Issue Addressed/Answered at BPAC
Date to BPACCommenter (name)Issue RaisedStaff/Commissioner Replied (name)ResponseTopic AreaPrior BPAC Agenda?Items for Follow Up or Future AgendaResolved or No Follow up Needed at this time
7/21/2022Assata OlugbalaComments that PRAC has approved a mountain bike race in Joaquin Miller Park, controversially requesting to raise bike speed limits in the park.
7/21/2022Assata OlugbalaKeller Ave between Skyline and Mountain Blvd: hill is steep, causing bikers to travel too fast, fall off bikes, and present an unsafe situation.
6/16/2022Bryan CulbertsonSuggests that Oakland traffic signals should automatically indicate walk signals with evey green light cycle, rather than requiring pedestrian “beg buttons” to be activatedPedistrian Crossing Buttons
6/16/2022Patrick Traughbernoted two issues: (1) that progress is slow on the implementation of protected bike lanes proposed by the 2019 Bike Plan (also emphasized by Adrian Napolitano); (2) the protected bike lanes in re-design for 14th St were narrowed due to Fire Department clearance requirements. Protected bike lanesYes
5/19/2022Robert PrinzRobert follows up with a concern he raised on 3/17/22, concerning a bus stop at Broadway and 7th st that had been blocked by barricades and rendered out-of-service. Robert gladly reports that following outreach to city staff members and city council members, this issue has been resolved and the bus stop is back in service.Yes - see 3/17/2022
5/19/2022Mark FisherMark is employee at Lodestar School near intersection of 105th Ave and Edes Ave. He raises concern about the dangers of the intersection, which has incurred numerous injuries in recent years, including 2 children which have been struck by vehicles this year. Mark asks for assistance and collaboration between the city and school administration to increase safety of children at this intersection coming to and from school.Bus Stop
4/21/2022Chair SchaderAlerted attendees to recent bike theft on Grizzly Peak Boulevard and Redwood Road including an incident involving the Berkeley High School mountain bike team.
4/21/2022Debbie BarraganShared a message about 1) the danger of vehicles to bicycling, 2) the inequitable resource consumption of vehicles versus bicycles, and 3) and the excessive space that vehicles take up on roadways.
3/31/2022Howard MatisForth Bore Caldecott Tunnel settlement, imploring City to find finding for sidewalk project previous brought by Marie LaneganOpen Forum Committee member replied that this had been researched extensively and no new funding is available at this time. Had referred Marie Lanegan to Caltrans.Caldecott Tunnel 4th Bore Settlement
3/31/2022George SpiesWorking on integrated transit strategy for Bay Area and bikeshare as part of this.Vice Chair Yee suggested Kerby Olsen
3/31/2022Edgar ArellanoBike library program, funded project, wants Commission help to publicize program when it launches this fall or winter.Commission assistance in publicizing program
3/17/2022Midori TabataMember of Open Forum committee asked for public participation in work of committee.
3/17/2022Rebecca Kaplan, Councilmember at LargeThanked BPAC for its efforts. Alerted Commission to item scheduled for 4/19 City Council meeting on City's efforts to install traffic calming with funds related allocated by City Council.
3/17/2022Assata OlugbalaMultiple concerns near Lake Merritt tiny homes at E 12th St and 2nd Ave. Bicyclists and scooterists riding on sidewalk, bicycles and motorcycles parking on sidewalk, cars blocking bike lane, illegal dumping, waste water and dog waste on sidewalk.
3/17/2022Robert PrinzBus stop on Broadway between 6th St and 7th St near the Police headquarters has been blocked by barricades for 1.5 years. The nearest stops are 3 to 5 blocks. Police say barricades necessary for security, but there is no accommodation for bus stop.Issue has been resolved, as reported at 5/18/2022 meetingBus stop
3/17/2022Patrick TraughberWants monthly update on progress of protected bike lanes.Vice Chair Yee noted this information is part of twice annual Bike Plan newsletter by OakDOT.Protected bike lanesYes
3/17/2022Raul MCommented on prioritization of repaving of 55th St.Vice Chair Yee noted portions of 55th St are on 5 year repaving plan. Repaving Plan is scheduled for upcoming BPAC meeting.Repaving updateYes
2/17/2022Hancel FerreyraBike lanes around Lake Merritt Bart station often blocked by Bart police.Bart Bicycle Task Force committee chair and staff asked for details. Waiting for response from Hancel.Illegal parking in bike lanes
2/17/2022Patrick TraughberInterested in seeing 2019 Bike Plan completed. Very few protected bike lanes built despite OakDOT paving many streets.Proteced bike lanesYes
2/17/2022Ben FieldsCalaveas Ave functions as frontage road along I-580 between Redwood Heights and Mountain Blvd. Issue with illegal parking and abandoned vehicles. He would like to see protected bike lanes in this location.Ben contacted for further details. No response.Illegal parking in bike lanes
2/17/2022ErnestoConcerned not enough space for bicyclists on Mountain Blvd between Park Blvd and Montclaire Village. He is also concerned about speed of motorists. Suggests removing on street parking. Also expressed diasappointlment on removal of temporary Slow Streets barricades.Rider comfort on busy street.
2/17/2022Commissioner CampbellPassed on a comment from Silvio Carrillo regarding Franklin Elementary School about issue under discussion by Bella Vista Neighborhood Council. Recent paving project removed travel lanes and installed bike lanes on both Foothill Blvd and E 15th St between Lake Merritt and 14th Ave. This is creating some conflict wih pick-up/drop-off at the school.During meeting, it was recommended that best course of action would be for the princicipal of the school to request. Then our traffic engineering section will investigate and involve OakDOT as needed. School drop off
