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Business, industry & bankingRefocus the research and development tax credit on hi-tech companies, small firms and start-upsConservativesWait and see20/07/10Commons written answer Osborne said his first budget that the government will consult with business in autumn 2010 to review the support R&D tax credits provide for innovation
Business, industry & bankingSupport the creation of apprenticeships, internships, work pairings and college and workplace training schemesBothIn progress8/11/2010Department for Business, Innovation and Skills business plan business department's business plan says funding and training will be in place for an additional 75,000 adult apprenticeships by 2014/15The money has been made available [and] we know from the National Apprenticeships Service there is a great deal of interest in this programmeVince Cable, business secretary
Business, industry & bankingEnd the culture of 'tick-box' regulation, and instead target inspections on high-risk organisations through co-regulation and improving professional standardsNeitherIn progress8/11/2010Department for Business, Innovation and Skills business plan business department business says its new regulatory programme will be published in December 2010, with legislation to ensure better accountability and better targeted inspection introduced in May 2012
Business, industry & bankingWe will end the so-called 'gold-plating' of EU rules, so that British businesses are not disadvantaged relative to their European competitors.Liberal DemocratsIn progress28/07/10Department for Business, Innovation and Skills business plan business department business says a proposal to deal with 'gold-plated' rules will come in December 2010, to be followed by guidance for all departments in March 2011
Business, industry & bankingWe will reinstate an Operating and Financial Review to ensure that directors' social and environmental duties have to be covered in company reporting, and investigate further ways of improving corporate accountability and transparencyNeitherWait and see8/11/2010Department for Business, Innovation and Skills business plan business department business plan says it is developing options on accountability and transparency up to December 2010. An early draft structural reform plan said an Operating and Financial Review would be reinstated by March 2011
Business, industry & bankingReduce the number of forms needed to register a new business and move towards a 'one-click' registration modelConservativesIn progress8/11/2010Department for Business, Innovation and Skills business plan House and HM Revenue and Customs will have their systems aligned in order to create a 'one-click' registration process, according to the business department business plan. Implementation will run from up to August 2011Make the UK one of the fastest countries in the world to start up a new businessDepartment for Business, Innovation and Skills business plan
Business, industry & bankingWe will impose 'sunset clauses' on regulations and regulators to ensure that the need for each regulation is regularly reviewed.Liberal DemocratsIn progress8/11/2010Department for Business, Innovation and Skills business plan business department business plan says a white paper introduce 'sunset clauses' on regulations (so they automatically expire) will be published in May 2011
Business, industry & bankingPromote equal pay and take measures to end workplace discriminationNeitherWait and see25/05/10Downing Street briefing Street briefing papers released with the Queen's speech said the coalition wanted to consult fully with businesses and families rather than 'rushing legislation on this issue'
Business, industry & bankingLocal Enterprise Partnerships to replace Regional Development AgenciesBothIn progress13/07/10Downing Street briefing on the bill are to have their functions transferred to other bodies and assets disposed of ahead of formal dissolution in April 2012. LEPs, created by the localism bill, will begin work at the same timeI don't deny that many of [the RDA] activities were useful, many of them were notVince Cable, business secretary
Business, industry & bankingWe will consider the implementation of the Dyson Review to make the UK the leading hi-tech exporter in EuropeConservativesWait and see28/07/10Draft structural reform plan (pdf)'s no mention of Dyson or its goal for the UK in the business department's business plan, though a strategy for stimulating trade in sectors including hi-tech is scheduled for February 2011. The June 2010 draft structural reform plan said the government was developing its response to the Dyson review up to December 2010
Business, industry & bankingPromote small business procurement by introducing an aspiration that 25% of government contracts should be awarded to SMEsConservativesIn progress1/11/2010Government press release Cabinet Office minister, Francis Maude, has announced a series of plans. These include improving the transparency of public procurement opportunities (a 'Contracts finder' database from March 2011) and a guarantee that subcontractors working on government contracts will be paid in 30 days At the end of the day we’re seeking a 'win-win' – more business to SMEs as an engine of the economy and better value for the good of the public purseFrancis Maude, Cabinet Office minister
