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Coping strategyActivity that's proven to chill you outNeed top tier memes? Not sure where to stream something? Want someone to beta read for you? Request hereDid you try Lovely Person's recommendation? Did you see what they made and love it? Fill in here (if you need extra rows just make them, this doc is not meant to be a perfectly formatted spreadsheet it's meant for good vibes)
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MargoP O D C A S T SProjectWhat a great time to get into podcasts! No idea where to start? Here's the Big Ass Podcast Rec Sheet
For no good reason I really want to get to 200 recs on the rec sheet by June, c;mon people make my dreams come true
kptrain your hair to go longer than a day or two without washingRecommendation+1, this is a legit useful thing to do, no better time etc (Alex)
SamBeginner's has loads and loads of totally free workouts, not only for beginners but for everyone. even yoga and couch type stuff. really cool names tooI have been trying to remember what the name of Darebee is thank you! (margo)
SathyaMake ink!RecommendationA few months ago I came across a book called Make Ink ( It was gorgeous but I didn't buy it at the moment. Recently I started thinking about it again and found a very basic version of those recipes here: Thanks, Martha Stewart? I did one as an experiment with the water left over from some balck beans I had soaked...and I felt like a fucking alchemist! So I've since been new ones every day (hibiscus tea! coffee! black plum! onion skin!). It's incredibly fun and pretty and I really recommend trying it. So far I've found multiple nice sepia-ish colors, and several pink-purple-reds. Any ideas on what might work for making blue or bluish ink? Blueberries turned out to be a very pretty purplish gray.WHAT THIS SOUNDS AMAZE
AlexWatching Cheers, the TV show, in its entiretyRecommendation100 hours of television that have aged pretty well, oh gosh it's lovely
AlexRunningRecommendationIf you at all can. It's nice to be outdoors and remember that that exists, and being phyisically tired (a) is hard when you are home all the time and (b) feels goodLet's talk about running. Do you have running goals. I want to be running regular 10Ks (current standard is an out of condition 5K)
SmarandaInspiration generatorRecommendationSomeone sends a Tweet about a potential mad called ISOLATED and he is indundated with tips & ideas - CHECK THEM OUT:
Elly90 workouts, including 5 x 6 week programmes (inc for preg and post-partum folx) plus ginormous high quality exercise video library for all those home workoutsRecommendation
Oh cool! Thanks! - Sarah
MaraOnline movie nightRecommendationDiscord for voice chat, for watching movies (needs VLC or other video player installed), Dropbox or Google Drive to share video filesLove this idea! Discord makes it really easyCo-sign Unf*ck Your Habitat! It works much better for me than konmari (I love the Pomodoro method-approach) (Margo)
MaxSequester checklist / daily planner from Carrie Frye, aka Black Cardigan EditRecommendation
AlexYeah you better believe I'm reading a bunch of stuff about Scott FitzgeraldProject
MargoI have done My Pitch but you should do A Pitch Of Your Own: a shared doc full of pitch opportunities;; have done My Pitch but you should do A Pitch Of Your Own: a shared doc full of pitch opportunities;; me know what you're pitching bbs
PeteLearn how to write a comic with renowned writer (and twitter nuisance) Gail SimoneProjectFollow @gailsimone on Twitter and find her #comicschool tweets (day 1 thread starts here) is so cool, I bloody love Gail
TomGeoreference some historical photographs and maps!ProjectLayers of London overlay historical maps and aerial photography onto maps of London ( But they need help to do that! Go and help line up some old aerial photos ( or turn Charles Booths' 19thc poverty maps into data ('s lots of other citizen science type projects that are worth your while, too - Galaxy Zoo, etc. What otehr ones are good?
kplearn a challenging guitar solo from one of your favorite songsProjectSome friends and I are gonna try tomorrow - however, they're temporarily shut due to extra traffic. I'll report back.