1/20/2022George SpiesThinks bollards on Telegraph Ave protected bike lanes create visual clutter leading to distractions and safety issues. He also mentioned drivers on Webster not stopping at stop signs. Jason Patton from OakDOT followed up with George and have had a series of email exchanges.Telegraph AveYes
1/20/2022Adarsh PanditAdvocating for modern roundabouts vs traffic signals. Also advocating for car free zones in commercial districts and protected bike lanes.Efficacy of roundabouts
1/20/2022RB BurnetteIdentified 2 streets recently paved that need additional speed humps to slow speeding. They are Redding St and Quigley St between 35th Ave and High St.Appears speed humps have been reinstalled. Learned that when street is paved, one crew paves, another reinstalls crosswalks and humps.Speeding.
1/20/2022Michael RosenthalBelieves look and feel of Telegraph Ave project in Temescal pushing traffic into neighborhoods. Suggests bike routes on neighborhood streets rather than on major streets like Telegraph Ave.Telegraph AveYes
1/20/2022Karen NotlowTraffic circle at Shafter Ave and Cavour St not proportioned properly. Drivers navigating intersection come too close to the crosswalks.City is aware of situation and is studing it to improve design. Appears the problem speaker addessed is due to speeding vehicles who cannot manuever around the traffic circule. The City will continue to monitor.Design, pedestrian safety
1/20/2022Patrick TraughberThinks plastic bollards on Telegraph Ave should be replaced with plants, flowers, and trees.Telegraph AveYes
1/20/2022Brian BrownEncourged the City of Oakland to repair bike lane on Mandela Pkwy between 34th and W Grand Ave. Half of bike lane unusable due to utility work.Referred speaker to 311 for action.
12/16/2021Robert Prinz, Co-Chair of Infrastructure Committee and staff with Bike East Bay, Spoke about the Fruitvale Ave ATP project that the Commission last reviewed in November 2020. This project originally included a High-Intensity Activated crossWalK signal (HAWK) signal to connect the bikeways on Fruitvale Ave and E 7th St. During the last review that connection was shown with a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB). Now the project design includes neither the HAWK nor the RRFB. This is a challenging connection for bicyclists between the two bikeways. Commissioner Mangrum noted the importance of this connection and the need for improvements.
12/16/2021Patrick Traughbernoted three issues: (1) that progress is slow on the implementation of protected bike lanes proposed by the 2019 Bike Plan; (2) this past Friday a mother walking with her five-year old child was struck in a crash on Park Blvd at Everett Ave; the recent pedestrian fatality on Park Blvd at E 38th St resulted in a temporary road diet at the crash location; more needs to be done on Park Blvd; and (3) people are frequently parking on the sidewalks in the Crocker Highlands neighborhood, likely due to the narrowness of the streets, but it forces pedestrians into the street.Protected bike lanes, pedestrian fatality, illegal parking
12/16/2021Alex FrankAsked about the two recent bicyclist fatalities and how the authorities determine they were solo crashesBicyclist fatalities and how they are classified
12/16/2021George SpiesVoiced support of Patrick Traughber’s concern regarding the lack of progress in the implementation of protected bike lanes. He noted an increase in driver aggression and a corresponding increase in risk to bicyclistsProtected bike lanes
11/18/2021Tom HolubNoted that at the May BPAC meeting OakDOT staffer Kerby Olsen shared that OakDOT was not enforcing the equity requirement of the e-scooter program. At this moment there are seven e-scooters east of High St where – per the terms of the e-scooter operator permits – there should be closer to fifty. The BPAC should encourage OakDOT to enforce the equity requirement of the e-scooter program.Equity requirement of e-scooter program
11/18/2021Adarsh Pandit, a resident of District 2Spoke in favor of separated bike lanes as the best type of bikeway. They will reduce crashes and provide health, environmental, and equity benefits. He would like to see separated bike lanes in the Lakeshore Ave and Piedmont Ave commercial districts, as well as on Grand Ave and Telegraph Ave.Separated bike lanesyes
11/18/2021MaggieShe is supportive of bike lanes but noted they are mainly used by a niche group of people. The “traffic calming” on Telegraph Ave is more like “gridlock.” She is seeking balance in street design to meet everyone’s needs, including the elderly, parents with kids, and people with disabilities.Telegraph Aveyes
10/21/2021Lenore McDonaldProposes to build the relationship between the BPAC and the Mayor’s Commission on Aging by doing a follow-up presentation to the BPAC.Relationship with Mayor's Commission on AgingYes
9/16/2021Commissioner YeeSidewalk on both sides of Broadway between 20th and 22nd were closed for street festival September 11 and 12 hindering passageJason Patton of said this may have been authorized by the Police Department special events permit process.Sidewalk obstruction
8/19/2021Ms. Asala OlugbalaOn Telegraph, not aware of position of bike lane, between parking and sidewalk. Thus, walking to sidewalk almost in collision with cyclist. She was further concerned about cyclists riding on sidwalk around Lake Merritt, cyclists running red lights, cyclists in bus lane on Intenational, and large groups riding.Telegraph Avex
8/19/2021Commisioner YeeReported comment from a Susan on BPAC log. Susan supportive of plans for Macarthur in the Laurel area presented at Infrastructure Committee and cited need for additional auto parking.Followed up for more specifics on the Blog, but no response yet. Want to know specifically what area. Parking is tight only in some sections, not all.
6/17/2021Mike Zorn7th Avenue, 11th Avenue, and E. 19th are designated as bike lanes - 6th and E.19th there are curbs that you have to jump to continue on the bike path

