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Resource NameDescriptionAgesPriceNotes
An awesome online program that assigns personalized lessons to your student based on their results and progress. It gives them a diagnostic assessment to see what they already know and what they need practice on, then assigns them lessons based on their own personal needs.

It is also a great way for parents to monitor their students' progress, with detailed reports

Click here for a 7 day free trial
They have multiple subjects, including science, language arts, social studies, and spanish

I made a YouTube video demonstrating IXL if you'd like to check it out to see what it's like
The Mindfull Mentor
In person and online homeschool math classes for grades 3-8. I teach math in a way that's laid back and fun, not scary and hard, to show students that math can be fun and easier than they think!

You can use code NEWSTUDENT10 for $10 off your first month of classes

I also offer in person and online math tutoring as well

Grades 3-8 for the classes

Up to AP Calculus for tutoring


Evan Moor
Evan Moor offers workbooks and homeschool curriculum in many different subjects. You can buy individual subjects or full homeschool bundles. They have resources available for reading comprehension, science, social studies, writing, language, STEM, spelling, math, art, social emotional learning, and more! They also have teacher guides for parents to use, and access to an online TeacherFileBox, which is all of their digital printables in one place.
$15.95 and up depending what you buy
Create Your Homeschool
Create Your Homeschool's shop has downloadable and printable resources for all ages and subjects. You can find templates, planning tools, worksheets, guides, and more. They also have a facebook group you can join for Homeschool Moms, and they offer a Homeschool Mama Academy where you have an on demand network of like-minded mom and access to exclusive content to help with homeschooling

PreK-12 and parents

$0-20 for most resources

$35/month for parents academy
Khan Academy
A website that offers free math courses that include video lessons, practice problems, quizzes, and tests
PreK-CalculusFREEThey offer videos on tons of different topics, not just math
Khan Academy Kids
Free educational app that teaches core subjects such as early literacy, reading, writing, language, and math, while encouraging creativity and building social emotional skills

Ages 2-8
The Sir Cumference Books
A set of story books that teach math concepts through fun stories. Join Sir Cumference, Lady Di of Ameter, and their son Radius for wordplay, puns, and problem solving in this geometry-packed math adventure. The Sir Cumference series makes math fun and accessible for everyone.
Ages 5-12$6.99+
An online platform that provides parents with educational curriculum and resources. It contains all core subjects in one place (math, language arts, science, social studies), and is customizable to your learner's needs. Its flexible model allows you to only buy what you need without needing to commit to a full curriculum. You can even combine subjects from multiple grades if you'd like. They have a mix of ebooks and self-paced digital lessons.

Grades K-8

$8-$400 depending on what resources you buy ($400 is for a full curriculum bundle)

This is a secular resource

Teach Your Monster Number Skills
Teach Your Monster's early education math game. It has games that offer exciting ways to practice numbers. It's aligned with PreK curriculum with practice in addition, subtraction, counting, number bonds to 10, and more

Ages 4-6+

An online learning program and app that helps kids practice their math skills through fun games. It gives them a placement test in the beginning and then adapts to your student's level. It gives the parents feedback and insights on its parent's dashboard

Grades K-6

My Teaching Library
A website where you can download thousands of teaching resources in all subjects, including math, science, social studies, language arts, languages, art, and electives. You can pay to download individual resources, or you can get a membership and have unlimited downloads

Grades PreK-12

Annual subscription $60/yr

Lifetime access $275
Math activity books for kids. They have hard copies or printable versions. They cover many math topics, like addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, and geometry and data. The books use illustrated stories featuring famous characters from history (Albert Einstein, Mozart, Alexander Graham Bell, and more) and include fun activities to learn and practice each topic, and motivational quotes throughout the book too.