Business, industry & bankingWe will take steps to improve the competitiveness of the UK tourism industry, recognising the important part it plays in our national economyNeitherIn progress8/11/2010Government press release Department of Culture, Media and Sport business plan schedules the publication of a tourism strategy for January 2011 and a new marketing initiative from April 2011. Jeremy Hunt, the culture secretary, has previously announced a £1bn fund to promote Britain as a tourist destination as a permanent legacy of the Olympic Games
Business, industry & bankingCut red tape by introducing a 'one-in, one-out' rule whereby no new regulation is brought in without other regulation being cut by a greater amountLiberal DemocratsKept1/10/2010Government press release rule was to begin operation on 1 September 2010 – it actually began on 1 October 2010. It means that when ministers seek to introduce new regulations on business or the third sector, they will have to identify current regulations with an equivalent cost to make waySince we introduced the one in, one out rule, the large flow of domestic regulation that was crossing my desk has somewhat diminishedOliver Letwin, Cabinet Office minister
Business, industry & bankingSupport the national minimum wageBothKept1/10/2010Government press release over-21s national minimum wage rose from £5.80 to £5.93 from October 2010. However, the coalition has taken the Tory position on it - Liberal Democrat proposals to make it the same rate for all over 16 were not carried through
Business, industry & bankingProposals to ensure the flow of credit to viable small and medium enterprisesBothIn progress28/07/10Government press release £200m extension of the Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme, which supports lending, came into operation in October 2010. The business department's business plan says the first investment from the banks' business growth fund will come in July 2011I will redouble our efforts to ensure that bank lending agreements from banks that have benefited from taxpayer subsidy are being honoured - especially for small and medium enterprisesVince Cable, business secretary
Business, industry & bankingReview and seek to replace IR35 with simpler measures that prevent tax avoidance but do not place undue administrative burdens or uncertainty on the self-employed, or restrict labour market flexibilityNeitherIn progress20/07/10Government press release Office for Tax Simplification, set up by George Osborne, has been tasked to review small business taxation, including finding a simpler alternative to IR35
Business, industry & bankingUndertake a fair pay review in the public sector so no one can earn more than 20 times that of the lowest-paid in their organisationNeitherIn progress22/06/10Government press release Osborne announced in the budget that he had asked Will Hutton, executive vice-chair of the Work Foundation and a former editor-in-chief of the Observer, to draw up plans for fairer public sector pay without increasing the overall wage bill
Business, industry & bankingLook to promote gender equality on the boards of listed companiesNeitherIn progress6/8/2010Government press release Lord Davies of Abersoch is develop a business strategy to increase the number of women on the boards of listed companies in the UK. He will report at the end of the year, with a strategy to come from the business department in January 2011I hope to help more women to rise to the top of their professions and become our business leaders of the futureLord Davies of Abersoch
Business, industry & bankingRobust action to tackle unacceptable bonuses in the financial services sectorLiberal DemocratsWait and see8/11/2010Guardian report criticism the coalition was being soft on the bankers, Treasury minister Mark Hoban said in an article for the Guardian that the government was 'actively looking' at a tax on profits and remuneration but no final decision had been taken. An FSA-led revision of the remuneration code ends in January 2011, according to the Treasury business planWe are actively looking at the introduction of a financial activities tax and will explore the costs and benefits of such a tax on profits and remunerationMark Hoban, Treasury minister
Business, industry & bankingBank of England to be given control of macro-prudential regulation and oversight of micro-prudential regulationConservativesKept16/06/10Guardian report new regulatory framework creates a Bank of England Financial Policy Committee for macro-prudential regulation and a Prudential Regulation Authority as a Bank subsidiary, with the Bank governor and a deputy governor in charge. This replaces the FSA, whose abolition had been opposed by the Liberal Democrats before the electionCan the macroprudential regulator do their job if they don't have an intimate knowledge of what is happening in individual firms?George Osborne, chancellor
Business, industry & bankingWe will give the public the opportunity to challenge the worst regulations.NeitherIn progress1/7/2010Guardian report Your Freedom website unveiled by Nick Clegg has a dual focus - allowing the public to name both laws they want repealed and regulations they want rolled back. A response is due in December 2010. The business department will also hold regional meetings with SMEs from October 2010 to July 2011We want your ideas... on how we strip away the restrictive regulations that stop businesses from innovatingNick Clegg
