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Grouse Moor EstateRegion/areaAcreageCAP payments (2014)CAP payments (2016)OwnerAristocracy Y/NNotesMapped?
Abbeystead - Grosvenor EstateForest of Bowland23,000£7,227£57,228Trustees of the 4th Duke of Westminster's 1964 Settlement (Grosvenor Estate)YCAP payment data: Source of land area figure = CAP payment figure may include estate land outside grouse moors.Yes
Allendale EstatesNorth Pennines8,000£58,352£45,934Allendale Estate / Allendale 1949 Settlement - Lord Allendale.YNews article states West Allenheads grouse moor is 8,000 acres: Website for the estate: CAP payments the sum of 3 rows registered by Allendale Settled Estates.Yes
Appleby Castle Grouse MoorNorth Pennines8,030£3,749£7,477Trustees of Appleby Castle Grouse Moors?
Barningham & Holgate EstateNorth Pennines7,000£3,981£39,087Was previously Sir Anthony Milbank, first chairman of the Moorland Association, who recently died; unclear who now ownsNSource of land area figure from their business website ('Oven Ready Grouse') -
Baysdale EstateNorth York Moors3,873£173,157£206,436.82Viscount BoyneYBurwarton Estates Company Ltd. See and Acreage derived from measuring INSPIRE polygon covering moor.Yes
Birkdale grouse moorNorth Pennines4,126Not knownNot knownOughtred family (see title deed)NInheritors of family food business. Bought land titles to these polygons. Measured INSPIRE polygons to obtain acreage.Yes
Blanchland EstateNorth Pennines (Co Durham)7,000None registeredNone registeredLord CreweYSource of land area figure - Two grouse moors mentioned here:
Bleasdale EstateForest of Bowland6,000Not known£17,313.10Duckworth familyN"There is a grouse moor of 6,000-plus acres" - Ownership details - CAP payments registered to "The Bleasdale Estate" near Preston, Lancs. Located to the south of Abbeystead Estate near Oakenclough.No
Bollihope EstateNorth Pennines12,600None registeredNone registeredSheikh of DubaiNBollihope Moor is registered to Arago Ltd of 42 Lowndes Street, London, SW1X 9HX - the base for various of the Sheikh of Dubai's UK companies. For more on how it is owned by the royal family of Dubai, see this thesis: Hat tip to Greenpeace Investigations team for flagging up link between Arago Ltd and Dubai royals. Though I can discover no CAP subsidy going specifically to the landowner for Bollihope moor, the Sheikh of Dubai is a large CAP recipient for his other landholdings in Scotland and Newmarket, registered under SMECH properties and Godolphin stud.Yes
Bolton Abbey EstateYorkshire Dales 13,500£193,033£139,708The Duke of DevonshireYDuke of Devonshire, Peregrine Andrew Morny. Total Bolton Abbey Estate is 30,000 acres, grouse moors comprise 13,500 acres - source: CAP payments are from 2 entries for Trustees of the Chatsworth Settlement, recorded as being based in Skipton; excludes payments to Chatsworth Settlement clearly related to Chatsworth Estate in Derbyshire - see separate entry for grouse moor there.Yes
Bolton Castle EstateYorkshire Dales5,000£143,524£183,547Lord H A N BoltonYSource of land area figure:
Bonfield, Bilsdale & Bloworth MoorsNorth York Moors9,908Not knownNot knownSir Richard Gervase Beckett, Baronet, QC; James Ian Leslie Melville; and Benedict John Warrack, care of Bond Dickinson LLP.YWith other properties, valued at over £1m in 2006. Sir Richard Beckett is a Baronet and a non-executive director at Wetherspoons.Yes
Bowes Moor EstateNorth Pennines11,095Not knownBowes Moor HLS: £228,401.06Alexander Yew (named in title deed)NAcreage comes from measuring ES polygons. See also:
BroomheadPeak District4,237Not knownNot knownNot known?Central grid ref: SK219953. Agri recipient: Broomhead Estate Farms (Ben Rimmington-Wilson)No