Paving Plan includes new curbs: lanes
6/17/2021Andrew BooneGrand Avenue is the biggest impediment to biking around the lake

supports bike lanes in downtown
could weigh in on the Downtown Oakland Specific Plan: bike and pedestrian improvements
6/17/2021Luke Johnsonstrong support for Option 3 for Telegraph Avenue in KONOTelegraph Avenue
6/17/2021Patrick Traver, resident of District 2Bike route map - looking for more protected bikeway strategies and curious about the process of building protected bikeways within Oakland

The Bike Plan is the guiding document for new bikeways in Oakland: bike lanes
5/20/2021Tim Courtney, Safe 8th Street CampaignTubes are up for data collection on 8th Street and also centerline hardening at 8th and Peralta; looking for changing the classification of 8th Street from major to arterial. Jason clarified that OakDOT is doing some preliminary data collection in anticipation of the CIP project for 8th Street. He also noted that there is an internal tracking system for streets that may be suitable for reclassification.
4/15/2021Marie Laneganasking for Caldecott Tunnel sidewalk project updateSee updated notes on 11/19/20.
4/15/2021Dianne Yeeon behalf of Tim Courtney - after reviewing the Grand Avenue Mobility Project, has two requests:

1. Please make Grand and Mandela fully protected for bicycles, with concrete forward islands and narrow turn radius. This can be done with a truck apron for large vehicles.