Business, industry & bankingWe will reform the corporate tax system by simplifying reliefs and allowances, and tackling avoidance, in order to reduce headline ratesConservativesIn progress20/07/10Guardian report Osborne announced in the budget that he would reduce the headline rate of corporation tax by 1p a year from 28p to 24p. An Office for Tax Simplification has been set up with a remit to study both individual and business taxation Simpler, more competitive taxes will help us show the world that Britain is open for businessGeorge Osborne, chancellor
Business, industry & bankingWe will seek to ensure an injection of private capital into Royal Mail, including opportunities for employee ownership. We will retain Post Office Ltd in public ownershipLiberal DemocratsIn progress22/09/10Guardian report Mail is to be privatised with 10% of shares set aside for its workforce. The postal services bill is scheduled to be passed in July 2011 and the government will around the same time request clearance from the European Commission to take on the bulk of the pension deficitRoyal Mail is facing a combination of potentially lethal challenges... We are determined to safeguard Royal Mail for the futureVince Cable, business secretary
Business, industry & bankingA banking levyBothKept22/06/10Guardian report banking levy, in conjunction with France and Germany, will come into operation in January 2011. It is expected to raise £2bn a year. This is below TUC estimates of £5bn-£8bnYes, there's to be a levy on banks - allowing otherwise fretful Lib Dems a rare smile - but in the world of the City £2bn is little more than a rounding errorJonathan Freedland
Business, industry & bankingIndependent commission to report on separation of retail and investment banking within a yearLiberal DemocratsIn progress16/06/10Guardian report commission - headed by Sir John Vickers, a former OFT head - could be seen as a perfect mechanism to kick it into the long grass were it not for two of the other four members supporting a split between retail and investment operations. Liberal Democrats support such a break-upWhat a difference this makes from those dreary Labour-appointed inquiries into the City headed by exactly those bankers who would make sure that they came up with precisely nothingGuardian leader
Business, industry & bankingWe will ensure Post Offices are allowed to offer a wide range of services in order to sustain the network, and look at the case for new sources of revenue, such as a Post Office BankNeitherIn progress8/11/2010Guardian report business department's business plan says a new commercial strategy for Post Office Ltd will be announced in January 2011. Plans for a Post Office Bank have, however, been dropped
Business, industry & bankingWe will review the range of factors that can be considered by regulators when takeovers are proposedLiberal DemocratsIn progress19/07/10Guardian report Cable, the business secretary, is preparing a formal government response to a report by MPs investigating Kraft's takeover of Cadbury. A City watchdog will also study whether the need to have '50% plus one' minimum acceptance should be raised. A departmental review runs up to March 2011This is not about economic nationalism... We welcome foreign investors but we want all shareholders to be empoweredVince Cable, business secretary
Business, industry & bankingProposals to foster diversity, promote mutuals and create a more competitive banking industryLiberal DemocratsWait and see8/11/2010Treasury business planThe Treasury is planning some legislative action and work some through regulations from March 2011 to December 2012 to these ends. The Liberal Democrat manifesto said it would give regulators the objective of maintaining diversity
Business, industry & bankingWe will create Britain's first free national financial advice serviceNeitherIn progress8/11/2010Treasury business planThe Treasury business plan says a Consumer Financial Education Body funded by a levy on the financial services sector will be delivered in May 2011
Business, industry & bankingWe will work with the Bank of England to investigate how the process of including housing costs in the CPI measure of inflation can be acceleratedNeitherWait and see12/8/2010Treasury business planGeorge Osborne has said he will 'welcome' the Bank of England governor’s views on housing costs can be included in the CPI measure of inflation. The Treasury business plan sets a January 2012 deadline for considering how to do this
Business, industry & bankingA single agency to take on the work of tackling serious economic crime that is currently done by, among others, the Serious Fraud Office, Financial Services Authority and Office of Fair TradingNeitherWait and see8/11/2010Treasury business planThe coalition is working on plans for an Economic Crime Agency, though - acccording to the Treasury business plan - it has not set a deadline for this 'ongoing' work
Business, industry & bankingA government paper to examine mechanisms for changing the corporation tax rate in Northern IrelandConservativesIn progress8/11/2010Treasury business planA government paper on corporation tax changes in Northern Ireland was scheduled for October 2010, according to a political reform draft structural reform plan – the Treasury business plan notes it will instead arrive in December 2010
Business, industry & bankingFund a targeted national enterprise mentoring scheme for black, Asian and minority ethnic people who want to start a businessNeitherWait and see12/8/2010