Buckton MoorPeak District3,500Not known£303,512Enville & Stalybridge EstatesNThe Saddleworth Moor fire of July 2018 started on Buckton Moor. Enville & Stalybridge Estates website: Land title for Buckton Moor is registered to Alexandra Diane Williams of Enville and Stalybridge Estates in Stourbridge. DEFRA CAP payments website records payments in 2016 to 'Mrs AD Williams, T/A Enville Estate Farms', in Stourbridge, of £303,511.81.Yes
BurnsideNorthumberland7,190Not knownPayments claimed by Duke for all of his extensive landholdings - difficult to separate out for grouse moors aloneDuke of Northumberland YSource: I have assumed Burnside refers to the Duke's other large area of grouse moor besides Linhope, which is out in the middle of Kielder; it's shown as being a recipient of farm subsidies via Percy Farms; the ES polygon was measured to obtain the acreage. Ralph Percy, Duke of Northumberland, has multiple companies running his estates, a number of which claim farm subsidies - check Hotspur Land 2007 Ltd (subsidiary of Northumberland Estates), Alnwick Nominees Co Ltd., Percy Farming Company Ltd, Percy Northern Estates Ltd, Percy Southern Estates LtdYes
Caldbergh MoorNidderdale1,500Not known£63,953.84Caldbergh Moor Shooting Enterprise - James Harrison-Topham?NShown in CAP payments, and on ES maps - DL8, Leyburn. Acreage obtained by measuring ES polygon. In the ES payments map data, the contact given is "". Googling this email address brings up James Richard Jarratt Harrison-Topham (see who is this director of various investment firms:
Catlin EstatesNorth Pennines3,607£16,610£78,556Catlin Family?Acreage from INSPIRE polygon. See also:
ChatsworthPeak DistrictOverall estate is said to be 35,000 acres, unclear how big grouse moor isNot knownNot knownDuke of Devonshire, Cavendish familyYOverall estate is said to be 35,000 acres, unclear how big grouse moor is. See andNo
Coldharbour MoorPeak District2,195Not knownNot knownNot known?Central grid ref: SK077934. Agri recipient: Mossy Lea Farm LLPNo
Coombes MossPeak District1,275Not known£64,678Harris & Sheldon Group LtdNHarris & Sheldon Group are a fishing, shooting & property firm, and state on their website that they own a grouse moor in Derbyshire: On Companies House, Harris & Sheldon Group Ltd is run & owned by what appears to be 4 members of the Miller family: Harris & Sheldon Group are recipients of ES payments: the acreage of the grouse moor has been obtained by measuring the ES map polygon. Total CAP payments 2016 from DEFRA CAP payments website. Central grid ref: SK051767.Yes
Cotherstone EstateNorth Pennines6,000£40,489£61,697Cotherstone Estate Partnership - Henry Merton HendersonYLand title registered to 'The Cotherstone Estate Partnership, The Estate Office,
West Woodhay House, West Woodhay, Newbury RG20 0BS.' No entry on Companies House for 'Cotherstone Estate Partnership', but other firms at registered address (and mention of name in land title) point to Henry Merton Henderson (descendent of baronets and marquesses, see See also evidence submitted by Cotherstone Estate to Parliamentary debate on grouse shooting, Oct 2016; also
Crag EstatePeak District6,500Not knownNone registeredEarl of DerbyYSource of acreage figure: See also evidence submitted to Parliamentary grouse shooting inquiry, Oct 2016, which states the estate to be slightly larger at over 7,000 acres. George Osborne moved close to Crag Hall in 2013: See Highways Act s31.6 landowner sdeposit map, and ES maps (which relate to a tenant farmer in recipient of ES payments, but approximate to the boundary of the estate). (ES maps do seem to be rather smaller than claimed acreages, however - more like 2,800 acres?)Yes