2. Please consider closing the "slip lanes" for Peralta in either direction. Drivers speed and this is VERY dangerous for the high volume of people biking there daily. This would require converting the one way segment of 24th north of Grand.
Grand AvenueGrand Avenue to full BPAC - has been reviewed by infrastructure
4/15/2021Midori TabataMacArthur between High and 35th has been approved and would like to ask BPAC to reach out to Council to support funding this for CIPJesse to draft a letter from BPAC to send to Council to support approving this project as part of CIP budget for the next year
3/18/2021Ben Kaufman Repaving of 11th and 4th Avenue - thank you to OakDOT but noticed that there is not any additional bike infrastructure - especially 11th Avenue

Transport Oakland is looking for additional Board Members
3/18/2021Tim Courtney, Safe 8th Street Campaigninterested in how to understand how the funding for safe streets will be distributed; interested in partnering with OakDOT to apply for grantsx
3/18/2021Robert PrinzInfrastructure Committee has been working with OakDOT on bicycle avenue designs - design guidelines - wil be available in the April minutes for Infrastructure CommitteeInfrastructure to update full BPAC. Done.x
2/18/2021Dave Campbell invite learn more about traffic enforcement recommendation for Reimagining Public Safety Task Force to move traffic enforcement out of OPD and to OakDOTadd to March agendax
2/18/2021Jon MinotSupport having the traffic enforcement recommendation for Reimagining Public Safety Task Force on the March agenda x
2/18/2021Andy Campbellattended Bella Vista community meeting - 14th Avenue project was presented and there was a lot of unhappiness about the project - particularly people did not see enough pedestrian improvements Charlie Reem would be the best contactCharlie reconnected with residents regarding concerns about new trees blocking sidewalks and has revised design14th Avenuex
1/21/2021Robert Prinzbike lane street sweeper - going to City Council on February 4; would like to encourage Commissioners to speak at the Council meeting City Council approved in February 2021x
1/21/2021Tim Courtney, Safe 8th Street Campaignwant to promote street calming on 8th Street x
1/21/2021Dianne YeeWhat is the best way to report issues associated with new construction, such as debris in the right of way?Jason Patton: DOT has inspectors and you can report those to 311x
12/17/2020Tom Holuub, chairScraper Bike is searching for a new executive director; looking for someone to manage the afterschool programx
12/17/2020Tim Courtney, Safe 8th Street CampaignIntroduce their organizationx
12/17/2020Jon BauerTelegraph Avenue
1. In Temescal section - the bike lane/gutter lane is very slippery with the leaves; it is not sweeped regularly; asks that it be swept daily

