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Member NameYearEmailURLS/WebsitesStation/IndependentCity/StateProjects: Name/YearLengthAired/DistributedAwards/FestivalsPublic Media FundingDiversityWorkshop Online Member
Facebook: ASKlabs Documentary Film
Twitter: @ASKlabsAlberta
IndependentBoston, Massachusetts2000 The Electrum DocumentaryElectrum: 30;00Electrum: APTVS, 2003 National PBS Broadcast, KTEH San Jose (PBS), PBS "video i" independent film series, WGBH, NBC "EXTRA" segment, San Francisco WBNElectrum: Da Vinci Film and Video Festival - Best Documentary, Spirit of Da Vinci Award; Yorkton - Golden Sheaf Award, Best International Documentary Short; Short Film and Video Festival - 2nd Place Documentary; National Short Film Festival - Official Selection Docside; USA Film and Video Festival - FinalistElectrum: NoAsian AmericanYes
IndependentLockport, New York2015/2016 Lake of Betrayal: The Story of Kinzua Dam
2007 Dangerous Silence
2003 Driven to Play
2000 Enduring Faith
1996 Fading in the Mist
1992 In/Word/Out
Dangerous: 26;46
Driven: 26;46
Enduring: 90;00
Fading: 56;46
In/Word: 56;46
Lake: PBS
Dangerous: PBS National
Driven: PBS National
Enduring: APT
Fading: APT
In/Word: PBS Regional
Regional Emmy Nomination - New York State, Bronze Telly
Driven: N/A
Regional Emmy Nomination - New York State, Bronze Telly
Silver State Documentary Film Festival - Winner, Silver Plaque, Chicago Film and Video Festival, Bronze Telly
CINE Golden Eagle
Lake: Yes - Vision Maker Media/Native American Public Telecommunications
Dangerous: No
Drive: No
Enduring: No
Fading: No
In/Word: No
Regge Life2001
www.globalfilmnetwork.netN/AE. Chatham, New York1995 Doubles: Japan and America's Intercultural Children
1993 Struggles and Success: The African American Experience in Japan
1985 El Ultimo Baile
Doubles: 60;00
Struggles: 60;00
Ultimo: 06;00
Doubles: PBS
Struggles: PBS
Ultimo: PBS
Doubles: CINE - Gold Award; Houston International Film Festival - Silver Award
Struggles: CINE - Gold Award
Ultimo: NY Latino Film Festival
Doubles: No
Struggles: PBS
Ultimo: PBS
African AmericanYes
Chris Rish2001chrishco@mac.com
IndependentSt. Petersburg, Florida2012 - 2013 I'm Having Their Baby (shooter)
2012 Our America with Lisa Ling (shooter)
2012 The Other Shore (producer/shooter)
1999 - 2001 Beyond Science (series)
1995-1997 Science Adventures
Baby: each ep 43;40
Our America: 45;00
Other Shore: 1;40;00
Beyond Science: 26 ep 30;00
Science Adventures: 26 ep 30;00
Baby: Oxygen
Our America: OWN
Other Shore: N/A
Beyond Science: NETA
Science Adventures: WUSF-TV
Baby: N/A
Our America: N/A
Other Shore:
Toronto Film Festival; SXSW; New York Film Festival; LA Film Festival
Beyond Science:
Regional Emmy, Tellys
Science Adventures: N/A
Baby: No
Our America: No
Other Shore: No
Beyond Science: Yes
Science Adventures: Yes
Tracy Heather
IndependentBoston, Massachusetts2013 Silicon Valley
2010 Oakland, California segment in Roots of Health
2008 When the Bough Breaks - Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick?
2005 Building the Alaska Highway
1999 I'll Make Me a World: A Century of African-American Arts - Bright like a Sun, The Dream Keepers
Silicon: 90;00
Roots segment: 18;00
Bough: 30;00
Alaska: 60;00
Bright: 60;00
Dream: 60;00
Silicon: PBS
Roots segment: PBS via APT
Bough: PBS
Alaska: PBS
Bright: PBS
Dream: PBS
Silicon: N/A
Roots segment: N/A
Bough: Alfred I, Du Pont Columbia - Silver Baton (series)
Alaska: N/A
Bright: George Foster Peabody Award; OAH Erik Barnouw Award (series)
Dream: same as above
Silicon: Yes - WGBH co-production
Roots segment: No
Bough: N/A
Alaska: Yes - WGBH co-production
Bright: Yes - Blackside received PBS funding
Dream: same as above
African AmericanYes
IndependentYardville, New Jersey2005 The Highlands Rediscovered
2007 Turning the Tide
2009 Green Builders
2010 Morristown: Where America Survived
2011 The Power of the Governor
Highlands: 30;00
Turning: 30;00
Green: 60;00
Morristown: 30;00
Governor: 60;00
Highlands: PBS via APT
Turning: PBS via APT
Green: PBS
Morristown: PBS
Governor: PBS - NJN
Princeton Environmental Film Festival
CINE - Golden Eagle; World Medal; New York Festivals
Princeton Environmental Film Festival
Philadelphia Press Association -First Place
NY Regional Emmy - Best Political Special
Highlands: Yes - NJN
Turning: Yes - NJN
Green: Yes - NJN
Morristown: Yes - NJN
Governor: Yes - NJN
John Twiggs2001
montanapbs.orgMontana PBSMissoula, Montana2012 Billing Montanans: Two Family Tax Stories
2011 3 Miles an Hour
2009 Playing for the World
2006 Evelyn Cameron
2003 Really, Really Big Floods
Billing: 30;00
3 Miles: 60;00
Playing: 60;00
Evelyn: 60;00
Floods: 30;00
Billing: N/A
3 Miles: APT
Playing: PBS Plus
Evelyn: PBS Plus
Floods: Discovery Media
Northwest Regional Emmy - Program Writing
3 Miles:
Seeley Wildlife Festival, Montana Wilderness Assoc.
Northwest Regional Emmy - Program Writing
CINE Golden Eagle, NW Regional Emmy - Historical Documentary
Parents Choice Foundation - National Honor
Billing: Yes - Greater Montana Foundation
3 Miles: Yes - Greater Montana Foundation
Playing: Yes - Humanities Montana, Greater Montana Foundation, Montana Office of Tourism
Evelyn: Yes - Montana Cultural Trust, Humanities Montana, Greater Montana Foundation, Travel Montana
Floods: Yes - Greater Montana Foundation
N/AGreensboro, North Carolina2014 The New Black
2003 The Taste of Dirt
2001 Living with Pride: Ruth Ellis @100
1996 Remembering We Yi-Fang, Rememberying Myself
New: 56;40
Taste: 11;00
Living: 56;40
Remembering: 30;00
New: Independent Lens
Remembering: PBS/P.O.V.
Lost Angeles Film Festival; Human Rights Watch Film Festival; AFI Docs - Audience Award, Best Documentary; Frameline37 LGBT Film Festival - Audience Award, Best Documentary; Philly Q Fest - Audience Award, Best Documentary; Denver Film Society; et. al.
Pan African Film Festival; Boston International Women's Film Festival; Cleveland INternational Film Festival; African Diaspora Film Festival; Black Harvest Film Festival
Frameline, San Francisco Gay & Lesbian Film Festival - Audience Award, Best Documentary; Outfest, Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival - Audience Award, Outstanding Video Documentary; Toronto Internation Film Festival - Reel Black Film Award, Best Documentary; Reel Affirmations - Directors Award, Best Documentary; Wingspan - Audience Award Best Documentary; Inside Out, Toronto Gay and Lesbian Film Festival - Audience Award Best Documentary; Fresno Reel Pride Gay & Lesbian Film Festival - Best Documentary; Identities Queer Film Festival - Best Documentary; Northampton Gay and Lesbian Film Festival - Audience Award Best Documentary; GLAAD Media Awards - Best Documentary; et. al
Pan African Film Festival; XIth Black International Cinema - Winner of Best Film/Video on Matters Relating to the Black Experience; San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival; Black Filmworks, Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame, Inc - Honorable Mention in Documentary Category, 2nd Place Cross Cultural Category; Chicago International Film Festival, Intercom - Silver Hugo Award; USA Film Festival 18th Annual Short Film and Video Competition - Finalist
New: Yes - ITVS, NBPC
Taste: Yes - National Black Programming Consortium
Living: No
Remembering: Yes - P.O.V.
