TitleLast NameFirst NameBirthdayPositionNew StaffFavorite Starbucks drinkFavorite non-alcoholic drink Favorite snack Favorite type of chipFavorite fruit Favorite candy Favorite gumFavorite type of foodFavorite breakfast place - what would you order?Favorite lunch place - what would you order?Favorite fast food restaurantFavorite dinner restaurantFavorite dessertFavorite storeFavorite collectableFavorite school suppliesFavorite color Favorite flowerFavorite Season Favorite sport and/or teamFavorite book genre
Ms.AlwayPeggy2/24ISS TeacherNoI don't know. LOL. I don't go to Starbucks or other coffee shopsCokeChips/Tortilla chipsTortilla chipsAny type of berrychocolate??MexicanTakotas, breakfast burritoBourbon, Brews and Burgers in ParkerFuzzy's tacosSierrabread puddingJoannsflamingospost-itsbluelilacfallNHL Av'sMystery or historical novel
Mrs.ArmstrongValerie8/5ISS TeacherNoIced vanilla latteDiet pepsiChips and quesoSour cream and onionStrawberryReese Peanut Butter CupOrbit sweet mintMexicanSnooze- pancakes, bacon, hashbrownsChipotle- burrito- chicken, white rice, cheeseChik Fil ALos Dos and Cheesecake FactoryCookie- sugar or chocolate shipNordstromNaDry erase markers and erasers, mr sketch markersPurpleGerber daisyFallAvsRomance
Mrs.BauerMandi7/241st Grade TeacherNononfat, no whip peppermint mochaDiet Pepsitrail mixAnything "cheesy" - Doritos, Cheetos, etc..strawberries and blueberriesSnickers or peanut butter cupsOrbitMexicanStarbucks - nonfat/no whip peppermint mocha and a bacon goudaPanera - any saladChik Fil ALos Dos Portilloschocolate cakeTJ Maxxbutterfliespost its, books for classroom library, pensyellowrosesummerDallas Cowboys footballromance
Mrs.BelitzKim11/17MTSS/GTYesLatte with Cinnamon Dulce or VanillaWaterlooPistachiosChocolate with sea salt and caramelSpearmintAsian, Mexican and ItalianBreakfast BurritoSweet Greens - any saladChick-Fil-ACranellis ItalianChantilly Berry CakeNordstromBee themed itemsFlair PensPurpleSunflower or OrchidFallBroncosHistorial Fiction
Mrs.BensenLaurie5/21Kindergarten TeacherNoIced Chai Tea LatteWaterNachosSun Chips Harvest Cheddar or OrginalStrawberriesPlain M&MsI do not like gum =)MexicanFirst Watch-egg sandwichQdoba-nachosQdobaSmokin FinsBrowniesNordstromHearts from different places we visitpensgreenlillyFallVikingsrealistic fiction
Mrs.Bernstein Kristin 6/233rd Grade TeacherNoSkinny Caramel Macchiato Celcius or AlaniBare Crunchy Pineapple Chips, Dried Fruit, honey wheat pretzelsCape Cod 40% less fat Salt and Vinegar ChipsBerriesCaramel M&MsExtra PeppermintSalad Bowls + CoffeeStarbucks - reduced fat turkey bacon without cheeseSweet green- bowl StarbucksSweet green- bowlTruFru frozen chocolate covered berries Amazon, TargetStarbucks mugs from travel placesScented stickers, pens, markersGreen and GrayPeonies WinterBroncosHistorical fiction
Ms.BoatrightCarmel11/275th Grade TeacherNoEnglish Tea Latte with 2 pumps or grande lattewateranything salty but not nuts Lays Regular or cheetosapplebutterfingertrident whitemost any kind that I didn't have to cok.Early Bird - Chicken and waffle5 Guys, small burger wrapped in lettuce with pickles & mustard. Fries, of courseChck-fil-AFlemmingsCreme BruleeTalbotsnone, except dust.Markers of any kind, especially sharpiespinktulipsfallDenver BroncosRomantic Fiction
Ms.BoerthKathy2/26ISS TeacherYesN/AGingeralePopcornBaked Lays potato chipAppleKit KatSugarfree Juicy FruitThaiFrench toastChicken sandwichPaneraShawarmaBanana cheesecakeTargetJapanese fansKleenix!BlueHydrangeaSummerSwimmingMysteries
