2017 MCDA Conference Schedule
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LocationSession Title or TopicSession Description Clinician, Title, InstitutionAccompanist
1 W am 8:30 - 4 pm
All Conference
CPH BallroomsGrade Level, Show Choir, Jazz State Honor Choirs in Rehearsal4/5/6, 7/8, 9/10, Show Choir, Vocal Jazz EnsembleMultipleMultiple
1 W am 8:30 - 5 pm
All Conference
CPH AtriumRegistration
Kathy Bhat, MCDA Membership Secretary
x1 W am 9 - 1 pmMSHSAACPH Kansas CityMSHSAA Adjudication Training
Sandy Cordes, MSHSAA Adjudication Trainer
CC1 W am 9ACADEMYCPH LincolnConnect, Grow, Succeed: Reaching Students In a Diverse Classroom, School, and CommunityGreat programs are built one interaction at a time, but our differences can make connecting with students a challenge. Diversity in today's classroom encompasses differences in ethnicity, cultural backgrounds, race, religion, gender, family income, sexual orientation, and more. This session will give new teachers easy to implement techniques, proven strategies, and a guiding philosophy on how to make meaningful connections in a diverse classroom, school and community.
Ryan Main, Youth Chorus of Kansas City
CC1 W am 10ACADEMYCPH LincolnFrom Student to Teacher: Thriving in the First Five YearsTips for beginning teachers from Nathan Cook and Morgan DeClue and their first five years of teaching.
Nathan Cook - Choir Director, Parkview HS, Springfield, MO.; Morgan DeClue - Choir Director, Bolivar HS, Bolivar, MO
NR1 W am 10
Interest Session
CPH St. LouisAssessment in the performance based classroomIn this session we will explore several options and methods of formal individual assessment that can complement your rehearsals and performances, and some hints on implementation to keep them from eating up too much rehearsal time.
Professor Pam Grooms, Lindenwood University
KB1 W am 11
Interest Session
CPH St. LouisTime Saving Tech: Technology tools to streamline your program’s assessment, management, and moreThis session will present systems and tech tools to help coordinate and streamline the non-rehearsal aspects of your music program. Tools include: G-Suite, Music Theory apps/sites, Sight-reading Factory, GoFormative, and more. The session will also include a look at the newly formed Liberty High School Choral Standard Benchmarks being implemented for the 2017/18 program year.
Baker L. Purdon, Assistant Director of Choirs, Liberty High School, Liberty MO
CC1 W am 11ACADEMYCPH LincolnUsing Technology - How To Become An Administrator's Best FriendIn this session, we will focus on different music technology resources that you can use to engage your students in your music classroom. We will also look at how we as music educators can use some other useful apps/websites that are used by teachers of all content areas.
Blake Richter, Music Teacher, Inman Intermediate School, Nixa, MO
BP1 W pm 12HeadlinerCPH CarnegiesSong Writing 101: Everyone Can Do it!This session is information for anyone wanting to compose or arrange music for their choirs or to publish.
Rosana Eckert, Senior lecturer of Jazz Voice, University of North Texas, Denton TX
1 W pm 12-1:50 pm
Academy Lunch
CPH LincolnChandler Cooper, Pam GroomsN/A
JM1 W pm 12:15
Student Conductors
CPH SpringfieldPractice for select student conductorsJason Huneycutt
GS1 W pm 1
Interest Session
CPH St. LouisArranging SpiritualsThe clinician has many arrangements of spirituals in print. Highly acclaimed for his expertise in bringing new vitality and excitement to these beloved pieces, they have reached a wide range of choirs both internationally and in the U.S. Clinician will discuss how to choose a good arrangement of a spiritual and his process of doing arrangements himself.
Mr. Stacey V. Gibbs, composer and arranger, Detroit, Michigan
Jonathan Owen
CC1 W pm 2ACADEMYCPH LincolnPractical ProgrammingPractical strategies for programming at all levels. Join 3 master teachers as they share tips and tricks to make your concert season a success.