African AmericanYes``
Van Dora
vandorawilliams.comIndependentHampton, Virginia2008 Masculinity Project
2008 Voting Rights, Northern Style
2008 Banished
2004 Matters of Race
Masculinity: 30;00
Voting: website
Banished: 90;00
Matters: 90;00
Banished: PBS
Matters: PBS
Masculinity: N/A
Voting: N/A
Banished: Sundance, Miami International Film Festival, Urban World Film Fest
Matters: N/A
Masculinity: Yes - NBPC
Voting: Yes - NBPC
Banished: Yes
Matters: Yes - CPB, NEH
African AmericanYes
Alison Davis
University of Illinois, Big Ten NetworkChampaign, Illinois2009 Lincoln: Prelude to the Presidency
2008 Ten Sisters: A True Story
2004 Gold Star Mothers: Pilgrimage of Remembrance
1999 Walter Burley Griffin: In His Own Right
1996 Against the Wind
Lincoln: 60;00
Ten: 60;00
Gold: 60;00
Walter: 60;00
Against: 60;00
Lincoln: PBSplus, APT
Ten: PBSplus
Gold: PBSplus
Walter: PBSplus
Against: CEN
NATAS Mid-America Chapter - 4 nominations; Silver Telly Award
NATAS Mid-America Chapter - 4 nominations
NATAS Mid-America Chapter - 4 nominationa; National Gold Star Mother Convention 2004 - special screening; AWRT Gracie - Best Documentary
NATAS Chicago/Midwest Emmy - Outstanding Documentary of Cultural SignificanceNATAS Chicago/Midwe
AWRT Gracie - Best Documentary
Lincoln: Yes - WILL-TV support
Ten: Yes - Will-TV
Gold: Yes - WIll-TV
Walter: Yes - Will-TV
Against: Yes - Will-TV, CEN grant
IndependentNew York, New York2003 Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin
2004 Let the Church Say, Amen
2011 Women, War & Peace
2012 Electoral Dysfunction
Brother: 90;00
Church: 90;00
Women: 5 part series, ea. 60;00
Electoral: 90;00
Brother: PBS/POV
Church: PBS/Independent Lens
Women: PBS
Electoral: PBS (WTTW)
Brother: More than 25 Awards including -
GLAAD Media Award - Outstanding Documentary; International Television Competition - Silver Hugo Award Chicago; American Library Association - Notable Videos for Aduls Award; CINE - Golden Eagle; 6 Film Festival Jury Awards for Best Documentary; 6 Film Festival Audience Awards for Best Documentary
Premiered - Sundance, AFI Silverdocs, Berlin Film Festival; Screened by Academy of Motion Picutre Arts & Sciences in 2004 Contemporary Documentary Series
Outstanding Series - Gracie Award; Edward R. Murrow Award for Documentaries; Robert Spiers Benjamin Award for Best Reporting from Latin America for segment on guerilla war in Colombia; Fifth Television Academy Honors celebrated series as one of 7 programs that exemplify "television with a conscience:
American Bar Association - Silver Gavel Award for Television; Screened at Democratic and Republican Conventions 2012, Montreal INternational Film Festival
Brother: Yes - ITVS
Church: Yes - ITVS
Women: Yes - WNET & ITVS
Electoral: Yes - WTTW
Indian/South AsianYes
Ramona Diaz2002ramona@cinediaz.comwww.cinediaz.comN/ABaltimore, MD2005 Imelda
2011 The Learning
2013 Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey
Imelda: 90;00
Learning: 90;00
Everyman's: 90;00
Imelda: IL
Learning: POV
Everyman's: IL
Sundance and 50 other festivals worldwide; IDA Award; Theatrical in the US - Film Forum premiere
IDA Nominations; Silver Docs
Tribeca; SilverDocs; San Francisco; Audience Awards - Palm Spring, Traverse
Imelda: Yes - ITVS
Learning: Yes - ITVS
Everyman's: No
Mike English2002menglish@mpt.orgStation: Maryland Public TelevisionColumbia, Maryland2012 Heart of the Civil War
2012 The War of 1812 on the Chesapeake
2011 The Chesapeake Bay Bridge: Spanning the Bay
2010 Chesapeake Bay by Air
2008 Citizen Schaefer
Heart: 60;00
1812: 60;00
Bridge: 60;00
Air: 60;00
Citizen: 60;00
Heart: Nat'l self distributed
1812: Regional
Bridge: Nat'l self distributed
Air: APT
Citizen: Local
Heart: Regional Emmy
1812: Regional Emmy
Bridge: Regional Emmy
Air: Regional Emmy
Citizen: N/A
Heart: No
1812: No
Bridge: Yes - Internal funding
Air: Yes - Internal funding
Citizen: No
Susan Seattle ChannelBellevue, Washington-2007 KCTS Connects
2007 Ask the Governor
1999 Precious Children
Connects: weekly series, 30;00 ea.
Governor: monthly series, 60;00 ea.
Precious: 60;00
Connects: KCTS, KYVE
Governor: all PBS stations in WA
Precious: PBS re:
Connects: Multiple Emmy nominations; Association of Religious Broadcasting Awards
Governor: N/A
Precious: Asian American Journalists Association - National Award
For All: Yes - KCTS with corporate/foundation underwritingAsian/ChineseN/A
Thomas Allen
Facebook/Through A Lens Darkly - Digital Family Reunion - Artist Files, Generosity in Spirit - Brooklyn College Project - Thomas Allen Harris - Thomas Allen Harris: Returning - Mining Memories to Preserve the Past - Capturing Black New York - Black New York: Roadshow - Marriage Equality
IndependentMonroe, New YorkIn progress: Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People
2012 That's My Face (E Minha Cara)
2011 Marriage Equality: Byron Rushing and the Fight for Fairness
2010-Present: Digital Diaspora Family Reunion
2006/2010 Twelve Disciples of Nelson Mandela
Lens: 86;00
Face: 56;00
Marriage: 17;00
Diaspora: Multiplatform/website, mobile & touring Roadshow
Disciples: 73;00
Lens: N/A
Face: AfroPOI
Disciples: POV/Global Voices
Lens: N/A
Toronto Black Film/Video Network - International Filmmaker Award; Berlin International Film Festival - Prize of the Ecumenical Jury of Christian Churches; Denver Pan-African Film Festival, San Francisco Black Film Festival, OUTFEST - Best Documentary Award; Atlanta Film Festival - Artistic Excellene in Documentary Film Award; Sundance Channel - Broadcast 2003 - 2005; Toronto International Film Festival - World Premiere; Sundance Film Fest; Tribeca Film Fest
Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival - Best Documentary Short; Spokane LGBT Film Fesival - Jon Deen Memorial Award; OUTFEST
Rockefeller Foundation NYC Culture Innovation Fund Award; Roadshows - IMA, NAMAC, Silver Docs Film Festival
Pan African Film Festival, Santa Cruz Film Festival - Best Documentary Award; Roxbury Film Festival - Henry Hampton Award for Excellence in Documentary Filmmaking; Bermuda International Film Festival - Nominated for Independent Spirt Award, Won Audience Award Honorable Mention; Toronto International Film Festival
Lens: Yes - NBPC, ITVS
Face: No
Marriage: No
Diaspora: Yes - CPB
Disciples: Yes - NBPC, ITVS
African AmericanNot Yet
Tim Hartin2002t-hartin@illinoi.eduUniversity of Illinois - Office of Public Affairs/Division of Intercollegiate AthleticsPhilo, Illinois1997 Mr. Shimkus Goes to Washington
2003 The Song and A Slogan
2004 Pilgrimage of Remembrance
2007 Ten Sisters: A True Story
2009 Lincoln: Prelude to the Presidency
Shimku: 28;56
Song: 56;46
Pilgrimage: 56;46
Ten Sisters: 56;46
Lincoln: 56;46
Shimku: PBS
Song: NETA
Pilgrimage: PBS Plus
Ten Sisters: APT
Lincoln: N/A
Shimku: N/A
Midwest Regional Emmy - Best music, nomiations in Best Editing, Best Photography, Best Direction
Pilgrimage: N/A
Ten Sisters:
Midwest Regional Emmy - 5 nominations
Silver Telly; few others
Shimku: Yes - Democracy Fund
Song: No
Pilgrimage: No
Ten Sisters: No
Lincoln: No
Jeff Krulik2002jeff@jeffkrulik.comwww.jeffkrulik.comIndependentSilver Spring, Maryland1990-1992 Twenty-Five Cents Before Noon
1998 Ernest Borgnine on the Bus
2008 Eatin' Crabs, Chesapeake Style
Before Noon: 50;00
Ernest: 23;00
Eatin': 28;30
Before Noon: WETA
Ernest: WETA
Eatin': MPT
Before Noon: N/A
Ernest: N/A
Eatin': Emmy - Chesapeake Region
Before Noon: No
Ernest: No
Eatin': Yes
Lisa Olken2002lisaolken@rmpbs.orgStation: Rocky Mountain PBSLakewood, Colorado2013 (NOV) Urban RezUrban: 56;46Urban: APT/Vision MakerUrban:
Best Cultural Program, 2013 Heartland Chapter Emmy Awards
Urban: Yes - N/AAngloYes
IndependentBrooklyn, New York2007 Grassroots Rising
2003 Saigon, USA
Grassroots: 60;00
Saigon: 60;00
Grassroots: N/A
Saigon: NETA
Grassroots: N/A
Saigon: N/A
Grassroots: N/A
Saigon: Yes - ITVS, CAAM
Asian AmericanYes
N/ANew York, New York2002 TV411
2001 In the Life
2000 In the Mix - On the Money Special
1993 - 97 In the Mix
TV411: 30;00
Life: 60;00
Mix Special: 30;00
Mix: 60;00 ea.