Croglin MoorNorth Pennines4,324£37,467£41,624David Michael William HodgkissNOwnership attested to by land title. CAP payments entry is for D M W Hodgkiss, registered in Cockermouth. Formerly owned by the Croglin Estate Co Ltd, run by Martin George & Michael George, who sold it to take up Stanhope Moor instead. A recent blog about a day's shooting at Croglin, mentioning David Hodgkiss as the owner, is here:
Dallowgill EstatesNidderdale8,000£68,810£100,788Simon & Carolyn BostockNSource of land area figure: Near Otley. Companies House identifies the two directors of Dallowgill Estate Management - and the two persons of significant control - to be Simon and Carolyn Bostock: Measuring ES map polygons for Dallowgill Estates and Dallowgill Moor Graziers Association gives a slightly smaller figure of 5,802 acres, but the ES payments are unlikely to cover the full estate.Yes
Danby MoorNorth York Moors10,500Not knownDanby Moors ESS Partnership: £328,851.78. Danby Moors Farming: £29,378.50Dawnay Estates - Viscount DowneYAcreage figure from evidence submitted by Dawnay Estate to Parliamentary grouse shooting inquiry, Oct 2016; also stated on estate's website: Dawnay Estates Ltd on Companies House:
East Allenheads & MuggleswickNorth Pennines (two locations)26,000£132,526£145,288Hermann M & E Estate - Jeremy Herrmann, businessman (Ferrox Capital) owns both grouse moors (land title held by 'Muggleswick Estate Ltd' of which Herrmann is a director)NAcreage of Muggleswick & East Allenheads said to be around 13,000 acres each: CAP payments clearly for East Allenheads & Muggleswick Estates. See also Mr Hermann has come in for some trouble with HMRC over EIS relief for his grouse moors:
East ArkengarthdaleYorkshire Dales8,475Not knownEast Arkengarthdale Commons Committee in 2016 got £156,066.35, but this is clearly a shepherding partnership.Offshore firm Dale Ltd, registered in LichtensteinNAgri recipient: E A L & A I L Torstenson (Shaw Farm). East Arkengarthdale is managed by Farmoor Services Ltd: see landowner deposit map deposited under s31.6 of the Highways Act 1980, but doesn't state ultimate landowner. However, Private Eye's offshore map data & Land Registry land titles show it to be owned by offshore firm, Dale Ltd, registered in Lichtenstein.Yes
Egton EstateNorth York Moors4,995£70,681£121,812Oliver Charles FosterNSee Been in Foster family since 1869. Inherited by Olly Foster in 2014. Acreage of heather moorland cited on website and in evidence submitted by Egton Estate to Parliamentary inquiry on grouse shooting, Oct 2016. DEFRA CAP payments data records 2016 entry as being registered to "O C Foster T/A Egton Estate". Yes
EyamPeak District778Not knownNot knownNot known?Central grid ref: SK223788. Agri recipient: T C Wain & SonsNo
Featherstone EstateNorth Pennines (Northumberland, bordering Eden)8,000None registeredNone registeredFeatherstone Estate Ltd; unclear who ultimate owner is. ?Land area is approximate calculation from GIS data (drawing around multiple land parcels). Sold off neighbouring Knarsdale grouse moor in 2002Yes
Gisborough EstateNorth York Moors3,460Not knownLord Gisborough Farms: £89,278.37Baron GisboroughYBaron Gisborough's total estate thought to be around 8,246 acres, going by landowner deposite maps (Highways Act s31.6). Map shows just area thought to be grouse moor. See also
Goyt's MossPeak District3,113Not knownNot knownUnited UtilitiesNPart of United Utilities' Peak District estate, as shown on map in their Sustainable Catchment Management Programme 10-yr monitoring report, see here: Acreage calculated from polygon areas. Central grid ref: SK020742. Yes
