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Database of Missionary Trainers who are willing to help others in their training needs
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Theological College of Northern Nigeria
AnnRiggsKenyaAFriends Theological CollegeOur students in missionary study are connected closely with local missions, churches and other organizations in the mission context so that they learn from both the teachers and coursework at college and on-the-ground missionaries. Our Kenyan students have been allowed to stay within the United Nations refugee camp for missionary ministry there because we have built a relationship with a church within the refugee camp and with the UN authorities.How to make improvements in training students to grasp and respond effectively to wide differences in cultural and life experience. To some understanding such differences and working productively with these in ministry comes so easily but for those to whom it is a challenge we are sometimes at a loss to know how best to help them learn the needed ministry skills.
BrumildaPageSouth AfricaAFocus Team Leadership Training
DanielAghanenuNigeriaAIbadan, Oyo State Cross-cultural training in missions leading to the award of Diploma in Missions for a two year training programme
DuncanOlumbeKenyaAMission Together Africa- Cultural orientation to and from Africa (we facilitate orientation for new western missionaries coming to Africa and for Kenyans going out) - Missionary induction training on practical aspects of mission service from an African perspective (i.e. selection, pre-field training, member-care, support-raising, re-entry) - Specific mission training to the youth and professionals interested in mission given our focus on the two groups. - Short-term mission training: i.e. how to organize and/or host teams, effective team leadership, community engagement, etc. - Training for local churches and organizations on how best to start, nurture and/or improve their mission endeavours (i.e. setting up mission committees/boards, mobilizing the whole church into mission, etc.)- Older mentors as we seek to grow our mission training capacity - Help to organize our training materials into robust and reproducible curriculum, handbooks, etc. - Training of trainers so that we can nurture a team of Kenyan mission trainers of good standards - Joint training events both locally and internally for exposure and mutual growth/learning - Publication of African mission training books i.e. handbooks, reference materials, etc.We would love to see greater interaction in mission training at the very practical level of equipping African mission workers.
JimHarriesKenyaAAlliance for Vulnerable MissionAfrica. Grassroots missions. Vulnerable mission. Indigenous languages. Local resources. Long-term. For examples see and vulnerablemission.orgAfrica. Grassroots missions. Vulnerable mission. Indigenous languages. Local resources. Long-term. For examples see and vulnerablemission.orgThis is a great idea. Can this resource go beyond English?
JoelGrayBurkina FasoAIMS - Institut Missiologique du SahelField-based training, competency-based curriculum design, Expository preaching, Mission historyNetworking Mission Training Schools and seeking \"\"accreditation\"\" or \"\"program recognition, best practices for mission trainers, grant writing etc.
LewisAkissiCote dIvoireAAction Missionnaire InterafricaineFormation pour la mission transculturelle
Maurice A.MBanguraSierra LeoneAWesleyan Christian CollegeThe Wesleyan Christian College has students and staff willing to be trained and to train others in muslim evangelism. We can also be able to establish a Missions Training Centre for Sierra Leoneans interested in missions, Discipleship and Church planting.We want to dialoque with others in Missions, Church planting and Discipleship.We would be very grateful if we could have partners in training and support in Church planting among muslims, particularly the Susus.
Nigerian Evangelical Missions Association
NtaiPhekoLesothoAEugene Casalis Mission Training Centre
RobertYanduyaMalawiAEvangelical Bible College of Malawi
SamuelOlatunbiNigeriaANEMII can offer help in helping to spread the news about International Missionary Training Network (IMTN) in Nigeria, thereby enlisting mission’s trainers from other mission’s training school to join the network.I am interested to discuss on competence-oriented missions training.I need current information and tools that can be used to prepare missionaries for effective cross cultural ministry journey as a Christian began in 1990 when I met the Lord as a 12 year old in a local church in Lagos Nigeria. I graduated from the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife Osun State Nigeria with Master of Architecture (M.Arch) in 2004. Then I proceeded to Jos the same year through the Nigerian government’s program that mandates every university graduate to serve the country for one year; National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). In 2005-2006 I was trained at the Nigeria Evangelical Missionary Institute (NEMI) Jos Nigeria for cross-cultural ministry. In 2006 I joined the Nigeria Evangelical Missions Association (NEMA) as a mobilization staff. NEMA is a coalition of about 134 mission agencies and mission sending churches across the country, and NEMI is the training arm of NEMA. I served as the mobilization assistant to the NEMA Executive Secretary from 2006 to 2011. Then in February of 2011 I was reposted to serve as the principal of NEMI. This is what I do till date. I am married to Lydia and we are blessed with two girls; Mary 7 years, and Ruth shall be 3 by May 2015.
