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@0 = ~We may be a garrison without a Commander but we have not lost our prowess to defend this city!~@0 = ~Может мы и потеряли своего Капитана, но не потеряли свое мастерство! Защитим этот город!~
@1 = ~Wow, this was impressive. We *knew* our Commander didn't lose his mind! The poor man has a lot to face now. I wouldn't want to live on, knowing I butchered my family! Still, thank you for collecting the evidence. He shouldn't be remembered as a crazy murderer.~@1 = ~Это было впечатляюще. Мы *знали*, что наш Капитан не повредился рассудком. Ему придется очень нелегко - мне бы не хотелось жить с осознанием того, что я собственоручно убил всю свою семью. Тем не менее, спасибо за доказательства. Он не должен остаться в памяти как сумасшедший убийца.~
@2 = ~Wow, I never would have thought Brage really lost his mind. I guess he will be remembered as a crazy murderer.~@2 = ~Даааа, никогда бы не подумал, что Брейг слетит с катушек. Полагаю, теперь все будут о нем вспоминать лишь как о сумасшедшем убийце.~
@3 = ~Sorry 'bout yelling at ya in there. It's just because of our Commander. If we wouldn't have let him go on that mission alone... But he insisted, because it was supposed to be only one corpse. But when we finally got there, all we found was a smashed pushwagon and the Commander's old sword inb'tween, so we thought he'd be in trouble. And then we got back here and... and found his family and... You're not gonna tell our Leutenant 'bout my yelling, no? No hard feelings, eh?~
@4 = ~You are wanted for murder, Commander Brage. I am here to bring you to your rightful justice. Accompany me to the authorities of Nashkell, to recieve your final judgement.~
@5 = ~I stand before you in my guilt. Many lives I have taken... and know not why. Bestow your justice on me, I am ready to receive the only true penalty I have brought upon myself with my evil deeds.~
@6 = ~Brage, what happened that night?~
@7 = ~Farewell.~
@8 = ~Is the talk not full of it already? Didn't you hear it being told in the barracks, in the inns, did not Oublek tell you what I did with these hands? Why would you have me tell you how I butchered my family, my dear wife and daughters... My comrades, coming for my rescue! How I slaughtered and destroyed a whole caravan, with innocent people who barely managed to avoid the bandits on the road? How I even... I even chopped on an already dead man until there was nothing left...~
@9 = ~Aren't you questioning yourself what made you do that? No suspicion it might not be just you losing control?~
@10 = ~Er, I meant *before* that.~
@11 = ~Something triggered you going berserk. What do you remember of what happened before?~
@12 = ~Ah, no, indeed, I do not need to hear that again. You are a murderer, and lucky the temple took you in!~
@13 = ~I don't think I want to hear any more.~
@14 = ~Do not waste your time on me, friends. I am not worth a second of breath, other than to curse me for what I've done.~
@15 = ~Before? Nothing special happened before. A drunk reported a dead body on the roads. Said that it looked like a merchant, with lots of wares still on him. I... I got intrigued to investigate this. If the corpse indeed was not plundered, then it couldn't be the bandits doing the killing. If it were the merchant I was looking for, I needed to make sure the wares were safe, at least. I ordered a new sword a while back. Iron crisis and all, I waited a long time for a reliable sword from far Waterdeep.~
@16 = ~And indeed, it was the merchant we were waiting for. I went through the merchandise and found a sword, addressed to me. I took it...~
@17 = ~The rest is a blurr. I remember doing what I did, but why... why I do not know.~
@18 = ~Well, we already know the sword was cursed.~
@19 = ~Well, something was wrong with that sword, that's for sure.~
@20 = ~You don't remember anything else? Anything special? Any hint on what happened to that merchant?~
@21 = ~You said the mearchandise was still on him. What killed him then?~
@22 = ~I don't think this leads anywhere. Farewell.~
@23 = ~Friend, if you'd remember doing all these things... Seeing the fear in the eyes of the ones you love, hearing their screams while you slaughter them! There is no doubt I *did* all this, and I remember it all... clearly...~
@24 = ~Cursed... It doesn't change the horrible memories in my head, nor the deeds I have done.~
@25 = ~Yes, me wielding it was what was wrong with that sword!~
@26 = ~With all the bandit activities, finding a dead body is nothing special nowadays, unluckily. But seeing the pushkart still full with wares... That indeed was unusual. First I thought it must have been an animal attack. But it was a blade that did this. This merchant was killed by bandits, but they left his wares untouched.~
