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SoSho Oy TechGeneric, Fintech, Customer ServiceThe Open Source Conversational Engine Behind Jenny At GetJenny, we are committed not only to our customers, but to the future. We know that beyond the hype of chatbots, there’s a real need for machines that are capable of understanding human language inputs.
3 Ltd. Service, eCommerce, Property, Auto IndustryWe help our clients do better business by engaging more successfully with their online visitors to achieve stronger relationships. Using data to identify and AI to engage with visitors we transform customer service, website sales and conversions.
Valossa Labs Ltd. TechAdvertising, Video BroadcastingValossa AI™ understands what’s inside your video content. It gives you metadata that enables more intelligent analytics, content management tools and methods of monetizing video.sami.niska@valossa.com
Artific Intelligence solutionsCompanies and organizations working towards UN's Sustainable Development GoalsArtific Intelligence provides customized machine learning programming and consulting to help businesses discover the power of artificial intelligence. We are a team driven by the idea of helping companies to explore the potential of machine learning to benefit people and society.tuomas.tikkanen@artific.ai
The Curious AI Company TechGeneric The Curious AI Company develops advanced artificial intelligence (AI). The company focuses on semi-supervised and unsupervised machine learning, which takes the human brain as its model. Building on more than two decades of work in bioinspired AI by founder Harri Valpola, PhD, Curious AI aims to revolutionize artificial intelligence.timo@cai.fi
Fibohttp://www.fibo.ioHelsinkiIntelligent AutomationLegal, fintech, customer service etc70% of data-work is still manual. Fibo automates data based processes so that you can focus on the high-value parts of your work
Kiekuhttps://www.kieku.comHelsinkiApplicationConsumer, mediaKieku develops a modern application based channel and service innovation to deliver personalized talk and podcast feed with the simplicity of traditional radio. Kieku is a direct personal media for connecting publishers and listeners together. For publishers and broadcast media partners, Kieku will offer proper data analytics and content focused consumer insights.
Reaktor, Amsterdam, New York, Tokio, Dubai, Turku Custom solutionsAcross all industries.Reaktor is a hybrid partner for forward-thinking businesses and organizations. We leverage our world-class experience in artificial intelligence, data engineering, and data-driven decision making to deliver solutions for tangible business, end-user benefits, and efficiency.hanna.hagstrom@reaktor.com
Silo.AI / Turku / OuluAI as a Service - Custom solutionsAcross all industries. Currently serving banking (central, private, investment, hedge funds), industrials, logistics, airlines, media, customer service, startups etc.Silo.AI helps companies transform businesses with Artificial Intelligence. Silo is formed by top level AI researchers, commercializers and product developers, specializing in Machine Learning, Computer Vision & Natural Language Processing. Our target is to enable AI-driven business in customer's operations by creating measurable, cutting edge solutions driven by all fields of AI.ville.hulkko@silo.ai
Taival Advisory Oyhttp://www.taival.comHelsinki, BerlinAI strategy, AI business models, process transformationAll industries, with specific expertise in process industry, high tech, retail and professional servicesTaival Advisory helps companies in digital transformation, focusing especially on change leadership, technology strategy and business architecture. We work with an agile mindset, with an aim of transforming the management consulting delivery model. Our objective in AI is to help clients in planning the long term AI roadmaps and their impact on the business outcomes.reko.lehti@taival.com
SC5 (part of Nordcloud Group) / Jyväskylä, via sister company Nordcloud Amsterdam, London, Malmö, Munich, Oslo, Poznán & Stockholm Custom solutionsAcross all industries. Specific expertise in large-scale eCommerce & digital service development SC5 is Finland’s leading cloud-native development and design company.< We help our clients create world-class intelligent services and applications for the modern world.mikael.puittinen@sc5.io
Bilot Oyhttp://bilot.ioEspooApplicationConstructionBliot is a Finnish service and technology company offering Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence solutions for construction Industry.sami.kalliokoski@bliot.io
