10/31/20208:00 PMSamson and GabrielleEvening TuckSam and Gabby arrive at the nest @ 6:40 pm..we have two potential tuckees! They hop into the nest @ 6:48 pm for their tidy-up routine and then hop to Wallenda branches to pose for the cameras and share some sweet vocals. Off they both go at 6:50 pm. Guess they have some trick-or-treating to do tonight. Ground crew confirms they saw eagle shapes in the darkness in the Green Tree in the Lumberyard after they flew from the nest. Be safe out there on this Halloween night, Samson and Gabby!
10/31/20209:00 AMSamson and GabrielleMorning Arrivals and Nest WorkLooks like around 10:22 pm both of our stars decided to move, most likely to the Evening Tree, as wind gusts picked up quite a bit in the Hamlet. Gabrielle first hopped to the nest @ 10:22 pm and there were vocals between them. Then Samson flew off at 10:24 pm. Gabrielle followed him @ 10:25 pm. @2:25 am.we have great views of the Full Hunters Moon. We hear eagle vocals @ 4:17 am...Sam and Gabby exchanging Happy Halloween greetings! Vocals again @ 6:46 am! They are awake! More vocals @7:04 am. Samson is in the nest @ 7:21 am! Gabby arrives @7:25 am. Sam hops up to Sunset Branch after they do a bit of arranging. Off goes Gabby @7:30 am. @7:41 AM Sam hops into the nest and is keeping eyes on Skippy the Squirrel..He hops up to Wallenda branches. Gabby returns @8:01 am, just in time for chat! Sam flies @8:02 am and back with a nice manageable stick and places it along the rails. @8:12 am Samson flies off and Gabby hops up to Sunset Branch to keep her eyes on him. 8:16 am Samson is back with another nice stick for the rails. He heads up to his skybox with vocals for Gabby as he joins her @8:20 am. @8:22 am Sam flies off again and Gabrielle gives us a nice rouse. She flies off @8:22 am. They may be hungry for their breakfish now!jd_AEF
10/30/202011:00 PMSamson and GabrielleEvening Arrivals/TuckGabrielle arrived on the Wallenda branches @4:38 pm with vocals. Samson must be nearby. He arrives at 5:31 pm in the nest. He joins her on Wallenda and they mate @5:38 pm. They perch side by side in the evening sunlight. Hope they are planning an overnighter as temps and winds are so nice for them! Sam flies off @5:59 pm...guess he was jealous of Gabby's big crop and went for some dinner. He arrives back @6:50 pm with a stick and joins her on Wallenda. She moves to Sunset branch @6:58 pm. They like to surround the nest this time of evening to keep others away. As of 10:00 pm they remain perched as bookends on either side of the nest. We'll see if they get together as the night goes on! Sweet dreams Samson and Gabrielle! Looks like around 10:22 pm both of our stars decided to move, most likely to the Evening Tree, as wind gusts picked up quite a bit in the Hamlet. Gabrielle first hopped to the nest @10:22 pm and there were vocals between them. Then Samson flew off @10:24 pm. Gabrielle followed him @10:25 pm. See you in the morning, Sam and Gabby! Enjoy peaceful sleep!jd_AEF
10/30/202012:00 PMSamson and GabrielleArrivals and Morning Nest Action@ 7:33 am Sam and Gabby arrive in the nest! Gabby flies @7:34 am. We see Samson down low in the tree trying to grab some sticks. In comes Gabby with another of her crazy huge sticks @7:42. She entertains the chatters with her determination to find the right place for the stick! Samson tries to help but she sends him up to Sunset Branch so she can do the job herself! Gabby hops up to Lookout Point to do her preening @7:56 am. @8:03 am Samson joins Gabby at LOP. @8:14 am Samson flies off. We believe we see him perched at the distant tree Cyn located yesterday. Gabby decided to fly off @ 9:40 am to get her breakfish. Thanks for staying with us for chat, Gabrielle!jd_AEF
10/29/202011:00 PMSamson and GabrielleTuckGround crew located Samson and Gabrielle perched together in the LY tonight in one of their favorite trees there. Sleep well and be safe, Sam and Gabby! Hope to see you at sunrise!jd_AEF
10/29/202012:00 PMSamson & Gabrielle
New Perch/Return/On Nest/Perched/Off
Well now we know why Samson & Gabrielle could be heard close by after they flew off. Our CamOp cyn_AEF found them both perched in a tree not too far away, close to the Wallenda end of the nest tree. Good eye, Cyn. Then @9:13 am Samson flew in from that direction & perched below Wallenda. Gabrielle flew in from the opposite direction @5 minutes later, landing on the nest. She moved a few branches then went up to the Sunset branch. Samson took off a few minutes later but just circled the tree & came back in, landing on the nest. Not to be outdone, he too worked the nest a bit before going to the Wallenda branch. Both remained perched until they flew off @10:12 am. Stay safe out there!babyhawk_AEF