Life: PBS
Mix Special: PBS WNET
TV411: N/A
Life: N/A
Mix Special: CINE - Golden Eagle
Mix: National Emmy Award
TV411: Yes - Don't know
Life: Yes - Don't know
Mix Special: Yes - Don't know
Mix: Yes - Don't know
Mary Tuti Baker 2003bakerm@hawaii.edu - working on PhD in indigenous Politics and Futures Studies at University of Hawaii at ManoaHonolulu, Hawaii2005 King Kamehameha: A Legacy RenewedKing: 30;00King: NETAKing: Hawaii International Film FestivalKing: Pacific Islanders in CommunicationsNative HawaiianNo
Kristian State Public Media
State College, Pennsylvania2010 The Geospatial Revolution
2002, 03, 07, 09 History Detectives
2008 Nova: ScienceNOW
1996 Dakota Exile
1993 The Dakota Conflict
Geospatial: 2 episodes, 15;00 ea.
History: series, varying length ea.
ScienceNOW: 13 min. story
Dakota Exile: 56;40
Conflict: 56;40
Geospatial: Web Exclusive
History: PBS
ScienceNOW: PBS
Dakota Exile: PBS
Conflict: PBS
Geospatial: N/A
History: Couple
ScienceNOW: N/A
Dakota Exile: N/A
Ohio State Award
Geospatial: No
History: Yes - PBS supported
ScienceNOW: Yes - PBS
Dakota Exile: Yes - Minnesota Humanities Commission
Conflict: N/A
IndependentBrooklyn, New York
Boston, Massachusetts
1994 Portrait of Boy with Dog
2001 Get a Life with Loretta LaRoache
2004 Tupperware!
2005 Julia! America's Favorite Chef
2011 My Perestroika
Portrait: 27;00
Loretta: N/A
Tupperware: 75;00 (?)
Julia: 52;00
Perestroika: 87;00 (theatrical) 81.2 (PBS)
Portrait: Various, including WGBH
Loretta: WGBH
Tupperware: PBS, American Experience
Julia: PBS, American Maseters
Perestroika: PBS, aired on POV
Academy Award for Student Doc; et. al
Loretta: N/A
George Foster Peabody Award; Emmy nomination; et. al
Julia: N/A
George Foster Peabody Award; Nominated - Gierson Filmmaker Award; Full Frame; Special Jury Award Silverdocs; et. al
Portrait: No
Loretta: No
Tupperware: Yes - NEH, American Experience co-production
Julia: Yes - American Masters
Perestroika: Yes - ITVS and NEH
Ed OPB-TVPortland, Oregon2014 PBS Time Team
2000 - 2013 Oregon Field
Time: 4 60;00 series
Oregon: weekly 30;00 series
Time: OPB and regional
Oregon: PBS
Time: N/A
Emmy Awards - Won 5; Dupont Columbia Award for Journalism; SEJ Award for Reporting on the Environment; NETA Award
Time: N/A
Oregon: Yes - OPB local funding
Maria Teresa Rodriguez2003amtrodriguez@gmail.com
facebook: Ninos de la Memoria documentary film
IndependentPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania2013 Ninos de la Memoria (Children of Memory)
2008 Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick? Becoming American segmnet
2005 Mirror Dance
Ninos: 56;40
Unnatural: 29;00
Mirror: 56;40
Ninos: PBS
Unnatural: PBS
Mirror: PBS
Latin American Studies Association Film - Award of Merit; CINE - Golden Eagle; Ambulante - Official Selection; Latino International Film Festival; 16th International Film Festival; Embassy of El Salvador; CineFestival; San Diego Latino Film Festival; DOXA Documentary Film Festival; Tenemos Que Ver Festival Internacional de Cine y Derechos Huanos de Uruguay
DuPont - Columbia Award in Television and Radio News; TV/Radio/Film National Academies - Communication Award; Council on Foundations - Henry Hampton Award; Congressional Black Cauus Health Braintrust/National Minority Quality Forum - Excellence in Journalism Award
Latin American Studies Association Film Festival - Award of Merit; Imagen Awards - Finalist, Best Television Documentary; Society of Professional Journalists - First place, television documentary; CINE - Golden Eagle; American Dance Festival; Cuban Research Institute; Latin American Film Festival, Center for Latin American Studies; Festival of Women's Film & Media Arts, National Museum of Women in the Arts; Motion Pictures '07, 5h Annual Festival of Dance Film/Videos; Reel Rasquache Film Festival; 7th Constellation Change Screen Dance Festival; One Book, One Philadelphia, Free Library of Philadelphia; Melbourne Latino Film Festival; Festival Inernacional del Nuevo Cine Latino Americano; New York Public LIbrary for the Performing Arts, Lincoln Center; Vistas Film Festival; Bryn Mawr Film INstitute; Cuban Interests Section; Chicago Latino Film Festival; San Diego INternational Latino Film Festival; San Juan Cinemafest; SF Latino International Film Festival; Boston Latino International Film Festival; University of Delaware; CineSol Film Festival; ETV, Basque Television
Ninos: ITVS, LBP
Unnatural: National Minority Consortia
Mirror: ITVS, LBP
IndependentWarwick, New York2013 Latino Americans: War & Peace and Prejudice & Pride
2010 The Longoria Affair
2009 Latin Music USA: The Chicano Wave
2008 The Last Conquistador
2005 CNN Presents: High Stakes Testing
2004 Beyond Brown
2003 Visiones: Latino Arts and Culture
2003 Matters of Race: The Divide
1996 Making Peace: Soul Survivors
1994 Passin' It On
War: 60;00
Prejudice: 60;00
Longoria: 60;00
Chicano: 60;00
Conquistador: 60;00
Stakes: 60;00
Beyond: 60;00 (produced 20;00)
Arts: 60;00 (produced 15;00)
Divide: 60;00
Soul: 60;00
Passin: 60;00
War: PBS
Prejudice: PBS
Longoria: PBS, Independent Lens
Chicano: PBS
Conquistador: PBS, POV
Stakes: CNN
Beyond: PBS
Arts: PBS
Divide: PBS
Soul: PBS
Passin: PBS, POV
War: N/A
Prejudice: N/A
Emmy - Nomination; Imagen Award; California State Legislature - Outstanding Contributions to Civil Rights HIstory; Natinoal Associatino of Chicana/o Studies - Premio Letras De Aztland
Chicago International Film Festival - Gold Plaque Award; CINE - Golden Eagle; California State Legislature - Outstanding Achievement for contributions to American Music and Civil Rights History; US State Dept. Documentary Showcase
Conquistador: N/A
CINE - Golden Eagle; The International Documentary Association - Distinguished Achievement; Columbia School of Journalism - Award for Broadcast Excellence
Beyond: N/A
Arts: Alma Award - Best Television Documentary
Divide: N/A
Soul: N/A
San Francisco International Film Festival - Golden Gate Award; Columbus International Film Festival - Bronze Plaque Award; USA Film Festival - Grand Prize, Best non-fiction film; National Educational Film Festival - Silver Apple Award; Emmy Award - Nomination; Philadelphia International Film Festival - Best Short Documentary; Worldfest Houston - Gold Award; Black Maria Film Festival - Juror's Choice; North Carolina International Film Festival - Best Documentary; Bombay International Film Festival - Best First Film of a Director; Atlanta International Film Festival - Best Short Documentary; Earth Peace International Film Festival - People's Choice Award
War: Yes - LPB, ITVS, WETA
Prejudice: Yes - same as above
Longoria: Yes - WGBH, Houston Endowment, ITVS, LPB
Chicano: Yes - NEA
Conquistador: Yes - NEA, NEH, Sundance Documentary Fund, LPB, ITVS, Humanities Texas, New York State Council on the Arts, NAPT
Stakes: No
Beyond: Yes
Arts: Yes - ITVS
Divide: Yes - ITVS
Soul: Yes - ITVS
Passin: Yes - ITVS, Eastman Fund
IndependentLarchmont, New York2009 My Source PSAs
2012 World Channel: Your Voice, Your Story
2014 - 2016 Mary Lou Williams: The Lady Who Swings the Band
Source: 3 episodes, 05;00 ea.
Your Voice: 4 episodes, 03;00 ea.
