Healthcare PCP/ PPI funded projects

Project status update: scope, phases, timings and deadlines
RELIEF aims to link European health procurers in order to create the innovative and sustainable solutions that will improve chronic pain control/relieve through ITC self-management techniques.
Chronic pain diseases is costing to healthcare systems annually over €300bn in Europe; 1.5%-3% of GDP.. This has been identified as important drivers of avoidable healthcare costs. However, it has been estimated that nine-tenths of the burden of pain may fall on the broader society. Even small increases in the effectiveness of pain management reap large economic rewards.
More than half of patients with acute or chronic pain are not well treated even though the existing therapeutic options have confirmed effective results. eHealth solutions must achieve greater comparability between systems, patients and protocols, so as to reach more effective and efficient procedures.
At present, there is a wide range of high-tech devices aimed at treating pain in its many facets and complexity. But it is still necessary to cover the gap between Research and Commercialization of new products and devices.
RELIEF will foster and accelerate the access to market for innovative solutions, while respecting the public procurement directives. The project will contribute to boost innovative tools that empower the patient to self-manage current and future pains.
This phase is a feasibility study of the selected technologies and proposals PHASE B. Prototype development (35% PCP budget; 6 months) PHASE C. Pre-commercial development; field test (45% PCP budget; 12 months)
€1.890.000,00PHASE A - 8 solutions PHASE B- 4 solutions PHASE C -2 solutionsNov 2016 - Dec 2016Nov 2017-March 2018 Phase 1KoM Phase 1 Córdoba 28/11/2017Patricia Martinez Galisteo European Projects Coordinator BravoSolution Avenida de Manotera 42 1º 28050 Madrid Phone: + 34 91 787 02 29 | M: +34 606 34 94 64 p.martinez@bravosolution.es1/11/2017
EMPATTICSEmpowering Patients for a BeTTer Information and improvement of the Communication Systems GA-690492 / PCP http://www.empattics.euEMPATTICS will study the socio-economic and age dependency factors that affect awareness, uptake and adherence to self-management services. This will define and design a best in class self-management service that provide the educational and informational services that a large population of elderly and chronic patients require to self-manage. The aim of this procurement is to trigger new solutions to be developed and tested to address the following common challenge: to improve the empowerment of chronic patients through supporting the patients ‘adherence. The main technical challenges to be addressed are: new innovative services that will allow increased co- creation and co-operation between health, social care and patients/caregivers that will increase the patient´s adoption and adherence using ICT self-care technologies and enhance professionals in the use of decision support systems.
Tools that can be created into the daily routines of patients and health and care professionals to deliver standardised care across a large population of chronic and elderly patients. This will include the technology requirements and use cases for sharing care plans between professionals and patients as well as the scope and depth of integration between new productivity and care coordination toolsets and current EMR recording software.
1st PHASE. Solution design: Feasibility study: Technology description, first solution design and organizational plan. Cost benefit analysis. Impatct analysis on the patients and eHealth System (9% PCP budget; 6 months) 2nd PHASE. Prototyping: Prototype. Cost-benefit analysis. Limited production and testing plan (36% PCP budget; 9 months) 3rd PHASE. Validation and Testing: Testing and evaluation. Cost-benefits analysis (55% PCP budget; 8 months)3.500.000€PHASE A - 10 solutions PHASE B- 5 solutions PHASE C -3 solutionsnov 2016Nov 2017 - March 2018http:// www.empattics.eu39Phase 1 LaunchedSusana Fernández Nocelo European Projects Coordinator ACIS, Axencia de Coñecemento en Saúde Avda. Fernando de Casas Novoa nº 37 Portal A-B 1º andar 15707 Santiago de Compostela A Coruña - Spain Phone: + 34 881 54 00 54 M: +34 646 40 48 91 susana.fernandez.nocelo@sergas.es1/11/2017
NYMPHA-MDNext Generation Mobile Platforms for HeAlth, in Mental DisordersNYMPHA project focuses on the implementation of a Pre-Commercial Procurement of mobile ehealth services for supporting physicians and patients in the treatment of bipolar disorder through continuous patients monitoring in order to dynamically support illness management and potentially identify early deviations in mood and attitudes suggesting the onset of a crisis. Such innovative approach in treatment will allow the early intervention of professionals and a personalized and continuous feed-back to patients about warning signs and indications for referral to professionals and self-management. From this point of view, access to interactive tools able to deliver psycho-education and self-help sessions according to standardized and effective models will be available. The monitoring model of such type of approach would be based on a portable data acquisition system able to obtain continuous objective measurements of patients behavior related to their clinical state, also giving feed-backs and visualizing data to patients, thus enhancing patients’ awareness and empowering attitude and supporting their self-management, with the support of ICT.“PHASE ONE” (solution design) has the object of PLANNING INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS AND PRODUCING THE RELATED FEASIBILITY STUDY (12% PCP budget, 2 months)
