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In your opinion, what makes a piece of advertising "great work"?In your opinion, what should the effects of great creative work be?Please give examples of a piece of creative work that you consider to be great. Feel free to provide a link.In your opinion, how has the quality of creative work in advertising developed in the past year?In your opinion, what is the biggest obstacle that you and your team face in order to get to great work?Q6 How do/would you overcome this obstacle in an ideal world?Q7 In your own personal process, which of the the following thing(s) are most helpful to get to great creative work?Q8 In your opinion, how important is the Creative Brief in the process of getting to great work?Q9 In your opinion, which of the following is the most important purpose of a Creative Brief?Q10 In your opinion, what is the single most annoying thing about most Creative Briefs?Q11 If you could change one thing about Creative Briefs, what would that be?Q12 Which of these best describes your role in the creative process?
When it makes a difference, whether emotional or rationalit should touch you, make you think, give joy. in short: deal emotionallyNike. Kaepernick.4in the past it was often a lack of courage, but today a lack of willingness to accept new thingsto question everything again and again. What is not working today will be in vogue tomorrow and will be overhauled the day after tomorrow. You should not be confused by that, but you can not rest on a mechanic.Working sessions with the internal team, Working session with the external team4Get commitment„We need to adress everything to everybody“The „purpose“Account/Brand Manager
cultural impact, when it makes me emotional, gives me a new insight, when I feel attached to the story in the ad, when it makes me think about something I should pay more attention to in my life, an ad that inspires me. Depends on the outcome you want to reach. I personally think great creative work should send a message out that will stimulate or activate people to do something great in their lives or in the world (+ it should be clear that the ad is made by the brand --> can be visual with a logo or super clear visual keys in the film/campaign). Nike - dream crazy. Disneyland Paris - The little duck. Dove Real Beauty Sketches | You’re more beautiful than you think 4Celebrities that have to be involved. Type of effects that clients want to achieve. No clear briefing or strategy. Better briefing from the start, maybe discuss beforehand which outcomes should be achieved. all4Give clarity--Account/Brand Manager
I joined my agency as the promise was making breakthrough creative work that is impacting culture. This is the definition of "great work" in advertising from my perspective. Creative should be impactful, culturally relevant, and hit on an emotion that is raw and real.Two driving factors: one that drives overall brand objectives of promoting brand love and sells, but another that brings forth the mission of the brand in a relevant and clear way for consumers.My favourite campaign was done by Venables Bell & Partners in San Francisco. The campaign not only hit on a relevant cultural moment in the states (i.e. Black Friday), but stayed true to what the brand stood for.

Article: https://www.adweek.com/creativity/inside-year-three-of-optoutside-with-reis-chief-creative-officer/

The spot that truly summarises great work is the holiday spot done by Apple in 2013. When a tech brand can address the issues with today's society of technology and how it impacts our values, it becomes relevant. There is also emotion in the spot. Emotion that makes you laugh, cry, and think. It is by far my favourite spot since I've started my career in advertising:

Spot: https://vimeo.com/221001942
Article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/privacynotice/2013/12/23/why-debating-apples-misunderstood-ad-is-an-amazing-holiday-gift/
4The biggest obstacle we face are client briefs that have to hit on a specific objective, which in most cases, are ones that drive product features vs. brand. When creatives are concepting, they have to be mindful of showcasing the product, it's features, and what it can do for consumers, whereas an innovative or brand brief, allows the agency to think a little differently about how to approach a creative solution.Challenging the clients to how we'd approach the brief in an interesting way that may deviate from their brief. We need to be brave, assertive, and challenge briefs that may not have the best creative output.Client Brief, Working sessions with the internal team, A working room for teams that can large campaigns currently in development. When you concept team and move forward together as a team, the creative ideas are more powerful when you have an army to defend them / are passionate about them.5Give clarityToo many creative guardrails that do not allow the creatives to think outside of the box.Structure them in a way that provides inspiration and clarity for the project.
What is the most prominent, driving factors of the client's product or services?