Aivan Innovations Oy / EspooSaaS ServiceAcross all industries.Aivan Innovations offers AI-based Contract Management, Spend Analysis, and other document analysis and NLP services. ville@aivan.ai
Diske Oy / HelsinkiAI / SaaSGeneric, healthtech, preventive healthcare, food industryLifestyle guidance AI API / Neural and hormonal system modelling. timo@diske.net
Feedbackly Oy / TurkuCustomer analyticsRetail, Services, Finance and insuraceCreating an AI to optimize and enrich the customer journey automatically as well as utilize customer experience data as part of sales and marketing activities. Feedbackly is going to be the first real AI packed all in one tool to manage customer feedback.jaakko.mannisto@feedbackly.com
Fimmic Oy
Platform, Applications, SaaS Service
Healthtech, Medical Research, Image Analysis
Fimmic is developing intelligent, cloud-based software and image analysis for digital pathology. Fimmic’s WebMicroscope Deep Learning AI technology enables fast automation of complex and laborious image analysis tasks not possible before. Our vision if to bring artificial intelligence to the fingertips of pathologists and researchers using innovative cloud technologies and deep learning based image analysis.
Valohaiwww.valohai.comTurku AI developer toolsAcross all industriesEnd-to-end machine learning platform that helps data scientists focus on real problems and work with existing tools like Keras, TensorFlow, Theano, Torch and Caffe.eero@valohai.com
CubiCasawww.cubi.casaOulu, Helsinki, London, Palo AltoSaaSReal Estate, Construction IndustryCubiCasa AI creates BIM models from point cloud scans, interior images and construction floor plans. This data is utilized by Real Estate and Construction Industry.markus.haikio@cubicasa.comLink
Leiki Oywww.leiki.comHelsinki, San FranciscoSemantic AI Media and brands, public sectorLeiki has developed Semantic AI and natural language processing technology since year 2000. Leiki´s technology currently supports 23 languages and can be easily integrated with digital services to power for example Search, Indexing or Content profiling and recommendation solutions. aki.snellman@leiki.com
EatAndTheCity (City Digital Oy)www.eatandthecity.comHelsinkiMedia content creationNews media publishers(AI functionality not announced yet)ilkka.lavas@city.fi
AlphaSense York, HelsinkiApplicationFintech. Across information management industries.AlphaSense launched an intelligent search engine in 2010 that offers a new standard for information discovery. Using a blend of artificial intelligence (AI), plus advanced linguistic search and natural language processing algorithms, AlphaSense enables research professionals to search, navigate, set alerts and analyze filings, research, news and other disclosures for critical data points that others are missing
Aigiantwww.aigiant.fiSeinäjoki, HelsinkiService / ApplicationAgriculture Aigiant globally advances climate smart precision agriculture and rapid adoption of open data and AI to achieve sustainable and secure food for
24 Oywww.fleetonomy.aiHelsinkiOperator PlatformTransportation, maintentance, defenceDevelops a system for managing and overseeing fleets of automated, remote controlled vehicles for aerial, ground or street based use especially for urban
GIM-Generic Intelligent Machines TechGIM is the leading mobile robotics company in Finland. We deliver hardware platforms, software and complete systems.
Ultimate AI Service's proprietary deep learning technology enables customer service automation in all languages. Automate first-line customer contact across chat, email and social; increase agent productivity by over 30% for complex cases; and continuously learns to improve the quality of automated and assisted support.reetu@ultimate.ai
Utopia Analytics is a forerunner of analytics: we excel at solving the hardest cases of text analytics, machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence
Digital Workforce potential of robotic process automation is not widely recognised in organisations. Furthermore, the effectiveness of old operation models is not questioned. We offer a full range of services related to digital workforce, from analysing the potential of automation to an ongoing delivery service. Our services, mostly cloud-based, are delivered in days and weeks.We offer our customers in the Nordic countries the leading network of professionals in the field of software robotics. Accredited consultants solve the challenges related to the processes of our customers’. Our team is driven to discover ways to improve work quality and business productivity with measurable results in our customer organizations.
