Worship Planning Spreadsheet 2017-18
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DatePreacherSermon TitleNewsletter blurb [SPECIAL NOTES]LiturgistSoundBMODMoment for All AgesReadingMusic blurbAcc. (Sing)ƒ"Prelude" (Composer) [Performer]"Sp. Music #1" (Composer) [Performer]"Sp. Music #2" (Composer) [Performer]"Joys etc." (Composer) [Performer]"Offertory" (Composer) [Performer]HymnsBandRE BlurbDRENurserySpirit Play TeacherSpirit Play DoorkeeperYUUTHFlowersCoffeeGreetersSanc.RE ad.RE ch.Visitors
WORLD RELIGIONS7-JanAijaFresh Start?On this first Sunday of the New Year we ask: Can we ever really begin anew?Christin KappCathy DewaltMoeAfter the Fall: How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again, Dan SantatUnexpected New Year, David S. BlanchardMusic Director David M. Glasgow provides wintry service music from and inspired by the great George Winston.David5"Walking in the Air" (Howard Blake)"Building the Snowman" (Howard Blake)"Reflection" (George Winston)101, 120DRE Emily will lead kids in an activity for creating New Year's Resolutions based on our UU principlesEmilyAnnEmilyMary Lynn/NancyMikki Williams in memory of her brother Jim williamsLunch LoversBee, Tony, KassSnowSnowSnow
14-JanAijaTake My HandWho do we reach out to? Whose hands are we waiting to hold? On this Martin Luther King Jr. Sunday we ask how it is that we build relationships with new people and communities.Gisela RoethkeMary Lynn LynchMichele BurtonThis is Not My Hat, Jon KlassenMusic Director David M. Glasgow is joined by the UUCV Choir in sharing contemporary arrangements of powerful spirituals that helped fuel the American Civil Rights movement.David6"Jesus, Take My Hand" (Calvin Taylor)Hold On (arr. Uzee Brown, Jr.) [CHOIR]"Precious Lord" (arr. Nathan Carter) [CHOIR]"Poor Mourner Got a Home At Las'" (arr. Calvin Taylor)"Every Time I Feel the Spirit" (arr. Calvin Taylor)1038, 1045Jen Henry will teach a story called Crow BoyEmilyAnnJen Henryn/aLunch LoversConnie, Bev, Sue, Amy, Phoebe120415
21-JanAijaSnappsy the Alligator Didn't Ask to Be in This Book (MG?)How do we understand other people's expectations of us?Julie HamPam WengerPaula Terry"Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book)" (Julie Falatko)David1[Pat Spader]"William's Doll" (Sheldon Harnick & Mary Rodgers)"Bein' Green" (Joe Raposo)"Everything Is Beautiful" (Ray Stevens)1053, 311MGEmilyAnnMary Lynn/NancyLunch LoversJim Kit, Gail10722
28-JanChristin KappWith a Capital TIs it possible to proclaim the truth of your own faith and at the same time agree that other religiouns are also valid paths to the truth?Dot EverhartCathy DewaltSharon MoyeDavid2"I Know the Truth" (Elton John)"No One Is Alone" (Stephen Sondheim)"No One Is Alone" (arr. Fred Hersch)"How Could I Ever Know?" (Marsha Norman & Lucy Simon)Reverend Aija will teach "The Wise People and the Elephant" in Spirit PlayEmilyHeather Woodward and Dianne DusmanAijaMichael Wychan/aCathy DewaltLunch LoversChar, Kass, Tony
HUMANISM4-FebAijaPossibilityWhen you don't need faith.Molly WilkinsonDeb StilleDick PolandMarc131, 1022Char and Gail - animal activityEmilyAnn Midgely and Courtney WileyChar and Gailn/aSue HimesKim, Rita, Laura RGail, Sue, Connie
11-FebAijaMardi Gras (MG) Throw Me Something MisterAt Mardi Gras parades people run along the sides of floats, calling up for the riders to "Throw me something Mister!" What are they expecting to receive. And why do they think they will receive it?Christin KappCathy DewaltMary Lynn LynchDavid3"Iko Iko" (Rosa Lee Hawkins, Barbara Ann Hawkins, Joan Marie Johnson, Joe Jones, Maralyn Jones, Sharon Jones, & Jessie Thomas) [CHOIR]108, 1010, 1050Kayla Keating, reeds; Brandon Leckemby, trumpet; Allen Roth, bass; Dani Fiore, percussionMGEmilyAnnn/an/aCarolyn CassDeb, RitaKit, Bee, Jim
