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v7.1.211/27/2020Updated all Wanderers fighters.
TODO: Second pass over all fighters to make sure abriged UA text is up to date.
TODO: Second pass over all fighters to make sure "passive" stat bonuses are not actually "Reveal:" bonuses. (It matters vs Sagas.)
TODO: Check that all instances of cycling components consistently use "cycle through..." keyword.
v7.1.111/21/2020Updated all tournament-legal solo fighters.
Corrected Evil Hikaru's Evil Earth (Vulnerable -> -2 Guard).
v7.111/16/2020Updated about half of all tournament-legal solo fighters.
Added "Attack Preview" sheet in matches for possible video overlay use.
Updated discard shading to differentiate between Discard 1 and Discard 2.
Tweaked reference-updating function to also mirror Force information.
Updating cards to always place Guard on its own line, and to mark X-ranged attacks with an asterisk for immutability.
Added unofficial "cycles through" verb to Glossary.
Added information about Clash timing to Glossary.
v7.010/28/2020Applied all patches as recorded to all characters.
Removed version toggles from match creation dialog -- all matches will now be created at "V4".
Replaced all instances of fractional Priority with Tiebreaker indicator (e.g. 5^ Priority, +2^ Priority).
Blindly replaced all instances of "nearest opponent" with "Opponent".
10/30: All Fates characters now up to date.
11/08: All War characters, plus Borneo and Juto, now up to date.
11/14: Updated Jin (Reforging Armor 0 -> 1, X-Range wording preserved), Merjoram (Tactics compare printed)
v6.78/24/2020Updated [Force: #] cell coloring to turn green when the Finisher becomes available.
v6.6.98/19/2020Removed scripting that specialized Mikhail's Switch.
Added scripting to copy Switch for setup on Borneo, Gar, and Juto.
Added Upcoming Changes to setup scripting for
Cherri, Cindra, Dareious, Demitras, Dravil, Endrbyt, Hayden, Hikaru, Jager, and Juto.
v6.6.88/12/2020Fixed scripting error that mishandled addition of negative numbers.
Added Upcoming Changes to setup scripting for
Kallistar, Kehrolyn, Lesandra, Lixis, Luc, Lucida, Magdelina, Mikhail, Ottavia, Rexan, Rukyuk, Sagas, Seth, Trias, Vanaah, Wardlaw,
Welsie, and Xenitia.
v6.6.78/5/2020Updated addition macro in preparation for tiebreaker handling.
Updated Amon's UA to better reflect the actual form of his UA.
Updated Anya. (Style color/name changes. Liftoff SoB: no longer needs a Form change on the current beat.)
Updated Burgundy's UA to reflect new definition of "Place". ("Place" may be used on a Marker already on the board.)
Updated Dareios' Extraordinaire Ether to make explicit the deactivation of retrieved Drinks.
Updated Feylana. (Card name changes. Serious now prevents all Geas Base retrieval.)
Updated John. (Renamed Petrify to Stoneskin. Clarified Stoneskin effect, and it now applies to the first movement instead of the next.
Fracturing Power curve re-expressed as a penalty rather than a bonus.)
Updated Kai. (Ante failure encapsulated in Perplexed status, and some card effects are now contingent on this status. Strange reversal
effect triggers with 2 or more active Boxes, instead of exactly 2. Master Key now also ignores Priority maluses from
Styles and has Range 1~3 up from 1~2. Final Sacrifice tinkered with to make more sense.)
Updated Kora. (Queen of Pain inflicts real damage instead of chip damage.)
Updated Rin. (Frost retention now dependent on hit instead of damage. Stealthiest can retreat 1.)
Updated Vekyl. (Ghastly pull effects are no longer mutually exclusive. Doom Blade chip damage is now only contingent on position.)
v6.6.66/23/2020Updated setup scripting to correctly reflect listed changes for Cesar (Fueled, Unstoppable).
Updated Dolores (Vice bonus Power +1 -> +2).
v6.6.55/3/2020Applied Upcoming Changes to all Bleeding Edge characters except Kehrolyn.
v6.6.44/25/2020Fixed a timestamping bug with match creation.
v6.6.32/18/2020Updated characters to Bleeding Edge. (Covers most non-BCO War characters.)
v6.6.212/29/2019Updated characters:
Alumis: Dread Priority 4 -> 5; Aphotic Terror Range retemplated.
Dareios: Staggering Guard 2N -> 2.
Eustace: Frigid +Power only happens if Frostflow was not ante'd.
Hayden: Big rework. (More range and discard effects, Fury/Control breakpoint effects are tuned down in favor of printed modifiers.)
Jager: Sign of the Wolf retuned to just be a Reveal substitution. Wolf's Fang Fugue retemplated to not be a multi-attack.
Kimbhe: Caster and Mage Hunter restored to printed state.
Rexan: Instances of Armor reverted to Power debuffs.
Thessala: Rebuild.
v6.6.112/10/2019Updates to Amon, Dareios, Dravil, Hayden, Sarafina, and Wardlaw from Upcoming Changes.
v6.6.011/14/2019Created paranoid streamer feature. Attack pair cleartext can now be obfuscated from screen share.
v6.5.1211/4/2019Updated characters:
Cindra: Phoenix Form inflicts chip damage on herself instead of real damage. Power debuffs on Kindled and Cinder Storm converted
to Armor gain.
Claus & Wyndhal: All Advance/Close N effects converted to Advance/Close 1, 2, ..., or N. Hurricane Armor 1 -> 0, Power -1 -> 0.
Downdraft Power -2 -> -1, dodge effect -> Armor 2. Blast inflicts conditional SoB: damage.
Pull effect moved from Tailwind to Cyclone. Tempest gains conditional Power.
Dolores: Barbs printed Power 0 -> 1; Fatal Descent printed Power 9 -> 8.
Oriax: Destructive's AA: only fires at Range 1~2.
Victor: Reactive triggers that allow Victor to move have been changed to BA: effects. Thrill of a Lifetime simply sets all Suggestions
permanently. Power/Priority Suggestions now specifically check at SoB:.