Business, industry & bankingWe will end the ban on social tenants starting businesses in their own homesConservativesWait and see12/8/2010
Business, industry & bankingWe will find a practical way to make small business rate relief automaticLiberal DemocratsWait and see12/8/2010
Business, industry & bankingWe will seek to ensure a level playing field between small and large retailers by enabling councils to take competition issues into account when drawing up their local plans to shape the direction and type of new retail developmentNeitherWait and see12/8/2010
Business, industry & bankingPolicies to support job creation and green investmentConservativesIn progress12/8/2010Policies so far include a regional growth fund for 2011-12 and 2012-13 and reduced employer National Insurance Contributions for some new businesses. Following the October 2010 spending review, George Osborne announced £1bn in funding for a Green Investment Bank
Business, industry & bankingWe will review employment and workplace laws, for employers and employees, to ensure they maximise flexibility for both parties while protecting fairnessNeitherWait and see12/8/2010
Civil libertiesFurther regulation of CCTVBothIn progress25/05/10Downing Street briefing on the bill of CCTV will be introduced in the February 2010 freedom bill. A Home Office draft structural reform plan said the measures will ensure its use is proportionate and retains public confidence
Civil libertiesProtection of historic freedoms through the defence of trial by juryLiberal DemocratsIn progress25/05/10Downing Street briefing on the bill freedom bill in the Queen's speech will protect trial by jury, a Downing Street briefing said
Civil libertiesNew mechanism to prevent the proliferation of unnecessary new criminal offencesLiberal DemocratsKept30/07/10Government press release justice secretary, Kenneth Clarke, will examine proposals that would create criminal offences to ensure that they are justified and proportionate. The Ministry of Justice calls this a 'Gateway'
Civil libertiesBan use of powers in the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act by councils, unless signed off by a magistrate to stop serious crimeBothIn progress13/07/10Government press release Ken Macdonald's review into counter terrorism legislation, reporting in December 2010, will include the use of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, which some councils were accused of using to tackle relatively minor offences
Civil libertiesSafeguards against the misuse of anti-terrorism legislationBothIn progress13/07/10Government press release May, the home secretary, suspended the use of section 44 stop and search powers on individuals and will report in December 2010 on a review into counter terrorism legislation, including the 28-day limit on detaining terrorist suspects without chargeThe first duty of government is to protect the public, but that duty must never be used as a reason to ride roughshod over our civil libertiesTheresa May, home secretary
Civil libertiesRestoration of rights to non-violent protestLiberal DemocratsIn progress8/7/2010Guardian report 44 stop and search powers, suspended by Theresa May, the home secretary, had been used against protesters. The coalition has also talked of a review of the laws restricting protest near parliamentThe power was a blunt but irresistible tool for the harassment of lawful protestersCorinna Ferguson, Liberty legal officer
Civil libertiesAdopting the protections of the Scottish model for the DNA databaseBothIn progress8/11/2010Home Office business planExcept in Scotland, anyone arrested since 2004 and held at a police station has their DNA profile stored. Changes will come through the February 2011 freedom bill suggest that, as in Scotland, innocent people's DNA profiles will be destroyed with the exception of a three-year retention period for those charged with violent or sexual offences
Civil libertiesEnding of storage of internet and email records without good reasonLiberal DemocratsWait and see8/11/2010Home Office business planThe Home Office business plan says it will publish proposals for storage and retention in December 2010, with implementation (and legislation, if required) to follow any time from then to June 2015 (!). This had originally been mooted for inclusion in the freedom bill
Civil libertiesOutlawing the fingerprinting of children at school without parental permissionLiberal DemocratsIn progress8/11/2010Home Office business planThe Home Office business plan says the measure will be included in the February 2011 billThe department will no longer continue with programmes that should never have startedDepartment for Education business plan
Civil libertiesScrapping of the next generation of biometric passportsLiberal DemocratsKept9/6/ report generation biometric passports, so-called fingerprint passports, were to be issued from 2012. Theresa May, the home secretary, announced work on them would stop with immediate effect and a new design of biometric passport issued from 5 October 2010We believe, in common with the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, that we can maintain the integrity of our passports by other security measuresTheresa May, home secretary
Civil libertiesChange law so historical convictions for consensual gay sex with over-16s will not show up on criminal recordsNeitherIn progress17/06/10LGBT workplan (pdf) home secretary, Theresa May, announced a cross-government LGB and T workplan that included the removal of historical convictions for consensual gay sex. Will be in the February 2010 freedom billIt's not fair that a man can be branded a criminal because 30 years ago he had consensual sex with another manTheresa May, home secretary