What do the clients want to achieve? What is THEIR inspiration?
What are some thought starters and ways in that are innovative and groundbreaking?
Account/Brand Manager
Something that breaks beyond praise in the advertising industry/gains awareness in it's cultural territory, and has a clear and effective uplift on the brand/product it was created for (either immediately or over time).Effectiveness should always be a barometer when judging creative work. I think the industry gets caught up in a narcissistic sense in what might creatively be great (fresh and inventive) work, but doesn't really shift the needle in terms of heavy lifting for the brands own objectives for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBE7GuGQLGo4The internet process within our clients structure is a less than optimal one when it comes to getting to good work. Misdirection and lack of clarity (during brief/creative development) usually bites us until eventually we're in a position where timing is not in our favour, as well as us having a less than clear lead way into the creative work/idea itself.Ideally we'd have more upstream sessions with them to discuss, analyse and interrogate the brief, before we move ahead and it begins to change midway.Client Brief, Creative Brief, Creative Reviews, Working session with the external team5Give claritySometimes not allowing for enough of a creative leap to be made between strategy + creative idea^Account/Brand Manager
My feeling is - holy shit, that's good. I'm moved to act Fearless Girl 3Perspective. I think there needs to be more diverse perspectives to drive good work, and often I sit in a room with people who think just like me. Bring in people with wholly different perspectives. I.e., Artist in residence. Someone from product design. Etc.Working sessions with the internal team3Set parametersBusiness speakWe are humans, talk to us like humans. Account/Brand Manager
different, provocative, clean, cleverattention and emotionI really appreciate guerilla werbung, in Germany the company SIXT is a good example.
4always having fresh ideas despite everyday businessMaking space and time for these brainstorming processesCreative Brief, Working sessions with the internal team, Creative Reviews, Feedback from senior stakeholders (internal/external), Working session with the external team, Creative testing (e.g. focus groups,...)5Give instruction//Account/Brand Manager
If it makes you remember, think/talk about it, if it moves youIt should be a conversation starterRecent example for me is Nike's Dream Crazier; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whpJ19RJ4JY4Having to do too much in one execution. Not having the opportunity to tailor the message based on media placement.Good question :-)Client Brief, Creative Brief, Working sessions with the internal team, Creative Reviews, Feedback from senior stakeholders (internal/external)6Provide inspirationIts important client briefs are distilled into a clear creative brief with a red thread. If not clear, the creative brief does not help the process.Adding the one thing we want to say / bring across.Account/Brand Manager
based on a strong purpose, surprising idea, relevant (data) insight build the brand and do the sale and becoming a part of "pop culture"Dove and twitter: #speakbeautiful, Nike: Colin Kerpernik, Apple: think different4timereorganising the process of work Creative Brief6Provide inspirationthey are not inspiringmake them an eventAgency-Founder/Chairman
If it's socially impactful, if it helps enable minorities being heard and understood, if it challenges or questions the status quo, if it personifies a brand. If the execution is great and everyone involved has added value.It must create resonance at the target audience and make them feel proud. It should make the persons involved (from brand to production) proud and help them getting better.Under Armour - Michael Phelps (https://czar.nl/video/rule-yourself/)
Come4 - The lover (https://czar.nl/video/the-lover/)
Of course, this one: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2018/sep/04/nike-controversial-colin-kaepernick-campaign-divisive
4Clients, testing, focus groups, haha. Hesitation to really push boundaries and trying to play it safe. But, bold ideas win, so hopefully we can all convince. After all, that's what we do bist.Bold ideas win, so hopefully we can all convince. After all, that's what we do bist.Client Brief, Creative Brief, Working sessions with the internal team, Creative Reviews6Set parametersNot covering all aspects. These aspects come to light in later stadium.Ask clients to really, really, really think everything trough on their end.Business Affairs
