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タイムスタンプParticipating in the World Citizens' Tribunal, what judgment would you yourself make?What are the reasons for choosing the above judgment?Where did you view from today?What is your gender?What is your age?
2015/03/14 7:06:44In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)The situation in Fukushima Prefecture is far worse than the Japanese government is admitting. No technology exists to "solve" the Fukushima crisis and it will likely be ongoing for decades, with pollution continuing to spew out of the plant into the surrounding area and the Pacific. It is wrong to talk of Fukushima in the past tense because it is not over but an ongoing disaster. And this is why children in particular should be evacuated from the area. If the authorities were honest about the true situation, this would be clear. But of course, if the authorities were honest about Fukushima and its true dimensions and consequences, people around the globe would demand an end to all things nuclear. This is why the authorities lie. Have they no pity?AustriaFemale50s
2012/03/13 7:42:31In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)I agree with Noam Chomsky. How could the court or a government NOT evacuate the world's most vulnerable citizens.AustraliaFemale50s
2012/03/16 13:10:27In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)The dismissal is outrageous. The children should be evacuated.AustraliaFemale50s
2012/03/16 13:33:14In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)CHildren should be safe. They should be protected.AustraliaFemale40s
2012/03/16 13:34:31In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)I have visited and admired the city of Fukushima, which is one reason I write now. The epidemiology of radiation-induced illness shows clearly that it is children who are disproportionately affected in later life by the kind of radiation which came from the plants in March 2011. The children who were in the zone where high levels have fallen were not evacuated, likely for fear of causing alarm. Their futures must be protected. AustraliaFemale50s
2012/03/16 13:59:15In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)These children have already suffered unimaginable hardship. How can they be denied a safe environment in which to live and learn?Another part of JapanFemale40s
2012/03/16 14:32:26In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)The government has responsibility for citizens' welfare.AustraliaFemale50s
2012/03/16 14:50:03In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Why should these young people and their families suffer further than what they are already experiencing? It doesn't make sense! AustraliaFemale30s
2012/03/16 14:54:32In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)It is unjustifiable to put the lives of young people at risk in such a way. AustraliaMale50s
2012/03/16 15:00:07In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)The dismissal is abhorrent!AustraliaFemaleTeens
2012/03/16 15:18:10In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)The right thing to do.AustraliaMale30s
2012/03/16 16:20:09In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)It is a moral duty to protect the children of Fukishima from radiation. They are future citizens of Japan and should be given every possible protection from danger and ill-health. AustraliaFemale40s
2012/03/20 13:26:27In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)EvidenceAustraliaMale50s
2012/03/20 15:25:36In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)The health and well-being of the children must be protected.Hong KongFemale40s
2012/04/13 19:09:42In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)proteggere i bambini è un dovere di adulti.ItaliaFemale50s
2012/04/14 22:56:13In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)The government should be responsible for protecting students and all citizens from a hazard such the Fukushima fallout, which occurred as a result of the decision of the Japanese government to make use of nuclear power and allowed the plant at Fukushima to operate giving rise to the radiation pollution problem.
2012/04/16 11:10:51Against the plaintiff (rejection of application)Your complaint should be against TEPCO, the Japan central government agency that regulates nuclear energy, the company that designed the reactors, and the town that hosted the reactors. The city of Koriyama seems like the wrong target.

However, I agree completely that the children should be evacuated. In fact the children should have been evacuated long ago. Please make the move to Kyushu, Okinawa, or Hokkaido NOW - TODAY, even if it means becoming homeless. If you can't afford it, go anyway. I would encourage you to seek the mercy of churches and non profit organizations in rebuilding a life in less radioactive places. Then seek damages from TEPCO and the national government for your expense and physical and emotional losses - seek many damages - don't undervalue the extreme distruption in your lives. You may not win, but it is vitally important that the world understand the true costs of nuclear disasters like this.

If the plaintiffs evacuate as a group to a less affected part of Japan, I for one would be happy to make a modest donation to their resettlement costs, provided they agree to seek justice in the courts against the organizations responsible for this disaster. Please post a link through enenews, fukushima diary or ex-skf blog so we know where to donate.