Mary Lou: 60;00
Source: WTTW - TV
Your Voice: PBS
Mary Lou: PBS
Source: N/A
Your Voice: N/A
Mary Lou: N/A
Source: Yes - CPB
Your Voice: Yes - CPB/WGBH
Mary Lou: Yes - ITVS/NBPC
Celia, California2008 Mr. Dial has Something to Say
2007 Thornton Dial
2006/2007 Alabama Ballet: The Making of Romeo & Juliet
2005 The Quiltmakers of Gee's Bend
Mr. Dial: 60;00
Thornton: 20;00
Ballet: 60;00
Quiltmakers: 60;00
Mr. Dial: Ovation, Alabama PTV
Thornton: No
Ballet: NETA, Alabama PTV
Quiltmakers: PBS
Mr. Dial:
Sacramento International Film Festival - Best Documentary; Emmy Southeast - Outstanding Documentary, Editing, Photography, Director, Post-Production, Promotion; George Lindsey Film Festival - Best Documentary; CINE - Golden Eagle Special Jury Award; Official PBS/International selection for INPUT South Africa; CINE - Golden Eagle; CINE International Film Fest - Best Cultural Issues Film; and other film festival screenings
Emmy - Outstanding Director, Post-Production Southeast; San Francisco International Film Festival - Golden Gate Award, Best Short Film; Sidewalk Film Festival - Audience Choice Award
Ballet: NETA Award - Best Arts Production
Quiltmakers: Emmy Southeast - Outstanding Documentary; INPUT National Finalist/Grant Recipient
Mr. Dial: Yes - Alabama PTV, NEA grant
Thornton: Yes - Alabama PTV
Ballet: Yes - Alabama PTV
Quiltmakers: Yes - Alabama PTV
Eric OPBPortland, Oregon2013 Oregon Experience: Tom McCall
2012 Or.Ex: Rajneeshpuram
2011 Or.Ex: Wayne Morse; The Oysterman
2010 Or.Ex: The Wild West Way; White Plague; Vortex I
2009 Or.Ex: Bull Run; A Cuisine of Our Own; Logger's Daughter
2008 Or.Ex: The River They Saw; The Art Makers; Leo Adler
2007 Or.Ex: Oregon at War; The Braceros
2006 Or.Ex: Reub Long's Oregon Desert; Abigail Scott Duniway
2005 Oregon Story: Rethinking the Forests; Warm Springs Country
2004 Oregon Art Beat: Phil Sylvester's Art Guitars; Circuit-Bending
Tom: 58;21
Rajneeshpuram: 59;56
Wayne: 26;50
Oyster: 26;48
Wild West: 59;39
Plague: 29;24
Vortex I: 29;00
Bull Run: 29;14
Cuisine: 27;30
Logger: 27;06
River: 58;20
Art Makers: 28;14
Leo Adler: 28;27
Oregon at War: 60;00
Braceros: 27;00
Reub: 28;34
Abigail: 26;41
Forests: 60;00
Warm Springs: 60;00
Phil Sylvester: 10;24
Circuit-Bending: 08;16
ALL: "Broadcast with many repeats to all of Oregon & areas of Washington/online streaming.
Oregon Experience/Oregon Story: Same as above AND DVDs available at
Tom: N/A
Rajneeshpuram: N/A
Wayne: N/A
Oyster: Bronze TELLY
Wild West: Regional Emmy - Best Documentary; New York Film Festival - Finalist; Bronze TELLY
Plague: N/A
Vortex I: Regional Emmy - Best Documentary; Bronze TELLY
Bull Run: N/A
Cuisine: N/A
Logger: 2 Bronze TELLY's
River: N/A
Art Makers: N/A
Leo Adler: N/A
Oregon at War: Bronze TELLY
Braceros: N/A
Reub: N/A
Abigail: Regional Emmy - Best Documentary
Forests: Bronze TELLY
Warm Springs: Regional Emmy - Best Director; Bronze TELLY
Phil Sylvester: N/A
Circuit-Bending: N/A
ALL: Yes - Funded in part by Oregon Public BroadcastingYes
Tim De Roche2004timderoche@yahoo.comIndependentLos Angeles, CaliforniaWayne: Wayne: Yes
Na with WNET
Current: Independent
Cliffside Park, New Jersey2002 - 2009 NOW on PBS - news magazine segmentsNOW: 25;00 ea. NOW: PBSNOW: N/ANOW: N/AAsian AmericanYes
Craig Lindvahl2004clindvahl@effinghamceo.comwww.callanfilms.comIndependentEffingham, Illinois1995 They Served with Honor
1997 Weathered Secrets
2000 More Than a Game
2002 A Time for Honor
2005 An Uphill Climb
2006 A. Lincoln, Attorney at Law
2010 Cobb Field, A Day at the Ballpark
2011 Let's Get Ready to Win
2013 The Perfect Place
Served: 56;40
Weathered: 56;40
More: 56;40
Time: 56;40
Uphill: 56;40
Lincoln: 26;40
Ready to Win: 44;00
Perfect Place: 22;00
Served: APT
Weathered: APT
More: APT
Time: APT
Uphill: SCETV
Lincoln: SCETV
Cobb: MLB Network
Ready to Win: MLB Network
Perfect Place: Fox Sports Ohio
Served: Used by Smithsonian
Weathered: mid-America Emmy - Music, used by Smithsonian
More: Mid-America Emmy - Music
Time: Mid-America Emmy - Writing, Documentary
Uphill: Mid-America Emmy - Trailer, Music, Videography, Writing
Lincoln: N/A
Cobb: Mid-America Emmy - Trailer, Music Photography; Baseball Hall of Fame Film Festival
Ready to Win: Baseball Hall of Fame Film Festival
Perfect Place: Baseball Hall of Fame Film Festival
Served: No
Weathered: No
More: No
Time: No
Uphill: No
Lincoln: No
Cobb: No
Ready to Win: No
Perfect Place: No
Amy Miller2004amymiller33@comcast.net KQED San FranciscoOakland, California2013 PBS Nature: Saving Otter 501
2006-2012 KQED Quest
2006 Let all the Stories be Told: The Making of "The Peoples Temple"
Saving: 50;40
KQED: Weekly series, 26;46 ea.
Peoples Temple: 54;00
Saving: PBS
Peoples Temple: PBS (California)
Saving: N/A
KQED: 7 Regional Emmy Awards
Peoples Temple:
Saving: Yes - KQED
Peoples Temple:
IndependentNew Orleans, Louisiana2003 All on a Mardi Gras Day
2013 Walking to New Orleans (INC)
Mardi Gras Day: 60:00Cuisine: Cuisine: LA Endowment for the HumanitiesAfro-CreoleYes
Hugo Perez2004hugoperez@m30afilms.comwww.m30afilms.comIndependentBrooklyn, New York2010 SeedSeed: 17;00Seed: FutureStates/ITVSSeed: N/ASeed: Yes - ITVSLatino - CubanYes
Paul Tait Roberts2004proberts@ideastations.orgIndependentVirginia2013 The Kennedy Half-Century
2012 Out of Order
2011 The Sailor Bob Story
2011 Choosing Wisdom
2010 Dreamers Theater
Kennedy: 60;00
Order: 30;00
Sailor: 90;00
Wisdom: 60;00
Dreamers: 30;00
Kennedy: APT
Order: APT
Sailor: Regional/VA
Wisdom: Regional/VA
Dreamers: APT
Kennedy: N/A
Order: Capitol Region Emmy/Topical Documentary
Sailor: Capitol Region Emmy/Documentary
Wisdom: N/A
Dreamers: NY Film Festival - won some there; Emmy Nominated - Capitol Emmys
Kennedy: No
Order: No
Sailor: No
Wisdom: No
Dreamers: No
Laura Ozment-Schenck2004lschenck@mpbn.netMaine Public Broadcasting NetworkBrunswick, Maine2013 Sixteenth of Maine at Gettysburg
2010-Present Sustainable Maine Series
2009-Present MPBN Community Films Series
2006-2007 Maine Experience
2003-2005 Quest: Investigating Our World
Gettysburg: 26;46
Sustainable: 26;46
Community: Various
Experience: 26;46
Quest: 56;46
Gettysburg: MPBN, currently seeking national
Sustainable: MPBN
Community: MPBN
Experience: MPBN
Quest: MPBN, last season by NETA
Gettysburg: N/A
Sustainable: Every program (so far) has been nominated for Boston/New England Emmy
Community: 5 films in the series have been nominated for Boston/New England Emmy Awards
Experience: Several Boston/New England Emmy Awards
Quest: Boston/New England Emmy Awards; CINE - Golden Eagle; NETA Educational; and others.
Gettysburg: No
Sustainable: No
Community: films funded through local, various sources
Experience: Yes - MPBN and other private funding
Quest: N/A
Sadia Shepard2004sadiashepard@gmail.comwww.sadiashepard.comIndependentSouth Dartmouth, MassachusettsIn Progress: The Other Half of TomorrowHalf: N/AHalf: N/AHalf: Margard Mead Film and Video Festival 2012Half: N/APakistani - AmericanYes
Amy Shumaker2004shumaker@scetvwww.scetv.orgStation: SCETVColumbia, South Carolina2006-2013 Carolina Stories Carolina: series, 40 hrs. 30;00 ea.Carolina: A few selected by NETA and APTCarolina: Emmy Awards and nominations - SoutheastCarolina: NoCaucasianYes
David Sanford Adams2005dadams@scetv.org
Station: SC ETVColumbia, South Carolina2011 Forgotten Founder
2009 G-Man
2008 Down (not out)
2007 A True Likeness
2006 Pee Wee
Forgotten: 58;30
G-Man: 56;46
Down: 58;30
Likeness: 26;46
Pee Wee: 56;46
Forests: Forests: Forgotten: Yes - Humanities Council, SC
G-Man: Yes - Humanities Council, SC
Down: No
Likeness: No
Pee Wee: No
Kimberlee Bassford2005makingwavesfilms@yahoo.com
IndependentHonolulu, Hawaii2014 The Animated Adventures of Judo Girl
2009 Patsy Mink: Ahead of the Majority
Animated: 56:40
Patsy: 56:40
Phil Sylvester: Phil Sylvester: Patsy: Yes - ITVS, LINCS, CAAM Completion
Animated: Yes - Pacific Islanders in Communications R&D and Production Grants
Asian Pacific IslanderYes
Laurel Bower Burgmaier2005laurel@iptv.orgwww.iptv.orgStation: Iowa Public TelevisionCreston, Iowa2013 The Farm Crisis
2008 More Than a Game: 6-on-6 Basketball in Iowa
2003 Timeless Tractors
2001 The People in the Pictures: Stories from the Wettach Farm Photos
Farm: 1;29;56
Game: 59;00
Timeless: 59;00
Wettach: 59;00
Farm: not sure - NETA or PBS
Game: NETA
Timeless: N/A
Wettach: NETA
Farm: N/A
Game: N/A
Timeless: N/A
Wettach: N/A
Farm: N/A
Game: N/A
Timeless: N/A
Wettach: N/A
Maria Agui
Twitter: @iguanafilm
IndependentNewton, Massachusetts2014 Voices of Dreamtown (EP)
2013 REBEL (writer/pro/dir)
2013 No Job for a Woman (pro)
2012 Secret Soldier (writer/pro/dir)
2008 Cleats (writer/dir)
2008 Chevolution (writer)
2004 College Track Series (pilot pro)
2001 Rumble Over West Side Story (writer/pro/dir)
2000 The Devil's Music (writer/pro/dir)
2000 Tango: Duel and Dance (writer/pro/dir)
Voices: N/A
Rebel: 52;00
Woman: 65;00
Secret: 20;00
Cleats: 07;00
Chevolution: 86;00
College: 3 ep, 56;00 ea.
