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Timestampname of courseaudiencenumber of lessonsfollow-up optionsother courses availableEnglish proficiencyformat methodministry, church or denominational influenceCalvinist or Arminianyoung earth or old earthcostsnotesReviewer: years of ISM ministryReviewer: church denominationgenderURL addressBible versionlanguagesMedia
3/17/2011 13:14:17The Way to Lifeseeker12a teacher's manual is included to guide the instructora fewintermediateone student or small group format is bestInternational Students, Inc.not applicableother$20 hard copy; pdf freeteachers manual included; has definitions of key words; inductive format helps them learn to sudy the Bible; simple English used and written for internationals with no knowledge of Bible28charismatic Baptistmaleat the bottom of this webpage:, simplified & traditional, English, Japanese, Koreanpostal mail, download document
3/17/2011 15:02:37Discovering Godseeker5a fewintermediatefill-in the blank; no answers givenInternational Students, Inc.not applicablenot applicableup to $5gives overview of Bible & not just the gospel; all Scripture verses are included, so easy to find for newcomer; great for someone with no Bible background28charismatic Baptistmale mail, download document
3/17/2011 17:34:05The Stranger on the Road to Emmausseeker15 chapters / numerous subheadingsa fewintermediateself grading questions (answers included), non-interactive (only read/listen)GoodSeed internationalnot applicablenot applicablefreeThe video is Englis with captions. The PDF Book isavailable in a variety of languages. It tries to look at the theme of salvation through the entire Bible.10 yearsEvangelical Charismaticmalehttp://www.goodseed.comChinese, simplified, Chinese, traditional, English, French, German, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Romanian, Portugueseview video streaming, download document
3/17/2011 20:25:08Storyteller's Bible Studyseeker12other advanced lessons/seriesCrossing Over with Parablesintermediatestorytelling teacher & discussionNonenot applicableyoung earth$5 - $20It is a complete teacher resource for teaching cross-culturally with multiple appendices in the backSince 1987Non-denominationalmale, Spanish, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Portuguesepostal mail
3/17/2011 20:29:16Crossing Over with Parablesseekers & believers14other advanced lessons/seriesAdd to Your Faithintermediatestorytelling teacher & discussionNonenot applicablenot applicable$5 - $20It is a complete teacher resource for teaching cross-culturally with culturally specific questions at the end of each lesson Since 1987Non-denominationalmale mail
3/17/2011 20:33:51Add to Your Faithbeliever16coach or mentorStoryteller's Bible Study, Crossing Over with Parablesintermediateassigned to local personal mentorNonenot applicablenot applicable$5 - $20Allows internationals to determine their own culturally appropriate behavioral responses to biblical growth principlesSince 1987Non-denominationalmale mail
3/31/2011 11:39:04Dynamic Relationshipsseeker12other "Dinner & Discovery" coursescourses field-tested by RUFI campus ministersintermediateAfter dinner table discussionsPCA's RUF InternationalCalvinistnot applicablefreeSide 1: participants at tables read through to practice English. Difficult words explained in side bar. Side 2: Bible passage(s) printed with inductive discussion questions for table host8Ordained PCA document, photocopy free PDF for table discussions
3/31/2011 11:47:36The HOPE video with Study Guideseeker13invitation to further dinner/discussionsa fewbeginnerView HOPE movie segment, then table handout for discussionsStudy Guide written by PCA-RUFI staffCalvinistold earth$5 - $20Week 1: watch entire HOPE movie. Weeks 2-13, watch movie chapters followed by table discussions8PCA-RUF Internationalmale, simplified, Englishview video streaming, download document, Mars Hill has streaming. Discussion guide to movie is free PDF for download
3/31/2011 11:55:35Discipleship Explored - International student editionbeliever8invitation to a local church or Bible study groupFrom the publishers of "Christianity Explored"beginnerassigned to local personal mentorFrom the Christianity Explored ministrynot applicablenot applicable$5 - $20Special edition for internationals, attractive format workbooks, difficult words explained in margins8PCA-RUF Internationalmale mail, download document, bonus PDFs for download
3/31/2011 19:59:40Jesus Christ: A Bible Study in Simple Englishseeker5ISI offers no specific follow up, but the study encourages student to contact ISI and/or seek out a local church if this can be done safely..ISI offers other Bible studies in hard copy, but these must be paid for.beginnerself grading questions (answers included)International Students, Inc.both promotednot applicablefreeIt is specifically written for adult internationals with very limited English. While it doesn't need a teacher because it is inductive (student-centered), teachers can use it effectively. They make this invitation: Would you like to improve your English and aiso learn about the founder of Christianity? The study is also evangelistic, extending an invitation to decide to follow Jesus in the last chapter. The study assumes no prior Bible knowledge, and provides the Bible passages on which the questions are based. Moreover, the study includes an index of the vocabulary words and phrases. great maps and intro to the Bible given before the first lesson; key words defined; index of words; great for ESL situation28 years as full-time staffmulti-evangelical, such as Evangelial . Select in turn "Resources" & "Free Materials."New Life Bible, an excellent translation in 1st-2nd grade English (This is not the NIrV, which is at the same level, but is not nearly as clear.)Englishdownload document
