92-14Kennedy SRetinitis pigmentosa in hypobetalipoproteinemia (atypical retinitis pigmentosa with basal linear deposits)
93-15Kennedy SBilateral meningioma of the optic nerve sheath
94-25Kennedy SOphthalmic findings in a case of Crouzon's syndrome
95-18Kennedy SOcular pathology in Patau's syndrome
97-27Kennedy SPrimary mucinous meningioma of bone
98-19Kennedy SThe effects of intraocular injection of a HSV1-deletion mutant virus on retinoblastoma in a transgenic mouse model
99-25Kennedy SSolitary fibrous tumout of the orbit
00-05Kennedy SCiliary medulloepithelioma
11-14Kennedy SRecurrent lid lesion
15-26Kennedy SUnexplained proptosis
17-31Kennedy SPrimary CNS lymphoma
18-06Kennedy SPost mortem globe from infant with retinopathy of prematurity