Rumble: 27;00
Devil: 56;00
Tango: 27;00
Voices: N/A
Rebel: PBS National Program Service and PBS World
Woman: PBS World
Secret: Iguana Films, National Parks Service
Cleats: Discovery Films
Chevolution: Red Envelope Entertainment (Netflix)
College: National PBS
Rumble: WGBH
Devil: National PBS
Tango: WGBH
Voices: N/A
Smithsonian Museum of American History Premiere; Frameline Film Festival; San Diego Film Festival; Woods Hole Film Festival; Festivals On-Going; Featured Speaker at National Council of La Raza; Featured Speaker/Film Screening at White House Hispanic Heritage Day
Sarasota Film Festival; Vancouver International Film Festival
Screening by U.S. National Park Service for 150th anniversary of the Civil War
Official Selection - Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival, Reelworld Film Festival Toronto, San Diego Film Fest and others
Opened at Tribeca Film Festival
College: N/A
Rumble: N/A
Devil: N/A
Tango: N/A

Voices: N/A
Rebel: Yes - LPB, ITVS
Woman: Yes - NEH funded
Secret: N/A
Cleats: N/A
Chevolution: N/A
College: N/A
Rumble: N/A
Devil: N/A
Tango: N/A
Latina and AsianYes
Linda Corley2005linda@lclproductions.comlclproductions.comIndependentDeerfield Beach, Florida2013 West Encounters East
2009 Vizcaya
2008 Art 360
2005 - 2007 New Florida
West: 60;00
Vizcaya: 60;00
Art: 30;00
New: 30;00 (series)
West: APT
Vizcaya: APT
Art: Aired on WPBT
New: Aired on Florida PTV
West: N/A
Vizcaya: Suncoast Emmy - Nominated; Silvery Telly
Art: Suncoast Emmy
New: Suncoast Emmy - Three Wins; Two Tellys
West: No
Vizcaya: WPBT
Christy George2005xtygeorge@gmail.comStation: OPB-TVPortland, Oregon2010 - 2012 History Detectives
2011 Oregon Field Guide Special - Columbia Gorge: The Fight for Paradise
2009 The Denmark Project
2008 Oregon Territory: Celilo Falls
2007 Oregon Territory: Tidepooling with Jane Lubchenco
2007 Forecast Cloudy
2006 Oregon Soldiers in Iraq
2005 Volunteer Town
History: 12 - 18 min. segments
Columbia: 60;00
Denmark: 3, 30;00 radio programs
Celilo: 30;00 radio special
Tidepooling: 30;00 radio special
Forecast: 60;00
Soldiers: 60;00
Volunteer: 60;00
History: PBS
Columbia: OPB-TV (statewide)
Denmark: OPB Radio
Celilo: OPB Radio
Tidepooling: OPB Radio
Forecast: OPB-TV
Soldiers: OPB-TV
Volunteer: OPB-TV
History: N/A
Columbia: N/A
Denmark: Society of Professional Journalists, Pacific NW - First Place Excellence in Journalism
Celilo: Edward R. Murrow Award - Best Radio Program
Tidepooling: Gracie Allen Award - Outstanding Public Affairs Program
Forecast: N/A
Soldiers: Oregon Associated Press - Best TV Special
Volunteer: Pacific Northwest Emmy - Nominated
History: Yes
Columbia: Yes
Denmark: Yes
Celilo: Yes
Tidepooling: Yes
Forecast: Yes
Soldiers: Yes
Volunteer: Yes
Daniel Logan2005danlogan3@gmail.comFormerly WNET
Current: CNN
Brooklyn, New York2010 Forum at New York Times on Daniel Ellsberg
2005 - 2009 "Now on PBS"
Forum: 60;00
Now: 20;00 doc. segments and interviews
Columbia: Forum: N/A
Now: Emmy Award; Overseas Press Club Award/Citation
Forum: Yes - POV
Now: Yes - PBS
Evan Coyne
Twitter: @BrainTerminal
IndependentLong Island City, New York2008/2009 Indoctrinate UIndoctrinate: 87;00Celilo: Indoctrinate: Anthem Film Festival; Liberty Film Festival; AFR Film Festival - Best DocumentaryIndoctrinate: NoYes
Anna Rau2005anna.rau@umontana.edumontanapbs.orgStation: KUFMMissoula, Montana2012 Billing Montanans: Two Family Tax Stories
2011 Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis
2010 Power Brokers
2008 Dark Energy: The Clean Coal Controversy
2006 Who's Watching the Kids?
Billing: 26;46
Clearing: 56;46
Power: 56;46
Dark: 56;46
Who's: 56;46
Forecast: Billing:
Northwest Regional Emmy - Writing
Regional Emmy Nominations - 2, Showing in New Zealand - Canna Film Fest 2012 (without permission)
Power: None
Dark: None
CINE Golden Eagle - Investigative Division, U.S. Selection for INPUT, Lugano 2007 (was not selected by the international judges)
Billing: Greater Montana Foundation
Clearing: No
Power: No
Dark: No
Who's: No
Yelena Rivera Juan, Puerto Rico2013 Cine Roosevelt: Un Cine de Barno en la Ciudad de hoy
2011 Millito Navarro en Nuestra Memoria
2011 MAPR: 10 Años Viviendo el Arte
2009 2da Trienal Poligrafica de San Juan y del Caribe
2007 Escula de Medicina de Puerto Rico: La Historia
Cine: 30:00
Millito: 50:00
MAPR: 58:00
2da: 58:00
Escula: 58:00
Soldiers: Cine: No
Millito: Yes - WIPR (work for hire project)
MAPR: Yes - WIPR (work for hire)
2da: Yes - WIPR
Escula: Yes - WIPR (work for hire)
Bob Wilkinson2005astraydogfilm@gmail.comIndependentRipley, West Virginia2009 Shades of Gray
2006 Ham'Sted
2005 John Browns Body
Shades: 60;00
Ham'Sted: 30;00
Body: 30;00
Shades: WVPBS
Ham'Sted: WVPBS
Shades: WV Filmmakers Festival - Best Documentary
Ham'Sted: N/A
Body: N/A
Shades: No
Ham'Sted: Yes - WVPBS
Body: Yes -WVPBS
Twitter: @pam2eets
IndependentNew York, New York
Los Angeles, California
2013 (Fall) The Graduates
2010 The Longoria Affair
2009 Latin Music USA
2004 Beyond Brown: Pursuing the Promise
Graduates: 2 hour series
Longoria: 60;00
Latin: 4 hr series
Beyond: 60;00
Graduates: PBS
Longoria: PBS
Latin: PBS
Beyond: PBS
Graduates: N/A
Longoria: N/A
Latin: N/A
Beyond: N/A
Graduates: CPB
Longoria: PBS
Latin: WGBH, LPB
Beyond: PBS
Barbara WTTW-TVChicago, Illinois2012 Colorblind: Rethinking Race
2010 DuSable to Obama: Chicago's Black Metropolis
2008 Morning Due
Colorblind: 82;00
Metropolis: 88;00
Morning: 16;00
Colorblind: PBS
Metropolis: PBS
Morning: N/A
Colorblind: N/A
2 Regional Emmy Awards; International Black Film Festival of Nashville - Best Documentary; Society of Professional Journalist - Peter Lisagor Award; Pan-African film Festival of Ouagadougou - FESPACO Diaspora Film Competition; Zanzibar International Film Festival - Documentary Competition
Cannes Film Festival Short Corner; Chicago International Film Festival; Langston Hughes Film Festival - Jury Prize Best Film
Colorblind: N/A
Metropolis: N/A
Morning: N/A
African AmericanYes
Alejandro SCETVColumbia, South Carolina2007 Nuestro FuturoNuestro: 56;46Nuestro: Aired locallyNuestro: N/ANuestro: NoHispanicYes
Francisco Bello2006francisco@rv-films.comwww.rv-films.comIndependentJackson Heights, Queens, New York2013 Best Kept Secret
2013 Code of the West
Best: 35;00
Code: 75;00
Code: PBS - "America Reformed"
Best: IFF Boston - Audience Award
Code: See, "
Best: POV
Code: N/A
IndependentMilwaukee, WisconsinWhiteYes
Yoni Brook2006yo@yonibrook.comyonibrook.comN/ANew York, New York
Los Angeles, California
2010 The Calling
2009 Bronx
2008 A Son's Sacrifice
Calling: 4;00;00
Bronx: 38;00
Sacrifice: 26;40
Calling: PBS Independent Lens
Bronx: PBS POV
Sacrifice: PBS Independent Lens
Bronx: Berlinale Film Festival
Sacrifice: IDA - Best Documentary Short; Tribeca Film Festival - Best Documentary Short

Calling: Yes - ITVS
Bronx: Yes - ITVS
Sacrifice: Yes - ITVS
Purcell Carson2006purcell@pobox.comwww.exhibitalfilms.comN/APrinceton, New Jersey
New York, New York
2008 Note by Note
2003 Double Dare
Note: 87;00
Double: 84;00 (he thinks)
Note: N/A
Double: Independent Lens
International Documentary Festival Amsterdam; Silverdocs; Sarasota Film Festival - Best Documentary; Theatrical Release, Argo Pictures 70+ cities
AFI Festival/San Francisco International Film Festival/Boston Independent/Sonoma - Audience Awards, Best Documentary; Boston Independent - Jury Awards, Best Documentary; Woodstock - Woodstock, Best Documentary Editing; SXSW/Toronto International Film Festival - Official Selection
Note: N/A
Double: N/A
N/AOakland, California2013 Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines
2009 Going On 13
Wonder: 54;00
Going: 54;00
Wonder: PBS
Going: APT
Wonder: SXSW; Doc NYC; Seattle International Film Festival - Audience Award; Indianapolis Film Fest; Bend Film Festival - Best Documentary
Going: Tribeca International Film Festival; Silverdocs - Best Doc; La Femme Film Fest; Broad Huron Film Festival - Best Feature
Wonder: No
Going: Yes - ITVS
Mix: White/LatinaYes
Keely Walker Muse
IndependentAtlanta, Georgia2008-2009 Georgia Traveler
2008 Sites to Behold: History of Georgia State Parks
2005 Georgia's Civil War
2004 The Fabulous Fox
2000-2009 Georgia Outdoors: Season 10-17
Traveler: 20 episodes, 30;00 ea.