Amy Krinke, Director of Choirs, Lee's Summit West High School; Heidi Williamson, Nixa Middle School, Stephen Rew, Raymore-Peculiar School District
Jason Huneycutt
AW1 W pm 2
Interest Session
CPH St. LouisMusic AppreciationThis session will cover how to create a semester curriculum for a generic (non-singing) music appreciation without purchasing a textbook. This is relevant for grades 6-12, and can be altered to fit any grade level by changing assignments to be age group appropriate. Will give examples of a curriculum for American Music beginning at the Revolutionary War all the way to current times, including resource books and websites to use.
Danaya Roller, Vocal Director, South Valley Middle School- Liberty Missouri
JM1 W pm 3
Reading Booklet 5
CPH LincolnMCDA Booklet 5: Tried & True Music for Developing and Intermediate VoicesMultipleShea Twenter
1 W pm 5:30 - 7:30
CPH BallroomsMissouri Youth Honor ChoirsMultipleMultiple
WG1 W pm 8:30NetworkingCPH AtriumMCDA Welcome MixerWilliam T Grega, MCDA PresidentN/A
2 T am 7:15 - 5 pm
All Conference
CPH AtriumRegistration
Kathy Bhat, MCDA Membership Secretary
x2 T am 7-8 am
MP Breakfast
CPH Missouri
Beth Files2 T am 8HeadlinerCPH CapitolBuilding Choral Tone and Technique in the Warm-UpThis interactive session will explore the unique technical and aesthetic challenges of singing in a choral setting and offer a sequence of exercises and techniques to help our singers – both amateur and trained – contribute beautifully within the ensemble. Exercises for focus, breath activation, onset, ring & resonance will be offered, as well as an examination of choral tessitura, the vowel triangle, and basics of diction that can help cultivate vibrant, well supported singing.
Dr. Daniel Bara, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia
Stephen Rew2 T am 8 HeadlinerCPH JeffersonChords and Conversation: The Music of Andrea RamseyThis session would be part-reading session, part story-telling. We will sing Andrea’s music and she will share personal insight behind her works and stories and meaning about their structure. Repertoire will be considered through a reverse-lens, viewing through the eyes of the composer. The packet would include 8 selections and provide ample time for discussion of pedagogical considerations in repertoire as well as any questions attendees may have. Target audience: elementary through college teachers
Andrea Ramsey, Associate Director of Choral Studies, University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO
Christy Shinn
Brian Parrish2 T am 9
Interest Session
CPH CapitolVocal Jazz "Secrets"Vocal Jazz "Secrets" is intended to give all educators of vocal jazz from novice to experienced, quick and simple ways that can improve you and your ensemble's knowledge, technique, style, and performance of this wonderful American art form. With over three decades teaching vocal jazz, David will give advice you can use right away in achieving vocal jazz tone and style, choosing the right music for your group, and many ways to give your group success with vocal jazz.
David Cannon, Director of Choirs, Kirkwood High School, Kirkwood MO
Heather Hamilton2 T am 9
Interest Session
CPH JeffersonSuperb Solutions for Smaller Choirs and Training ChoirsJoin Lightfoot in this exciting reading session and explore creative choral pieces from Sing! in a variety of styles and voicings for smaller to medium-sized choirs and training choirs. Participants will receive a complimentary music packet or booklet.
Mary Lynn Lightfoot, Founding Editor: Sing! educational choral line, Choristers Guild
Cheryl Nichols
Sherry Printz2 T am 9
Interest Session
CPH TrumanA Toast to Tosti!Tired of Sebben Crudele? Heard Vittoria mio core too many times? Is it time to put the 24 Italian war horses out to pasture? Then the art songs of Paolo Tosti are the tonic for your woes. This session will introduce you to the man and his music. Many of his art songs are accessible for high school students and a few are even easier than the 24 Italian Art Songs.
Ron Sayer, Music Arts Coordinator and Voice Instructor, State Fair Community College, Sedalia, Missouri
Thomas Yonke2 T am 10 amACADEMYCPH TrumanA Conversation with Andrea RamseyLearn from master composer and teacher Andrea Ramsey in this Q&A and discussion.
