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Issue Addressed/Answered at BPAC
Date to BPACCommenter (name)Issue RaisedStaff Replied (name)ResponsePolicy AreaPrior BPAC Agenda?Items for Follow Up or Future AgendaResolved or No Follow up Needed at this time
4/18/2019Ashley Renick Reported that the recent project to install traffic circles along Shafter also removed the four-way stops. Now drivers traveling along Shafter Ave are not yielding to pedestrians.

Renick recommended reinstalling four-way stops or installing yield signs to draw attention to the
pedestrians and clarify right of way.
Commissioner Wheeler recommended that the issue be directed to the Great Streets department of DOT.

Commissioner Tabata asked Ashley to submit a "See, Click, Fix" request (or call 311) to start the process of review by DOT.
4/18/2019Matthew Ruggiero Noted that on E 12 th St between 19 th Ave and 20 th Ave the sidewalk and bikeway are fenced off due to construction happening there after a fire, posing a threat to pedestrians and bicyclists.

Ruggiero recommended one of the vehicle lanes be closed to make space for bicyclists and pedestrians.
Commissioner Tabata asked Matthew to submit a "See, Click, Fix" request (or call 311) to start the process of review by DOT.

Robert Prinz noted that a "See, Click, Fix" has been submitted for this site.

Commissioner Wheeler noted that the City has standards for when construction can intrude on the sidewalk and that the owner may need to be contacted if they are not complying.
Construction traffic guidelines
4/18/2019Charlotte DuruisseauAsked what actions the City is taking to address illegal dumping, noting that it
is a hazard for pedestrians.
Jason Patton notes that this is a constant problem for the City and that it is managed by Department of Public Works. Commissioner Wheeler recommended submitting a "See, Click, Fix," request for Charlotte's issue and also noted that the City has started to offer bulk drop off to try to reduce illegal dumping.illegal dumping
4/18/2019Rosa Villalobos Asked about follow up on the pedestrian warning signs on Fruitvale Ave between
Foothill Blvd and Harold St which inadvertently are causing a pinch point that causes cars to veer
into the bike lane causing a hazard for bicyclists.
The OakDOT staff who worked on the project have come twice to the Infrastructure Committee (November 1, 2018 and February 7, 2019). Find notes at:


OakDOT is returning to the committee by the end of this month with a design to fix the problem on one block.
previous open forum issue
3/21/2019Ulises SoletoRecommended a bikeway connection between Brookfield Village and the Coliseum BART Station.

He also asked about plans for bikeshare expansion into East Oakland.
Commissioner Burnette Jr. noted that a community based bike share loaner bike program is in the works in East Oakland.

Commissioner Burnette Jr. also noted that Motivate (the operator of the Oakland bike share which is currently sponsored by Ford and now owned by Lyft) is planning on distributing some electric bikes to East Oakland in addition to the coming bike lending library.

Commissioner Mangrum also recommended attending the next community meeting for the Bike Plan or providing input online (updates at

No action from BPAC now (except Commissioner Burnette Jr.). Waiting for response from Motivate and City of Oakland.
bike sharex
3/21/2019Grey Gardner, Transport OaklandNoted that that the City of Oakland is going to revitalize the currently defunct Kaiser Convention Center between Lake Merritt and Laney College. He urged people to support a bike/pedestrian throughway and requested that BPAC make a request to the Planning Commission to require the developer to include connection.

He also recommended a Streetsblog article on the project [https://sf.streetsblog.org/2019/03/20/why-does-oaklands-kaiser-convention-center-plan-have-so-
BPAC's Planning Committee reviewed the project in April meeting and can discuss potential action at May committee meeting, including bringing it to a future BPAC agenda. x
3/21/2019John Minot, Oakland Young DemocratsNoted that Caltrans is planning a reconfiguration of the MacArthur Maze and is taking public comments. He encouraged people and BPAC Commissioners to go to their website [http://www.dot.ca.gov/d4/macarthurmazeproject/macarthurmaze-comments.html] and make comments advocating for more bicyclist and pedestrian amenities.

Comments are due April 24.
Action was not discussed at March meeting but potentially could be project for review at future meetings.

Due to timing of when comments are due, the link was sent to commissioners to comment independently before the April 24, 2019.

