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6 Riverwalking & Forest Bathing / Nature sensory resources, activities & tips to provide a "brain break". These activities can be done indoors or outdoors, in your garden, on your balcony, at the nearby park or a local trail.Outdoor ActivitiesParents & Educators
7 Academy of Sciences / #MuseumFromHome with Academy at Home! We've curated an eclectic array of science-centric games, videos, and DIY projects to help you stay learning and engaged, wherever you are.Videos & Online ExperiencesK-12 students
8 for a Commercial Free Childhood / With a little planning and imagination this can be a time to make memories, explore, imagine, learn, and play! Here are our tips, advice, and ideas for low-screen, commercial-free options to keep kids engaged – and yourself sane – through quarantine or social distancing.BlogParents & Educators
9 in Permaculture / A vast, searchable list of ways to introduce children to the natural ecosystemOutdoor ActivitiesPre-K, K-5 students
10 Ecology School / Nature Nuggets is a short-video series that guides kids and adults on an ecological adventure in their own homes, sparking curiosity about nature in our own lives and getting us all outside more!Outdoor ActivitiesK-5 students
11 Forest School / With our weekly playgroups on hold, Free Forest School is finding new ways to support families in getting their daily dose of outdoor play time!Outdoor ActivitiesParents & Educators
www.happysciencemom.comMHappy Science Mom / Science-backed tips, resources, and activities from the world of positive psychology. She explores natural tools like mindfulness, giving, optimism, kindness, gratitude, and spending time in nature.BlogParents & Educators
https://takeachildoutside.orgMNC Museum of Natural Sciences / Take A Child Outside was founded to help connect children with nature. By celebrating opportunities for children to have free play outside, highlighting locations offering places to explore the outdoors, and providing simple activities anyone can do, we hope to increase the number of children experiencing the natural world.Outdoor ActivitiesParents & Educators
14 to Ridges / Scavenger hunts and other resources for outdoor educationOutdoor ActivitiesParents & Educators
https://blog.zoo.orgMWoodland Park Zoo Blog / A variety of stories and activities for kids and familiesVideos & Online ExperiencesK-5 students
16 County (MN) Parks / Weekly multi-page learning packets on a variety of topics focused on outdoor science educatoin.Outdoor ActivitiesK-5 students
17 Arboretum / A calendar of daily, nature-based tasks that are varied, open-ended, and simple enough for children of all ages.Outdoor ActivitiesPre-K, K-5 students
18 Society for Landscape Architects / These Activity Books are for anyone interested in landscape architecture, architecture, planning, and engineering, and for those who like to draw, doodle, and be inspired.Videos & Online ExperiencesAll ages
19 a Sista Farmer / Are you ready to grow your own food and medicine for self-reliance and community resilience? Every Friday, experienced Black womxn farmers answer your call-in questions about gardening, livestock, agroforestry, plant medicine, and food preservation. This show centers the voices of Black, Indigenous, People-of-Color, Queer, Trans, Disabled, Immigrant, and Poor communities. Everyone is welcome to watch and listen, but please make space for centered folks to speak. Fridays, 4:00-4:40 EasternVideos & Online ExperiencesAdult
20 / Take time to be outdoors, to enjoy nature, and to observe how plants in your yard and community change with the seasons. Budburst provides activities to do with your children and ways the whole family can become part of an ecological record.Citizen SciencePre-K, K-5 students
21 Alive Outside / Join a new challenge to encourage people to engage in 5 healthy outdoor activities a week for 5 weeks while social distancing. Download an activity guide and tracking sheet from our website.Outdoor ActivitiesPre-K, K-5 students
22 Pediatrics / Nature Play: A prescription for healthier children is an article for healthcare providers discussing the many health benefits of getting children outdoorsArticleParents & Educators
23 Star Learning UK / A collection of hundreds of wonderful outdoor and nature-based ideas from around the world-wide-webBlogAll ages
24 & Kate Gardoqui (Lead With Nature) / How to find a "sit spot" in nature to visit regularly and achieve all the fabulous benefits of green time. Both Kate and Dan have spent over 20 years facilitating nature-connection with kids, teens, and adults (including public school communities).Outdoor ActivitiesAll ages