AliceduolingoProjectcheckpoint 4 in German NICE. Have you tried Memrise, it's pretty good too
KatieMake radio from all of my unused tape and help other people make + share radioProjectSubscribe to my tinyletter where I will send a short radio story from real life every weekday. Get in touch with me if you have a story! I can help you make it happen; no radio experience necessary!
NeringaMake your own t-shirt campaign!!ProjectEverpress is very cool -- once you create a campaign and choose how many days you want for it to run, they only print the amount of t-shirts that you sold! no unnecessary waste. sustainable and cool
MaxPushing on through writing my (self-help) book ProjectThe fun part--plotting out the structure, capturing bon mots and sidebars--is over. Now it's revising. Also writing the hard sections, aka sections that haven't been started yet.Online mutual accountability / cheering section with others doing similar projects. Or others wanting to start similar projects. Perhaps even virtual co-working via video...@Max wanna drop a burner email address here so anyone else who wants writing accountability can join you? Also: congrats this is massive!
>Thank you! is my burner email. (Max)
> I too (Alex) very up for this
JoyceWorking on my half-finished novelProjectI've been working on it for 5-6ish months now, but stall anytime work gets busy. So now is the perfect time since everything is cancelled.Just some accontability and solidarity of others doing projects too@Joyce as above!!
Ayesha Make the best baguettes ever. ProjectThese baguettes are seriously delicious and super easy. The best thing? It's no-knead. Just yeast + time. Recipe on YouTube here: These look great! Thanks - will give them a go with the kiddo who loves bread more than all else
MargoIntentions & Determinations spreadsheetProjectInspired by writer Saeed Jones, artist Sierra Chastity made this boss spreadsheet for goal setting: maybe we could create a sheet for a slack community for writers??
>>> SLack is having issues on my computer, I am involved in a long convo with customer service to fix!! Updates will be imminent!
SarahClothes cullProjectSort: Donate, gift, sell, repurpose, chuckJust putting here that I love seeing before and after pictures of people's sorting and tidying
JenClothes cullProjectSort: Donate, gift, sell, repurpose, chuckJust putting here that I love seeing before and after pictures of people's sorting and tidyingA game designer I know wrote a very good list of the best boardgames of the past decade:
Jen Update diaryProjectWrite up my diary! I feel like this is such an interesting time and reflecting on my mood and attitude over the past two weeks and coming months will be so interestingDo you keep a diary? Do you find it helpful? What details are most important to you to capture?
Austinfinish the novelProjectJust finished the tenth draft. Awaiting editor's feedback & copy edits. UPDATE: finished. Waiting for agent signoff.
Austinwrite/publish a non-fiction essayProjectIt's about Tolkien and Don Quixoteif anyone has links to good articles about either one...
SmarandaWrite up a few reviews for my siteProjectI want to set up a platform for combined book & film reviewsAccountability pal I am 100% here for accountability, plus I will set up a Slack group for anyone interested (Margo)
SamActually do my assigned maths work and study for my A-LevelsProjectPlease, for the sake of all that is holy, someone send me something to motivate me or a tip for studying or whatever. I've got really cool stuff to do, videos and interactive exercises and so on, I just can't get moving!I like to tell myself it's only for twenty minutes, just to get used to the feeling of extreme concentrating. Then extending that time out as you can. GOOD LUCK! | also breaking things down into tiny steps can really help, like "I wil read one paragraph", start v v small
Katie S.Taking self-portraits within the limitations of my apartment (as part of assignments for an ICP portraiture class and for fun)ProjectInspiration:
Cindy Sherman's Untitled Film Stills
Francesca Woodman
Reine Paradis
This sounds really cool - if you're able/willing, please share a link to where we can see the finished project
Elly Start a 15 minutes-most-days sketch habit to try to embed the learning from my curtailed-by-recent-events drawing course at City LitProjectAnyone else do anything similar? Any recommendations for online resources?
MaraLooking for work--I was laid off right at the start of quarantine because that's when the contract endedProjectGive us a shout (drop a burner email, or use the TBD chat) if you want someone to look over CVs, resumes, letters, etc - can be really helpful to get an extra pair of eyes
MargoMarch Around the World Movie ChallengeProject
challenge to watch 30 movies from 30 countries over March; I'm way behind - it's been a busy month, you may have noticed - but I'm gonna try and catch up a little.
