Google Pixel Phone - Suggested Peripherals [Curated by Nathan K.]
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Why not Amazon links?
#1: I don't care where you buy it....... #2: No affiliate referral -- this information is a public service..... #3: I don't trust them...... #4: Product revisions change
Anonymous NyanCat count: 8
3 = Definitely get 2 = Good 1 = OK I guess 0 = Decline comment -1 = Would advise against -2 = It's bad -3 = Avoid / doesn't work / causes damage

Budget came from personal funds, and ran out. Unless I (Nathan K.) can find formal sponsorship of some kind, this data is purely historical. It is still valid, but outdated.
(may vary)
Bold = long cord
LinkStreet PriceSuggested:BrandModel #TypeRevisionSpeedRating
Length (ft)
(m)USB-IF Certified?Validated by?Ref 1Notes
7$24.953j5CreateJUCX01C-CUSB 3.1 Gen210 gbps5a (100w)2.30.7YesNathan K.Revision 1A tested
$19.003AppleMLL82AM/A (A1739)C-CUSB 2.0480 mbps5a (100w)6.62NoNathan K.Rectangular box. #1 recommendation for a "long, charging" cable.
9$19.992Naztech (CE Link)13295 (U3‐CC‐5A1M C01000‐00413)C-CUSB 3.1 Gen210 gbps5a (100w)30.9YesNathan K.
Bad eMarker. Missing: CertStat field, Product ID, FW, HW ver. "Vconn required".
10$29.952ScoscheCC3G23 (see Notes)C-CUSB 3.1 Gen210 gbps5a (100w)30.9YesNathan K.
Twist ties + black text = bad eMarker. Clear pastic wrap + silver text = good eMarker
11$22.851Targus (CE Link)ACC927USX (U3‐CC‐5A1M ...)C-CUSB 3.1 Gen210 gbps5a (100w)3.31Yes(USB-IF)New product, still stocking
12$17.99-2Monoprice13034C-CUSB 3.1 Gen210 gbps5a (100w)1.50.5No(by similarity)See other Monoprice
13$24.99-2Monoprice13035C-CUSB 3.1 Gen210 gbps5a (100w)30.9NoNathan K.BLANK eMarker! Claims 6ft in the tech specs? 3ft in the title? 6FT in eMarker!
14$22.003Apple / BelkinF2CD082ds0.5MBKC-CvThunderbolt 3 (Gen2+)40gbps (10gbps)3a (60w)1.60.5NoNathan K. IR drop! Hindered by 3A eMarker.
15$22.003Apple / BelkinF2CU023yw1M-WHTC-CUSB 3.1 Gen210 gbps3a (60w)3.31TBDNathan K.
16$25.003Googleusb_type_c_usb_type_c (Pixel OEM)C-CUSB 2.0480 mbps3a (60w)61.8NoBensonNew version (beige + black) better engineering, thicker
17$24.952KanexK158-1044-BK1F / K158-1045-BK1FC-CvThunderbolt 3 (Gen2+)
40 gbps (10 gbps)
3a (60w)1.60.5TBD(USB-IF)?Certified "by similarity"? K158‐1040‐BK3F (1m) listed
18$20.992Cable Matters107002-BLK-1mC-CvThunderbolt 3 (Gen2)20 gbps (10gbps)3a (60w)3.31Yes(USB-IF)USB 3.1 Gen2 equivalent
19$24.952KanexK158-1040-BK3FC-CvThunderbolt 3 (Gen2)
20 gbps (10 gbps)
3a (60w)3.31YesNathan K.At Walmart? Bad eMarker. Missing CertStat field. DCR a bit high.