“PHASE TWO” (prototype development) has the scope of DEVELOPING AND INTEGRATING THE PROTOTYPE FOR THE INNOVATIVE SOLUTION PROPOSED. The phase 2 bid will involve presenting a development programme for the prototype, including the design and technical specifications for this, and a financial-business plan. (38% PCP budget, 5 months)
“PHASE THREE” (original development of a limited volume of first products or services in the form of a test series) has the scope of carrying out INITIAL DEVELOPMENT OF A LIMITED QUANTITY OF PROTOTYPE PRODUCTS/SERVICES IN THE FORM OF A TEST SERIES. The phase 3 bid will involve presenting a programme of experimentation in a real environment for a limited number of prototypes. (50% PCP budget, 4 months)
€1.600.000,00PHASE A - 4 solutions PHASE B- 3 solutions PHASE C -2 solutionsJune - September 2015August - December 2015 (as published originally in Call for Tender)
ACTUAL -May - July 2016
April-June 2016 (as published originally in Call for Tender)
ACTUAL Dec'16 - March'17
December 2016 - January 2017 (as published originally in Call for Tender)
ACTUAL June - Sept 2017 Phase 1
Preparing Phase 2
Launch of Phase 2 (dates to be confirmed)Dr. Oscar Mayora
Project Coordinator
CREATE-NET Research Center
Via alla Cascata 56/D - Povo
38123 Trento (Italy)
Phone (+39) 0461 408400 ext. 2475
SILVERSupporting Independent Living for the Elderly through Robotics GA287609SILVER (Supporting Independent LiVing for the Elderly through Robotics) is a development project funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme for research and technological development (FP7).

The SILVER project searches for new technologies to assist elderly people in their everyday lives. By the use of robotics or other related technologies, the elderly can continue independent living at home even if they have physical or cognitive disabilities.

The new technologies and solutions are sought by using a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) process. In Europe, the PCP has so far been an under-utilized tool for promoting innovation. One of the aims of this project is to demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach to address societal and governmental needs.
SOLUTION DESIGNDuration 6 months, up to 8 companies, budget up to 350,000 EUR PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENTDuration 12 months, up to 4 companies, budget up to 720,000 EUR PRECOMMERCIAL SMALL SCALE PRODUCT/SERVICE DEVELOPMENTDuration 12 months, up to 3 companies, budget up to 1,080,000 EUR€2.150.000,00PHASE A - 7 solutions PHASE B- 3 solutions PHASE C - 1 solution2012March 2013 -June 2013May 2014 - May 2015July 2015 - August 2016 3 Testing until August 2016Final Conference & Workshop completedStephen Browning Innovate UK +44 1793 4427001/11/2017
MAGICMobileAssistance forGroups &Individuals within theCommunity – Stroke Rehabilitation Grant Agreement No 687228 http://magic-pcp.euThe MAGIC Buyers Group is aiming to use novel applications of technology, commissioned through PCP, to empower patients and enhance the intervention of Rehabilitation Therapy in order to Maximise the level of functional independence at six month post stroke as measured by the Modified Rankin Score and Bartel Index.In Phase 1, 7 suppliers will be afforded the opportunity to work with Practitioners in Italy and Northern Ireland to develop their idea. At the end of Phase 1 a closed competitive call will appoint 4 of the 7 suppliers enabling them to move into a phase of prototyping. During this Phase suppliers will work with local public healthcare services to refine design and apply for research governance and ethical approval in preparation for the final phase. In Phase 3, following a further closed competitive process 3 of the 4 Phase 2 suppliers will be invited to deploy their technology to scale. The field trials will be conduced within the Buyer's Group regions of Italy and Northern Ireland.3.632.800,00€Phase 1= 7x€60k Phase 2= 4x €105.7k Phase 3= 3x €930k01:06:16 to 31:07:16The website for MAGIC is However, the entire tender documents will not be published on the website as the application will be through an electronic procurement portal. Therefore, for registration of supplier & then once ‘call’ is live all associated MAGIC PCP documents can be downloaded from 2 grantedJulie-Ann Walkden, SBRI Executive, MAGIC-PCP Co-Ordinator, LEAR for BSO, Business Services Organisation, Franklin Street, Belfast, BT2 8DQ. Northern Ireland Tel:- 00447979365939 and sbri.pmo@hscni.net1/11/2017
DECIPHERDistributed European Community Individual Patient Healthcare Electronic Record), GA-288028, PCP, DECIPHER project is challenging the industry to develop a mobile health solutions referred as DECIPHER Service.

