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DateSpeakerTitle/TopicWorship LeaderDescription
12/30/2018Tribute ServiceJustin
1/6/2019ShariFire CommunionShariThe annual Fire Ceremony Communion service will be celebrated, providing an opportunity for participants to pause and reflect on the past year before looking forward to the new. Portions of the service will be outdoors, weather permitting.
1/13/2019JaneA Litany of Atonement #637 JaneRev. Jane begins the 2019 with a sermon which encourages reflection on actions or inactions where we've fallen short, and forgiving ourselves and one another, as we begin a new year.
1/20/2019Jonathan McCollarMLK SundayJanice CawthornWe are pleased to have Statesboro's mayor as our MLK Sunday Speaker.
1/27/2019JaneAfrican American Spirituals #104, #152, #210JaneIn our exploration of the sacred text within out hymnal, Rev. Jane lifts of the messages conveyed by African American Spirituals.
2/3/2019Leon SpencerDarkening the Door: Celebrating Black History and Unitarian UniversalismJustin?The Rev Mark-Morrison-Reed, Unitarian Universalists minister and scholar asked the question “What is the consequence of not knowing Unitarian Universalism’s Black history?”This program will name and celebrate our UU Black History and examine how “not knowing" allows us to
embrace a false narrative about who we are and how we live.
NOTE: new program chair - Tanya Carden
2/10/2019JaneA Firemist and a Planet #343 - (Evolution Sunday)JaneToday on our "Evolution Sunday," we examine the hymn "A Firemist an a Planet" and the truths and inspiration behind the lyrics. This message is a continuation of Rev. Jane's series of sharing hymns and readings from UUA's "Singing the Living Tradition" as sacred text.
2/17/2019Karen SollarsAdult BullyingDenise?We hear so much about young people being bullied that we often overlook the ways that adults are being bullied. Adults are bullied on the job, in the home, and face cyber bullying daily.
2/24/2019JaneThis is my Song #159JaneThis Sunday, Rev. Jane uses hymn # 159, "This is my Song," with lyrics by Lloyd Stone, as her sacred text in exploring the trend toward nationalism and xenophobia. This service is a continuation in the series of using hymns and readings in UUA's "Singing the Living Tradition" as sacred text.
3/3/2019Dr. Amanda GlazeScience Literacy for All: Intersections of Science, Faith, and CultureJustin or Teresa?While many are accepting of science and the importance of a scientifically literate society, there are major obstacles that impact others on that journey. One of these can be our own worldview, as a reflection of our cultures, expectations and experiences in life. How we navigate our own worldview and bridge gaps with those whose world views differ from our own, are important tools in bringing scientific literacy to all people. .
3/10/2019JaneA New Manifestation #575JaneIn Celebration of Women’s History Month, Rev. Jane shares a sermon based on the text by Unitarian and transcendentalist Margaret Fuller entitled “A New Manifestation.” This reading is number 575 in our hymnal, Singing the Living Tradition, and celebrates the removal of barriers for women.
3/17/2019Jill JohnsYou Can't Pour From an Empty CupShari BarrJill spent 15 years putting everyone else’s needs ahead of her own (her 4 kids, her boss, her community, etc.) to the detriment of her health (she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 40). No more. She will build on the following idea: you can't pour from an empty cup.
3/24/2019Laura MKnow Suffering, Suffer Less: Buddha's Instructions for LiberationBuddhist teacher and author Thich Nhat Hanh says, "If you know how to suffer, you suffer less." Laura Milner explores the roots of suffering and compassion as outlined in the Buddha's first sermon, then applies his wisdom to our 21st century tendencies to avoid and deny what hurts.
3/31/2019JaneAmazing Grace #205JaneIn a continuation of her series using hymns and readings from "Singing the Living Tradition" as sacred text, Rev. Jane will share the amazing story behind the hymn "Amazing Grace" by John Newton (1725-1807). Come explore what this hymn meant then and what it means for us today.
4/7/2019Karen SollarsAdult BullyingWe hear so much about young people being bullied that we often overlook the ways that adults are being bullied. Adults are bullied on the job, in the home, and face cyber bullying daily.
4/14/2019Jane#263 When Jesus Looked from Olivet (Palm Sunday)Mark Belletini's lyrics to the hymn used as the sacred text for this Palm Sunday sermon shared by Rev. Jane. We normally see this as a celebratory day from the perspective of those waving Palms. Belletini attempts to understand why Jesus wept. And the words having much to say to us today.
4/21/2019Larie WardLife, Passion, and FlowersA true biography: Larie shares about a vine which has changed her life and taught her about resilience, kindness, and hope. The children's Easter egg hunt will be held concurrent with the service.