3/21/2019Stephen Cunningham, Land Steward to the Parkway CascadeAsked if enhancements including railings would be added to the stairway on E 20th St ascending to 5th Ave which is being improved as part of the Stairs and Paths program. Bruce Williams, DOT Funding Program Manager, recommended this project for TDA funding. This project was addressed during a later agenda item where Bruce Williams from DOT presented the TDA Article 3 Projects: Recommended List. The stairway was included in the list of priority projects and BPAC voted to support the projects identified in the presentation.TDA fundingx
2/21/2019Daniel Swafford of the Montclair Village AssociationAnnounced that the Montclair Village Antioch Court Improvement Project is shovel ready. They are seeking support for construction dollars. See the attached handout for more details.Commissioner Wheeler suggested considering the project for discussion at a further meeting, potentially during the Capital Improvements Project (CIP) and City budget discussion which will come within the next few months.x
Potentially during the Capital Improvements Project (CIP) and City budget discussion (tentatively April)
2/21/2019Scott BlanksReported frustration with issues he reported on SeeClickFix not being resolved or resulting only in patch fixes. One issue is about the wooden bridges like the one on the south-east corner of the Racine St and North St intersection that often gets knocked out by weather or people parking their cars on it. While there needs to be a more permanent fix than these wooden bridges, the issue is marked “resolved” when the bridge wood has been replaced without fixing the underlying issue.Commissioner Wheeler urged people to continue reporting problems of all sizes to SeeClickFix because even if the City cannot immediately fix larger projects, it still calls the issue to the attention of the City and gives them a sense of how important the issue is to people. Commissioner Parreiras called it a priority that all the wooden bridges be replaced with safer, longer term fixes.This is a drainage issue that needs long term fix. For short term, Jason Patton has referred Scott to 311 with link for curb and sidewalk repair, especially for people with disabilities. Looking into how to addess issue long term. Jason Patton followed up with Scott Blanks by email and offered him a long term solution of curb ramps that will address the issue for Scott to follow up.Drainage and ADAx
2/21/2019Efrom Stone from the Beth Jacob Congregation SynagogueAsked that the rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB) at the intersection of Park Blvd and E 38th St, right next to the synagogue, be set to recall on the Sabbath and holidays because many Jewish people cannot use electricity on those days and thus cannot actuate the RRFB.The RRFB at this intersection is slated to be changed to a full signal with the ATF Safe Routes to Schools grant. It can be programmed at that time for recall. Improvements to make this full signal including reconfiguration of intersection in process. Construction to begin late 2020-early 2021.x-BPAC will need to stay on top.
2/21/2019Robert PrinzCongratulated the City for fixing thirty-two out of thirty-five potholes he reported on SeeClickFix within a week and a half. On the other hand, he has issues getting gaps in the concrete fixed. He suggested short term concrete fixes as an item for the Infrastructure Committee of BPAC or the full BPACx
1/31/2019Kesete Yohannes, Telegraph Ave Temescal restaurant owner,Expressed his concerns over the plans to install the Telegraph Ave Complete Streets design with protected bike lanes. Yohannes came representing the merchant association and expressed concerns that the design would hurt business because drivers would find it confusing and avoid the street.Commission responded the item was discussed at length at our November meeting and the Commission was split. There will be further community meetings on the proposal.Comments noted, action not necessary at this time.Protected bikewaysx
11/15/2018Ana Sloan (Manager) and Cory and Silvia McCollow (Owners) of NIDO Kitchen & BarConcerns regarding a condition of approval on their project to build a new restaurant, Nido’s Backyard. The condition requires pedestrian safety and access improvements across Embarcadero at Oak St. They are concerned that the cost of the improvements is a burden on their businessJason PattonOffered to follow up with them outside the meeting. Jason Patton provided them with detailed information of who was in charge of the project in Planning and OakDOT for them to consult with and follow up.
11/15/2018Mitch FineNoted his concern about e-scooters riding on the pedestrian walkway around Lake Merritt.Jason PattonNoted that the applicable regulations are different for public right-of-way and for parkland. He offered to continue the conversation further offline and recommended the Legislative Committee consider the issue of bikes in designated parkland. Legislative Committee has agreed to accept this item.E-Scooters guidelinesx
9/20/2018Robert Raburn, Bart District 3 DirectorAsked if staff would implement temporary traffic safety improvements like striping or red curb while construction for the TIGER grant-funded project around the 19th St BART station at 20th St (aka Thomas Berkley Wy) is underwayInfrastructure Committee met in February. Provided further direction to staff on best ways to address all travelers needs.