25 Chorus / The world of birds stands out from the soundscapes of nature and is therefore particularly suitable for bio-acoustic research and soundscaping. The collected recordings of the dawn chorus can provide valuable information about the diversity of species, the behavior of the birds, as well as the effects of climate change and habitat loss on the populations. Listen to recordings or add your own.Citizen ScienceAll ages
26 Hill Outdoor School / We'll be broadcasting a new virtual series, "Outdoor Insiders," for anybody at home who wants to learn about the Chesapeake region's cool animals, plants, culture and traditions with our staff naturalists! New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 PM; also available on YouTube.Videos & Online ExperiencesK-12 students
27 America / Nifty Fifty: 50 outdoor activities that kids can do at home.Outdoor ActivitiesK-12 students
https://gcbo-school.thinkific.comGulf Coast Bird Observatory / An online birding school for children of all ages.Online CoursesAll ages
29 Heritage Land Trust / 50 outdoor activities for kidsOutdoor ActivitiesK-5 students
30 / iNaturalist collects and analyzes data from citizen scientists, sharing these findings with scientific data repositories like the Global Biodiversity Information Facility.Citizen ScienceAll ages
31 Muir Trust / Mission:Explore John Muir is a downloadable book of activities that will inspire children to follow in the footsteps of John Muir - a founding father of the modern conservation movement.Outdoor ActivitiesK-5 students
32 in the Natural Environment / Lesson plans and resources for outdoor education.Pedagogical materialParents & Educators
33 Zeni / Ten tips for teaching outdoorsPedagogical materialEducators
https://mindstretchers.academyMindstretchers Academy / Variety of resources to support children and families during the pandemicPedagogical materialParents & Educators
35 Stewardship and Outdoor Leadership School / Fun and educational youtube videos to help get kids outside!Videos & Online ExperiencesK-12 students
www.msmalloryadventures.comMs. Mallory Adventures / Nature-based STEM activities and experiments. Also offers live nature-based classes with items found in the home and nightly live storytime with her very friendly, pet lizard to highlight an animal and share a favorite animal/nature book. Videos & Online ExperiencesK-5 students
37 Park Service / The Outside Science (inside parks) series shares stories of crucial, creative science. Each episode, produced in collaboration with Colorado State University, highlights the many ways young people are getting involved in science in parks. Part citizen science, part education, these videos cover topics such as sea turtles and light pollution, toxic algal blooms, and mercury levels in dragonfly larvae.Videos & Online ExperiencesK-5 students
38 Park Trust / Five ways to bring parks to kids. Turn your yard, neighborhood trail, or even your windowsill into an untapped educational park experience. Check out these five grab-and-go activities that will help your kids stay engaged with the outdoors no matter where you call home.Outdoor ActivitiesPre-K, K-5 students
https://www.natureloveschicago.orgNature Loves Chicago / The biodiversity of the Chicago region rivals that of any metropolitan area on the continent. But until now, Chicago’s natural wonders have been a well-kept secret. Let’s take pride in the incredible array of flora and fauna and show just how much #NatureLovesChicago.Videos & Online ExperiencesAll ages
40 Niños / A variety of outdoor activities for kids of all ages. Some material available in Spanish. Algunos materiales disponibles en Español.Videos & Online ExperiencesK-5 students
41 Time Adventures from Home / Emily is a classroom naturalist, serving families in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire and Strafford County, NH. Her video series aims to help families form connections to the natural world with their children during these difficult times. Her videos are simple, silly, and a great opportunity for families to learn together.Videos & Online ExperiencesK-5 students
42 Exploration with Emily / Emily's YouTube videos show her exploring the wilderness around her island home off the Pacific coast of Canada. Also covers plant identification, natural history, and edible plants.Videos & Online ExperiencesAll ages
43 Francisco Children and Nature / A collection of resources for engaging children with nature during the pandemicArticleParents & Educators
44 Valley Discovery Museum / Indoor and outdoor activities to engage kids in science and nature.Videos & Online ExperiencesPre-K, K-5 students
45 / Links to a variety of citizen science initiativesCitizen ScienceAll ages