Replaced "This attack does not stun." with "OH: The target gains Stun Immunity." (Amon, Arec, Aria)
Fixed Hepzibah's patch implementation to actually match what Patch Notes says.
v6.5.1110/17/2019Updated some promos with templating fixes. Also:
Anath: Abhorrent only prevents movement once but also inflicts 1 chip. Dread inflicts Power debuff -> grants Armor buff to Anath.
Devastation Now life loss moved from Recycle: to SoB:. Ruin's Range limitation reimplemented as a BA: effect.
Andrus: Blades cycle through discards. Flourishing Range +0~1 printed -> BA:.
Dolores: Terror Priority +0 -> -1. Tormented Guard 3 -> 2. Vice Power +0 -> -1, conditional Power +1 -> +2.
Barbs vs opponent's self move +2 Power -> inflict 1 chip.
Eliza: Serial Range 0 + conditional -> 0~1 + conditional, Power +1 -> +0, Priority -1 -> +0, Guard 2 -> 0.
Worldbook allows a Genre activation if Eliza was hit. UA no longer allows Genre reactivation on Genres that were used that beat.
Evil Hikaru: Blood Red Token regain does not fire if either Power is N/A. Ultimate Chaos inflicts 2 chip damage if it could not cause a
clash (e.g. when used against a Finisher). Dark Raging Power +4 -> +3, token regain no longer fires on opponent's pushes/pulls.
Primordial Power +2 -> +1.
Lucius: Shackle ante effects are Limited, and reactivation is slower. Lightning Range increase converted to BA: effect.
Oriax: Strike Down Power 9 -> 6, Guard 5 -> Armor 2 Guard 3, box effects added.
Tridian OH, Desperation: Move target up to 1 -> Move 1.
v6.5.109/30/2019Updated characters:
Andrus: Flourishing Priority -3 -> -2. Rimehazard Armor 3 -> 2.
Claus & Wyndhal: Rebuild; UA is inverted, in a sense. See Patch Notes.
Eliza: Name change Tome -> Exhaustive. Indexing reactivation if opponent was hit -> opponent was stunned.
Worldbook Range 1~6 -> 3~6*. Between the Lines Range 1~6 -> 2~4. Frontier EoB: move up to 2 -> 1 or 2.
Grim inflict 2 chip damage -> gain Armor 2.
Himel: Danger SoB: Move 1 or 2 -> 1. Decompression prevent Himel from dodging attacks.
Cannonade 5 Power/Priority -> 4 Power/Priority, no longer ignores Armor and Guard.
Jager: Templating updates.
Jin: See Patch Notes.
Karin: Dual Guard 2 -> 3.
Larimore: Warmage's reverted to print (SoB: Push max 3 -> uncapped). Dragonbreath retemplated. Might spend effect broken into
two pieces. Dragonbreath pay to not miss -> pay to have Power.
Lesandra: Pactbreaker Power +2 -> +1, no longer allows option select after Reveal. Salamander cost 5 -> 7. Rune Knight cost 6 -> 5.
Lucius: See Patch Notes.
Merjoram: Warrior now keys off the opponent's Priority instead of Merjoram's.
Oriax: Wrath Priority 3 -> 2. Strike Down Guard 0 -> 5. Fallen Heart next beat Armor 4 -> 3.
Rheye: Wrath Range change BA: -> When.
Takeshi: Surprise SoB: Trash -> Deactivate. Heavy Power +0 -> +1. Breeze Shooters Power -1 -> +0.
v6.5.99/16/2019Updated Bleeding Edge characters:
Alumis: Arcane Guard +0 -> +1. Sinister retreat 2 -> 1 or 2. Horrific pull optional -> mandatory.
Baenvier: Runic bonus leech flattened. Destruction Priority +1 -> +0. Crescent OH: Move target 2 -> 1 or 2. Felfire+.
Clive: Burnout Module protection 2 Force -> 3 Force.
Eliza: Literary Power -1 -> +0, Priority +2 -> +1. Indexing OD: -> EoB+OH:. Anthology Power +0 -> +1, Priority 0 -> -3.
Endrbyt: Levitation SoB: Close 1 or 2 -> 2. Buster gains EoB: Move up to 1.
Eustace: Ante is now Limited.
Iri: Form manipulation refactored to use specific effects on Forms. Comet OH: -> OD:. Galactic can double up on an effect
instead of granting the other one from your current Form. Magical Stabilize OH, Range 2+ -> Range 3+.
Knight Stabilize "When hit, if attacker in Range" -> "During ante, if opponent is in Range 1~2".
Kaitlyn: Illimitable counterattack ignores Armor.
Merjoram: Royal OH: Armor -> Power debuff. Warrior pivot on Active Player -> on Priority. Blitzhammer Priority 10 -> 9.
Oriana: Meteor Power 5 -> 4.
Ottavia: Demolition Range +0 -> +0~1, Power bonus made unconditional (net +0).
Takeshi: Butter Knife Power -1 -> +0.
Tanis: Playful Priority +1 -> +0.
Updated Andrus (UA regain), Dolores (UA token effect), Jin (see Patch Notes), Rheye (Yellow Priority +0 -> -2),
Takeshi (Butter Knife Power -1 -> +0), Victor (Ready, Confident, Lost, ?)
Updated Evil Hikaru:
* Dark Raging Power +3 -> +4
* Primordial Power +1 -> +2, SoB: effect removed, Rev: Priority gain for depleted Evil Elements
* Devastator Power 5 -> 6, OH: removed
* Rage of the Lands Power 6 -> 7, Priority 7 -> 6, token spend sacrifices Power for life gain.
* Four Disasters no longer negates Evil Element effect for the current beat.
* Evil Elements rephrased to be less obtuse.
Repaired incorrect text on Anya's Theme Song.
v6.5.89/2/2019Updated Bleeding Edge characters:
Gaspar: Clone Priority +1.4 -> +0.4. Bladestorm no longer blocks passing movement.
Oriana: Meteor ignores forced movement and gains "AA: Regain 2 MP".
Rexan: Unyielding conditional Power +1 -> +2. (This was already in patch notes but not implemented for some reason.)
v6.5.78/27/2019Updated Bleeding Edge characters:
Aria: Catalyst conditional defense Armor 2 Guard 2 -> Armor 3.