10/29/20209:00 AMSamson and GabrielleOvernight and Early Morning at Nest2 am and all is peaceful. Samson and Gabby are still perched on their respective branches and sleeping peacefully. @3:30 am Samson moves back up to his branch by the cams. There is a Beautiful moon behind Samson @ 4:30 am. He is relaxed and preening at 6:20 am. I guess they set their alarms for 7:00 am...vocals are right on time! They hop into the nest for some sweet beakies and begin fluffing the moss Samson hops back up to Sunset Branch @ 7:03 am. Gabby lays down in the nest @7:07 am to see how it feels today! She hops to Wallenda @ 7:15 am and Samson joins her there. He finds some moss there and grabs it in his beak for the nest and places it. He hops back up to Sunset while Gabby works on yesterday's sticks in the nest @7:25 am. Off she goes @ 7:29 am. Gabby is back in the nest @ 7:56 am with a small stick. Off they both go @ 7:58 am and Gabby returns with another nice stick for the rails...she will be trimming that down to make it fit. Sam flies off and back with a nice stick too. @8:00 am Gabby flies off and returns with another nice stick for the rails..Samson brings a smaller stick @ 8:02 am. Gabby hops up to Sunset Branch and flies while Samson wrestles with some sticks on the nest. Beautiful fly-in by Gabby with another mossy stick and Sam helps to place it. Beakies exchanged and Gabby flies off again @8:04 am. Sam continues fluffing the moss. Gabby is right back with another nice stick for the rails @ 8:06 am. They fly off once more @8:08 am. Gabby returns with another stick @8:10 am and works to find the perfect spot for it. She flies off to join Samson @8:15 am and vocals are heard in the distance.jd_AEF
10/28/20208:00 PMSamson and GabrielleEvening TuckGabrielle flew in on the Wallenda branches @6:24 pm with a fish, rumored to be a Whiting. She gobbled it down in no time and just then Samson arrived to join her @6:25 pm. They mated on the Wallenda branches and posed together for some sweet closeup views. @6:51 pm They began their evening branch hopping. Both went to the nest for some final arranging and fluffing for the day. Gabrielle hopped up to Sunset branch and Samson chose his favorite branch near the cams. Hootie the owl was heard in the area and they may move after owl time to their usual favorite Wallenda branches. Be safe Samson and Gabby...we'll be checking back to see how you're sleeping tonight!jd_AEF
10/28/202010:00 AMSamson and GabrielleMorning Arrival and Nest WorkSweet Gabrielle is doing her preening at Lookout Point at 4 am...she flew in by the light of the nearly full Hunters Moon at 12:44 am with beautiful vocals and really hasn't moved much all night long. @5:30 am she begins her preening routine, showing us her beautiful tail feathers one by one. @6:40 am she begins warming up her vocals to let Samson know it is time for him to come home. He arrives @7:20 am in the nest and Gabrielle joins him there for some interior decorating. Off they both go at 7:24 am...hurry back for morning chat! Gabrielle brings in some nice greens for the nest and hops up to Sunset Branch. Samson arrives back with a stick and joins her on Sunset. He thinks she might like to mate but timing isn’t right for Gabrielle…he heads up to his skybox seat and Gabrielle flies off @8:15 am. Samson flies in with a huge branch @8:19 am and entertains the chatters while wrestling it into the perfect place. He finally heads up to the Sunset branch @ 8:33 am to rest from his ordeal. @9:29 am Samson flies off for breakfish. Hurry back soon, Samson and Gabby!jd_AEF
10/27/20209:00 PMSamson and GabrielleEvening TuckSamson and Gabrielle were seen tonight offsite at one of the nearby golf courses, perched side by side as always. There is a bright Hunters Moon tonight so they can still decide to fly. Be safe Sam and Gabrielle!jd_AEF
10/27/20209:00 AMSamson and GabrielleMorning Arrivals/Nest WorkSamson and Gabrielle were no-shows at the nest overnight. Samson is first to arrive @7:22 am on Wallenda and jumps into the nest! Skippy the Squirrel scoots down Lookout Point and disappears in the nick of time! Gabby arrives with a small stick @ 7:25 am. Sam hops up to Wallenda and flies off @ 7:27 am..what will he bring? Gabby flies off @ 7:30 am. Gabby is back with a nice stick for the nest at 7:37 am. Gabby hops up to Sunset branch and Sam returns and joins her there. They waste no time and immediately mate @ 7:41 am. Samson heads up to his skybox seat at 7:43 am. Gabby flies off at 7:45 am. Samson is right behind her…they must be ready for their breakfish!jd_AEF