Edmund Siu from OakDOT presented plans to full BPAC in March. Commissioners recommended some changes and would like to review revised plans.
x - follow up with Edmund or other OakDOT staff for revised plans
9/20/2018Robert RaburnMentioned that in-street pedestrian signs recently installed at five intersections on Fruitvale Ave between Foothill Blvd and I 580 cause cars to veer into the bike lane on the side of the street with the bike lane and into the path of travel for bicyclists on the side of the road without a bike lane, posing a threat to bicyclistsCommisioner Villalobos filed on Oak 311 report. Alerted district 5 Councilmember Noel Gallo; Robert Prinz possibly adding it to the November infrastructure committee meeting. Infrastructure Committee met in February and discussed issue. Joe Wang's team will develop plans and try a section before fixing entirety. Plans to be developed in April.x - follow up with OakDOT staff on status
Vanessa Himelblau
Noted her support for designs like the one on Bancroft Ave in Berkeley which has a two-way protected bike lane on one side of the street and buses on the other, noting the safety benefit of separating bicyclists and buses.No action necessary.Protected bike lanesx
9/20/2018Jon BauerStated his opposition to installing parking-protected bike lanes on Telegraph Ave in Temescal. He noted that he generally supports protected bike lanes, but in a dense commercial corridor, motorists getting in and out of cars use the bike lanes as walkways. He reported that as a result, he and his co-workers no longer bike on Telegraph Ave downtown. He recommended buffered bike lanes as an alternative Comments noted.Protected bike lanesx
8/16/2018Robert PrinzA member of BPAC’s Infrastructure Committee, noted that projects previously reviewed by the Committee are now in construction. He thanked OakDOT staff for making changes to those projects to address comments from the Committee. He expressed concern that the project on the Shafter Ave Bicycle Boulevard does not include additional speed humpsNo action necesssary.x
8/16/2018Ryan SchuchardAsked if the BPAC has considered the impacts of State Proposition 6 (gas tax repeal). Vice-Chair Wheeler responded that the BPAC has not yet taken the matter under consideration. Commissioner Parreiras suggested that the BPAC’s Legislative Committee should take it up, and that Committee is meeting on August 29Legislation Committee is working on a recommendation to forward to PW Committee. Legislation Committee worked with Public Works Committee. Council member Kaplan drafted resolution to oppose State Proposition 6. It was passed by City Council on October 9.x
8/16/2018Ryan SchuchardNoted a campaign seeking to add bicycle lanes to College Ave between Alcatraz Ave and Claremont Ave by removing on-street parking from one side of the street. (The City’s College Ave project includes bicycle lanes from Claremont Ave to Broadway, but not on this segment.) Ryan is meeting with stakeholders, including the Rockridge District Association, to discuss the proposal.No updates yet from Ryan.
7/17/2018Robert PrinzNear Bellevue Ave crossing Lenox Ave, there are no stop lines, - it’s unclear where to stop before crossing. There’s a stoplight on one side and not the otherRobert worked with OakDOT for a fix. Now completed.x
7/17/2018Rosa VillalobosAt Trestle Glen Rd and Lakeshore Ave at the pedestrian crossing – there is a light timing issue with lot of pedestrians and a problematic areaRecommended report to SeeClickFix.Signal Timing
6/21/2018Matt TaeckerA designer, is working with Bike East Bay to create a greenway between Shattuck, Adeline, and Stanford. He would like to introduce a concept to the Commission for reviewNo further action from commentator at this time.x
6/21/2018Carol LevineMentioned that she was almost hit by a cyclist riding on the sidewalk on her way to the meeting recently, underscoring the need to educate people about how to behave on the road – she recommends something like a Public Service Announcement. Chair Tabata mentioned that this was already on the list of items for BPAC’s considerationLogged for future action.

BPAC does not have a mechanism for education programs.

Recommend to Police Relations Committee to review.