@27 = ~Well, they are no longer. First thing I did after picking up the sword was to destroy everything laying on that road... This, my friend, is all I can tell you.~
@28 = ~Please, leave me be. I need to attone for my sins.~
@29 = ~Do not waste your time on this. The gallows is what is waiting for me, and there wouldn't be a better place for a murderer like me.~
@30 = ~I thank you, for believing in me, <CHARNAME>. I see now that it is the right punishment - living on with all the blood on my hands. I will atone for my deeds. Many are the families that have lost a father... a loved one because of my doings, and I will see to all of them getting at least small amounts of gold... as much as I can gather. Nalin offered me a place here in the temple, so here I will stay - for now.~
@31 = ~I cherish the chance to work for atonement, I thank the gods for this mercy they show me. And you, <CHARNAME>. May your path be a peaceful one.~
@32 = ~I will work hard for this, and never forget the effort you put into giving me this chance.~
@33 = ~Brage, I found the sword you were supposed to receive. It's a very fine two-handed sword. Take it, it's yours.~
@34 = ~Brage. This sword is yours, you payed for it. Take it!~
@35 = ~Brage. The sword is yours, and I want you to take it.~
@36 = ~Wha-? No. No, I will never take a sword into my hands again. You keep it, good <PRO_MANWOMAN>. In your hands it will do much better good.~
@37 = ~Do not shame me so, <CHARNAME>. Surely you see why I couldn't take up a sword again?! Sell it, if you don't need it. I will not touch it.~
@38 = ~But... why? Why do you insist on this? Is it not clear that I am never to take up a sword again?~
@39 = ~You said you wanted to earn as much gold as possible to pay for the widows and orphans. Well, fighting and protecting people is all you ever learned, Brage. I am sure cleaning the temple is a very important task, but don't you think you could gather more gold by working as a mercenary? Or work as a personal guard, if it suits you better.~
@40 = ~Well, sell it yourself, if you don't want to keep it. Still, it's yours.~
@41 = ~Well... There are still a lot of bandits out there, aren't they? I could... I could protect the weak on the road...~
@42 = ~No, I will not sell it. I will not profit from a sword. I lay it into your hands, <CHARNAME>, because it will be of more use there.~
@43 = ~Fine, if this is your last wish, then I thank you.~
@44 = ~It's an intriguing thought, but I do not have the self-confidence and trust to do this just now. I will... I will take the sword. Helm give me the strength! I know your words are true, but I am... I am not ready to face it just now. I will remain here and do as much as I can... for now.~
@45 = ~I thank you, <CHARNAME>.~
@46 = ~So, you brought in Brage alive. I care not about the tears the others shed over this 'Commander'. All this talk about Brage's honor and righteousness and the suspicions about a foul magic having to be involved!~
@47 = ~The sentence for this murderer will be a quick and easy one, considering all is pointing towards his guilt. It's almost a pity Brage's trial will have to wait a while, with the guard so thinned out and busy currently. Well, no matter, this way the murderer will have some time to 'prepare' for his last day!~
@48 = ~Ah, but why did you let him hide in the temple!~
@49 = ~Priest Nalin already confirmed that he was under no spell when you brought him. Brage said he gave you his sword - I have to ask you, please go to Nalin and let him prove there is nothing strange about it, so this talk of Brage being innocent deep down can stop at last. I mean, what *else* a man has to do to prove that he's a murderer than the slaughter Brage committed on his own family and comrades?!~
@50 = ~Ah, <CHARNAME>. I already heard the news about your efforts to prove Brage's innocence, and I'll support you in any way I can. Let me have a look at that sword.~
@51 = ~(Show the right sword) Here it is.~
@52 = ~I don't have it with me.~
@53 = ~Well... I do have the right sword, and I am very certain there is something very wrong with it. But, why would I show it to you? Why would I show it to anybody? What is in it for me?~
@54 = ~(Show a different two-handed sword) Here it is.~
@55 = ~Not right now, first I need your services.~
@56 = ~Please bring it to me. We all need to know the truth.~
@57 = ~This would be the blade?~
@58 = ~Oh, how clumsy of me! No, it is not. This here is the sword. (Show the right sword.)~
@59 = ~(Still show another sword.) Ab-so-lutely. This is the sword Brage was wielding, and I want your judgement to be based on this.~
@60 = ~Why don't we postbone this to another time. Farewell.~
@61 = ~You... you weasel! Is it gold you want? We are talking about preventing death of an honorable man and you are trying to get something out of it? Well, I guess there are people who only work for gold. Very well. Collect the proof that Brage is innocent, and I will pay you another 400 gold. 200 now, 200 when his innocence is proven. What say you?~
