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Would you say that language is what makes individual humans and human society "human"? How so? Why/How does the loss of language make us "alien" to each other in this story? Does this loss also make us less "humane"? Compare the situation and relationship between Rye and Obsidian with those of Gan and T'Gatoi. How does Butler demonstrate that "literacy is power" in this story? To whom does she give this power and in what ways will they change the status of society as we know it?
3/21/2016 14:07:13gymlife,afphia148Language does make us more "human" because it is an aspect of daily life. In this story the loss of language makes us "alien" to each other because obsidian does not speak he communicates to rye with his hands and she does not understand everything he is trying say/express to her. This loss does make us less "humane" because not everyone understands what someone is trying to express with there hands/motions therefore it leads to guessing, the individuals who can speak are more dominant because they can understand what one is trying to communicate.The relationship between rye and obsidian was very different then gan and t'gator because rye and obsidian had a sexual relationship but obsidian did not gain rye's trust fully simply because there relationship was too fresh, but in other hands t'gator and gan trusted each other with there lives due to the bond that they have formed with one another.Butler demonstrates that "literacy is power" by giving rye the ability to talk which makes her more dominate in the society because she is a women which is looked at as inferior to the man but because she can speak it gives her a source of power that leads to her being dominate, also the story demonstrates that "literacy is power" since at the end of the story rye meets two children which she does not want to take but once she heard them speak she wanted to take them. In today's society men have the upper hand and in this story rye as a women was more dominant then the male because she could speak.
3/21/2016 14:36:13RMANEK, OhhhRenneRYes, language does make humans "humans" because without language there will be no tool for expression, identity and communication. If we cannot communicate there would be no structure in society. In the relationship between Rye and Obsidian, Rye was hesitant about trusting Obsidian in the beginning; contrasting Gan and T'Gator relationship where they formed a strong bond the beginning which later became more questionable. Furthermore, Rye and Obsidian had a short-span relationship whereas Gan and T'Gator built a lifelong relationship overtime since Gan's birth. Butler gave the educators the power to pass down the knowledge to other individuals. The demonstration was given to Rye who held the tool to pass down the "power of literacy" being that she was an educator. It would impact the status of society by segregating individuals who can read v.s. the individuals who are unable to read. In this world money would have no value, but the obtaining the knowledge can potentially influence the society has a greater value.
9/29/2016 13:43:48ynfantecarmenLanguage is very important to the human race but i wont say that language is what makes individual humans or make us a society, because there are many ways to communicate weather is by sign language or by writing or drawing etc... the loss of language make us Alian by the way we behave with one another to a point that make us seemed less humans and more like Alians. The loss of language make us less humane in a sense that we dont try hard enough to understand what others may feel and we just care about the well being of oneself. I think that Rye and Obsidian relationship compares to Gan and Tgatoi in a sense that they both develop a relationship of love and hate and in a sense that they both needed each other in order to survive even though in this story Obsidian ends up dead.Butler demonstrate that literacy is power by writing what she thinks should change in society, her writing demands a change in the way society communicate and in the way that humans solve problems. Butler gives this power to society and shows a way to demand change in the status of society.
9/30/2016 0:55:47nathjavI think that there are more ways to make individuals humans, not neccesary speaking. Because there are people who can't speak but they know how to communicate to others. Also, having good behavior can be a good way of communicate something. I think the relationship between Rye and Obsidian was similar to Gan and T'Gatoi because Rye felt some hope and future when she was with Obsidian. In other words, Rye had the need to be with Obsidian, as it happens in the story of Gan and T'gatoi. I think she makes us think that "literacy is power" because with this humans can communicate better, and avoid fights. Literacy makes our thinking process better, and if we think properly, the society will be better.