Follow up with Bike East Bay about their education program.
Education, enforcementx
3/15/2018Daniel SwaffordExecutive Director of the Montclair Village Association and member of the Laurel District Association, mentioned a public campaign to close a funding gap for the Antioch Court enhancement project, proposed as a potential recipient of TDA Article 3 funding by staff at the February 15 BPAC meeting. He commended staff for their coordination on a project at 35th and MacArthur and the LAMMPS project on MacArthur Blvd east of High Street.LAMMPS project under construction, to be completed 2019?x
2/15/2018Kevin DalleyAsked about maintenance along Lake Merritt Channel Park which is owned by Peralta Community College District and administered by City of Oakland. Commissioner Prinz noted homelessness concerns and asked about who might be best for handling contracts.Jason Patton noted that the issue was last addressed by Susan Katchee, Assistant Director of the Bureau of Facilities and the Environment of the Public Works Department – she has since retired. He volunteered to follow up with Mr. Dalley regarding Ms. Katchee’s responseJason Patton had extensive exchange with Kevin Dalley. It is up to Kevin for follow up.Interjurisdictional issues
2/15/2018Kevin DalleyMentioned the need for more leading pedestrian intervals.Report via SeeClickFix.Signal timingx
1/18/2018Tom HolubSuggested that the City should stay ahead of the bikeshare market by researching the feasibility of dockless startup bikeshare systems.Bikeshare team is working on this. Motivate is developing a bike share option for East Oakland. Motivate is leading effort.x
1/18/2018Ryan SchuchardWorks for Calstart, a nonprofit that works with legislators on Greenhouse Gas emissions reduction solutions, including bike promotion and cleaner vehicles.Commissioner Wheeler responded that the Bike Plan update process could provide a forum for additional input. Comments notedx
1/18/2018Commissioner KiddSuggested a possible future agenda topic – the creation of a BPAC legislative committeeLegislative Committee formed as of June meeting. They are now meeting monthly.x
12/21/2017Commissioner KiddThe City Council approved an increase in budget to the Embarcadero Bridge project from $18 million to $29 million. He is concerned about the cost and the implications about the City’s ability to manage Measure KK Bond-funded projects.Commissioner Nayor is the liason to Measure KK Commission. They have not had a meeting. x - update from Commissioner Naylor?
11/16/2017Casey HilgrethLives on Park Boulevard and requested an update on the proposed bicycle and pedestrian project on his street. He mentioned that the neighborhood hasn’t heard anything from the City staff since meetings were conducted in November 2016. Jason Patton said that two meetings, in the Glenview and Lake Merritt Parkway neighborhoods, are in the process of being scheduled for January 2018. Stakeholder follow up meetings are proposed in spring 2018. The lack of an in-house project manager or an assigned budget, with a department vacancy rate of 20-25%, could partially explain the reasons for the delayJason PattonThat two meetings, in the Glenview and Lake Merritt Parkway neighborhoods, are in the process of being scheduled for January 2018. Stakeholder follow up meetings are proposed in spring 2018. The lack of an in-house project manager or an assigned budget, with a department vacancy rate of 20-25%, could partially explain the reasons for the delay.CommunicationsDecember 2016x - status update on project - should it be on a future BPAC agenda?
11/16/2017Chris KintnerEmbarcadero Bridge project from $18 million to $29 million. He is concerned about the cost and the implications about the City’s ability to manage Measure KK Bond-funded projects.Jason PattonStated that this project predates the guidelines. Commissioner Prinz suggested that the BPAC consider revisiting the guidelines as a future agenda item.Construction projects affecting bike lanes
11/16/2017Sinadar BoardmanLives near Children’s Fairyland, reported that the project in this area increased the crossing distance on the west side of the intersection at Grand Ave, making it harder for pedestrians to cross the street.x - check with infrastructure committee
10/19/2017Jay Roller9th & Fallon Sts controlled only by stop sign. Wants improved lighting as well as signal with pedestrian controlled activation.Requested the report this through SeeClickFix.Pedestrian intersection improvements
9/21/2017Heidi KilleenConcern of pedestrian crossing on Moraga Ave. at Harbord Dr. No crosswalk present making crossing challenging. Her children walk to school and cross at this location. She understands that Moraga Ave. is scheduled to be paved and wants pedestrian crossing added.Pedestrian intersection improvementsx - check with infrastructure committee
9/21/2017Chris KintnerThanked City for pedestrian crossing improvements recently installed on Harrison St. at 23rd St.
