2014 BetaNYC / NYC BigApps Projects
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NYC BigApps 2014 Finalist 2nd Prize - CatTeam NameTeam URLProject URLMemberProject description
Mayor's Fund to Advance NYC
Appigihttp://appigi.splashthat.com/Margarita SotoYour Source for Social Service Referrals
Appigi efficiently connects social service providers to resources that empowers their clients to be safe, healthy, housed, educated and employed
BigIdea WinnerAlliance For Downtown NYCorridorScopehttp://corridorscope.splashthat.com/
Richard DunksTo make Water Street one of the smartest and most responsive streets in New York City, we need to first collect and understand the data already being collected. CorridorScope does that by visualizing data from wireless access points, BigBelly Solar Compactors (smart trashcans), CitiBike docks, and 311 Service Requests to provide a day in the life of a major corridor where New Yorkers live, work, and play. We hope to build on this platform by integrating social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Foursquare, as well as other sources of data like vehicle crashes and taxi pickups and drop-offs to provide not only a real-time look at what’s going on in and around Water Street, but also a sense of the history in data.
Dangerous Roads NYChttp://dangerousroadsnyc.splashthat.com/Jared StoneA video submission / civic engagement platform to find dangerous intersections in your neighborhood & take action

Please support my project by submitting a video! Also, if anyone has any map development skills greatly appreciated. I need to upgrade the site after the competition.
FinalistEasy Food Stampshttp://easyfoodstamps.splashthat.com
Shelly NiEasy Food Stamps
We want to make it more user-friendly to interact with the government. We believe that people who qualify for government services should be able to access them quickly and painlessly. That's why we're building the digital equivalent of a trusted friend who helps you navigate complex forms - starting with SNAP.

SNAP (commonly known as food stamps) is the largest nutrition assistance program in America. 1.7 million residents of New York City (21%) receive food stamp benefits, and another 500,000 are eligible. SNAP is a critical benefit for more than one in five New York families who need help putting food on the table.

Simultaneously, smartphone usage has grown rapidly among low-income communities. Of low-income Americans who use the internet on cell phones, 45% go online mostly with their cell phone. The cell phone presents a powerful opportunity to democratize access to information, to reduce the hassle of submitting paperwork, and to alleviate strain on high-touch services that currently deal with SNAP enrollment.

That's why we want to build mobile-first tools that simplify the SNAP enrollment process, reducing the complexity of filing an initial enrollment form and eliminating the hassle of submitting paper documents. We believe that making government services user-friendly does more than just save time and money -- we believe that it makes government feel less initimidating, more accessible, and closer to being truly For The People.
BigIdea WinnerNYC Dept of Ed, iZoneEdorihttp://edori.splashthat.com/www.edori.orgVolkan UnsalEdori makes school choice easier by giving parents and students the tools for finding schools that match their unique interests. Once they find a program, they might want to talk about it, which is why every school gets an online community, powered by Discourse, to help parents and students help each other, share tips and advice in a safe, civil and moderated setting.
Sean Auritiis a crowdsourced civictech website that empowers ordinary citizens to report, verify, and clean the city with reduced wait time. The online/offline community allows people to report problems from poop to graffiti and create jackpots to incentivize neighbors to solve their problems. The Emrals community gains game points and crypto-currency of Emrals that can be converted into actual currency, and participants perform tasks to gain points that allow them to post a dirt alert or clean it up.

Upon signup, users get one free emral, which is the currency of the site. They can assign emrals to dirt alerts to show how vitally a service is needed. If you want someone to dig your car out of the snow, you might be willing to part with 100 Emrals.

FinalistExplore NYC Parkshttp://explorenycparks.splashthat.com/
Andrew GlassOur product is explorenycparks.com- a mobile-friendly web-application enabling users to: find information on parks closest to them, filter parks by offered amenities, find upcoming events and receive suggestions for park adventures.
FinalistFineNYChttp://finenyc.splashthat.com/BjörnNew York City over the past 5 years has consistently issued on average 10 Million tickets a year and collected billions. To add to the frustration for drivers, the process of paying and managing your parking tickets is insane and leads to ridiculous late fees, credit judgements and the loss of your vehicle. FineNYC was built with the following mission in mind
1. Save New Yorkers from paying unnecessary late fees.
2. Help New Yorkers avoid getting their vehicles towed due to parking tickets.