Mrs.BotdorfDenise3/7ISS TeacherNoSkinny vanilla latteunsweetened iced teasalt and vinegar potato chips salt and vinegar potato chipsblueberriesdark chocolate raisins Orbit wintergreentacosSnoozeTorchysFreddiesChuysgelatoAmazonPaintBlueBerber DaisySummerAvalanche
Ms.BowmanDebi10/8Office StaffNoDecaf coffee with peppermintwater, dr. pepperbeef jerky, popcorndill pickle blueberries, pineapplejunior mintsN/AMexicanTamale Kitchen - potato, egg, specialPoke One - Spicy Tuna poke bowlQdoba Seasons 52Dairy free and coconut AthletaN/Apost-itsGreenlillyall of themvolleyball
Mrs.BrionesMelissa4/5MTSS/GTNoPink LemonadeDried mangosFunyonsStrawberriesTwixI don't like gumIndian foodFirst Watch - Avocado ToastPanera - Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich with chipsIn-N-OutUchiTrader Joes fruit cakeAmazonI don't collect things lol.Arrowhead Pink Pearl Cap ErasersGreenGerbera DaisySpringSoccerNon-fiction
Mrs.CartwrightShareen5/29MTSS/GTNothe seasonal specialDiet coketrail mixNAstrawberries, watermelon, pineapple, bananasmilk chocolate without nutsanything sugar freeSantiagos - half/half burritoQdobaLos Doscake with frosting (really, just the frosting)Targetcrystal ornamentssticky notes, sharpies, flair pens, bluemost! prefer plantsfallDuHawks Wrestling Teamcrime, history
Mrs.ChapelJennifer4/34th Grade TeacherYesPeach Tranquility Hot TeaUnsweet Ice Tea from McDonald'sSkinny Pop PopcornI don't really like chipsANY I love all fruit!Chocolate Pocky Stix or Wild Berry SkittlesI don't really chew gumoatmeal, rice and beans, cashews, sushistarbucks oatmealMad Greens pomona, no cheese, light dressingChik Fil AWahoos Fish TacosNothing Bundt CakesTargetDifferent flavors of decaf teaFlair pens, fun things for my students to explore like cool pencils, erasers, smelly markers. I LOVE school supplies, ANY and ALLPurple, Blue, Pink, Yellow, OrangeANYSummer, warmer the betterI like to runI like books that other people have read and connect with, books to read with my girls
Mrs.Courtney Christina 3/9ISS TeacherNoHalf caffeinated iced Americano Iced tea Larabar Boulder plain chips Apple, berries Hugs Hershey Kiss Trident Mediterranean Eggs, toast, fruit Salad with chicken Chic Fil A Ted’s Montana Grill Brownies REI, Nordstrom, Patagonia Anything Snoopy Whiteboard markers with erasers, pencils Green Roses SummerMichigan State Spartans- all sports Mystery
Ms.CundyLisa5/62nd Grade TeacherNoNonfat White Mocha Diet CokeChex MixSun Chips CheddarWatermelonPeanut M&M'sExtra SugarlessPastaPancake HousePaneraChick Fil AChilisCrumble CookiesTargetNoneDry Erase MarkersYellowOrchid (allergic to lillies)SpringAvsMystery
Ms.DeWald Emily1/10ISS TeacherYesCoconut milk latte (hot)Diet Coke Trail mix (has to have chocolate) Salt and vinegar Blackberries Reese’s cups I don’t like gum Pad Thai with tofu Breakfast burrito Salad Chipotle City O’ City Chocolate cake TargetHouse plants Fun colored pens GreenBlue Hydrangea FallBuffalo Bills Thriller/Mystery
Mrs.DoubletBertille9/28EssentialsNocaramel macchiatoginger aleanything with cheesewavy sea salt and vinegarstrawberryThaistarbuck ham and cheese croissantseason 52blue and reddaisysummerhorse back ridingmystery
Mrs.EggemeyerAudra7/73rd Grade TeacherNoCafe LatteDiet CokeChili spiced pistachiosSalt and VinegarBanana, honey crisp applesPeanut m&msExtra winter fresh ChipolteBreakfast burritosSweet Greens-saladSweet GreensHaciendaCrumble LululemonStarbucks Been there mugsFlair pens, gel pensYellowSunflowerFallNuggets-basketballHistorical fiction