4/28/2019JaneWe Belong to the Earth #550JaneChief Noah Sealh's reading "We Belong to the Earth," # 550 in Singing the Living Tradition, serves as the sacred text for Rev. Jane's message. Come explore our interconnectedness as we celebrate our precious planet.
5/5/2019Renata JallowYouth CommissionShariRenata Jallow will teach us about the Mayoral Commission on Youth, sharing its mission and goals for Statesboro.
5/12/2019Welcoming Congregation CommitteeAre You My Mother?A panel of our UU Welcoming Committee members will deliver the program, which centers aroudn the famous children's story "Are You My Mother?" from the perspective of lesbian mothers.
5/19/2019Christina SalhiBeing Muslim in AmericaMarthaChristina will speak about her journey as an American who converted to Islam and experiences along the way.
5/26/2019JaneMemorial Day Weekend PicnicJaneJoin us at 10:45 at Rev. Jane’s for our Annual Potluck Picnic Someone will meet folks at 10:30 at church to lead the way if you don’t know already We will have a short ritual at the labyrinth before our lunch. Come in comfortable clothing!
6/2/2019Leon SpencerWould You Harbor MeThe true story of former slaves William and Ellen Craft’s daring escape from slavery and how their relationship with Unitarian minister Theodore Parker can serve as a template for a present-day reflection upon racial justice in the 21 st Century. The Craft’s story is a unique story of courage, resistance, justice and of love set in a peculiar institution of slavery.
6/9/2019JaneHistory of Same-Sex Unions from Early Christianity to the Present!JaneWhile our Welcoming Congregation rejoices with the recent availability of legal marriage for all loving couples, holy unions have an ancient beginning. Rev. Jane will share evidence of these and follow the progress into the 21st Century.
6/30/2019Justin MillerI See YouLauraParticipating in a welcoming congregation is about more than accepting differences; it’s also about realizing our common humanity. In this program, Justin Miller will invite us to consider what it means to acknowledge each other on a deeper level by looking past the physical exterior and truly “seeing” what's inside. In doing this, we begin to honor a part of each of us that desires to know and be known by others.
6/23/2019Teresa WinnClearing Space: What Being an Ally Means to MeShari BarrTeresa Winn will explore how the welcoming congregation status of UUFS has molded her thoughts and actions as an ally for the LGBTQ community.
6/16/2019Fred RichterBeing Out: Groundbreaking at Georgia SouthernTanya CardenFred Richter will share his experiences as the first openly gay professor at Georgia Southern.
7/7/2019Jane PageThe Soul of Democracy JaneThis week we have celebrated, once again, the birth of our nation with music, fireworks, and more. Perhaps this is also a time for reflection. Rev. Jane will share a homily this Sunday based on the writings of James Luther Adams, Sharon Welch, and others entitled “The Soul of Democracy.”
7/14/2019Karen LambieLGBTQ and Human TraffickingOur own Karen Lambie, who works with Savannah Working Against Human Trafficking and is an Ambassador of Hope for Shared Hope International, will speak on why the LGBTQ community is at high risk for human trafficking.
7/21/2019Sid GatesWelcome: Reverend Sid GatesPlease come welcome our guest speaker, Reverend Sid Gates, who has spoken frequently at UU communities in Augusta and Aiken.
7/28/2019Shari BarrCommunity Building Through Thai ChiShariShari Barr and others will present a program about community building through Thai Chi, including a demonstration.
8/4/2019Laura Milner"'With the Ideal Comes the Actual:'" The Challenges of Church LifeJanice CawthornWhat do we do in the gap between our ideal church life and its reality? How do we stick around when we feel slighted, ignited or less than delighted? Using Buddhist teachings and UUFS experiences, Laura Milner invites us to welcome the inevitable disturbances that come with being a ‘welcoming’ congregation.
8/11/2019JaneIngatheringPlease join us for our annual intergenerational ingathering service featuring 1) a special ingathering ritual, (2) out traditional water communion, (3) welcoming and blessing our little ones, and more as we celebrate "Coming Home to UUFS" for our new program year.
8/18/2019Chris YaughnFostering BullochJune HackleA representative from Fostering Bulloch will share the good work they do in our community, especially through the 7th-Mile Farm. Anyone interested can caravan to the farm afterward for a tour.
8/25/2019JaneA Place for CommunityJaneThis will be the first in a series of Rev. Jane's sermons addressing the question, "What are we her for?" In her survey of members regarding why they come and are associated with our congregation, this was the answer that almost all of the responders listed. Why is "belonging to a community" so important? How can we meet the needs of this community? Does the "community" happen only within these walls? Come exlore these and other questions in this wondrous community of UUFS.