Segun JohnAdekoyaNigeriaAMissionary Training Partners International, Abuja,Nigeria1. Missionary Approach to African Traditional Religion. Designing Strategic and Contextualized Curriculum for African Mission Schools.Designing Contextualize Curriculum for African Mission SchoolsWe appreciate IMTN. Are there faculties willing to teach in West African countries like Nigeria, Burkina Faso etc?
StephenAnandIndia and EuropeA
Theological College of Northern Nigeria
TiowaDiarraMaliATentmakers International
JonesChamangwanaMalawiAMalawi representative for the Gospel Faith Messengers, Ministry Zealand My calling in life is to make, mature, and mobilize disciples of, for, and to all nations. He has a strong desire to reach out and to glorify God by making disciples of all peoples– to the ends of the earth! This desire is birthed from the Great Commission given to us all by our Lord Jesus Christ before His ascension to be with the Father … “Go into the entire world and preach the Gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15.
Antonia Leonora (Tonica)van der MeerBrazilALEvangelical Missions Center; CIM (Cuidado Integral do Missionário = Member Care)Missionary Life / Biblical Theology of Suffering / Member CareMissionary Life / Biblical Theology of Suffering / Member Care worked for about 8 years with IFES Student work in Brazil and 10 years as pioneer staff in Angola and Mozambique, when I started to teach at several seminaries. I worked for 17 1/2 years full time at the Evangelical Missions Center and now as a visiting professor. I studied languages at the University in Brazil, I did a diploma in Mission at All Nations Christian College in the U.K. I did a Mastera in Teology with a major in Missiology at the Faculdade Teológica Batista de São Paulo, and a Doctor in Missiology program at the Asia Graduate School of Theology in the Philippines.
BarbaraBurnsBrazilALMissão JUVEPOur main strength is integrated training - missiology with (and based on) theology, character and community living, spiritual life and practical experience. It is a one year, full-time, intensive course. Integrated curriculum - theological/missiological; theoretical/practical; community life and service. Our strongest point is integrating Biblical-theological bases with missiological application and reflection.How to better integrate the training experience. Contextualization issues.Our course is one year, dedicated to missionary training on a post-graduate level. Your job is very important. Missionaries are still being sent with little or no training and making the same mistakes as always. Many have little theological underpinnings.
Instituto Teológico FIET
Training of missionaries and formation of sending churches.YesCarlos López es Licenciado en Teología (SETECA de Guatemala), Máster en Biblia (SETECA), y actualmente escribe su disertación doctoral para el título Doctor en Filosofía en Educación Teológica (SETECA). El Lic. López además de ser profesor en el área de Teología, también es pastor y conferencista en el área de la familia. Carlos y Miriam visitan iglesias en Argentina y la región hispanoamericana dictando seminarios y conferencias basadas en temas matrimoniales y Carlos A. López, argentino, actualmente ejerce como Vicerrector del Instituto Teológico FIET en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Antes de unirse al equipo de FIET, Carlos fue Rector en el Seminario Teológico Centroamericano (SETECA) de Guatemala, donde además sirvió por diez años como profesor, asistente académico de la decanatura y vicerrector. Carlos y Miriam, su esposa, fundaron la oficina de Visión Para Vivir en Guatemala, ministerio al español del reconocido pastor y predicador Dr. Charles R. Swindoll. Esta oficina sirve a los oyentes del programa radial en español, proveyendo recursos escritos para el liderazgo eclesiástico y un servicio de consejería en tres modalidades: Presencial, telefónica y escrita. Basado en su experiencia, Carlos ahora trabaja junto al equipo de FIET proveyendo educación bíblica y teológica al alcance de todos. Siendo ésta la visión y el enfoque principal que ha sostenido el Instituto Teológico FIET durante sus 39 años de trayectoria.
