Main characteristics of music streaming services
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Apple Music
Youtube Premium
VK Music (Boom)
Yandex. MusicSpotifySoundCloudDeezerTidalZvooq
Free (trial) period3 months1 month1 month3 months30 days30 days1 month1 month1 month
Subscription cost per month
$9.99 p / month$11.99 p / month149 rubles p / month (~$2.25)169 rubles p / month (~$2.60)$9.90 for the USAFrom $8 $9.99 p / month$9.99 from 149 rubles / month (~$2.25)
RatesStudent subscription - $4.99 p / month, family subscription (up to 6 people) - $14.99 p / monthFamily subscription - $17.99 rubles per month (up to 6 people, from age 13)No special ratesYearly subscription for 1690 rubles (~$25.70)For the US: student - $4.90, family (up to 6 people) - $ 14.99. Depends on the country, in the Philippines, for example, it is cheaperPro - $8 / month or $72 per year, Pro Unlimited - $16 / month or $ 144 / year.Year - $99.90, Family - $14.99 p / month (up to 6 people), Hi-Fi - $19.99 p / month.Hi-Fi - $19.99, family - $14.99 (up to 6 people), family Hi-Fi $29.99, student - $4.99, student Hi-Fi - $9.99.No special rates, but the cost of the subscription depends on the chosen method of payment
Limitations for non-subscribers
No free mode, only available for trial or paid subscriptionThere is advertising, no offline and background mode, no access to exclusive YouTube OriginalsThere is advertising, no offline and background modes.There is advertising, no offline mode, low bitrate, limited access to tracks, there are no bonuses from Yandex servicesThere is advertising, no offline mode, unlimited access and high-quality audio, a limited mode of switching tracks3 hours of downloadable music per month, only basic statisticsAdvertising, there is no offline mode, limited ability to switch tracks, low bitrate.No free mode, only available for trial or paid subscriptionThere is advertising, no offline mode, limited options for selecting and switching between songs
Ability to upload your musicYesYesNoYesNoYesYes
Only playlists from Sundyz service
Ability to create playlistsYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNo
The number of ready-made playlists
SmallSmallBigVery bigBigOnly user's playlistsBigBigSmall
Download and listen to music offline
Recommendation serviceYesYesYesYesYesNoYesYesYes
LyricsYesNoYes (with limitations)YesOnly inside the application and limitedNoYesNoLimited
Social network inside the service
Built-in Connect functionNoYou can see music and audio of your VK friendsIntegration with VK, FasebookIntegration with Facebook, Shazam, SoundHoundYesIntegration with Facebook, Twitter and GoogleIntegration with Facebook, Twitter, social network functionalityIntegration with Facebook, VK, and Shazam
Radio stationsYesYesYesYesYesYesNoYesNo
Compatible systems and devices
iOS, Android, Windows (via iTunes), Apple Watch, Apple TVAndroid, iOS, desktop, Smart TViOS, Android, desktopiOS, Android, Windows Phone, desktopiOS, Android, Windows, desktopiOS, Android, desktopiOS, Android, Windows Phone, desktop, SmartWatch, TVs, audio systems, services for music in carsiOS, Android, desktopiOS, Android, desktop
Special featuresExclusive tracks and albums released only on Apple MusicDeactivate all advertisements on Youtube, access Youtube Originals and Google Play Music at no additional costSynchronization with your audio VK, unlimited download of music from the application, a music mute timerSelection of a playlist for the genre, mood, language. Playlist of novelties on preferences, discounts and bonuses in other services of Yandex, integration of playlists with DeezerSelection of music to the taste of the listener, thematic playlists. If you stop playback on one device and enter on another one you will continue to listen to the music from the same moment.The opportunity for performers to promote their music for free. Search by words, inner social network with a multi-million audienceIts plug-ins in the application, an automatic playlist that picks up music to taste. In Hi-Fi mode, high quality music - FLAC and ALAC formatsThe ability to listen to music in high-quality formats FLAC and ALAC, watch live performances of your favorite musicians. There are videos, articles, interviews.Basically Russian performers, the possibility of discounts \ free use of mobile operators
Save-mode (parental control)
Bitrate256 Kbps, AAC128 Kbps, AAC, Opus320 Kbps, MP3320 Kbps, MP3320 kbps, Ogg Vorbis64 Kbps, Opus320 Kbps, MP3 or 1411 Kbps, FLAC / ALAC320 Kbps, AAC or 1411 Kbps, FLAC / ALAC320 Kbps, MP3
The Media Library45 millionThe exact number of tracks is still unknownIt is unknown, many copies of the same trackAbout 35 millionMore than 30 million125 million53 million56 millionAbout 25 million
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