9/1/2019UUFS Christians and ther Christ-inspired membersCelebrating and Re-claiming our Christian RootsJustin and LauraWhat is it like to be a Christian or Christ-inspired person in a multi-faith UU congregation? Today's service features the voices of diverse members who identify as Christian or continue to be shaped by lessons learned in their Christian upbringing.
9/8/2019JaneA Place to Respond to the Injustices of the WorldJaneThe second in Rev.Jane’s “What are We Here For” focuses on our efforts to respond together to injustice. There are opportunities everywhere How can we make a difference? Where do we start? Come explore these and other questions with us.
9/15/2019Brian DaughtryFinding The Tao Everywhere LauraUU Brian Daughtry explores Taoism and how it manifests in everyday life. He offers a personal perspective supported by excerpts from literature and music.
9/22/2019JaneA Place to Share my Time, Talents, and TreasureJaneThis will be the third in a series of Rev. Jane's sermons addressing the question, "What are we here for?" The service today will serve as the kick-off for our stewardship campaign and will be followed by a catered lunch with entertainment and information
9/29/2019Bill Herringwebinar from welcoming congregationRynFormer UUFS president Bill Herring will share highlights of his recent five-day Climate Justice Conference at The UU Mountain Learning Center in Highlands, NC.
10/6/2019Dr. Daniel GleasonOcean Acidification: What is it and Why Should We Care?Georgia Southern biology professor Daniel Gleason will describe how carbon dioxide is changing the oceans’ chemical balance and threatening life on land and sea. Gleason will explain the chemical processes behind ocean acidification, describe their effects on organisms, and tell us what we can do about it.
10/13/2019JaneA Place to Celebrate Who We AreJaneRev. Jane’s message for National Coming Out Month will highlight our efforts to support and honor LGBTQ+ members, friends, and allies as we work together for equality and justice. Today’s service is part of UUFS’s recertification as a Welcoming Congregation.
10/20/2019Lora CooperProtecting Children: How We Can HelpRyn SmithUU’s first principle is that every person has inherent worth and dignity, including children. The director of Prevent Child Abuse Bulloch will explain how her nonprofit organization serves the community and what interested citizens can do to help.
10/27/2019JaneA Place to Honor Life and DeathJaneAs we approach the time of year when many people honor their dead, Rev. Jane will share a message that lifts up life and death. She will explore how our congregation is uniquely positioned to embrace and celebrate both living and dying.
11/3/2019James GocelPersonal Prophecy: My Dance with the DivineTeresa WinnUUFS member James Gocel will connect the tenets of world religions---ego death, prophecy, spiritual forces, and personal action---to illustrate his life’s trajectory. He will challenge us to confront evil with justice, compassion, and the transformative power of love.
11/10/2019JaneA Place to Share Love.JaneLove is a complex word used in many different ways. Today's message focuses on the higher love we share with one another and with the world. Come explore with us how UUFS is a place for growing and expanding that love.
11/17/2019UU YouthUU Youth Perspectives on Religion and the Spiritual LifeTanya CardenCome learn from the middle- and high-school students of UUFS what "religion" means to them. Using various modes of expression, they will share how our congregation encourages their spiritual growth and understanding.
11/24/2019JaneA Place to Grow GratitudeJaneOn this Thanksgiving weekend, Rev. Jane will deliver that final sermon in her series addressing the question, "What are we here for?"
12/1/2019LauraWhat Are We Mindful Of?
12/8/2019JaneCelebrating RohatsuJane
12/15/2019Karen LambieWhy I Still Believe in Santa Claus
12/22/2019JaneChristmas PageantJane
12/24/2019JaneChristmas Eve Candlelight ServiceJane
12/29/2019Shari???Fire Ceremony?
1/5/2020DixieLooking Back at Lives Lost in 2019
1/12/2020JaneUU Rod Serling - His Life and His Lessons
1/19/2020MLK Sunday --- a few possibilies
1/26/20203-4 UU membersRe-Claiming our Christian Roots, Part II
2/9/2020JanePrejudice and "The Eye of the Beholder."
2/23/2020JaneCensorship and "The Obsolete Man"
3/8/2020JaneIdentity and "Mirror Image"
3/29/2020JaneAgeism and "The Trade Ins"
4/12/2020JaneEaster Service
4/26/2020JaneConformity and "Number 12 Looks Just Like You"
5/10/2020Jane"The Shelter"
5/24/2020JaneMemorial Day Weekend Picnic