10/26/20209:00 AMSamson and GabrielleMorning Arrivals/Nest WorkGabrielle remained perched on her Wallenda branch until sunrise, peacefully snoozing through the night. @6:54 am She hops down into the nest and lays down to wait for her Samson, tossing some moss and straw on her back and enjoying the comfort of her nest. Samson arrives at 7:12 am. Gabrielle hops up to Lookout Point and Samson joins her there, where they mate. Looked like a very good mating and Samson landed on his feet on the branch below Wallenda. They remained perched in the beautiful morning sunlight to give chatters a beautiful view until @8:12 am when Gabrielle flew off. She arrived back @ 8:16 AM and Samson flew off. He arrived back @8:18 am and Gabrielle hopped back up to Lookout Point to do some preening. Samson flew off @8:21 am after rearranging some sticks. He returns with a small stick and some fresh moss for the nest @8:22 am. When he is satisfied with placement of everything, he hops up to his skybox seat @8:28 am to enjoy the beautiful view. Gabrielle remained at Lookout Point, giving chatters nice vews of both of them. Samson flew off @8:33 am. We see him fly by @8:53 am and Gabrielle flies off to meet up with him @8:58 am. Enjoy your morning. We wish you good eating at breakfish, Sam and Gabby!jd_AEF
10/26/20201:00 AMSamsonLate fly-off from Nest@12:17 am Looks like Samson decided to escape those pesky bugs and bats and flew, perhaps to the Evening Tree. We'll see if Gabby decides to follow, by the light of the bright moon. See you in the morning, Samson!jd_AEF
10/2520208:00 PMSamson and GabrielleEvening Arrivals/Tuck@4:44 PM Gabrielle arrived and hopped to Lookout Point to wait for her Samson. @5:21 PM Samson arrived at the nest and hopped right up to his skybox seat to watch the sunset. @6:00 PM Samson joins Gabrielle at Lookout Point for some discussion and beakies. They seem aware of something flying close to the nest. Both fly off @6:03 pm. We know they are close by...we believe mating vocals were heard. @6:48 PM sweet vocals were heard again, as if to say "Where do you want to sleep tonight?" Viewers are thrilled when @7:14 they arrive back at the nest on Wallenda branches and perch side by side, apparently tucked for the night. Samson likes to hop up and down on the Wallenda branches until he finds his comfy spot. As of 7:50 PM they are both snoozing with feet dancing. Goodnight and be safe, Samson and Gabrielle! We will all be watching over you!jd_AEF
10/25/202012:00 PMSamson and GabrielleMorning Arrivals and Nest Work@7:20 am Skippy the squirrel can be seen sneaking around the tree gathering pinecones...he remains safe from hungry eagles at this time! Gabrielle arrives in the nest @7:24 am. She hops up to Sunset branch to look for her Samson @7:26 am. Skippy run!. Off she goes to find Samson at 7:44 am. Samson arrives 7:47 am and Gabby soon arrives to help him arrange the nest. She's off @7:52 am after some discussion with Samson and returns with a stick for the nest @7:54 am. @8:02 am Samson is in the nest and Gabby hops up to Sunset branch to watch the sunrise and do her preening. She flies @ 8:12 am and comes back with a small stick for the nest. She's flies off and back with another mossy stick @ 8:17 am. @8:28 AM Samson is still doing adorable selfies by the cams. @8:35 am They are both busy preening now. @8:41 am Someone gets too close to the nest and they both let them know "This is OUR nest!" @9:22 am Samson to Wallenda…they have the nest surrounded as something is flying around nearby. They both perched at the nest through the morning keeping watch, and both flew off @10:29 am. Time for breakfish now!jd_AEF
10/25/20201:00 AMGabrielleLate Arrival at NestPerhaps Gabrielle encountered Hootie in the LY as she flew into the nest tree @10:52 pm on a lower branch of the tree and then hopped up to a sleep branch tucked in close to the nest. She remained perched there until 12:53 am when she flew again, likely to the Evening Tree or back to the LY. No sign of Samson in the nest tree so apparently he remained perched in the LY.jd_AEF
10/24/20208:00 PMSamson and GabrielleEvening TuckAs of 6:30 PM Samson and Gabrielle were located by the ground crew in a tall pine tree in the Lumberyard and will likely roost there for the night.