Civil libertiesPush for UK civil partnerships to be recognised internationallyNeitherIn progress16/06/10LGBT workplan (pdf) home secretary, Theresa May, announced a cross-government LGBT workplan that included lobbying for international recognition of UK civil partnerships
Civil libertiesUse our relationships with other countries to push for unequivocal support for gay rightsNeitherIn progress16/06/10LGBT workplan (pdf) home secretary, Theresa May, said LGBT issues are to be included in human rights reports submitted to Brussels, the UK will encouraging support for a UN statement that sexuality is not a basis for criminal penalties and Commonwealth countries which retain homophobic legislation will be questioned on itWhile we will use our international status to influence other countries ... we are also aware this will not happen overnightGovernment Equalities Office document
Civil libertiesA commission to investigate the creation of a British Bill of Rights that incorporates and builds on all our obligations under the European Convention on Human RightsConservativesWait and see8/11/2010Ministry of Justice business plan wording here - Bill of Rights - is from the Conservative manifesto. In opposition the party wanted to scrap the Human Rights Act, which enshrines the ECHR in British law. The Ministry of Justice business plan says a commission will be appointed in December 2011I hope that an important part of the Tory manifesto will not now be neuteredPatrick Mercer, Conservative MP
Civil libertiesA freedom or great repeal billLiberal DemocratsIn progress8/11/2010Ministry of Justice business planThere is to be now both a freedom bill and a repeal bill. Introduced in May 2012, the repeal bill will abolish unnecessary laws after a review of existing legislation. The freedom bill will come in February 2011 and fulfil pledges for more controls of CCTV and to stop the fingerprinting of children at school
Civil libertiesExtension of the scope of the Freedom of Information Act to provide greater transparencyLiberal DemocratsIn progress8/11/2010Ministry of Justice business planProposals on its extension will come in March 2011, with legislation in April 2011. If we are to believe Liberal Democrat manifesto pledges, this could mean it covers government-owned bodies such as Network Rail
Civil libertiesReview of libel laws to protect freedom of speechBothIn progress8/11/2010Ministry of Justice business plan Ministry of Justice business plan sets a March 2011 deadline to develop proposals, when a draft defamation reform bill will be publishedWe want to focus on ensuring that freedom of speech and academic debate are protected and a fair balance is struck [with] the protection of reputationLord McNally, justice minister
Civil libertiesScrapping of the ID card scheme and national identity registerBothIn progress17/11/10Progress of the bill is not opposing it the bill to scrap ID cards, but the coalition missed its 100 day deadline to do so. The bill is currently moving through the Lords. The physical destruction of computers and storage involved in the register is also underwayPeople do not want the state keeping information on its citizens for some ill-defined and unproven benefitDamian Green, immigration minister
Civil libertiesWe will ask you which laws you think should goNeitherKept10/9/2010Your Freedom knew it would be David (Laws)? The pledge was made by Nick Clegg in his first speech as deputy PM. It soon saw a website - Your Freedom - that invited the public to nominate laws, regulations or red tape they would like to do away with. The government says it is now considering the suggestions with an eye towards the freedom billReal democracy is unspun - it is the raucous, unscripted debates that always throw up the best ideasNick Clegg
Culture, media & sportCut red tape to encourage live musicLiberal DemocratsWait and see8/11/2010Department for Culture, Media and Sport business plan vague. Used as an example of red tape cutting in the 'Coalition priorities' section of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport business plan, but with no mention of it in the detailed departmental action plan that follows
Culture, media & sportEncourage the reform of football governance rules to support the co-operative ownership of football clubs by supportersConservativesWait and see8/11/2010Department for Culture, Media and Sport business plan Department for Culture, Media and Sport business plan says it will be working with football bodies from December 2010 to May 2011, when proposals will be published on improving governance in sport
Culture, media & sportStop wasteful spending by national lottery distributors by banning lobbying and restricting administration costs to 5% of total incomeConservativesIn progress8/11/2010Department for Culture, Media and Sport business plan Department for Culture, Media and Sport business plan says it will agree plans with distributors in December 2010
Culture, media & sportForm plans to deliver a genuine and lasting legacy from the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic GamesNeitherIn progress8/11/2010Department for Culture, Media and Sport business plan set out in the Department for Culture, Media and Sport include a schools Olympics, reform of sports sector quangos, a community sporting legacy and support for sports facilities (including playing fields) and clubs
