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What is the topic/project you're doing for Genius Hour?Who is your intended audience?What is the purpose you hope to accomplish for your audience?What is the main URL of your blog?
1953 MG TD RestorationCar EnthusiastsThey will gain an understanding on how a car runs and is built.
A scientific and historical look on murder with my cat.People who are interested in murder and people who love cats.I want them to be able to see the development of murder throughout history and the science behind catching murders. As well as provide comic relief with pictures of my cat.
actingmovie loversThe purpose of my blog is to give info about acting that the average movie viewer would not
Anatomy and Mechanics Behind Shooting a BasketballBasketball AthletesI am trying to tell fellow basketball players how the body works and should be worked in order to get the best result in shooting a
Animal Poaching Any person who likes our natures animalsMy audience will know what products are being used that we use on a daily basis, like our belts and some shoes for example.
Assassination through the agespeople who want to know about historyI will inform my audience and help them understand their heritage better. Also protect people from being assassinated
Auto RepairAnyone who wants to save money on their carThe purpose for my blog is to give people an opportunity to save money on their car. People will be better off because it parts are only half the cost of repair and eliminating the labor will save people money.
BakingPeople learning to bake themselves.My purpose in focusing on baking in genius hour is to learn myself how to bake and to share my experiences/ Do's and Don'ts with anyone who is learning to bake as well. My hope is that by writing on my blog about my baking experiences, others can learn from my failures and successes and better their own baking
baking/ cookingpeople who have a interest/love for cooking and bakingmy audience will be better off in their cooking life because they will be getting creative and reliable recipes to cook and bake with, along with little cooking tips to make the food better
Bass guitarMusicians, but anyone willing to listen can learn something newI hope to expand technical knowledge of music, as well as deepen appreciation for it.
BeautyTeenage girls/young adult womenMy purpose is to explore the idea of "beauty" in today's materialistic society and seek a less artificial view of beauty by doing so. I wish to show young girls primarily that beauty is relative and they are all beautiful.
BoxingPeople who enjoy hitting other peopleTeach them the dangers of boxing, and to inform them how to properly
Bucket ListsSomeone who wants to know about the benefits of achieving goals in your life and/or is about to die in the near futureI want people to understand how glorious it is to figure out the things you've always wanted to do but forgot or never got the chance and then to do them! My audience will realize how amazing it is to set goals for themselves and how it makes their lives so much better and
Business Hospitality major people interested in the majorI hope to give the audience a better understanding of what is Business Hospitality. I also hope that this blog will help the audience understand the requirements, job descriptions, and opportunities for a Hospitality major.
Car enginesAverage people My purpose is to help those that may need help if their engine breaks. This we they might be able to save money by not going to a car
Car reviewThose in the market for a sports car under twenty thousand dollarsI just want to vent some of my opinions and share some of the knowledge I do have about sports cars with someone who might soon be in the market for one or just wants to hear a review about a car they're unsure about.
Choreographyanyone interested in my videosI want to entertain people and in doing so I can show them what a few organized friends can do with hard work. My videos may spark interest in my viewers' minds and lead them to begin something new or even follow me in what I have begun
CinematographyAspiring Cinematographers, cinema enthusiasts, people who like to watch and critique movies.I hope to teach others the intricacies of cinematography through learning things myself as well as hopefully getting better as I learn more and get
classical literature and their movies8+Promote education classical literature. Encouraging reading etc.
Computer Constructionbuilders, tinkers, programmersi hope to teach people the basics of the computer,. teaching them how to make their own computers, and what a computer is made up of.
CookingCollege peopleTeach myself as well as others in my situation to be able to cook simple things, like toast or
CookingPeople who want to learn to be self-sufficient and want to learn how to cook like a boss.Personally, I hate having to rely on people to make things for me because that makes me dependent on their whims as to whether or not I'll actually get what I want. I'm doing this for people like me, who are tired of feeling dependent, and who want to be able to take care of themselves. Because of my project, people will gain some measure of independence, at least as far as their sustenance, as well as joy from cooking the things they love and from being able to make what they love when they want
cookingAnybody interested in cooking.I hope to grow in the culinary art. I love to cook, and would like to get better at it. I hope that while I grow in the kitchen, so will other people.
Cooking (meals & snacks)people who are searching for new recipes or want to become better at cookingMy audience will learn new recipes to enhance their meal options and they will become better cooks by learning through my errors or success when I cook.
