TNR Organizations / Providers in Michigan (Responses)
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NOTE: INFORMATION IN THIS LIST IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.Alley Cat Allies Feral Friends ConnectionClick here to find organizations and people who offer TNR guidance / services / help
TimestampName of OrganizationWhat specific counties in Michigan do you service?To whom do you offer TNR ServicesWhat is your current fee for spay / neuter and what is included?What is your organization's website?What is your organization's contact phone number?Do you have a preferred means of contact or a specific online form for clients to fill out?Any current funding programs or special in place?Where is your facility located?What is administrative contact email?
9/19/2015 11:26:09Carol's FeralsAnyone wishing to come to Grand Rapids for services is welcome. However we mostly service West Michigan counties of Kent, Ionia, Ottawa, Allegan, Muskegon and Barry.Community Cat Caregivers OnlyFemales $45 / Males $30. Funding in place for those who can't afford full cost.

Spay / Neuter, treatment for fleas, earmites and common intestinal parasites, ear-tip.

Other services such as testing for feline leukemia / fiv, vaccines and other medical necessities like wound / injury care are also available.
http://www.carolsferals.org616 560-0555 in place for caregivers who are unable to pay for spay/neuter services in full. Situations determine amount of funding available. Contact us for details. NE Grand Rapids,
10/5/2015 8:18:20Animals Best Friend Fund areas of Kalamazoo no Van Buren ountiesAnyoneWe provide spay/neuter for feral, free roaming and feral cats. Ferals receive ear tip and a one rabies vaccination. www.animalsbestfriendfund.org269/624-1090for TNR inquiries call 269/808-0064We are currently offering free spay/neuter for feral, free roaming and owned cats in Paw Paw and Lawton through a PetSmart Charities(R) grant.various veterinary clinics in Kalamazoo and Van Buren
9/21/2015 14:41:13Gratiot Animals in Need, aka G.A.I.N.Gratiot County onlyAnyone, Community Cat Caregivers Only, Organizations$20.00 regardless of sex, eartip is free as is rabies vaccine for free roaming community cats. Gratiot Animal Control covers that cost. Available is distemper and worming for a small charge. We also clean ears and treat for ear mites at no charge.gainmichigan.org989-875-2286no, most people call and we have a conversation.. we are in the process of coming up with some funding sources and hopefull get something going with the communities.. a 3 way split for costs... 10/10/10.. is on the drawing board..Oct 12th we are having a $15.00 special for feral cat day on the 16th. Free rabies vaccines included. All cats have to be ear tipped.. We are always full up.. added a Nov 9th clinic to help us out.. usually we do about 45 cats as have to done by 4:00. It really has caught on here. People really seem to want to do this.. If we can only keep the money coming in.. that is the hard part.Right now we do s.n clinics out of the local animal shelter in Ithaca, Mi.. email, my personal email is also Julie Mouser does our facebook so we can be contacted that way also, GAIN michigan
9/24/2015 14:51:53C-SNIPSpay/Neuter of owned dogs and cats, and feral cats.
Anyone, Community Cat Caregivers Only, Organizations$40 per cat regardless of gender, eartipping and free rabies vaccine included for feral cats in traps. Distemper vaccine ($15) and flea preventative ($10) also available.www.csnip.org616-455-8220For owned and friendly cats (those for whom it is possible to make an appointment:
Cats in traps do not need an appointment. Call 616-455-8220 or visit for more details.
Kittens under 16 weeks of age are half price ($20 each) when they come in with mom. Must be at least 2 months old and 2 healthy pounds. 1675 Viewpond Dr SE
Kentwood, MI 49508
9/30/2015 13:44:04Humane Society of Midland CountyMidland County onlyAnyoneWe have a grant for $5000, so we don't charge for the service. We usually send the TNR cats to AHOL (Lowell) for spay/neuter. They charge us $45 for a female and $35 for a male. We have the cats ear tipped, but generally don't offer any other services unless the cat is clearly ill. hsomc.org989-835-1877We have an online TNR application form.We have low cost S/N (S/N Express out of Lowell) on site every other Tuesday. We also have Rhoda's fund for low income families for spaying female cats. Specials are common (i.e.. BOGO) as needed when the shelter starts to get full.4371 E. Ashman Midland, MI
