GWHS Plan Summaries
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“Synergistic connections between people that drive us to the most important point or place."Ogden School District will Increase High School GRADUATION RATE to 79% by 2019; 88% by 2022
Ogden School District will Increase K-12 LITERACY PERFORMANCE to 39% by 2019; 50% by 2022
George Washington High School
School Plan Narrative
School Vision and Mission 2018-2019
Vision: To create an environment that fosters belonging, mentoring, and prepares students for post high school success.
Mission: We work daily to provide many and varied learning opportunities, to create positive student-teacher-family relationships, and to develop resilient life-long learners ready to tackle all of life’s challenges and opportunities.
Ogden School District & George Washington High School Parent Engagement Policy
*It is the policy of the board of education of Ogden City School District, in partnership with parents and families and in accordance with state and federal guidelines to establish a parent and family involvement procedural framework.
*It is the policy of the Board of Education of Ogden City School District that the district and schools coordinate with families to improve student academic rediness to learn and academic outcomes.
*It is the policy of the Board of education of Ogden City School District that the district and schools will inform all stakeholders of the parent and family involvement policy and procedures, and annually update its effectiveness.
Some examples of Parent Engagement Activities at George Washington High School are:
*We will invite guardians through the Remind app, caller, social media, and postcard to attend PTC. From 3:30-5:00 parents can meet with teachers. From 5:00 to 6:00 we will have a presentation on different items so parents may support their student better in school and to prepare for post-high training. From 6:00 to 7:00 provide dinner for the families.
*Increase the number of guardians that attend to PTC
*Counting the number of guardians
Goal #1Literacy
100% of students will read at least on a 6th grade reading level (minimum requirement for construction at the ATC). All students will read at their grade level or improve by 2 grade levels by the end of the year. 100% of ELL students will meet their personal original credit goals.
Goal #2Graduation
100% of students will hit their personal original credit earning and attendance goals.
Goal #3School Culture
Making a safe school for students; phsyically, emotionally, & intellecutally. Implement de-escalation & self regulation strateges, measured by panorama data & program evaluation study. 50 guardians will attend PTC & 100% of teachers will attend PD.
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