Mr.ElderMike5/7Cafeteria & CustodialNoChia LatteMt DewSlim JimsDorritosMangoRolononeMexicanTargetPurpleDaisyFallOSU Buckeyes
Mrs.EmmonsCindy9/193rd Grade TeacherNoSkinny Vanilla LatteCoke ZeroPopcornSun ChipsApplesPeanut M & M'snaMexicanCorner Bakery - OatmealPanera Bread - Fuji Apple Chicken SaladCulversHacienda ColoradoCherry PieKirkland/At HomePens from travel destinationsDry Erase Markers- thickCranberry Hydrangea or DaisiesFallBikingHistorical Fiction
Ms.EstesAly6/9ISS TeacherNoVanilla Cream Cold BrewGinger AleRufflesCheddar RufflesPeach TwizzlersExtraMexican Snooze- spuds deluxe with bacon, onion, and peppersCosta Vida- sweet pork saladCosta VidaTap and BurgerBanana Pudding Amazon Mechanical Pencils with lead!!Yellow DaisyFallAvalanche Thriller
Mrs.EvansMeghann1/29MTSS/GTNoChai latteSparkling IcePeanut butter pretzelsJalapeño Kettle ChipsBlackberriesKit KatOrbit sweet mintPizzaBenedict's; Brooklyn BenedictHeidi's; Bay Ridge BomberChick-fil-aBlue IslandIce creamAmazonFlamingos and DisneyPapermate Flair PensPinkSunflowerFallBasketball; NuggetsMurder mystery
Mrs.FinnertyTina3/231st Grade TeacherNoVanilla Latteunsweetened iced teaNuts and chocolate trail mixTraditional pringlespineappleFast BreakmintMexican or ItalianMcDonald's - egg mcmuffinChipotle - chicken burrito bowlChik-fil-AWhite Chocolate Grillbrownie sundaeAnthropologiePaper Mate Flair Felt Tip MarkersRedtulipFallWyoming CowboysFiction
Ms.GebhartSally4/26Educational/Instructional AssistantYesNon-fat Mocha Latte, No whip OR HazelnutLa Croix Sparkling Water BerryMixed nuts/almonds/cashews/pistachios/sesame sticksCheetos Puffs or Chili FritosCherriesTrolli gummie worms or Red VinesTrident CinnamonChinese or MexicanStonegate Cafe-French ToastCherry Village Asian Grill-Kung Pao Triple DelightChick Fil ALa Loma or SierraCheesecake Factory or Fruit CobblersOld Navy/Kohl'sGnomes and FairiesStickersJewel colors- blue/purple/green/tealRed or Pink RoseAutumnDenver BroncosMystery and History
Mrs.GerardPamela8/16Educational/Instructional AssistantNoUnsweetened Iced TeaUnsweetened Iced TeaFlavored popcorn, takisjalapenobananabanana laffy taffyextra greenIn-N-Outavocado toastmediterranean veggie, or turkey avocadoIn-N-OutPerfect Landingfried ice cream, brownie w/ ice creamTargetlive plants/ seedsFine point colored sharpielime green, hot pinksunflowersummerbaseball/Rockiesanything that ends well!
Mrs.GladerTina12/1EssentialsNoChai latte Iced teaAnything sweet and salty Sun ChipsPeachWhite chocolate anything Wintergreen Asian Eggs Benedict at SnoozeSandwich shopsSandwich shopsSeasons 52Anything pumpkinAmazonCoffee cups or playing cardsBooksTealRoseFallAvalanche Fiction Beach Read
Mrs.GoldsteinOrit6/16Educational/Instructional AssistantNoCaffeine free soy caramel macchiato (iced or hot depending on season)Caffeine free Diet Coke or Pepsi Baked chips AnyPeaches, cherries, watermelon Chocolate Sugar free bubble gum Indian or Mediterranean food Bagels with cream cheese and loxPanera Bread salad and sandwich Chic fil a Haveli’s Indian Restaurant AnyAmazon Fun gel pensMagenta Roses, carnations, sunflowers Spring
Mrs.Gonzalez Amy8/22Educational/Instructional AssistantNoSkinny vanilla latteDiet CokeChex mix, popcorn Wavy laysBerries or watermelon Hot tamales Extra Peppermint Mexican Toast- bananas foster pancakes Chick fil a Colored pens RedFall