Culture, media & sportReform the national lottery so more money goes into sport, the arts and heritageConservativesKept8/11/2010Department for Culture, Media and Sport business plan instruments to allocate 60% of lottery money to the arts, sports and heritage causes (the remainder to the voluntary and community sector) were introduced in September 2010
Culture, media & sportSupport the creation of an annual Olympic-style school sport eventConservativesIn progress15/07/10Department for Culture, Media and Sport business plan Department for Culture, Media and Sport business plan says the School Olympics will be announced in December 2010 with the finalised framework in September 2011
Culture, media & sportUse cash in dormant betting accounts to improve local sports facilities and support sports clubsLiberal DemocratsWait and see15/07/10Draft structural reform plan (pdf) Department for Culture, Media and Sport draft structural reform plan says it is investigating this idea until December 2010
Culture, media & sportMaintain free access to national museums and galleriesLiberal DemocratsKept20/10/10Guardian report secretary Jeremy Hunt said in July 2010 he wanted to keep publicly-subsidised free entry to national museums, though it would mean cuts elsewhere in his departmental budget. Free museum entry made it through the subsequent spending review
Culture, media & sportWe will maintain the independence of the BBCLiberal DemocratsKept20/10/10Guardian report in the form of a licence fee freeze and new financial commitments (including the World Service and Welsh-language broadcaster SC4, both previously funded by the government) have hit the BBC. Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt said ministers will respect the BBC's 'editorial and operational independence' but others fear it is now weakenedWe'll be so desperate that we can't be certain what compromises and deals we might be tempted to make. We will be at the government's mercyJohn Simpson, BBC world affairs editor
Culture, media & sportGive the National Audit Office full access to the BBC's accountsConservativesKept22/09/10Guardian report deal announced at the 2010 Liberal Democrat conference gives the NAO access to the BBC's accounts from November 2011. In order to protect the BBC's editorial independence, the NAO will report to the BBC Trust, which will report to the culture secretary who will then report to MPs
Culture, media & sportIntroduce measures to ensure the rapid roll-out of superfast broadband across the countryBothIn progress15/07/10Guardian report Hunt, the culture secretary, has pushed back Labour's target of universal broadband coverage from 2012 to 2015. To get it into rural areas he is market testing four pilots and offering to legislate for broadband cables to share existing infrastructureI have looked at the provision the government had made to achieve this by 2012. And I'm afraid that I am not convinced that there is sufficient funding in placeJeremy Hunt, culture secretary
Culture, media & sportExamine case for moving to a 'gross profits tax' system for the national lotteryLiberal DemocratsWait and see12/8/2010A classic case of 'examine the case for' inserted before a Liberal Democrat manifesto pledge
Culture, media & sportEnable partnerships between local newspapers, radio and television stationsBothIn progress8/6/2010Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said secondary legislation (scheduled for November 2010) would allow local newspapers to own local commercial radio stations and set up local TV stations. He said he would also ask Ofcom to look at removing all cross-media ownership rules at a local levelThe six million dollar question, of course, is not about the desirability of local TV but its viabilityJeremy Hunt, culture secretary
Education & childrenEnsure that public funding mechanisms for university research safeguard its academic integrityLiberal DemocratsIn progress28/10/10Commons written answer policy statement on the Haldane Principle - that publicly funded research projects are selected through peer review - was promised for October 2010 by a draft structural reform plan, but this has now slipped to the December 2010. This was a Liberal Democrat manifesto pledgeI intend to clarify this is a statement which will be released alongside the science and research budget allocations towards the end of this yearDavid Willets, science minister
Education & childrenAbolish many of the further education quangosConservativesIn progress25/05/10Department for Business, Innovation and Skills business plan business department business plan says it will have completed its review of the organisation structure and funding of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills in December 2010
Education & childrenPromotion of a system of flexible parental leave to encourage shared parentingBothIn progress8/11/2010Department for Business, Innovation and Skills business plan business department business plan says it is developing proposals and consulting up to January 2011. Secondary legislation will be published in April 2011
Education & childrenPublish more about the cost, graduate earning and student satisfaction of university coursesNeitherIn progress8/11/2010Department for Business, Innovation and Skills business plan business department business plan sets a July 2012 deadline for the publication of information on costs, graduate earnings and student satisfaction of different university courses