CarmenBroce TorresPanamaALDepartamento de Misiones del Templo La Fe de las Asambleas de DiosEntrenamiento de misionarios en el area de Guerra Espiritual, Choque cultural y Trabajo en Equipo (Spiritual Warfare, Culture Shock and Team work) del Departamento de Misiones del Templo La Fe de las Asambleas de Dios; Profesora en el Instituto Superior Bíblico de las Asambleas de Dios en Panamá (ISBAD).
ClotildeBalabarca de GaonaPanamaALIglesia El Shaddai, Asambleas de DiosEnseñanza
Movilización en Misiones
Trabajo en equipo.
Trabajo con equipos interdisciplinarios.
Trabajo interdenominacional. ACTUAL.
1. Pastora Asociada en Iglesia El Shaddai, Asambleas de Dios, Pueblo Nuevo, Panamá.
2. Líder de Misiones, Iglesia El Shaddai, Asambleas de Dios, Panamá.
3. Profesora de Instituto Bíblico, Asambleas de Dios, Panamá.
4. Doctora de Medicina General, Ministerio de Salud de Panamá.
DanielHurtadoArgentinaALCentro de Entrenamiento Ministerial (C.E.MI.)Ayudando a iglesias a organizarse e iniciar nuevas iglesias.ón iglesia celular de las iglesias fundadas. Fundador de la Iglesia Centro Familiar Cristiano en Micro Centro ciudad de Santa Fe (2006-2014). PROFESOR:
CEMI (Misionología, Homilética, Iglecrecimiento, Evangelismo, Fundación de iglesias, Mayordomía, Teología, Liderazgo, Teología, Bioiglesia e Iglesia Celular) (1993-2014)
DanielDuarteUruguayALSeminario Bautista del Uruguay y Seminario Bíblico del Uruguay-Programas accesibles a todo creyente -Promover viajes misioneros a corto plazo- Compartir recursos didácticos - Intercambios de alumnos en viajes misioneros
DecioDe CarvalhoPuerto RicoALCOMIBAM
EdgarSurenianPanamaALPEMByM -MANARAH
FabianReyArgentinaALFundación Dios es Amor Trabajo en equipo.
Gestión y desarrollo de proyectos a corto y largo plazo.
Trabajo con equipos interdisciplinarios.
Trabajo interdenominacional.
Coordinación en redes. ACTUAL.
1-Misionero Traslocal.
2-Equipo Ministerial Iglesia Local CC Residencial América. Córdoba capital.
3-Presidente Fundación Dios es Amor – Rosario, Santa Fe.
4-Consejo de Administración Fundación Nueva Esperanza – Tartagal, Salta.
5-Equipo Trabajo DCI, Bs As, Argentina.
HsiungHuangBrazilALMissao Servos and DEMI (Missionary Education Department) of AMTB (Brazilian Cross-cultural Mission Association)Missionary Training, Evangelization, Discipleship and Church Planting. We are networking all the different missionary training centers across Brazil, and we held a national consultation in past August, 2108. As results of this consultation, we are elaborating a common curriculum for training Brazilian missionaries, and doing a comprehensive research among the mission organizations.Unreached People, Missionary Training, Church Planting Updated Information, Huang was born in Taiwan from a Buddhist family, He grew in Brazil where he met the Lord Jesu at the age of 16. Is married with Monica and they have three sons: Andrew, 26, Nathan 23, and Caleb, 23.
He served with OM-Ships Doulos and Logos in 1979, and 1981-1984; and OM-Brasil, 1984-87.
Has Th.B. from Sao Paulo Baptist Seminary, Brazil, 1986.
Th.M. in Missiology from Fuller Theological Seminary, USA, 1991.
Planted a congregation among Chinese-Brazilians living in Los Angeles area in USA, 1989-1993.