Andrea Ramsey, Associate Director of Choral Studies, University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO
Jerry Myers2 T am 10
Reading Booklet 3
CPH JeffersonMCDA Booklet 3: New Music for Progressing VoicesHigh School, 2-year college, Men's, Women's, MulticulturalShea Twenter
Kip Mathew2 T am 10 amHeadlinerCPH CapitolChoreography Focus SessionTBD
Ben Eklund - freelance choreographer - Lincoln, NE
Jordan Cox2 T am 10 - 1 pmEXHIBITSCPH AtriumExhibits are open in the AtriumJordan Cox, Exhibitor ChairN/A
Tony Maglione 2 T am 11HeadlinerCPH CapitolConducting Gesture: Turning the Basics into MusicOr, "Remembering the gestural basics I forgot to remember(!) and why the basics actually make musical sense!” This session will offer a rapid review of gestural basics and their musical underpinnings, while offering strategies for cultivating and expanding arsenal of a clear, beautiful, and musical gestures that support good singing (and playing.)Dr. Daniel Bara - University of GeorgiaN/A
Stephen Rew2 T am 11HeadlinerCPH TrumanImagination, Metaphor, and Play: Conductor’s Crash CourseThis session will explore the conductor’s use of imagination, metaphor, and play in rehearsal to elicit changes in sound and deeper contextual meaning for singers. While technical directives are certainly valuable, teachers may stir greater passion in singers, and create improved sounds through the employment of imaginative approaches. Providing our choirs with opportunities to be playful, contribute to the process, and engage their imaginations can further shape the connections they form with one another, create more enjoyable rehearsals, and inform more contextually integrated performances. In this session, attendees will function as the “ choir” and experience firsthand these rehearsal applications. A complimentary packet will be provided. Target audience: JH/MS and HS teachers
Andrea Ramsey, Associate Director of Choral Studies, University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO
Christy Shinn
x2 T pm 12 pmMP LunchCPH Missouri
Nathan Rudolph2 T pm 1
Interest Session
CPH CapitolCreating an LGBT-friendly rehearsal/classroom environmentA discussion of rehearsal and classroom management strategies to foster an LGBT-friendly rehearsal environment including gender identity and orientation vocabulary, Together we'll look at how our behavior as leaders and mentors impact student growth, development, and safety.
Robert Stumpf, Artistic Director, Gateway Men's Chorus of St. Louis
Christy Elsea2 T pm 1
Interest Session
CPH LincolnReading Session for Young Voices - WaltonDanny Gutierrez will lead a reading session of quality literature for young voices from beginning to advanced.
Susan LaBarr, Editor, Walton Music, Springfield
Cheryl Nichols
Willie Grega2 T pm 1
Interest Session
CPH TrumanFrom Paper to PowerfulIt is the fundamental experience of a director: You're given a piece of sheet music and a performance date (which is always too soon). Your job is to turn that ink on a page to transformative experience for an audience. This session will explore dynamic, practical, and time-efficient strategies for navigating your way through score study, the rehearsal process, and , ultimately, the curtain.
Jim Henry, Director of Choral Studies, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Jonathan Krinke2 T pm 2
Interest Session
CPH TrumanSight-Singing Superstars in Six MinutesThis interactive session will illustrate various tools, strategies, and methods for building independent and self-sufficent sight-singers in less than six minutes a day. (Grades 7-12)
Amy Krinke, Director of Choirs, Lee's Summit West High School, Jacob Lowry, Beth Files
Chandler Cooper2 T pm 2
Interest Session
CPH CapitolMusicals in the MiddleThis session could offer strategies for setting up a successful music theater program at the middle school level. Topics discussed could include: musicals appropriate for intermediate levels, how to structure auditions and casting, organizational tools, innovative costuming ideas, accompaniment short cuts, using technology as a rehearsal tool and a question and answer session. Information packets and musical examples will be shared.