They're giving my audience 10% off if you use the code JEATON10

About ages 8-12 or anyone needing practice with these math skills


They also have free printables available too
Education.comA website that has a lot of free worksheets, lessons, games, and activities for math (and also other subjects) PreK-8th Grade
You can sign up for a paid membership for access to more resources, lesson, games, and activities
Hooked on MathApp that has games and physical worksheets and activities to help young learners learn basic math fundamentalsGrades PrK-2
First Month $1, then $12.99 per month after and $2.99 per month for shipping physical products that come with the app
Times Tales
An awesome program that helps students learn their times tables in a unique, fun way! They use pictures and engaging stories to help students learn and memorize their times tables quickly and easily!
Any age student who needs help memorizing their times tables
$8.95 and up depending on what you purchase
Math Seeds
Math games that teach core math and problem solving skills with fun, highly interactive, and rewarding online lessons
Ages 3-9
30 day free trial
Then $9.99/month paid monthly
$5.38/month paid annually
Prodigy Math
Spark imagination and power up a world full of adventure in both Math and English with game-based learning. Unlock curriculum-aligned skill practice that keeps kids engaged!
Grades 1-8
Free Membership available

Membership with more features is $9.95 per month
You get 25% off when you buy memberships for multiple students
Brain Pop
Online supplemental program that introduces key concepts with animated videos, then builds deeper understanding and skills through fun activities and games
Grades K-8
Some free resources, homeschool plan has a 2 week free trial and then it's $29.95-$49.95 per month

You can create up to 4 learner profiles

I made a YouTube video demonstrating BrainPop if you'd like to check it out to see what it's like
Homer is an app that helps children learn and grow. Their program delivers playful learning across subjects building the skills kids need through lessons and activities they love. It covers reading, math, social and emotional learning, thinking skills, and creativity.



Has a 30 day free trial

I made a YouTube video demonstrating Homer if you'd like to check it out to see what it's like
An online program that offers literacy support for students with dyslexia that follows the science of reading. They have resources for reading, writing, spelling, phonics, math, and more. They have a program you can sign your students up for, and they also offer free resources too.

They have a 7 day free trial if you want to try it out before signing up!
Generation Genius
Fun standards based videos, reading materials, quiz games, simple DIY activities, and more. They also offer monthly subscription kits
Grades K-8
You can access 5 videos for free to try it out, then it's $95-145 per year
Harbor + Sprout
Harbor and Sprout has unit studies for all ages on many different topics. Their resources are filled with nature and designed to engage children and kindle curiosity. They have unit studies for language arts and writing, nature, art, science, history, geography, math, dramatic play, and more. They also offer morning basket options. Their unit studies and high quality, creative, and beautiful.

Get 10% off with code MINDFULLMENTOR

Ages 3-18

Genius Games
Fun math and science board games, card games, and puzzles

You can get 15% off your first order with code 15%OffFirstOrder

Or you can get free shipping on orders over $30 with code FreeShippingOver$30
Most games are $10-$25 each, but it depends what you purchase

Desmos is a free online graphing calculator. They also have a scientific calculator and geometry tools available too. Parents can create a free teacher account and assign your students the many interactive lessons they have available as well.

All ages

Math Skills by Grade Level Checklist (K-5)
Have you ever wondered what math skills your student is meant to be learning at each grade level, and wanted a way to keep track of it all? I created a spreadsheet organized by grade level for grades K-5 that has math skills laid out by unit and sub-topic. In this spreadsheet checklist, you can check off which topics you’ve covered, and which ones you feel your student has mastered. When you check that you have covered it, the skill will turn yellow. When you check that it has been mastered, the skill will turn green. This spreadsheet will make it easy for you to see what you have already worked on and what still needs more work.
K-5$2 for a single grade level, or all grades K-5 for $8It also shows which IXL sections go with each topic so if you use IXL with your student, you will know which sections to use with each topic
Learn Math Fast Books
-Volume 1 (Basic Operations)
-Volume 2 (Fractions, decimals, and percentages)
-Volume 3 (Pre-Algebra)
-Volume 4 (Basic Geometry)
-Volume 5 (Algebra 1)
-Volume 6 (Algebra 2)
-Volume 7 (High School Geometry)
These workbooks are meant to help students who are behind in a topic get caught up quickly, in a matter of 1-3 monthsAnyone who needs to learn these topics and wants to get caught up quickly$38They're written in a laid-back, familiar tone to help make the math less intimidating for students
Spectrum Workbooks
-Grade 1
-Grade 2
-Grade 3
-Grade 4
-Grade 5
-Grade 6
-Grade 7
-Grade 8

This teacher-loved series of workbooks helps kids stay ahead in math by providing systematic and thought-provoking practice designed to increase in complexity. Keeps kids at the top of their math game using progressive practice, math in everyday settings, and tests to monitor progress.