Endrbyt: Sonic Priority +3 -> +2. Reactor Energy gain 4 -> 3.
Lesandra: Rune Knight gives 2 Blood instead of Blood equal to damage.
Oriana: UA OH: MP regain 3 -> 2. Celestial Armor gain put on a ramp; MP regen removed. Metamagical MP regen 3 -> 2.
Meteor rebuilt to scale Range with Chaos.
Voco: Metal BA: Advance up to 2 -> exactly 2.
Fixed a typo in Clinhyde's patch.
Fixed Calamity's patched Power. (Thanks Mizuki!)
v6.5.68/19/2019Updated Bleeding Edge characters:
Aria: Turret Droid EoB: -> OH:. Catalyst Power -1 -> +0, Armor 3 -> Armor 2 Guard 2. Dimensional Range +2 -> +2~4.
Photovoltaic OH: Remove up to 2 -> up to 3, EoB: Place in any space -> your space.
Ionic opponent on Magnetron no movement -> move 1 or 2, OH: -> AA:. Laser revert to print.
Reconfiguration Power 2 -> 3, Priority 3 -> 4, teleport -> move 1, 2, or 3.
Eliza: Indexing Priority +1 per inactive Genre -> +2 flat. Serial Power -1 -> +1, Guard 0 -> 2, Range +0 -> +0~1 per inactive Genre.
Anthology Stun Immunity is now unconditional, no Become Active effect, opponent deactivates a Genre when they hit you.
Endrbyt: Sonic 2 Energy to discard a Style -> 1 Energy to discard a Base. Terrifying clash shenanigans restored, Guard 0 -> 2.
Acquisition ante cost 4 -> 3. Analysis ante cost 3 -> 2. Balance ante cost 3 -> 4. Reactor ante cost 2 -> 3.
Kajia: Mandibles loses its OH: Stun effect. Imago Emergence Range 1~2 -> 2~4.
Marmelee: OH: Push 1 -> Push 1 or 2.
Oriax: Djare Desperation effect is now Optional.
EX Bases: Crush Soak -> Armor. Slide Range retemplated. Riposte Range 2~3 -> 2~4.
Almighty Bases: Rush can't advance 0. Roll Priority 12 -> 3, avoid effect now based on movement, also copies stats from another Base.
Slam inflicts splash damage on fighters adjacent to the target.
Beta Bases: Counter Power 4 -> 5. Force Power 3 -> 4. Parry changed to punish Power matches, Armor 0 -> 2.
Spike Priority 3 -> 4, SoB: no longer optional, ignores Armor and Guard (instead of avoiding attacks).
Wave Range 2~4 -> 3~5, Priority 4 -> 3, Guard 0 -> 3.
v6.5.58/12/2019Updated Bleeding Edge characters:
Adjenna: Alluring Power +1 -> +0.
Aria: Dimensional OH: +2 and stun -> +3 and push/pull 1. Ionic Power +0 -> -1. Reconfig Droid placement any space -> unoccupied.
Clinhyde: Ritherwhyte Power 2 -> 3.
Clive: Megaton loses OH: Push. Rocket Power +1 -> +0, OH: Move target 1 or 2 -> 1. Wrench AA: Deactivate -> OH: Deactivate.
Endrbyt: See Patch List - Upcoming Changes. Analysis Mode is not yet supported by BaCON-Sheets.
Gaspar: Duplicated Priority +0 -> +1. Bladestorm Power 2 printed + 3 bonus -> 3 printed + 2 bonus.
Iaxus: Plane Growth at Recycle: -> at Reveal:. Folding movement effects made mutually exclusive.
Joal: Knuckle no longer ignores Armor.
Kajia: Mandibles Guard 0 -> 2. Imago Emergence Power 1 -> 2, OH: deplete -> OH: deplete all, half to Discard 2.
Wormwood SoB: real damage -> chip damage.
Karin: Jager moves up to 2 from UA. Jager EoB: movement removed from Howling and Coordinated.
Lesandra: Binding Power -1 -> 0, OH: -> BA:, regain 2 life -> 1 life. Summons BA: -> AA:, move 1 -> move 1 or 2.
Malandrax: Plotting Guard 2 -> 1. Precision reactive move 1 -> up to 1.
Marmelee: Petrifying OH: no longer ignores Armor. Barrier Power +2 -> +1, text -> 3C for SI and OH: Push.
Meditation Force -> Concentration effect removed. Astral Cannon SoB: is now optional.
Mikhail: Switch behavior reverted to BCO. Transcendent Power -1 -> +0. Magneus Malleus scaling damage +3/Seal -> +5/Seal.
Oriana: UA gains OH: Regain 3 MP. Corresponding effects removed from Calamity, Celestial, Stellar, and Meteor.
Unstable MP regain effect 5 -> 4. Metamagical scaling Power/Priority -> +0/+0, Style bounce removed, AA: Regain 3 MP.
Galaxy Conduit Power 1 -> 3. Nihil Eraser Range 1~6 -> 2~5.
Ottavia: Anti-Personnel Range 2~4 -> 2~3. Demolition Range/Power +0~1/+0 -> +0/-1, gain +1 Power on Target Lock.
Pendros: Tectonic Power +0 -> +1. Ecomantic heal on flip -> heal on movement. Polymorphed copy effect only copies higher numbers.
Rexan: Curse ante grants Rexan Priority and Armor instead of inflicting debuffs. Vainglorious Armor OH: -> When hit.
Unyielding Curse ante Power gain +1 -> +2. Black Eclipse explicitly targets Style printed modifiers (and Guard).
Shekhtur: Coffin Nails now ignores Guard (again). ???
Tanis: Valiant Loki blocks Tanis' movement as well as the nearest opponent's.
Voco: Hellraising Guard 1 -> 0. Monster meat shield adjacent to you and attacker -> adjacent to attacker.
Thunderous advance 1 or 2 -> exactly 2. Finisher X-Range -> N/A-Range (to correctly interact with new UA).
v6.5.48/2/2019Fixed Tatsumi retemplating.