4/1/2011 22:46:14Campus Crusade: Getting Started in the Christian Lifenew believer5many many manyintermediateCampus Crusade for Christnot applicablenot applicablefreeit's basic fundamentals4presbyterian/evangelical freefemale document, pdfs to print
4/21/2011 18:44:53I Am Jesus (John), Lovers of God (Acts)seeker-sensitive, but fruitful for believers11 (John), 7 (Acts)invitation to a local church or Bible study groupa fewintermediatebest used in class or sm group settingnon-denominational evangelicalnot applicablenot applicablefreeWe used both the John and Acts series with high-beginner to advanced students. Anne has written large lessons that would be best suited to divide into 2 or 3 lessons for beginners, but they worked well for the advanced classes. I really appreciate Anne's variety in each lesson, the visual ques, and recommended resources for songs, maps, and other additional material. I highly recommend these studies for English Bible classes.30 yearsBaptist / Presbyterian female and NIVEnglishread online, download document
4/21/2011 20:06:54A Guide for International Groups Investigating GodbelieverfournobeginnerIntervarsity Christian Fellowship - internationalnot applicablenot applicablefreeDirectly geared to internationals! We have used the format as is, then developed our own series (Ruth, Matthew). A recent alumnus is using the format with his office group.25 as staffmale online, download document
9/19/2011 8:23:37Jesus in Actionseeker14nobeginnerSmall group discussion that checks for comprehension and dives deeper into the meaningnot applicablenot applicablefreeVery interactive, fun, and lively - they act out skits about Jesus life and then split into small groups to discuss the provided discussion questions2Non-denominational/evangelicalmalen/aNLTEnglishdownload document, Ideally one person would print out the lessons and give one to each person in the group
5/22/2012 12:06:32Life-Changing Conversationsseeker14beginnerRUF InternationalCalvinistnot applicablefreeConversations between Jesus and people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Provides real-life case studies (not just conceptual teaching) of the life-changing grace of God.8Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) document
5/22/2012 12:09:13God's Foreignersseeker13beginnerTable DiscussionsRUF InternationalCalvinistnot applicablefreeLook at foreigners in the Bible loved by God, including God’s ultimate Resident-Alien, Jesus Christ. Those who belong to God are exiles who bless the world.8Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) document
5/22/2012 12:11:21Is There a Global God you can Trust?seeker1110beginnerRUF InternationalCalvinistnot applicablefree Bible studies that examine sin as idolatry (not just law-breaking). The Apostle Paul explained sin to Gentiles without God’s Law as their seeking replacements or rivals to God. Exposes universal sin as idolatry. “All the gods of the nations are idols, but the LORD made the heavens.”8Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) document
5/22/2012 12:13:01Dynamic Relationshipsseeker1210beginnerTable DiscussionsRUF InternationalCalvinistnot applicablefreeIn all world cultures, religions, and philosophies, relationships are important. This course investigates the traditional Confucian relationships (e.g., parents, teachers, spouses, etc.) and shows how the gospel provides the right motives and goals for life-defining relationships. 8Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) document
5/22/2012 12:15:17God and Scienceseeker1210 RUFI CoursesbeginnerTable DiscussionsRUF InternationalCalvinistold earthfree“Are religious faith and science in conflict?” “Can you be a competent scientist and still believe in God?” This is an apologetics course (more challenging for discussion leaders) that does not directly attack evolution. While science claims to explain life’s processes, only the gospel can provide life’s ultimate purpose, meaning, and goal.8Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) document
5/22/2012 12:17:55Colossians for Christiansbeliever1710 RUFI CoursesbeginnerSmall Group DiscipleshipRUF InternationalCalvinistnot applicablefreeAn inductive discipleship course that examines Paul’s letter to the Colossians. 8Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), simplified, English, Spanishdownload document
5/22/2012 12:20:39A Broken Relationship 破裂的关系seeker1invitation to a local church or Bible study group10beginnerGospel BrochureInter-Varsity ISM, RUF Internationalnot applicablenot applicablefreeIncorporates Dr. Katie Rawson’s “broken family” diagram in a fold over brochure that presents the gospel for East Asians raised in honor-shame cultures. Our need for Christ is because of our “broken guanxi” with God.8Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) document
5/22/2012 12:22:40Benefits and Costsseeker1210 RUFI CoursesbeginnerTable DiscussionsRUF InternationalCalvinistnot applicablefreeStudies that link the legal (e.g., forgiveness, adoption) and life-transforming benefits of salvation (e.g., new birth, glorification) with the personal costs of following Jesus Christ. 8Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) document
5/22/2012 12:38:16RUFI Study Guide to “The Hope” videoseeker1310beginnerTable DiscussionsMars Hill Productions (video) and RUF International (guide)Calvinistboth promotedfreeBible study discussions that link to segments of “The Hope” video8Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) document, Video and course also available at