Cooking (Techniques and History)All of those people who want to learn to cook.My audeince's lives will be better because they will be able to cook for themselves and learn to try new things through the process. They will learn how to cook and the history of
CowsMy life, people who love cows, and people who dont see the beauty of cowsI hope to enlighten people of the beauty of cows.
Criminal JusticePeople interested in criminal justice career.To inform people about criminal justice degrees and what jobs are available in this field.
CrossFitAny athlete or non-athletes seeking to be fitMy goal with this topic is to show people how hard work pays off. I want my readers to be eager to try CrossFit and learn to just be fit in general.
CulturesPeople who want to read about cool things. There are lots of people, me being one of them, who don't get a chance to explore different cultures and lifestyles. My goal is to find these places, events or whatever they may be, and give my viewers a taste of the life outside their own. Hopefully they will see how fascinating the worlds inhabitants can be. Or they will find them totally strange, either way, they will have a little exposure to what man has devised through creation.
Cute things and CakesAnyone who likes cakes (everyone) and people who like cute things (most likely girls)Well, the world is filled with so much hateful things and vulgarity and the kind of cute things i will be quite the opposite: innocent and happy! I hope to repel the evil with cute even if it isn't much. And since cute things are more or girls I also did cakes because cakes are cute but not only for girls because everyone loves cakes!
D&D Game System CreationDM's and their playersTo show what goes into the creation of games like this, so that people might know better.
Dancinggeneral publicThey will have another tool besides the use of language to express how they feel and what their story is. They will be able to enjoy the small things in life more.
Digital PaintingYoung artistsI mostly explained this in my first post, but I want to show the process behind the product in art, and what it takes to become really good at something. I want other young artists to learn from my mistakes, and possibly spark interest in the arts for
Dog SleddingNewbie husky ownersI hope to communicate effective training techniques to my audience. My instructions will be written to the extent that a first-time husky owner could learn to
engineering at workpeople who wouldrather work hard now and not have to work hard latergive them a new way to get around life with less effort after their machine is built
Everything about baseball People who don't enjoy baseball and people who doI hope to show people who don't enjoy this sport what this sport is really all about and the beauty of it and that it's actually not very "slow" if you know about the mental and physical stability you need to have to play "Americas Pasttime".
evolution of the bulletpeople interested in military historyto inform people of how our military became what it is today and how bullets are a huge part of it's
Faith Vs. FearTeenagers, young adults, christiansExpect to see encouraging pictures, blog posts, personal stories of my life, and or even videos that will target Fear. Jesus came to this world not to be changed or defined by it, but to save it. Why should our goal as his followers be any less? Yes, it's scary. Trust me, I know. But hopefully through this blog we can both grow stronger and get through this together with Gods help. By the end of next year, may we both obtain freedom. "Freedom from fear. Freedom from prejudice and persecution. Freedom from hatred, bitterness, and jealousy. Freedom to be forgiven and to forgive." (Jesus Freak by DC talk.)
Fantasy FootballFootball fansOften many people love the game of football and enjoy watching their favorite players, so they want to join a fantasy football league. Though they might like certain players and want to play in such a league, many don't know what factors to take into account in drafting players and throughout the season.
Fantasy Football DraftPeople who play fantasy footballI want to make these people who read this be able to win their fantasy league and have fun doing
FashionTeenagersMy audience will know the history of fashion and also get tips and advice for their own style evolution. They will also receive a lot of inspiration.
Film makingGeneral film audienceI will work to inform people about film making and hopefully make an entertaining
FilmmakingAspiring FilmmakersHelp out aspiring filmmakers on their journey to film school and beyond by telling them about my journey. Talking about the resources that helped me and the steps I took to learn
Gluten Free Foods/Foods Brands and RecipiesPeople who are gluten intolerant orTo let people know that there are foods and recipies out there that they can eat they may not have known or that they can
Guide to Baseball MemorabiliaBaseball Fanatics and Baseball CollectorsI hope to provide baseball memorabilia collectors and other people interested in collecting a way to improve their already existing collection of baseball memorabilia and/or start a new collection. I hope to provide tips and tricks to build the almost perfect baseball memorabilia
GuitarsMusicians, GuitaristsMy purpose is to accompany beginning guitarists and give them information that will help them improve their playing.
gymnasticsanyone'sMy purpose is to teach people about gymnastics and to share my experiences.
Healthy BakingPeople who like to bakeI want to test out different healthy substitutions commonly used in baking. I am going to compare the tastes and see if it is worth it to use these substitutions.