Mrs.GullettNicole3/13Educational/Instructional AssistantNoUnsweet iced green teaCoke ZeroMixed nuts Kettle Cooked BBQApplesTwizzlersMintMexicanThe Egg, bacon and cheese omelet Chick fil a sandwichChipotle The Yard House or Los Dos Portillos Chocolate chip cookiesAmazonCoffee MugsSharpiesPinkTulipSummer ☀️ FootballMystery and educational
Mrs.HallDanelle1/11MTSS/GTNomedicine balldiet cokekettle corn, simple popcorn, sweet & salty chex mix, twizzlers, chocolateGarden Salsa Sun ChipsApplestwizzlers/york peppermint pattyTrident peppermintindian/mexicanPancake house-spinach/mushroom omeletHavellis-Tika masala, na'anFive guys/Mad GreensIce creamsticky notesBlueHydrangeaAllsoccerHistorical fiction
Mrs.HernandezJennifer12/30Educational/Instructional AssistantYesIced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken EspressoIced teaTaos barPirates BootyMangoReese's Peanut Butter CupEclipse SpearmintSushiSnooze - French Toast or Breakfast Pot PieChick-Fil-A - Market SaladChick Fil ALand of SushiChocolate CakeTJ Maxxtea cupscolored pensBlueroseSpringFormula 1fiction
Mrs.HollinsGail8/24Office StaffNoNitro Cold Brew, Skinny Vanilla Latte7-Up ZeroNuts, popcornSun ChipsCantaloupe and watermelonJunior Mints, York Peppermint PattiesTridentItalianChick-Fil-A - Chicken Nuggets and FruitChick-Fil-A - Grilled Nuggets with a saladChick-Fil-A, Mad GreensSeasons 52Sugar cookie, popcorn cakeTalbots, AmazonFlair Felt Tip PensShades of blueLilyFallfiction, mystery
Mrs.JahanianMichelle4/18NurseNoBerry RefresherDiet CokeSalty snacksJalapeno MelonsReece's sticks5 peppermintMexicanBreakfast burritoChick fil a (spicy chicken sandwich)Chick fil aLos Dos Potrillos Chantilly CakeTargetFlair PensGreen/BlueRoseFallFootball (Nebraska Huskers)nonfriction
Mrs.JohnsKristin9/16EssentialsNoCold brew with sweet cream, or hot- Vanilla latte Diet Coke Nuts Cheddar sun chips ApplesPeanut M&M’s Mentos pure gumSushiSnooze- eggs Benedict Mad greens- Thai chicken salad Chick-fil-a Perry’s steakhouse Cheesecake AthletaMusic memorabilia Markers and notepadsSea green Daisies Fall Denver BroncosRom com
Ms.JohnsonJodie12/182nd Grade TeacherNoIced SF Vanilla Latte with Almond MilkDiet Dr. PepperGardettosn/aHot TamalesExtra Polar IceMexicanPancake and hash brownsSandwich or quesadillaJimmy JohnsHaciendaRed Velvet Bundt CakeTargetn/aAmazonRed, PurpleGerber DaisySummerRockiesRom Com/Beach Reads
Mrs.JonesHeather5/13Kindergarten TeacherNoDon't Drink CoffeDiet CokeMixed Nuts Salt and Vinegar ChipsStrawberries LicoriceDon't chew gumSushiSnooze- French ToastCava- Green & Grain BowlCane'sSmokin FinsApple PieNordstrom'sNoneFlair PensPurpleOrchidFallFootball/ Green Bay PackersFiction
Ms.Kehn Brynn 4/10BASENoIced Vanilla cold brew with vanilla sweet cold foam and caramel drizzle:)Lemonade Gluten free pretzels or chocolate covered freeze dried strawberries Regular lays chips Watermelon/applesWatermelon sour patch kids Polar ice extra Anything with grilled chicken Eggs and bacon! Gluten free chicken strips/nuggets Chick fil a Red Robin Heath ice cream Any music store/ 2nd & Charles Vinyls ( specifically heart) Felt pens Light blue/yellow Roses FallNebraska Romance novels
Miss.Khalilinia Katy 5/8Educational/Instructional AssistantNoCold brew, pump of mocha pump of hazelnut, splash of creamDiet Pepsi Green apple chips Ruffles Strawberries, grapesSour gummies, dark chocolateSweet mint Salads, burgersEinstein-bagels cream cheeseChik fil a- spicy chicken sandwich and friesChik fil a Sierras Cheesecake TargetPens, papers, stickies YellowSunflowers, tulipsspringKC Chiefs Mystery
