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questionanswerpagechapterHigher Bloom
Why is it so detrimental to follow the crowd and "run with the herd" as the authors put it?It makes it difficult for us to change our mindspg 10TLAF 1X
What is the conventional thought process for kicking penalty kicks and why might this not be the best strategy?
Players tend to focus on kicking to the corners, but keepers know this already usually dive toward one corner
pg. 4TLAF 1X
It might seem silly to kick a penalty kick to the middle of the goal, but why do the authors argue in favor of doing this?
Keepers wil often dive, leaving the middle of the goal open more often than not
pg. 5TLAF 1X
Why might a player be reluctant to kick a penalty kick to the middle of the goal even though the data supports this?
They will look silly if the keep doesn't dive and players care about how they are perceived.
pg. 5TLAF 1X
Why is feedback such an important component of the learning process?If you don't learn from your mistakes, you'll keep making 35TLAF 2X
Why is it so difficult for people to admit that they don't know the answer to a question?
It's hard to really ever know for sure what happened and it's even harder to predict something because people don't like being wrong.
pg 23TLAF 2X
From an accounting perspective, what purpose did "The Offer" provide Zappos?It reduced their hiring costspg 151TLAF 7X
Why do Nigerian scammers need their targets to be extremely gullible?
It takes a lot of time to spam them and they don't want to waste their time
pg 158TLAF 7X
What sort of signal does a college diploma send to a potential employer?Willing and able to complete tasks and isn't likely to bolt (paraphrased)pg. 150TLAF 7X
What does it mean if a new employee cares more about the easy money?They probably aren't the right fitpg. 151TLAF 7X
What kind of employees are unlikely to continue filling out applications after an unncessarily onerous process?
Likely to not show up or quit after a few weeks (dilletantes)p.149TLAF 7X
Why is it important to properly define a problem that you're interested in solving?
You may spend too much time/effort focusing on the noisy parts of the problem that can't be fixed
Pg 52TLAF 3X
Why do politiicans spend billions focusing on the symptoms of problems we care about instead of attacking the root causes?
The root causes ususally aren't palatable or they may not be readily obvious
pg. 66TLAF 4X
Why might the legalization of abortion in the 1970s lead to a drop in crime in the 1990s?Fewer kids were being born in bad home environmentspg 68TLAF 4X
How might the slave trade explain heart disease problems for African Americans today?
Only slaves you could withstand the journey would make it to the US and they were often the ones who hada high sensitivity to salt would survive
pg 76TLAF 4X
Why was there never much of an incentive to find a cure for ulcers throughout the 1980s and even 1990s?
The ulcer market was worth billions to drug companies for patients who were trying to treat the symptoms. Attacking the cause would reduce their profits.
pg 79TLAF 4X
Why are children the best kind of thinkers?
They don't have preconceived notions so they are willing to ask questions that adults may be too embarassed to ask
Pg 87TLAF 5X
How did a young child learn to rig the pee-for-candy scheme her dad tried to impose?
She realized that her dad would pay her in candy each time she went to the bathroom, so she took more trips and going less than necessary so she could get more candy.
Pg 107TLAF 6X
Why is the idea of paying students for good grades seen as such a disgusting incentive?
Many people believe students should want to learn and shouldn't be motivated by cash.
Pg 109TLAF 6X
How can experiments help researchers understand people's incentives?
People will often say one thing, but they'll actually do something differently. It's important to observe how people actually respond to things
Pg 113TLAF 6X
Why is it important for a company (like Zappos) to focus on reducing turnover costs at their company?
Firms spend a lot of money training workers before they ever actually start earning the firm revenue.
Pg. 129TLAF 6X
Why did King Soloman feel comfortable risking the splitting a living child in two to determine its mother?
He felt that the true mother would never allow their child to be split in half and would rather give away their child
Pg. 140TLAF 7X
Why was Van Halen so intent on making sure that there were no brown M&Ms in their dressing room?