Healthy LivingMy life and family/friendsI am trying to learn about living a healthy lifestyle. Both in the way that i eat and my diet as well as the fitness aspect where i want to learn efficient and healthy workout routines. Both my life will benefit from this and my family's as bring this journey into the home in our meals and way we go about daily life. My friends will also benefit from this as I share my journey and hopefully encourage them to make changes in their lifestyle as
Hitting in BaseballAny age that wants to learn about hitting To gather a large amount of information about hitting and break it down in every aspect to be able to teach and share information about
How dance affect my communityDancers and People who want to become dancersThe purpose I hope to accomplish for my audience is to learn how positive and amazing dancing can be when you commit and love the art.
How to be happierMy intended audience is people who seek to be happier and people who are subject to depression.My goal for this audience is for them to have knowledge of what stimulates us to be happier. Also, for them to be able to try some ideas or be aware of some concepts that can help stimulate them to think positively and be happier. By the end of this year I want my audience to have a collective source for techniques and ideas that can influence them to be happier.
How to become a better pitcherpeople looking to become better baseball pitchersI hope to not only help make myself the best pitcher that i can, but i also hope to learn enough from my genius hour topic to help other baseball pitchers and make them the best players they can be.
How to fix old cars Everyone who likes or wants to learn how/about fixing old cars yo teach them how to fix their old car without having to pay someone to do it for them
How to Live Without a BoyfriendSingle women of any ageI hope that the women who read my blog will learn new things that are normally considered masculine tasks and be able to live more freely, independently, and confidently by applying my knowledge to their lives.
Im going to learn how to cookIm writing to others who want to learn how to cook and entertaing people with my progress and failures in cookingMy audience will have a reference on how they should start cooking and maybe, hopefully not, how the shouldn't start cooking.
League Of LegendsLoL PlayersI will analyze certain aspects of the game as I improve and try to find the most effective ways to win games and pass on that knowledge to my audience. If you make it into the top 50 of your region, you have a high chance at playing the game professionally, which is my end goal.
Learning and talking about fashion.People who are also into fashion or just don't understand certain things about the world.Personally, I love learning about anything have to do with fashion. It amazes me how much work will go into each garment and each photo. I hope that as I'm blogging that those who haven't ever cared about it before will enjoy learning about it or at least understand why so many people do.
Living in AmericaStudents, parentsThe audience will know more about international student's life in America from a 17-year-old kid's point of view. This blog might help students who attempt to go study abroad; parents who care about their children, or even curious Americans
Making a income playing video gamesPeople who enjoy video games How to support themselves finacially playing video games or doing what you love
Making an animated shortAnimation fans who want to see behind the scenesTo show what goes on behind the scenes of an animated short.
Medical Inventions/Advancesthe general publicThe purpose I hope to accomplish for my audience is to educate them more about the medical advances we have or need in order to save more lives or help patients in the future. This can also show them new and different aspects about the medical world that they never knew.
mental illnesseveryoneIt will help others know that it is ookay to have an illness and that they are not
MoviesEveryone who likes/loves to watch movies.The life of my audience's will be better off because they can get an opinion of someone who truly loves to watch movies of all kinds. I feel it would be a nice thing to blog about and plus it is my true honest opinion and I am not getting paid to do it. It wont be about just new movies or old but a mixture of movies that some people may not have seen or heard of. They may find a new favorite movie, who know.
Music MineI have always wanted to make a CD for my Dad but I always claim to not have enough time to make one. Every year he asks for one and every year I don't. He has been recording me sing even if its only for thirty seconds and it has always annoyed me. He has mentioned that he is sad that when I leave no one else will be playing music i the house, so this is the way I plan to keep "music" in the house.
Music therapyEveryone! Music lovers will learn more about music. Also, people who are maybe depressed can get better from music therapy
Obstetrics and GynocologyTeenagers considering work in the field and people who want to know more about obstetricsI hope to open people's eyes to obstetrics. I want them to know what it takes, what you do, and how to get there. I want to be able to give them as much information as I can from the history of obstetrics to the requirements you need to become an OB/GYN.
PeoplePeople I hope they too will break out of their little worlds and take the opportunity to learn from the people around them.
PhotographyEveryone interested in the beauty of this worldMy purpose is to entertain and amaze my audience. What I want to give to my audience through my photography blog is perspective and eye for the beauty of this world. My audience will be better off by being able to see the world in a different perspective.