8/17/2017Tom GandesburySeeking greater attention to the enforcement of double parking as it creates a traffic hazard, particularly for bicyclists. He noted that the cost of a double parking ticket is less than that for an expired parking meter, even though one is a safety issue and the other is not. He emphasized that while bike facilities are improving and he’s cautiously optimistic regarding maintenance, the need for more enforcement is becoming increasingly important.Traffic enforcement, lack of affecting bike lanes
8/17/2017Tom GandesburyAsked about the City’s plans to improve 14th St in the downtown (Oak St/Lakeside Dr to Brush St). Staff noted that the City received a grant from the State’s Active Transportation Program for these improvements. Because the grant funds are budgeted in future years, it will be a few years before the improvements are designed and constructed.Intersection improvements
8/17/2017Kit VaqCars parking in bus stops is an ongoing problem for bus operations. There needs to be more enforcement, and more education on how expensive it is to be ticketed for parking in a bus stop.Traffic enforcement, lack of affecting bike lanes
8/17/2017Hector ChinchillaUber and Lyft drivers are double parking at restaurants in busy areas as part of these companies’ food delivery services. Businesses need to be educating their employees on the hazards caused by double parking. He noted that education is better than enforcement for addressing these issues.Traffic enforcement, lack of affecting bike lanesx - BPAC looking into options for additional fees for blocking bike lanes - status update?
7/20/2017Chris KintnerFrustration with construction projects blocking bike lanes. He has reported through SeeClickFix and Parking Enforcement. Wondered if construction detour plans were filed with the City. Smadar Boardman reported experiencing block bile lane on 17th St.Sarah FineWill follow up internally to add a new category in SeeClickFix since complaints about construction impacts on bile lanes might be misdirected.Construction projects affecting bike lanesx - follow up with DOT staff
7/20/2017Hector ChinchillaBelieves separated bike lane on Telegraph is dangerous. Is bicyclist fatalities in Oakland being tracked? Questioned outreach and criticized drivers.Commissioner HwangResponded that Telegraph Ave. is being monitored by staffed. Suggested Hector join and work with Bike East Bay and WOBO.Location specific issue
7/20/2017Commissioner VillalobosConstruction work north of Park St. Bridge is affecting travel on 29th Ave. Recently installed striping seems permanent, a missed opportunity?Jennifer will follow up with Rosa as to whether this is part of construction phasing.Project begun over 5 years ago, grandfatheredLength of construction projects, desig to build, design guidelines changed
7/20/2017Commissioner VillalobosSidewalk repair in commercial area on Fruitvale disruptive. One side fixed, the other side not. Reported via SeeClickFix.Communications--status of project posted at site
6/15/2017Bob FearmanNew bikeway striping connecting Keith Ave to Broadway is confusing.Commissioner PrinzNoted that work is not yet complete and offered to follow up. John Chin is City staff contact.
6/15/2017Kevin MorsonyCar recently crashed onto playground on Park Blvd at Estates Dr underscoring the need for safety countermeasures in this area.Location specific x
6/15/2017Kent LewandaskiReiterated request for enforcement of speed limits and safety training for motorists be agendized at future meeting.Vision Zero Office of Traffic Safety, grants OPD can apply for?x
4/20/2017Bob FearmanOak St. under I-880-motorists driving in bike lane, outcome of recent bike lane project. Bob recommends car parking be removed to alleviate pinch point.Design of bike lane layout--staff issue
4/10/2017Eric FisherPersistent problems with traffic signal timing near Macarthur Bart station and that he has not received any response from multiple reports to the Call Center. Suggested he contact his City Council member.What do people do when all the appropriate parties have been notified and nothing happens, accountability to policy
2/16/2017Bob FearmanBob reiterated two previously reported issues related to the new bike lane striping on Oak St: (1) the design creates a pinch point under the freeway (5th-6th Sts) which is causing automobile congestion. He proposed that nine parking spaces under freeway could be removed to restore the travel lane. (2) He has received no response regarding the gap in the sidewalk on Oak St, btw 2nd St and Embarcadero.Jason PattonBicycle & Pedestrian Program Manager, said that he would follow up. Commissioner Tabata asked that Bob report the issues to the Public Works Call Center.See related comments from 4/20