Grimwith EstateNidderdale7,289£136,166£147,567John Alexander Yorke & Charles Scrope Edward YorkeYCAP payment incorrectly recorded for 'Grimworth Estate', but clearly registered in same area. Land title registered to the Yorkes. More on the history of the Yorke family here: - squirearchy/ gentry rather than aristocracy, but still an old family.Yes
Grinton EstateNorth Pennines5,461£32,539£101,658Earl PeelYYes
Gunnerside EstateNorth Pennines26,020£64,233.51£100,632.00OFFSHORE: Gunnerside Estates Ltd registered in British Virgin Islands. Owned by Robert Warren Miller, American-born British billionaire who made his wealth from duty-free shops. NCould be as large as 36,000 acres according to some reports (e.g. - one of the largest sporting estates in the country. For more on Robert Miller, see
Hartside MoorCumbria1,500Not knownNot knownGrant Rowley, of Rowley EstatesNSee - cites moor being 1,500 acres and Grant Rowley owning it as a 'family grouse moor'...No
Hawnby & Arden EstateNorth York Moors7,085£165,756 - Mexborough ESS partnershipMexborough ESS Partnership: £24,927.78. Methley Estates (Holdings) Ltd: £179,674.74Earl of MexboroughYPart of the Mexborough Estate, owned by John Christopher George Savile, Earl of Mexborough. Companies involved in: Methley Trustees; SIFTON PRAED AND COMPANY Ltd; METHLEY ESTATES (HOLDINGS) Ltd; ARDEN FARM Ltd - See also evidence submitted to Parliamentary grouse shooting inquiry, Oct 2016. Area of estate derived from measuring area of INSPIRE polygons. This document suggests the Hawnby & Arden Estate overall is 14,000 acres, and that heather moorland is 6,000 acres of it:
Helbeck EstateNorth Pennines / Cumbria4,500Not knownPayments to 'A J Blackett-Ord' and 'Mrs R Blackett-Ord', both in Penrith, Cumbria, sum to £73,511.54.Ben Blackett-OrdNSee, which states the land over which they shoot to be 4,500 acres. Firms that Ben Blackett-Ord involved with: The Eis Association Ltd, Bovill Consulting. "The Helbeck Estate is situated just north of Brough, on the A66, in Cumbria. Address: High Helbeck, Greena, North Stainmore, Cumbria, CA17 4EA"No
Heyshaw Moor EstateNidderdale2,173£117,442£107,755Trustees of Heyshaw Moor Estate?Recorded in Defra CAP data and on ES maps but unable to find out more about ultimate owners from these, nor via Google. Near Ilkley.Yes
High MoorPeak District790Not known£65,409Richard & Anne May, Lionlike LtdNCentral grid ref: SJ970695. ES payment recipient is Lionlike Limited, whose owners are Richard and Anne May: Acreage obtained by measuring ES map polygon.Yes
Hope WoodlandsPeak District8,876Not knownNot knownNational TrustNMost recent lease document for Hope Woodlands confirming it's still being used for grouse shooting, and stating area: Hope Woodlands comprises 8,876 acres, with four main blocks: Ashop Moor (4,056 acres); Birchin Lee (1,473 acres); Derwent & Howden Moor (2,159 acres); and Ronksley Moor (1,145 acres).Yes
Hurst & Chunal MoorsPeak District2,304Not knownNot knownNot known?Central grid ref: SK061924. Agri recipient: Hurst & Chunal MoorsNo
Ilkley MoorWest Yorkshire2,891Not knownNot knownBradford Council, previously shooting leased to Bingley Moor PartnershipNOnly municipally owned grouse moor in England. Council voted to ban grouse shooting on the moor in January 2018: For more about Ilkley see Acreage obtained by measuring ES map polygon.Yes