The DECIPHER Service is expected to address the challenges described below:
• An up-to-date view of a person’s health data connecting to the Personal Health Record Systems, which are already existing or being developed in different countries
• Support to treatment management (therapeutic and medication)
• Connection with country-specific health-data repositories
• Need for automatic language translation.
• Support for cross-border health in case of unplanned care
• Where available, also Patient Access services included in the epSOS infrastructure may be used to access health records.
• Necessary functionalities in order to connect with these country-specific services and exchange information with them as required by the addressed use cases.
• Phase 0: Initial Selection.- Any Bidder shall be entitled to submit a preliminary innovative solution, for which shall receive no payment (no budget nor payments at this stage).
• Phase 1: Solution Design Selection. A maximum of 9 Bidders awarded with the Phase 1 shall be entitled to submit a final design for an innovative solution, for which each Bidder shall receive a maximum payment of 25.000 EUR (VAT excluded).
• Phase 2: Prototype Development Selection.- A maximum of 6 Bidders awarded with the Phase 2 shall be entitled to develop prototypes on the basis of the final innovative solutions selected at the end of Phase 1, for which each Bidder shall receive a maximum payment of 52.500 EUR (VAT excluded).
• Phase 3: Proof of Concept.- A maximum of 3 Bidders awarded with the Phase 3 shall be entitled to produce and test a small scale products on the basis of the prototypes finally selected at the end of Phase 2, for which each Bidder shall receive a maximum payment of 120.000 EUR (VAT excluded).
€900.000,00Phase 1 - 9 solutions
Phase 2 - 6 solutions
Phase 3 - 3 solutions
June 2013 - Nov 2013april 2015 - jul 2015mar 2016 - sept 2016Nov 2016 - Mar 2017 2EXPLOIT PCP! Webinar on October the 26thJean Patrick Mathieu
EU project Manager
Roc Boronat, 81 2ª planta
08005 Barcelona
Tel: +34 93 551 34 77
ANTISUPERBUGSGA: 688878Anti-SUPERBugs PCP main objective is to support and finance private R&D activities in the field of advanced ICT solutions, aimed at detecting micro‐organisms that may determine the incurrence of hospital-acquired infections and control the diffusion of infections within healthcare providers. This will both address the needs of healthcare providers in increasing HAIs (Hospital Acquired Infections) control and contribute in the development of a new stream of products in the life science and medical device industries.
Specific objectives include:
- improve the quality and reduce the costs of collateral effects of the care process in hospital, through the development of prototype of ICT services aimed at detecting superbugs and other HAIs vectors. The developed systems will also inform professionals of the risk of infection by the use of signal through different forms, as sound or coloured-light alarms;
- the creation and consolidation of an pan-European network of procurers, who putting in common their needs and efforts can enable the development of novel technologies aimed to cover bigger market challenges in areas of common European interest. The economic dimension will have a major impact on the definition of the project since, bigger is the market where the companies can sell their product, lower is expected to be the price for the procurers and end-users on the final end-products;
- the definition of the cross-border and joint pre-commercial public procurement procedure that best meets Anti-SUPERBugs PCP procuring authorities’ needs and that addresses the major societal challenge selected,  either the support to early detection and of antibiotic-resistant bacteria or the support to health-care associated infections preventions;
- the mutual learning, knowledge sharing and transferring within the consortium and across different fields, technologies and procurement disciplines (social, economic, legal, technical) and EU countries.