10/2/2015 18:42:17West Michigan Spay and Neuter ClinicWe serve Muskegon and surrounding counties. Most of our trappers are from Muskegon, Ottawa and counties north of us.AnyoneWe currently have a BISSELL grant that allows us to spay or neuter feral cats for $10. If the client does not have $10, we can help with that as well. We provide a free Rabies shot to all ferals, eartip them, and give them a green tattoo line. We require ferals to be brought to us in live traps. The trapper needs to bring in a carrier as well, as we recover ferals in a carrier. We have traps that we lend out, as well as carriers. Our organization has a feral cat coordinator, Melody Cassady, as well as an extension line for feral cat trappers. We offer trapping advice and specific instructions for feral cat aftercare.wmspayandneuter.org231-366-7067We are a one-vet clinic, and would like a "heads up" call if someone is trapping the night before one of our clinic surgery days. We do surgeries every Tuesday and Wednesday. Call and leave a message on the main line or on extension #3, the line for trappers. Our phone # is 231-366-7067.As long as it lasts, we have a grant from BISSELL offering spay or neuter for feral cats for $10.We are a free-standing high quality, high volume nonprofit spay and neuter clinic located at 6130 Airline Rd in Fruitport, Mich. We have an active TNR program, and have fixed 300 ferals since January of this
10/5/2015 7:38:38Voiceless-MIIngham/Eaton/ClintonAnyoneFree - includes spay/neuter, rabies vaccine & mandatory ear tipwww.voiceless-mi.org517-993-8600 *must read this info first* *after reading info page, then fill out application
noneIngham/Eaton county
10/5/2015 8:57:29Gratiot Animals in Need, aka G.A.I.N.Currently on Gratiot County. We will allow out county residents to use traps if they need and they can utilize our clinics but have to pay full price which is $30 M and $45 FAnyoneAt our clinics we offer free ear tipping and rabies vaccinations for Gratiot County residents for $20.00 per cat. Gratiot county residents can bring one cat and that is $30.00. We will also alter inside cats for that price for low income individuals but stress these clinics are for community cats. Out lying areas can utilize our clinics if they pay full price and we have room.
Flea treatment, worming is available for $5.00 but we actually give alot of this away if we see fleas and person hasn't paid for treatment.
gainmichigan.org989-875-2286No we don't have, just basically a list but definitely is something we should work on.. I will look at yours...We are doing an Oct. special for $15.00. We make deals on an individual basis and if the family will foster their own kittens we will take them into our program and put them up for adoption through Pet Smart. If we have room in fosters we can also take the kittens into foster but we are usually full with ones we pull from Gratiot Shelter..Just keeping up with this is becoming a full time experience.. I would say job but that denotes some kind of financial compensation, tee hee (Marie)We offer s/n clinics at the local shelter in Gratiot County starting in March and ending in Nov, We can s/n about 45 ea day and do a bout one a month. We are looking at doing more outreach next year in outlying areas. Individuals at this time can get traps from us and we can help with some trapping but our group is very small. Individuals would need to travel to Ithaca Mi. at this time. If we can get more volunteers and several locations that our vet would be willing to use we will be making the location more
10/5/2015 9:58:32A Feral HavenOur primary area of service is Ottawa County but we also provide for some surrounding areas, on occasion.Community Cat Caregivers OnlyVouchers are free but require enrollment in our program which requires a promise to continue feeding and providing care to the cats. Vouchers may be used at West MI Spay & Neuter Clinic or CSNIP and provide for spay/neuter, ear tip, rabies vaccination, distemper vaccination (at CSNIP), and microchip.www.aferalhavenmi.org6163991774Caregivers can complete a brief caregiver survey on our website or email us at
See above. Vouchers are paid for through donations, fundraising, & grants. As a new organization, funding is used as it is available and individuals may need to go on a waiting list. We lend traps, provide some food support, and are working on winter cat shelters for member of our program.We do not have a facility. We provide vouchers that can be used at C-SNIP and West MI Spay & Neuter Clinic. The voucher provides for spay/neuter, rabies (also distemper, at CSNIP), ear tip, & microchip. CSNIP will treat for fleas & ear mites, if we
10/12/2015 14:49:24Paws for the Cause Feral Cat RescueMacomb, St.ClairAnyone$25 spay/neuter, rabies vaccination, ear tip. If cats require flea treatment or dewormer we cover those costswww.pawsforthecauseferalcatrescue.org586 804 7297Email preferred NoChesterfield
10/19/2015 12:54:34Friends 4 TNR, INC.Gladwin, Iosco, Arenac, Ogemaw, OscodaAnyone$25.00 ferals: spay/neuter, wellness check, rabies vaccination, and ear tip.