Impacting culture in a meaningful way and having a certain depth leading to becoming part of the conversation between people. I'm alway looking for energy, brand integrity and intelligence, that's where the magic stuff happens. Great creative work should make people feel something. It should aspire to understand the need for having fun, or wanting to be inspired or simply being beautiful. Sometimes I'm yearning for these advertisements that you just want to put on the wall. I think with our last we've made a leap in that direction. It's a tide Add (2017 ) Levis "Go Forth" (2009) "Pass The Heinz" from Mad Men, "Be stupid" Diesel " , "Evan" from Sandy .Hook Promise (2016), "Make it Count" Nike with Casey Neistat, Spotify "To the Person who made a playlist" campaign, Volvol "The Get away car" (2017), The Palau Pledge (2018), Ok Cupid (DTF) 2018, Trash Isle (2018) March for our lives feat Kesha (Gun safety 2018) 4Getting Clients to a place where they understand that creativity wins, always. Convincing them to put the money behind the projects. In an ideal world we would have a stronger voice in regards to our creative ambition and what we stand for. (But we're working on that) Working session with the external team4Get commitmentClients who want to test everything and therefore sometimes don't understand that certain creative ideas need trust to flourish. I would open them up more o the agency to access our diverse knowledge. Business Development Manager
relevanceif it changes your mood or emotionhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdXgD8Esx_w4Lasswell's formula: who says what to whom in which way with what effects. I mean, it is not always no time, bad clients, politics whatsoever... often enough it's us!the acceptance of mediocre work, we do not need to produce it ourselves, but it's there and we have to be cool with itClient Brief, Creative Brief, Working sessions with the internal team, Creative Reviews, Feedback from senior stakeholders (internal/external), Working session with the external team, Creative testing (e.g. focus groups,...)5Get commitmentall boxes have to be filled outthe implied taylorismCoach
Change of Perspective.Change on Minds.KFC FCK4Internal politics. Clients that are afraid.Luck.Creative Brief, Creative testing (e.g. focus groups,...)5Set parametersThat most of them sound the same.Make them shorter.Creative
Unexpected, unseen, emotional, impactfulCreate positive brand momentum, makes me want to buy the product/ servicehttps://ada.com/de/app/4Fearful clienst, too much politics, market reserach, budgetsBuilding trustful realtionships with clientsBrave clients, insightful strategy, cutting-edge creativity5Provide insights!!!It doesn't reveal the REAL client problem.Integrate the follwing points: What's the real problem? Human Insight?Creative
I am able to remember it and offer as a reference years later.
I am not regretting the time i spend consuming such work.
I'm enjoying the time while i'm doing it.
It's not getting old when i see it for the 5th time.
Powerful idea and execution that are breakthroughs for their time.
While many ideas are the same, it's the attention to detail and ways to show it that make me admire the work.
Change perception about problem/category/product in a way that suits both brand and humanity. Moving together in a direction of brighter tomorrow.Real beauty campaign.
Volvo lifepaint.
Dollarshaveclub and Poopurri.
Fearless girl.
Nike Greatness.
Apple's 1984.
Volkswagen's Lemon.
5Clients. They are uneducated and require time and effort to convince them what they can get for their budget, how long will it take and what's agencies capabilities that they shouldn't be fucking with. And that everything has a price.Working directly with top management and/or CEO and making writter obligations and agreements about work that should be done.Creative Brief, Working sessions with the internal team, Creative Reviews6Give clarityClutterMake it one-page. Idea could be (and should be) condensed to a single sentence. Similar could be done with the brief.Creative
Clearly communicated, entertaining, original, memorable.Ideally: Increased sales. Honestly: adoption into the cultural lexicon / everyone's talking about it.For effectiveness: "compare the meerkats" long running campaign in the UK.