2. In KONO section - confused about the bike survey because received 2 different surveys; wanted it to come from an outside group rather than OakDOT and is curious how the survey is getting disseminated; thinks that the introductory statement is inaccurate about crashes being down
Commissioner Parreiras seconds Jon's comments about the leaves creating a safety issueCity Council approved in February 2021Telegraph Avenuex
11/19/2020Howard Mattis, Alameda County Bike and Ped Committeeconnection to Lake Temescal across hwy 24; no money remaining from the Caltrans funds; would like to create a proposal and present to Caltrans; will follow up with whether Caltrans is required to rebuild this
11/19/2020Daniel Swaford, executive director for Laurel Business Districtissues with speeds along MacArthur; would like City to consider a lane reduction within the commercial district within the Laurel; there has been an uptick in pedestrian/vehicular accidentsGeorge recommends lining up the support - talking to business owners about whether or not they would support this effort - and building a coalition to support thisx
11/19/2020Kent Levendowskisubmitted a capital improvement proposal for streetscape enhancements (medians and roundabouts) along E. 22nd Streetx
11/19/2020Marie LaniganRepresents 340 residents near the Caldecott Tunnel that have signed petition for the sidewalks and intersection improvements along Caldecott Lane between Hwy 24 overpass and Hiller DriveCommissioners Jones, and Schader and member Tabata conducted extensive research and outreach to determine status of project and funding. Learned that while this project had top priority, due to complexity of project, design, and coordination with Caltrans, other priority projects were built, leaving no funding for this project. They applied for funding through Capital Projects, but did not score well. Finally referred matter Sergio Ruiz,Complete Streets and Gregory Currey, Bike Ped Coordinator for Caltrans for possible funding. Had discussion with Marie and Ann Smulka, chair of the 4th Bore Coalition on July 7. Informed them of our findings and referred them to Caltrans for possible assistance.
10/15/2020Chris HwangRecap of Bike to Wherever Day
WOBO received a grant to do outreach around Bike to Wherever
Special shoutout to RB for leading a ride with Councilmember Taylor
Distrubuted 2,500 bike bags in Oakland
Created a press package for businesses
Bike bingo
Bike to Work Dayx
10/15/2020Dianne YeePeople are parking in the bike lane near the Jack London Rowing Center. Can the gate be unlocked. Jason Patton Recommended contacting 311.

Facility is managed by Parks & Rec. and OakDOT can follow up if no response from 311
9/17/2020Robert PrinzLakeside Green Streets - trying to fix the signals at Lakeside and Harrison to fix to detect bikes - it's been over a year since ribbon cutting and it has not worked the whole timeOpen Forum Committee followed up with the DOT project manager who confirmed that these signals have been fixedx
9/17/2020Robert PrinzOpen public records request with OPD for bike stops but there has not been any responseTom Holub - In July meeting, Nicole Ferra had some information around stopsOakDOT was able to get this information in October. It will be presented at the November BPAC meetingPolice Relationsx
9/17/2020Jon BauerDistrict 1 resident; bike commuter; attended last month about changes to Telegraph Avenue - wants to know what the next steps are for comments; wants BPAC to advocate that bicycle advocates that are not just Bike East Bay no update from Councilmember McElhaney's office about the task forceRyan Russo has been directed to create a task force by City Administrator's office; planning to meetTelegraph Avenue Repaving
9/17/2020Chris HwangBike East Bay, WOBO, DOT, and Temescal BID are part of the conversation for next steps on Telegraph Avenue. They are making a plan for the next round of community meetings - planning to have at least two - and a community survey. Would like BPAC to provide questions that we want to ask the public through a survey? BPAC sent recommendations for questions to WOBO, including recommending that community members take part in developing the evaluation program required by City Council's Complete Streets Resolution. Telegraph Avenue Repaving
9/17/2020Chris HwangBike to Wherever Day is coming up next week! Visit WOBO website.Bike to Work Dayx
7/16/2020Commissioner BurnettThe City repaved 75th and Hamilton but it has not been restriped yet
7/16/2020Commissioner BurnettThere was a bike accident at 55th Avenue and International due to the problematic bike lane installed at BRT - bike lane is too narrow.

The person is in critical condition.
Commissioners noted that this is a critical item that needs attention soon

Commissioner Parreiras asked if OakDOT inspected the work and wants to know if AC Transit delivered something other than designed

Jennifer Stanley to provide the plans.
7/16/2020Christopher SandersTelegraph Avenue is being repaved but is stalled. Do we know why?

Jesse to send Christopher the meeting minutes with the Telegraph Avenue plansJennifer Stanley noted that duration of the construction window was long but does not know the full timeline

Emily - interim improvements are about to be installed by August 1
Telegraph Avenueyesx
6/18/2020Christopher SandersBicycle trafficking laws are in need of an update that is being used to criminalize people with more people biking and walkingGeorge noted that we have a Police Relations Committee.police relationsx
6/18/2020Josie WebbA lot of bicyclists are not following the laws (not stopping at signs, crossing the lanes), causing an issue for people in cars. Wants bikers to follow the same laws as cars.