Additional comments: No amount of radiation is safe. Experts seem to agree that even a little causes gene damage. How much damage it does to children (at what doses) is a subject of disagreement. "Experts" disagree, leaving the public to figure out for themselves what is safe.

Further, lack of effective regulation by the Japan Central government makes them complicit in creating this disaster. It has also been slow to clean up. And it has invested heavily in covering up important details and in propaganda trying to convince the public of the "safety" of radiation-containing food products, water, and air. It is reasonable to distrust them based on their complicity in the accident and on their poorly managed response to it.

These families are victims of a serious crime, a crime that seems to have been perpetrated with the complicity of the Japan central government. The Japan central government should now make every reasonable effort to support them in evacuating to a place they prefer.

Although not brought out in the trial, the ICRP is not universally accepted by experts. Some experts believe and have made strong cases that it should not be applied to children. Relying on it to set "safe" levels is inappropriate and another reason to distrust the central government.

Attempts to discredit the plaintiffs by terming their plight as "radiation phobia" are pointless. Even if they are suffering not from radiation sickness, but from radiation phobia, it is a health condition that was caused by the TEPCO/Japan government's negligence at the nuclear power plant and in the aftermath of the incident. TEPCO/Japan government should be responsible for damages.

A final word for the courts: If the Japan judicial system is to remain credible, then the victims of this disaster must be shown how to make claims and obtain damage awards. It is clear that they are victims. It is clear that they are due justice. TEPCO has not survived Fukushima. Confidence and trust in the Japan central goverment has not survived Fukushima. Nuclear energy itself will probably not survive Fukushima. And depending on how the courts treat these cases, trust in the judicial system may also not survive. Special effort should be made to guide these cases appropriately so justice is served.