For 'I wish I'd done that' points: 3 mobile 'phones are good' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rP6Flfu42Qk
3Too many messages to communicate at the same time (makes it harder to do something clear and original). Lack of unique audience insight (or a specific audience). Too many briefs boil down to "Tell everyone how great we are."Reduce briefs to one single problem that needs to be solved. Creative Reviews, Space and time to think without interruption.5Give clarityNot being able to see the thought process that has got to that point, often we end up following the same thinking the strategy team have already done in order to understand the brief better. I don't particularly like thought starters, they make me go 'I cant do that, it's been done now.'Creative
Boldness. relevance.Changing behaviorhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YISTzpLXCY3Clients, CD's, missing couragea new agencyClient Brief, Creative Brief, Working sessions with the internal team5Give clarity...Creative
It doesn't feel advertising at allMaking me like the brandhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrPPkLA_dqc4Too much fear towards risk, confort areaIt could be as easy as dividing decks between what fits the brief and what would be super cool to doCreative Brief, Working sessions with the internal team, Creative Reviews, getting other creative stimulants (museums, cinema, bookstores) / talking to someone completely out of the brief6Provide inspirationEither too open or too close. There should be a middle point where creatives still have freedomOne last section that invites us to fo crazy with the brandCreative
cultural relevancyto be the first to speak to a timely subject and do it in an authentic way.it's been a while since i've been stirred by anything.TBH2A democracy of averagenessi feel brands are trying to speak to everyone simultaneously. which comes with a downside of sameness. maybe being more authentic as a brand overall can help this. subverting regular ad spend's and using marketing budgets in new ways. i.e creating a channel, project, recurring event, conference rather than a regular campaign. – less advertising and more business consultancy.Creative Brief, Working session with the external team, ACTUALLY SEEING CLIENTS FACES!6Give clarityThey are always too lofty and loose. There is rarely much insight, always a copy paste job with half filled details.
Why are there no working with creatives / writing a brief workshops? Our work would benefit greatly if we remove the GuessworkCreative
That it doesn't feels like advertisingConnecting emotions with a brandhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpaOjMXyJGk4the fear of frightening away customers with polarising advertising and having an opinion as a brandWith the courage of a client to create something, they would proudly share with their friends and families Creative Brief, Working sessions with the internal team5Give clarityUncertaintyNo Copy Paste from the clients briefing anymoreCreative
uniqueness, emotional effect (fun, sadness, Weltschmerz) and clevernesscreating emotions towards a brandLacoste – The Leap; World toughest job; Bud light – just right5The fear of the client to set a clear statement in any social or political directionIf they(client) wouldn't care to loose a small group of their customers, to gain a new target groupClient Brief, Creative Brief, Working sessions with the internal team, Creative Reviews5Provide inspiration"Targetgroup is everyone and they want to reach everyone" vaguenessCreative
Telling a truth (of life, the brand or the product) in a new wayMakes you realize something you weren't consciously aware beforeStill love the 'This is Sportscenter' work. A platform for 20 years based on the idea that sports stars work at the ESPN office – and just do office things there.2Rationality gets over indexed because you can find numbers for every thing you believe in. The hallway of what feels doable gets smaller and smaller. Media plan being made before there is an idea.Trust from the client and an honest quest to surprise them, not the empty 'plus push us with your ideas' bla blaCreative Brief, Working sessions with the internal team, Working session with the external team4Give clarityBeing too 'true' or filled with obvious goals and parameters. Everything that applies to every brief (raise awareness, sell product, increase likability) should not be in there.Creative
It's simple, surprising, makes you look twice, all while communicating the product / service in an easy and quickly to understand way. a smile on my face, inspires me to think about something, fun, surprise, sympathyhttps://www.flickr.com/photos/evadedave/1574258271/in/photostream/
4time and resources Have a team that consists of experts in different fields of work and also newbies, better planningCreative Brief, Working sessions with the internal team, Creative Reviews, Working session with the external team, Creative testing (e.g. focus groups,...)5Give claritywhen target groups are "everyone"Creative
Great work breaks out of advertising and into culture. Usually by breaking the rules.It should make people uncomfortable and embolden others to make great work.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5p0QtJMKt1s3Timid clients driven by data and testing.Help them realise that you don't get anywhere without taking risks.These are all kind of normal steps (except testing). I think most of all you need great creative teams that feel free to take risks, and great support from the rest of the agency.4Give clarityToo vagueInclude both good and bad examples of existing work that strives to accomplish a similar taskCreative
The power to get a simple message across in a beautiful and striking way. Progressing pop & visual culture forward rather than dragging behind it.https://www.itsnicethat.com/news/colin-kaepernick-nike-just-do-it-advertising-040918
2Client partners who are afraid to commit to one message, bravely.