Sites: 60;00
Civil: 4 episodes, 60;00 ea.
Fox: 90;00
Outdoors: 130 episodes, 30;00 ea.
For All: GPBTraveler: Many Southeastern Emmys, Tellys
Sites: Georgia History Award
Civil: N/A
Fox: Southeastern Emmys
Outdoors: Many Southeastern Emmys, Tellys
Traveler: Yes
Sites: Yes - GPB
Civil: Yes - GPB
Fox: Yes - GPB
Outdoors: Yes - GPB
Caucasian/Pacific IslanderYes
Danielle Angeles, CaliforniaCaucasianYes
Hana Siddiqi2006kohana@gmail.comIndependentNewark, California2009 New Muslim CoolMuslim: FeatureMuslim: PBS.orgMuslim:
POV on PBS - Opening night selection; Al Jazeera International Film Festival - Freedom Award; San Francisco International Film Festival - Documentary Competition; Rooftop Film Festival - Official Selection; Lincoln Center Independents Night, co-sponsored by Human Rights Watch Film Festival - Official Selection
Muslim: Yes - LPB, Ford Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, Nathan Cummings Foundation, Sundance Documentary Fund, CAAM, LEF Foundation, Anthony Radziwill Fund/Independent Feature Project, Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation, Hartley Film Foundation, Paul Robeson Fund, Nu Lambda TrustSouth Asian/Middle EasternYes
IndependentSan Antonio, TexasTBD Raul Salinas and the Poetry of Liberation
2010 As Long as I Remember: American Veteranos
2009 My Source PSA's for KLRN and Latino Public Broadcasting
Raul: N/A
Veteranos: 56;40
PSA's: 00;30
Raul: N/A
Veteranos: APT
Raul: N/A
Veteranos: Cinefestival; San Diego Latino Film Festival; Ozark Foothills Festival
PSA's: N/A
Raul: Yes - ITVS Diversity Development Fund
Veteranos: Yes - LPB
PSA's: Yes - LPB
Daniel Pierce Bergin2007dbergin@tpt.orgStation: Twin Cities Public TelevisionMinneapolis, Minnesota2012 Slavery by Another Name
2009 Parks for the People
2008 Close the Gap
2006 Cass Gilbert: Standing the Test of Time
2004 North Star: Minnesota's Black Pioneers
Slavery: 80;00
Parks: 56;40
Close: 5 episodes
Cass: 26;40
North: 2 hrs
Slavery: PBS
Parks: TPT
Close: TPT
Cass: TPT
North: TPT
United Nations Festival; Regional Emmy
Parks: N/A
Close: N/A
Regional Emmy
Regional Emmy
Slavery: Yes - CPB
Parks: N/A
Close: N/A
Cass: N/A
North: N/A
African AmericanNo
Luis Carrion 2007lcarrion@azpm.orgazpm.orgStation: AZ Public MediaTucson, Arizona2007 - 2013 Arizona Illustrated (News and Public Affairs Magazine)Arizona: Weekday, 30;00Hispanic/ LatinoNo
Bruce Barrow2007bbarrow@opb.orgSenior Editor Station: OPBPortland, Oregon2014 Time Team America, Season 2
2010 History Detectives, Modoc Basket
2009 Time Team America Season 1 Range Creek; New Philadelphia
2009 History Detectives, Coronado's Gold
Time: series, 60;00 ea.
Modoc: 15;00
Range: 60;00
New: 60;00
Coronado: 15;00
Time: PBS
Modoc: PBS
Range: PBS
New: PBS
Coronado: PBS
Time: N/A
Modoc: N/A
Range: N/A
New: N/A
Coronado: N/A
Time: No
Modoc: Yes - PBS
Range: Yes - PBS
New: Yes - PBS
Coronado: Yes - PBS
Becca, New York2009/2010 Garbage Dreams
2006 Beyond the Steps
2005 Twelve Disciples of Nelson Mandela
2004 Chisholm '72: Unbought & Unbossed
Garbage: 60;00 PBS, 90;00 theatrical
Beyond: 60;00
Twelve: 75;00
Chisholm: 75;00
Garbage: PBS/Independent Lens
Beyond: PBS/Great Performances
Twelve: PBS/POV
Chisholm: PBS/POV
Garbage: Premiered SXSQ; Shortlisted Academy Award Feature Documentary
Beyond: Premiered Urbanworld/Vibe
Twelve: Premiered Toronto International Film Festival
Chisholm: Premiered Sundance; Peabody Award
Garbage: No
Beyond: Yes - NBPC, WNET
Twelve: Yes - ITVS, NBPC
Chisholm: Yes - ITVS, NBPC
Jason, California2008 Jerusalem: Center of the WorldJerusalem: 1;20;00Jerusalem: PBSJerusalem: N/AJerusalem: N/AAsian CaucasianYes
Sabrina Schmidt
Twitter: @sabbygnyc
LinkedIn: Sabrina S. Gordon
IndependentNew York, New York2014 BaddDDD Sonia Sanchez
2014 The New Black
2010 Mrs. Goundo's Daughter
2010 The Haiti Project
2008 The Masculinity Project
2007 Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes
2006 Liberian Democracy: A Journey Back Home
2006 Rx for Equality: Race and Medicine
2001 Greater Boston Arts: The Amen Corner
2000 Greater Boston Arts: Rome and Jewels
Sonia: 60;00
Black: 60;00
Goundo: 60;00
Haiti: varied - new media/websites
Masculinity: varied - new media/ websites
Beyond: 60;00
Liberian: 30;00
Rx: 30;00
Amen: 30;00
Rome: 30;00
Sonia: TBD
Black: PBS
Goundo: APT
Haiti: NBPC
Masculinity: NBPC
Beyond: PBS
Liberian: NJN
Amen: WGBH
Rome: WGBH
Sonia: N/A
Black: AFI Docs
Goundo: Silverdocs; AFI Docs; Human Rights Watch International Film Festival
Haiti: N/A
Masculinity: N/A
Beyond: Sundance Film Festival Premiere
Liberian: N/A
Rx: N/A
Amen: N/A
Rome: Emmy
Sonia: Yes - NEA
Black: Yes - ITVS
Goundo: Yes - ITVS
Haiti: Yes - NBPC
Masculinity: Yes - NBPC
Beyond: Yes - ITVS, NBPC
Liberian: Yes - NJN, CPB
Rx: Yes - NJN, CPB
Amen: Yes - WGBH, CPB
Rome: Yes - WGBH, CPB
IndependentNew York, New York2012 Jesse Owens
2011 Freedom Riders
2008 Latin Music USA: The Chicano Wave
2005 Slavery and the Making of America: Seeds of Destruction
2003 The Murder of Emmett Till
Jesse: 60;00
Freedom: 2;00;00
Chicano: 60;00 of 4 part series
Seeds: 60;00 of 4 part series
Murder: 60;00
Jesse: PBS
Freedom: PBS
Chicano: PBS/WGBH
Murder: PBS
News & Doc Emmy - Nominated Outstanding Historical Programming Long Form, Outstanding Research, Outstanding Music & Sound; Honolulu Africa-American Film Festival - opening night film; IMPACT Media Awards - Nominee for Best Use of Archive in Historical Production
Emmy for Nonfiction Programming - Win Outstanding Picture Editing, Exceptional Merit, Outstanding Writing; Peabody Award; Christopher Award
Chicano: N/A
Seeds: News & Doc Emmy - Win for Outstanding Historical Programming, Long Form; Christopher Award
Murder: Sundance Film Festival - Special Jury Award; Emmy - Nomination for Best Direction Nonfiction; Peabody Award
Jesse: Yes
Freedom: Yes
Chicano: Yes
Seeds: Yes
Murder: Yes
African AmericanYes
Sandra Guardado2007sandra.guardado@gmail.comIndependentAustin, Texas2011 When I Rise (Editor)
2008 Writ Writer (Co-editor
When: 60;00
Writ: 60;00
When: PBS
Writ: PBS
SXSW, Hot Docs, Dallas International Film Festival
SXSW, CINE Festival
When: No
Writ: Yes - ITVS
Kristin ProducerLos Angeles, California2013 The Powerbroker: Whitney Young's Fight for Civil Rights (Assoc. Dir)
2011 Tales of the Waria (Post Superviosr)
2008 Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience (Co-Prod.)