$45.00 domestic felines:
$10.00 domestic kittens: if kittens are spay/neuter same date as mother cat.
We do not have a website(989) 701-2408The preferred means to contact us is by going to the Friends 4 TNR facebook page or calling (989) 701-2408.Fix domestic mom, kittens are $10.00 each.

We work with All About Animals Rescue in Warren, MI. The cats are trapped by their caregivers with our traps and brought to a holding area in West Branch; AAAR transports them to Warren, MI to be spayed/neutered. The next day they are returned to the holding area in West Branch. The caregivers pick up the cats and return them to their colony.
West Branch,
10/26/2015 14:03:59Branch Area Rescue OrganizationOur group is in Branch County, Michigan (Coldwater) but we do allow anyone from any county or state to use our low cost spay/neuter services. We had already served 32 communities, 8 counties, and 2 states in 14 months.AnyoneWith our transport services through HOPE for Animals of Fort Wayne, Indiana, the fee is $35 per cat and this includes the spay/neuter, 3-year rabies vaccination, eartip, and free microchip. HOPE picks up the animals here in Coldwater, Michigan.

Through our voucher program, males are $30 and females $41 and this includes the spay/neuter surgeries, eartip, and one year rabies vaccination.

When one of our BARC volunteer takes cats to Companion Cats in Battle Creek, Michigan for others, the fee is $30 and this includes the spay/neuter, eartip, and one-year rabies vaccination fee.
currently in the works517-227-7288 No. People can contact Branch Area Rescue Coalition (BARC) by calling 517-227-7288, emailing, or they can call me (Jenny, Co-President) personally at 517-279-8337. Currently, we have a fund specifically set up for Community Cats and spay/neuter them free as funds permit. We are also working on a grant to help fund even more spay/neuters for these cats. We offer low cost spay/neuter services for both dogs and cats (including pet, stray, feral and barn felines). In our first 12 months of operation, we spayed and neutered 595 dogs and cats, 481 of these were felines. We do a lot of feral cats through both our transport services to and low cost voucher discount services. We are located in Coldwater, Michigan.
12/11/2015 12:12:43Focus on FeralsSW MI but will help any county if transport to us is availableAnyone$40/spay

includes S/N, flea treatment and dewormer
ferals are eartipped
www.focusonferals.org616.826.0927email or completed needs assessment form available on our websiteN/A7962 Clyde Park Ave SW
Byron Center MI 49315
2/27/2016 10:17:03SOS Animal RescueMidlandAnyoneWe offer free clinics for male cats once per month that includes flea treatment and rabies vaccine.
Clinics for female cats are offered once every other month. There is a $5 charge if the cat has fleas and a $20 charge if the cat is pregnant.
www.sosanimalrescue.org989-492-0042On line form at our website.
For the free clinics the cost of spay and neuter is covered by fundraising and local vets. If the free clinics are full then we also offer $75 towards the cost of the surgery that can be used at any of our approved vets.We do not have a facility. We use local vets to provide the
11/9/2016 13:25:56Branch Area Rescue Coalition (BARC)
Our spay/neuter program is open to anyone from any county or state. Since August of 2014, we have served 10 counties, 3 states, and 41 different cities/communities.
With our transport option, community cats (stray/feral) can be spayed/neutered for $35. This includes the spay/neuter, one-year rabies vaccination, microchip (free to activate) and left eartip.

With our voucher program, males can be neutered for $30 and females spayed for $41. This includes a one-year rabies vaccination. The eartip is option though we do push for this and educate people on its importance.
Working on This517-227-7288
Please have people contact us at 517-227-7288. One of our volunteers has received national recognition in feral cat TNR/management. Often she goes on location (if not too far) to trap the cats for individuals for surgery, recovers them, and returns them to their location post-surgery.
Currently, we are waiting to hear if we will be the recipients of a TNR grant. We do apply for TNR grants and if we are awarded such a grant, the cats would most likely be fixed for free. When funds permit, we have sponsored many strays and ferals.
We offer both low cost spay/neuter transport and voucher services. Our monthly transport services take place in Coldwater, Michigan, with people registering the animals at Family Farm and Home. The animals are picked up by the surgery clinic (H.O.P.E. for Animals in Fort Wayne, Indiana) and taken there for surgery and brought back the next day. This is open to anyone.

Our second option is a low cost spay/neuter voucher program with Fieldstone Veterinary Care in Jonesville, Michigan. This is open to anyone.

Both places are experienced in handling all cats including ferals.
4/12/2017 22:19:05KRZ Katz TNR Arenac but will help anyone Anyone$25 including rabies and ear tip 9898464421No we don't Not at this time
3750 Foco road in Standish Mi
3/11/2018 13:05:21Eaton County HumaneSocietyAnywhere
Anyone, Community Cat Caregivers Only, Organizations
$40 includes a rabies. We do eartip and check for fleas, ear mites and treat, if found. FVRCP available for $15
Www.eatoncountyhumanesociety.org269-589-8747Just call
TNR grant for Eaton County residents for s/n and rabies.
Olivet, MI
Ottawa County
Good Morning Carol,
Thank you for writing and for the welcome. We appreciate your kindness. Our organization is less than a year old and we are grateful to the foundations who have provided small grant funds to us when we had minimal statistics to provide to them. Given that minimal history, we have received small grants and those funds are committed to caregivers who have already contacted us. The reality is that we are a small group with a small budget, but we are using all that we have to help the caregivers who contact us.
Caregivers who contact us for TVNR assistance will be placed on our waiting list and contacted as funds are available. We will continue to raise funds and search for grants. We will continue to share all the resources we have as we get them including food assistance.
We request that you continue to serve our county caregivers with urgent needs as we would not want any cats to suffer due to our inability to act quickly. If you need to refer someone to us, they can complete a caregiver survey on our website (under the caregiver program tab) or email us at
Again, our sincere appreciation for your gracious welcome and thank you for everything you do to help the community cats in West Michigan.
Carleen Bauer, Sara Bennett, Christina DeConinck, Debra Westerhof
Board of Directors
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