He knew that if there were brown M&Ms in the room then the stage may not be safe for him to go onto that night.
Pg 141TLAF 7X
Why are false positive such a concern for companies and people?
They can end up costing individuals millions of dollars when it never mattered to begin with.
Pg 158TLAF 7X
Why do people struggle to remember the Ten Commandments, but can name all the ingredients in a Big Mac? What impact does this have on persuading someone to your side?
People enjoy stories and can remember stories a lot more. To make your case stronger, frame it as a story instead of reciting facts/rules
pg. 168TLAF 8X
Why are sunk costs so hard to ignore?
We can easily see all that we've invested in the item and we don't want to let it go
pg. 191TLAF 9X
Why do people tend to ignore opportunity costs?
They're really hard to calculate and it requires we stop what we're doing to consider them.
pg. 191TLAF 9X
The data generally shows it's better to do this if you want to pass along a family business.bring in an outside managerpg 1TLAF1
Journalist stopped writing about this ailment once they stopped getting it.carpal tunnel syndromepg 1TLAF1
What problem still persists among blue collar workers?carpal tunnel syndromepg 1TLAF1
If a given problem still exists, you can bet that a lot of people have done what?come along and failed to solve itpg 1TLAF1
Easy problems do this, while hard ones do this.evaporate; lingerpg 1TLAF1
What's the short answer to the question "Is a college degree still 'worth it'?"Yespg 1TLAF1
The fact is that solving problems is _______.hardpg 1TLAF1
What's the long answer to the question, "Is a college degree still 'worth it'?"yespg 1TLAF1
Running with the herd means we're slow to do what?change out mindspg 10TLAF1
What is the first reason that so few people think like a freak?It's easy to let your biases color your view of the worldpg 10TLAF1
A growing body of research suggests that even the smartest people tend to do what?seek out evidence that confirms what they already thinkpg 10TLAF1
Another barrier to thinking like a Freak is that most people are this.Too busy to rethink the way they 10TLAF1
Running with the herd means we're happy to do what?delegate our thinkingpg 10TLAF1
Even on the most important issues of the day, we often adopt the views of which groups?Friends, families, and colleaguespg 10TLAF1
The data suggests that happy people are more likely to do what?Get marriedpg 10TLAF1
When it comes to thinking like a freak, what is perplexing?So few people dopg 10TLAF1
Running with the herd means we're quick to embrace what?status quopg 10TLAF1
Who was a world class writer and founder of the London School of Economics?George Bernard Shawpg 11TLAF1
George Bernard Shaw made an international reputation by thinking how often?once or twice a weekpg 11TLAF1
When people don't pay the true cost of something, what do they do?they tend to consume it inefficientlypg 15TLAF1
When do people tend to consume things inefficiently?When they don't pay the true cost of itpg 15TLAF1
To monkey with the NHS system would make as much political sense as doing what?drop-kicking one of the Queen’s 15TLAF1
What approaches nearly 10% of GDP in the UK?health care costspg 15TLAF1
What's the first step in thinking like a Freak?Don't be embarrassed by how much you don't know yetpg 16TLAF1
Fixing a huge problem like runaway health-care costs is a thousand times harder than what?taking a penalty kickpg 16TLAF1
To answer one small question well, it takes a lot of time to do these things.track down, organize, and analyze the datapg 2TLAF1
If the goalkeeper guesses the wrong direction, what are the odds of a successful penalty kick?90%pg 3TLAF1
When you place the ball on the penalty mark, how far away is the goal?12 yards awaypg 3TLAF1
Once the ball rockets off your foot, how fast will it travel toward the goalkeeper?80 miles per hourpg 3TLAF1
The odds of a successful penalty kick is 75% at which level?elite levelpg 3TLAF1
What happens if you slightly miskick a shot toward the corner?miss the goal completelypg 3TLAF1
What are the odds that a penalty kick at the elite level is successful?75%pg 3TLAF1
A shot to the corner of the goal with enough force that the keeper cannot make the save leaves this
