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Welcome to our most hallowed tome: the Joypad Arcade Games Bible! Inside you'll find every game that makes up our 1500+ strong library of retro games - playable by you at public events, or private hires.
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Adventure1PAdventureAirwolf1PCombat FlightAfter Burner1PShoot ‘em UpAladdin1PAction PlatformerAbrams Battle Tank1PSimulationAfter Burner III1PShoot em' upAlien Trilogy1PFirst Person Shooter007 Racing1-2PRacing1080 Snowboarding1-2PSports102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue1PPlatformerAce Combat: Distant Thunder1-2PCombat Flight007: Agent Under Fire1-4PFirst Person ShooterAmped
Air-Sea Battle1-2PShoot ‘em UpBad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja1-2P altBeat em' upAir Rescue1PShoot ‘em UpAlien 31PAction PlatformerAero The Acro-Bat1PPlatformerBatman Returns1PPlatformerAndretti Racing1-2PRacing007 The World is Not Enough1PFirst Person ShooterA Bug`s Life1PPlatforming4 Wheel Thunder1-2PRacingAlien Hominid1-4PShoot ‘em Up007: Everything or Nothing1-2PThird Person ShooterBaldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance
Asteroids1-2PActionBaseball1-2PSportAlex Kidd in Miracle World1PPlatformerAnother World1PPlatformerAfter Burner II1PShoot ‘em UpBattlecorps1PFirst Person ShooterArcade’s Greatest Hits - The Atari Collection 11-2PAction007 Tomorrow Never Dies1PThird Person ShooterAero Gauge1-2PRacing90 Minutes Sega Championship Football1-4PSportsAmplitude1-4PRhythm007: Nightfire1-4PFirst Person ShooterBaldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance II
Atlantis1-2PShoot ‘em UpBatman1PAction PlatformerAlex Kidd in Shinobi World1PPlatformerArdy Light Foot1PPlatformerAladdin1PAction PlatformerBlackhole Assault1-2PFightingAthlete Kings1-2PSports1942 (Capcom Generations 1)1-2PShoot ‘em UpAerofighters Assault1-2PCombat FlightAerowings1-4PFlight SimulatorBattlefield 2: Modern Combat1PFirst Person Shooter1080° Avalanche1-8PSportsBattle Engine Aquila
Berzerk1-2P altRun and GunBattletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team1-2PBeat em' upAlex Kidd: Hight-Tech World1PPlatformerArkanoid: Doh It Again1P/2P altBreakoutAlexx Kidd1PPlatformerCobra Command1PQuick Time EventsBaku Baku1-2PPuzzle1943 (Capcom Generations 1)1-2PShoot ‘em UpAerofighters Assault1PRPGAerowings 2: Airstrike1-2PCombat Flight SimulatorBlack1PFirst Person ShooterATV 2: Quad Power Racing1-2PRacingBlazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII
Bowling1PSportsBionic Commando1PPlatformerAlex Kidd: The Lost Star1PPlatformerAxelay1PScrolling ShooterAlien 31PPlatformerColumns (Sega Classics)1-2PPuzzleBatman Forever: The Arcade Game1-2PBeat ‘em Up1943 Kai (Capcom Generations 1)1-2PShoot ‘em UpAirboarder 641-2PRacingAlone in the Dark: The New Nightmare1PSurvival HorrorBomberman Hardball1-4PActionBaten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and The Lost Ocean1PRPGBurnout 3: Takedown
Breakout1-4PActionBlades of Steel1-2PSportAlien 31PPlatformerBattle Dodgeball1-2PSports / ActionAlien Storm1-2PBeat ‘em UpDragons Lair1PFMV GameBattle Arena Toshinden: Remix1-2PFightingActua Golf 21-4PSportsAll Star Baseball 20001-4PSportsArmy Men: Sarge’s Heroes1-4PActionBreath of Fire: Dragon Quarter1PRPGBattalion Wars1PAction / StrategyBurnout: Revenge
Centipede1PActionBlaster Master1PAction AdventureAltered Beast1PBeat ‘em UpBattletoads & Double Dragon1-2PBeat ‘em UpAltered Beast1-2PBeat ‘em UpEcco The Dolphin1PAction AdventureBattle Stations1-2PCombatActua Golf 31-4PSportsAll Star Baseball 99’1-4PSportsBangai-O1PShoot ‘em UpBritney’s Dance Beat1-2PRhythmBeyond Good and Evil1PAction AdventureCall of Duty 2: Big Red One