I'm if you want to check up on me (prob re-watching Fast and Furious all over again)
AlexRead three novellas a day. Hit the Finchy line. Double it. Treble it.DistractionSome ideas:
Fox 8 – George Saunders
Convenience Store Woman – Sayaka Murata
The Prick – Mazin Saleem

More on the Finchy Line:
Tell me your favourite novellas!Antonio Tabucchi! Henry James! Turn of the Screw, but (less famously) What Masie Knew -hi! if you are a SF/F person, I would totally rec all systems red, this is how you lose the time war, and to be taught, if fortunate
>The Seep, by Chana Porter. A post-alien invasion is the Best Apocalypse Ever! and somehow still manages to produce its discontents. Very funny and also heartbreaking. | Normal by Warren Ellis | Muriel Spark has a bunch of them (HH) |
AlexYou know how you don't want to drink all the time but also you do? What are the best Seedlip cocktails? Let's try some and make recommendations.Distraction to follow, do you have ideas? I had the Nogroni in a bar in Jan and it was greatOkay can confirm this works in a G+T too
MargoASMR vidsDistractionYes, those weird whisper videos. Anecdata suggests that around 30% of people react with a shrug, 30% are like WTF THIS IS AWFUL, and 30% get all tingly and nice. Why not find out? Found all over YouTube, here are some recs: your faves or, EVEN BETTER, make one. You got whispering chops I'm sure
MargoDo some hippy cleaningDistractionYou know, white vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, etc. (ETA: apartment hacks masterpost'm always here for cleaning tips. If you have a real oven, you know the burn wood type, taking old newspapers, wetting them, then dipping them in the ash left inside will yield a scrubber that'll clean the glass panes to shine without doing damage. wipe of the rest with wet paper without ash. Also, if you are okay with curses, unf*ck your habitate is always nice, and the weekend challenge can easily be adapted.
MargoUse up skincare samplesDistractionFind all those little skincare samples and other random toiletries that have been knocking around the bathroom cupboard and give them a whirl. Put on some whalesong and have a spa day! Give your poor desiccated hands some moisture! Get into those cuticles with some coconut oil!
AlexB O A R D G A M E SDistractionSeven Wonders: Duel with the Pantheon expansion pack is an absolute joy for two:
Tell me yours, for one or two or manyOh! I love Seven Wonders. I also love Innovation - works pretty well for two. Lost Cities is also a good two player
MargoDarn your socksDistractionHella relaxing and massively satisfying. Watch a movie and darn your socks. All that's needed is a needle, thread, and a can-do attitude (stitches don't have to be perfect, they're just socks!)I AM ADDING THIS TO MY DAILY ROUTINE - YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION (Elly)
MikeFinally taking advantage of the Criterion Channel's 2 week trialDistractionStarted with Death By Hanging. Hilarious farce about the death penalty.
SarahWatch Met Opera's free productionsDistractionBit optimistic for (spawn very disinterested), but I'd looove to watch these - please someone else take advantage! for this, gonna share with my opera loving mother in law

Thanks for the link! Sadly accepting the fact that ROH's Elektra and Tristan are probably not going ahead...