Grades K-8

Around $7-$10

Many families feel these workbooks are better as a supplement to a math curriculum, but some do use it as their full math curriculum
Wild Math
Wild Math Curriculums cover the typical math skills and standards taught in each grade and provide activities, lessons, and games so that you can take your math instruction outdoors! Each unit also has a list of math picture books and games that are perfect for playing outside in warm weather and inside in extreme weather or on those dark winter evenings.
Grades K-5
Around $30

Has short videos that explain concepts, has visual interactive manipulatives and digital pictorial representations, and real time feedback on practice problems

Can be used as a standalone curriculum or alongside your existing curriculum

Grades K-7


I created a YouTube video demonstrating Zearn if you're interested in seeing what it's like
Elephant Learning
A supplemental online math program that says students can learn 1 year of math in 3 months using their program just 40 minutes per week. It uses an algorithm that adapts to your students' needs based on their progress and level. The lessons are delivered via gamification, so it feels more like a puzzle game. They offer parents Results Counseling, which are calls with live math coaches. It starts with a placement test so it knows what level to start your student at.

Covers counting through Algebra, so any ages who are working on those topics

$50/month or $500/year paid annually

$90/month or $900/year paid annually for family plan up to 3 students

Not considered common core
Complete, uncomplicated Montessori homeschool curriculum for preschool, kindergarten and first grade children. They have a digital PDF option or you can have it printed and sent to you. It includes math, art, sensorial curriculum, practical life curriculum, language arts, geography, and science. They also have unit studies available. You can get a full curriculum bundle or just get single subjects.
Ages 2-6$29-$569
Supplemental math curriculum that is personalized and adapts to each student's needs based on their progress. Gives formative insights to predict how students will do on future proficiency tests

Grades K-8

Free trial for 14 days, then $12.95 per month, $99.95 per year, or $150 for lifetime access

Hands-on interactive problem solving lessons and practice problems. Instead of video lessons, they offer explanations and visual models that students can manipulate to explore new concepts

Use this link to get 3 free months on an annual subscription

Ages 10-110

Limited free access, $25 per month billed monthly or $13.49 per month billed annually for full access to all materials
Child1st empowers visual-spatial and kinesthetic learners, and children identified with learning differences such as ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Down Syndrome, and Auditory Processing to thrive. Their products are inspired by Orton-Gillingham, an evidence-based approach that uses multisensory resources to teach literacy. They also have math resources as well.

Students of any age looking for support in learning to read and do math

Varies by product
Math Stackers
Interactive math discovery for grades PreK-5. They offer hands on math strategies and activities to increase understanding and empower all kids to think like mathematicians. They also offer free online webinars to teach parents and teachers how to teach math in more hands on ways

Grades PreK-5


They have games and videos on many different topics, and resources for their different PBS kids shows

Ages 2-8
A website that has games and lessons to help students learn their times tables. They have free access to many of their games, and a premium membership to access all games and their lessons, and to keep track of your student's progress. Their lessons use pictures and stories to help students memorize their times tables.

Anyone who needs to learn their times tables

Some free access

Premium membership is $9.95/month

$4.99/month on 6 month plan

$3.82/month on 12 month plan
Branch to Bloom
Montessori math and grammar tools, lessons, and tips

Grades K-7

Homeschool Pop
A YouTube channel with short, easy to watch educational videos for kids on tons of different subjects

Elementary level

Math Antics
They offer basic math videos and worksheets for math topics from elementary level up through basics of algebra. The videos are all free to watch on their website or YouTube Channel (linked) and the worksheets that go with them can be accessed through their membership

Anyone needing help with basic math concepts through algebra basics

Videos are free, to access their worksheets it's $20/year
They offer high quality, hands-on learning materials for science, math, STEM, and literacy. If you're looking for some manipulatives and tools to use to help teach your students at home, they have a ton of awesome options!