Ms.KroeningBJ8/6Cafeteria & CustodialYesSweet Cream Cold BrewDiet Dr Peppertortilla chipsany berryswedish fishspearmintdiner foodegg mcmuffin or a fruit/yogurt parfaitteriyaki ChickenBurger Kingany mexicanlemon meringue pieLowesGreenFire and Ice LillyFallArmy West PointHistorial Fiction
Ms.KroepschChristine9/7Educational/Instructional AssistantYesRefresher, any flavorcoconut water (original, no pulp)fig newton/ fig barsun chips (any flavor)blueberriesbaby ruth, milky way, or werther's original flavors: spearmint or peppermintGreek, Indian, or Mexican cuisinebreakfast burrito (eggs, cheese, potato, bacon)Good TimesLazy Dogice cream (mint chocolate or vanilla)savory spicen/acrayonsgreensunflowers, wildflowersfallsoccer, NFL and college football, NBA and college basketballtravel literature, poetry, biographies, and history
Mrs.LamkinKolleen6/11Educational/Instructional AssistantNoStrawberry açai with lemonadeCokeChocolate drizzled popcornBaked BBQStrawberry TwixNone! PizzaFrench toast Panera- green goddess salad with chickenChick FilaLos DosChocolate chip cookiesKohlsMarkersYellow rose SummerColorado Avalanche Romance
Ms.LoosLeslie 10/11Educational/Instructional AssistantYesRegular Coffee w/ lots of CreamDiet Tea, Seltzers Nuts, Trail MixBarbecue, Regular, ApplesM/Ms. Any (just not fruity)American (Burgers, Steaks, Pizza)Any place that serves eggs & bacon or fresh breadsSalads, Burgers, French dip Panera & Chick-fil-ALa Loma Anything chocolateContainer Store, Athleta Cooking Decorating SuppliesHighlighters or anythingGreenGerber Daisy Spring, Summer & FallSteeler, Penguins Any Mary Higgins Clark, Nicholas Sparks, Grisham
Mrs.LopezKristal2/91st Grade TeacherNoIced White Chocolate MochaDiet PepsiYogurt Covered Pretzels Sour Cream and OnionGrapesGummy BearsExtra Polar IceItalian Starbucks Chocolate Croissant Panera Green Goddess SaladChick-fil-aPastaBrownies with ice creamMacy’sFlair PenBlueTulipsFallAny Denver teamRomance
Mrs.MartinezAnnie7/302nd Grade TeacherNoSkinny Vanilla LatteDiet Ginger AleTrail Mix, Regular Chex MixBBQ Chips, Garden Salsa Sun Chips, Regular Sun ChipsHoney Crisp Apples, Blackberries, RaspberriesRed Vines, Hot Tamales, Reese Peanut Butter Cups, Peanut Butter M&MsExtra Polar IceMexican or Italian (no cheese please)Breakfast Burrito without cheeseQdoba - Chicken Taco Salad Qdoba or PaneraHacienda or Longhorn Steak HouseCheesecake or Key Lime PieTarget or AmazonPaper Mate Flair Tip MarkersRed and YellowSunflowerSummerBroncosFiction or Mystery
Mrs.MaynorLauren1/17Educational/Instructional AssistantNoMocha FrappuccinoCoffeePopcornTortillaAppleChocolateN/AChineseSnooze- Veggie omeletPanera- black bean soupCosta VidaModern MarketCookiesT.J. MaxxN/AStickersBlueLilacSpringBroncosMystery
Mrs.MooneyDenise2/95th Grade TeacherNoChai Tea Latte with Almond MilkDiet Coke/Coke ZeroCashews/AlmondsCheddar Sour CreamAnyTwixExtra PeppermintMexicanStarbucks-Kale and Mushroom Egg BitesPanera-Asian Sesame Chicken SaladChick Fil ALos Dos PatrillosIce CreamTJ MAXXPens/PencilsPurple/BlueSunflower,, TulipsFallFootball/ Auburn/ Denver
Mrs.MoyleAmy6/20Office StaffNoVanilla sweet cream iced cold brewDiet Dr. PepperSalty-nuts, Chex Mix, almondsBaked cheese RufflesBananas & blueberriesTake 5, licorice, Hot TamalesMintMexicanChik-Fil-A-Egg White GrillCosta Vida-Sweet pork burritoTorchys, Qdoba, Cost VIdaLos Dos, Big Bills, ChilisChantilly Lace Cake, Blueberry cake doughutsTJ Maxx, NordstromsN/AFlair PensPink, red, yellowFallBroncos-footballRealistic fiction