Served as pastor in churches in USA and Brazil, 1987-2010.
He was the training director of Kairos Mission (a cross cultural mission agency in Brazil), 1993-2000.
Member of Lausanne Theme Network of Church Planting.
Coordination member of DEMI – Missiological Education Department of AMTB (Brazilian Cross-cultural Missions Association).
Founder and director of Servants Mission since 2003.
Teaches cross-cultural mission in seminaries across Brazil.
JonathanLewisUSA/ArgentinaALGo Global NetworkProgram design; online course development; Jonathan P. Lewis was born (1949) in Argentina of missionary parents. He is married to Dawn (1976) and they have four grown children. Jon and Dawn have spent much of their marriage serving together in Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Canada and the USA, where they have focused on developing ministry training programs and materials. A major portion of their time has been dedicated to founding (1995) and working with the Centre for Cross-Cultural Ministry Training (CCMT) in Cordoba, Argentina—a centre dedicated to training missionary candidates. They have prepared and published several basic courses on missions in Spanish and English, including World Mission, Working Your Way to the Nations, and Integral Ministry Training Design and Evaluation. Jon worked for the World Evangelical Alliance for 20 years before resigning (2011) and founded, a ministry focused on helping Latin Americans missionaries along an international “pathway” to service among the unreached peoples of the world. Jon and Dawn divide their time between the CCMT in Cordoba and their home in Ferndale, Washington.
Levide CarvalhoBrazilALCOMIBAM
Luis & CristinaAraujoBrazilALWEC International
Luis & CristinaAraujoBrazilALWEC International
MarcosPadgettCosta RicaALSeminario ESEPAOur strengths lie in Bible and Theology. We believe strongly that Gods messengers (missionaries) should know well Gods Message. My personal perspective is that many missionary training institutions are weak in this area. I would encourage them to beef up the Biblical studies and continue training in the more practical(and also much needed areas like culture and language learning.Curriculum development.
MargarethaAdiwardanaBrazilALAMETraining for cross-cultural missions and for international disaster relief and community development.
MarkusBuserColombiaALYWAMPioneering, crosscultural missions, language acquisiton, inner healing, planning, leadershipmobilization of latinamericans to the unreachedI am generally interested in working in Alliances
MoisésMejíaGuatemalaALCentral American Theological Seminary – CATSFormal programs like diploma(1 YEAR),BA(4 years) and Master(7 years) Practical experience at the ends of plansNon-formal and informal missionary training,Cooperation,promotion
NicolásMarullaArgentiinaALIglesia de Dios en Argentina; Seminario Bíblico Ministerial de Argentina Actuales
- Supervisor Nacional de la Iglesia de Dios en Argentina
- Profesor de SEBIMA (Seminario Bíblico Ministerial de Argentina)
- Facilitador de ILI (International Leadership Institute)
- Facilitador de REG (Recursos Estratégicos Globales)
- Miembro de la Comisión de Teología de Iglesia de Dios en América Latina
- Miembro del Consejo Sudamericano de Iglesia de Dios
OmarGavaArgentinaALRecursos Estrategicos Globales1. Design training programs in different fromats. 2. Curriculum design 3. Guidance for periods of immersion and pre-field cross-cultural practice1. Design training programs in different fromats. 2. Curriculum design 3. Guidance for periods of immersion and pre-field cross-cultural practice 4. Search avenues to facilitate cooperation with newer programs or with the ones that have fewer resources, especially in the area of facilitators / teachers. 4. How could we do more functional and effective network of missionary cooperation. (eg. Interaction with COMIBAM)
AtolaLongkumerIndiaASSouth Asian Institute of Advanced Christian Studies, BangaloreTheological education, women and mission, and intercultural mission among indigenous people in India, Indo-Myanmar regionspartnership in theological education, and partnership in global witness to Christ most often, written resources such as books, articles related to mission and theological education among others
DilanWareTurkeyASIntercultural peacemaking training and mediation in church planting and organizational leadership in Turkey 30 years
Dwi MariaHandayaniIndonesiaAS
Bandung Theological Seminary
EleanorCheeHong Kong, ChinaASWEC International
Felipe JinsukByunKorea(R.O.K.)ASGMTC(Global Missionary Training Center)GMTC training has been designed to train Korean missionary candidates. Strengths: 1. It focuses on training the whole person. It will not only help them to understand themselves, but also to understand others with different perspectives. 2. It focuses on helping them to be better cross-cultural missionaries. It will include life and work on the mission fields. 3.It emphasizes a communal living type of training in which trainees including couples and their children with some singles experience a change of attitudes and character, as well as learning various theories in missions in classes. 4. It has group of dedicated trainers (tutors) who have concentrated on missionary training for an extended period with extensive cross-cultural experiences in various contexts. 5. The close relationship with many local churches that support it both financially and spiritually. Almost every lunch at GMTC is prepared by volunteers who come from various local churches to serve and interact with our trainees.1.Do a training program(s) that trainers are engaged in have a comprehensive training plan or philosophy? 2.Do the training program(s) that trainers are engaged in have a good strategy for recruiting new missionary candidates? 3.What kind of training is offered to the trainers and what quality will one look for in them?