Circus1PActionBlue Shadow (aka: Shadow of the Ninja)1-2PPlatformerAsterix1PPlatformerBattletoads in Battlemaniacs1-2PBeat ‘em UpAsterix And The Great Rescue1PPlatformerFinal Fight CD1-2PBeat em' upBlack Dawn1PCombat FlightAlien Resurrection1PFirst Person ShooterAll Star Tennis 99’1-4PSportsBlue Stinger1PSurvival HorrorBuffy The Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds1-4PBeat ‘em UpBilly Hatcher and The Giant Egg1-4PPlatformerCall of Duty 3
Combat1-2PShooterBoulder Dash1-2P altPuzzleAstro Warrior1PShoot ‘em UpBrandish1PAction RPGAtomic Runner1PScrolling ShooterGolden Axe (Sega Classics)1-2PBeat em' upBlazing Dragons1PAdventureAlien Trilogy1PFirst Person ShooterArmorines: Project S.W.A.R.M.1-4PFirst Person ShooterBomberman Online1-4PActionBurnout 2: Point of Impact1-2PRacingBlood Omen 21PAction AdventureCapcom Vs SNK 2 EO
Crystal Castles1-2P altActionBubble Bobble1-2P altPlatformerBonanza Bros1PPlatformerCannon Fodder1PStrategyBatman1PPlatformerHook1PPlatformerBubble Bobble Also feat. Rainbow Islands1-2PActionAlone in The Dark: The New Nightmare1PSurvival HorrorArmy Men: Sarge’s Heroes1-4PThird Person ShooterBuggy Heat1-2PRacingCanis Canem Edit: Bullworth Academy1PAction AdventureBurnout1-2PRacingClose Combat: First to Fight
Defender1-2P altShooterBucky O’Hare1PPlatformerCalifornia Games1-8PSportsClay Fighter1-2PFightingBatman Forever1-2PBeat ‘em UpKids on Site1PFMV GameBUG!1PPlatformerAnimal Snap1-2PPuzzleAutomobili Lamborghini1-4PRacingBust-A-Move 41-2PPuzzleColin Mcrae Rally 31-2PRacingBurnout 2: Point of Impact1-4PRacingColin Mcrae Rally 2005
Defender II1PShooterCaptain Skyhawk1PVerticle ShooterCasino Games1PActionCybernator1PRun and GunBubsy II1-2PPlatformerLethal Enforcers1-2PLight GunBurning Rangers1PAction PlatformerApe Escape1-2PPlatformer / PartyBanjo-Kazooie1PPlatformingBuzz Lightyear of Star Command1PPlatformerCrash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex1PPlatformerCel Damage1-4PRacing / CombatConflict Desert Storm II
Demon Attack1-2PShoot ‘em UpCastlevania I1PAction PlatformerCastle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse1PPlatformerDesert Fighter1PShoot ‘em UpCalifornia Games1-9 PSportsLethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters1-2PLight GunChaos Control1-2PLight GunAqua GT1-2PRacingBanjo-Tooie1PPlatformingCaesars Place 20001-4PSimulationCrash Tag Team Racing1-4PRacingConflict Desert Storm II1-4PTactical ShooterConflict Global Storm
Dig Dug1-2P altActionCastlevania II: Simons Quest1PAction PlatformerChuck Rock1PPlatformerDonkey Kong Country1/2PPlatformerCannon Fodder1PStrategyNHL Hockey ‘941-4PSportsCommand & Conquer (GDI)1PStrategyArea 511-2PLight GunBass Hunter 641PSportsCannon Spike1-2PShoot ‘em UpDance UK1-2PMusicDancing Stage Mario Mix1-2PMusicConker: Live & Reloaded
Donkey Kong1-2P altActionChip N Dale Rescue Rangers1-2PPlatformerColumns (Master Games 1)1-2PPuzzleDonkey Kong Country 21/2PPlatformerCaptain America and The Avengers1-2PBeat ‘em UpNight Trap1PFMV GameCommand & Conquer (NOD)1PStrategyArmy Men: Air Attack1-2PShooterBatman of the Future: Return of the Joker1PBeat ‘em upCapcom Vs SNK1-2PFightingDance UK XL Party1-2PMusicDarkened Skye1PThird Person ShooterCounter Strike
E.T. The Extra Terrestrial1PAdventureCobra Triangle1PRacing/ActionCool Spot1PPlatformerDonkey Kong Country 31/2PPlatformerColumns1-2PPuzzlePrince Of Persia1PPlatformerCroc: Legend of the Gobbos1PPlatformerArmy Men: Lock N’ Load1-2PShooterBattle Tanx Global Assault1-4PRacing / CombatChampionship Surfer1-4PSportsDancing Stage Fever1-2PMusicDef Jam Vendetta1-4PWrestlingCrazy Taxi 3
Enduro1PRacingDarkwing Duck1PActionDouble Dragon1-2PBeat ‘em UpDOOM1PFirst Person ShooterCombat Cars1-2PRacing / CombatRoad Avenger1PQuick Time EventsDaytona CCE1-2PRacingATV Mania1-2PRacingBeetle Adventure Racing1-4PRacingCharge ’N Blast1-2PShoot ‘em UpDancing Stage MegaMix1-2PMusicDonkey Kong Jungle Beat1PPlatformerCrimson Skies: High Road to Revenge
