LINGO Event Calendar Durban 2011
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11/25/2011full day Nov 25, 26 and 27Everyone's Downstream 2011Diakonia CentreConferenceEveryone's Downstream 2011 in Durban is a community-led forum and conference designed to discuss tar sands and extreme extraction processes expanding around the world with a focus on Africa. The conference will take place at Diakonia Council of Churches, with speakers invited from communities effected by tar sands and other extreme extraction processes in South Africa, Israel/Palestine, Uganda, Nigeria, Madagascar, Canada and the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville). There will also be discussions around the questions of climate change and the roles of energy in addressing climate change. Donations for attendance graciously accepted but not required. Meals will be provided at lunch on the Saturday and Sunday, snacks available in the mornings.Oliver Meth, +27 (0) 73 950 6598
11/25/201113:45 - 15:15Zero Emissions in PracticeUKZN Howard College, Shepstone BuildingWorkshopWe will look at concrete examples of how a fossil-fuel free society can be created. Different experts will look at it from different angles.
Stephen Murphy - Zero Carbon Britain 2030, scenario angle
tbc - Zero Carbon Australia 2020, engineers angle
Gunter Pauli - Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives, holistic angle
Paul Young - Generation Zero (New Zealand), youth angle
tbc - Via Campesina, food angle
Ben Brangwyn - Transition Towns, local movement angle
Kjell Kühne,, 079-3726067
11/29/201119:00 - 20:30LINGO Kick-off MeetingPeople's Space @ UKZNMeetingOrganizations and individuals that are working on fighting struggles against the advancement of the fossil frontier will come together with those working on zero carbon plans or transitioning their towns to create an agenda that will help to start a discussion about leaving fossil fuels in the ground as a definite solution to the climate crisis.
We will take time to share each other's work and start defining next steps for Durban and beyond.

Venue: Room TB Davis L6 at UKZN Howard College
Kjell Kühne,, 079-3726067
11/29/201113:15-14:45Coal, the Dirty TruthExhibition Centre (Official COP17 UNFCCC side events)TalkCoal is the most carbon intensive of fossil fuels. Greenpeace & the Sierra Club examine the facts, exposing the true costs of coal in a carbon constrained world, debunking CCS and ‘efficient coal’ and demonstrating how global climate finance and mitigation measures can transform the energy
11/30/2011to be announcedFossil fueling climate change and the launch of the Age of Yasuni gamePeople's Space @ UKZNTalkEcuador's proposal the Yasuni Initiative not to exploit 860 million barrels of petroleum, based on the Convention of Climate Change’s “Principle of Common but Differentiated Responsibilities” will the explored at this event. Experiences and resistance from Africa, Asia and South America will be shared by frontline activists. A new game on the Yasuni initiative will be launched and there will also be an exhibition of photos and poetry showcasing the cruel impacts of oil and gas extraction. Also in that moment will be launch the game 'The Age of Yasuni'.
Venue: University of KwaZulu-Natal, Howard College Campus
Time: Not stated
Organisation: OILWATCH
Ivonne Yanez, sudamerica@oilwatch.org
12/1/201116:00 - 18:00How to find the weak spots and levers - Systems Analysis for Climate ActivistsPeople's Space @ UKZNWorkshopA systems analysis helps understand tricky issues and find the levers we need to focus on, if we want to make a change.

An analysis of the climate crisis for example indicates that reducing fossil supply might me the single most powerful measure.

You can use this tool for any problem to understand how it works and identify the best candidates to start tackling it.