20$34.952PlugableTBT3-20G2MC-CvThunderbolt 3 (Gen1)20 gbps (5 gbps)3a (60w)6.62NoNathan K. + Joshua
USB 3.1 Gen1 equivalent -- 2m Gen1 cord IS possible with today's technology
21$19.662BelkinF2CU030bt1M-BLKC-CUSB 3.1 Gen210 gbps3a (60w)3.31YesBenson
22$15.952PlugableUSBC-C100C-CUSB 3.1 Gen210 gbps3a (60w)3.31YesNathan K.Good for data, only OK-ish for charging
23$29.992Xentris39-0707-05-XPC-CUSB 3.1 Gen210 gbps3a (60w)3.31Yes(USB-IF)
24$25.362TargusACC928USXC-CUSB 3.1 Gen15 gbps3a (60w)6.62Yes(USB-IF)
New product, still stocking -- 2m Gen1 cord IS possible with today's technology
25$19.992Googleusb_c_usb_cC-CUSB 2.0480 mbps3a (60w)61.8NoBenson + Nathan K.Old version (black + blue) no longer available
26$14.952IOGearG2LU3CCM01C-CUSB 2.0480 mbps3a (60w)3.31Yes(USB-IF)ONLY the 1m version.
27$29.992Native UnionBELT-C-ZEBC-CUSB 2.0480 mbps3a (60w)82.4Yes(USB-IF)
28$17.991Cable Matters107002-BLK-0.5mC-CvThunderbolt 3 (Gen2+)40 gbps (10gbps)3a (60w)1.60.5TBD(USB-IF)?
USB 3.1 Gen2 equivalent -- Missing CertStat field. "Golden Sample". 100w??
29$24.951PlugableTBT3-40G50CMC-CvThunderbolt 3 (Gen2+)
40 gbps (10 gbps)
3a (60w)1.60.5NoJoshua HenryUSB 3.1 Gen2 equivalent
30$20.131StarTechTBLT34MM50CMC-CvThunderbolt 3 (Gen2+)
40 gbps (10 gbps)
3a (60w)1.60.5NoNathan K. + BensonUSB 3.1 Gen2 equivalent -- misadvertised in Amazon by mfg.
31$29.951PlugableTBT3-20G1MC-CvThunderbolt 3 (Gen2)
20 gbps (10 gbps)
3a (60w)3.31NoJoshua HenryUSB 3.1 Gen2 equivalent
32$25.991Cable Matters107002-BLK-2mC-CvThunderbolt 3 (Gen1)20 gbps (5 gbps)3a (60w)6.62No
Nathan K. (+pending)
USB 3.1 Gen1 equivalent -- misadvertised in Amazon by mfg.
33$10.991AnkerA8181011C-CUSB 2.0480 mbps3a (60w)30.9NoNathan K.
34$19.951IOGearG2LU3CCM02C-CUSB 2.0480 mbps3a (60w)6.62TBD(USB-IF)2m version may not be USB-IF Certified (G2LU3CCM04=4m?? WTF)
35$14.99-1AnkerA8183011C-CUSB 3.1 Gen15 gbps3a (60w)30.9No(by similarity)Sister model to "bad" one. Why risk?
36$11.59-1AnkerA8187091C-CUSB 2.0480 mbps3a (60w)30.9NoNathan K.Excessive IR drop. (~.30v vs oem n6p ~.10v)
$29.00-1AppleMJWHT2AM/A (A1646)C-CUSB 2.0480 mbps3a (60w)6.62No-- box. Those missing serial # on cable are being recalled. (Ref1)
38$70.00-2Apple / BelkinF2CD083ds2M-BLKC-CvThunderbolt 3 (Gen2+)
40gbps (480mbps)
3a (60w)6.62NoNathan K.
Active cable. Not compliant? (Only USB2.0, no DP altmode support.) High IR drop
39$49.99-2AKiTiOSK2-U31AS-AKT (enclosure)C-CUSB 3.1 Gen210 gbps3a (60w)0.50.2NoNathan K.Missing eMarker. Quality control errors.
40$12.95-2BlacksquidBSQ_USB_CC_1-1-3C-CUSB 3.1 Gen210 gbps3a (60w)30.9NoBenson + Nathan K.Fails SI at 10Ghz
41$14.99-2ChoetechB01N8U9075C-CUSB 3.1 Gen210 gbps3a (60w)3.31YesNathan K. + BensonFails SI at 10Ghz. BLANK eMarker. Bad Vconn req'd.