Football2PSportsDonkey Kong (Classics)1-2P altActionFantastic Dizzy1PAction AdventureEarth Defense Force1PShoot ‘em UpCool Spot1PPlatformerSewer Shark1PRail ShooterDaytona USA1PRacingATV: Quad Power Racing1-2PRacingBio Freaks1-2PFightingChicken Run1PPlatformerDark Chronicle1PAction RPGDonkey Konga1-4PMusicDead or Alive 2 Ultimate
Frogger1-2PActionDonkey Kong 31-2P altActionGauntlet1-2PBeat ‘em UpEarthworm Jim1PPlatformerCrack Down1-2PRun and GunSol-Feace1PShoot em' upDeath Tank Zwei2-6PActionBishi Bashi Special1-2PPartyBlast Corps1PAction / PuzzzleChuChu Rocket1-4PPuzzle/PartyDead or Alive 21-2PFightingDoshin the Giant1PGod GameDead or Alive 3
Galaxian1-2P altActionDonkey Kong Jr (Classics)1-2P altActionGhostbusters1PActionEarthworm Jim 21PPlatformerDesert Strike1PShoot ‘em UpSonic CD1PPlatformerDestruction Derby1PRacingBloody Roar1-2PFightingBlues Brothers 20001-2PPlatformingCoaster Works1PSimulationDeus Ex1PAction AdventureDragon Ball Z: Budokai1-2PFightingDead or Alive Ultimate
Golf1-2P altSportsDouble Dragon1-2PBeat em' upGolden Axe1PBeat ‘em UpF-Zero1PRacingDino Dini's Soccer1-2PSportsSoulStar1-2PShoot em' upDie Hard Arcade1-2PBeat ‘em UpBob The Builder: Can We Fix It1PAdventureBody Harvest1PThird Person ShooterConfidential Mission1-2PLight GunDevil May Cry1PHack ’n’ SlashDreamMix TV World Fighters1-4PFightingDead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball
Haunted House1PAdventureDouble Dragon II: The Revenge1-2PBeat em' upGolfamania1-4PSportsFatal Fury 21-2PFightingDr Robotnicks Mean Bean Machine1-2PPuzzleStar Wars Rebel Assault1PShoot em' upDie Hard Trilogy1PAction/LightGunBugs’ Bunny Lost in Time1PAdventureBomberman 641-4PAction AdventureCrazy Taxi1PRacingDevil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening1PHack ’n’ SlashEighteen Wheeler: American Pro Trucker1-2PRacingDef Jam: Fight For NY
Journey Escape1PActionDouble Dragon III: The Sacred Sones1-2PBeat em' upHang On1PRacingFinal Fantasy: Mystic Quest Legend1PRPGDragon Ball Z: The Call of Destiny1-2PFightingStreets of Rage (Sega Classics)1-2PBeat em' upDoom1PFirst Person ShooterBust-A-Move1-2PPuzzleBomberman Hero1PPlatformingCrazy Taxi 21PRacingDisney Pixar: Ratatouille1-4PPlatformerF-Zero GX1-4PRacingDelta Force: Black Hawk Down
Jungle Hunt1-2P altActionDr Mario1-2PPuzzleImpossible Mission1PPlatformerFlashback1PPlatformerDragon: The Bruce Lee Story1-3PFightingSuper Monaco GP (Sega Classics)1PRacingDuke Nukem 3D1PFirst Person ShooterBust-A-Move 41-2PPuzzleBuck Bumble1-2PActionDave Mirra Freestyle BMX1-2PSportsDragon Quest: Journey of the Cursed King1PRPGFIFA Football 20041-4PSportsDeus Ex: Invisible War
Kangaroo1-2P altPlatformerDuck Hunt1-2PLight GunKlax1PPuzzleGhoul Patrol1-2PRun and GunDragon’s Fury1-2P altPinballThe Amazing Spider-Man Vs. The Kingpin1PAction AdventureElevator Action - Returns2PAction PlatformerC-12: Final Resistance1PThird Person ShooterBust a Move 2 arcade edition1-2PPuzzleDaytona USA 20011-2PRacingDragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi1-2PFightingFIFA World Cup 20021-4PSportsDoom 3: Resurrection of Evil
Keystone Kapers1PPlatformerDuck Tales1PPlatformerLand of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse1PPlatformerGradius III1PScrolling ShooterDungeons & Dragons: Warriors of The Eternal Sun1PRPGThe Revenge of Shinobi (Sega Classics)1PPlatformerExhumed1PFirst Person ShooterCapcom Vs SNK Pro1-2PFightingBust a Move 3DX1-4PPuzzleDead or Alive 21-4PFightingDragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 21-2PFightingFinal Fantasy: Crystal Cronicles1-4PAction AdventureDoom II: Master Levels