Another part of JapanMale50s
2012/04/24 5:23:40In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)All evidence provided was in support of the plaintiff.
The scientific evidence is nontheless difficult to argue against.
London, UKFemale30s
2012/04/30 14:43:06In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)I strongly believe that as many people as possible, but especially the children, should be evacuated from the area.
2012/05/01 8:32:47In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)EVACUATE THE CHILDRENAUSTRALIAMale50s
2012/05/01 11:50:20In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Evacuate the Children, Now!!!AustraliaMale30s
2012/05/01 11:54:32In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Evacuate the childrenAustraliaMale30s
2012/05/01 11:56:44In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Evacuate the children from Fukushima NOW!!!AustraliaMale30s
2012/05/01 12:32:33In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)evacuate the children now!australiaMale20s
2012/05/08 19:52:17In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Any person of such young age at that level of radiation should have been evacuated long agoFranceMaleTeens
2012/05/09 10:58:24In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Children are the future of Japan and the world and they need to live normal healthy lives to achieve their potential.AustraliaFemale40s
2012/05/09 10:58:45In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)To judge against the plaintiff goes against the common sense and moral conscience of our gloal community. It would be unethical and an injustice.Australia Female20s
2012/05/09 11:31:35In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Children need protection by evacuationAustraliaMale50s
2012/05/09 12:18:02In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)The people of Fukushima deserve more international support. AustraliaMale50s
2012/05/09 14:59:06In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)This is the correct action for any responsbile government to do. AustraliaFemale50s
2012/05/09 15:42:05In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Seems the most humane and logical thing to do.New ZealandFemale30s
2012/05/11 17:22:18In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)The arguments are weak, e.g. the argument that the teachers were holding the dosimeter and that they spent more time in concrete buildings misses the point. The children will spend a considerable time inside the buildings especially in cold weather; children can take less radiation; children are still growing and so more vulnerable . AustraliaFemale60s
2012/05/11 22:26:44In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Government (whether local or national) has a responsibility to protect it citizens - especially those who are most vulnerable and are unable to vote: children.AustraliaFemale40s
2012/05/11 22:56:59In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)My judgement is based on the precautionary principle - this leads me to support the applicants' view.
2012/05/12 0:09:45In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)People's health is the most important issue !! Government is responsible to prepare good environment for the children who lives the affected area. They should act as soon as possible.AustraliaFemale60s
2012/05/12 10:31:55In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)The children of Fukishima deserve to grow up in good health and without the fear of sickness stalking them. Please do everything to protect the next generations.AustraliaFemale60s
2012/05/12 13:44:49In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Children deserve to live a long and healthy life. The negligent actions of adults have meant that these children, who should be able trust and depend upon adults to make decisons that have their best interests in mind, have the potential to severly impair their quality of life and the quality of life for future generations. The fact that radiation is even present should be cause for serious concern and action, not willful negligence and tampering with children's lives. Support the children and families who wish to evacuate the region and acknowledge that this was an unfortunate accident that does not have to continue to harm innocent and desperate people.AustraliaFemale20s
2012/05/13 12:54:02In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)I wish to support the plaintiff because I am very concerned for the children living in Fukushima. As long as they remain living there their health and safety is at great risk. There is an URGENT need for relocation of the children and their families to a safer community. This should be given much greater priority by the Japanese authorities/nation.Via email AustraliaFemale60s
2012/05/14 8:02:12In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)I believe it is the responsibility of the City of Koriyama to protect its residents from environmental harm. The documents submitted make it clear that there is considerable uncertainty about the risks to the children's health and no one should take such risks with their country's children. AustraliaFemale40s
2012/05/14 8:24:40In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)The safety of children should be paramount. AustraliaFemale30s
2012/05/14 12:08:26In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)People should not be in a situation where they can be exposed like this to radiation- especially children- and steps should be taken to ensure that they are all able to grow in a radiation free zone.AustraliaFemale40s
2012/05/14 15:11:52In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)It is clear that the children are being exposed to unacceptably high levels of radiation and that their health, present and future is at high risk. The Koryama city Council, while not responsible for the disaster, are responsible for providing education in a safe environment. Their failure to do so is reprehensibleNew ZealandMale70s or above
2012/05/14 17:23:04In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Students have a right to an education free of concerns about radiation.AustraliaFemale40s
2012/05/15 8:51:32In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Children need to be protected, regardless of where they are in the world or their circumstances and this is the right thing to do.AustraliaFemale20s
2012/05/17 0:13:35In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)The evidence concerning safety and security of life existing inside areas affected by ongoing and increasingly worse nuclear fallout, contamination of water, food, and air points to only one solution: EVACUATE now. Any action less than that is criminal negligence. Immediate action must be taken to move all affected persons out of danger zones. My heart is with you. PiaCosta RicaFemale50s
2012/05/17 0:38:46In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)I can't believe that these children have been exposed to this much radiation posioning for a whole year, what about fertitile men and women, surely all should be evacuated and aware of radiation contamination of the food and water supply.EnglandFemale40s
2012/05/17 6:24:25In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Governments do not be honest with their people, It is up to people to keep the children safe they are the future. The people want to evacuate and have their children educated safely. Poor people in the area do not have the money to leave they should be helped to leave, by their government. We all have a right to life. A good quality life, Radiation will be in the soil and water therfore the food will not be safe. You cant send your children to school in polluted air and eating polluted food. Help the people financially to be able to leave. USAFemale30s
2012/05/17 21:33:59In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)It’s time to ask the questions about Japan's nightmare.1400 or more known lethal radioactive isotopes spewing from Fukushima Reactors throughout all of Japan, all the time, "MORE RADIATION”, tons still to hit the air and ocean. It doesn't matter, if the limit is 100 Bq/Kg or if the Ministry of Health comes up with another new unsafe number, the people need to know, there are no safe radiation levels to begin with and changing laws is not helping at all the victims. Beings (leading courses, cancer and heart failure and that also by children) already becoming sick or dying, because of the higher radiation in Japan. Remember, if the government is not talking about this kind of facts, it doesn't mean it is not true. The evidence is overwhelming and the facts are very similar to Chernobyl for the people to become sick, only that it is worse in Japan.
Many parts of Japan is atomic wasteland, I am talking about not livable for humans for a 1/4 millions of years. The Media is not telling this, because the government don't want panic, besides they protecting the interest of the nuclear industry.