Clients with a tick box list that doesn't match our own. Design by comittiee (intern al and extrenal).
Make sure we are not playing the 'yes' people at a very early stage, be provocative and make them think. Have more access to big decision makers client side so we are not watering down ideas for people who are afraid. Trying to avoid death by 1000 cuts at all costs.Client Brief, Feedback from senior stakeholders (internal/external)6Give clarityThought starters, all the extra strategy sometimes boxes creative into a corner.More simple.Creative
Surprising yet telling a precise brand storySurprise and change of behaviourOlympus Photography Playground2Client is lacking imagination and visionTelling and projecting a story of the positive change my work will createCreative Brief, Working sessions with the internal team6Give claritywritten without real insightsmandatory insight process and client commitment by sign-offCreative
You remember the brand. It entertains, makes you think, makes you laughMakes you feel something - provokes a feeling of some kindVolvo Epic Split4The need to put it on every piece of media. Sometimes an idea is only effective in one place, rather than a multimedia platform everything.Set-up the project at the beginning. Answer the client brief, then offer them something different.Creative Brief, Creative Reviews5Give clarityLack on insight/propositionStrip it back to the absolute essentials. Creative
Understanding the brand‘s key message and transporting it accordinglyReferences and responses to the content, social awareness, reaching the adressees and a measurable ROIThe latest campaign of the German brand Haribo https://youtu.be/tpz2tllqzkY4Internal boundaries, budgetTry nevertheless ;)Feedback from senior stakeholders (internal/external), Working session with the external team, Individual freedom5Provide inspirationThat they are too narrow mindedLeaving enough space for personal thoughts and Inspiration Marketing Manager
work that makes my energy running and I like to see over and over again, gives me the feeling I am not looking at an advertising but an experience that makes me feel alivesee the above 4teambuildHave good coaching session before working on a new projectWorking sessions with the internal team, Working session with the external team, Creative testing (e.g. focus groups,...)5Give claritytOM
If it "solves" a cultural or personal tension or problem with creativity. This could be as simple as "Nobody is buying my product" or complex "I want to correct a wrong in society". The execution needs to fit the tone as well. But it's a creative solution to some kind of problem.It should be able to change perception or solve a problem. It should make a lasting effect on the brand. An uptick in visits on the website or video views is not enough, because it is temporary.Meet Graham was great, because it visualized something and made people think (http://www.meetgraham.com.au/)
I also liked the Dove commercials, because they made women change their perceptions of themselves. This promise needs to be embedded in the brand as well (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpaOjMXyJGk).