Jervaulx EstateNidderdale2,378£84,753£107,347Marquess of DownshireY"Excellent shoot, bordering Swinton and Bolton estates. Productive 2,300-acre grouse moor and good dales partridge and pheasant. Imaginative use of valleys, hills and game crops for quality shooting. Owned by Marquess of Downshire - head keeper is Kevin Jobling. Mixture of private days and repeat bookings. Cancellation offers only hope of booking." - On Environmental Stewardship maps, 'The Downshire 1992 Settlement' receives money for land that appears to be around Jervaulx moor. The Marquess also receives CAP payments for some of his other lands at Clifton Castle, but these have not been counted here.Yes
Keasden MoorForest of Bowland2,742Not knownNot knownIngleborough Estate - Executors of the will of John Ansen FarrerNSee land title. John Farrer inherited the 10,000 acre Ingleborough Estate in 1953 and managed it until his death in 2014: The grouse moor acreage has been calculated by measuring the area of the INSPIRE polygon that covers grouse moor on the Forest of Bowland; presumably the Ingleborough Estate also extends onto neighbouring farmland.Yes
KepwickNorth York Moors2,500Not known£46,735.02Alex Digby Guthe. Leased to Sir Rocco Giovanni Forte. NSee and Acreage figure: 'Kepwick Farms Ltd' in Land Registry Corporate & Commercial data, FOI response 2015. CAP payments registered to 'A D Guthe', in Thirsk, YO7 - nearby town. Kepwick Estate Ltd and Kepwick Farms Ltd - one of Directors is Alex Digby Guthe: (Sir Rocco Forte, a British hotelier, has 26 active directorships including the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the United Kingdom and the Sir Rocco Forte ltd. chain of hotels. An interview with Sir Rocco Forte, including on how he thinks tax is too high in the UK:
Knarsdale EstateNorth Pennines2,107£28,551£215,841OFFSHORE: Knarsdale Estates Ltd, owned by Whitwham Farm Holdings, registered in Jersey. Beneficiaries are two US businessmen who bought the estate for £6m in 2013.NYes
Knipe MoorNorth Pennines3,607£20,260£11,585Sackville-Tuftons - Baron Hothfield and familyYCAP payment registered under 'Messrs Tufton'. Land title registered to 'Edward Philip Sackville Tufton, Nicholas William Sackville Tufton, and Anthony Charles Sackville Tufton.' The Sackville-Tuftons (as Barons of Hothfield) have had a longstanding landed interest in this part of the country, and previously owned Appleby Castle (listed elsewhere in this database). See and
Lamb Hill, Whitendale & Croasdale MoorsForest of Bowland5,473Not knownNot knownUnited UtilitiesNSee 2010 letting brochure for the three grouse moors, which shows them to be owned by United Utilities and states the combined acreage: Whitendale is also shown on map in their Sustainable Catchment Management Programme 10-yr monitoring report, see here:
Langsett MoorsPeak District3,187Not knownNot knownNot known?Central grid ref: SK181999. Agri recipient: Ladycross MoorNo
Lilburn EstateNorthumberland14,678£1,641,563£1,550,699Lilburn Estates Farming Partnership. Owned by Duncan Davidson, founder of Persimmon HomesNArea of land calculated from Environmental Stewardship polygons. Maps deposited with council under Highways Act (1980) show estate to be larger still.Yes
Linhope EstateNorthumberland12,000Not knownPayments claimed by Duke for all of his extensive landholdings - difficult to separate out for grouse moors aloneDuke of Northumberland / Duke's brother, Lord James PercyYAcreage sourced from: See also
Lonsdale EstateCumbria9,000Not knownNot knownHugh Lowther, 8th Earl of LondsdaleYEntire area of Lonsdale Estates is said to 30,000 acres: Estimated size of grouse moor 9,000 acres, from roughly measuring polygons of ES payments. Cross-checked with maps taken from Public Rights of Way declarations. Family has owned estate for nearly a thousand years.Yes