JohnThomasIndiaASKingdom School
JohnLingMalaysiaASChinese Methodist Church
JosephHlalh PuiaMyanmarAS
Kwa KiemKiokSingaporeASEast Asia School of Theology
NelsonJenningsUSA/KoreaASOnnuri Community Church (Seoul)Publishing (journals), Missiology, Mission History, Japanese and Korean Christian/Mission historyResearch collaboration,,, onnuri.orgBorn and raised in U.S.; 13-year missionary in Japan; 12-year missions professor in U.S.; seven years mission trainer & consultant
Arab Baptist Theological Seminary / MECO International
curriculum development; leadership of intercultural teams; teaching methodology Dr Perry Shaw (EdD), is Professor of Education and Associate Dean at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut, Lebanon. Perry is a curriculum and faculty development consultant to regional schools and ministries throughout Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East, and author of Transforming Theological Education (Carlisle: Langham, 2014). Perry is married to Karen and they have two adult children, Christopher and Phoebe.
PramilaRajendranIndiaASWEA Mission Commissionmissionary, leadership development, counselling as well as membercare training
Ram PrasadShresthaNepalASNational Mission Commission of NepalWe have been running our missionary Training since 2005. So far we have been able to write our own curriculum as book \"\"Introduction to Mission\"\" which has 10 chapters containing subject related with world Mission. The book has been published in Nepali language. Recently, we have published a book on World Mission which is an equivalent to Perspective Reader. Total of 40 authors mostly Nepali have contributed in the areas of Theology, history, Culture and Strategy in Mission. Most of the chapters were written in English and letter translated into Nepal. It has been published in Nepali language has been used widely in training center.I can teach on Theology of Mission and Tent Making Mission.We are very much committed in training, equipping and mobilizing missionaries in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Malaysia. So far we have sent 100 missionaries to Nepal and beyond trained at our missionary training center called \"\"Nepal Mission Training Center\"\". We will be pleased to share our resources with others as well as get help from other organization who has better teaching materials.
RichardKhumMyanmarASMissions for Myanmar Organization, Missions Training School
VijayGadepeIndiaASCHRIST GOSPELTraining villages Pastors in Bachelors in Theology educations, this are Key leaders from different places, the main concept of the training is to train others and make a network of trainers. I can offer curriculum and teaching staff to other institutes.English , Telugu, Oriya, Tamil
YohanesPraptowarsoIndonesiaASSTA/SA Batu
AlexandruVlasin (Ph.D)RomaniaWEBucharest Universitymissionary training; cross-cultural training; organise and host conference in mission; missionary member carecross-cultural missionary training; member careresearch and co-writing in missionary training and member carealexsicami@gmail.com Alexandru Vlasin is a lecturer at the University of Bucharest, teaching social work. He also serves as the mission coordinator for the Romanian Baptist Union which gives him opportunities to organize conferences and teach mission classes for churches and mission agencies around the world.