I will introduce the tool and you will be assisted in doing an analysis of your own issues.
Kjell Kühne,, 079-3726067
12/1/201110:00 - 12:00Moving beyond nuclear & coal? Hosted by Heinrich Boell Foundation (hbs) and Earthlife Africa JohannesburgPeople's Space @ UKZNTalkRoom No: Shepstone 2Heinrich Boell Foundation (hbs) and Earthlife Africa Johannesburg
12/1/201110:00:00The German Energy Transition - Background and Critical Outlook hosted by Heinrich-Böll-StiftungPeople's Space @ UKZNTalkRoom No: MTB C2Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung
12/1/201118:00 - 20:00The climate crisis and the international climate negotiations: movement strategies beyond Durban hosted by Friends of the Earth InternationalPeople's Space @ UKZNTalkTB Davis L6Friends of the Earth International
12/2/201114:00 16:00Anti-coal Movements in Germany and South Africa hosted by Earthlife Africa JhbPeople's Space @ UKZNTalkRoom No: TB Davis L4Earthlife Africa Jhb
12/3/201110:00:00Global Day of Action ProtestStart at Curries Fountain (DUT)Protest MarchThe LINGO group marching in solidarity with other organisations on the Global Day of Action.Ravanya Naidoo ravanyanaidoo@gmail.com
12/5/20114pm - 6pmMove Beyond Coal WorkshopPeople's Space @ UKZNWorkshopMove Beyond Coal Workshop

Who: The Sierra Club, groundWork South Africa, NGOs interested in or actively opposing coal, and activists from communities impacted by dangerous coal development.

What: Learn about the health and climate dangers posed by coal, the world’s most carbon intensive fuel, and discuss how to replace coal with safer, cleaner, and cheaper renewable energy.

Where: UKZN, Shepstone building 12

When: Monday, December 5 from 4pm – 6pm

For more info contact: or, Nicole Ghio, Sierra Club Campaign Liaison, US: +1 (202) 675-6270, SA: +27 (0)76 225 6148
Nicole Ghio, 076 225 6148, or
12/5/201116:00-18:00MOVE BEYOND COAL WORKSHOPPeople's Space @ UKZNWorkshopThe Sierra Club, groundWork South Africa, NGOs interested in or actively opposing coal, and activists from communities impacted by dangerous coal
12/5/201110:00 - 13:00Anti-coal struggles in Germany and South Africa hosted by gegenstromberlin (gsb)People's Space @ UKZNTalkMTB C2gegenstromberlin (gsb)
12/5/201110:00:00Everyone is Downstreaming: Tar Sands/Oil Expansion in Africa hosted by:Oil Sands TruthPeople's Space @ UKZNTalkMTB 104Oil Sands Truth
12/5/201114:00:00The Challenge of Fracking: Developing a Trade Union Approach to the Global Expansion of Hydrofracking hosted by Cornell Global Labor InstitutePeople's Space @ UKZNTalkShepstone 17Cornell Global Labor Institute
12/5/201114:00 - 17:00Conference: Energy solutions, energy sovereignty! Hosted by groundWorkPeople's Space @ UKZNTalkShepstone 3groundWork
12/5/201116:00 - 18:00Beyond Coal hosted by Sierra ClubPeople's Space @ UKZNTalkShepstone 12Sierra Club
12/6/201114:00-16:00Conference:Voices from the field: Yasunizing the worldto be announcedConferenceThe Ecuador government's proposal in the Yasuni Initiative not to exploit 860 million barrels of petroleum in exchange for a contribution of 3.5 million dollars (equivalent of half of what the exploitation would generate), based on the Convention of Climate Change’s “Principle of Common but Differentiated Responsibilities” will the explored at this event. Experiences and resistance from Africa, Asia and South America will be shared by frontline activists. A new game on the Yasuni initiative will be launched and there will also be an exhibition of photos and poetry showcasing the cruel impacts of oil and gas extraction.

Organisation: Oilwatch Sudamerica
Ivonne Yanez, sudamerica@oilwatch.org
12/6/2011 14:00 - 16:00 and 16:00 - 18:00Fossilising Fossil FuelsPeople's Space @ UKZNConferenceTB Davis L4Oilwatch Sudamerica
12/6/201108:00 - 13:00 and 14:00 - 18:00Reclaiming justice - minerals energy and climate - dismantling the powers of the transitional corporations hosted by Our World Is Not For SalePeople's Space @ UKZNTalkShepstone 4Our World Is Not For Sale
12/7/201114:00 - 17:00Reclaiming PowerPeople's Space @ UKZNDiscussionRoom No. to be confirmed Oilwatch Sudamerica
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