Specific issue on Foothill Boulevard.
George noted that our partner group Bike East Bay and Cycles of Change has classes on bicycle safety.

Phoenix talked more about Cycles of Change's programs and teaching people how to bike safely within the street.
cyclist behavior

Education, enforcement
Safe Biking Resources in Councilpeople's newsletterx
2/20/2020Marisa MeloMelo requested that Seminary Ave between Camden St and Kuhnle Ave/Interstate 580 near Mills College in District 6 receive traffic calming measures like a road diet because drivers speed on that stretch of road. She also complained of cars blocking sidewalks.

Midori Tabata seconded this point and said that the cars tend to block sidewalks more often during commute hours.

Melo noted that the new stop sign on Seminary Ave has helped calm traffic but some drivers do not comply with the sign.
Commissioners noted that cars blocking sidewalks can be reported on 311 or See/Click/Fixx
1/16/2020John MinotReported on effort to (re)install bus only lanes to the Bay Bridge and recommended
that attendees contact their legislators to support this.
Commissioner Parreiras noted that this
issue is on the agenda of the BART board next week.
1/16/2020Pepe VallenasPublic paths and stairways are being infringed upon by adjacent neighbors/property
owners installing illegal fences. This is a safety hazard (beyond an annoyance).
Jason Patton responded that OakDOT might want to address this as a larger policy issue rather than on a site-by-site issue. Pepe Vallenas followed up with Jason via email and was provided contact information for staff in the Great Streets Division that have worked on construction projects to rebuild stairs (Jeff Krohn). Jason also provided referenced to Oakland Urban Paths ( At the meeting Commissioners
encouraged him to report to the City via 311—online, phone,—as an illegal
encroachment which would be forwarded to the appropriate department for follow up, and briefed
him on what to expect. In response, John Minot noted that seeclickfix has no category for reported
obstructed rights of way.
SeeClickFix Adding category for obstructed right of ways to SeeClickFix.x
10/17/2019John MinotAC Transit Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) construction has been creating dangerous conditions for pedestrians in East Oakland.OakDOT should employ more inspectors to address these kinds of complaints for all developments.Construction traffic guidelinesAC Transit should present on BRT at BPAC soon - planned for November agenda
10/17/2019Commissioner Tabata on behalf of residentCommissioner Tabata on behalf of Mrs. Ford: some residents on 90th Ave are upset about the bikeway because of the loss of a travel lane. People are also upset because police are using the bikeway to park.The project manager has committed to adding signage to make it clear it is a bikeway.Texted Mrs. Ford, copied RB that the city is working on signs and a monthly cleanup.
10/17/2019Dianne YeeCars have been parking in bike lane on southbound Mandela Pkwy near Granite Expo. It may be related to nearby homeless encampment. She submitted the issue on SeeClickFix and contaced a council aide who put her in contact with encampment manager. The cars have since moved, but she has not gotten any responses from City.Parking enforcementSolution in place for now, suggested to Dianne that she follow up with PW call center for disposition of her issue with case number.
8/15/2019Justin BaldwinWanted follow up on pedestrian stair next to Claremont Hotel from Tunnel Rd to Alvarado Rd. Was funded but never built.Offer to study subject and contact him.The planned improvements to the Short Cut Stair Path at Alvarado Rd were to be funded from a grant of Transportation Development Act (TDA) Article 3 funds administered by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC). TDA Article 3 funds are granted on a reimbursement basis and eligible costs must be incurred within three years of award. The grant for the Short Cut Stair Path was awarded in Fiscal Year 2016-17 and expired on June 30, 2019. Because the project was not completed, the City did not incur reimbursable costs and received no funds from MTC. Following the expiration of the grant, MTC may program the funds at its discretion in future cycles of this funding source.TDA FundsNo further action planned by City at this time.
8/15/2019Lucy Gigli of Bike Walk AlamedaBetter active transportation options between West Alameda and Oakland, alternatives to Posey Tube. Water taxi in short term and bridge in long term are being studied.Inter agency coordinationNo updates at this time.
7/18/2019Commissioner Parreiras on behalf of residentSignal heads at intersection of High St. are missing.Recommended the resident report this via 311.After further study, asked Commissioner Parreiras to follow up with resident on details. The project is still under construction.Nothing further from Commissioner Parreiras or resident. Project is scheduled to be completed October 2019. Sent email to PM for status.Project almost completed. Should be done by end of year.
4/18/2019Ashley Renick Reported that the recent project to install traffic circles along Shafter also removed the four-way stops. Now drivers traveling along Shafter Ave are not yielding to pedestrians.