EllyFree music from the Berlin PhilharmonikerDistraction
2nding this is so cool & now I wanna print
AlexFAKE SOUP. Put some vegetable stock in a mug. Add boiling water. A comforting treat for all the family.Coping strategyMaybe tell me your favourite brand of stock? Mine is the Marigold Boullion. Knorr is disappointing since they went low salt. Interested in whether Oxo works.I am rapidly becoming a minor expert in the gluten free versions, but my fave is Itsu's chilli miso, even though it's hella over packaged and they charge like raging bulls for it (Margo)Drop a burner email or phone number and I will cheerfully cyberbully you
MargoMake a zineCoping strategyMake yerself a zine. A baby zine: A3 zine: any ol zine including digital: Got MS word? me your dang zines
MargoA little bit of movementCoping strategyDo a nice gentle bit of exercise. Some sun salutations. Stair climbs. Lift a thing (carefully!). I love the chirpy Canadian vibes of Fitness with PJ ( and The Fitness Marshall has zillions of pop song dance workouts at 3-4 minutes: The NHS has a shedload of gym-free workouts including chair yoga
MargoSpringclean your digital channelsCoping strategyDo an email overhaul (create folders, unsubsribe, filters); do a privacy check up (,,, clear up your folders and files, back up anything you need to etc/ ETA: do a general laptop tidy am by no means an expert and also very guilty of having slapdash habits myself so very much here for advice/resources. I use the LastPass password manager and am DELIGHTED with it, good time to try this out.
EllyGentle, mindful movementCoping strategy
MelissaCoping strategyAchieving flow through the pursuit of obscure personal interestsIf you're learning Russian and want a penpal...
MargoDaily 5 minute clear upCoping strategySpend 5 minutes on clearing one small section of my room. Started today and now I have desk space! Also met new spider friend.I JUST WANT FUCKING PRAISEMEGA TIDYING LOVE MARGO AND ALL OTHER TIDYING PEEPS <3//You did awesome! I'm so proud of you! (Sam)
MaraKnitting, particularly finishing my Celestarium shawlCoping strategy! (Just finished my Papa today 21-mar ;) Knitting is helpful! --Max. Another knitter! I'm so glad that you're doing something with your hands, and keeping safe! -KBallesteros
NeringaWomen are Shrexy t-shirtCheck me outI'm trying to tackle sexisim using the best role model - SHREK. I'm sick and tired of being called "darling" or "little missy". Call me shrexy or call me nothing at all. follow the link to pre-order:
SmarandaI made a zine for an EP vynil release! Took the pics, somehow managed to edit them and then learned how to riso print and ever since I believe printing techniques should be taught widely!Check me out cool
MargoStream your stuffProjectCherie Hu (of Water and Music newsletter fame) put together a toolkit for putting on virtual performances:
MargoMake face masksProjectHow to make face masks: &
Margie/MallikaLinks cause you are bored, but can pretend you are being educatedDistractionYou know you are lucky when you have friends who consolidate interesting things for you to look at online. Much like this spreadsheet, and how I love getting my "mailman, bring me no more blues. Three weeks" emails, long ago my friend Morgue used to post Friday Linky. Lucky for me (and now you) he has started this up again at:
Might be worth taking a wander through the old posts for old times sakes too!
MargoProject Runway & it's ilkDistractionMy comfort viewing is the sub-genre of reality TV that is people doing their jobs in a competitive reality show format, particularly the ones that hover above RuPaul's Drag Race in the family tree: America's Next Top Model and Project Runway. PR is having a mini-renaissance with a rebooted new series, and two high-end rip offs Next in Fashion (Netflix) and Making the Cut (Amazon), but if you want to watch the O.G., well hint hint &
And the best part is that if you need more distraction, the internet is FULL of recaps you can wallow around in (for PR S18, I recommend R. Thomas Eric in Elle)
KBallesterosBlogging/Creative Writing to document emotions instead of wallowing in themCheck me out is my first ever blog and it's taking a lot of time to write out the longform that I want to produce. Thought to share because it's also a place where i'm hashing out all the scary emotions, and where I'm concentrating my writing. It's terrifying, but the terror is part of it. Writing feedback, or someone to just say 'me too!' would be a big help. Getting people to empathize is always magic. I like this a lot so far!!
MargoHang up some artProjectYou're stuck inside so make those walls look snazzy. I have finally gotten around to framing a ton of stuff and hanging it over the various marks on my walls. Lots of nice typography and naked people on there now. Look through old postcards, magazines, etc. Take not as fun art out of existing frames and remix them. Don;t have anyhing up that doesn't make your heart warm.
MangoTouch GrassCoping strategyIt's nice