18-FebAijaA Needed HopeAt the turn of the last centurty a group of leading theologians, intellectuals and scientists came out with the Humanist Manifesto. Why was it so needed?Michele BurtonWendy GebbMichele BurtonDavid4"Imagine" (John Lennon, arr. Louis Landon)"You Raise Me Up" (Rolf Lovland & Brendan Graham, arr. Albert Mendoza)"Bridge over Troubled Water" (Paul Simon)374 &378 & 380?, 93Mike Wycha will teach the Spirit Play Story "How Joe the Bear and Sam the Mouse Got Together" and explore the question, can we find something in common with everyone?Kristen MarkleyAnnMichael WychaHeather WoodwardKim, Wndy, Carol DKass, Tony, Char
25-FebDick Poland17 GenerationsFrom the first slave delivery in 1609 to the present, we will look at 17 generations of slavery, perseverance, performance and ingenuity - in celebrating Black History Month
[Not for Newsletter Note: Fire Drill]
Cathy DewaltBev Ayers-NachamkinThe UUCV Choir sings a contemporary arrangement of an African-American spiritual, and Music Director David M. Glasgow provides service music all composed, arranged, and edited by black American musicians of various generations.David5"Off-Beat Shorty" (Hale Smith)"Hold On" (arr. Uzee Brown, Jr.) [CHOIR]"Tender Thought" (Ulysses Kay)"Ticklin' Toes" (Florence B. Price)Jen Henry will teach a Spirit Play Story in honor of Black History Month: "Lewis Latimer's Bright Idea"EmilyDianne DusmanJen HenryDeb, Carol, LauraAmy, Kit
EARTH-CENTERED4-MarAijaWhy do Goddesses have names?What does it mean to have a personified diety? /embodiment, spirituality in our bodies
[Not for Newsletter Note: SCRT 10-minute presentation]
Deb StilleSharon MoyeDavid691, 97Char and Gail will do a special activity about BEARSEmilyAnnChar and Gailn/aMikki Williams in memory of her brother, Jimmy, lost in Vietnam 50 years agoMax LaraBev, Connie, Sue
11-MarAijaPlace MattersWhere we plant our feet matters. And when we change our place, sometimes we change our faith.Gisela RoethkeCathy DewaltDick PolandCarole317, 1038Laura Powers will teach a Spirit Play Story called "Stone Soup," about the value of sharing and communityAnnLaura PowersHeather WoodwardGail, Amy, Kit
18-MarAijaIn Balance (Ostara)As we come upon the Spring equinox, we ask, what does it mean to be in balance?Rachel Teates/Kathy EllisPam WengerMoeDavid1"Both Sides Now" (Joni Mitchell, arr. John Coates, Jr.) [CHOIR]Jen Henry will tell a Spirit Play story called "The Great Kapok Tree," about having respect for animals and trees EmilyAnn Midgely and Kristen MarkleyJen HenryMichael WychaCathy DewaltKass, Tony, Char
25-Mar?Something animaly (MG)Cathy DewaltMary Lynn LynchDavid2[Pat Spader]MGEmilyAnn Midgely and Dianne Dusmann/an/a
TRANSCENDENCE1-AprAijaChrist Without Easter/Easter Without ChristHow do we imagine an unresurrected Christ? How do we imagine Easter without Jesus?Christin KappAdrian WolfbergDavid3"Jesus" (Chad Cates, Ronnie Freeman, & Dan Muckala, arr. DMG) [CHOIR]"Jesus…" (Rich Mullins, arr. DMG) [CHOIR]Char and Gail - activity with bunnies!EmilyAnn Midgely and Heather WoodwardChar and Gailn/a
8-AprAijaPascha (MG) The Power of remaining obscureWhat does it mean to be passed over? When is it a good thing to be ignored?Cathy DewaltTony MatyasMarcMGEmilyAnn Midgely and Courtney Wileyn/an/a
15-AprAijaA New FutureWhere are we going?Michele Burton/Kathy EllisMary Lynn LynchMoeDavid4"Something's Coming" (Stephen Sondheim/Leonard Bernstein, arr. DMG) [CHOIR]Spirit Play Story will be "The Butterfly and the Cocoon," showing us that sometimes challenges are a blessing in disguiseEmilyAnnLaura Powers
22-AprKathyLove and fear. Hope and Urgency
We may have already reached the tipping point for global catastrophe due to climate change yet we cannot let our fear blind us to hope or stop us from acting.
