eLCC Strategic Planning Survey (Responses)
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TimestampWhat are the top 3 things eLCC could do to support you better?What services or programs have you seen in other organizations that you would want eLCC to offer?Would you be interested in taking part in special interest groups that would focus on specific educational areas year round?What areas do you suggest these groups focus on?Have you attended any monthly eLCC meetings in the last two years? (Monthly eLCC meetings are open to anyone from an eLCC member institution)If you have not attended a monthly eLCC meeting in the last 2 years could you please tell us why you haven't attended?What value does the eLCC monthly meeting have for you?Have you attended an eLCC Conference?How often have you attended an eLCC conference in the last five years?Your current position (please check all that apply)
8/17/2016 8:27:35I get all I need already... love the camaraderie, conference, and meetingsyesQM, LMS and other shared vendor products, pedagogy, Yes I attended a monthly meeting in the last year.Great info with professional development and institutional updatesYesEvery year for the last 5 yearsInstructor, Adminstrator
8/17/2016 8:32:16continue with professional development at monthly meetings
continue to provide networking
job announcements
improve the web site
hot topic presentations
presenting information to higher levels of administration about eLCC as a way to keep us in the forefront of elearning
Yes I attended a monthly meeting in the last year.professional development and networking. Also, a way to get away from technologyYesEvery year for the last 5 yearsInstructor, Adminstrator
8/17/2016 10:12:33YesValue of degrees from various levels of HE institutions - Technical College, Community College, four year, and graduate education. ALso, guiding students on the best HE pathway that suits their desire to work and succeed. Yes I attended a monthly meeting in the last year.Professional Development, Collaboration and updates on what is current with other institutions, chance to meet and greet, and to learn what might be trending in HE Teaching and LearningYes2 out of the last 5 yearsInstructor, Instructional Designer, Educational Technologist, Academic Technology Staff, Other
8/17/2016 11:17:16Yes I have attended a monthly meeting in the last 2 years.Yes2 out of the last 5 yearsAdminstrator
8/17/2016 14:01:411). It would be nice to have a central location where we could place the monthly meeting presentations and documents.1). Yes, I would be interested.1). Innovative technologies for eLearning applications.Yes I attended a monthly meeting in the last year.1). The meetings allow me to discuss and see what other institutions are doing in the area of eLearning, course design, and the application of technologies. YesOnce out of the last 5 yearsInstructional Designer
8/17/2016 14:35:40More remote options. Travel from outside metro area is tough.Yes I have attended a monthly meeting in the last 2 years.Seeing what other innovations other schools are coming up with.YesEvery year for the last 5 yearsInstructor, Instructional Designer, Academic Technology Staff
8/18/2016 8:15:481) Continue offering professional development opportunities at monthly meetings. 2) Make meeting materials (agendas, minutes, training materials) available on the website. 3) Continue offering the annual conferenceSome ideas from the Online Learning Consortium include professional development webinars focusing on specific topics, an assortment of best practices agreed upon by eLCC members and posted for public use, and perhaps how-tos on some of more popular tools used at eLCC member institutions. Universal design methods would be handy as well.YesUniversal design, hot technology trends, among othersYes I attended a monthly meeting in the last year.NAProfessional development opportunities and institutional updatesYes4 out of the last 5 yearsAdminstrator, Educational Technologist
8/18/2016 8:26:05Increased opportunities for just-in-time professional development
Focused groups on specific Colorado HE issues including legislation
Change monthly meeting format to less eLCC business (maybe hold a webinar or teleconference prior to the monthly meetings) and more deep dives into hot-topics in HE
More topical articles on the website
announcements to free or reduced fee training webinars
community board where members can post a query and the community responds
yesEmerging Technologies, aligning educational pathways from K-12, 2year, 4 yearYes I attended a monthly meeting in the last year.a chance to connect what 2 year and 4 year institutions are doing, as a resource for finding out if another college is solving the same issue, sharing resourcesYes3 out of the last 5 yearsInstructional Designer, Other
8/18/2016 8:34:47No I have not attended a monthly meeting in the last 2 years.Was unaware if eLCCNoDid not attend during the last 5 yearsInstructional Designer
8/18/2016 10:13:08Research on Innovation Technologies and Classroom Use, As a consortium are we sharing resources - OER or otherwise? Best Practices around Accessibility, Course Design, Faculty Training, etcBe more like COLTT - They are doing some innovative things with their conference and sessions. I talked with many colleagues who have gone to both conferences - ELCC and COLTT. All have agreed COLTT is very good and ELCC is losing some spark. I will probably not be going to ELCC this next year.YesQuality Matters, Educational Technology, Mobile Technology, Effective use of Instructional TechnologyYes I attended a monthly meeting in the last year.Good to catch up with what other schools/institutions are doing with technology and instructional technologyYes3 out of the last 5 yearsEducational Technologist