MiddlesmoorNidderdale3,459Not knownOn Defra CAP payments search, 'Ramsden S H' of Harrogate, HG3, got £77,403.28 in 2016. 'SH Ramsden & AJ Hattan Gaitholders', also of Harrogate HG3, got £69,011.95 in 2016.Stephen Hesketh Ramsden and Benjamin John Ramsden NOwners listed on land title. Stephen Hesketh Ramsden is Director of a grouse shooting and a pheasant shooting business: Acreage obtained by measuring INSPIRE polygon.Yes
Midhope MoorsPeak District2,471Not known£4,187.66Dan Richmond Watson, Wakefield EstatesNDan Richmond Watson, Wakefield Estates/ Wakefield Farms Ltd. Listed in Ethical Consumer report on grouse. See this blog by Mark Avery with maps showing the location of Midhope Moor: CAP payments registed to 'D F Wakefield Estate Limited' in Derby DE1, ie near the Peak District. Acreage of Midhope Moor = measured ES polygon registered to Wakefield Farms, corresponds to the location in the planning application maps on Mark Avery's blog.Yes
Moscar & DerwentPeak District6,049Not knownSee Duke of Rutland CAP.Duke of RutlandYAgri recipient: N & J & S Taylor. Central grid ref: SK199889. Moscar Moor owned by Duke of Rutland:
Mossdale EstateNorth Pennines3,731£54,741£226,994Mossdale Estate Partnership - Van Cutsem familyNRaptor persecution, illegal traps set, manager given police caution - see Mark Avery blog:
Newbiggin EstateNorth Pennines7,190£20,919£11,450Daphne Elizabeth Scott-HardenNAlso James Scott-Harden, on the Moorland Association board:
Park HallPeak District1,611Not knownNot knownNational TrustNMost recent lease document for Park Hall confirming it's still being used for grouse shooting, and stating area to be 652 hectares, ie 1,611 acres: See also Mark Avery's blog about this here: Yes
PeaknazePeak District3,237Not knownNot knownUnited UtilitiesNUnited Utilities land, shown on map in their Sustainable Catchment Management Programme 10-yr monitoring report, see here: Aerial imagery clearly shows driven grouse moor management taking place. Central grid ref: SK065963. Tenant farmer in receipt of CAP: D Naylor Yes
Raby EstatesNorth Pennines30,000£247,626None registered under 'Raby Estates' in 2016 (and figure for 2015 was £46k so clearly big drop from 2014 data). However 'Raby Farms' (Darlington) in 2016 received £683,579.Raby Estates - Lord BarnardYMapped polygons span 18k acres, identified from INSPIRE, land titles & some environmental stewardship polygons. Source of 30k land area figure: See also CAP figure is for entire Raby Estate (2 entries), which likely runs beyond grouse moors, but sporting estates clearly major part of estate. For more on the Barnard barony, see
Ramsgill Estate Nidderdale2,354Not known£66,526.71James BriggsN"Just above Pateley Bridge is this very nice private shoot owned by James Briggs. An area better known for grouse, but offering good quality pheasant shooting. There is another similar shoot up the same valley." See also evidence submitted to Parliamentary grouse shooting inquiry, Oct 2016. Land title lists 'JAMES HENRY CURRER BRIGGS, RICHARD MARTIN NUTTALL GILLIBRAND and ANDREW ROBERT CROSS as Trustees of the J. A. C. Briggs Settlement'. CAP payments registered to 'JHC Briggs' in Leyton, a town to the north of Nidderdale AONB. Also shows up on ES maps. Acreage derived from measuring Environmental Stewardship polygon.Yes
Reeth EstateNorth Pennines5,140£54,672£44,900OFFSHORE: Farmland Investments Ltd, care of Kleinwort Benson Trustees Ltd, based in Guernsey. Estate Office in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire - also base of Reeth Sporting Society, recipients of CAP payments.?Measured INSPIRE polygons; corroborated boundary against Highways Act s31.6 landowner depositYes