2Cost is always an issue. I want all the people to see it, but I have a limited amount of money. It's also short term thinking. I want 4 Mio views on this video and I want everybody to talk about it. This woks for 1 week and then it's gone. Clients want short term wins and no long term strategy. Additionally, they let consultancies do ghat short term thinking for them instead of developing something together.Have clients commit to long term strategies and actually develop a brand together. Clients need to understand agencies as partners not service providers. Often times, we understand brands much better because we have an outside, Customer-focused view.Client Brief, Creative Brief, Creative Reviews6Give clarityThat often times creatives don't care about the details and the effort that goes in it. They often want to do their own thing without solving the problem/tension that was presented.Get creatives to actually read it and give input.Strategy
When it either fulfils a consumer desire or creates one. Long term brand image uplift and sharability of the piece of communication.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEYim54pJ00 5Time management so that the "real" problems can be addressed.Advertising agencies unionising so that the industry can set prices and timeframes within which they can work healthily.Creative Brief, Working sessions with the internal team, Solid strategic work & actually sitting next to each other while working.4All of the aboveThere are two things to understand: There are Creative Briefs and Creative Briefings. The first is the document and the second is the session where the strategy information is transferred to the creatives. The document is not always necessary, but the session/ the meeting is very very important. The obsession with short/tight creative briefs is one reason why creativity is suffering.Abolish it.Strategy
I think the German word is that it makes you feel "betroffen" either because the ad just speaks to you in ways that stays with you. Excatly what was intended in the strategy and creative vision. I do like the long-running Hornbach brand platform and how they use pretty specific target segment insights to create storytelling that has an impact on the entire brand perception, even with those who don't necessarily become DYI masters. Put simply, it's a job for the ages.3I think that many people, especially classically trained creatives, struggle with adapting to the new reality of advertising: the shift from old power to new, the accountability that comes with the need for efficiency, the fast pace at which our client's change their minds, the complexity of implications, the confidence of the old days that is forever lost... I do think it's a management issue because the only way that can change is by leaders setting new standards for how we approach our job. Educating youngsters to not emulate the past is also a good one idea. Client Brief, Creative Brief, Working sessions with the internal team, Creative Reviews, Feedback from senior stakeholders (internal/external), Working session with the external team, Creative testing (e.g. focus groups,...), It totally depends on the challenge and the resources we have at hand.5Get commitmentThe springboard that exists only so that people can bicker about phrasing. Make it something that the team has to commit to.Strategy
"Great work" for me is, when I'm touched by it somehow. With "being touched" I mean that that people should get goosebumps, a change of perspective, new inspirations in thinking, etc. I really liked the new DOVE campaign. https://www.dove.com/de/stories/campaigns/real-beauty-runs-deeper.html2The clients ;) It's hard to make them understand that less is more and that you need to be focused on one message instead of thousands. They always want to add this and that and also this one. Some of them doesn't even understand why creatives need strategies behind it. In an ideal world the clients worship the recommendations of the agencies more and be braver in trying something new. And to focus. To strike out all the stuff we don't really need and tell the people that one thing what makes them special.Working sessions with the internal team, Creative Reviews, Feedback from senior stakeholders (internal/external), Working session with the external team, Creative testing (e.g. focus groups,...)3Get commitmentThat there are too many ways to write one ;) Try to develop a CB-standard which everyone knows how to write/use/read (planners, creatives, clients)Strategy
Something that truly speaks to our identified audienceSales. Getting them to buy. If not, behavioural change.Nike’s 2018 Stand For Something by WK3No one takes strategy and research seriously anymore. Especially clients - and that translates to agency behaviour, all because they would like to keep this piece of ‘business’Clients need to be educated on what marketing is - all the time. The truth is clients are never decisive. Therefore we need to always show the tangibility of strategy/research - the execution or the work that will be born out of it. Also conscious that as agencies, we should always be a step ahead and not sell our souls to the client just for money sake. This is a very noble take on it - but at the end of the day, we all need to feed ourselves.Creative Brief, Working sessions with the internal team, Feedback from senior stakeholders (internal/external), Working session with the external team3Provide inspirationStructureScrap all templates. Every briefing should be different. Strategy
addressing a cultural tensionbehaviour changeBloodNormal3lack of timerethink project prioritiesCreative Brief, being briefed on a problem rather than on a solution 5Give clarityirrelevant clutterStrategy
a great insight depends on goals, but mainly recollection, emotion towards brands, saleshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxR-D913Ktc5Deadline, client mind-openess, budgetBuild the creative work in cooperation with client - not against other agenciesClient Brief, Working sessions with the internal team, Feedback from senior stakeholders (internal/external)3Give clarityBeing too vague or being to strictRemove mandatories you have to fill out Strategy
A piece that builds on culture rather than mimic it.Business and culture transformationAll the work for Puma Social, Prudential, New York Times and Under Armour by Droga5. All the work for SK-II, Volvo and Oatly by Forsman & Bodenfors. All the work for Old Spice, Nike and Three by W+K. All the work for Hans Brinker by KesselsKramer.3Bravery from the agency and the client.By embracing failure.Client Brief, Creative Brief, Working sessions with the internal team5More than providing inspiration, it should be a springboard. A great creative brief let's creative challenge their own limits.Sameness.For it to not be a template we have to fill but a blank canvas.