Once we’ve stopped the bleeding, our second half begins working with New Yorkers to help them avoid parking tickets as much as possible.
BigIdea WinnerRobin Hood FoundationHealthcare Finderhttp://healthcarefinder.splashthat.comSusannah Villa Access to Information About Free & Affordable Medical Care

Community Health Centers are an important alternative to Emergency Rooms because they are designed to provide the kind of longer-term, preventative care that keeps New Yorkers healthier and healthcare costs down. Many low-income New Yorkers, however, don't know about health centers.

This calls for a marketing effort with a digital component that connects New Yorkers to affordable health services. NYC Healthcare Finder has two components: First, market research to spot opportunities for awareness building and learn more about audience segments and behaviors. Second, a dead-simple mobile website that uses existing civic software Aunt Bertha to connect individuas with the Community Health Centers that are closest to them
Heart Govhttp://heartgov.splashthat.com/Asher NovekThe goal from the beginning of the project was to ask the question: can we raise the level of civic engagement through text messages? There are many projects out there that look at community building, but nearly all of them are done through the web or through apps. But non-smart phones are more prevalent, so why shouldn't we use text messages?

What HeartGov does is allow a way for people and organizations to voice their questions and ideas about the neighborhood. Those text messages are filtered to local organizations (such as the Midwood Development Corporation and Community Board 14) and to local elected officials (the Borough President's Office for example), who can then respond, and you get a text message back. The idea is to create a sense of conversation around neighborhood ideas. The more conversation that we can create the more change we can see around the neighborhood
FinalistHeat Seek NYChttp://heatseeknyc.splashthat.com/
William JeffriesEvery year, heating code violations are reported in the hundreds of thousands in NYC. Living without proper heat is something no New Yorker should have to do, and it can have serious health consequences. We want to make these violations a thing of the past. We’re creating mesh networks of temperature sensors that can connect any number of apartments per building to Heat Seek NYC’s servers. These sensors periodically collect ambient temperature data and transmit it securely via WiFi, allowing us to:
Provide objective evidence of heating code violations
Streamline the housing court process in instances of heating code abuse
Notify concerned landlords of problems with their heating systems
Help landlords save money by understanding heating imbalances in their buildings
Heat Seek NYC’s powerful web app features tools that integrate our data with public 311 data to provide all of the city’s stakeholders with a better picture of New York City’s heating crisis than ever before.

Heat Seek NYC is working closely with tenants, landlords, tenant unions, advocacy groups, and the HPD to help make our city a warmer, safer place for all its residents.
BigIdea WinnerCoalition for Debtor Education, NYC Department of Consumer Affairs Office of Financial EmpowermentMetashttp://metas.splashthat.com/Ramonametas
engaging minds in math, engineering, technology, arts & science
metas.org revamps traditional STEM & STEAM approaches applying math, engineering, technology, arts & science to everyday living.

Developed in modules, metas.org's submission was built completely during the Big Apps 2014 competition and will focus on real world math and its application to financial empowerment.
FinalistMind My Businesshttp://mmb.splashthat.com/
Aileen Gemma Smith
Mind My Business is designed for brick and mortar stores in NYC.
We let shopkeepers know what's happening outside and around their store that makes a difference to their bottom line.
Everything from upcoming construction, to 311 complaints about their business and their risks for fines.
We created this because the frustration that independent small businesses feel when they lose customers, or get hit with fines for being non compliant on regulations that they either didn't know about, or realize had changed.
NYC Bike Buddyhttp://nycbikebuddy.splashthat.com/
Brian Papa
FinalistCenter4NYC Hiredhttp://nychired.splashthat.com/nychired.comDavid McCreeryfills an unmet need for low-skilled workers and the career counselors that help them to quickly and easily find job listings. It was developed with continuous feedback from 3 BigApps mentors who have been frustrated by the lack of utility of Craig's List, Career Builder and Monster.com to serve these job seekers
NYC Walk Maphttp://nycwalkmap.splashthat.com/
David McCreeryIt adapts the Walk NYC Map designed by Pentagram and the DOT for mobile devices. It converts a printed map to an interactive one with continuous coverage across all 5 boroughs and 7 different zoom levels.
NYCDayCareMap aka "Just Scraping By"http://nycdaycaremap.splashthat.com/
Anita SchmidMany parents confront the daunting task of finding suitable day care in New York City but find the array of resources lacking. Information about licensed day care centers are scattered among different agencies, difficult to use, and near impossible to make meaningful comparisons.