His experience with homeless people, street children, young offenders and drug addicts gives him a unique perspective on social work and wisdom on how to best reach them with the Gospel. In addition to this, Alex has taken numerous short-term trips to over 35 countries. On these trips, he provided training and assisted Romanians and international missionaries. This has given him a wide experience with the community of international workers. It was through these trips that Alex began to see the need for someone to provide member care for the Romanian missionaries working abroad.
In 2001, together with his wife Cami, they embarked on the member-care adventure for their friend who left for a foreign country. It was through this friend that they began to realize their call to serve those serving abroad.
Their passion for cross-cultural work and workers has led to many member-care initiatives developed together and with other international partners.
Dr. Vlasin is the father of two children and has a Ph.D. in missionary training from Queens University in Belfast and a Ph.D. in social work from the University of Bucharest. He also serves in the Executive Board of European Evangelical Mission Association (EEMA).
AndrewLinesUnited KingdomWECrosslinks
AndrewRobertsUnited KIngdomWEFresh ExpressionsOur one year learning journey mission shaped ministry equips people to start and sustain fresh expressions of church. Over 3200 people have participated in msm in 10 countries (and on four continents). msm explores • The mission of God • Vision and values • Gospel and culture • Evangelism and discipleship • What is Church? • Leadership and team roles • Missional spirituality • Worship and the sacraments • How to keep going when things get tough It is possible to present specific units in specific contextsDeveloping sustainable ministries. Raising up indigenous leaders. Turning vision into practical reality.
Association for Spiritual renewal/Mission Eurasia
ChrisBinderUnited KingdomWEInterserve previously served as a teacher, a missionary, a parish minister / pastor and a denominational mission leader, God has brought all of those strands and experiences together in my current role as a Mission Mobiliser with Interserve.
ChrisMaynardUnited KingdomWECommunity of Mission Information WorkersContacting people interested in mission research and mission information work in general.Training of mission information workers was rescued by Jesus Christ from a useless and irresponsible life more than 40 years ago and by God’s grace he has since then become a useful husband and father. He has helped to plant a church in his own culture in England alongside his secular career in Information Technology and Information Management. In 2005 God sent him into global church information. He now consults widely with global Christian networks usually about using information for strategic decisions. He has helped to produce “A Mobilization Index” with the Center for Mission Mobilization and “Pray for the World” with Operation World.
97 is an academic missionary journal, in Spanish and Portuguese. I am looking options to teach missiology at posgrad level, mainly in Muslim related contexts. I can teach in Spanish, French or English. (I hold 40 years experience and a PhD.)theology of mission; mission to Islam; contextualization; development, humanitarian & business projects; integral /holistic mission; Misiopedia.comin Spanish: in English
DavidMillerUnited Kingdom (Scotland)WEInternational Christian CollegeOur cross-cultural missionary training is an integral part of a theology degree programme which provides rigorous biblical and theological reflection on contemporary contexts. Several of our academic staff have significant cross-cultural and mission experience which they bring to bear on their areas of academic specialism (New Testament, Practical Theology, Mission Studies, Leadership). One of our staff is one of the foremost evangelical academic scholars in the UK in the areas of Buddhism, primal religions and New Religious Movements. We have significant expertise and experience in urban theology and mission in a variety of global urban contexts. We have widespread expertise and undertanding across our academic staff relating to mission in contemporary Western contexts.Skills development and spiritual formation How much pre-field training is enough? Ongoing / lifelong learning
DebbieHawkerUnited KingdomWEFreelance trainerClinical Psychologist: I am willing to help institutions with training in areas related to member care, such as: Developing Resilience, Dealing with trauma, depression and loss, Cross-cultural issues, Culture shock, Re-entry, Third Culture Kids, Debriefing, Rest, Life-work balance, Retreats, Sabbath and spiritual refreshment, Hostage situations, deaths and other crisis management, Singleness, Marriage and family issuessupport for mission workers from newer sending nations, and cross-cultural issues