Briefs can take multiple shapes or be multiple things, like John C. Jay said once (on the documentary Briefly https://vimeo.com/107567840), the best creative brief he received was for Nike and just had one sentence: Sports is war minus the killing.
If it solves a brand’s real communication problemBe entertaining and solve problems1Clients and creatives who are not willing to adapt to societal and technological developments and who rather stick to dated comma techniques (ie. TVCs)More emphasis on real obstacle/challenge in comma strategy, train creatives to focus more on problem solving and perceive comms less as an art but more as a way of creative problem solving, digital trainingsClient Brief, Working sessions with the internal team, Feedback from senior stakeholders (internal/external), Working session with the external team, Creative testing (e.g. focus groups,...)6Give clarityAbcreative brief should be the result and summary of a creative strategical process, but must never be the process itself. Creative brief templates make planners tend to think in boxes right from the beginning.A creative brief should work with questions and analogies to inspire creative thinking and stimulate a dialogue among the project lead team (not only the strategists).Strategy
It has great impact and great persuasion.It first and foremost must make me care about the subject matter, and make me rethink about it.2Settling for ok. Courage to say this is not good enough.Working sessions with the internal team, TIME.5Give clarityProposition.Focus on the problem. that's it.Strategy
Its ability to cement a positive and distinctive thought about the brand / product / service in the minds of the people it's aimed atDrive incremental profitable revenueA goodie I've seen recently is this for Thermos - spec work that didn't run incidentally: https://www.chipshopawards.com/chip-shop-awards-2018/best-ad-without-a-headline/hot-cold3client short-termismGet them to understand Binet & FieldClient Brief, Creative Brief, Working sessions with the internal team, Working session with the external team6Give clarityObvious audience insight. Multiple propositions.Their sanctityStrategy
a magical mix of a surprsingly true observation wrapped in a well-told story with an exceptional level of executional quality delivered in such a way, (technology, time & location) that it doesn't feel intrusive but worthwhile.a change in behavior of the audience.Snickers – You're not you when you're hungry (all of it: the tvcs, hungerithm, the twitch hacking... great, consequent execution of a wonderfully coined insight.)4budget & efficiency pressures, client politics, short-sighted tactical decision makingmeeting with procurement to make a bulletproof case that creative work leads to better business performance in the long run.Creative Brief, Creative Reviews5Get commitmenttoo long and generic, redundance to client briefStrategy
it depends on the objective... but personally i think something that communicates a simple message in a way that makes people notice (whether thats a beautiful story about a fat kid running for nike, or cillit bang the dirt is gone)to trigger a shift in feeling/perception which drives a change in behaviournike fat kid - made an increasingly unaccessible brand feel ridiculously accessible again so you don't feel like as much of a dick buying you're stuff from nike if you're not a serious athlete // axe find your magic - opened up a new conversation about male confidence to create a new desire for their products3politics / numerous stakeholders = very difficult to persuade and sell to multiple personalities with different agendasagree a super tight and pointy creative strategy/brief before doing any creative dev. this is what marmite did for the DNA testing kit - they defined the brief as getting parents who hate marmite to buy their kids marmite by removing subjectivity. it means you all judge the work based on a super tight brief, rather than being vague then having loads of different needs to fill.Client Brief, Creative Brief, Creative Reviews, working with the client to narrow down the brief & creative reviews where the whole team feeds in loads of stim for the brief (but not ideas)5Give claritywhen they're longer than 1 page. because you get lost in it and forget the main thing you're trying to dodo them on 1 piece of paper, written specifically for the creative teams audience, rather than a deck with loads of slides that was written for the client audienceStrategy
it's ability to bring conversations about the brand on a long termBrand preference4Fear of not pleasing everybodyBy overdefining the core audienceCreative Brief, Creative Reviews, Feedback from senior stakeholders (internal/external)6Give clarityit should sometime become more a discussion than a paperthe time to brief. longer. Strategy
