Frodan -- Mean Streets Card Review Shapshot
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Card NameClassRarityRatingThought / EvaluationSynergiesRatingDescription
Example Expansion Cards
Mark of the LotusDruidCommon1.0Solid token buff. Cheap spell that resembles "half" of Power of the Wild. Easy to be stuck in hand with not much to do so its lack of consistency might hurt.Violet Teacher, Arcane Giant, Living Roots, Wisps of the Old Gods1 to 1.5Tech Card

[Might see one-off play]
Soggoth the Slitherer
Kezan Mystic
Elise Starseeker
Jade BlossomDruidCommon2.0Powerful early game ramp that doesn't drop off mid-game (compared to Wild Growth), Jade Golem summoning fits perfectly into archetypeLiterally any Jade Golem card, Arcane Giant, Nourish, Yogg-Saron2 to 2.5Role Player / Support

[Solid playable]
Feral Rage
Keeper of Uldaman
Jade BehemothDruidCommon2.5Weak taunt stats unless innervated out. Needs at least 3/3 golem to be considered strong on-curve tempo.Literally any Jade Golem Card, Wild Growth, Brann Bronzebeard3 to 3.5Archetype Staple

[Deck defining]
Reno Jackson
Arcane Giant
Jade IdolDruidRare3.5One of the strongest Jade Golem cards and very versatile as a 1-mana spell which makes it even better with spell-synergistic cards like Arcane Giant. Never lose to a fatigue deck which means this is THE ultimate late game card. Busted if Jade Golem is as dominant as perceived.Literally any Jade Golem Card, Gadgetzan Auctioneer, Arcane Giant, Fandral Staghelm, Yogg-Saron4 to 4.5Format Staple

[Meta-defining powerhouse]
Grim Patron
Mysterious Challenger
Thing From Below
Virmen SenseiDruidRare0Stat pile. Not particularly interesting nor versatile because itself is a non-beast. Similar to Wildwalker from TGT.Beast cards, Brann Bronzebeard5Multi-Format Star

[Ubiquitous, amazing]
Death's Bite
Dr. Boom
Piloted Shredder
Celestial DreamerDruidRare0Stat pile, but with an interesting mechanic. Okay on-curve play without activation. Getting the activation is more reliable mid-late game, but by then the 5/5 is less impactful comparatively.Mark of the Wild, Mark of Ysharaaj, Innervate, Power of the Wild, Abusive Sargeant
Lunar VisionsDruidEpic1.0Reload card. Nourish comparisons are a bit unfair since I feel this belongs in an aggro deck, not a ramp deck. If it hits once, breaks even on cost.2 mana minions, Violet Teacher, Innervate, Yogg-Saron
Pilfered PowerDruidEpic0Many times Ramp Druids lose the board early and isn't able to sustain it enough to get anything beyond 1 mana crystal. Can perhaps see play through Raven IdolRaven Idol, Living Roots, Druid of the Saber (stealthed)
Kun the Forgotten KingDruidLegendary3.5Great card for a defensive ramp Druid. As seen with Ancient Shieldbearer, gaining 10 armor is a very strong defensive effect and might be used just as often than a free 7/7.Fandral Staghelm, Aviana, Innervate
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