Shea L. Twenter (Director of Vocal Music, Ray-Pec East Middle School) and Pam Schnake (Director of Theatre Studies, Ray-Pec East Middle School)
Mark Lawley2 T pm 2
Reading Booklet 4
CPH LincolnMCDA Booklet 4: New Music for Advanced VoicesLarge High School, College/University, Men's, Women's, MulticulturalMultipleTim Hercules
2 T pm 2 - 4:30 pm
EXHIBITSCPH AtriumExhibits are open in the AtriumJordan Cox, Exhibitor ChairN/A
Willie Grega2 T pm 3
Interest Session
CPH LincolnPreparing Your Students for a Collegiate Music AuditionCameron LaBarr and Jerry Myers will moderate a panel discussion in which they and other collegiate directors will discuss the best ways to prepare high school students for their collegiate music audition.
Dr. Cameron LaBarr, Assistant Professor of Music, Missouri State University and Dr. Jerry Myers, Professor of Music, St. Louis Community College at Meramec
Kip Mathew2 T pm 3 pmHeadlinerCPH TrumanMaking Your Minutes CountEvery day teachers walk into rehearsal with a finite number of minutes to get everything accomplished. How we as teachers manage that time is of utmost importance as we get past the paperwork responsibilities, past the notes and rhythms, and really get to the heart of the music. This session explores proven strategies that make every minute of every rehearsal give 110 percent.
Dr. Andrew Last - Director of Choral Activities - Luther College
Vicky Scott2 T pm 3 pm
Interest Session
CPH CapitolYour Elementary Choral Toolkit: Technique, Technology, and Transformation!Discover exciting new techniques for developing vocal independence in your students through a combination of solid pedagogy and the integration of engaging technology. Who says you can’t teach an old song with new tricks? Participants will unpack a variety of folk songs, partner songs, canons and more as they learn to target the variety of skill levels in an elementary choir and walk away with a printed Octavo and sample access to adaptable rehearsal tools they can use in their classroom right away from the engaging and educational world of QuaverMusic.com.  Quaver Choral Resources equip Elementary Music Specialists to cover a vast breadth of musical concepts, vocal techniques, and transferable skills to take their singers into middle school and beyond!Dan Monaco, QuaverMusic.comN/A
Grega2 T pm 4 pm
All Conference
CPH TrumanState of Missouri - MCDA Updates
William T. Grega, MCDA President, Springfield
District Reps2 T pm 4:45 pm
All Conference
VariousDistrict Meetings (all membership) District RepresentativesN/A
Grega2 T pm 5-7:15 pm
Executive Board
CPH SpringfieldExecutive Board Meeting
William T. Grega, MCDA President, Springfield
2 T pm 6:30-10:30
EXHIBITSCPH AtriumExhibits are open in the AtriumJordan Cox, Exhibitor ChairN/A
x2 T pm 7:30 pm
CPH Jeff/MissAll State Vocal Jazz Ensemble & Show ChoirMultipleMultiple
Jordan Cox2 T pm 8:30 pmNetworkingCPH AtriumMoonlight Madness Exhibitor EventJordan Cox, Exhibitor ChairN/A
3 F am 7 am
MP Breakfast
CPH Missouri
Kathy Bhat
3 F am 7:30 - 5 pm
All Conference
CPH AtriumRegistration
Kathy Bhat, MCDA Membership Secretary
Jordan Cox
3 F am 7:30 - 12pm
EXHIBITSCPH AtriumJordan Cox, Exhibitor ChairN/A
Brian Parrish3 F am 8 am
Interest Session
CPH CapitolBeth Fritz Rehearses Vocal JazzBeth Fritz will rehearse a demonstration ensemble of your friends an colleagues!
Beth Fritz, Director of Choirs, Fort Zumwalt West High School, O' Fallon MO
Jennifer3 F am 8 am
Interest Session
CPH JeffersonMusicSpoke Reading Session for Younger VociesMusicSpoke Reading Session for Younger VociesAndrea Ramsey or TBAKurk Knecht
Beth Files3 F am 8 am
Interest Session
CPH TrumanStrategies, Tricks, and Tools for Eliciting Quality Tone From Young Treble VoicesDo you struggle to get your middle schoolers to sing with resonance and clarity? Three of Missouri's finest are hear to help. Tracy Baker, Jamie Hudson, and Chelsea Ayres will share their ideas for bettering the sound of young treble singers.