Education & childrenSeek to attract more top science and maths graduates to become teachersConservativesWait and see11/8/2010Department for Education business plan Conservative manifesto said that they could have their student loans paid off. Could be contained in proposals in the Department for Education business plan to improve the teaching workforce
Education & childrenPut funding for relationship support on a stable and long-term footingConservativesIn progress8/11/2010Department for Education business plan Department for Education business plan says funding for relationship support services will be put on a stable footing from April 2011
Education & childrenSupport the provision of free nursery care for pre-school children (with a greater gender balance in the early years workforce)BothIn progress8/11/2010Department for Education business plan coalition is implementing Labour's Early Years Single Funding Formula to extend free nursery places for 3 and 4 year olds to 15 hours a week from April 2011. Proposals on the early years work force will be developed from March 2011. There will also be a trial of free nursery education for disadvantaged 2 year olds
Education & childrenTake steps to tackle the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhoodConservativesWait and see8/11/2010Department for Education business plan independent review advising on regulatory and non-regulatory measures will be established in December 2010
Education & childrenInvestigate a new approach to helping families with multiple problemsConservativesWait and see8/11/2010Department for Education business plan Department for Education business plan says it is developing a 'new approach to turning around the lives of chaotic and dysfunctional families' from December 2010 to March 2011
Education & childrenCreate Teach Now to build on the graduate teacher programme and Teach FirstBothWait and see8/11/2010Department for Education business plan Department for Education business plan makes no direct mention of Teach Now (which would encourage people who had succeeded in other professions to go into education) but says proposals will be published in December 2010 to 'attract the best to the profession, including former members of the armed forces'
Education & childrenRefocus Sure Start funding to pay for 4,200 extra Sure Start health visitorsConservativesKept8/11/2010Department of Health business plan earlier draft structural reform plans, the 4,200 health visitors were subject to the October 2010 spending review. While it approved them, the money is to come out of a Sure Start budget (not the health budget) that is already facing cuts of 9% in real terms. This is likely to force the service to refocus its resources on disadvantaged children
Education & childrenAll schools to have greater freedom over the curriculumLiberal DemocratsIn progress25/05/10Downing Street briefing on the bill's-bill-50848An education and children's bill in the Queen's speech promises to give schools greater say over what they teach. A curriculum review is underway until March 2012 with the new curriculum scheduled for September 2013
Education & childrenGive heads and teachers the powers they need to ensure disciplineConservativesIn progress25/05/10Downing Street briefing on the bill education and schools bill in the Queen's speech says it will give teachers and head teachers the powers to improve behaviour and tackle bullying. Critics of Michael Gove's decision to axe the General Teaching Council for England argue it will make head teachers less powerful. Legislation is planned for January 2011
Education & childrenGive anonymity to teachers accused by pupilsConservativesWait and see24/09/10External news report intended to prevent teachers having their careers wrecked by false accusations were to be included in a justice bill, minsters said in July. But schools minister Tim Loughton sounded a more cautious note in September when he told parliament details were 'still under consideration'I want to ensure teachers are protected against false allegations, but I also need to consider the impact on other school staff and on those working in the wider children’s workforceTim Loughton, schools minister
Education & childrenSimplify the regulation of standards in educationLiberal DemocratsIn progress27/05/10Gove's letter to the QCDA education secretary, Michael Gove, wrote to the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency early on to inform it of its fate. It will close down in March 2012. The Liberal Democrats wanted to go further and replace it and other standards bodies with a Educational Standards Authority, but Ofqual will survive in a reformed state
Education & childrenSet further education colleges free from direct state controlConservativesIn progress8/11/2010Government press release further education minister, John Hayes, announced plans to give colleges greater freedom over their budgets and spare the best colleges visits from inspectors. The business department business plan puts a November 2011 deadline on removing controls
Education & childrenCrack down on irresponsible marketing and advertising to childrenBothWait and see25/07/10Guardian report Liberal Democrat manifesto made specific mention of the role of airbrushing in developing negative body images among young people. Lynne Featherstone, the equalities minister, is talking to the fashion industry, including magazine editors and advertising executivesIt is not just the immediate harm; it is something that lasts a lifetime. Young girls are under intense pressureLynne Featherstone