Ping PongAnyone interested in the history of ping pong, getting better at ping pong, and great matches of ping pong.This blog will show the reader how ping pong came to be and will discuss different techniques in ping pong that will better enhance your game. It will show how and when pro ping pong players use these techniques.
Pinterest projects, crafts, and DIYsAnyone who is interested in gaining awesome creative knowledge!For each project I attempt, I plan to spend some time writing about all of the procedures and errors that occured (kind of like a science lab). This will hopefully help my viewers have a more successful and efficient time attempting the project on their own, because they can learn from my mistakes. My purpose is not to perfectly recreate projects from Pinterest, but to have fun experimenting with what works and what doesn't, and in turn becoming a better crafter in the
Prevention of BullyingThose being bullied and those who wish to stop itTo work to make everyone's lives better and have no one feel worthless by another persons words, actions, or
Psychology Mine and others It will allow them to see how there life has been affected by situations that have happened in there personal life's and how they can help themselves or look into what they can change to make there life better. Through the different parts of psychology people can look at Themselves in a way they might not have ever done before.
Registered NursingAnyone interested To inform and to entertain anyone reading.
Reviews of the media I watch/ readPeople who are looking for suggestions for books or movies or showsBefore watching a show or movie I will usually go looking for a review to tell me if its any good or not or to go back and get another person's opinion but sometimes I have trouble finding the things reviews on some of the things I read and watch so maybe if I share what I read others will know and have a chance to try it out as
Social work career pathsThose interested in the field of social work My hope is that my audience finds good advice and information about the field of social work. Also i wish so encourage and give out new information to those debating about entering into such a field or those considering a different career path.
Sports engineering/ inhancement Anyone who is into sports I hope to show people how sports equipment and apparel has changed over the years so people are able to run faster hit harder and jump higher!
sports med/physical therapy people who need to doctor their own injuries To examine what physical therapists do on a day to day basis and why they enjoy it. What classes they take in college and what their overall salary is. I want to get a feel for sports medicine so I know what I am getting into when taking courses in college.
Sports MemorabiliaPeople interested starting their sports memorabilia collectionI want to inform people of everything they need to know in order to start their sports memorabilia collection. I will help them with things like where to buy, best C.O.A.s, best starting memorabilia's, which things will keep their value,
TARDISDoctor Who fans interested in how the tardis worksThey will have the "satisfaction" of getting to know more about the TARDIS and time travel.
The Architecture and Landmarks of San Francisco with their history and why I think you should go check it out. People who want to get a sense of the city's places, building lovers, people who love San Francisco, and people who just want to visit some interesting spots. I hope that my audience will gain a better understanding of the buildings and landmarks in San Francisco. Their life will be better because they will be equipped with a biography of San Francisco's various structures.
The History of Martial Artsthose interested in martial arts and its rootsI hope to educate my reader on the history of martial arts and by showing them how cool it is, allow them to share the same love I have for martial
The impact of Bay Area sports on the NorCal population (or just sports in general)People who enjoy sports and nostalgia They can read about how sports influence our culture in different ways and learn about the memories that lead me to conclude that Bay Area sports unite people
The study of animationanyone who loves cartoons or animationI hope my audience realizes that cartoons are really a form of art that takes time and effort to fully equip the process. I also hope to show them the effort I have put into my blog and how much I have researched it.
Top Lifting WorkoutAnybody interested in body building.That people can get the best workouts possible for specific muscles which will cause them to gain muscle faster and look stronger quicker.
TravelThose who want to travel in a fun and cheap way, and myself.My goal is to show practical ways to accomplish dreams. I want to find a way to travel for a cheap price, that is a great experience.
Travelingpeople who are interested in travelingMy hope is to create a post each week with a well planned trip somewhere in the world. Whether it be a trip across an ocean or a weekend getaway. I want someone to read it and say i want to go do that myself.
traveling through Londonanyone with an interest in traveling to London.I hope to help my audience learn more about the city of London so they know what it is like. I think we all are interested in new places, but sometimes we don't have time to research a lot about it. This blog would give an insight to those readers and maybe encourage them to travel to London, England.
video editingpeople who are interested in small video editingI hope to become a better video editor and give my audience better videos to watch.
What makes someone a warrior and why are they glorifiedSomeone who is interested in warriors throughout historyShow what makes a warrior and their ethics and importance throughout history
Writers on the roadAuthorsMy purpose is to help prepare and plan for research trips that nonfiction and fiction authors alike will take while writing their book.
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