Mario Bros1-2PActionExcitebike1PRacingMarksman Shooting1PLight GunGundam Wing: Endless Duel1-2PFightingDynamite Headdy1PPlatformerThe Terminator1PPlatformerFIFA Road to the World Cup 981-8PSportsCastlevania: Symphony of the Night1PPlatformerCarmageddon 641-2PRacing / CombatDeadly Skies1PCombat Flight SimulatorDragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 31-2PFightingGeist1-4PFirst Person ShooterEragon
Midnight Magic1PPinballFour player tennis4PSportMicro Machines1-2PRacingHome Alone1PAction PlatformerEA Hockey1-2PSportsThunderhawk1PCombat FlightFighters Megamix1-2PFightingColin Mcrae Rally 2.01-2PRacingCastlevania1PAction AdventureDino Crisis1PSurvival HorrorDynasty Warriors 31-2PHack ’n’ SlashGodzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee1-4PFightingFable: The Lost Chapters
Millipede1-2P altActionGalaxy 50001-2PRacingNew Zealand Story1PPlatformerInternational Superstar Soccer Delux1-2PSportsEcco the Dolphin1PAction AdventureWolfchild1PPlatformerFighting Vipers1-2PFightingCommando (Capcom Generations 4)1-2P altRun and GunCastlevania: Legacy of Darkness1PAction AdventureDucati World1-2PRacingDynasty Warriors 41-2PHack ’n’ SlashGoldeneye: Rogue Agent1-4PFirst Person ShooterFight Club
Missile Command1-2P altShooterGargoyle’s Quest II1PPlatformerOperation Wolf1PLight GunJames Pond’s Crazy Sports1P-4P altSportsEcco: The Tides Of Time1PAction AdventureFirestorm: Thunderhawk 21PCombat FlightCool Boarders1PSportsCentre Court Tennis1-4PSportsDynamite Cop1-2PBeat ‘em UpFame Academy: Dance Edition1-2PMusicHarry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets1PAction AdventureFight Night: Round 2
Moon Patrol1-2P altRun and GunGauntlet 21-4PBeat em' upOut Run1PRacingJelly Boy1PPlatformerEternal Champions1-2PFightingFormula Karts Special Edition1-2PRacingCool Boarders 21-2PSportsChameleon Twist1-4PPlatformingE.O.S. Exhibition of Speed1-4PRacingFIFA 061-4PSportsHarry Potter and The Goblet of Fire1-3PAction AdventureFinding Nemo
Mouse Trap1PActionGhosts n' Goblins1-2P altAction PlatformerOutrun Europa1PRacingJoe And Mac: Caveman Ninja1-2PRun and GunF11-2PRacingGame Tengoku: The Game Paradise1-2PShoot ‘em UpCourier Crisis1PActionChameleon Twist 21-4PPlatformingEcco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future1PAdventureFIFA Street1-4PSportsHarry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone1PAction AdventureFire Blade
Ms. Pac Man1-2P altActionGolf1-2PSportPGA Tour Golf1-4PSportsJungle Strike1PShoot ‘em UpFatal Fury1-2PFightingGrid Run1-2PActionCrash Bandicoot1PPlatformerCharlie Blasts Territory1-4PPuzzleECW: Hardcore Revolution1-4PSportsFIFA Street 21-4PSportsHarry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban1PAction AdventureForza Motorsport
Outlaw1PShooterGradius1-2P altHorizontal ShooterPit Fighter1-2PFightingJurassic Park1PAction / AdventureFIFA 95’1-4PSportsGuardian Heroes1-6PBeat ‘em UpCrash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back1PPlatformerChopper Attack1PCombat FlightEighteen Wheeler: American Pro Trucker1-2PRacingFinal Fantasy X1PRPGIkaruga1-2PShoot ‘em UpFuzion Frenzy
Pac Man1-2P altActionGumshoe1PLight GunPit Pot1-2PPuzzleKiller Instinct1-2PFightingFIFA 96’1-4PSportsGun Griffon1PActionCrash Bandicoot 3 Warped1PPlatformerClay Fighter 63 1/31-2PFightingESPN International Track & Field1-4PSportsFinal Fantasy X-21PRPGInternational Superstar Soccer 31-4PSportsGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Pac Man Jr.1-2P altActionGun.Smoke1PRun and GunPopulous1PStrategyKing of Dragons1-2PBeat ‘em UpFIFA 97’1-4PSportsHardcore 4x41PRacingCrash Bash1-4PPartyCommand & Conquer1PStrategyEvil Dead: Hail to the King1PSurvival HorrorFinal Fantasy XII1PRPGKirby Air Ride1-8PRacingGUN