Fixed errors that prevented changes to Mikhail from being correctly applied.
Fixed incorrect polarity on Eustace's Elementary patch.
v6.5.37/27/2019Updated Bleeding Edge characters:
Aria: Droid placement effects specify that the Droid must come from Aria's supply.
Byron: Soulless avoids the damage instead of avoiding the hit.
Clinhyde: Phase reverted to print.
Clive: Wrench Base Power from 3 to 2.
Gaspar: Clone ante no longer shifts the Clone. Clone no longer hits if Gaspar is stunned.
Kajia: Revert to original UA, mostly, except that Insects cycle through Kajia's discards. Stinging and Swarming care about which discard
is infested (not just how many).
Marmelee: Nullifying, Magnificent, and Meditation scaling effects restored. Barrier Power from -1 to +2, text box from evasion+push to
conditional Stun Immunity. Meditation Power from 2 to 3, gains option to spend Force for an extra Concentration.
Mikhail: Switch gains +3 Priority.
Oriana: Nihil Eraser Power from 25 to 999.
Actually implement changes to Lesandra's Finishers.
v6.5.27/20/2019Changed "Switch" wording back to indicating Switch Finishers (instead of Finisher-from-hand being the implicit default).
Updated Endrbyt patch application to better reflect changes to UA.
Fixed patching issues with Gerard.
Updated Bleeding Edge characters:
Ottavia: UA? (Become active -> +10 Priority), Anti-Personnel+ (Range 2~3 -> 2~4), Demolition+ (+Power and +Range)
v6.5.17/16/2019Template UI prompts migrated to non-deprecated Google Apps Script library.
Updated characters:
Rin: UA+ (decay on no damage -> decay on no hit), Stealthiest+ (OH: -> OH, Optional:), Nimblest+ (Priority +0 -> +1)
v6.57/15/2019Updated Devastation Unleashed fighters to most recent playtest versions:
Adjenna: Beckoning/Alluring+ (conditional Power+), Arresting? (Petr. 4 Armor 2 -> unmovable), Basilisk Gaze- (max Range-),
Fossilize+ (Guard 0 -> 2)
Alexian: Mighty+ (Power+, AA: -> SoB: Retreat), Stalwart+ (can pass opponent), Steeled? (variable Close -> constant Close),
Hail the King- (can't advance 0)
Arec: Returning- (no longer bounces Dodge), Perceptional+ (can regain spent Influence)
Aria: Dimensional? (Rev: +3 Power -> OH: +2 Power and stun)
Cesar: Fueled- (UA rhythm means Fueled 4+ doesn't skip Threat 0 anymore)
Clinhyde: Shock- (BA: movement no longer optional)
Clive: Upgradeable+ (Guard 1 -> 2), Burnout- (save Modules for 1 Force -> 2 Force), Wrench+ (breakpoints decreased by 1),
System Shock (max Range 4 -> 3)
Eligor: Retribution+ (Vengeance gain BA: -> When hit), Counter+ (Close 3 -> Advance 1, 2, or 3),
Aegis-/Sweet Revenge- (no longer works vs Finishers)
Endrbyt: Analysis Mode+ (ante for clash restored)
Eustace: Rebuild
Gaspar: Rules fixes, Clone- (Priority +1.4 -> +0.4), Bladestorm- (Priority 4 -> 3)
Gerard: Hooked- (removed pull size flexibility)
Joal: Cutthroat- (Advance 1 or 2 -> Advance 1), Warded+ (Active Player grants +1 Power), Relentless- (+Power requires 5+ damage),
Runeblade- (Heal requires opponent stun)
Kaitlyn: UA+ (Kaitlyn optionally subject to Wormhole Range modification), Telepresent+ (BA: origin change is optional),
Illimitable- (Power +0 -> -1), Axiomatic+ (text box contents useful), Transposition- (movement must be exactly 3)
Kajia: General-- (all Style thresholds increased from 1+/3+ to 2+/5+), Biting+ (Pull changed from exactly 2 -> 1 or 2),
Imago Emergence- (Range 3~6 -> 1~2)
Lesandra: Binding- (Stat line from 0~1/0/0 SG 4 -> 0~1/-1/-2 SG 2), Invoke Duskstalker- (Range 1~3 -> 1~2),
Wyvern- (Avoid at range 4+ -> range 4)
Kei: UA- (Gel pickup all -> 1), Crystal+ (conditional Power+)
Malandrax: Precision- (only messes with movement), Alarm Trap- (can't retreat 0), Electroshock Trap+ (Armor -> Power debuff)
Xenitia: Retemplate and rebuild.
Partial replacement of "up to" and "may" effects as Optional.
v6.4.47/12/2019Partial updates to abridged UAs.
Added proper error handler to sheet creation macro.
Corrected a bug where Aria's patch was incompletely applied.
Updated glossary entry for "place".
Updated replay conversion functionality to reset life totals visible on Character Reference.
v6.4.37/2/2019Transcription fixes to Cesar, Clive, Endrbyt, Gaspar, Gaspar, Karin, Voco.
[Set Finishers/Initial Discards] macro now activates the Character Reference sheet automatically.
v6.4.26/25/2019Added upcoming Devastation patches under Upcoming Changes.
Patches (changes and templating) incorporated into Bleeding Edge (93% complete).
Missing templating updates: Thessala, Trias, Vanaah, Wardlaw, Welsie, Xenitia, Zaamassal.
v6.4.16/20/2019Updated characters to most recent playtest version:
Lymn: Can adjust Priority during ante. Surreal moves up to X instead of into Range. Reverie BA: movement happens at Disparity 0 or 1.
Oriana: Can ante Force as MP. Unstable teleport+stun effect split. Celestial less tanky. Metamagical and Meteor are "bigger" but have
backlash effects at high MP counts. Nihil Eraser spend moved from Ante: to SoB:; must be actual MP (Force doesn't count).
Ottavia: Target Lock blocks dodge effects. Anti-Personnel movement made more extreme.
Templating pass affecting characters up through Dajiin. (Some changes may only be visible in Bleeding Edge.)