10/24/202012:00 PMSamson and GabrielleMorning Arrivals and Nest WorkSamson and Gabrielle arrived together @ 7:22 am in the nest. They did some team digging and fluffing and shared some sweet beakies. Gabrielle hopped to Wallenda branches @ 7:27 am. Samson hopped up with her @7:28 am and they mated with sweet vocals. They made morning chatters happy by remaining perched together until 8:13 am when Samson hopped into the nest. Gabrielle joined him there for some more fluffing and perfecting of the nest and some more beakies. They flew @8:22 am and vocals could be heard in the distance. The Hamlet exercise class could be heard warming up for their morning workout.jd_AEF
10/23/202010:00 PMSamson and GabrielleEvening TuckOther than a few bats flying around the nest tree on our cam 3 view, there has been no activity at the nest tonight. At 8:00 PM tuck, ground crew reports they have not been seen at the LY tonight. We will see if they show up later as our night flyers?? It seems not, as 10 PM check finds no night flyers at the nest. Goodnight Sam and Gabby, and please be safe!jd_AEF
10/23/202012:00 PMSamson and GabrielleMorning Arrivals and Nest WorkGabrielle is first to arrive at the nest @7:21 am. She waits and watches for Samson and flies off @ 7:37 am to find him. She's back with a nice stick @ 7:44 am and Samson joins her with a little stick @ 7:45 am. Gabby is off to get something more for the nest @ 7:47 am. She brings a stick and Samson brings another @ 7:49 am. Gabby heads to LOP and Sam flies off to grab another stick for the nest @7:51 am. He hops up to Sunset Branch @ 7:56 am. Just as chat begins @ 8:01 am they both fly off to do some more shopping or just perching…we can hear them close by. @8:35 am Sam arrives back with a stick and Gabby arrives back @8:36 am with her own very nice stick for the rails. They spend some time arranging and sharing beakies. @8:46 am Sam hops up to Wallenda branches. Gabby flies off and grabs a stick on the fly, brings it to the nest then up to Sunset Branch to perch and preen. Just as chat ended Samson tried to join Gabby on Sunset (looked like he wanted to mate) but she sent him off to shop some more instead. She seemed to want to do her preening. Gabrielle flew off after a long visit @10:52 am..she seemed to spot Samson in the distance and perhaps joined him for a fish lunch.jd_AEF
10/22/20208:00 PMSamson and GabrielleEvening Arrivals/TuckGabrielle arrived @ 6:13 pm and Samson arrived @6:24 pm. They talked it over and decided since the rain had started they would like to roost at the Lumberyard tonight, so off they went. Ground crew confirms they are tucked side by side. Be safe in the rainy weather, Sam and Gabby! Come back if the weather improves!jd_AEF
10/22/202012:00 PMSamson and GabrielleMorning Nest ActivityBoth return home @9:51 am and hop up to Sunset…Sam keeps on going up to his skybox seat and they are perched together planning their next moves with sweet conversation. Samson flies off 10:05 am and Gabby not far behind @10:06 am.jd_AEF
10/22/20209:00 AMSamson and GabrielleMorning Arrivals and Nest WorkGlenn reports they have not moved much overnight and are still perched together at LY this morning. @7:25 am Gabrielle arrives first with a stick and Samson right behind her with another nice stick! Gabby flies off again to get some more @ 7:30 am and back with another nice stick. Sam is off again and back with another stick too! @7:37 am Samson hops up to Sunset Branch to watch the beautiful Hamlet sunrise. Gabrielle flew off again @7:38 am and Samson flew off @7:42 am. Gabby is back 7:46 am with another stick and is working on perfecting the placement of those rails! She hops up to Sunset Branch to keep track of Samson’s whereabouts. She flies off @ 7:58 am. She returns with another stick @8:11 am, places it and flies off again @ 8:14 am. It seems they may have worked up an appetite and headed off to breakfish. jd_AEF
10/21/202011:00 PMSamson and GabrielleTuckBoth Samson and Gabrielle were perched together in a tall pine in the LY tonight at tuck time. The rains came pouring down and kept them away through the rest of the evening. SEDs and be safe Samson and Gabby!jd_AEF