Renick recommended reinstalling four-way stops or installing yield signs to draw attention to the
pedestrians and clarify right of way.
Commissioner Wheeler recommended that the issue be directed to the Great Streets department of DOT.

Commissioner Tabata asked Ashley to submit a "See, Click, Fix" request (or call 311) to start the process of review by DOT.
Should this be referred to Infrastructure?
4/18/2019Matthew Ruggiero Noted that on E 12 th St between 19th Ave and 20th Ave the sidewalk and bikeway are fenced off due to construction happening there after a fire, posing a threat to pedestrians and bicyclists.

Ruggiero recommended one of the vehicle lanes be closed to make space for bicyclists and pedestrians.
Commissioner Tabata asked Matthew to submit a "See, Click, Fix" request (or call 311) to start the process of review by DOT.

Robert Prinz noted that a "See, Click, Fix" has been submitted for this site.

Commissioner Wheeler noted that the City has standards for when construction can intrude on the sidewalk and that the owner may need to be contacted if they are not complying.
Construction traffic guidelinesReferred to Kevin Kashi of Right of Way. Following up with Joe Wang of Traffic Safety.
4/18/2019Charlotte DuruisseauAsked what actions the City is taking to address illegal dumping, noting that it
is a hazard for pedestrians.
Jason Patton notes that this is a constant problem for the City and that it is managed by Department of Public Works. Commissioner Wheeler recommended submitting a "See, Click, Fix," request for Charlotte's issue and also noted that the City has started to offer bulk drop off to try to reduce illegal dumping.illegal dumpingCity has been cleaning up.
4/18/2019Rosa Villalobos Asked about follow up on the pedestrian warning signs on Fruitvale Ave between
Foothill Blvd and Harold St which inadvertently are causing a pinch point that causes cars to veer
into the bike lane causing a hazard for bicyclists.
The OakDOT staff who worked on the project have come twice to the Infrastructure Committee (November 1, 2018 and February 7, 2019). Find notes at:

OakDOT is returning to the committee by the end of this month with a design to fix the problem on one block.
previous open forum issueIssue heard in Infrastructure Committee 3 times. Tweaks made and continue to be made. Joe Wang's team still working on it.
3/21/2019Ulises SoletoRecommended a bikeway connection between Brookfield Village and the Coliseum BART Station.

He also asked about plans for bikeshare expansion into East Oakland.
Commissioner Burnette Jr. noted that a community based bike share loaner bike program is in the works in East Oakland.

Commissioner Burnette Jr. also noted that Motivate (the operator of the Oakland bike share which is currently sponsored by Ford and now owned by Lyft) is planning on distributing some electric bikes to East Oakland in addition to the coming bike lending library.

Commissioner Mangrum also recommended attending the next community meeting for the Bike Plan or providing input online (updates at

No action from BPAC now (except Commissioner Burnette Jr.). Waiting for response from Motivate and City of Oakland.
bike sharex
3/21/2019Grey Gardner, Transport OaklandNoted that that the City of Oakland is going to revitalize the currently defunct Kaiser Convention Center between Lake Merritt and Laney College. He urged people to support a bike/pedestrian throughway and requested that BPAC make a request to the Planning Commission to require the developer to include connection.