Scargill EstateNorth Pennines4,470None registeredNone registeredAppears to be owned by a Christian charity, but grouse moors still operateNMore information on the Scargill Estate: ES payment maps suggest Trustees of J M Guthrie control it?Yes
Shieldhill TopNorth Pennines4,200£12,178.33£62,686.00The Honourable Mrs Charlotte Anne Townshend, ex-High Sheriff of Dorset YCAP payment registered under 'The Honourable Mrs Townshend'Yes
Snailsden MoorPeak District2,023Not knownNot knownYorkshire WaterNBelongs to Yorkshire Water - see this map of YW land: Central grid ref: SE132030Yes
SnilesworthNorth York Moors6,500Not knownNot knownFormerly Viscount Ingleby, who died in 2008 - current owner unclearY?See but also Acreage of 6,500 acres sourced from
South Walden MoorYorkshire Dales1,248Not knownNot knownSaudi Prince Khalid Abdullah - owned via Insite Developments Ltd, offshore firmNMapped using Private Eye offshore maps; measured polygon to obtain acreage. Insite Developments registered in Guernsey, bought land here in 2008 for £1.5m. But it transpires that Insite Developments is ultimately owned by Saudi Prince Khalid Abdullah, who also owns the Fairlawne Estate in Kent, and the Juddmonte Farms horseracing stud in Newmarket (amongst other places).Yes
Spaunton MoorNorth York Moors7,000Unclear, see notesUnclear, see notesGeorge Winn-Darley (sits on Moorland Association board)NFigure for acreage of Spaunton Moor Estate: Re George Winn-Darley, see DEFRA CAP payments website lists HLS payments to Spaunton Common of £188,997 in 2014 and £180,536 in 2016, but unclear whether this went to tenant farmers or the estate directly.Yes
Stanhope MoorNorth Pennines5,658None registeredNone registeredWhitworth Holdings - Martin George, businessman NMartin George with his brother formed Whitworth Bros, the baking, milling & cereal firm, which used to make Weetabix. See
Strathmore English EstatesNorth Pennines 11,169£301,747£279,609Strathmore English Estates - Earl of StrathmoreYEarl of Strathmore has other landholdings in Scotland and CAP payments from Scottish govtYes
StrinesPeak District3,527Not knownNot knownSir Philip Naylor Leyland, Baronet (part of Wentworth Estate)YCentral grid ref: SK211908. ES payment maps. For more on Sir Philip, who is worth £160m and also owns land in Malton, North Yorkshire:,_4th_Baronet No
Swinton EstateNidderdale9,000£225,008£111,052.89Lord Masham, Cunliffe-Lister familyYAcreage figure from evidence submitted by Swinton Estate to Parliamentary grouse shooting inquiry, Oct 2016. Near Ripon.Yes
Thimbleby EstateNorth York Moors1,334Not known£106,158.84Andrew & Andrea ShelleyNAcreage of grouse moor is stated to be 1,334 acres, with total Thimbleby Estate covering 2,633 acres - CAP payment to Thimbleby Farms Ltd - Mapped using Environmental Stewardship payment maps. Andrea Shelley is the daughter of Sir Ken Morrison, founder of Morrison's Supermarkets - Yes
Thurlstone MoorPeak District1,349Not knownNot knownYorkshire WaterNBelongs to Yorkshire Water - see this map of YW land: Central grid ref: SE165012. Yes
Ughill MoorsPeak District646Not knownNot knownNot known?Central grid ref: SK237891. Agri recipient: J E B & S WhiteNo
Upper Low Shaw - Simonstone Moor Yorkshire Dales4,126Not knownNot knownEdward Johnson (solicitor in Hawes) and Ashwicken Sporting LLP NBought land title. Registered owners: Edward Richard Dawson Johnson, David Gordon Jackson & Ashwicken Sporting LLP. Price paid said to be £1m in 2016. Acreage obtained by measuring INSPIRE polygon.Yes