@62 = ~(Show the right sword.) Make it more, and I'm in.~
@63 = ~(Show the right sword.) Sounds good. I'm in.~
@64 = ~I'll think about it.~
@65 = ~Hmph. 500 gold it is then!~
@66 = ~Ah, <CHARNAME>. You have proven Brage's innocence, and we agreed upon payment. Obiding contracts is the duty of the clergy of Helm.~
@67 = ~Here is the missing 200 gold. May Helm guide you always.~
@68 = ~Here is the missing 250 gold. May Helm guide you always.~
@69 = ~...This is cursed.~
@70 = ~A cursed sword, Brage. This is what was laid into your trustful hands.~
@71 = ~C... cursed? It was a different evil then, that lead my hands and thoughts to slaughter? Ah, do not raise such faint hope in the heart of a fallen warrior. Not with all the blood on my hands.~
@72 = ~'Faint'?!~
@73 = ~This, my friend, changes *everything*. 'Tis was not your long years of fighting that turned you cruel and numb against the pain of others. You will have to atone for what was done, but not for why you have done it. Not if <CHARNAME> succeeds in proving the trickery!~
@74 = ~A cursed sword was laid into Commander Brage's trustful hands. This, my friend, changes everything. 'Tis was not long years of fighting that turned a good man cruel and numb against the pain of others. Brage will have to atone for what he did, but not for why he did it. Not if you succeed in proving the trickery!~
@75 = ~Well... I do have to take your word for that. Brage doesn't remember the blade he was wielding, and he gave it to you, so...~
@76 = ~(sigh) No, there is nothing special with this blade. It's a normal blade...~
@77 = ~You have to face it, priest. You are giving sanctuary to a murderer. If only I knew why I did it...~
@78 = ~You have a place here in the temple, and rightfully so. You will atone for your crimes, Brage. Helm will give you the strength to do so.~
@79 = ~There is nothing to be added. It's a normal sword, and Brage is guilty of his crimes. I will vouch so when the tial comes.~
@80 = ~Greetings. We met before. I am Laryssa, Brage's cousin. You succeeded in catching him alive - I am so grateful for it. I bailed last time we met, as I expected either my cousin to be killed by you, or him killing you, and I wanted no part in neither.~
@81 = ~I... understand why you brought him to the authorities.~
@82 = ~I... thank you dearly that you broght him into the temple's protection and not handed him to the authorities.~
@83 = ~He did all those killings, and for that might have deserved to be hanged. But his mind was clouded. If there is anything I know, then that he was completely out of his mind. The Brage I know is a kind, truthful, loyal man. Never he would raise a weapon against weak or innocent. And most of all, not against his own family.~
@84 = ~There seems to be nothing that can be done to free him from his guilt officially. I do thank you for your efforts, though, and for the second chance you granted him. May the gods bless you.~
@85 = ~There seems to be nothing that can be done to save him. I do thank you for your efforts, though. May the gods bless you.~
@86 = ~I watch your investigations with great interest, <CHARNAME>. I found hope again for my cousin. May the gods bless you.~
@87 = ~Which brings us to why I am here. I noticed you showed a certain... interest in proving Brage's innocence. You can imagine that this is to my interest, as well. I did a bit of investigation, and indeed found something. I located the drunk whos report about a non-robbed corpse on the roads started the whole ordeal, and through him I identified others who were on the way that night. It seems there was a merchant on the roads - one with a very shady reputation.~
@88 = ~We found this letter with a fake merchant stating clearly that the sword Brage ordered was swapped with a cursed one.~
@89 = ~We found this letter with the bandits in the mines. It states clearly that is was planned to weaken the Nashkel Garrison by some foul trickery with Brage's sword.~
@90 = ~About Brage...~
@91 = ~Yes, what of him?~
@92 = ~Brage's in prison, as you know. I am investigating what happened and would like to ask him a few questions. Can I talk to him?~
@93 = ~Priest Nalin of the Temple of Helm confirms the supicion about the sword being cursed.~
@94 = ~Nothing, farewell.~
@95 = ~Well, weakend the garrison was, indeed. And yes, Brage's new sword had an impact on that, as well, didn't it - the way he used it. This doesn't prove Brage isn't the murderer he appears to be, though, if that was your intention.~
@96 = ~Hm, so the sword Brage committed his crimes with *was* cursed, as it seems.~
@97 = ~Still, this doesn't prove the 'Commander' didn't take this sword on purpose - to do the evil he was planning to do!~
@98 = ~Hm, yes, this proves that it was *planned* to switch Brage's sword with a cursed one.~