5/22/2012 12:40:28The Servant-Leader Who Listensbeliever1210 RUFI CoursesbeginnerTable Discussions or Small GroupRUF InternationalCalvinistnot applicablefree Studies that equip Christian internationals the servant-leadership principles of Jesus Christ.8Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) document
5/22/2012 12:42:24How to Pray: the Model Prayer that Jesus Taughtseeker1110 RUFI CoursesbeginnerTable Discussions or Small GroupRUF InternationalCalvinistyoung earthfreeStudies of “The Lord’s Prayer.” Discusses the topical (God’s holiness, kingdom, our need for forgiveness) and the practical (our attitude and approach to God).8Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) document
5/23/2012 12:39:30I-GIG International Groups Investigating has many other Bible studies for internationalsintermediateleader's guide for groupInterVarsity ISM (non-denominational)not applicablenot applicablefreeentirely geared toward internationals, book provides everything needed for someone to lead a group even if they've never led a Bible study document, same book available in print
5/23/2012 12:50:39Christianity Explored - English Made Easy Editionseeker8other advanced lessons/seriesa fewbeginnerFor small groups or 1-1'sChristianity Explored - All Soul's Londonnot applicablenot applicable$5 - $20An investigative study of Mark's Gospel with Easy English workbook and leader's guide available8Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)male mail
5/23/2012 12:55:01Discipleship Explored - International Student Editionnew believer8small group or 1-1'sa fewbeginnerSmall Group DiscipleshipChristianity Explored - All Soul's Londonnot applicablenot applicable$5 - $20A study of Philippians, to give new believers a basis for life-long discipleship. Book study to avoid "western discipleship methods." Field tested in London with internationals.8Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)male mail
5/23/2012 14:22:47Passport to the Bibleseeker24nointermediateInterVarsity Christian Fellowshipnot applicablenot applicable$5 - $20Written for internationals with hard vocabulary explained, introduction to the Bible with chart and notes on leading cross-cultural studies along with leader's notes for each study, 4 sections with 6 studies each: "Meeting God," "Who Am I?" "Good News!" and"Experiencing God"31 yearsInterVarsity statement of mail
5/24/2012 22:42:17God's Promise for the Nationsbeliever15Posted lessons from ongoing Bible studyintermediatenon-interactive (only read/listen)International Christian FellowshipotherotherfreeBeginning on page 1 of the Bible, we will trace God's plan through history to restore the harmony of his original creation. This study provides an overview of the historical, biblical basis of the Christian faith, and highlights the continuity of the Bible through both the Old and New Testaments. We will also find practical application for today's world and our own lives.14Nondenominationalmale online, download document
6/12/2012 19:57:27A Chinese-American Perspetive of American-Christianitybeliever7invitation to a local church or Bible study groupnobeginneronline class, non-interactive (only read/listen)International Village IncCalvinistyoung earthfreeEasy to follow, with a book entitled 'Where Strangers Cross' to expand learning.10Southern Baptistmalewww.WhereStrangersCross.orgNIVChinese, simplified, Chinese, traditional, Englishpostal mail, read online, download document
9/8/2012 11:50:59The Way to Life, (and) book of Lukeseeker12 (and) 56other advanced lessons/seriesGrowing Strong to Serve -for Christiansintermediateself grading questions (answers included), assigned to local personal mentor, Group Bible studyInternational Students, Inc.not applicablenot applicablefreeTHE WAY TO LIFE series of twelve inductive Bible studies presents basic Bible teachings about God, human nature and how to have everlasting life with God. Each study develops one theme--usually from just one passage of the Bible. That provides a complete context for each question, rather than jumping around to many brief Bible references used out of context. The series powerfully and attractively shows Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Each study uses questions to guide the student and teacher to dig into and understand the Bible passage on which that study is based. The vocabulary and grammar are simplified and understandable for people who learned English as a foreign language. The theological concepts are stated in common terms to be understood by people having no beginning knowledge of the Bible or Christian beliefs and for people from various cultures and religions. This series of studies is both effective and easy to use. God has used THE WAY TO LIFE Bible studies to lead many internationals to receive Christ. Most international students have been able to understand the questions that each study's question sheet asks. The students have been able to discover the answers from the selected reading from the Bible, and to express those answers themselves. You can pick up this study course and use it with only the aid of the Teacher's Guide and the answer sheets. Experience in leading Bible study discussions and in communicating with people of other cultures is helpful, but no apprenticeship training for this particular course is needed because the answer sheets provided are so complete. Use these answers as written, or in your own words, to lead your student to understand the study's questions and to find the answers in the Bible. 45follower of Jesusmalewww.sciencegodandlife.comanyChinese, simplified, Chinese, traditional, English, Japanese, Koreandownload document
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