42$14.99-2ByteCCU3CC-1MMC-CUSB 3.1 Gen15 gbps3a (60w)3.31NoNathan K. + Benson eMarker data. Bad Vconn req'd, claims Gen2 when sold as Gen1
43$7.99-2AUKEYCB-C19C-CUSB 2.0480 mbps3a (60w)6.62NoNathan K.Has intermittent/no shield connection. High DCR.
44$55-65-3Cable Matters107012-BLK (1-3m variants)C-CvThunderbolt 3 (Gen2+)40gbps (NONE!!)3a (60w)3.3 - 9.81 - 3NoNathan K. not support USB data!! Violates USB-C Managed Active Cable spec.
-----3AnkerA8185011C-CUSB 3.1 Gen210 gbps3a (60w)30.9YesNathan K.Anker recalled these after I showed they were dangerous
46$19.99-3j5CreateJUCX03 (see Notes)C-CUSB 3.1 Gen210 gbps3a (60w)30.9YesNathan K. at Best Buy. Don't even work 80% of the time. (Revision 1A, 2A, or 3A)
47$14.95-3PPA Int'l4104C-CUSB 3.1 Gen15 gbps3a (60w)3.21NoNathan K. + Benson both C-C lines through. Missing eMarker
48$16.95-3PPA Int'l4128C-CUSB 3.1 Gen15 gbps3a (60w)6.52NoNathan K. + Benson both C-C lines through. Missing eMarker
49$29.953Apple / BelkinF2CU022yw1M-WHTA-to-CUSB 3.1 Gen210 gbps3a (60w)3.31NoNathan K."Apple-cerified" to 10gbps?
usb_type_c_usb_type_a (Pixel OEM)
A-to-CUSB 3.1 Gen210 gbps3a (60w)3.31NoBensonNew version (beige + black) better engineering, thicker
51$13.992AnkerA8168091A-to-CUSB 3.1 Gen15 gbps3a (60w)30.9NoNathan K.Very nice packaging.
52$10.992BelkinF2CU032bt06-BLKA-to-CUSB 2.0480 mbps3a (60w)61.8Yes(USB-IF)
53$19.992Insignia (BestBuy)NS-MCAB4A-to-CUSB 2.0480 mbps3a (60w)41.2Yes(USB-IF)House brand
54$9.991AnkerA7131011A-to-CUSB 3.1 Gen15 gbps3a (60w)3.31NoBenson
55$11.991AnkerA8163011A-to-CUSB 3.1 Gen15 gbps3a (60w)30.9NoBenson
56$29.991Insignia (BestBuy)NS-MCAB10A-to-CUSB 2.0480 mbps3a (60w)103Yes(USB-IF)House brand
Platinum (BestBuy)
PT-MCAWA-to-CUSB3.1 Gen110 gbps3a (60w)3.31NoNathan K.House brand
58$17.95-1IOGearG2LU3CAM02-WTA-to-CUSB 2.0480 mbps3a (60w)6.62Yes(USB-IF)Reversible Type-A connector (G2LU3CAM04‐WT = 4m??)
59$12.97-1IOGearG2LU3CAM01-WTA-to-CUSB 2.0480 mbps3a (60w)3.31Yes(USB-IF)Reversible Type-A connector (G2LU3CAM04‐WT = 4m??)
60$19.99-3Nekteck (Orico)BC79455 (enclosure)A-to-CUSB3.1 Gen15 gbps3a (60w)0.50.2NoNathan K.Physically miswired SSTX+/- pair. Additional errors likely.
61$24.99-3Nekteck (Orico)LYSB01GH5QPXC (enclosure)A-to-CUSB3.1 Gen15 gbps3a (60w)0.50.2NoNathan K.Physically miswired SSTX+/- pair. Additional errors likely.
62$9.99-3Inland9727A-to-CUSB 3.1 Gen210 gbps3a (60w)30.9NoBenson + Nathan K.3a resistor
63$12.95-3PPA Int'l4067A-to-CUSB 3.1 Gen210 gbps3a (60w)3.21NoBenson + Nathan K.3a resistor
64$1.00-3WishMalleStore USB3.1A-to-CUSB 2.0480 mbps3a (60w)30.9NoNathan K.Not USB3.1. Overmolding errors. No shield connection.
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