3 phases: 1) Solution desing 2) prototyping 3) original development, validation and testing3.300.000€Dec 2017 - January 2018mid-2018 launched: see project websiteParticipate to the online questionnaire and open events on 15/12/2017 at AQuAS (Barcelona), on 18/01/2018 at Improving Infection Control within Healthcare conference (Manchester), on 24/01/2018 at ZENIT (Germany), on 31/01/2018 at the Province of Trento (Italy)Jean Patrick Mathieu EU project Manager AQuAS Roc Boronat, 81 2ª planta 08005 Barcelona Tel: +34 93 551 34 77
november 2017
NIGHTINGALEGA: 727534 Five leading European academic hospitals (Utrecht, the Netherlands; Stockholm, Sweden; London, United Kingdom; Leuven, Belgium and Aachen, Germany) uses the European commission’s Pre-commercial Procurement (PCP) funding scheme to challenge and stimulate European industry to develop a system to connect patients and carers to wirelessly monitor patients’ vital signs and identify high risk individuals. The available budget for the development of this innovative solution is 5.3 million euro, consisting of 3.75 million euro in the form of innovation subsidies to the industry.3 phases: 1) Solution desing 2) prototyping 3) original development, validation and testing3.750.000€Phase 1: 6 suppliers (budget: 150,000 €) Phase 2: 4 suppliers (budget: 2,4 M€) Phase 3: 2 suppliers (budget: 1.2 M€)Feb - Jun 2017Jan - Mar 2018Jun 2018 - Jan 2019May 2019 - Jan 2020 for tender open until end of December 2017Call for tender open!UNIVERSITAIR MEDISCH CENTRUM UTRECHTnov 2017
STARSSTARS: Empowering Patients by Professional Stress Avoidance and Recovery Services (GA:727585)STARS will invite the industry to tender to develop personalised eHealth solutions in order to reduce stress related to healthcare procedures (see amount of stress experienced for planned surgery in figure 1). Reduction of the stress, experienced by patients, will lower the harmful side-effects of sedating drugs, shorten hospital stay, shorten recovery time and relieve carers and related persons from continuous assistance. The eHealth solution will target the reduction of healthcare related stress as early as in the preclinical phase, proceeding through hospitalization until the end of the aftercare period (see figure 2). The solution will have to combine the experience of caregivers with the empowerment of the patients to actively influence the process by expressing their state of mind and needs.3.260.000€The open market consultation will be held at least in English in the following countries: italy - Ancona, 18.1.2018; Germany - Mülheim an der Ruhr, 24.1.2018; The Netherlands - Maastricht, 25.1.2018; Spain - Cordoba, 31.1.2018; Spain - Barcelona, 2.2.201748OMC openinfo@stars-pcp.eunov 2017
PROEMPOWERProcuring innovative ICT for patient empowerment and self-management for type 2 diabetes mellitus (GA: 727409)Public procurers in ProEmpower aim to procure a disease self-management solution to help meet the imminent threat of a diabetes epidemic. ProEmpower will make person-centred care reality - giving the patient the steering wheel - for optimal health outcomes. Very significant synergies will be reaped by supporting all 10 action areas of diabetes management in an integrated ICT solution. Early detection, personal decision support, self management and peer support are to be delivered from a platform with full interoperable and secure access to the necessary devices and health records. ProEmpower will apply the internationally acclaimed Chronic Care Model to specify support needs for type 2 diabetes at all stages. Self-management and treatment will be supported by personalised guidelines and making the best use of clinical data. In this way a quality culture in healthcare will be fostered and learning healthcare systems made reality.
Suppliers will be rigorously evaluated after each of the four procurement phases, comprising (I) an open market consultation supported by the European eHealth Competition, (II) specification of architecture and system aligned to requirements of patients, peers and providers, (III) prototype development and testing with end-users and (IV) effectiveness proven in a trial with 200 patients and 40 professionals.
Fully rolled out in the four countries, enabled by procurers with the authority and capacity in their countries and regions, ProEmpower will serve 12 million diabetes patients.
Reductions in diabetes-related death, amputation, blindness and renal failure promise cost relief of € 53 billion over 7 years in the four countries. Suppliers can expect a turnover of € 5 billion a year. Proven ability to cover the four different health systems promises ProEmpower suppliers easy entry into other EU markets and beyond, a very strong contribution to overcoming fragmentation of demand and fostering the global market.
3 phases: 1) Solution desing 2) prototyping 3) original development, validation and testing3.050.000€Phase 1: 4 suppliers, 450 k€; Phase 2: 3 suppliers, 950 k€; Phase 3: 2 suppliers, 1.650k€May - Jun 2017Jan - Mar 2018April - Nov 2018Dec 2018 - Feb 2020 Call for tender open in January 2018Coordinator: Turkish Ministry of Health Communication officer: Jorge González
Mov: +34 657847238
nov 2017
LIVEINCITEThrough the use of pre-commercial procurement LIVE INCITE aims to both challenge and stimulate the market to develop patient-centred interactive IT-solutions, promoting lifestyle changes LIVE INCITE project has completed the request for tender documents, but due to unforseen events we are not able to provide an updated date for publishing of the request for tenders. We expect to have more details from EU by November 31st.E-mail:
Address: Karolinska University Hospital, Solna
International Department C4:U1
171 76 Stockholm, Sweden