Added replay-generation macro.
v6.46/11/2019Templating pass affecting characters up through Bruce Lee. (Some changes may only be visible in Bleeding Edge.)
v6.3.86/10/2019Updated characters to most recent playtest version:
Andrus: Rimehazard Soak from 2 to 3. Recovers a Blade at the end of each beat he doesn't ante one (instead of cycling).
Retrieval updated accordingly. Diving changed to Soak instead of Power debuff. Flourishing Range moved from BA: to printed.
Feylana: Use "Conviction" keyword. Verdict nerf. Lawful wins Priority ties.
Gar: Blazing Sun no longer ignores Soak. Clear Sky no longer auto-clashes.
Kei: Rebuild as less mobile.
Oriana: Celestial life-loss immunity reduced to 3 "life-loss-soak" per incoming packet. Calamity 2+ loses optional token discard;
Calamity 5+ no longer regains MP.
Oriax: Rebuild.
v6.3.75/22/2019Updated Wanderers characters to most recent playtest version:
Dajiin: Almighty stats converted to bonuses. Duplicitous Rev: changed to passive, OH: movement made mandatory.
Dolores: Increased UA movement. Terror OH: removed. Barbs ramp increased and capped.
John: Hammering Power penalty converted to Power bonus. Solid effects changed from SoB: to passive.
Oriax: Toned down Absolute and Wrath, added Desperation mechanic.
Rin: Ninja Mist rephrased for multiopponent.
Vekyl: Loyal BA: changed to OH:. Undead push amount is adjustable.
Wendy: Suppressing no longer disables Wendy's UA. Mortar conditional damage increased.
v6.3.65/18/2019Updated Wanderers characters to most recent playtest version: (TODO: Styles)
Cionaodh: The Getaway simply grants an auto-dodge instead of removing Cionaodh from the board.
Dajiin: Boon min-Range reduction -> BA: Push 1.
Kai: Master Key Priority minimum from 3 to printed value. Collapsible Box rephrased.
Rin: Deep Freeze no longer blocks Frost return if it misses, gives 5 Frost on hit. Frozen Claw requires the side switch happen due to its
Vekyl: Spectral Assault rephrased to not use recursion.
Wendy: Spanner Move -> Push or pull. Precision Strike Power from 10 to 9, Range specification happens during BA:, and AA: effect
removed. Fire At Will! Reveal: effect folded into BA:.
v6.3.55/13/2019Updated Wanderers characters to most recent playtest version:
Rin: Nimblest Priority from +1 to +0.
Also a pile of renames.
Templating updates to Lixis, Takeshi and Zaamassal.
v6.3.45/6/2019Updated Wanderers characters to most recent playtest version:
Anya: Theme Song AA: changed to OH:.
Dajiin: Price of Power SG from 0 to 2.
Feylana: Revert Serious AA: (to before v6.3.2), except that Feylana may still return the other Bases from her Geas Pile.
Rin: Shattering removes all Frost instead of 3 (reverting v6.3).
Updated Bleeding Edge characters to most recent playtest version:
Oriana: Meteor whiff MP regain from 5 to 4, maximum Stun Guard from Base set at 5. Calamity OH: Stun changed to OD:.
Stellar OH, MP 2+: MP regain from 3 to 2.
Added new playtest version of Kei (as "Kei-2").
Corrected Kehrolyn's Quicksilver Form AA: to be mandatory.
v6.3.34/23/2019Updated Wanderers characters to most recent playtest version.
Feylana: Verdict Power from 4 to 3.
Gar: Eruption Stun Guard from 5 to 4.
Kei: Divergent Priority from -3 to -1, AA from Move 1 or 2 to Advance 1. Splattering Priority from +0 to -1. Splattering and Spiking Gel
procs cap at 2. Tentacular Power from -1 to +0, Priority from +1 to +2, gained a push, retrieval nerfed. Crystal Power from +1 to +0,
Priority from +2 to +1, trigger block changed to Soak 1. UA change moves Range adjustment to ante, removes EoB: repeat.
v6.3.24/18/2019Updated Wanderers characters to most recent playtest version.
Dajiin: Wish Granted bonus Priority from +3 to +4.
Feylana: Lawful Priority from +0 to +1. Serious AA: changed to a mandatory* Geas from D2. Finisher damage output decreased.
v6.3.14/12/2019Updated Wanderers characters to most recent playtest version.
Cionaodh: Finisher names reverted for consistency in reporting.
Dajiin: Boon loses its conditional Soak 2. Wish Granted bonus Priority from +5 to +3.
Feylana: Objection Power from 4 to 3. Case Closed Range from 1~4 to 1~3.
John: Iron Skin Power from 4 to 3.
Kora: Bristling gains a BA: Pull. Thorns Range from 1~2 to 1; Power from 2 to 3; Soak from 2 to 1. Queen of Pain Priority from 11 to 9.
Rin: Specified the timing of Rin's Frost proc.
Vekyl: Ghost Form EoB: must advance at least 1.
v6.34/8/2019Updated Dajiin, Feylana, John, Rin, and Wendy to most recent playtest version. (Some updates are late.)
Dajiin: Duplicitous gains SG 3 if opponent is out of Wishes. Wishful Wish-juggling changed to restoring a single Wish.
Masterful EoB move from 1 to 2. Boon changed to trade more dramatically. Wish Granted max Range reduced from 6 to 3.
Feylana: Professional Priority boost capped at +3. Serious Priority from +1 to +0. Verdict Range and Power reduced.
Verdict printed Power from 1 to 2, BA: effect to SoB:.
John: Fissure EoB closes 2 instead of as far as possible.
Rin: Shattering removes 3 Frost instead of all. UA Frost proc changed from OD: to OH:.
Wendy: Warning SG 2 to SG 0. Mortar is slightly more picky about its payoff positioning. Suppressing Power from -1 to +0.
v6.24/3/2019Updated Kallistar to match current BCO version.
v6.13/9/2019Updated Seven to match current BCO version.
Moved Kehrolyn's Bleeding Edge to default and updated to reflect BCO release.
v6.0.12/8/2019Added missing BCO change to Rexan's Zero Hour.