8/18/2016 13:55:42Short topical online conferences, best practices sharing, hands on technology None NoNANo I have not attended a monthly meeting in the last 2 years.Not enough time.I do get updates from my boss on activities. YesOnce out of the last 5 yearsInstructor, Adminstrator
8/22/2016 10:34:36No I have not attended a monthly meeting in the last 2 years.It was not very interesting.NoDid not attend during the last 5 yearsInstructor
8/26/2016 9:27:071- make minutes/meeting outcomes available on website (I see this has been done sporadically in the past), or some kind of password-protected site so that anyone at a member college (not just the eLCC meeting attendees) can access. 2 - have a LinkedIn presence -- (maybe post meeting minutes that way?). 3 - pursue some new special interest groups as mentioned below.A listserv is a possibility, but I do think those can get unwieldy. Perhaps a presence on LinkedIn with membership restricted to those from member colleges. YesPerhaps specific academic disciplines; a group doing "visioning" or anticipating national/state/K-12/tech trends or laws/policies that will affect online learning at the post-secondary level; or groups discussing professional development opportunities for instructorsYes I have attended a monthly meeting in the last 2 years.Good opportunity to find out what's happening at member colleges.Yes4 out of the last 5 yearsOther
8/31/2016 15:28:57Offer an Administrators track, PD on what data is available to instructors and how it can be used, PD on best practices for new instructor orientationWorking groups / networks to allow year long discover of areas of interest such as learning analytics, quality instruction, etc. Yes I would especially those focused on data and analyticsdata, analytics, quality instruction, project based learning, authentic assessment, mentoring, instructor assessment and evaluationNo I have not attended a monthly meeting in the last 2 years.I did not know they were open to members, always thought they were executive committee only. At this time there is no value to me. My areas of need are more administrative than elcc traditionally offerings. To most of my instructors, eLCC begins and ends with the conference. I did not realize that there was an attempt to offer year round development. YesI can't remember the last time I attended eLCC. I stopped going because the content was not at the level I needed. While it's a great conference to socialize and see old friends, it does not offer much value in terms of new technology or innovative ideas. I typically go to CoLTT and Metros confernces in the past few years instead. They seem to be more in tune with the current trends in education than eLCC. The other reason I have not gone is budgetary. My institution only allows 15 people to go to eLCC and these spots rotate around the office. Me not attending gives someone else a spot that might learn something new since they are going for the first time. Adminstrator
8/31/2016 15:52:57Timely notification about upcoming events, especially those in which eLCC is directly involved like the TLTS event. Event not specially targeted to instructors but targeted to instructional designers and ed tech support staff.Guest blog posts or monthly blogs posts.yesDistance Education, Professional Development for Staff, inter collegiate publications or presentationsYes I have attended a monthly meeting in the last 2 years.Collaboration and sharing of new technologies and innovations. Networking. YesEvery year for the last 5 yearsEducational Technologist
9/1/2016 10:03:42Have more stable internet at your conference; so the sessions work betterThe major push now is Universal Design and Accessibility; thus increasing accessibility without reducing the resources given to all students. The other is Quality Matters in online and hybrid learning. Finally, using conference software to allow online students to participate in classroom classes.Yes; I would be part of any of my above groupsIncreasing technology and accessibility in traditional and online classroomsNo I have not attended a monthly meeting in the last 2 years.I have no idea when they areNot sureYes3 out of the last 5 yearsFaculty (Full time)
9/1/2016 11:40:01Host more discussion forums at your conferenceMaker Space session formatCould team up with other orgs - TLTS and COLTT - trifecta event?Yes I have attended a monthly meeting in the last 2 years.Getting to know who is in the Colorado ed tech communityYes2 out of the last 5 yearsInstructor, Adminstrator
9/2/2016 16:44:10Remind us of local meetings or agendas ongoing blogmaybeyou have a good handle on mixNo I have not attended a monthly meeting in the last 2 years.didn't know I was invitedso far, not muchYesEvery year for the last 5 yearsInstructor
9/7/2016 15:52:521. The Website/Mission. The "mission" of eLCC is not posted anywhere on the website. I have looked for basic information, mission, goals, etc. and can't find them. Specifically, I believe the word "eLearning" can mean different things to different people. eLCC should make a concentrated effort to write the group's definition clearly to say something like, "teaching with technology regardless of classroom format (online, blended, face-to-face)" and post this on the website. eLCC provides innovative ideas for the classroom and supports this format in addition to online courses wonderfully through presentations at meetings and the conferences!! Expanding on and clarifying this information will give all of us tools for promoting eLCC to a wider audience.