Mrs.NovyAllie12/3EssentialsNoChai latte with cinnamon cold foam Dr pepperApples with peanut butterHot Cheetos ALL FRUITReese’s pb cupsWintermint/spearmintSushiTamale kitchen breakfast burritosPanera -salad & sandwich comboChik fil a Poke OneCheesecakeDisney spirit jerseysPost its & pensPurpleLilacs FallAngels baseballRomance & Suspence/Thriller
Mrs.PageKelli 1/16BASENoN/ACoke/Dr PepperGreen Apples and CheeseBBQAny, but Green ApplesTwix or Good and Plenty N/AAnyBiscuits and gravy A Salad Chick-Fil-ALos DosCheesecake MauricesCows (black and white)Pencils Purple Cala Lily FallThe Saints/Softball N/A
Ms.PalmieriBecky5/18EssentialsYesCaramel Macchiato Hot Arizona Green TeaOmega Trail MixTortillaStrawberriesHot Tamales or Peanut M&MsExtra PeppermintPizzaFirst Watch Avocado Toast with Scrambled EggsPF Changs Lettuce WrapsChick Fil AHacienda ColoradoTurtle Sundae from Freddy'sNordstrom Rack or TJ MaxxbooksAny Art SuppliesRedOrchidFallAvalancheYoung Adult Fantasy Fiction
Mrs.PierceCierra2/15MTSS/GTNohot chai with soy milkkombucha or coketrail mixsalt and vinegarwatermelon snickers or hot tamales anymexicananywhere with french toast :)Mod Market-chicken banh mi sandwichchic filaany Mexican Restaurantchocolate chip cookiesAmazon/ TargetN/Apensyellowany type of flower!summerJacksonville Jaguarsnon-fiction, spiritual
Mrs.RainosekOlga8/4EssentialsNoVery Berry Hibiscus RefresherNo Sugar Added Coconut WaterAll nutsCasava Chips or veggie chipsAny fruit that's in seasonToblerone Cinnamon Sugar freeMediterranean IHOP - OmleteMod Pizza - Lucy Sunshine on cauliflower crustChick-Fil-A or In & OutFlemmingsCrème BruléPark Meadows Mall, AmazonMemoriesPensAll shades of blue and purpleTulips Fall & winterEscapist Fiction
Mrs.Ratcliff Sarah 9/19MTSS/GTNoAmericano with vanilla and creamDiet Coke Chex mixSalt and vinegar Grapes Chocolate covered nuts OrbitItalianEggs and baconTurkey and cheese sandwichChic fil a View house BrowniesNordstrom NA ? Sharpies PurpleTulipsSummer Football and Broncos Fiction
Mrs.RinkerPam5/31Office StaffNoSalted caramel Cream cold brew with 4 pumps of vaniallaOrange Celsius can drinkalmonds, cashews, pretzelsRed apple, grapes & strawberriesJr. mints & peanutbutter cupsbagels & donutsEinsteins - Bacon, egg & cheese sandwich on an Asiago bagelYard HouseBrowniescolorful post-itsPurple & blueroses & hydrangeas Fall & spring
Mrs.RuppertBetsy2/3Educational/Instructional AssistantNoCoffee frappachinoArizona Iced TeaDots pretzelsCheddar Sun ChipsStrawberry3 MusketeersOrbitzMexicanTargetPurpleDaisyFallOSU Buckeyes
Mrs.SchneppStephanie1/304th Grade TeacherNoToffee Nut Latte or Vanilla LatteDr. Pepper or Cherry CokeCool Ranch Doritos, Popcorn, Chex MixDoritosWatermelonSnickersTrident any flavorItalian and MexicanBreakfast Burrito or Breakfast SandwichChik-Fil-A or Burger KingPanera, Firehouse Subs, and Chik-fil-aPerry's and Any steak houseBrowniesTarget, Nordstrom, Amazon and LoftPicture FramesFun pens, math games, and rewards/prizes for kids.Blue or Periwinkle Tulip and DaisiesSpring and SummerBroncosFiction
Mrs.Severson Kitty2/285th Grade TeacherNoChai cinnamon vanilla latteany flavored seltzer with caffeineSkinny PopHint of Lime chipswatermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, and nectarinesPeel and eat red licoriceextra spearmintsushi and steakAny place that serves avocado toastPostinos any flatbread selectionChick fil A Smokin Fins or PF ChangsFlanTJ MaxxFamily Memories Felt tip markers/pensleopard or cheetah printgeraniums or gerber daisySUMMERBasketball Nuggets, and Broncos Rom Com