All ages

Varies based on what you purchase
hand2mind Free Worksheets
hand2mind offers over 1000 downloadable educational worksheets created from teacher-developed lessons. They have worksheets available for math, literacy, SEL, STEM, social studies, art, and science.

PreK-5th grade

Teachers Pay Teachers
A website with a ton of educational resources, such as worksheets, lesson plans, activities, and Unit bundles, for any subject and any grade level. Many are for sale, you can also find plenty of free resources

Varies based on what you buy, many free options available

To find free resources, click on the free filter on the left hand side after you search for the topic and grade level you want
Math Aids
Free math worksheets for parents to print on tons of different math topics


Math Drills
Free math worksheets to print on tons of different math topics


Website with tons of free worksheets in many different subjects for grades K-5

Grades K-5

A website with over 1 million free printable worksheets and educational activities for kids of all ages. They also have homeschool blog posts with helpful info and advice for homeschool families

Grades K-8

Big Ideas Math Textbooks
Free online access to the Big Ideas math textbooks for all grades

K-Algebra 2
When you click the link to get to the website, scroll down to where it says Family Program Access and select the grade and state you want and click Easy Access to Book and it will take you to a free online version of the whole book
The Good and The Beautiful
The Good and The Beautiful is a non-secular homeschool curriculum, and they have free downloads of their full Language Arts (K-8) and Math (K-5) curricula


Math Planet
A website with free math courses in Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and geometry. The courses have written lessons, video lessons, and practice problems that are graded for you

Grades 8-11

An online learning platform that gives students differentiated practice in Math and ELA. It's adaptive to meet the needs of every student, and has incentives and age appropriate designs to provide a balance of fun and learning. It helps to easily identify skill gaps to determine where to focus teaching and learning.



It has unlimited self-paced practice for students, and a limited number of teacher assignments
A website with trivia questions that you can answer about tons of different topics (vocabulary, math, science, languages, art, music, and so much more!) and for every question you answer correctly, you raise 10 grains of rice for the UN World Food Programme! You can create groups with your friends or family members and compete against other groups to earn the most rice

All Ages


I created a YouTube video demonstrating if you're interested in seeing what it's like
Homeschool Resource Demo Videos
My YouTube series where I record videos demonstrating different homeschool resources so you can see what they're like without having to take the time to try them out yourself

For parents to watch to see the resources


If you have a certain homeschool resource you'd like to see a demo video of, please email me at and I'll add your requests to my list!
Homeschool Resource Sale and Events Calendar
A calendar I created that shows when different homeschool resources are having sales, and also displays when homeschool events, such as conventions and camps, are happening. I add to it as I find new sales, so I recommend bookmarking it to come back to so you can see the new sales and events that are listed

All parents!

Comparing Homeschool Math Curricula Spreadsheet
A spreadsheet I created that compares the different homeschool math curricula that are available. It specifies the grade levels available, price, if it's online, pen and paper, or both, if it's secular or non-secular, the type of student it's best for, and any other important information about it. This wasy you can see all of the important information about each one side by side.

For parents

Cathy Duffy Curriculum Reviews
Cathy Duffy is one of the leading reviewers of homeschool curricula. She has a book you can buy of her reviews, and you can also read them online for free
All AgesFREE
Sum Swamp
A fun board game for kids to play to learn addition and subtraction

24 Game
A fun math card game that helps students practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing
9 and up$11.99
Zoom! Game
Fun card game to practice multiplication
9 and up$10.99
Multiplication and Division BINGO Game
Fun BINGO game for students to play with family or friends to practice multiplication and division

Math War (Addition and Subtraction)
The card game War used to practice addition and subtraction
6 and up$2.99
Math War (Multiplication)
The card game War used to practice multiplication
8 and up$2.99
Blog Post: Math Manipulatives to Help Teach Math at Home
My blog post on my website about recommended manipulatives that are helpful to have around the house when teaching math
All AgesFREE
Blog Post: 7 Ways to Improve the Homeschool Math Struggle
My blog post on my website with 7 tips for how to make teaching homeschool math go a little smoother
All AgesFREE