Tracy Baker, Pattonville School District, Jamie Hutson, Lindbergh School District, Chelsea Ayres, Mehlville School District
Kip Mathew3 F am 9 amHeadlinerCPH CapitolChoreography Focus SessionTBD
Ben Eklund - freelance choreographer - Lincoln, NE
Paula Martin3 F am 9 am
Interest Session
CPH TrumanChildren's Choirs RoundtableDiscussion of audition procedures (song choices, judging, do we audition or not? etc.) or repertoire choices for the 5/6 choir students(introducing the classics but also introducing new repertoire. Additional talking point: non-auditioned/auditioned choirs in rural schools.Kristin Chisham (moderator) N/A
Jerry Myers3 F am 9 am
Reading Booklet 7
CPH JeffersonMCDA Booklet 7: New Music for Church and Community ChoirsChurch Choirs and Community ChoirsMultipleCathy Boemler
Brian Parrish3 F am 10 amHeadlinerCPH JeffersonVocal Improvisation: Letting Rhythm Lead the WayRosana Eckert talks about how to improvise in a vocal jazz style
Rosana Eckert, Senior Lecturer, University of North Texas, Denton TX
Amy Krinke3 F am 10 am
Interest Session
CPH TrumanCreating a Culture, Building a ProgramThis session will guide teachers in self reflection and help them recognize how to use the strengths and weaknesses of their students, their program and themselves to create a culture that attracts, creates, and retains excellent singers and musicians.
Erin Buffum, Director of Choral Activities, Baldwin Junior High and High School, Baldwin City, KS
Cameron LaBarr3 F am 10 am
Interest Session
CPH CapitolMaking a Molehill Out of a Mountain: Selecting Repertoire for Cohesive ProgramsSo much music... So many sources... We’ll discuss a process for selecting and organizing
repertoire as well as give examples of programs demonstrating the results of the process.
Paul Crabb, Director of Choral Activities, University of Missouri-Columbia
Andy Waggoner3 F am 11 am
Interest Session
CPH TrumanLearning Music Through Handbells or ChimesThis session will address the benefits of beginning a handbell or handchime choir as part of your church or school activities. This session will cover aspects such as the pros of a handbell/chime ensemble, set-up, materials, getting started, how to ring, etc. This session will be interactive (we will ring) and no prior ringing experience is needed. This session will cover starting a handbell or chime ensemble in the classroom as well as in the church setting. Come ring!
Joshua Chism, Music Director, Richland First Baptist Church, Richland MO
Mark Cotter3 F am 11 am
Interest Session
CPH CapitolYour Voice for LifeWe all have been given a wonderful instrument. It's ours for life and will serve us well as we age if it is taken care of. Over time these instruments are exposed to change, abuse, chemicals and drugs that all take their toll on its once vibrant and free performance. Many of us work with adult singers who are in the same boat as ourselves. It is time that we address the future of our voices and explore what we can do to keep them functioning throughout our golden years.
Ron Sayer, Music Arts Coordinator and Voice Instructor, State Fair Community College, Sedalia, Missouri
Jerry Myers3 F am 11 am
Reading Booklet 2
CPH JeffersonBooklet 2: New Music for Intermediate VoicesMiddle, Small High School, Men, Women, MulticulturalMultipleJan Ward
Cameron LaBarr3 F am 11:15 am SPECIAL
124 E High St, Jefferson City, MO 65101
Collegiate LuncheonThe collegiate luncheon is open to all 2-year and 4-year college/university choral directors. NOTE: I'm working on getting this sponsored to be off-site similar to summer 2016.N/AN/A
3 F am 11:50 amMP LunchCPH Missouri
Organic Conversaation3 F pm 1-2:20 pmEd Camp
CPH Multiple Rooms
MCDA EdCampWe are excited to include the EdCamp model in our conference. Multiple - N/A
Andy Waggoner3 F pm 1:30 pm
Interest Session
CPH TrumanAnthems that WorkThe best of the best in church choral music. Andy Waggoner and Kevin McBeth will bring perusal copies of their tweny favorite anthems for a reading session-type interest session. They will also discuss worship planning ideas and resources.