Updated Luc's Fusion to split the OH: effect into two steps. (Thanks Aliphant!)
Updated Khadath's Lure to its correct BCO Priority. (Thanks Aliphant!)
Updated Wanderers characters with current playtest version:
Renamed Cionaodh's Finishers.
Dajiin's Time Travel recurs both discards.
Feylana's Meticulous BA: -> OH:.
Kora's Thorns Style discard Recycle -> Ante.
Updated Kehrolyn's Bleeding Edge to match current BCO playtest.
Clarified wording on Vekyl's Haunted.
v6.01/31/2019Updated match creation UI to account for UiApp deprecation.
Updated hash input forms to account for UiApp deprecation.

Fixed patching error for Endrbyt. (Thanks 9spaceking!)
Updated Wanderers characters with current playtest version:
Dajiin: Duplicitous +OH:; Wishful OD: only procs on stun; Boon -1 Priority but pairs better with min-Range Styles.
Feylana: Professional and Meticulous +1 Priority each.
Kora: Bristling 0~1 Range --> Sandstorm; Sandstorm +1 SG, -OH: autododge; UB has a more straightforward EoB:.
Rin: Reduced UA Frost output.
Wendy: Warning improved Target movement; Mortar improved payout; Targeted and Suppressing +1 Power; Sprinting -1 Priority +2 SG;
Spanner locks more target movement and enables more Target movement.
v5.10.101/28/2019Fixed mirror match creation.
Updated Rexan to reflect current BCO values.
v.5.10.91/13/2019Updated Wanderers to current playtest version. Generally speaking:
Anya: Roundhouse EoB now requires Airborne; Diving Airborne OH no longer transitions to Grounded.
Cionaodh: Experienced now permits a Motorcycle trick instead of the Base prediction trick.
Dajiin: Context around Wish recursion on Wishful and Boon has changed. Wish Granted max Range increased from 4 to 6.
Duplicitous reworked to remove "backfire" effect. Wishes no longer have "Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back."
John: Fissure moves adjacent at EoB. Iron Skin regains its point of max Range. Petrify blocking and regain do not apply to EoB: moves.
Kora: +1 Power on all Styles, and gained some extra ways to punish people who ante Thorns.
Rin: Reverted a few cards including the UA Frost output. Ninja Mist no longer ignores Soak. Shard can stun.
Wendy: Slight improvements to ability to punish opponent with Target effects.
v5.10.81/3/2019Nerfed Zaamassal's Open the Gate in Bleeding Edge and clarified its OH: effect.
Clarified Bleeding Edge Gaspar UA to better support the correct behavior for Gordian + Clone Dodge.
Corrected typo on Seven's Terrified. (Thanks Ashtaroth!)
Corrected update to Magdelina's BCO UA. (Thanks twylites!)
Corrected Eustace's abridged Bleeding Edge UA.
v5.10.712/19/2018Updated Kimbhe, Larimore, Magdelina, Sarafina, and Seven to reflect current BCO values.
Moved Iri's changes to her default state and made changes to reflect BCO release; original default state moved to "Restore Printed".
Added a missing word to Claus & Wyndhal's Bleeding Edge UA. (Thanks Ashtaroth!)
v5.10.612/9/2018Updated Wanderers characters to newest patch.
Updated Andrus to latest version.
Fixed Evil Hikaru's "revert to printed version" function to apply when printed version is requested (instead of under "Bleeding Edge").
Updated scripting to grant extra Force when Switch is used. (Previously only worked on "Special"; thanks Mengluo!)
Updated scripting to not black out Switch. (Still blacks out Special.)
Added new random group "Printed" containing Dev, War, Fate, Trials, the mascots, and Merjoram.
v5.10.511/28/2018Listed new upcoming change for Karin's Red Moon Rage.
Changed template reminder to submit data; renamed menu item to make the reminder a haiku.
Corrected a (second?) bug with patching Arec's sheet. (Thanks Mengluo!)
v5.10.411/14/2018Updated Evil Hikaru to reflect current BCO values.
Updated Magdelina's UA to reflect correct behavior on clash-out.
Added ???????-?.
Added "Report Match Result" function in BattleCON menu for easy datums submission.
Updated Finisher macro with instructions for playing Finishers from hand.
Replaced "Special" with "Switch" in Tournament Standard Bases and updated card text as appropriate.
v5.10.310/29/2018Added Kai.
Updated Anya to reflect current playtest status.
Changes to Heketch's multiattacks; Iri's Forms.
Added Wanderers characters and initial blurb drafts to Character List.
Corrected patching on Claus & Wyndhal to correctly update full-text UA and apply formatting to new beta Finisher.
Updated Evil Hikaru to reflect BCO release (modulo Style colors).
Corrected Feylana match initialization to copy both Bases to Beat 1 and apply formatting correctly to her extra Base.
Clarified wording on Iri's Limit Exceed.
Corrected timing on Seven's Style upgrades.
v5.10.210/22/2018Added characters: ??????, Cionaodh, Dolores, Gar, Kei, ?????, ?????, Victor
Added new Claus & Wyndhal values to Bleeding Edge.
Updated default Evil Hikaru kit to match current patch; original printed version available through "Restore printed".
Added Random pool "Unleashed" to hold all the new tournament-legal characters that don't have their own box.
Moved Anath, Andrus, Claus & Wyndhal, Eliza, Evil Hikaru, Lucius, Merjoram, Rheye, Takeshi to Unleashed.
Updated patched Gaspar UA to correctly handle "bouncing" of Clone Bases.
Corrected a bug with patching Arec's sheet. (Thanks Doomburrito!)
Updated Mikhail to correctly reflect BCO Hallowed nerf.
v5.10.110/9/2018Ongoing support for Unleashed patch testing:
10/9 - Dravil's Resonant
10/13 - TODO: Add John and Kora, bring Wanderers and Dravil up to current patch
10/17 - Wanderers characters updated; Andrus added.
10/21 - Unhid sheets for promos unlocked by BattleCON Unleashed social goals.
v5.10.010/2/2018Added Anya, Dajiin, Feylana, Rheye, Rin, Vekyl, and Wendy. (10/6 - Updated to most recent patch.)