Pitfall1PPlatformerGyromite (Requires R.O.B. or 2 players)1-2PPlatformerPutt & Putter1-2PSportsKirby Fun Pak (compilation game)1-2PPlatform / ActionFIFA 98’1-4PSportsJohnny Bazookatone1PPlatformerCrash Team Racing1-4PRacingConker’s Bad Fur Day1-4PAction AdventureEvolution: The World of Sacred Device1PRPGFlow: Urban Dance Uprising1-2PRhythmLuigi’s Mansion1PAction AdventureGunvalkyrie
Pole Position1PRacingIce Climber1-2PPlatformerRainbow Islands1PPlatformerKirby's Dream Course1-2PGolf / PuzzleFIFA International Soccer1-4PSportsLast Bronx1-2PFightingCroc: Legend of the Gobbos1PPlatformerCruis'n USA1-2PRacingF1 World Grand Prix II for Dreamcast1-2PRacingFord Racing 21-2PRacingMario Golf: Toadstool Tour1-4PSportsHalf Life 2
Q*bert1-2P altActionJames Bond Jr1PPlatformerRampart1-2PPuzzleLemmings1-2PPuzzleFlashback1PPlatformerLoaded1-2PShoot ‘em UpDancing Stage Disney Mix1-2PMusicCruis'n World1-4PRacingF355 Challenge1-2PRacingFreedom Fighters1-4PThird Person ShooterMario Kart Double Dash1-8PRacingHalo
Raiders of The Lost Ark1PAdventureJoe and Mac: Caveman Ninja1-2PRun and GunRescue Mission1PLight GunMadden 94'1-5PSportsFlicky1PActionMagic Carpet1PFirst Person ShooterDancing Stage Euromix1-2PMusicCyber Tiger1-4PSportsFighting Force 21PBeat ‘em UpFrequency1-4PRhythmMario Party 41-4PPartyHalo 2
River Raid II1-2P altShooterKickle Cubicle1PPuzzleRobocop Vs The Terminator1PPlatformerMario & Wario (req SNES Mouse)1PPlatformer / PuzzleG-LOC. Air Battle1PCombat FlightManx TT Superbike1-2PRacingDancing Stage Party Edition1-2PMusicDaffy Duck Starring as Duck Dodgers1PPlatformingFreestyle Scooter1-2PSportsGhostbusters: The Video Game1PAction AdventureMario Party 51-4PPartyHarry Potter: Quidditch World Cup
Skate Boardin’1PSportsKid Icarus1PPlatformerSafari Hunt1PLight GunMario Is Missing1PEducationalGalaxy force II1PRail ShooterMarvel Super Heroes1-2PFightingDave Mirra Freestyle BMX1-2PSportsDaikatana1-4PFirst Person ShooterFur Fighters1-4PThird Person ShooterGitaroo Man1-4PRhythmMario Party 61-4PPartyHeadhunter: Redemption
Smurf1-2PPlatformerKirby's Adventure1PPlatformerSensible Soccer1-2PSportsMario Paint (req SNES Mouse)1PArt / MusicGeneral Chaos1-4PReal-Time TacticsMass Destruction1PActionDead Ball Zone1-2PSportsDark Rift1-2PFightingFV2: Fighting Vipers 21-2PFightingGod of War1PAction AdventureMario Power Tennis1-4PSportsHitman: Blood Money
Solaris1PAdventureKung Fu1PBeat em' upShinobi1PPlatformerMegaman X1PAction PlatformerGhostbusters1PRun and GunMetal Slug1-2PRun and GunDead or Alive1-2PFightingDestruction Derby 641-4PRacing / CombatGiga Wing1-2PShoot ‘em UpGod of War II1PAction AdventureMario Smash Football1-4PSportsHyper Street Fighter II
Space Invaders1-2PActionLittle Nemo: The Dream Master1PPlatformerSonic The Hedgehog1PPlatformerMichael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City1PAction PlatformerGODS1PPlatformerMighty Hits1-2PLight GunDelta Force: Urban Warfare1PShooterDiddy Kong Racing1-4PRacingGrandia II1PRPGGran Turismo 3 A-Spec1-2PRacingMedal of Honor: Frontline1-4PFirst Person ShooterIndiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb
Star Raiders1PShooterLow G man1PPlatformerSonic The Hedgehog 21PPlatformerMickey Mania1PPlatformerGolden Axe2PBeat ‘em UpMr Bones1PMini GamesDestruction Derby1-2PRacingDisney’s Tarzan1PPlatformingGunbird 21-2PShoot ‘em UpGran Turismo 41-2PRacingMedal of Honor: Rising Sun1-4PFirst Person ShooterJade Empire
Star Wars: Return of The Jedi1PShoot ‘em UpManiac Mansion1PAdventureSonic The Hedgehog Chaos1PPlatformerMortal Kombat1-2PFightingGolden Axe II1-2PBeat ‘em UpNBA JAM Extreme1-4PSportsDestruction Derby RAW1-4PRacingDonald Duck: Quack Attack1PPlatformingHalf Life (unreleased version)1PFirst Person ShooterGrand Theft Auto III1PAction AdventureMetroid Prime1PFirst Person ShooterJames Bond 007: From Russia With Love