The facts speaking clearly for the plaintiff:
1. The Fukushima Nuclear disaster is much worse than we are being told.
2. Multiple nuclear reactors have melted down, and multiple fuel cooling pools that contained multiple old reactor cores have been vaporized, or are still exposed to the atmosphere.
3. The Fukushima melted down reactor cores and exposed fuel pools are still sending huge amounts of radiation into the atmosphere even after 14 months. It hasn't stopped!
4. Parts of Japan, Alaska, Western Canada, Western and Central USA, plus parts of Eastern Russia have been badly contaminated with radioactive fallout and are still being contaminated by radioactive fallout from Fukushima. Large parts of the Northern Pacific Ocean have also been highly contaminated.
5. Radiation bio-accumulates particularly in meat, dairy and seafood, grown and harvested in radiation contaminated areas. Ingested radiation from contaminated food radiates body cells with high doses of radiation for long periods of time.
What does this mean for children’s health and well being? Evacuation is a must and has to be by fare more away than 100 miles around Fukushima including Tokyo, besides we must make much more careful choices concerning where our food purchases is coming from. I suggest that people only consume food from non contaminated areas at present, which I am not sure, if this is still possible in Japan.

The judgement has to be pro life, away from nuclear poison, for the plaintiff.
2012/05/23 2:20:53In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)I live outside Japan. I love that amazing country and people and I wrote about my knowledge of the radiations and the contamination of the food and the soil at schools. There are strong evidences of the dramatic risks for the health of children. They need an immediate evacuation with their mothers and fathers to get them to safe locations far from the radioactive areas!! They need to be helped by everyone and by the Japanese government too! Please, protect and save Life!!
Rosalinda Peraldo Dan
2012/05/23 8:08:55In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Kids shouldn't have to worry about radiation levels while learning! usaFemale20s
2012/05/28 4:08:08In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)For safetyreason the government has to evacuate the poeple from Fukushima and Koriyama.The radioactivity is to much and dangerous.
A lot of sicknesses like leucaemia and other cancer will occure in the next years, if poeple, specially children cotinnue staying there.
2012/06/28 1:47:56In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Save the children!United StatesFemale20s
2012/08/01 18:21:58In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Thyroid cysts have been found in 35% of Fukushima children examined with an average age of 10. In comparison, the prevalence of “cysts” normally detected in children around this age is approximately 0.5-1.0%. Dr Shunichi Yamashita has advised thyroid specialists all over Japan NOT to offer second opinions to concerned families and that further screening should be carried out in another 2 years for these victims of radiation exposure. These children are not even to be offered a biopsy at this stage which would appear to me to be neglect. Surely the least that the Japanese Government could do would be to offer to relocate families to safe areas. 頑張って下さい。UKFemale40s
2012/08/13 14:00:15In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)They are creating walking dead.... they have executed the people beyound 22 generations worth of health mutations and damage...all that pain and sufferring is horrific crime!USAFemale40s
2012/09/01 7:06:14In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)I believe that the production of nuclear power is a crime against humanity. I saw a girl handing out flyers on a you tube video and noted the address
2012/09/06 5:55:32In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)The Japanese government and a group of nuclear power need to admit the danger of the radiation and protect vulnerable people, especially children! UKFemale50s
2012/09/17 5:00:57In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Double pain is very wrong, especially for young and vulnerable peopleFranceFemale60s
2012/09/17 23:59:39In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Basic human rights for people to be treated as individuals and not massesFranceMale30s
2012/09/18 0:29:06In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Les enfants sont encore plus vulnérables que les adultes à la radioactivité, car en pleine croissance. Une dizaine d'entre eux ont eu le cran, et la volonté, d'agir pour les autres en demandant à pouvoir être éduqués dans une zone sûre. C'est un appel au secours, et à la prise de conscience qui doit être entendu.FranceFemale30s
2012/09/19 23:10:56In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)I believe it is morally wrong for the defendants to play russian roulette with these children's lives ............. if there is any chance at all that they will develop the same illnesses as the children of Chernobyl, then the defendants duty is to protect them by taking them out of the danger zone Ireland Female40s
2012/09/20 19:25:57In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)evacuate the children and adults now!israelFemale30s
2012/09/24 6:34:49In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)All children have the right to live and study in safe environment. The radiation contamination from Fukushima Daiichi will disproportionately affect the young. Children must be protected from it at all cost before any health damage starts to show. Do not sacrifice children. They are our very future.Another part of JapanFemale30s
2012/09/24 16:23:00In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Evacuate them as soon as possible!GermanyFemale30s
2012/09/24 20:36:27In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)My process of thinking is quite simple; the evacuation is obviously a question of life and death for those children, it has to be done as fast as possible. Building a nuclear central in this particular location was criminal in the first place, and right now, doing nothing for victims of the crime sounds like an insult.
To me, there is two priorities regarding the Fukushima situation; preserve and condemn.
As I said preserving by the evacuation is of course an emergency, also, as we are supposed to live in a democracy, I think the citizens of Fukushima should have the opportunity to designate an opponent. Obviously In the case of Fukushima the opponent would be the responsible of the accident.
As far as any guiltiness of any responsible isn't officially recognized, the insult to the citizens of Japan, and also worldwide citizens, keeps going. I hope this condemnation will happen someday... even if history shows us that impunity is the privilege of few ones in this democracy of ours. History also shows us that its possible to cut the head of the bad king, but nowadays it seems the king have a lot of heads and a lot of places to hide.
I don't know if the different human organizations who contributed this accident happens are fully cynical or just conscienceless (actually I have my idea about this), but the strong awakening of Japanese citizens conscience regarding their institutions makes me feel hope. Maybe the Japanese citizens are now the more able ones to awake our own consciences.
I’m talking from the proportionally most nuclear-powered country in the world, and homeland of the Areva Company.
2012/09/24 23:25:58In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)la santé et la vie de tous les enfants du monde sont fondamentales. Celles des enfants de Fukushima Prefecture, plus que toutes autresFranceMale60s
2012/09/25 1:50:28In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Every day since several months, I read informations about consequences of 13/03/2011 in Japan, in particular in Fukushima prefecture.
People there, and specially children, whose adults have to protect (children'rights) are in great danger.
Children have to be evacuated.
2012/09/25 3:38:30In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Children are the hope of the future, the greatest resource a nation can have. How will the government of Japan be remembered through history for dealing with this tragedy?CanadaFemale50s
2012/09/25 9:51:05In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Because it is a crime being done in total impunity so a trial must take place.Another part of JapanMale40s
2012/09/25 23:45:52In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)The children are the future of the society they must be evacuate (all of them) from Fukushima, no other way possible!!PARISFemale60s
2012/09/27 5:31:14In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)simply dangerousfranceMale30s
2012/10/09 23:12:48In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)It is incumbent upon the owner of an object, in this case TEPCO, to be responsible for the harm that the object brings and to prevent or, failing that, limit that harm.Therefore TEPCO must fully pay for relocation of children. to whom radiation is especially dangerous. (I would also include women of reproductive age).
2012/10/11 15:41:37In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Ensuring children’s safety should be a top priority in any society. The evidence presented shows that Fukushima is a high-risk area, especially for children.Another part of JapanFemale60s
2012/10/15 17:32:43In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)All nuclear power must be ended!USAFemale50s
2012/10/25 9:13:37In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Ask the judge and the politicians if they would allow their own children to be exposed to dangerous levels of radiation. AustraliaMale40s
2012/10/28 20:00:24In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Nuclear contamination cannot be effectively remediated. Cesium is 300 to 600 years; Plutonium is forever; Americium, Neptunium, Tritium, Strontium... The damage to all biological systems is devastating and internal exposure is forever.