9/30/2016 1:02:16Taurus-Rulesyes, I think language and the ability to speak makes us different than other animals, makes us human and our society humane. because if we do not have a language or cant speak we would be just like any other animal in this planet, who communicate with sounds and gestures.we will not be able to express ourselves, our thoughts and our emotions as easily as we can now, using languages. In the story loss of language made us alien to each other because rye was not able to tell what she exactly want from obsidian, she could not even make sure that the simplest thing like her name which we tell in a second using language was conveyed right or not, and she had a doubt that obsidian thinks her name is wheat, because of the pin she showed him. Human beings are using languages for years to express themselves and when a human being sees another human being he expect him or her to talk, to express what they want. instead if you put a person who cannot talk, its really hard for a person to understand that person. its just like trying to figure out what a dog or a cat or any animal is trying to say when they make a certain sound or do a certain thing. these gestures makes us alienated to them. and gives us the feeling, that they are not from the same species. thus, loss of language does makes us less humane.if i have to compare it as a love story, both stories were way different from each other, like Gan and T'gatoi known each other for long time, since Gan was born. While Rye and Obsidian met first time and that was to for a short period. their was love in both stories for sure. but if you talk about power, then there were similarities. Like in blood-child T'Gatoi was powerful just like Obsidian in Speech sound, while Gan and Rye were weak strength wise. The love story of Rye and Obsidian was not forced, their love was free, no boundaries, no deals, they were trying to save themselves. while the Love between T'Gatoi and Gan was somewhat sacrificed and tense, They were favoring each other and helping their family. In both stories the main objective was kind of saving the human race. In both stories the situation were futuristic, something that could happen in future to human race, In blood-child number of humans traveled to another planet and started living with native, because earth was not livable anymore, while in speech sound it seems like their been a nuclear war and whoever is left alive were survivors from it with disabilities and aftermath from the bombing. Literacy is power, because without it you would be stuck, just like rye did when obsidian showed her the map and asked her where she want to go. she could not read the map, she felt really frustrated because she did used to read once but now she is equal to a illiterate person. she gave the power to obsidian, the law and the power of society. it is always good for the society if the people who run the society is literate. and that is the reason she gave this power to obsidian, because he was powerful, he helped others, he was kind and he was the only law remaining. he was the perfect example of a leader. And a society is always in look for a literate and intelligent leader.

I dont Know how else to answer this Question.
9/30/2016 1:23:19colo201623language is what we are used to use as to communicating with each other. the loss of language is like losing our phones. its hard to be without it but if it was to happen we would learn to be speechless. This loss would not make us less "humane" we would just learn to live without it.rye and obsidian's relationship is very similar to gan and t'gatoi because they had to have babies in order to survive. Rye had to accept the ride with a stranger in order to be safe and get to her destination but things didn't go as plan. literacy was power because if they were able to talk they would be hated and a target to be killed. This power was given to women because as we know women are being undervalued and not treated equally as men.
9/30/2016 2:56:09Mboodoo123Language does make the individual human a person because it is a way that we can communicate with each other and understand one an other. The loss of speech does not mean we are aliens it means that we need a new way of communicating.The relationship between the two is that Rye and Obsidian was a more willing and positive relationship.She gives the power to the people and they try to help out one another fight cancer so each of them could live on.
9/30/2016 11:01:37wikiuser103I wouldn't say that language is what makes human society "humane." At least, I would like to think not. Living in New York City, I have found that people that do not speak English have an extremely hard time understanding life here. However, whenever I see that familiar, confused expression on someones face in the street, I try my best to help this person. I'm not going to just walk passed them, because that would be, in my opinion, inhumane. As a community we should all help one another. However, the loss of language in "Speech Sounds" does portray society as inhumane. Butler shows aggression, and savagery in the characters. I interpreted this as frustration, and because they were frustrated they felt helpless and this brought them back to a sort of caveman mentality. This in its own sense seemed very inhumane.In "Bloodchild" T'Gatoi gave Gan the option of being impregnated with her babies towards the end of the story. Here in "Speech Sounds" where savagery takes place, and women are raped all the time, Obsidian asks Rye if he wants to have sex with her. At first she doesn't want to because she does not want to get pregnant, but after Obsidian pulls out a condom box from his glove compartment, she agrees. He gave her the option of both having sex, and getting pregnant. Also, I feel like they, for a short period of time had a relationship where they depended on one another. Rye felt like she needed Obsidian in her life to finally feel happy and complete, and Obsidian felt like he needed Rye so that he can protect someone. In several parts of the story, Butler demonstrates that literacy is power. The most obvious was towards the end of "Speech Sounds." After the young children's mother was killed the younger of the two spoke. Immediately after the older sibling told the younger not to speak because it was dangerous. Rye quickly connected the death of the children's mother with their ability to speak. She said that the man that chased and stabbed the mother probably heard her speak and was so envious that he killed her. Because Rye knew that the children had the ability to speak she took them in. She now knew that there was hope for society, and as a teacher she can help teach the younger children of this new world how to speak, because she had not lost her ability to speak, and understand language. Teaching the new generation literacy can now help society grow and be able to communicate so that the world can now have a voice.
9/30/2016 11:50:18MarcusGotItLanguage does make individuals human because language is very important to human society. It allows us to communicate with others a comprehend what others are saying. The loss of language makes us alien because we wouldn't be able to understand one another and just walk around like a chicken without a head.Rye and Obsidian's relationship was like Gan and T'Gatoi because they both loved and needed each other.Butler demonstrates that literacy is power because language and communication is the only way to live. Without literacy, there is no purpose. She gives this power to Rye because she knows that she would go out and spread the language that she knows to others. With Rye adopting those children, she can now pass the language to the next generation.
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