2006 Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple (Assoc. Prod.)
2005 Sweet Honey in the Rock: Raise Your Voice (Assist. Prod.)2004 A p
2004 A Place of Our Own (Intern)
2003 The Murder of Emmett Till (Intern)
Powerbroker: 60:00
Tales: 60:00
Operation: 60:00
Jonestown: 60:00
Sweet: 90:00
Place: 60:00
Murder: 60:00
Powerbroker: Independent Lens
Tales: PBS World
Operation: CPB/WETA: America at a Crossroads
Jonestown: American Experience
Sweet: American Masters
Place: Independent Lens
Murder: American Experience
Powerbroker: N/A
2011 SF Int. Asian American Film Festival
2007 Academy Award Nomination; 2007 IDA Award Nomination; 2008 Emmy Award Winner
2006 Oscar Shortlist; 2006 Tribeca Film Festival - Outstanding Achievement in Documentary; 2006 IDA/ABCNews VideSource - Best Use of Archival Material
Sweet: N/A
2004 Sundance Film Festival
2003 Sundance Film Festival; 2003 Peabody Award; 2003 Emmy Award
Powerbroker: No
Tales: Yes - ITVS, Open Call, CAAM
Operation: Yes - CPB, ITVS
Jonestown: Yes - American Experience
Sweet: Yes - American Masters
Place: Yes - PBS
Murder: Yes - American Experience
N/ACaliforniaTBD Siqueiros: Walls of Passion
In Progress Ulises' Odyssey
Walls: 60;000
Odyssey: 67;00
Walls: N/A
Odyssey: N/A
Walls: N/A
Odyssey: N/A
Walls: N/A
Odyssey: N/A
Station: WNPT
Associate Producer
Nashville, Tennessee2010 - Next Door Neighbors: Storytellers (online)
2010-2013 NPT Reports Children's Health Crisis (series)
2007-2012 Next Door Neighbors (series)
2005 Living On: Tennesseans Remembering the Holocaust
Next (online): varying user generated content, supporting local immigrant voices
NPT: 4 episodes, 30:00 each
Next (series): 6 episodes, 30:00 each
Living: 58:38
Operation: 60:00Next (online):
2012 NETA Award for Best Nontraditional Community Engagement
Midsouth Regional Emmy for Community Service; Infant Mortality received Midsouth Regional Emmy for Public Affairs
Next (series):
Little Kurdistan & Somali received Midsouth Regional Emmy for Historical/Cultural Program; 2009 My Source Community Impact Award for Engagement
Midsouth Regional Emmy - Topical Documentary
Next (online): CPB Digital grant
Next (series): Yes - CPB
Living: No
IndependentMinneapolis, MinnesotaTBD Eating up Easter: Sustainability in the South Pacific
2011 The Mystery of Easter Island
2005 Ka Haka Rongo (To Listen)
Sustainability: 58;46
Mystery: 58;46
Ka Haka: 2;22
Sustainability: TBD - in production
Mystery: PBS/NOVA - NatGeo
Ka Haka: PBS
Sustainability: N/A
Mystery: N/A
Ka Haka: Selection NMAI Film + TV Fest
Sustainability: PIC & ITVS
Mystery: NOVA, NatGeo, Pacific Islanders in Communications
Ka Haka: Pacific Islanders in Communications
Easter Islander (Pacific Islander)Yes
Minette Seate2007mseate@wqed.orgStation: WQED PittsburghPittsburgh, Pennsylvania2010-present Filmmakers Corner
2012 Portrayal & Perception: African American Men & Boys - Pitch Perfect and Teaching Success
2007 In Country: A Vietnam Story
Filmmakers: weekly series, 56;00 ea.
Pitch: 27;00
Teaching: 27;00
Vietnam: 60;00
Filmmakers: Locally on WQED
Pitch: Locally on WQED,
Teaching: Locally on WQED,
Vietnam: Locally on WQED, APT
Filmmakers: N/A
Pitch: Emmy Winner
Teaching: Mid-Atlantic Emmy Nomination
Vietnam: N/A
Filmmakers: N?A
Pitch: N/A
Teaching: N/A
Vietnam: N/A
African AmericanNo
Alex Bay, WisconsinWisconsin PTVYes
S. Leo Chiang2008leo@walking-iris.comwalking-iris.comIndependentSan Francisco, California2013 Mr. Cao Goes to Washington
2009 A Village Called Versailles
2006 To You Sweetheart, Aloha
2001 One + One
Mr. Cao: 72;00
Village: 54;00
Aloha: 57;00
One: 27;00
Mr. Cao: PBS
Village: PBS, Independent Lens, PBS Frontline/WORLD
Aloha: PBS
One: N/A
Mr. Cao:
Full Frame Documentary Film Festival - Inspiration Award, DC APA Film Festival - Best Documentary, New Orleans Film Festival - Audience Award, Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival - Best Documentary
National Emmy Nomination, PBS National Broadcast, Independent Lens 2010, LA Asian Pacific Film Festival - Audience & Call to Action Awards, San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival - Audience Award, Council on Foundations Film & Video Fest - Henry Hampton Award, Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival - Best Documentary, Crossroads Film Festival - Best Documentary, New Orleans Film Festival - Audience Award
ASA-NCOA Join Conference Media Festival, LA Asian Pacific Film Festival - Audience Award, Silver Images Film & Video Festival - Special Recognition Award (Documentary)
CINE Golden Eagle
Mr. Cao: Yes - CAAM, CPB
Village: Yes - ITVS, CAAM, CPB
Aloha: Yes - CAAM, CPB
One: No
Asian AmericanYes
Sean Hutchinson2008sepahu@gmail.comIndependentPortland, Oregon2010 For the Generations: Native Story & PerformanceGenerations: 60;00Generations: NETAGenerations:
Niagra Film Fest, Visionmaker Video via NAPT
Yes - RACC Grant, Spirit Mountain Community FundYes
Charles (Boots) OETAOklahoma City, Oklahoma2013 Urban Rez
2012 Power to the People
2012 March to the Stadium
2010 Science of Composing
2009 TV Pioneers
Urban: 60;00
Power: 30;00
March: 30;00
Science: 30;00
Pioneers: 60;00
Urban: NAPT, Rocky Mountain PBS
Power: PBS, OETA
March: PBS, OETA
Science: OETA, NETA
Pioneers: OETA, PBS
Urban: Heartland Emmy Award
Power: Heartland Emmy Award
March: Heartland Emmy Award
Science: Heartland Emmy Award
Pioneers: NETA Best Series
Urban: Yes - NAPT
Power: Yes - OHA, OETA
March: Yes - OHA, OETA
Science: Yes - OHA, OETA
Pioneers: Yes - OHA, OETA
Native AmericanYes
Station: KRCB
San Francisco's North Bay, California2004 - Present Natural HeroesNatural: Series, 13 ep/seasonMarch: Natural: 6 Regional Emmy Awards; Telly Awards; Insight AwardNatural: NoYes
Loren Mendell2008lorenmendell@me.comwww.lorenmendell.comIndependentCulver City, California2008 Adjust Your Color: The Truth of Petey Greene
2009 Frontline/WORLD California: The Immigration Dilemma
2008 Frontline/WORLD Mexico: The Business of Saving Trees
2007 Frontline/WORLD Philippines: The Black Stain of Oil
2003 Cockfight
Adjust: 60;00
California: 12;00
Mexico: 10;00
Philippines: 12;00
Cockfight: 45;00
Adjust: Independent Lens
Cockfight: PBS station KTEH
Independent Lens - Audience Award; Slamdance Film Festival; Afro-Punk Festival (BAM); Urban Film Series
California: N/A
Mexico: N/A
Philippines: N/A
Cockfight: IDA Award - Nominated
Adjust: Yes - small amount to get final film to correct TRT for PBS air
California: Yes
Mexico: Yes
Philippine: Yes
Cockfight: No
Twitter: @TilapiaFilm
IndependentSan Francisco, CaliforniaTBD Rodents of Unusual Size
2012 Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone
2006 Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea
Rodents: 52;40
Sunshine: 83;40
Salton: 54;30, 73;00 broadcast
Rodents: TBA
Sunshine: APT, PBS WORLD, AfroPop!, KQED-Truly, CA
Salton: Sundance Channel, Documentary Channel, PBS - America Reframed, KQED-Truly CA and other regional PBS stations
Rodents: N/A
Sunshine: Los Angeles Film Festival; SXSW; 100+ other film festivals worldwide; Nominated - Golden Tomato Award; One of top reviewed documentaries of 2011 -2012
Salton: Slamdance; True/False; 250+ film festivals worldwide; winner of 37 Best Documentary Awards
Rodents: TBA
Sunshine: No
Salton: No
Jennifer Rooks2008jrooks@mpbn.netStation: Maine Public Broadcasting NetworkCape Elizabeth, MaineFall 2013 A Matter of Duty
2010 Winds of Change
2009 Broken Trust: Elder Abuse in Maine
2007 - 2013 Maine Watch with Jennifer Rooks
Duty: 60;00
Winds: 3 episodes, 30;00 ea.