The only solution now is compensation to the people and immediate evacuation with lifetime medical benefits. Their Human Rights to live in a healthy environment, to practice a reasonable livelihood, their very lives, have been violated. Compensate and Evacuate.
United States of AmericaFemale60s
2012/10/29 17:12:07In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Fukushima's children are the first victims of this terrible disaster.
If the Japanese government and the rest of the world is not able to help them, then humanity has failed...
2012/10/30 18:10:31In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)放射能の大変な影響を考えると是非全ての子供を守る必要があると思います。その子供の健康のために、時代のために、日本の将来のために、子供を守ってください。FRANCEFemale20s
2012/10/30 18:24:19In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)La mise en danger de la vie d'une grande partie de l'Humanité, ce n'est pas suffisant comme raison ?
Sans compter les mensonges et omissions... et tout le reste !
2012/10/30 18:51:07In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Evacuez-les ! Eux et tous les autres. Aucune autre position n'est défendable et vous les savez.FranceMale50s
2012/10/30 19:06:35In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Just the necessity to sauve the children and to give them the possibility to live in health !FranceFemale50s
2012/10/30 19:09:20In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Nuclear power is not the solutionfranceMale30s
2012/10/30 19:10:14In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Les chiffres donnés par les agences officielles son faux. Greenpeace a effectué des mesures avec un résultat catastrophique au niveau sanitaire. La région entière doit être évacuée de ses habitants, en priorité, les enfants, les femmes enceintes et les personnes fragiles.Paris - FranceMale40s
2012/10/30 19:14:02In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)It is unacceptable that children (and adults also) stay in Fukushima and around.FranceFemale40s
2012/10/30 19:22:50In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)It is inacceptable to let people and moreover childrens live in a contaminated and radioactive area. FranceMale30s
2012/10/30 19:55:00In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)there is a big danger for human species and especially japanese population and especially childrenfranceFemale40s
2012/10/30 20:01:06In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Children are the future of humanity. Everything should be done to protect them.FranceMale40s
2012/10/30 22:20:09In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)The reason is simple: do onto the others what you'd do to yourself.
Parents always want the best for their children, it's natural and logical. To evacuate children is to bring hope for the future. To evacuate children is not only to protect them, it is also to protect life and future.
On the other hand, not to evacuate your children is like not to evacuate them from a sinking boat...
Please, evacuate the children and those who are in charge of them. Doing this, you'll be absolutely sure they will be in a good health and ready to help rebuild when their time will come to do so.
Sincerely yours,
from Belgium.
2012/10/31 0:41:04In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Cildren are in great danger to be or to become seek; Adult must protect children victims of Fukushima power plant radiations.FranceFemale50s
2012/10/31 19:25:16In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Les enfants sont l'avenir d'un pays, on se doit de les protéger contre tous les dangers.FranceFemale60s
2012/10/31 20:59:01In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)There are heavy risks for children health, to be exposed to radiations or to be contaminated by food. There is no safe weak level for radiation exposure, and the risks are higher for growing bodies, because of the high speed of cells replications for young people. So please evacuate children from Fukushima.franceMale40s
2012/10/31 22:34:45In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Childern have to be preserved in this case.FranceFemale30s
2012/11/05 14:18:25In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)We can't do this another time. Childrens 'll be the future and we have obligation to protect them.
At this time, we don't known all the difficulties they have to meet and the most simple reflexion is to take them over this city.