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back1-2PShoot ‘em UpMario and Yoshi1-2PPuzzleSpace Harrier1PShoot ‘em UpMortal Kombat 21-2PFightingGunstar Heros2PRun and GunNight Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge1-2PFightingDevil Dice1-5PPuzzleDonkey Kong 641-4PPlatformingHeadhunter1PAction Adventure/StealthGrand Theft Auto: Vice City1PAction AdventureMetroid Prime 2: Echoes1PFirst Person ShooterJaws Unleashed
Super Breakout1-2PActionMario Bros1-2PArcadeSpider-Man1PPlatformerMortal Kombat 31-2PFightingGynoug1PScrolling ShooterNights: Into Dreams1-2PActionDie Hard Trilogy1PAction/LightGunDoom 641PFirst Person ShooterHidden & Dangerous1PTactical ShooterGuilty Gear X2 #Reload1-2PFightingMonopoly Party1-4PPartyJet Set Radio Future
Towering Inferno1PActionMcDonaldland1-2PPlatformerStreets of Rage1PBeat ‘em UpNBA JAM T.E.1/2/4PSportsHaunting: Starring Polterguy1PActionNights: Into Dreams (Christmas)1PActionDie Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas1PAction/LightGunDuel Heroes1-2PFightingIncoming1-2PShoot ‘em UpHannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour1-2PMusicNeed For Speed: Underground1-2PRacingJudge Dredd: Dredd Vs Death
Video Olympics1-4PSportsMegaMan1PPlatformerSubmarine Attack1PShoot ‘em UpNHLPA Hockey 931-2PSportsHerzog Zwei1-2PReal-Time TacticsOff-World Interceptor Extreme1-2PRacingDino Crisis 21PSurvival HorrorDuke Nukem 641-4PFirst Person ShooterIron Aces1-2PCombat Flight SimulatorHigh School Musical 3: Senior Year DANCE!1-2PMusicP.N.031PThird Person ShooterJuiced
Video Pinball1PPinballMegaman 21PPlatformerSummer Games1-4PSportsPilotwings1PSports / ActionIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade1PPlatformerOlympic Soccer1-4PSportsDisney / Pixar Monsters inc. Scare Island1PAdventureDuke Nukem: Zero Hour1-4PThird Person ShooterJet Set Radio1PAction AdventureICO1PAction AdventurePac Man Vs1-4PPartyKing of Fighters 2002
Warlords1-2PActionMegaMan 31PPlatformerSuper Kick Off1-2PSportsPitfall: The Mayan Adventure1PPlatformerJ. League Pro Striker Perfect1-4PSportsPandemonium!1PPlatformerDisney's Peter Pan: Adventures in Never Land1PPlatformerEarthworm Jim 3D1PPlatformingMarvel Vs Capcom1-2PFightingJak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy1PAction AdventurePaper Mario: The Thousand Year Door1PPlatformerLego Star Wars
Yars Revenge1PShoot ‘em UpMegaMan 41PPlatformerSuper Monaco GP (Master Games 1)1-2PRacingPlok1PPlatformerJames Pond 31PPlatformerPanzer Dragoon1PShoot ‘em UpDisney's Tarzan1PPlatformerECW Hardcore Revolution1-4PWrestlingMarvel Vs Capcom 21-2PFightingJak II: Renegade1PAction AdventurePikmin1PPuzzleLinks 2004
Metal Gear1PAction Adventure/StealthTaz-Mania1PPlatformerPocky & Rocky 21-2PShoot ‘em UpJewel Master1PAction AdventurePanzer Dragoon Saga1PRPGDisney's The Little Mermaid II1-2PPlatformerExcitebike 641-4PRacingMillennium Soldier Expendable1-2PRun and GunJak X1-2PRacingPikmin 21-2PPuzzleMadagascar
Metroid1PAction AdventureTeddy Boy1PPlatformerPop n' TwinBee1-2PVertical ShooterJohn Madden Football1-2PSportsQuake1PFirst Person ShooterDisney's Tigger’s Honey Hunt1PPlatformerExtreme-G1-4PRacingMortal Kombat Gold1-2PFightingKlonoa 21PPlatformerPokemon Colosseum1/2/4PRPGMarc Eckō’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure
New Ghostbusters II1-2PAction AdventureThe Jungle Book1PPlatformerPop n' TwinBee: Rainbow Bell Adventures1-2PPlatformerJungle Strike1PShoot ‘em UpRadiant Silvergun1-2PShoot ‘em UpDisney’s Dinosaur1PAdventureExtreme-G 21-4PRacingMr Driller1PPuzzleMad Maestro1PRhythmPrince of Persia: Sands of Time1PAction AdventureMarvel: Ultimate Alliance