Walshaw Moor EstateNear Hebden Bridge8,525£275,584£272,036Walshaw Moor Estate Ltd - Richard BannisterNAcreage is from Environmental Stewardship polygon area. Natural England tried to take him to court but dropped case. Bought in 2002 for £1.9million. Land area figure based on Environment Stewardship polygon areaYes
Wath EstatesNidderdale1,492£23,537£39,215Unknown.?Near Harrogate. Wath Estates Limited appears to have been dissolved: Acreage calculated by measuring ES polygon. Yes
Weardale & EgglestoneNorth Pennines10,024£303,678£438,357Weardale Estates Ltd - own land at Allenheads and Egglestone. Owned by Michael Stone, former City banker, who bought 4,300 acres of the land from the Forestry Commission in 1984.NArea of Priorsdale Moor = 3,237 acres; Allenheads = 2,068 acres; Egglestone Moor = 4,719. See also and
Wemmergill EstateNorth Pennines15,676£291,698£272,664Wemmergill Estates LLP - Michael Cannon, multi-millionaire former poultry farmer who made his fortune from the pub trade. Bought for £4.6m from the Earl of Strathmore in 2006, who still owns land to the northNCould be 17,000 acres according to news reports. Taken to court by English Nature in 2009 pleaded guility and fined £50k for building a road through a SSSI without permission:
Wessenden Head MoorPeak District3,410Not knownNot knownYorkshire WaterNBelongs to Yorkshire Water - see this map of YW land: Central grid ref: SE81066.Yes
West ArkengarthdaleYorkshire Dales8,846Not knownNot knownDuke of Norfolk (possibly jointly with Dutch farming syndicate)YLand title for the moor is registered to the Duke of Norfolk. This website states the owner to be the Duke of Norfolk: see and - which states the moor is owned jointly by the Duke and a Dutch shooting syndicate.Yes
Westerdale & RosedaleNorth York Moors9,530Not knownNot knownDavid Ross, founder of Carphone WarehouseNBought by David Ross, co-founder of Carphone Warehouse, in 2008 for £14m. Sold in 2007 by Brigadier Tim Landon who was instrumental in a British-backed coup in Oman in 1970, and who became one of the wealthiest people in Britain off Omani oil money. Acreage obtained by measuring INSPIRE polygons.Yes
Wheeldale, Howl & Goathland MoorsNorth York Moors5,000Not knownGoathland Moor East Partnership: £130,078.25. Goathland Moor West Partnership: £91,410.45. However, this doesn't flow directly to the Duchy.Duchy of LancasterY (Crown)Upland grazing and grouse shooting form the majority of the tenanted interests': See also - "The Duchy of Lancaster has re-let its extensive grouse moor at Goathland on a long-term improving lease to be managed by specialist moorland agents, BH Sporting. The two grouse moors, which extend to nearly 5,000 acres..."Yes
Whitewell EstateForest of Bowland450Not knownDifficult to separate out from overall payments to Duchy of Lancaster for £37,858.58, registered at Corbridge near Hexham, Northumberland.Duchy of LancasterY (Crown)The Duchy's Whitewell Estate as a whole covers around 5,000 acres, but is mostly farmland and forestry. My figure of 450 acres is based on measuring the part of their land parcel that clearly covers driven grouse moor. Whitwell Estate land parcels taken from Lancs County Council's Highways Act landowner deposit register.Yes
Whitfield EstateNorth Pennines/ Northumberland7,500Not knownNot knownNot known?See Possibly related to the Blackett-Ords who also own Helbeck Estate (q.v.), see
Whorlton MoorNorth York Moors5,612Not knownNot knownThe Honourable Fiona Catherine Horton, Sir Josslyn Henry Robert Gore-Booth, and Catherine Mary Wardroper.YFiona Horton, nee Peake, is daughter of 2nd Viscount Ingleby. Gore-Booth is a baronet.Yes
Woodhead MoorsPeak District3,576Not knownNot knownNot known?Central grid ref: SK107986. Agri recipient: Woodhead Farms (Paul Hallam)No