10/21/202010:00 AMSamson and GabrielleMorning Arrivals/Nest WorkEagle vocals heard close by @ 6:47 am. More vocals @7:15 am...they are definitely planning their day! Gabby arrives first and Samson right behind her, each with sticks, @ 7:22 am. They both fly off @ 7:25 am...Gabby returns with another stick @7:28 am and hops up to sunset branch to supervise. Samson flies all around and brings a stick for the nest @7:42 am. He hops up to Sunset with Gabby briefly...seemed like he wanted to mate but it was cut short. She is intent on getting the nest work done! She flies off again at 7:46 am and back with a stick. Nice retrieval, Gabby, before a big stick falls overboard. She flies again @ 7:52 am...Samson is up on Sunset Branch watching over things. He flies off and returns with a stick too @ 7:59 am. They are both in the nest as morning chat begins and chatters are very excited to see them. Gabby flies off again @ 8:01 am She can be seen flying all around while Samson watches from Sunset. Gabby brings another stick @8:20 am and Samson hops down to help her place it. He hops up to Sunset Branch again to get out of the way while she continues rearranging the rails. He flies off @8:24 am as Gabby observes/supervises from the nest. He brings another stick @8:25 am. They do some more arranging together and share some more nips and beakies. Sam places a stick on top of Gabby’s back and they tussle a bit. He heads back up to Sunset @8:35 am to get out of the way once more while she continues with her perfection of the rails. Samson flies off again @8:34 am as Gabby closely watches from the nest. He returns with a very nice stick for the rails @8:36 am. There will be no eaglets escaping early this season as the walls are becoming quite high. They both hop to Wallenda branches @8:37 am and exchange vocals as they are watching something in the area, perhaps another bird too close to their nest. Gabby flies off @8:41 am while Samson keeps an eye on things from the Wallenda branches. She returns @8:52 with another stick for the nest. She is finding the grasses in the center of the nest a challenge as he gets a bit tangled up in them. Samson flies off @8:55 am. What will he bring? He's back @8:56 with another small stick. They share some more nips and beakies to celebrate their hard work this morning. Samson is back up to Sunset branch as chat comes to an end @8:58 am. He flew off at 9:33 am to get his breakfish! jd_AEF
10/20/20208:00 PMSamson and GabrielleEvening Arrivals/TuckGabrielle was first to arrive at the nest @6:39 pm, and Sam joined her @6:50 pm. They did some placement of the Halloween decorations (straw) in the nest and shared lots of sweet beakies. Off they both flew @ 6:58 pm, and ground crew confirmed they were perched together at the Evening Tree. Sleep tight Sam and Gabby and SEDs.jd_AEF
10/20/20203:00 PMSamson and GabrielleMorning and Afternoon ActivitySamson arrived @11:16 am with a huge clump of long grass which looked like part of a Halloween display. He jumped up to his skybox above the Sunset branch. He leaves @12:18 pm. Gabrielle arrives @12:50 pm and flies @1:31 pm. Both return to the nest @1:55 pm. Looks like Samson brought in some more fluff. Gabrielle perches at Lookout Point and Samson on the Sunset Branch. Samson flies at 2:09 pm. Gabrielle flies @ 2:26 pm, leaving a nest full of grassy fluff. Don't forget to come back for evening chat, Sam and Gabby!jd_AEF
10/20/20209:00 AMGabrielleOvernight and Early Morning at Nest@11:12 pm last evening weather was improving and Gabrielle began to look uncomfortable on that small branch. She decided to move to the Wallenda branch where she could snooze and preen more easily. We have a much nicer view of her now and now those feet can dance! @6:01 am this morning first vocals heard as Gabrielle checked in with Samson. Samson arrived @6:57 am and they both hop into the nest after exchanging sweet vocals. Samson then hopped up to Sunset branch. Gabrielle laid down to try out her nest and finds it quite comfy. Samson flies off @7:09 am and comes back @7:18 am with a small stick for the nest. Gabrielle flew off @7:20 am and Samson flies @7:22 am. @7:37 am Gabrielle returned with a nice stick for the nest. She places it and hops up to Sunset branch for a better view of Samson's activities @7:47 am. She perched and preened until 8:10 am when she flew off to start her day.jd_AEF
10/19/20209:00 PMGabrielleLate Arrival at Nest@7:30 pm Vocals were heard and Gabrielle attempted to land on Lookout Point...she missed her target in the rainy conditions. She was later located one branch over and tucked in safe and sound next to the nest. She had her usual huge crop and was ready for a snooze. Samson was likely at the Evening Tree close by.jd_AEF