*BTW - the video with the history stops short each time I tried it today??

2. Awards at the conference. Offer a new award for "Best Online Course" or "Best Use of Technology in a Course" like the WCET WOW Award. Then interview the winner and showcase the technology with "how did you do that?" answers. Also, please promote the other two awards better so that we can get more than 2 entries. Again, showcase the winners and their work.

3. Share resources, presentations from each monthly Professional Development and the presentations from the conference.
Offer a repository of reusable learning objects. I'm sure members would share!
Also, share on the website a list of best low-cost or free tech tools.
YesTraining - best practices, formats, times to offer, promotion, etc.Yes I attended a monthly meeting in the last year.- Professional Development. I love the idea that we are together long enough for a quality in-depth presentation, particularly from faculty.
- Networking
- Troubleshooting - find others have similar issues
- Brainstorming. Everyone is so willing to share!!
Every year for the last 5 years
Academic Technology Staff
9/8/2016 12:15:301. host the conference closer to Denver 2. create a blog and keep it updated 3. database of all members and contact info available to members 4. course development support / brainstorming with peersmore poster sessions to share ideas/projectsnodiversity as it relates to educational technologyYes I attended a monthly meeting in the last year.n/acollaboration with colleagues who do similar workYes
3 out of the last 5 years
Instructional Designer
9/8/2016 13:42:10new and emerging technologies, what other colleges are doing, feedback on D2L, Canvas, other LMSs from everyoneproblem solving things that instructors want to domaybenot sureNo I have not attended a monthly meeting in the last 2 years.job wouldn't let meinteract with peers at other institutions and see what they are doingYes
Once out of the last 5 years
9/12/2016 16:52:59Collaborate with regional partners on innovation, share student success initiatives, share policies and procedures that provide increased success or efficiency for common higher ed issues (ADA, student success, course development - template/no template, faculty development, etc...)Listserv type communications (questions for specific groups of members in eLCC), Wiki for common issues, maybe options of MOOCs for innovations or pertinent challenges (ADA standards, games-based learning, etc...)AbsolutelyChallenges in higher ed and emergent trends in online teaching and learningYes I attended a monthly meeting in the last year.Networking, different points of view from all types of colleges, exposure to different instructional technologiesYes
Once out of the last 5 years
Educational Technologist, Academic Technology Staff
9/13/2016 0:37:42There are 3 things that eLCC could do to support me, a faculty:

1. During the annual conference, I would like to see more sessions and workshops that specifically address technology use that support discipline specific pedagogy, such as using augmented reality apps to teach art classes or using mobile devices to support location-based data collection in science classes, for example. In previous years, it seems that most conference sessions addressed administrative needs and concerns (such as how to make a course ADA compliant), whereas sessions that addressed faculty needs for elearning professional development in their specific discipline areas were mostly non existent. If the annual eLCC conference also is supposed to help educators understand how to incorporate technology into their teaching, or teach according to good elearning practices, then some of the conference sessions should speak to the discipline specific folks. Just seeing sessions that serve as "universals" to all course designs is not helpful for faculty's professional development needs.

2. Encourage individual faculty, from participating institutions, to join the monthly meetings as independent faculty. Some of us are intimidated to attend an eLCC meeting to share our innovative ideas, because we believe that eLCC meetings cater to administrators, not educators. Instead, it would be great if the monthly eLCC meetings could encourage individual faculty to join and share their innovative elearning ideas (rather than just ideas implemented or supported by their respective institutions). Faculty should be part of the elearning community, as they are the ones who use the elearning solutions.

3. At the monthly meetings, encourage an open conversation between faculty and administrators regarding elearning principles, cost of new elearning software, individual institutional goals and concerns, the future of elearning, etc. It takes, after all, both faculty and administrators to implement new elearning solutions. Faculty also should be "kept in the loop" about why institutions choose to use certain software over others (whether it is due to prior contractual obligations with software companies, or due to professional assessment of the quality of the software). Faculty can also offer feedback on the benefits and problems of using certain software in real, classroom situations, help administrators make software purchasing and implementation decisions.