Good advertising normally sticks at least for a while. Great advertising solves a problem.In best case it makes be want to buy the brand/product. At least it should make me rethink my perception of that brand.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KgJuiXpsrM&feature=share1Get back to creating big instead of just producing stuff in order to fill a media plan.A bit more time and much more trust on client side. A new hunger within creatives to come up with something really new.Creative Brief, Working sessions with the internal team5Provide inspirationToo much bullshit to cover that there is no clear direction yet.Creative Director and Planner feel responsible for it 50:50.Strategy
The ability to show something (a problem, a product, a solution...) in an illuminating, exciting and lustful way. I don't think "great work" as an accolade should be limited to the advert, or the tangible bit at the end of the creative process. Great work can exist anywhere.It depends entirely on the context, but most often work I feel to be great has a transformative effect on my outlook (towards a problem, category, product etc). It benefits me in a tangible way (emotionally, practically, literally).This is a great advert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMKScopMnKI

This is a great creative solution: http://time.com/5389782/boyan-slat-plastic-ocean-cleanup/
3Lack of proper creative process management.
Formulaic, narrow briefs.
Test the introduction of a process.
Help clients write less formulaic briefs / seek out clients who have ambition beyond formulaic work.
Diversity: a mix of young and old, new and experienced, different disciplines and different cultures2Set parametersThey're rushed and contain no insight.Make them problem focussed, not solution focussed.Strategy
Smart commentary on a truth or behavior. Interesting point of conversation or format or platform or touchpoint. Tone of voice that seems real.Get people excited about a possibility or opportunity.https://mailchimp.com/did-you-mean/ , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=305ryPvU6A8 , https://t.co/3WxpWvtTB72Knowledge of what's possible. Willingness to try new approaches or formats. Exploration and digging into something that has a buzz, but you don't understand.Work harder. Dig deeper. Uncover and connect more. Read more. Listen to more. Talk to more people. Poke around on Reddit an hour a day.Working sessions with the internal team, Feedback from senior stakeholders (internal/external), Reference and inspiration from other sources3Set parametersToo broad. Problem that we're solving isn't specific (or relatable).More allusion or examples of what success could look like.Tech
It triggers an emotional reaction - of any kind - that sticks with me for more than 10 seconds. Wether it be a feeling of happiness, an uplifting mood, to be inspired or even make a cry. Have an substantial impact on my perception of this brand Under Armour - Michael Phelps - It’s what you do in the dark, that puts you in the light. 4Generic brands and products that are interchangeable. So even when you find a great creative approach, you still only attach something meaningful onto something meaningless, and thereby making itself meaningless Be more selective for which brands / companies you work for. Which is really difficult in reality, but finding clients that share a common set of beliefs with you, so that you actually believe in them and their products. Creative Brief, Working session with the external team5Set parameters-Tech
If people remember it and it does its job. Doing it's job is getting people to take notice of it, and act on itAs above, a great creative should be noticed, and make people do or act on something – buy something, read something, find out more about something etc.https://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/images.marketing-interactive.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Heinz_Steak_final-640x719.jpg3If the client comes directly and says "WE NEED THIS" (output).Ask questions of the business (client) and their customer/consumer/target (user).

A lot of the time there might be disparity between business needs and user needs.
Client Brief, Creative Brief, Working sessions with the internal team, Working session with the external team, Creative testing (e.g. focus groups,...)6Set parametersNo parameters or constrains, when constraints always exist. If we know the constraints we can work around them and be creative.That they all followed a SINGLE template, for internal and external. Ask the right questions to get the right information.

Standardisation isn't a bad thing if it improves our process and saves us time – giving us more time to do the actual work.

(even though this doesn't directly effect myself)
UX/Strat/Tech/bit of Design