Pac-Man1-2P altArcadeThe Lucky Dime Caper Starring Donald Duck1PPlatformerPrince Of Persia1PPlatformerJurassic Park: Rampage Edition1PPlatformerResident Evil1PSurvival HorrorDisney’s Donald Duck Quack Attack1PPlatformerF-Zero X1-4PRacingMSR: Metropolis Street Racer1-2PRacingMetal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty1PAction AdventureR Racing1-2PRacingMashed: Drive To Survive
Paperboy1-2P altActionThe Ninja1PRun and GunRealm1PAction PlatformerKrusty’s Super Fun House1PPlatformerSaturn Bomberman1-10PActionDisney’s The Lion King1PAdventureF1 Pole Position 641PRacingMTV Sports: Skateboarding feat. Andy MacDonald1-4PSportsMetal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater1PAction AdventureRed Faction II1-4PFirst Person ShooterMax Payne
Probotector (aka: Contra)1-2PRun and GunThunder Blade1PShoot ‘em UpRival Turf1-2PBeat ‘em UpLast Battle1PBeat ‘em UpSega Rally1-2PRacingDoom1-2PFirst Person ShooterF1 Racing Championship1-2PRacingNBA 2K1-4PSportsMicroMachines V41-4PRacingResident Evil 01PHorrorMetal Slug 3
Probotector II (aka: Super C)1-2PRun and GunTrap Shooting1PLight GunRock n Roll Racing1-2PRacingLemmings1-2PPuzzleSega Touring Car Championship1-2PRacingDouble Dragon1-2PFightingF1 World Grand Prix1-2PRacingNBA Hoopz1-4PSportsMonkey Mania1-4PEye ToyResident Evil 41PHorrorMetal Slug 4
Punchout1PSportWimbledon1-2PSportsSecret Of Mana1PAction RPGLHX Attack Chopper1PFlight SimulationSega Worldwide Soccer 971-4PSportsDragstars1-2PRacingF1 World Grand Prix II1-2PRacingNBA Showtime: NBA on NBC1-4PSportsMortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance1-2PFightingScooby-Doo Night of 100 Frights1PPlatformerMidtown Madness 3
Rad Racer1PRacingWonder Boy1-2PPlatformerShaq-Fu1-2PFightingLotus Turbo Challenge1-2PRacingSega Worldwide Soccer 981-4PSportsDriver 21-2PRacingFIFA 641-4PSportsNFL Quarterback Club 20001-4PSportsMr Moskeeto1PActionSmuggler's Run: Warzones1-4PRacingMoto GP: Ultimate Racing Technology
RC pro-AM1PRacingWonder Boy III: The Dragons Trap1PPlatformerSim City1PBuilding SimulatorMega Bomberman1-4PActionSonic 3D: Flickies’ Island1PPlatformerDuke Nukem 3D1PFirst Person ShooterFIFA 98’1-4PSportsOuttrigger1-4PFirst Person ShooterNamco Museum: 50th Anniversary1-2PActionSonic Adventure 2 Battle1-2PAction AdventureNeed for Speed: Carbon
Robocop1PPlatformerWonder Boy in Monster Land1PPlatformerSpanky’s Quest1PActionMega SWIV1-2PShoot ‘em UpSonic Jam1-2PPlatformerDuke Nukem: Time To Kill1-2PThird Person ShooterFIFA 99’1-4PSportsPen Pen1-4PRacingNBA Street1-2PSportsSonic Adventure DX1-2PAction AdventureNeed for Speed: Most Wanted
Rush N' Attack1-2P altRun and GunWorld Class Leaderboard1-4PSportsSparkster1PAction PlatformerMega Turrican1PRun and GunSonic R1-2PRacingEhrgeiz1-2PFightingFighters Destiny1-2PFightingPhantasy Star Online1PAction RPGNeed For Speed: Hot Pursuit 21-2PRacingSonic CD (Sonic Gems Collection)1PPlatformerNight Caster II
Shadow Warriors (aka: Ninja Gaiden)1PPlatformerWorld Grand Prix1PRacingSpiderman & Venom: Maximum Carnage1PBeat ‘em UpMenacer 6 in 1 (req Menacer light gun)Light GunSoviet Strike1PShoot ‘em UpEverybody’s Golf 21-2PSportsFighting Force 641-2PBeat ‘em upPhantasy Star Online Ver.21PAction RPGOkami1PAction AdventureSonic R (Sonic Gems Collection)1-2PRacingNinja Gaiden
Shadow Warriors II: The Dark Sword of Chaos1PPlatformerWorld Soccer (Master Games 1)1-2PSportsStarWing1PShoot ‘em UpMercs1PRun and GunSpace Invaders1-2PActionExed Exes (Capcom Generations 3)1-2PShoot ‘em UpFlying Dragon1-2PFightingPower Stone1-2PFightingPaRappa The Rapper 21-2PRhythmSonic The Fighters (Sonic Gems Collection)1-2PFightingOddworld: Munch’s Oddysee
Smash TV2PShoot em' upStreet Fighter Alpha 21-2PFightingMichael Jackson's Moonwalker1-2PPlatformerSpot Goes To Hollywood1PPlatformerF.A. Manager1-2PSportsForsaken1-4PFirst Person ShooterPower Stone 21-4PFightingPenny Racers1-4PRacingSoul Calibur 21-2PFightingOddworld: Stranger’s Wrath