Education & childrenWill judge Browne report proposals on higher education funding against need to increase social mobility, impact on student debt, university funding and quality of teachingNeitherKept3/11/2010Guardian report talk of graduate tax and other funding mechanisms, Lord Browne proposed higher tuition fees - something Lib Dem MPs had campaigned against. Universities can charge up £9,000 a year (if they offer bursaries to poorer students) with student loans repayable on a salary of £21,000. Critics say the fees are there to fill a £3bn budget cutI have been entirely open about the fact that we have not been able to deliver the policy that we held in oppositionNick Clegg, deputy prime minister
Education & childrenNew school providers in state system in response to parental demandConservativesKept3/9/2010Guardian report rules have been rewritten to make it easy for hundreds of parents to set up their own schools – so called free schools, which are state-funded but free from government control. But take up has not been great. As few as 20 are scheduled to open in September 2011. Legislation is in the Academies ActWe want to learn from what's happened in America, Sweden, Canada, other countries that have given schools a greater degree of autonomyMichael Gove, education secretary
Education & childrenEnsure all academies follow an inclusive admissions policyLiberal DemocratsKept27/07/10Guardian report administered under the Academies Act will be bound to the admissions code. The then shadow education secretary, Ed Balls, however said he fears the changes will lead to 'social apartheid' in education. Non-selection was a Liberal Democrat priority, though the party had not supported the academies systemWe are committed to comprehensive education and this bill will strengthen comprehensive educationNick Gibb, schools minister
Education & childrenPublish serious case reviewsLiberal DemocratsKept27/07/10Guardian report Khyra Ishaq serious case review was the first to be published. It was followed in October 2010 with the serious case review into the death of Baby PWhen things go wrong agencies run for cover... the publication of serious case reviews might make them run even fasterSharon Shoesmith, former Haringey children's services boss
Education & childrenScrapping of the ContactPoint databaseBothKept6/8/2010Guardian report was established in the wake of the Victoria Climbie abuse case to aid child protection. By keeping a records of England's 11 million children it was hoped agencies could better exchange information to identify the vulnerable ones. It was switched off at noon on 6 August 2010Ministers do not believe that a database... is the right way to help vulnerable childrenGovernment press release
Education & childrenFund a significant premium for disadvantaged pupils from outside the schools budgetLiberal DemocratsKept24/10/10Guardian report coalition has met the Liberal Democrat manifesto pledge of a £2.5bn pupil premium, which make payments to schools who take children from the poorest homes. The money has come from cuts to the welfare budget and the non-schools part of the education budget, though some schools may lose money. The first payments will be made in April 2011Some people have tried to make mischief by claiming that the pupil premium is not additional money. This is nonsenseDavid Laws, former Treasury chief secretary
Education & childrenScale criminal record vetting and barring regime to common sense levelsBothIn progress15/06/10Guardian report home secretary, Theresa May, stopped the vetting of up to nine million people who frequently work with children ahead of a review to scale back the scheme to 'common sense' proportions reporting in December 2010. Will be in the February 2011 freedom bill
Education & childrenHelp schools tackle bullying, especially homophobic bullyingLiberal DemocratsIn progress25/05/10LGBT workplan (pdf) home secretary, Theresa May, announced a cross-government LGB and T workplan that said schools will be required to consider how to focus on homophobic bullying by the new public sector equality duty in the Equality Act 2010 It's not fair that too many children still suffer at the hands of homophobic bullies because schools lack the support they need to tackle itTheresa May, home secretary
Education & childrenConduct a comprehensive review of family law to increase the use of mediation and provide greater access rights to non-resident parents and grandparentsConservativesWait and see12/8/2010
Education & childrenCreate Technical Academies to improve the quality of vocational educationConservativesWait and see8/11/2010The Department for Education business plans say it will publish proposals for University Technical Colleges in March 2011 – but this may not be the same thing
Education & childrenImprove diagnostic assessment for childrenLiberal DemocratsWait and see12/8/2010
Education & childrenPublish performance data on educational providersConservativesIn progress11/8/2010The Department for Education business plan says it will publishing data on schools and plans to develop tools to enable parents to make more effective use of data, for example in choosing a school for their child
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