Andy Waggoner, Concord Trinity - Worship Arts Director, St. Louis
Pam Grooms
Janice Bradshaw3 F pm 2-4 pm
District/State Coordinators
CPH SpringfieldDistrict and State Coordinators must attend this sessionBeth St. John, Janice BradshawN/A
Jerry Myers3 F pm 2:30 pm
Reading Booklet 6
CPH LincolnMCDA Booklet 6: Tried & True Music for Progressing and Advanced VoicesMultipleCathy Boemler
Beth Files3 F pm 2:30 pm
Interest Session
CPH TrumanDemystifying Sight Reading part 2.5Building on a session presented 2 years ago, adding new insight and practice ideas for sight reading in all levels of choral education
Patrick Dell, Hermann School District, Hermann, MO
Kevin McBeth3 F pm 3:30 pmHeadlinerCPH TrumanThings They Forgot to Teach or Were Afraid You Would Find OutMany of us received extraordinary educations but not much practical job training. Most of it dealt with conducting. Sometimes we are lucky if that is 10% of our time. This session will cover all the rest.
Dr. Tim Seelig, Artsitic Director of the San Fran Gay Men's Chorus, published author
Jerry Myers3 F pm 3:30 pm
Reading Booklet 1
CPH LincolnNew Music for Beginning VoicesMusic for Children, Middle, Men, Women, MulticulturalMultipleWarner Bailey
William T. Grega3 F pm 6:30 pm
All Conference
CPH Grand Ballroom
C/C Honor Choir & Conference Awards Banquet
William T. Grega; Kevin McBeth, Keynote
4 S am 7-8 am
MP Breakfast
CPH Atriumcontinental breakfast items - meal plan
Kip Mathew4 S am 8HeadlinerCPH MissouriBoys to Men: Navigating the Transitions of Our Male SingersWhether you are teaching at the middle school or collegiate level, transitions specific to our male singers occur. Not only will this session discuss the challenges of working with the changing male voice, but it will also lay out strategies to walk the male singers of our program through their life journeys from boys to men.
Dr. Andrew Last - Director of Choral Activities - Luther College
Beth Files4 S am 8
Interest Session
CPH CapitolThe Hawaiian Shirt Guys (We're Back)This session will be a followup to our successful session from a few years ago. We will be presenting active and engaging strategies to help any choir or general music class. You will be up and moving the entire time and you will leave with so much to use in your classroom.Stephen RewN/A
WTG4 S am 9
Interest Session
CPH CapitolLife-Changing RehearsalsDirectors often charge the chorus with the task of changing the lives of the people we sing for. This session is designed to help directors change the lives of the people they direct. Here's a new approach to weekly rehearsals that will inspire and revitalize your chorus, add power and purpose to your weekly rehearsals, strengthen the bond between members, give meaning to your music, make your singers want to come back every week (and bring their friends), and more effectively accomplish the primary goal to change the lives of the people we sing for.
Jim Henry, Director of Choral Studies, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Jerry Myers4 S am 9
Reading Booklet 8
CPH JeffersonMCDA Booklet 8: New Music for Show and Jazz ChoirsMultipleWarner Bailey
Andy Waggoner4 S am 10HeadlinerCPH MissouriThe Music Within
Discovering the Joy – Again.
One Man’s story – Everyone’s Journey.
As children, we all knew the joy of singing, dancing, painting, laughing – to the top of our lungs and outside the lines. Along the way, our joy and creativity were muted by those around us.
This session will help you rediscover the “creativity volume knob” and turn it way back up!
Dr. Timothy Seelig, Artistic Director of the SAN Fran Gay Men's Chorus, published author
Faith Morgan4 S am 10
Interest Session
CPH CapitolSmall Schools, Mighty Responsibilities!A panel discussion about the joys and frustrations of teaching K-12 music in small schools.
Kimberly Boothe Guilford, Vocal Music Teacher, Sturgeon R-5 School District will head up a panel of experienced K-12 Directors
x4 S am 11
Interest Session
CPH JeffersonHeartland Men's Chorus Performance and ClinicThe Heartland Men's Chorus will perform selections and have a clinic with Dr. Tim Seelig.
Dustin Cates, Artistic Director and Conductor of the Heartland Men's Chorus
x4 S pm 12 noon
End of Conference
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