC-G reports/images from a RAWS with an apostrophe in the name have caused issuesWFDSS employs several different methods of removing special characters but they occasionally sneak in. Scheduled for fix for release
Over prediction of spotting/spreadSince the beginning of geospatial fire modeling code (e.g. FARSITE), there has been an error in lofting the Max Distance ember too far because it sometimes gets stuck in a repetitive time loop. This can result in an over-prediction of spotting distance or fire spread distance.This was recently discovered. A code fix for the models is underway but will not be implemented until after fire season.
Trouble subscribing to Planning Area Notifications - On Smaller screens such as laptop screens scaling is off, text is outside text boxes and "Subscribe" buttons may be off screen and inaccessibleChange View Size (zoom) on browser. Using a larger screen or Firefox browser appears to display normally.
For all FSPro analyses before March 2015, some outputs are not available for download (arrival date, event coverage, etc) This data is un-recoverable. Users are welcome to report concerns or direct problems cause by this to the RDA to pass on to the infrastructure team.Data loss
VIIRS/MODIS data displays intermittently interupted. Data may be available at VIIRS/MODIS services occasionally unavailable.
Flame Act warning message is outdated. Upon completing the first Incident ONA that results in a Type 1 or Type 2 Organization, user sees a red warning message stating that the incident name and number can no longer be edited after the ONA is published. This is false, as the incident name and number are controlled outside of WFDSS for most fires and, if updated, will push to WFDSS. Ignore the warning until the message is updated in the fall.Scheduled for fix for release
Striping and offset in an LCP for use in fire behavior analysis. This has been reported on three incidents in 2019. Users should report this through feedback to ensure developers can look at it.Report in WFDSS Feedback. The Developers can delete the prj and force a new one to be created on request.WFDSS will continue to use the same projection file for landscape generation for an incident. If this file becomes corrupted each new landscape created will have the same problem. Since this happens infrequently the current fix is manual deletion of the prj file by developers which will cause WFDSS to create a new one.
If multiple Organizational Assessments or Relative Risk Assessments have been published for an incident, older assessments when viewed from the Incident History List will display the graphic for the most recent vs the historicnoneCurrently working on fix.
Cannot create line breaks (carriage returns) when editing text. Reported in the Rationale Section of the Default Decision Editor.Only seems to happen when editing a text box that already has text in it either from previous edits or copied from a previous decision. The first time text is entered into a box the enter/return key works as expected to start a new line.Unknown, newly reported 7/25
Photos displaying incorrectly. Uploaded photos display sideways or upside down in the decision.Open the photo in a photo editing software. Edit, rotate, and resave the photo prior to WFDSS uploadThis is not a WFDSS issue. The issue is related to file browser photo rotation in Windows and MacOS systems.
RAWS Error special characters in RAWS title cause various problemsStrip odd characters single quote from RAWS title Scheduled for fix for release
Using Conitioning Days of Zero for historical STFB analysis gives a warning message and no wx summary populatesUsers that want to run historical STFB with conditioning days of zero should first have a conditioning day in order to allow the summary to populate, and then change the conditioning days to zero. The system does not recognize the need to populate the wx summary historically when the user sets the value to zero, even though the system does need the summary for the wind and speed. Follow the temp. workaround. Likely will not be addressed in current WFDSS and will be dealt with in Next Gen WFDSS.
Unable to access Hourly Weather Forecast from the Situation MapTo obtain an hourly weather forescast, users will have to go to The application was removed from operations on Oct 1, per updated SCN 16-35 per the NWS. WFDSS Business is working to utilize another source.
The FWX file type download from the FSPro ERC Classes page is only useable in older versions of FireFamily Plus and is not useable in the current 5.0 versionIf you want to use this file type you will need to load an older version of FireFamily Plus. You can obtain the newer file format from other data sourcesBussiness is evaluting if we can adjust the file format in this current version of WFDSS.
Recieving the following message when creating analysis "Failure: the Analysis record could not be updated because the given record was out of date. This probably occurred because another user updated the record recently. The record has been refreshed. You can modify it and attempt to save it again."This can happen to analyst if they use the browser back button when setting up runs. Proper workflow for all of WFDSS is to not use the browser back button, but to use the buttons and links in the application to navigateThis is caused by user behavior and won't be "fixed", rather use proper behavior to navigate the application.
Issues Likely only to affect WFDSS Support Staff or Geographic Area Editors
Manual Push to IRWIN button is not working to push the Organizational Assessment,and other recently added WFDSS fields to IRWIN (Only available to National Editors)noneDevelopers working on code to include recently developed assessments into the Push to IRWIN function.
Utility that changes status of fire received from IRWIN to "out" if no updates have been received for 45 days after inital entry is not working.Fires can be manually statused as out following Authoritative Data Source rules.Unknown at this time
Disabled users previous roles are displaying incorrectly on the Administration > User List > Edit User tab (Only available to GAEs and National Editors)This feature is working for anyone disabled from 8/28/19 onward. It does not work retroactive to that date. All users disabled prior to that day show erronous past user roles. Scheduled for fix for release
Two incidents have been able to publish an "incomplete" Organizational Assessment. This should not happen. If this occurs, the users should re-assess and republish the OA to ensure it has a valid value of Type 1-5 and does not show as incomplete. Reassess and republish the OA. User will likely not be aware this has happened because they were able to publish with an incomplete assessment without an error message. Only IRWIN will alert those subscribing to notifications.Unknown