Updated Hikaru, Larimore, Rukyuk, and Sarafina to match current BCO values.
v5.9.79/24/2018Updated Cesar's Bulwark, Kallistar's Ignition, and Luc's Memento to match current BCO values.
Integrated new Bleeding Edge changes for Eustace and Iri.
v5.9.68/14/2018Added ?????.
Updated wording on Luc's Stasis Charge and Seven's Detached to more closely reflect intended functionality.
Updated Patch List to include Anath's changes. (Changes were on character sheet but not summarized; thanks Vi!)
Updated BCO Cesar Threat 4 to have "Opponent -2 Power" instead of "Soak 2". (Bleeding Edge left as Soak.)
Updated Karin's Dual to match current BCO values.
Updated Sarafina's Silver to match current BCO values.
Corrected erratum on Joal's initial Stockpile choice timing.
Removed now-irrelevant erratum from Cesar.
v5.9.67/22/2018Templating updates through Luc (58%).
Updated Anath and Riflam in accordance to current BCO changes.
Sarafina Bleeding Edge changes moved to default due to BCO release.
v5.9.57/9/2018Templating updates through Kallistar (49%).
Updated Riflam and Seven in accordance to current BCO changes.
Modified fight autosetup to not trigger when dealing with Custom Fighter.
v5.9.46/24/2018Templating updates through Kaitlyn (47%).
Updated Riflam and Seven in accordance to current BCO changes.
Updated Bleeding Edge patch for Joal (Dual Wield-?, Cutthroat-?, Warded+, Slayer's=?, Relentless+)
v5.9.36/2/2018Unhid Anath and updated her cards to their BCO version, allowing for unpatch to restore them to printed values.
Updated auto-setup so that normal Bases don't override Borneo and Juto's many Uniques. (Thanks, bobbick!)
"BCO" is now a valid selector for the Random pool.
v5.9.25/21/2018Templating updates through Iaxus (39%).
Updated Lucius' UA to reduce possibility for rules confusion.
Updated alt Voco UA to correctly reflect Remastered version. (Technically this is now misaligned with Devastation Extended, but whatever.)
v5.9.14/23/2018Updated templating for all characters, and patches for Devastation characters, up through: Hepzibah (38%)
v5.94/5/2018Fixed post-Finisher handling to correctly persist formatting indicating that the Special Action has been expended.
Restored an EoB: effect that should have been on Endrbyt's Unbreakable.
v5.83/28/2018Updated the following characters to match current BCO values:
Cadenza (Battery-, Hydraulic-); Cesar (*); Khadath (Snare+); Luc (Chrono-); Magdelina (Sanctimonious+, Excelsius?);
Shekhtur (Brand revert)
Updated Bleeding Edge patches for the following characters:
Adjenna (Alluring+?, Fossilize-); Aria (Photovoltaic-?, Laser Lattice+); Byron (Faceless-, Soulless=);
Clive (Burnout+, Wrench-, System Shock-); Endrbyt (Break-); Gerard (Larceny+, Windfall-); Joal (Binding Knife+);
Kaitlyn (Mobius+, Divide By Zero revert); Kajia (Burrowing-); Malandrax (Deathtrap-?); Pendros (Landslide Punch?);
Runika (Artifice Avarice+); Sarafina (Hollow+, Locus+, Field?); Voco (Monster?)
Marmelee and Mikhail changed to have their BCO effects as default.
v5.7.33/28/2018Updated Riflam's Install to match current BCO patch.
Updated templating on Byron's Faceless, Endrbyt's Collection and Levitation, and Tanis' Distressed.
v5.7.22/24/2018Added Soak 1 to Marmelee's Meditation, which was intended to be part of the last wave of patches.
Updated Magdelina and Riflam to match current BCO patch. (Cadenza and Cesar changes delayed to accommodate ongoing tournament.)
Updated Upcoming Changes for Aria, Byron, Cadenza, Cesar, Sarafina.
Corrected Kallistar's Volcanic to have the correct Elemental effect.
v5.7.12/12/2018Tidying up old templating and UA descriptions:
Adjenna, Alumis, Baenvier
Corrected a wording error in Aria's patch
Correctly updated Cesar's Suppression to match with current BCO form
Clarified Cherri's Insight ante to only trigger on Finisher/Cancel/Pulse (now that the Special Action card can just be played as a blank Style)
v5.72/10/2018Implemented Upcoming Changes for patching, affecting 26 characters:
Adjenna, Arec, Aria, Byron, Cesar, Clinhyde, Clive, Endrbyt, Gaspar, Gerard, Hepzibah, Joal, Kaitlyn, Lesandra, Lymn, Magdelina,
Malandrax, Marmelee, Mikhail, Ottavia, Rexan, Runika, Shekhtur, Tanis, Voco, Xenitia
Moved Cesar and Magdelina patches to BCO default where appropriate (except for Cesar Style color changes).
v5.62/4/2018Added Upcoming Changes for patching.
Removed some lingering periods on certain cards.
Adjusted he/his/him to they/their/them on certain cards.
Clarified Kajia's Wormwood to resolve multiple "pull 1" effects instead of one "pull N" effect.
Clarified Iaxus' Seize Control to specify behavior of "rescued" Planes.
Updated Seven to match with BCO update.
v5.51/12/2018Patch changes:
Cesar (revert back to something closer to his original form)
Fixed Tatsumi not actually being patched.
Fixed Clive's Barrier Chip description not appearing.
Removed extra spaces in Gaspar's patched UA.
Unexpected Alexian Stalwart patch actually removed.
Changed some instances of "his" to "their".
v5.41/6/2018Patch changes:
Arec (fiddling with Priority), Lymn (revert Maddening), Ottavia (revert to original UA; change a ton of cards instead),
Shekhtur (?Combination, +Jugular), Tatsumi (-Zone 0), Voco (more ways to put Zombies on opponents and vice versa)
Fixed a protection bug that was jamming sheet creation.
Corrected a wording issue on Magdelina's Sanctimonious.