Mrs.SmithBre6/13EssentialsNoSkinny vanilla latte Tru lemonade packets, Arnold palmers, IceCorn chips and queso, gluten free crackers and cheeseSiete tortilla chips Blackberries Swedish fish, Mike and Ike, hot tamalesMintMexican with corn (gluten free) tortillas or chips Santiago’s- breakfast burritos Chick fil a-chicken Cobb salad, Hot Tamles-corn tortilla tacos Fuzzy’s/Torchys Texas Roadhouse Crumbl, brownies AmazonSloths Masking tape Pink Tulips Summer/fallFast pitch softball, baseball, footballMurder mysteries
Mr.Steiner Mark5/6Educational/Instructional AssistantNoCafe Mocha with oat milkZevia ColaBoulder Potato ChipsMangoKick sugar keep candy Or Hu ChocolatePho Sweet Greens - chicken bowlSweet GreensSushi Mango
Mr.SteverJosh4/21Educational/Instructional AssistantYesPike roast blackDr PepperCheez ItsFlaming hotRaspberries 3 musketeersBubble yumMexicanVillage Inn - Chicken Fried Steak SkilletPopeyes - Spicy Bacon & Cheese Chicken SandwichFive GuysChilisIce creamHot TopicVinyl recordsGel pensGreenRoseFallBox Lacrosse - Colorado MammothMystery
Mrs.SwomleyKelly1/11Educational/Instructional AssistantNoHonestly- not a fan ! Diet Coke PretzlesJalapeños Blueberry Tootsie Rolls spearmant Pizza & Mexican Snooze - pretzel egg sandwich Panera - Green Goddess Salad Chick -Fil -AHacienda Brownies Kohls Anything ☘️Colored markers Kelly Green of course ☘️Daisy FallBroncos , AVs, Rockies & Norte Dame Non fiction
Mrs.ThomasBeth12/294th Grade TeacherNoStrawberry Frapp or Pumpkin Spice LatteDr. Pepper Fresh strawberries Salt and Vinegar Strawberries Twizzlerssugar free Snack food Chick-fil-A (chicken minis) Jersey Mike's - ham, turkey sandwich with baconJersey Mike's Longhorn Steakhouse cookies Amazonornaments erasable pens greenany Summerfield hockey romance (like Hallmark movies)
Mrs.WolfKaren11/11Kindergarten TeacherNonitro cold brewsparkling waterpistachios salt and vinegar pineapple raisinetsice cubesItalian einsteins- santa fe egg wrapchick fil a- cobb saladchick fil alos dos potrilloschocolate chip cookies Athleta, Nordstrom, Amazonart suppliespurplerosewinter skiing mysteries
Mrs.YeagleStephanie7/9Office StaffNoDecaf skinny vanilla latte with almond milkCaffeine free diet coke or FrescaPopcorn (Skinny Pop)CheetosCherries and strawberriesPlain m and m'sExtraMexicanSnooze - I love their egg scrambles with ham, spinach and cheeseAny Mexican - usually a taco saladChick fil aPerry's steak house and White Chocolate GrillFried Ice CreamTommy Bahama, Loft, White House Black Market, Vineyard Vines and TalbotsDon't really have anyFun color pensHot PinkDaisySummerFootball - BroncosRom Com
Mrs.ZepelinCarol11/19ISS TeacherNoNoneFlavored bubbly waterPlantain chipsPlantain chips Berries or pineapple Mini sweet tartsOrbit Sweet MintAnything GF/DFUrban Egg - GF pancakes and skilletsMod PizzaSeasons 52GF/DF brownies or cookiesTarget NoneFlair PensTealAny!SummerAnything Kansas - Jayhawks, Chiefs. Football and college basketballAll
Ms.ZizkaWendy12/4Cafeteria & CustodialNoChaiVitamin WaterSunflower seeds (in the shell)Lays Dill PickleKiwiAlmond Toffee Ice BreakersIndianDelectable Egg - scrambled eggs & hash brownsSubway - Subway ClubMod PizzaLos Dos PotrillosDairy Queen Heath Bar Blizzard REIOctopuses PensBlueStargazer LiliesSpringAvalanche Historical Fiction