Deb StilleDick PolandDavid5[Pat Spader]EmilyAnnHeather WoodwardJen Henry
29-AprKathyEarthiness, Simplicity and Sensualitybell hooks wrote, "living simply makes love simple."Cathy DewaltPaula TerryDavid6[CHOIR]EmilyAnn Midgely and Dianne DusmanJen HenryMichael Wycha
Being Human6-May?Mary Lynn LynchDavid1Char and Gail - animal activityEmilyAnn Midgely and Courtney WileyChar and Gailn/a
13-MayKathyMama's Day
Mama’s Day: A Multicultural Celebration of Mothers and Families. As part of our Mother’s Day observance, we will participate in a Flower Ceremony. Please bring flowers in honor of your mothers and mamas. Rev. Dr. Kathy Ellis in the pulpit with Worship Associate
Bev Ayers-NachamkinDavid2[CHOIR]EmilyAnn
20-MayKathyWhat does it mean to be Human?
We will discuss some Universalist and Unitarian answers to that big question.
Tony MatyasCaroleEmilyAnnMichael WychaLaura Powers
27-MayKathyInherent Worth and Dignity?
We consider Unitarian Universalism’s first principle and the radical foundation of Universalism.
Paula TerryDavid3[Pat Spader][CHOIR]EmilyAnn Midgely and Dianne DusmanHeather Woodward
Spiritual Maturity3-Jun?Sharon MoyeMarcEmilyAnn
It Takes Courage to Grow Up and Be WhoYou Really Are
. So said Unitarian poet, e.e. cummings. Does it? What does that mean?
Tony MatyasDavid4[CHOIR]EmilyAnn
17-JunKathyOur Fathers: Father's Day and Fathering
We’ll remember and honor fathers who have been important in our lives.
MoeDavid5[Pat Spader]EmilyAnn
24-JunKathyIt Takes Courage to be AwakeConsiderations of Spiritul MaturityBev Ayers-NachamkinDavid6[CHOIR]EmilyAnn
Fluent in Faith1-Jul?David1EmilyAnn
8-JulKathyWhat is Religion?
We will begin our discussion of the book Fluent in Faith by considering the question of what is religion and what that can mean to us
15-JulKathyWhat is Faith?What can the word “faith” mean to us as a community and as individuals?David2[CHOIR]EmilyAnn
22-Jul?David3[Pat Spader]EmilyAnn
29-JulKathyGod, Goddess, Gods?
How can we talk about God in a meaningful way? How well do we listen to others’ ideas and experiences of God?
Fluent in Faith5-Aug?MarcEmilyAnn
12-AugKathySpirituality: What good is it?
Some talk of being “spiritual but not religious.” Others reject the very word spirit or spirituality. We’ll explore ways of understanding this quality.
19-AugKathySacrament and Sanctuary
What do we experience as an “outward sign of an inward experience of holiness”? For that matter, what really does holiness mean to us?
David6[Pat Spader]EmilyAnn
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