Snake Rattle n' roll1-2PPlatformerStreet Fighter II1-2PFightingMicro Machines 2 Turbo Tournament1-8PRacingSteep Slope Sliders1PSportsFifa 20001-2PSportsG.A.S.P!! Fighters Nextream1-2PFightingProject Justice: Rival Schools 21-2PFightingPersona 3 FES1PRPGSphinx and The Cursed Mummy1PAction AdventureOperation Winback 2: Project Poseidon
Snakes revenge1PAction Adventure/StealthStreet Fighter II Turbo1-2PFightingMicro Machines 961-4PRacingStreet Fighter Alpha1-2PFightingFifa 20011-2PSportsGauntlet Legends1-4PAction AdventureQuake III Arena1-4PFirst Person ShooterPrimal1PAction AdventureStar Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike1-2PAction / ShooterOutRun 2006 Coast 2 Coast
Solar Jetman1PShoot em' upStunt Race FX1-2PRacingMicro Machines Military1-4PRacing / CombatStreet Fighter Alpha 21-2PFightingFifa 99’1-2PSportsGex 3: Deep Cover Gecko1PPlatformingRacing Simulation 2: Monaco Grand Prix1-2PRacingPrince of Persia: The Sands of Time1PAction AdventureStar Wars: Rouge Squadron II: Rouge Leader1PAction / ShooterPainkiller: Hell Wars
Stealth ATF1-2PCombat FlightSunset Riders1-2PRun and GunMIG-29 Fighter Pilot1PFlight SimulationStreet Fighter The Movie1-2PFightingFighting Force 21-2PFightingGex 64: Enter the Gecko1PPlatformingRailroad Tycoon II1PSimulationPro Evolution Soccer 31-4PSportsStarFox Adventures1PAction AdventurePanzer Dragoon Orta
Street Gangs (aka: River City Ransom)1-2PBeat em' upSuper Aleste1PVertical ShooterMortal Kombat1-2PFightingStreet Racer1-8PRacingFinal Fantasy IX1PRPGGlover1PPlatformingRe Volt1-4PRacingPro Evolution Soccer 61-4PSportsStarFox Assault1-4PAction / ShooterPariah
Super Mario Bros.1-2P altPlatformerSuper Back To The Future II1PPlatformerMortal Kombat II1-2PFightingTempest 20001PShoot ‘em UpFisherman's Bait 31-2PSportsGoldeneye 0071-4PFirst Person ShooterReady To Rumble Boxing1-2PFightingProject Eden1-4PAction AdventureSuper Mario Sunshine1PPlatformerPredator: Concrete Jungle
Super Mario Bros. 21PPlatformerSuper Bomberman1-4PActionMs. Pac-Man1-2P altArcadeThe House of The Dead1-2PLight GunFisherman’s Bait: Bass Challenge1-2PSportsGT 64 Championship Edition1-2PRacingReady To Rumble Boxing: Round 21-2PFightingRed Dead Revolver1-4PAction AdventureSuper Monkey Ball1-4PPartyProject Gotham Racing
Super Mario Bros. 31-2P altPlatformerSuper Bomberman 21-4PActionMutant League Football1-2PSportsThe Mansion of Hidden Souls1PRPGFormula 11PRacingHercules: The Legendary Journeys1PAction AdventureRed Dog: Superior Firepower1-4PRacing / CombatResident Evil: Dead Aim1PLight GunSuper Monkey Ball 21-4PPartyProject Gotham Racing 2
Super Spike Volleyball1-4PSportSuper Castlevania IV1PPlatformerNBA All-Star Challenge1-2PSportsTheme Park1PBuilding SimulatorFormula 1 981-2PRacingHexen1-4PFirst Person ShooterResident Evil: Code Veronica1PSurvival HorrorResident Evil: Outbreak1PSurvival HorrorSuper Smash Bros. Melee1-4PFightingPsychonauts
Super Turrican1PRun and GunSuper Double Dragon1-2PBeat ‘em UpNBA Live 971-4PSportsTomb Raider1PAction PlatformerFormula One 991-2PRacingHoly Magic Century1PRPGRez1PMusic/ Rail ShooterREZ1PMusic/ Rail ShooterTales of Symphonia1PRPGReign of Fire
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles1PAction AdventureSuper Dropzone1PActionNHLPA Hockey ‘931-2PSportsTorrico1PAdventureFuture Cop L.A.P.D.1-2PThird Person ShooterHot Wheels Turbo Racing1-2PRacingSamba De Amigo1-2PMusicRidge Racer V1-2PRacingThe Hobbit1PAction AdventureReturn to Castle Wolfenstein
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles II: The Arcade Game1-2PBeat em' upSuper Mario All Stars1P/2P altPlatformerOlympic Gold1-4PSportsTrue Pinball1-8PPinballG-Police1PShooterHSV Adventure Racing1-4PRacingSamba De Amigo Ver.20001-2PMusicRocker Power Beach Bandits1-2PAction AdventureThe Legend of Zelda1PAction AdventureRobocop