2016 Smart and Thinvitational
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BYO StandardStandard features 2 years worth of expansions and 1 Base Set. Build Your Own Standard lets you choose any 2 large expansions, any 4 small expansions (starting with Ice Age), and any core set (starting with 5th Edition).
You may not use more than 1 set from any given block. For example, you cannot choose Urza's Saga as a large expansion, and Urza's Destiny as a small expansion. Nor can you choose Worldwake as a small expansion, and Rize of the Eldrazi as a large expansion.
The list of banned cards can be found on the BANNED tab at the bottom of this document - It is derived from any card ever banned in Standard, or that is currently on the Vintage Restricted List.
Ice Age is the first chronologically legal set in this format. The Ice Age block is Ice Age / Alliances / Coldsnap
The Lorwyn block is Lorwyn / Morningtide / Shadowmoor / Eventide. These are not two 2-set blocks. It is one 4-set block, though Lorwyn and Shadowmoor count as large expansions, and Morningtide and Eventide count as small expansions.
Rise of the Eldrazi is part of the Zendikar block, but counts as a large expansion.
Avacyn Restored is part of the Innistrad block, but counts as a large expansion.
60 card main decks, 15 card sideboards. Standard 4x maximum of each card rule applies.
Decklists will be made public once all 9 are submitted.
Legacy RotisserieInformation on legal cards can be found here - http://magic.wizards.com/en/gameinfo/gameplay/formats/legacy - and also on the BANNED tab of this document
The Rotisserie Draft will begin March 1, and will take place on this google doc spreadsheet (see the other tabs at the bottom).
Players will be drawn to random seating order before the draft begins. There is no time limit on picks, but the draft MUST be completed by April 15. This gives us 6 weeks.
Rather than a normal 8-seat draft, we will use a 9-seat format.
48 total rounds, you do not have to draft basic lands.
The first 3 rounds will be BAN rounds. The selections for use during matches will begin in round 4.
During the BAN rounds, each player selects a card they would like to remove from eligibility. That card is no longer draftable for this event.
After the draft is completed, Steven will assemble the cards for everyones drafted list, and decklists will be constructed on-site. This can only happen if the draft is completed by April 15.
Set SealedAs of "Oath of the Gatewatch", Magic has 84 expansion sets, not including Alpha, Beta, and Unlimited. I removed Fallen Empires, Homelands, and Arabian Nights to create a pool of 81 sets.
Players have randomly been assigned 9 sets. They will build their deck from these sets.
60 card main decks, 15 card sideboards. Standard 4x maximum of each card rule applies.
Any card that has been banned in a major constructed format (Block, Standard, Extended, Legacy, Vintage) is banned. The banned list for this format can be found on the BANNED tab at the bottom of this document.
You must use at least two (2) different cards from each of your assigned sets in your MAIN deck. You can't just stick cards from crappy sets into your sideboard.
Racial DraftEach participant will be assigned one of Magic's iconic races with which to build their decks.
The races are as follows (their color identity is listed in parentheses): Goblins (R), Elves (G), Merfolk (U), Zombies (B), Soldiers (W), Eldrazi (X), Rebels (W), Vampires (B), and Beasts (G). You may build a multicolor deck, but the color identity is defined here for draft acquisition purposes.
For deck construction, all cards other than basic lands must be legacy legal, and contain the race name in their rules text box, type line, or name (e.g. Elven Cache is allowed, Polluted Delta and Pendelhaven are not allowed). Reminder text does not count as rules text (I'm looking at you, Coat of Arms).
60 card main decks, 15 card sideboards. Standard 4x maximum of each card rule applies.
Changeling cards are allowed, because they are all the creature types all the time. Mutavault is not allowed, because it is not a changeling, but rather gains all creature types upon its activation.
Cards that say "choose a creature type" as their only reference to creature types are not allowed (e.g. Engineered Plague / Tsabo's Decree / Patriarch's Bidding)
The draft is non-rotisserie. Each round we will draw a new random order for that round.
Once a card is selected, it is not available to be selected by another player.
There are three rounds to the draft.
To make a selection, choose a card of one (or more) of the other races involved in the draft. It loses it's associated race identity (Merfolk Rogue would become Elf Rogue, Eldrazi Beast would become just Goblin). It's color identity changes to yours, and all mentions of its previous associated races are changed to your race (only races involved in the draft are changed). e.g. If Elves selects Lord of Atlantis, it becomes a 2/2 Elf Lord that costs GG to play, and gives all other elves +1/+1 and forestwalk (note Islandwalk now changes to Forestwalk).
ADJUSTMENT - Initially land types referenced on cards and relevant color words did not change. The new rule is that all color identity references change to the color identity of the race that drafts the card, and all color identity references that are NOT of the drafted card's race do not change. (e.g. Skirk Fire Marshall gets protection from whatever color race drafts it, and Vodalian Zombie maintains protection from green when drafted by another race.)
3v3 Cube DraftsPlayers in the same pool will be teammates for the Cube rounds. Each team will play the other pools in a 3v3 money draft style "match".
Before the drafts, each pool will choose "powered" or "unpowered" for their "home field". These choices will be made in secret and then revealed simultaneously.
Pool A is home team in their match vs Pool B
Pool B is home team in their match vs Pool C
Pool C is home team in their match vs Pool A
The home teams choice of cube (from before, when they selected in secret) will be used for each draft.
You still get credit for your match wins if your team loses, but if your team wins, you will get 1 bonus match win added to your total. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS CHANGED FROM LAST YEAR WHEN YOU RECEIVED TWO BONUS MATCH WINS.
Legacy Roto
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BYOS Decklists
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