Skadi intent capture machine and chat bot creator company. Natural language, semantics, image understanding capabilities.
Cap Data TechnologiesäskyläApplicationCAP Data Technologies was founded in late 2014 as a spin-off from University of Jyväskylä. CAP has the unique ability to spot anomalies automatically without fingerprints in large volumes of data using machine learning algorithms.
Aikumo Techpredictive analytics for machine industry and energy markets
Aikumo is a software company providing data analytics services for energy and manufacturing industries. We help our customers to optimize operations, processes and energy efficiency.
Our solutions are based on a unique, intelligent machine learning technology that enables finding value from data and utilizing it incredibly fast!
Connexor TechFinnish languageWe are experts on modern linguistics and software technologies. We provide means for people to find, organize and extract relevant information from document masses. We offer text analysis software components, solutions and services to solution providers and other organizations.
Alphablues!!!Enabling TechChatbot stuff
Herculex.aiwww.herculex.aiNew York, Tampere, Turku, OuluApplicationLegal is a legal technology company that provides artificial intelligence solutions for early stage companies, entrepreneurs, and consumers in the U.S. First products will be launched in January 2018.Roope Marttila (
Headai TechExtensive research work in cognitive science and AI combined with executive level business intelligence has established the corner stone of Headai business. The company´s main focus is on building groundbreaking software robots for different kinds of intellectual tasks. The target market is in corporate learning and also in automating various types of repetitive business processes.
Kyytihttp://www.kyyti.comHelsinkiMaaS platformTransportationKyyti is an urban mobility assistant that makes daily travel easy for both consumers and enterprises. It looks for most time- and cost-efficient travel options, connects them together and fills gaps with on-demand last mile services. Planning, booking, transport and payment all become automated.Osma Ahvenlampi
MealLoggerwww.meallogger.comHelsinki, New JerseyPlatform, Application, SaaS ServicePopulation Health Management, NutritionMealLogger is a cognitive nutrition counseling platform aimed at health professionals. Building scalable nutrition coaching tools based on database of over 3 million labeled food images and other coaching data.
MOPRIM Tech, AlgorithmsMovement, TransportationDeveloping proprietary machine learning algorithms for advanced motion recognition for vehicles, humans and their mobility in smart
Beemray democratizes location data + science. Beemray gives you the tools to build any location based product, by turning all varieties of raw location data together with context into actionable audience segments & insights, all in realtime.
Walkbase, AdvertisingThe Walkbase platform provides real-time analytics on customers’ habits so the same level of personalisation can apply in-store as it does online. It analyses in-store customer behaviour, measures and optimises the ROI of marketing campaigns, engages customers with personalised in-store marketing, and links the online and offline customer journeys together.
Speechgrinderhttp://www.speechgrinder.comHelsinkiEnabling TechAcross all industriesSpeechgrinder’s voice technology translates spoken words into actionable tasks in fractions of a second. Simply utter an order and your request will be turned into a structured and well-defined action – anything from a command to tuning into your favourite radio station or issuing an aircraft cabin maintenance
Collective Crunch
EspooSaaS platformClimate/weather dataCollectiveCrunch ‘collects’ technical, climate and geo data to ‘crunch’ this information for deeper insights and prediction. We see technical data in the context of climate data and predict key parameters based on Machine Learning algorithms. Fields of activity include Smart Forestry and
Claned is a cloud-based learning platform allowing educational institutions, companies and individuals to elevate their learning results to new levels. Claned uses artificial intelligence and real-time learning analytics to provide the educator and the learner with insights to study performance, orientation and motivation. It works closely with leading educational academic experts in Finland as well as with international education research ecosystem.