I hope it will be the only solution.

Good bless them.
2012/11/05 16:15:47In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)on ne peut pas laisser mourir à petit feu des enfants innocents.
we can not let die slowly innocent children.

et il faudrait condamner les coupables !
and should condemn the guilty!
2012/11/05 18:22:03In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Je pense qu'il est essentiel et absolument prioritaire de protéger les enfants des conséquences de cette catastrophe. C'est notre devoir d'êtres humains adultes d'évacuer les enfants de Fukushima et des autres sites irradiés, au Japon et ailleurs.FranceMale50s
2012/11/05 18:34:50In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application) Il est scandaleux que ni le gouvernement japonais ni aucune instance internationale ne se soucie des menaces ou même des atteintes à la santé des habitants et notamment des enfants. FranceFemale70s or above
2012/11/05 18:44:29In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Les enfants ainsi que les populations adultes, animales et végétales n'ont pas à subir les conséquences de choix énergétique antidémocratiques, inutiles et dangereux.

Nous ne pouvons pas sacrifier nos enfants, ni sacrifier la vie au nom de la rentabilité.

Etre humain c'est être responsable de ses actes.
De tout cœur avec vous les gosses !
2012/11/05 19:02:54In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)faire l autruche n a jamais empeché le danger ?ou sont donc les samouraïs ?
2012/11/05 19:10:15In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Les conditions sanitaires sont inacceptables pour ces enfants.FranceMale30s
2012/11/05 20:09:53In favour of the plaintiff (confirmation of application)Tout être humain a droit à l'existence et donc à la santé ; c'est écrit depuis 1948. C'est pourquoi les autorités japonaises ont le devoir (juridique et moral) de faire respecter ces articles de la Déclaration Universelle des Droits de l'Homme, en évacuant les enfants japonais vivant dans les zones contaminées. Le droit international prime sur tout autre niveau de juridiction, n'est-ce pas ?France (Paris)Male50s