a little margin for errorpg 3TLAF1
The best penalty shot is a kick toward what part of the goal?cornerpg 3TLAF1
What does the goalkeeper do to you after you after you place the ball on the penalty mark.stares you downpg 3TLAF1
At 80 miles per hour, what can the goalkeeper ill afford to do?wait and see where you kick the ballpg 3TLAF1
When it comes to penalty kicking, what's your change of becoming a hero?75%pg 4TLAF1
How often do keepers jump toward the kicker's right?41% of the timepg 4TLAF1
How often do keepers jump toward the kicker's left corner?57% of the timepg 4TLAF1
If you are a right-footed kick, which direction is your "strong side"?leftpg 4TLAF1
When kicking a penalty kick, going toward your strong side translates to what?more power and accuracypg 4TLAF1
How often do keepers stay in the center of a goal?2 times out of 100pg 5TLAF1
How much more likely is a kick toward the center of a goal compared to the corner?7 percentage pointspg 5TLAF1
When it comes to kicking a penalty kick, what is the silliest thing imaginable?kick into the dead center of the goalpg 5TLAF1
If kickers started kicking the ball toward the center more often, what would keepers do?adaptpg 6TLAF1
At first glance, why are so few penalty kicks aimed toward the center?It looks like a terrible ideapg 6TLAF1
What percentage of penalty kicks are actually aimed at the center of the goal?17%pg 6TLAF1
What's the third and important reason that many kickers don't aim center?fear of shamepg 6TLAF1
What's one advantage that the kicker has on a penalty kick?mysterypg 6TLAF1
Where will you kick it if you are following the communal incentive?centerpg 7TLAF1
If you kick it toward the center, what type of incentive are you following?communalpg 7TLAF1
What's the boldest move of all?going straight up the middlepg 7TLAF1
Where are you more likely to kick it if you follow the selfish incentive?toward a cornerpg 7TLAF1
Trying to win the game for your nation even though you risk looking personally foolish is what type of incentive?
communalpg 7TLAF1
What is the selfish incentive when it comes to deciding where to kick a penalty kick?
protecting your own reputation by not doing something potentially foolish
pg 7TLAF1
If you are more likely to kick toward a corner, what incentive are you following?selfishpg 7TLAF1
Protecting your own reputation by not doing something potentially foolish is what type of incentive?
selfishpg 7TLAF1
What is the communal incentive when kicking a penalty kick?
Trying to win the game for your nation even though you risk looking foolish
pg 7TLAF1
Putting your own interests ahead of others doesn't make you a bad person; it makes you what?humanpg 8TLAF1
History clearly shows that most people generally do what?put their own interests ahead of otherspg 8TLAF1
If asked how we'd behave in a situation that pits private benefit against the greater good, most of us won't admit what?
favoring the private benefitpg 8TLAF1
What is the fourth relatively simple idea for the authors' first two books?Correlation does not equal causationpg 9TLAF1
What was the second relatively simple idea for the authors' first two books?
Knowing what to measure, and how to measure it, can make a complicated world less so
pg 9TLAF1
What is tempting to assume when two things travel together?One causes the otherpg 9TLAF1
A blithe acceptable of conventional wisdom can lead to what?sloppy, wasteful, or even dangerous outcomespg 9TLAF1
It's tempting to assume that one thing causes the other when this happens.two things travel togetherpg 9TLAF1
What was the first relatively simple idea for the authors' first two books?Incentives are the cornerstone of modern lifepg 9TLAF1
What is the third relatively simple idea for the authors' first two books?The conventional wisdom is often wrongpg 9TLAF1
Until you can admit what you don't yet know, it's virtually impossible to do what?Learn what you need 19TLAF2
What was the average wine rating across all wines and all tasters2.2 (or just above "okay")pg. 44TLAF2
When was the article "Why Most Economists' Predictions are Wrong?" written?1998pg 25TLAF2
How many points did Goldstein allow for a "good" wine?3 pointspg 43TLAF2