Trust: 30;00
Watch: weekly 30;00 ea.
Winds: MPBN/PBS Cove
Trust: MPBN/multiple social service organizers
Watch: MPBN
Duty: N/A
Winds: N/A
Trust: N/A
Watch: N/A
Duty: N/A
Winds: N/A
Trust: N/A
Watch: N/A
Station: KUSM-TV/MontanaPBSBozeman, Montana2005-2013 11th & Grant with Eric Funk (series)
2013 Fort Peck Dam
2004-2012 Montana Focus with Gene Brodeur (series)
2011 Without Words
11th & Grant: 56:46/episode
Fort Peck: 56:46:00
Montana Focus: 26:46
Without: 56:45
11th & Grant: MontanaPBS
Fort Peck: PBS Plus
Montana Focus: MontanaPBS
Without: MontanaPBS
11th & Grant:
NW Regional Emmy Awards - 2012 Arts/Entertainment/ Program/Special; 2012 Best Director (Live or Live on Tape); 2009 Best Audio; 2005 Best Graphic Artist. Montana Broadcasters E.B. Craney Award - 2007 Non Commercial Program of the Year
Montana Focus: Montana Broadcasters E.B. Craney Awards - 2005, 2006, 2012 Non Commercial Program of the Year
Montana Broadcasters E.B. Craney Award: 2012 Non Commercial Program of the Year
11th & Grant: Yes - In-Kind and monetary support from KUSM-TV
Fort Peck: No
Montana Focus: Yes - In-Kind and monetary support from KUSM-TV and MontanaPBS
Without: No
Facebook: Who Is Albizu page
Independent ProducerLos Angeles, CaliforniaN/AN/AN/AN/AN/ALatinoYes
Independent ProducerBrooklyn, New York2013 HomegoingsHomegoings: 60:00Homegoing: POVHomegoing:
Documentary Fornight at Musuem of Modern Art; Full Frame Documentary Festival; Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary, American Black Film Festival
Homegoing: Yes - ITVS, POVAfrican-American, Asian-American Yes
Rebecca Richmond
Racing Horse Productions - IndependentSomerville, MATBD 2013 or 2014 Code of the WestCode: 76;00Code: America ReFramedCode:
SXSW; DocNYC; Camden International Film Festival; Traverse City; Independent Film Festival Boston
Code: NoYes
Facebook: Changing Seas
YouTube: ChangingSeasTV
Station: WPBT2Plantation, Florida2009 Changing Seas (Series in 4th season)Series, ea. 26;42, four ep. ea. yearSeries currently also airs in 90% of all PBS markets and 34 countries, distributed by APT/APT WorldwideNational Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering and Institute of Medicine - Communication Awards (for Sentinels of the Seas" episode); Regional Emmy Awards - Nominated Health/Science/Environment for "Tracking Tigers," Won for "Alien Invaders," Won for "Sentinels of the Seas"; Miami Today - Gold Medal Award for "Sentinels of the Seas"No - Batchelor Foundations and Divers DirectYes
Fmr Station: Univ. of Alabama TV
Current: Independent
Tuscaloosa, Alabama2013 Eating Alabama
2012 Durrs of Montgomery
Eating: 56;46
Durrs: 58;57
Eating: PBS Plus
Durrs: APT
SXSW Premiere; Full Frame; Napa Valley; San Francisco DocFest; over 40 others throughout the country; Indie Grits Film Festival - Grand Jury Prize; Sidewalk Film Festival - Best Alabama Film
Regional Emmy - Best Historical Documentary, Best Editing, Best Sound Mix
Eating: ITVS
Durrs: N/A
IndependentSan Francisco, CaliforniaIn-post production The Girls in the Forest
2014 A Fragile Trust: Plagiarism, Power and Jayson Blair at the New York Times
2008 Now Leaving Colorado City: Life After Polygamy
2008 Ecuador, Flower Power
2007 India, A Pound of Flesh
Girls: N/A
Fragile: 77;00
Colorado: 23;00
Ecuador: 14;00
India: 11;00
Durrs: Girls: N/A
Just started - World Premiere at Sheffield Doc Fest
Green Festival; Documentary Festival
India: N/A
Girls: N/A
Fragile: Yes - ITVS Open Call
Colorado: No
Ecuador: Yes - Frontline
India: Yes - Frontline
IndependentReston, Virginia2013 The Lost DreamLost: 55;00Lost: PBS.orgLost: N/ALost: Yes - ITVS, CPBArab-AmericanYes
IndependentLos Angeles, California2014 Now En Espanol
2008 Hard Road Home
Now: 56;40
Hard: 56;40
Now: Voces
Hard: PBS, Independent Lens
Now: N/A
SXSW; SilverDocs; Virginia Film Festival; NY International Latino Film Festival; Rooftop
J. Carlos Peinado2009sfpeinado@yahoo.comIndependentMount Pleasant, Utah2008 WaterbusterWaterbuster: 56;00Waterbuster: NAPT, APTWaterbuster:
Native Cinema Showcase, NMAI/Smithsonian; Heard Museum Film Festival; Vermont International Film Festival; New Hampshire Film Expo; American Indian Film Festival - nominee Best Feature Length Documentary; NMAI Film and Video Festival; Winnipeg Aboriginal Film and Video Festival - nominee Best Feature Length Documentary; Fargo Film Festival - Feature Length Documentary; 30th Annual International Film Festival at Amiens (France)
Waterbuster: Yes - NAPTNative AmericanNo
Yoruba Richen2009yorubarich@gmail.compromisedlandfilm.comIndependentNew York, New York2014 The New Black
2010 Promised Land
Black: 73;00
Promised: 52;00
Black: PBS
Promised: PBS
LA Film Festival; AFI Docs - Audience Best Doc.; Human Rights Watch Film Festival; Frameline LGBT Festival - Audience Best Doc., Jury Honorable Mention; Philly Q Fest - Audience Best Doc.
Full Frame Documentary Festival; Stranger Then Fiction; Fledgling Fund Award for Social Documentary
Black: Yes - ITVS
Promised: Yes - CPB Diversity
African AmericanYes
IndependentLos Angeles, California2010 Deep Down: A Story from the Heart of Coal CountryDeep: 57;00Deep: Independent LensDeep:
Emmy - nominated, Big Sky Film Festival Premiere
Deep: Yes - ITVSJewish, QueerYes
Bryan, fmrly of KVIESacramento, California2011 The Golden Game: The Minor Leagues
2010 First Year Teachers
2008 Someone's Somebody
Golden: 26;46
First: 26;46
Someone: 26;46
Golden: N/A
First: N/A
Someone: N/A
2011 NATAS - San Francisco/Nor. Cal Emmy (Sports Program)
NATAS-San Francisco/Nor. Call Emmy Nomination (Community Affairs Program); 2010 Telly Award
2008 NATAS-San Francisco/Nor. Cal Emmy Nomination (Public/Current/Community Affairs Program); 2008 Telly Award
Golden: No
First: No
Someone: No
Eric Slade2009eric@ericslade.comwww.ericslade.comIndependent
Works regularly with OPB
Portland, OregonTBD Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton
on/off - 2010 History Detectives
Big Joy: 83;00
History: 54;00
Big Joy: TBD
History: PBS
Big Joy:
SXSQ 2013; Tribeca Film Festival - Best Documentary; Florida Film Festival; Reel NW; Seattle Film Festival - Best Documentary; SF Gay & Lesbian Film Festival - Honorable Mention Best Documentary
History: N/A
Big Joy: No
History: Yes
Shukree H. York, New York2013 The March @ 50
2012 More than a Month
March: web series, 5 ep 7-10min ea.
Month: 60;00
Month: PBS
March: N/A
Month: N/A
March: N/A
Month: Yes - ITVS, NBPC, CPB