He also recommended a Streetsblog article on the project [
BPAC's Planning Committee reviewed the project in April meeting and discussed with Planning staff. The project was approved by the Planning Commission before BPAC made comments, but the project is being monitored by th Planning Committee. Grey joined the Planning Committee and selected to join BPAC starting in 2020. x
3/21/2019John Minot, Oakland Young DemocratsNoted that Caltrans is planning a reconfiguration of the MacArthur Maze and is taking public comments. He encouraged people and BPAC Commissioners to go to their website [] and make comments advocating for more bicyclist and pedestrian amenities.

Comments are due April 24.
Action was not discussed at March meeting but potentially could be project for review at future meetings.

Due to timing of when comments are due, the link was sent to commissioners to comment independently before the April 24, 2019.

Interagency coordinationxx
3/21/2019Stephen Cunningham, Land Steward to the Parkway CascadeAsked if enhancements including railings would be added to the stairway on E 20th St ascending to 5th Ave which is being improved as part of the Stairs and Paths program. Bruce Williams, DOT Funding Program Manager, recommended this project for TDA funding. This project was addressed during a later agenda item where Bruce Williams from DOT presented the TDA Article 3 Projects: Recommended List. The stairway was included in the list of priority projects and BPAC voted to support the projects identified in the presentation.TDA fundingx
2/21/2019Daniel Swafford of the Montclair Village AssociationAnnounced that the Montclair Village Antioch Court Improvement Project is shovel ready. They are seeking support for construction dollars. See the attached handout for more details.Commissioner Wheeler suggested considering the project for discussion at a further meeting, potentially during the Capital Improvements Project (CIP) and City budget discussion which will come within the next few months.x
Potentially during the Capital Improvements Project (CIP) and City budget discussion (tentatively April)
2/21/2019Scott BlanksReported frustration with issues he reported on SeeClickFix not being resolved or resulting only in patch fixes. One issue is about the wooden bridges like the one on the south-east corner of the Racine St and North St intersection that often gets knocked out by weather or people parking their cars on it. While there needs to be a more permanent fix than these wooden bridges, the issue is marked “resolved” when the bridge wood has been replaced without fixing the underlying issue.Commissioner Wheeler urged people to continue reporting problems of all sizes to SeeClickFix because even if the City cannot immediately fix larger projects, it still calls the issue to the attention of the City and gives them a sense of how important the issue is to people. Commissioner Parreiras called it a priority that all the wooden bridges be replaced with safer, longer term fixes.This is a drainage issue that needs long term fix. DOT staff recommended submitting a curb ramp request from the City's curb ramp online request page. Scott could not submit request because it required a digital signature. Mayor's staff followed up with resident directly to complete request.
Drainage and ADAxx
2/21/2019Efrom Stone from the Beth Jacob Congregation SynagogueAsked that the rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB) at the intersection of Park Blvd and E 38th St, right next to the synagogue, be set to recall on the Sabbath and holidays because many Jewish people cannot use electricity on those days and thus cannot actuate the RRFB.The RRFB at this intersection is slated to be changed to a full signal with the ATF Safe Routes to Schools grant. It can be programmed at that time for recall. Improvements to make this full signal including reconfiguration of intersection in process. Construction to begin late 2020-early 2021.x-BPAC will need to stay on top.
2/21/2019Robert PrinzCongratulated the City for fixing thirty-two out of thirty-five potholes he reported on SeeClickFix within a week and a half. On the other hand, he has issues getting gaps in the concrete fixed. He suggested short term concrete fixes as an item for the Infrastructure Committee of BPAC or the full BPACItem covered at Infrastructure Committee meeting in April. Fixes for concrete pavement is very limited.
1/31/2019Kesete Yohannes, Telegraph Ave Temescal restaurant owner,Expressed his concerns over the plans to install the Telegraph Ave Complete Streets design with protected bike lanes. Yohannes came representing the merchant association and expressed concerns that the design would hurt business because drivers would find it confusing and avoid the street.Commission responded the item was discussed at length at our November meeting and the Commission was split. There will be further community meetings on the proposal.Comments noted, action not necessary at this time.Protected bikewaysxx