2/16/2017Ashley MoretzRepresenting the Temescal Neighborhood Council, shared that group’s focus on pedestrian safety on 51st St between Telegraph Ave and Broadway. They asked for BPAC support to enhance/upgrade/add crosswalks. Ashley related that this issue had been reported via SeeClickFix in February 2016.As of January 2017, the traffic engineer originally designated as contact has been moved. They had already met with Commissioner Prinz. Chair Chan forwarded information about crosswalk guidelines. Jason Patton and BPAC will review how to get basic information more available to the public.Communications, how to share information with public? Jennifer tried to make as much information and resources available through our website. How to get people to use it?
1/19/2017Eric FisherThe configuration/design of signals and curb ramps at the Safeway on Pleasant Valley Ave was unfriendly to pedestrians. He reported the issue to the Call Center on October 20 but has not yet received a response. Commissioner Prinz reported that Bike East Bay approached the developer regarding other issues that are not consistent with previous BPAC input or with the Conditions of Approval (COA) for the project. He will let Eric know if he hears back. The primary contact in Building Dept for COA compliance is Bill Quesada.As a result of these comments, Commissioner Prinz suggested that a presentation to BPAC be made regarding legal requirements and oversight pertinent to bike/ped improvements included in COAs.Condition of Approval (COA) issue, design as approved and actually built are different. November agenda?x
1/19/2017Chris KintnerThe signal timing at MacArthur BART is bad for pedestrians. He has not reported it to the Call Center, but others have. Commissioner Prinz recommended that he contact the City Council person, and noted that there are other issues that haven't been consistent with COA. Dianne Yee asked whether developers are fined for non-compliance with the COA. This depends on whether changes were approved by City.See above
COA issue, see above
12/15/2016Kent LewandaskiAsked the BPAC to agendize a proposal to install bike curb cuts on E 19th St from Lake Merritt to Park Blvd at future meeting.It's been confirmed this section of roadway is on the Bicycle Master Plan. It's recommended the issue be worked through the plan update process. Kent has been informed.
12/15/2016Michael KillianStated that Councilmember Gallo sent an email last night indicating that no more comments on the Park Blvd Study would be accepted by the City after Friday December 16, 2016. He expressed other criticisms and said that “no one supports the project.”Park St. was on the December agenda and discussed.Location specific and community communication issues
12/15/2016name unavailableAn individual reported that a construction project is staging work in the bike lane on 27th St. This has been reported through SeeClickFix but the problem persists and he asked what to do next. He also requested mid-block crosswalks and was counseled to report these to the Public Works Call Center.The Temporary Traffic Control Guidance Update will address construction.Temporary Traffic Control Guidance
10/20/2016Bob FearmanRecently installed bike lanes on Oak--2nd St @ Embarcadero--gravel patch should be sidewalkBob reported at 11-17 meeting he did report this through SeeClickFix.The City response was that it was that sidewalk repair is the property owner responsibility. During discussion, we concluded it's not a repair issue, but a gap issue. Bob may take this forward to the ADA Commission for further action. Recommended he contact PW Call Center to log the item for action
10/20/2016Bob FearmanCars traveling northbound on Oak backing up under freeway and using bike lane as diversionRecommended he contact Jason Patton, Bicycle Pedestrian Program Manager for design issue on Oak St.
4/21/2016Eric FisherPedestrian timing on signal at 40th and Telegraph5-16-16 referred item to Vlad Wlassosky and Ade Oluwasogo for follow up
2/18/2016Melissa NelsonCrosswalk striped on Shattuck between 51st and 55th St. Previously submitted via SeeClick FixIris StarrIris to forward request to traffic engineering. Jennifer Stanley also recommended logging request through Public Works Call Center.
2/18/2016Veronica Martinez of Santa Fe NeighborhoodTrial installations of painted curb extensions and development of design guidelinesChristina BlackstonPedestrian master plan update will respond to this topic.
2/18/2016Bob FearmanRequested draft minutes get wider distribution than to those who attended.Jennifer StanleyDraft minutes attached to meeting agendas.
2/18/2016Will Roscoe of Open OaklandOffers time as data analyst to bike/ped programwroscoe@gmail.comx
1/21/2016Wes Nelsonped/bike accident with auto at Embarcadero and 5thJason PattonDevelopment, when completed, will have a signal at this intersection
12/17/2015Diane YeeGlass northbound bike lane on Mandela PkwyStaff asked Diane to report issue to Public Works Call Center
10/15/2015Bob FearmanBike lanes needed on Park Blvd above Leimert BridgeJennifer StanleyInformed Bob plan under development.
9/17/2015Amanda LeahyInquiry of Oakland participation in national bike/ped counts projectJason PattonAnnual counts conducted using methodology consistent with national project.