GarethDufftyUnited KingdomWETogether - For Christ, His Kingdom His ChurchWe have a college which was run in Uk until last year now we are moving it to Cape Town to function form there, we retain the college premises in UK until another season. Our focus has there aspects to it in understanding Kingdom, Covenant and Restoration, we have had students form Africa, USA, Canada, UK, India and Sri LankaThe apostolic nature of the community Practical help on the ground Funding models
HannesWiherSwitzerlandWEAlliance Missionnaire Evangélique
IanBensonUnited KingdomWEThe Missionary Training ServiceCurriculum design; Certificate level missionary training materials;
Tyndale Theological Seminary
JanWesselsNetherlandsWEFaith2Sharenetworking (emerging) mission movements and mission leaders in the global south and global north to collaborate to see lives transformed through people following Jesus and becoming disciples of Himpartnership, discipleship, leadershipdetails on interesting events, trainings etc.We really are a network organisation, not a donor organisation or development partner. am a missions pastor for a local reformed Church in the Netherlands; studied theology in Apeldoorn (BTh) and Potchefstroom (MTh); worked for nearly 18 years in Botswana as missionary for the Reformed Churches in Botswana; was General Secretary for MissieNederland, the merger of the Dutch Evangelical Alliance and the Dutch Evangelical Missionary Alliance, since May 1 I am the International Director of Faith2Share
JaniceWilburnUnited KingdomWELondon School of TheologyI am involved in helping students as they seek Gods direction for their lives. I use a combination of my life coach training and careers coaching.One of my concerns is that our students leave college with debts and this can inhibit them moving into faith funded mission organisations. Some debate on how we fund full-time missionaries would be helpful.I would like to be more involved in linking up with others involved in missionary training.
JennyOliphantUnited KingdomWEEthne and 24:14Prayer training and information about focus on Unreached People groups and Church Planting MovementsAnything relating to reaching the unreached peoples. Please let me know if you have a partner/ trainer/ worker in a particular nation who is mobilising prayer for the unreached groups locally and globally. 24:14 have information on the website about training hubs for church planting
JillFordUnited KingdomWEAll Nations Christian College
JohnBaxter BrownUnited KingdomWEGlobal Connections
JonasJørgensenDenmarkWEDanish Mission CouncilAccredited programs in mission theology in collaboration with free institutions and state universities in DenmarkFormation of mission sprituality
KateWisemanUKWEAll Nations Christian CollegeInformation Management (26 years experience) Delivering mission training via e-learning - part of allnations e-learning team - experience in developing, delivering and facilitating programmes - 6yrs PhD research into developing and delivering integral mission training via e-learning focusing on the criteria necessary for programmes to be effective - have developed a framework applicable in various contexts.As aboveHappy to help the IMTN and its members in any way I can
Keesvan der WildenThe NetherlandsWEWEA Mission CommissionTraining, coaching and mentoring of young(er) -potentially- global leadersLeadership issues in a global and cross-cultural contextMight it be worthwhile to also look for opportunities in training through distant learning? I am involved in a distant learning program that we are establishing for Dutch missionaries in which I am convinced that a lot can be done in cooperation with other missiological training entities.
KlausMuellerGermanyWEFreie Theologische Hochschule GiessenSince I have been missionary 11 years, the practical aspects of missionary work is my main interest, expertise and experience. My research area (and publication) is how the conscience is developed and how it works in different cultures and religions (elenctics). I have reserach done for that in Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, Oceania. Missionary strategy, contextualization as well as communication and church development mainly in animistic oriented worldviews (which is also present in Islam and Buddhism). Personality development and advise on the basis of psychological tests and the fitting into missionary situations. 30 years of teaching experience. In my institute I gather material for German-speaking evangelical mission.Elenctics: shame and guilt-orientedness as empiric phenomenon of the super-ego or ego-ideal. Contextualization without losing the content or the Gospel. Conversion in its cultural and religious settings. Research and analyse actual field situations.Most of my material and books are in German, but I am able to teach, communicate in English; Power Point Presentations in English for teaching. I am retired and can plan larger spaces of time for teaching and researching.
LouisaEvansUnited KingdomWEAll Nations Christian College
LouiseAndersonUnited KingdomWE