Vibemetrics https://vibemetrics.comHelsinkiEmployee and Customer ExperienceAcross all industriesVibemetrics is a SaaS service to track real time feelings and feedback from employees and customers. We develop AI and self-learning methods to intepret human feedback. info@vibemetrics.com
Quruhttps://www.quru-analytics.comHelsinkiEnabling TechCreative content solutions for advertisingText and image processing for use with forecasting, real time optimisation and best in class predictions for ads and ad types across all industries.
Dagmarhttps://www.dagmar.fiHelsinkiEnabling TechMedia buyingAI powering programmatic buying, econometrics and predictive analytics.
DAIN Studios Oy, (Berlin, Münich)Data & AI strategy, Data & AI business models, Data Science, Digital transformationSeveral industries; consumer electronics, media, banking, insurance, consumer goods, transportation, travel, and manufacturingDAIN Studios has a track record in creating, leading and implementing global, disruptive data-driven strategies. The company has two legs: 1) The provisioning of AI, data, and analytics consultancy and 2) the development of a portfolio of AI, data, and analytics products.ulla.kruhse-lehtonen@dainstudios.com
Chaos Arcthitectshttps://www.chaosarchitects.comHelsinkiSmart City AI platform and applicationsCHAOS architects, responds to the Smart City challenge by creating an AI cloud service platform where cities, citizens, and businesses can jointly innovate, interact, and design valuable data for a better living environment. We do it by developing engagement-driven applications and third-party APIs on a cloud based platform, that processes business intelligence for better interaction and decision making. Our first application is called
Vionice Ltd is an information technology company specialized in computer vision and digital signal processing. Our passion is to enhance processes by using computer vision, especially in areas where there has previously been no means for further improvement. We believe that the world is full of processes, professions, and fields where an application of computer vision can provide cost benefits, improve efficiency or provide a higher quality.
Codator Oywww.codator.fiEspooCustom solutions & consultingIndustry & researchWe optimize business and automate decisions using intelligent computational techniques. Partner in data analytics, investments, and renewal processes from the start to the end, or where/when needed. Expertise in data analytics, big and open data processing, artificial intellgence and intelligent computational techniques, e.g. neural networks, deep learning, visualization, software engineering, and measuring systems for industrial processes.
Top Data Scientist Oy solutions & consultingIndustrial IoT, HealthcareTop Data Science is a data science and software engineering company focusing on advanced data analytics, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning solutions. Our team includes experienced data scientists, software engineers and business development professionals.
MVision OyVantaaApplicationHealthcareDeep learning in medical imaging.
CSC - IT Center for science, KajaaniMostly enabling tech, some applicationsResearch (support), HPC
CSC is a Finnish center of expertise in ICT that provides ICT expert services at an internationally high level of quality for research, education, culture, public administration and enterprises, to help them thrive and benefit society at large. CSC is a non-profit state organization with a special mission. CSC is owned by the state of Finland and Finnish higher education institutions.
Osaamisbotti Oyhttp://www.osaamisbotti.fiTampereChatbot, platformCoaching/team leading, HR-analytics, lean organizations Osaamisbotti platform offers unique value in automating pre-screening of information through conversational AI, 24/7 availability through the most common messaging channels, personalized and research based language. Additionally, the platform offers a wide range of tools for communication, target setting and activities tracking. tommi@osaamisbotti.fi
Analystica Oy / www.textdive.comTurkuText analyticsHealthcare, feedback, researchText analytics through a WebApi for finding sentiments, anaonymizing data and other features. AI is used for sentiments and also for finding anonymizable
Promter AI
Ääni CompanyHelsinki, VantaaEnabling tech, platformAcross all industriesAutomatic Speech Recognition services: Speech recognition over a network API. Making your audio and video searchable. Tailored speech recognition engines. Ääni Company makes meaningful sound and speech accessible, understandable and actionable.