1. Special recognition/award program for faculty who use innovative tech, or use tech in innovative ways in their discipline; 2. Program to provide profiles (with pictures) on the eLCC website to recognize the efforts of faculty, administrators, technologists, etc.; 3. Program that features conference presenters on the eLCC website (as a way to attract more presenters to the eLCC conference, as presenters would want to be recognized for being part of eLCC; 4. Program to allow presenters to submit summaries of their sessions, which could be published as part of eLCC's conference proceedings; 5. Program to provide news about innovation in elearning, educators or institutions who are pushing the elearning "envelope" around the nation, or trending, innovative tech that institutions might be interested in employing in the future.Yes, I would love to join SIGs that focused on my discipline. I would love to meet other educators who are using tech to teach their content area in innovative ways (as I would learn from them during SIG meetings).The initial SIGs could focus on discussing tech use for enhancing pedagogy in major fields. For example, the initial SIGs could focus on how to use tech to support education in math, science, humanities, art, etc. Another way is for SIGs to focus on specific issues/topics, and allow faculty (from various disciplines) and/or administrators to join a SIG to discuss and propose possible solutions to solving a problem. For example, a SIG can focus on how to incorporate mobile technologies into a curriculum, or a classroom environment, to enhance a student's learning experience.Yes I have attended a monthly meeting in the last 2 years.I haven't attended any meeting in the last year, because as a faculty member, I did not feel that the eLCC meetings were open to faculty. Rather, the eLCC meetings are catered to administrators. My impression came from the fact that during each meeting, members who spoke up discussed what technologies were implemented in each of their institutions. None of the members seem to be faculty. Many faculty use innovative tech in their classroom (whether or not the new tech was implemented college wide). I would like to hear the voices of individual faculty in the meetings as well.I find the eLCC meetings valuable, because the meeting discussions give me updates on the elearning goals and developments of each institution. It is good to hear about the elearning solutions that other institutions have implemented, so that we can consider how to improve the elearning efforts at our own institution.Yes
4 out of the last 5 years
9/14/2016 22:29:141. Inclusivity Committee
2. database of diversity statements from all CO colleges
3. defined mission statement easily accessible on your site
4. Include students in trainings, meetings, conference.

note: I already completed a survey, but had more ideas : )
include studentsinclusivity committeedemographics of eLCC stakeholders, demographics of scholls represented by eLCCYes I attended a monthly meeting in the last year.networking, PD, community
3 out of the last 5 years
Instructional Designer
9/20/2016 10:56:39It is often difficult to get to the meetings. Maybe a way to virtually join?can't think of anysure, as time allowsnew tech, new strategies, Yes I attended a monthly meeting in the last year.experiences from other institutions, shared knowledge, new things being done, resourcesYes
4 out of the last 5 years
Instructor, Instructional Designer, Educational Technologist
9/27/2016 16:31:59Provide me with more than accessibility, universal design and QA. I acknowledge that these processes enhance the student experience, but I want to hear, see and talk about transformative online learning. Regular communications and more information available on the website so I could send instructors there to find information on educational technology.Working groups, regular podcasts and social media that went past the conference day. Honestly, eLCC is all about the conference. There’s other conferences that are closer to where I work now.Yes if they went past accessibility, universal design and QA. There’s enough sessions and discussion on them already.Emerging tech, publications/journals, difference between online and hybridYes I attended a monthly meeting in the last year.It doesn't. Not much happens for people not involved in conference planning.Yes
3 out of the last 5 years
Instructional Designer
9/28/2016 11:52:27Provide information about professional development opportunities (beyond those offered by eLCC), and provide links and resources related to professional development and current trends/news.Access to publications (either created by organization members, or through an outside resource), and access to videos and articles on relevant topics, forums (for networking and discussion with other members about relevant topics).YesUDL, Inclusive Excellence, & Visual LiteracyYes I attended a monthly meeting in the last year.Networking and keeping informed about trends in the field and strategies that other institutions are adapting.Yes
3 out of the last 5 years
Instructor, Instructional Designer
9/29/2016 9:45:52I realize the meetings change to different institutions each month. A web conference would be helpful for others who cant attend especially for the professional development presentations.I would be open to it depending on the time commitmentTeaching strategies and integrating technology. Flipping the classYes I attended a monthly meeting in the last year.The professional development presentations and institutional updates. It gives me ideas based on what other institutions are currently doing.Yes
Every year for the last 5 years
Instructional Designer
9/29/2016 17:52:02I do not know much about eLCC so it's difficult for me to answer this question. If there is some general information about eLCC, that would be helpful. Is there a website? Who makes up the members? How does one become a member? etc. I just found the website : ). All my questions were answered!Again, I'm new to this so I'm not sure. What are similar organizations to eLCC?Sure! Technology literacy No I have not attended a monthly meeting in the last 2 years.I did not know that I could attend if my institution was a member.N/A How do we find our when and where the meetings are?No
Did not attend during the last 5 years