The goal of the NYC Day Care Map is to build a day care portal that provides the latest information within an easy-to-use mobile footprint. A one-stop map of all regulated child care options in the five boroughs that includes center-based group child care as well as home-based day care.
NYcity Facade Queryhttp://nycq.splashthat.com/
Elcin ErtugrulNYcQ is a color-coded 3D map on the web that interacts with NYC façade condition data. Our aim is to make building inspection reports more readily available to architects, contractors for their business development.

Periodic safety inspection reports called LL 10/80 evaluate exterior walls and appurtenances of buildings greater than six stories. NYcQ visualizes the facade safety reports which is only available at Building Information System (BIS) website.
BigIdea WinnerIBMSmarterCities BetaNYChttp://smartercitiesbetanyc.splashthat.com/RamonaIn the current climate of restricted budgets and widening income gaps, urban communities find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to finding and measuring affordable housing within its geographic boundaries. Communities are in the unenviable position of planning and responding to land use development without access to accurate and timely data that allows them to review and act thoughtfully on proposed changes.

It's clear that these communities and neighborhoods, representing a wide range of economic interests, are in a unique position to leverage their quantitative and qualitative data collection within the New York City OpenData ecosystem. With the guidance of System Dynamics modeling our project goal is to enable that transformation by providing communities within the city the open-source tools and methods to find, evaluate and measure affordable housing.

The web application is designed to simplify interaction with a layered framework that connects open data via APIs and a GUI that includes data visualization.
FinalistTomrorow LabSocial Cyclistsocialcyclist.splashthat.com
Patrick T HoffmanVote With Your Wheels!

Social Cyclist is a free app developed by Social Bicycles that allows for an open dialogue between people riding bikes. Riders can record and share bike routes, find the nearest bike share station, and request new bike parking for their community. City governments, bike share operators, bike advocacy groups, and bike planning firms can use the aggregate data to plan infrastructure. Social Cyclist was made to be the platform for people on bikes to have a voice.

If you've ever wanted to report a problem with Citi Bike or wish your neighborhood had better bike infrastructure then Social Cyclist is the perfect app for you to be heard.

Start Now!
Apple: http://bit.ly/SoCyIOS
Android: http://bit.ly/SoCyAndroid
Web App: http://my.socialcyclist.com
Vitarchhttp://findaclass.splashthat.com/Christine EwenSearch engine for schools, afterschool programs, daycare and camps
Water Street Workshttp://waterstreetworks.splashthat.com/
Aileen Gemma Smith
Our second submission, Water Street Works was created to answer the Downtown Alliance and StreetIQ's big idea.
It's a dashboard view of data in real time on Water Street and gives the user the ability to toggle on time and topic.
Team Vizalytics
Water Street Works
Zonerapp.comhttp://zoner.splashthat.com/March ChadwickZoner is Digital Zoning Ordinance Optimization software that delivers real estate feasibility fast with clarity. Zoner removes uncertainty of complex regulation, and improves the decision making process of real estate planning, and investment.

Since 2002 40% all available land in New York City has been re-zoned. These changes result in confusion and uncertainty for owners, businesses, and communities. Zoner delivers transparency of the Zoning Resolution so that your business, home, or community can simply and easily visulize what is existing, and what could be!