Applied current BCO change to Seven.
v5.312/29/2017Even more changes:
Arec (-Returning, -Mirrored), Clinhyde (+finishers), Clive (-System Reset), Dareios (-Staggering), Endrbyt (+Power, +SG),
Gerard (-general, +Bookie), Hepzibah (+Darkheart), Joal (+Power, -Warded), Lymn (+Maddening), Oriana (different +MP changes),
Runika (-Artifice Avarice)
Corrected a setup error that broken initial formatting on Character Reference.
Clarified timing on Arec's Manipulative's next-beat effect.
Restored missing stun clause in Gaspar's bleeding edge patch.
v5.212/7/2017Updated certain characters to match current BCO patch:
Alexian (+Gestalt, +Empire Divider), Eligor (+Sheet Lightning), Kallistar (+Volcanic), Khadath (+Snare), Luc (-Temporal Recursion),
Riflam (+lots), Rukyuk, (+Crossfire, +Force Grenade), Shekhtur (-Combination, -Jugular, -Brand)
Updated "bleeding edge" patches for people who want to experiment:
Alexian (revert to =BCO), Cesar (?), Clive (-Megaton, -Rocket), Gaspar (tweaks), Hepzibah (revert Pactbond, remove Corruption),
Kaitlyn (?), Kallistar (revert to =BCO), Larimore (-Dragonflare), Lesandra (-Window, -Binding, -Summons), Malandrax (-),
Ottavia (+Demolition), Pendros (+Landslide Punch), Shekhtur (revert to =BCO), Tanis (-),
Voco (+Hellraising, +Metal, +Thunderous, +Shred, +Z-Mosh)
Clarified timing of Merjoram's Tactics bonuses.
Added highlighting to indicate presence of bleeding edge patches in created matches.
Added Seven.
Modified Kallistar's Styles to automatically apply Form bonuses (in the same way Magdelina does).
Character state (the cell containing life total) is synced to Character Reference during beat progression.
v5.111/23/2017Updated "bleeding edge" patches for people who want to experiment:
Alexian (+Gestalt, +Empire Divider), Aria, (-), Cesar (+/-?), Kaitlyn (?), Lymn (+Reverie, +Visions), Mikhail (+),
Rexan (-Vainglorious, +Unyielding)
Thickened borders on Thessala's Evolution Grid.
Automated graying-out of Finisher and Special cards when a player's Finisher is used in column L.
Cleaned up wording on some of Kaitlyn's cards and UA.
Corrected Kehrolyn patch documentation to reflect actual behavior.
Added buff/nerf indicators on patch list.
Updated Karin's Coordinated to match current BCO patch.
v5.011/12/2017Added "Revert BCO changes" option to match creation to allow use of values consistent with physical print.
Updated characters to reflect BCO values as their default state:
Alexian (+), Eligor (+/-), Hikaru (+), Kallistar (+), Karin (-), Khadath (-), Luc (+), Rukyuk (=), Shekhtur (+/-)
Updated "bleeding edge" patches for people who want to experiment:
Alexian (+), Alumis (+), Arec (-), Clive (-), Demitras (+), Hepzibah (-), Kallistar (+?), Kehrolyn (+), Lesandra (-), Lymn (+), Marmelee (+),
Oriana (+), Ottavia (-), Rexan (-), Sarafina (+), Seth (-), Thessala (-), Voco (+)
Match creation now does some of the setup for you, assuming you want a tournament standard setup and are not using Endrbyt or Joal.
v4.711/6/2017Added Riflam.
Started assembling Patch List documentation -- nothing implemented yet (wait for late November).
v4.610/4/2017Created additional menu for integration with new match reporting infrastructure (requires separate authentication; working on it!).
Clarified instruction on what to get from Bases sheet during setup.
Clarified Energy overflow life loss for Endrbyt.
Added more patches and altered existing ones for "Apply patches":
Alexian (+), Clive (-), Demitras (-), Eligor (+), Kallistar (+), Luc (+), Oriana (+), Rexan (-), Sarafina (+), Seth (-)
v4.59/11/2017Added Merjoram as a Beginner Trials character (due to tournament legality).
Removed "(Preview)" from Trials character names.
Corrected Lucida's Voracious to reflect correct printed Power and BA: effect.
Cycling for Counters on Discards (J6, J7) now also includes the cell above (J5) for easier setup from previous beat.
v4.49/1/2017Adjusted formatting on Zaamassal's sheet to avoid encouraging miscorrection.
Corrected Wardlaw's Pain Train movement to SoB: (from BA:).
v4.38/14/2017Added functionality to automatically increment Force and decrement Force Timer in response to Special usage.
!! Manual changes to your Force amount when you play Special X are no longer needed, but you'll still need to adjust when using a Finisher. !!
Added scripting annotation to prevent excessive "OMG UNTRUSTED SCRIPTS" pop-ups.
Corrected misleading reminder text on Seth's Wyrding.
Added (possibly faulty) instructions on how to operate Sagas' Assimilate in sheets.
Corrected Larimore's Dragonflare to indicate optional Firepower expenditure.
Tweaked wording on Rukyuk's Gunner for consistency.
v4.27/22/2017"Apply patches" option has appeared for testing, affecting the following characters:
Arec (-), Clive (-), Demitras (+), Hepzibah (-), Lesandra (-), Lymn (+), Marmelee (+), Ottavia (-), Voco (+)
Revised Endrbyt's Sonic to correctly gate information.
Fixed some capitalization inconsistencies on Arec.
v4.16/21/2017Added verbose Force Timer rules and an updated version of Force Special Action for Trials. The old Force Gauge SA is still the default.
Fixed "Nearest opponent" on Kallistar's Volcanic to "Target".
Added Random adjective functionality to support inclusion/exclusion of specific characters and groups, e.g. "Master/Shekhtur -Kaitlyn/War"
Added Divine Rush Token to Vanaah's initial description box.
Added printed Stat incrementation to Magdelina's Finishers.
Clarified description on Magdelina's Sanctimonious.
Folded clarification about Special's Style-ness into Mikhail's UA.
Corrected formatting on Trials characters's UA titles and added in the ones that were missing.